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RealityShifters News - April 2001

Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

The Way of the Explorer

    We will ultimately become, both individually and as a
    civilization, the essence of our deepest intent."

        -- Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D. Astronaut, Apollo 14

I was awed by the Apollo space program when I was a child. My parents told me, "We're seeing history in the making!", and so I did my best to appreciate the fact that no previous generation of children had seen humans walking on the moon. As the Apollo 14 spacecraft hurtled toward the moon on January 31, 1971, I felt proud that I'd built my own tiny model version of the lunar lander module, which I displayed on my dresser. I was thrilled by the fact that several men had set foot on another celestial body -- managing to leave the Earth, feel the crunch of alien soil beneath their feet, and return safely home again.

This spring I was thrilled all over again to be able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Apollo exhibit on the USS Hornet, which is stationed in Alameda, California. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 was the guest of honor, and he gave an inspirational speech about his epiphany in space. Returning to Earth in the Apollo 14 spacecraft, Mitchell realized, "I am an extra-terrestrial". He also noted that the molecules in the Earth, moon, sun, and his body all came from the same original source, and that in a very deep way everything is interconnected. Mitchell returned to Earth a changed man, and felt inspired to create the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) which began a new era of exploration into consciousness.

Mitchell will soon be re-issuing his book, THE WAY OF THE EXPLORER, with updates about the holographic universe theory and information about the latest quantum teleportation research. Photons can now be transported from place to place, and Mitchell believes within the next century or two that humans will be able to travel beyond this solar system.

Listening to Mitchell's words, I felt the vicarious elation of traveling to another world, stepping out onto its soil and feeling extra-terrestrial. We humans have the ability to imagine an Earth in which we no longer fight one another, which we care for because we feel connected to it. Our future depends on our ability to live harmoniously and peacefully. Hearing Edgar Mitchell talking about how it felt to be the sixth man to walk on the moon, such a bright future felt not just possible, but likely. As Mitchell reminded us, we are the ones who can make a difference in the world. What we imagine can become reality, and it is up to us to choose the intentions we most wish to realize.

-- Cynthia Sue Larson

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(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
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(1) Intriguing Articles

Shifting Into Higher Gear:
A New Technique for Energizing Wishes


Quantum Teleportation
Here's an informative page from the American Institute of Physics on the subject of quantum teleportation:


(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Chicago, Illinois

I was working in downtown Chicago at the beginning of this year. In January, I went out at my lunch hour to walk to the drugstore. On the way I passed the intersection of Franklin & Madison where a new building had been going up. I recalled having seen the building under construction two weeks earlier, when I'd walked down to meet my daughter for lunch. As I glanced to see how the building was progressing, I was stunned to see that it was not there. I stopped dead in my tracks, and gazed at the empty lot that stood where the construction site had been just two weeks ago.

There is a parking lot at Franklin & Monroe, so I checked the street signs and looked around, and then decided I must be either having a reality shift or losing my grip. I know it's not a wise thing to stop dead on a busy Chicago street, but I felt the building being gone was a good reason to do so.

In late February I once again walked down Franklin to meet my daughter for lunch, and looked to see the empty lot -- and lo and behold there was the building again -- getting very, very tall!

Sometimes I think the universe has a very warped sense of humour.


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Cheeky D
Rhinelander, WI

I had purchased some floor tiles to install in my dining room and hallway on Saturday. I carefully estimated the amount of tiles needed, and added several more as I had a lot of tile trimming to do.

I installed the dining room first and proceeded down the hall. I stopped and counted the number of remaining tiles. I saw that I had 28 left, they are 12" by 12" square, yet I had an 11 foot long by 3 foot wide hallway left to go, so 33 tiles were needed to finish, and I was 5 tiles short.

I counted the stack of tiles several times and re-measured the hall again and I was still short 5 tiles. No doubt about it. However, I have been in this type of situation several times before and decided that I was going to have enough tiles to finish, provided that I stopped proving to myself that I didn't have all that I needed.

This felt like a fluid situation, not yet solidified in my reality, but an option that I was considering for some undisclosed reason.

I continued to install the floor tiles with finishing it as my focus of intention and ended up with half a tile left over!


Fairborn, Ohio

I have had three reality shifts that I recall. The first happened in 1972 when I was seventeen years old as I was pulling out of a gas station onto the single road leading to home. My father passed me going the other direction in his '64 Mercury, wearing his postal shirt with the old red pony express patch. I clearly saw his face, the car, and the shirt. When I arrived home, he was there and had never left. I never forgot that.

Item two: While driving in California with my wife and daughter in 1982, we pulled off the highway toward a service station. The day was clear, sunny, and the car windows were opened. At the stop sign, all three of us heard a distinct voice say "Hi there". We looked expecting to see a hitchhiker, but no one was present. Really strange!

Item three: While on an extended business trip in 1985, I had laid out writing material on my hotel bed to write home with. There were envelopes, stamps and paper. After I composed a letter and put it in the envelope, I reached for the book of stamps. They were gone. After fruitlessly searching, I went down to the gift shop and bought more stamps. I sat down, and there lay the other book of stamps in plain sight, beside the envelope on the bed along with the other items.


The Accident
by David Kingston, all rights reserved
Dorchester, Dorset, England

I was fifteen years of age when I had a most extraordinary experience, which was to have a deep and profound effect on my life. I am now sixty-three years of age, but it remains firmly imprinted on my mind to this day. It was eleven o'clock one June morning and my mother, a psychiatric nurse at the time, had asked me to go to the "corner shop" to purchase a few items she wanted.

I made my way to the local shop which was only a hundred yards or so from our house, and stood waiting on the curb to cross the road. After looking both ways, I noticed a double-decker bus driver had put out the indicator arm on the bus to turn into the road I was waiting to cross. This was the in the days before the flashing indicators had been invented. I stood patiently waiting, as the bus neared the spot where I stood on the pavement. The bus approached the road junction, and as it turned the driver must has misjudged the distance between the road and pavement. The rear wheels of the bus ran up onto the curb and over both of my feet, knocking me down on the pavement.

The next thing I remember after regaining consciousness was lying on the pavement covered in a blanket and the local shop keeper trying to comfort me. I do not remember feeling any pain at that stage, but looking at the stationary bus and seeing the bus driver sitting on the pavement leaning against the front wheel of the bus smoking a cigarette. I assumed he was in shock. I remember hearing the loud ringing of a bell before lapsing into unconsciousness.

At this point I was "floating" above the bus. I could see myself very clearly lying on the ground, a small crowd of passers-by that had gathered, an ambulance and police car which had parked on the opposite side of the bus. This view I would not have been able to see from my position on the pavement. I wondered why there seemed to be such a hustle and bustle by the ambulance crew and one of them instructing the other to turn of the electric bell that was ringing, this was in the days before the sirens they now use. I saw the black Riley police car with its bell still ringing and I suppose this was the reason it drew my attention to the registration, FYL 894, the bells used to be mounted on the front bumper just above the registration plate, this registration is still indelibly imprinted on my mind today after all those years.

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(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are more new book reviews posted at realityshifters.com this month! If you like these books, you'll love perusing the RealityShifters book shelf where you can order anything you see that you like (which helps fund this ezine). Check it out at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html


CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life
by Shakti Gawain

A classic book on creating your life as you desire it to be

Shakti Gawain's classic work, CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, truly stands the test of time. Although I read it for the first time in April 2001 (the original 1978 first edition version), I was thoroughly impressed with the way Gawain can write such a practical guide to the process of how we create our lives from our thoughts and feelings. Gawain includes many exercises which help readers learn how to relax, how to visualize, contact their higher selves, program prosperity, heal themselves and others, meditate, and state meaningful affirmations. I especially enjoyed her "pink bubble" manifestation meditation for bringing what you most desire to you. I feel very at home with the exercises and techniques outlined in CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in transforming their life for the better.


DREAMING THE FUTURE: The Fantastic Story of Prediction
by Clifford Pickover

A brief history of prophecy

Clifford Pickover takes us on a thrilling journey through time to learn how people have utilized a wide variety of divination methods to catch glimpses of the future. DREAMING THE FUTURE succeeds on many levels; it contains one of the most complete assortments of divination methods ever brought together in one book, it describes fascinating accounts of how divination and prophets have changed history, and it provides the reader with many useful do-it-yourself guides to try divination techniques at home. DREAMING THE FUTURE is an entertaining and educational read whether you are actively involved with divination methods, are simply interested to know more about them and how they've been used, or are downright skeptical that such things could have any accuracy whatsoever. Pickover frequently refers to himself as being a skeptic throughout this book, yet he does not fall victim to scientism -- the belief that scientific hypotheses are immutable "laws", rather than ever-changing theories. Pickover requests that people first rule out the ways we can be tricked, to avoid blindly accepting assertions of paranormal or mystical experience. I particularly enjoyed reading about the wide variety of oracles involving animal behavior, dowsing, candle flames, numerology, automatic writing, cheese shapes, tea leaves, crystals, breathing over a vase of water, sounds and movements of the wind, sand, geomancy, feng shui, fortune cookies, and random remarks overheard in crowds. I finished reading this book feeling inspired to try out new kinds of divination methods that weren't even mentioned, because I regained the sense that we can receive spiritual information from all of our senses in every situation, everywhere, all the time.


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Joyce and Barry Vissell are a nurse and medical doctor, but their main medicine is unconditional love. They will lead you on a journey of the heart; thawing icicles of fear, breaking cobwebs of mental preoccupation, and kindling a blaze of warmth, love and connectedness.

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Changing the physical universe with our thoughts & feelings

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