Anne Provost Art Gallery
at RealityShifters

Anne Provost grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. She has been oil painting since the age of eight, a talent she inherited from her mother Grace. Her formal education started in Catholic grammer school, to three years in Cathedral High School, there a part of a group project, worked on a mosaic piece "God's Work on Earth Must Truly Be Our Own" JFK, donated to Ted Kennedy. Then onto Westfield State College and completing an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences at Holyoke Community College.

Now residing with her sisters and mother on Maui, after spending five years in India near the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, the subject of her latest works in pastels and oils. Most of Anne's work has focused around a spiritual nature with a style similar to Salvador Dali with a twist of Michaelangelo.

Her favorite media is oils but did a series of dot drawings, mostly native American Indians in 1977-78. She won an Honorable mention for "The Circus Hand" at an all women's show in Northhampton, Mass.. Presently she is exploring mixed media and doing pencil collages of family and friends, incorporating baby and childhood photos with Chinese year animals, astrology and "Numerology and the Divine Triangle" symbols and charts. Many of her works are scattered across the U.S.A. as gifts or barter. "Misty Mountain Morning" , a donated piece hangs at Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and Audobon Center and a few commisioned pieces are in Canada, India and Russia.

Artist Statment: "Inspired by a knowingness of a connection to the Divine source, I feel blessed to be able to transfer those thoughts and images onto canvas."