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Apr 2022
Issue #271

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Leveling Up

“If we are peaceful, if we are happy,
we can smile and blossom like a flower,
and everyone in our family,
our entire society
will benefit from our peace. ”
–Thich Nhat Hanh

When I was ten years old, I traveled with my family to stay with headhunters in Borneo. We arrived uninvited and unexpected, since this location was far from any beaten path or main road, and there was no world wide web or internet at that time. The Dayak longhouse was situated upriver from Sibiu, Borneo, and made of wood, with bamboo floors. My parents were keenly aware back in the early 1970s that people's ways of living were rapidly changing, and one of the best ways to experience indigenous cultures was first-hand. There were no hotels, taxis, or even telephones in this place, and we came bearing gifts: eight big bags of candy for the kids, and five cartons of cigarettes for the adults. We also brought a 5 gallon jug of potable water for ourselves.

Cynthia 1972 passport photo
Cynthia 1972 passport photo
We were assured by Bennett, teenage son of the Dyak chief, that the more than dozen human heads hung in a net bag were not recent; they hadn’t taken any heads since they fought the Japanese during World War II, some thirty years ago. As reassuring as I'm sure he intended this to be, I could see this news had a disquieting effect on my parents, who smiled and chatted with the tribe members warmly.

The children at the longhouse were fascinated by me and my sister. They taught us a deceptively simple, yet fiendishly difficult game involving a handful of small pebbles. We did not need language to know that we were being shown and taught a game. One child showed us a handful of small rocks, and I nodded and smiled, and said something like, "Yes! We call these rocks." While still holding eye contact, the child briskly flicked this handful of unassuming stones airborne, and I marveled both at how nonchalant this child was concerning a whole bunch of tiny projectiles, and how this was happening while still holding our gaze. My eyes zipped back and forth between this child's eyes and hand, and I know my jaw dropped open in wide-eyed astonishment, as I gasped to see this child catch every single pebble--on the BACK of that hand! In an equally astonishing maneuver, the child flipped the stones airborne again, catching each and every one of them. These stones were offered to us to try our hand at this game, and with many smiles and much laughter all around, I succeeded in catching— not a one of them! I've remembered this game all the rest of the days of my life, and every time I find some small pebbles, I entertain the notion to further develop my skills at the pebble game.

Cynthia Sue Larson and Regina Meredith
Cynthia Sue Larson and Regina Meredith
One of the things these experiences can teach us is that there can be many more things to learn than we may have even realized. With Beginner's Mind and open hearts, there is much more to savor in every moment of life, wherever we are. With Beginner's Mind and open hearts, we can greet one another with kindness, gratitude, and love.

We can delight in the quantum uncertainty that is intrinsic to Nature, as I recently discussed on Open Minds with Regina Meredith about Quantum Uncertainty. There may not be one fixed, objective reality; we can observe the implications of many potential reality streams around us while living within our linear sense of time. This allows us to discover how our intention can change what we experience, enabling us to shift our reality. We have the ability to “level up” in life with skill sets we may have never even known existed, that reality shifts, quantum jumps, and the Mandela Effect are inviting us to explore.

I invite you to explore some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall in love with the wonder and magic of life.

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      "With your loving and non-judgemental help,
      I crossed the threshold from the world of victimization
      to the world of redemption and grace;
      a place where all wounds are healed and
      where all things are possible;
      a place where all things exist and do not exist--
      at the same time! I deeply appreciate your "midwifery"
      expertise that helped me to trust the initiation
      and unfolding of this process.
      Many blessings to you and all that you do."
      — Dea

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
Quantum Mind, Timeline Shifts, and Karma
24 Mar 2022
14 minutes
What role does karma play in timeline shifts?  And how can we sometimes remember things so very differently, when there is little or no supporting physical evidence? Some of us notice that apparently, our official histories have actually changed.  For me, sometimes that means more money is now in my bank account, or my body is slightly different physically.  For others, sometimes long-standing 'permanent' physical disabilities are gone, as if they never existed.  Our memories are quite real, and certainly this is where karma comes in, since many of us clearly remember events that 'never were.'  Yet, we know they were true.  We see evidence of this now in some recent physics experiments where observational devices can witness different events even though they are at the same place and time.  The key to grokking this aspect of the quantum paradigm is to acknowledge that our Mind is capable of operating at a higher order of perception than our Brain--and sometimes, we can remember past events more than one way. I have sometimes seen in my own life, and in the lives of those close to me, that the past can change quite radically from what we remember.  I've shared some truly astonishing reality shifts in my books, such as the time my friend, Susan, was talking with me on the phone about how she'd recently broken her leg, and during our conversation noticed that her leg was feeling itchy--and soon after, she returned to the same doctors who'd examined and X-rayed her leg, to discover her leg was not broken.  Not only was it now never broken (thus never needing a cast), but it never had been broken.  This created a bit of a confusing situation for all involved at that time, if attempting to make sense of what had just transpired.  Such radical changes seem to happen not so much through someone intensely wishing for and intending such changes to their personal past, but as larger parts of a greater spiritual awakening and development.  The lessons are seldom lost when they are felt deeply on an emotional and energetic level, and thus are real to memory and Mind, despite not being part of any current physical historical records, in some cases.
You can read the companion blog to this video at:

Cynthia Sue Larson on Open Minds with Regina Meredith
Open Minds
Regina Meredith interviews Cynthia Sue Larson

7 Apr 2022
46 minutes
We are all part of the quantum field that shapes our individual and collective experiences. Cynthia Sue Larson returns to Open Minds to discuss how the principle of quantum uncertainty demonstrates that there may not be one fixed, objective reality. Larson explains that we can observe the implications of many potential reality streams around us while living within our linear sense of time. This allows us to discover how our intention can change what we experience, enabling us to shift our reality.

IMEC Open Tables: Lifting the Veil
IMEC Open Tables:
Mandela Effect Theories

30 Mar 2022
2 hours, 32 minutes
Could the Mandela Effect be a thinning of the veil between worlds? Some of us are noticing increasing communication with loved ones who have passed on--some who we knew while they were alive, and some who we never met while they were alive, but who are actively conversing with us in meaningful ways. In addition to sharing some of our experiences with this time of the lifting of the veils, we discuss quantum immortality, our 'third eye projector', the role of our Sun, the role of retrocausality, and what happens when we vibrate into higher frequencies. At the 35:00 minute mark we begin our discussion of Light Language—with each of us sharing some of ours!

Guys Guy Radio Robert Manni interviews Cynthia Sue
Guy's Guy
Robert Manni talks with Cynthia Sue Larson

17 Mar 2022
42 minutes
Robert Manni and Cynthia Sue Larson share a memory of actor Larry Hagman having been reported as having died, and then was alive again. This Larry Hagman experience may be the first “Mandela Effect” to be documented, long before Nelson Mandela was noted alive again after many people heard he'd died. The topic of reality shifts and Mandela Effects is intriguing on many levels, including these experiences of timelines where someone might be noticed alive who'd been reported dead previously.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Nurses and Hypochondriacs
Quantum Jumping And Reality Shifts:
Are You Leveling Up?
Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast

Mar 2022
58 minutes
Do you believe in parallel universes? Have you ever wondered that there might be another one of 'you' or multiple 'you's' living in a different timeline? Can you shift your current reality and enter a different one where you are happier, healthier, and more prosperous? In this episode of Nurses and Hypochondriacs, Cynthia Sue Larson joins us to discuss Quantum Timeline Jumping and shifts in consciousness. We'll be discussing how you can shift your consciousness and help your patients shift their reality to obtain better health and a state of well-being. Cynthia will also discuss the Mandela effect, synchronicities, and of course proof that time travel is real! This is a super fun and interesting episode you won't want to miss!

Ascension class
My workshop, What Ascension Is and Isn't: How to Recognize and Grow with It to Thrive
was recorded live, and is now available to take any time at your convenience In this workshop you will learn to: Embrace and Integrate these occurrences into everyday life; Understand the pain point of ascension (i.e. The Pandemic “Crisis”) as a key marker that ascension is underway; Navigate day-to-day challenges in the “old world” paradigm in order to ground higher frequency into your body, mind and spirit. You can register online any time that works best for you. This workshop is custom-tailored to address what many of us are going through, with tips on how to attain an optimal attitude of neutral acceptance. I'm deeply thankful to hear words of appreciation and gratitude from attendees of my new Ascension workshop, such as this:
    I want to Thank You for the Fantastic Ascension Workshop. I couldn't attend that day, but I was able to view the workshop this last week a couple of times. I really love the slides so much that I printed them all out. The workshop was not only informative but also comforting, and inspirational. I felt so much joy listening to it, that I know I will listen again.
Learn more and sign up for Cynthia's Ascension workshop here:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Penn & Teller and Harry Blackstone Jr. on A Closer Look with Faith Daniels
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

I remember this as though it happened yesterday: I was 15 years old and had to go to Summer school because I had failed Physical Science.  I had to go to school from 8am-noon. When I got home that day, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.  I saw Penn & Teller on one of them, and left it on.  They were doing The National Magic Trick with Harry Blackstone, Jr. and Faith Daniels.  Penn got mad at Harry, saying he was showing off.  Later in the show, Harry was saying some good things about Penn, but Teller kept "interrupting (Teller doesn't talk)  Penn: (holding Teller's head under water)  Harry is saying some very nice things about me, but you keep interrupting!   *he's demonstrating to the audience how Teller can hold his head under water for a very long time*  He can breathe through his ears! This is all I remember about the show as it was nearly 31 years ago.  I don't remember the exact date, only that it was either June or July of 1991, and I don't know if it was even real or a reality shift/Nelson Mandela Experience.  I have looked this up on the internet and asked some of the collectors I buy dvds from, but no one can tell me anything about it.  I've even tried to contact NBC-TV, but never got an answer.  Maybe the tape was destroyed.

Note from Cynthia: That Penn and Teller episode you remember seems so specific, and so detailed, and so unique that I'd expect there would be some other mention of it somewhere on the internet by now.  If the episode now 'never existed,' I'd expect other people such as yourself would be asking about it on social media and such places as reddit, facebook, YouTube and so forth.  The part that catches my attention is the funny bit about Teller breathing through his ears!  I'd expect that somebody must also remember that.  If the episode really did happen, I can imagine that the bullying aspects, as well as Penn holding Teller underwater would likely predispose this magic trick to be considered unfit for family entertainment.  I don't recall having seen that magic trick, and it sounds very disturbing, so if I had a remote control and started to see that magic trick, I'd most likely have changed the channel.


Bose headphones
Pair of High-End Bose NC 700 Headphones Came from Nowhere
Houston, Texas, USA

Hello I subscribe to your newsletter and saw that you ask for comments or stories as well.  I have read Quantum jumps, and High energy Money about a month ago and really enjoyed the books and they helped me change the way I think of reality. Honestly I didn't think I would be writing anything, but something very unusual happened to me that I'm sure you and your readers can maybe relate to after reading your books that happened to me. I don't know who to tell because it's unbelievable and I can't explain it. I have been wanting for about a year now in the back of my mind a higher end pair of Bose headphones that retail for almost 400.00.  Now I have looked everywhere and these headphones would never sell less than 300.00 on any website I've searched and I've been carefully looking on different websites for months.  Eventually I just forgot about them because I didn't want to pay that much and saw the price never was lowering. Two weeks ago when I got up in the morning something told me to look again on a website I normally wouldn't look for the headphones.  I did and saw a picture being sold of the Bose NC 700 headphones I wanted.  I text the number to find out how much they were being sold for and the text responded with $100.00.  I couldn't believe it!  I never saw those being sold for that price ever.  Not only that when I asked to meet to buy them I found out that they were located at a pawn shop I drive by everyday that I had never payed attention to or been to that was literally 1 mile from my house out of doing a search for all of Houston, Texas, where I live. When I got into the pawn shop to say I was inquiring about the Bose NC 700 headphones the man told me that the ones in the picture was a different pair of Bose headphones that he was selling for $100.00 but since he told me in the text that I could get the Bose NC 700 for $100.00 he was going to be a person of his word and sell it to me at that price. So I got a pair of brand new headphones for $100.00 when they usually cost closer to $400.00.  Nothing was wrong with them, other than they didn't come with a case or a charging cord but they work great! I realized after my purchase that the headphones would not hold the 20 hours charge that Bose says these headphones should hold.  I usually on a full charge would get 11 hours so almost half so I called Bose to find out why? Bose customer service told me to give them my serial number from my product which I did but they could not find the serial number in their system.  They had me take a picture of the serial number and send it to them and they told me this is the first time they have not been able to find the serial number to match because they could clearly see I was giving them the correct serial number.  The Headphones as well connected to their Bose Music app instantaneously and on my app it told me I was up to date and had the latest firmware for my headphones. I sent Bose customer service a picture of this as well.  They said that they did not know how my app was showing that firmware number because according to them the firmware my headphones was connected to didn't exist but again through my picture I sent them saw that I was telling them the truth. It's almost as if this pair of  Bose NC 700 Headphones came from a different dimension and appeared here in our dimension with a unique serial number and firmware that doesn't exist in our dimension.  Bose customer service is as confused as I am wondering why the serial number does not exist in their records or the firmware that these headphones came and connect with.  Yet the headphones work with their apps perfectly no issues. Anyway, I thought this is quite unusual and wanted to share because I've never had anything like this happen before and if I didn't read any of your books would have just thought "oh well that's weird" and swept it under the rug. 

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing the amazing experience you had with your Bose NC 700 headphones.  I love how you found them for the price you'd been hoping for, and I'm impressed that customer service acknowledged that your Bose headphones did seem to have a legitimate number, albeit a number they mysteriously did not have in any of their records!  I agree that your experience is most unusual, and it really does seem like these headphones arrived from a similar, yet different, parallel reality.  This is really super cool!

Two Quantum Jumps Since Watching Your Teahouse Video
Los Angeles, California, USA

Wow, Cynthia—I had my first sign of bi-location. It was at the Ralphs in Manhattan Beach, California of all places. lol. There were many indicators of first a quantum jump, and then bi-location. There was a place holder separating my grocery items. I never put the divider there, nor did the cashier. When I was leaving the store, a woman I have never seen before looked at me and said, "We keep bumping into each other with our carts." I felt so festive and I felt the energy when I get high frequencies when performing light work for healing. I call it galactic frequencies.  I am into star friends. I was in a good mood. My thoughts at the time felt in alignment with “a lot of us are here to elevate consciousness,” and I felt aligned in this. I noticed I was quite humored and honored by this experience and grateful to be in touch with The Universe in this way. Sharing your experiences has really helped me and I love quantum physics. I hope your quantum physics friends appreciate you and the courage it takes to share your work.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your recent reality shift and possible bilocation experience with me! That high energy feeling is often associated with experiencing reality shifts and quantum jumps, such as being observed bilocating.  When I've been observed to have been bilocating, often I was daydreaming of being and doing exactly what people say I had done--and sometimes I've seen physical evidence that I was there, such as the time my daughters said I'd come to their bedroom to wake them up, and opened the window shade that was too hard for them to operate--when my experience was just that I was daydreaming about doing that while staying cozy in my warm bed on a cold winter morning.

wreath and snips
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Manifesting Money, Wallets, and Snips

Bellingham, Washington, USA

In the Spring of 2021, I retired from working. I decided to take a break from all my years of commuting and see my neat historic town on foot. On a personal note, I consider myself sort of a spiritual optimist. I enjoy simple meditation, (just lying on my bed for 20-30 min) to boost my mood for the day or evening. These few moments of just quieting my mind allow me to really connect with my surroundings on my walks. Everything seems to come more alive, the trees, shrubs, even a bird song from a block away that I may have missed, had my mind been filled with thoughts. Daily, I began noticing shiny quarters and other change that I picked up and put in my pocket. Then, I began finding $1 bills so often that I began to expect them. I'm really not kidding when I say they began to show up ALL the time. I said out loud one day, ok, the $1 bills are great, but how about a wallet, or better yet, a suitcase of money?  I started to sing and hum what I call my 'money song.' There are no words, but just a little happy tune that starts out in the key of C.  I continued to find dollars (always $1) folded, crumpled, and some that looked brand new, just lying on the sidewalk or in the grass. Some had an uncanny feeling about them. One day, to my surprise, there was a wallet lying next to a car.  Not long after that day, a second wallet appeared in the parking lot at the food co-op. Surprising as it may seem, it wasn't long before I found yet a 3rd wallet next to a fence leading to a courtyard of some historic condos. The first wallet had just an out of state license which I was able to turn into the university (WWU) a block from where I found it. The second two had a good amount of cash and cards, and I was able to locate both owners!  During this time, I would email my older brother (out of state) a picture of my new discoveries. I started to feel sort of sad, like I was getting all the ‘luck,’ so in my mind I made a point with hopes he’d find something too. Hard to believe, but I swear to God it's true, soon after (maybe a day or so) he emailed me and said he was walking to the store before sunrise and found $65!  Someone had dropped some (to-go) food cart trash right on the rainy sidewalk and there was this wet money in a wad!  He said, besides being thankful for the cash, he gladly picked up the trash and disposed of it. As unbelievable as that sounds, after I got his email, I dropped some books at the library mid morning. From there,  I was walking along, (yes, humming my tune) and while crossing a street, I saw what looked like the color of a dollar bill, kiddy corner from where I was in the intersection. It was also wet and rainy here, and as I got closer to what looked like money, I realized it was a very wet $20 bill!  True story.  In closing, I wanted to share my grand finale for 2021. Thanksgiving had just passed, and I began thinking about making a wreath for my porch with all the Fir and other tree limbs I'd been noticing having fallen along my walk paths. I don't do a lot of crafting, so I needed something other than scissors to clip wire to assemble the wreath.  After pricing shearing snips, I decided to just ask 'the powers that be' if I could 'find' some.  While out strolling again, I said out loud  " I know this sounds like an odd request, but I would like to find some snips, thank you in advance."  Not a week later, I was dumb founded to see an actual pair of snips (!) lying just off a curb, as if they had fallen off a truck in front of a Catholic Church at a 4 way stop in my neighborhood!   Looking back at all this I say with a sincere heart, there really is a lot more going on in this beautiful universe than meets the eye. I firmly believe that striving to maintain a positive attitude is really like having a Master Key that opens many 'doors' we didn't see before. (Or can't see with our eyes). Peace and a JOYFUL heart be with you on your Journey!

Note from Cynthia: I really love the way you describe how you clear your mind of thoughts before going on your walks, and the way you notice how much more you can observe when you are starting your walks from a receptive, harmonious state of mind.  What joy to have a money song, starting in the key of C!  I have often found just the things I was looking for when going on walks in my residential neighborhood, mostly in give-away boxes placed in front yards by neighbors who are sharing their produce, books, clothes, or house goods.  What's amazing to me is that sometimes a very specific item appears in one of these boxes that is exactly what I'd pictured or envisioned recently--such as an Arkansas whetstone.  I've also found a wallet that a neighbor had dropped near their car, and I was happy to see how delighted they were to bring it to them when they answered their front door! When I go on walks with my daughter in our neighborhood, we seem to find something we needed on a regular basis.  So much so that it hardly seems any point to shopping, since what is required will surely appear.  I have found many items exactly as needed and/or envisioned, including:  a wall calendar; specific clothing items; potted heirloom tomato plants ideal for gardens in our climate; fertilizer; beloved heirloom flower seeds of the kind my grandmother used to grow; and much, much more.  While some might say it's pure synchronicity that these things arrive, if you'd seen how my daughter will announce to me, "I really need a small, handmade travel journal," and then THAT exact item appeared, I'm sure all open-minded skeptics would at the very least be amazed.

Zoom Meeting Time Shift
California, USA

Something odd happened that may fit into your category of things happening that nobody else has experienced. Or something—I’d love to understand it. I made a date with someone in North Carolina for a Zoom meeting today with a friend who writes books on community, and with members of my community here. She’s an old friend who has written books on creating community, so I was introducing her into our midst. I had suggested meeting at 4pm, but then we changed it to 4:30 because of one person’s schedule. She was pleased, because the timing was better for her where she was. I distinctly recall her writing, “Oh good, that makes it 7:30 my time!” Today was the day, and she and everyone else were waiting at 4pm - except for me, who distinctly knew it had been changed to a half hour later. I have since searched for the emails about the change that went back and forth, but found nothing. Did I dream this? Did it happen on a somewhat different time timeline? Is it just old age? Have you heard of this sort of thing before? I’m wondering whether I’m completely losing it.

Note from Cynthia: Your experience of clearly making note of several memorable aspects to the start of the call, only to subsequently find no corroborating evidence, does indeed seem to fit the characteristics of a reality shift.  When you feel certain that what you heard is indeed what you heard--despite others having a completely different memory--that is indeed a textbook case of a reality shift, as I write about in my book, "Reality Shifts."  I've had many conversations with people that later evidence suggested may have happened for me, but didn't happen for them.  I give examples of some of these, and thankfully they have not continued to be an ongoing part of my life.  In my case, I feel I experienced them in order to bring them to my attention so blatantly that I could not dismiss or ignore this phenomenon, in the 1990s, right before I decided to put my reputation on the line by dedicating my life's work and a website to covering the topic of reality shifts, quantum jumps, and the Mandela Effect. While it's possible this might be a case for you of having dreamed of having this 4:30 conversation, it seems to me based on your description of events that this was not a dream or daydream, but an actual conversation.  I've learned to trust and respect my memories, as well as those of others.  This can become very interesting when subjective realities do not agree.  And now we have some hard scientific physical studies demonstrating this exact thing--that it really is possible to have two observers at the same place and same time, who record observations of two completely different events. 

Two Little Girls named "Kimberly" Cheat on The Grand Prize Game?
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

This was either 1988 or 1989.  I was watching The Bozo show on WGN-TV Chicago before going to school.  They were playing The Grand Prize Game.  A little blonde blue eyed girl was trying to cheat by walking over to the bucket and placing the ping pong ball in instead of aiming.  They didn't catch on until the 5th bucket.  Bozo was kind of getting mad by this point, and tells Kimberly, "See that guy over there?  He's got blood in his eye!"  For the 6th bucket, he makes the girl stand behind the line and has her aim for bucket #6, but she misses. Another little girl named Kimberly came on a few months later, I think.  She had dark hair and dark eyes, and she tried to cheat, too, getting as far as bucket #5 until they caught her, and she missed bucket #6. I've looked on the internet and asked around about this one, too, but no one knows anything.  Maybe they just erase or destroy some episodes of The Bozo Show.

Note from Cynthia: Your recollection that there were two little girls named Kimberly that cheated on the Grand Prize Game is fascinating.  This is the kind of thing that likely would have been covered by someone by now.  It seems there is no reason for these episodes to be censored, since the footage would be viewed as a cautionary tale, as well as a demonstration of what not to do.  I have a memory of one little girl who did some kind of cheating attempt that you describe--but only a hazy memory, without much detail, and without a memory of their having been two girls, both named Kimberly.  I expect there will be others who remember what you describe.

Anti-Abortion PSA?
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

I think this happened in 1989: I was watching WGN-TV Chicago when a commercial came on.  There was a choir singing "Amazing Grace", and a voice-over of a young woman went like this:  "My mother chose to abort me when she was 7 months pregnant.  By some miracle, I survived."  I don't remember any more than that.  I've tried looking for it, and it's not even on Youtube,  Too disturbing, I suppose.

Note from Cynthia: Your memory of a woman being on TV saying something like, "My mother chose to abort me when she was 7 months pregnant.  By some miracle, I survived" really does sound familiar to me--I remember this!  And I can see why we might not find traces of this, since it is disturbing to hear. One place we can check to see if we can find older TV scenes such as you describe is--and will be-- in the archives of decades of recorded television provided thanks to librarian Marion Stokes, whose massive archives are now in the process of being digitized and preserved.  They can be searched with keywords:


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
I love your message this month, Face Everything and Rise: I have fallen in love with the song, "RISE" by Calum Scott!  He has a very strong North country (UK) accent, but he wrote this song and sings it with so much heart. I play it a lot as I feel the RISE coming to humanity.


Dear Ruth,
Oh, thank you so very much!  I'm glad you love the message of this month's issue of RealityShifters, and thank you for sending a link to Calum Scott's song, Rise--so inspirational! 
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I got your newsletter today, but I did not find this video in it. But yesterday a friend sent me a link to a video, and said to watch only the opening few minutes. It blew me away, since it had a man with the Copy of the Bears books (which I only knew of from your newsletter), and he had video of the names of the "Stain" spelling changing to the "Stein" spelling when he crossed a doorway into another room. And when he came out of the room, the spelling reverted to the original spelling of the book. So I am sending the link to you, to see what You think: real, or some sort of "Deep Fake" video. It looks hard to fake, and he seems very surprised when it happens, so I am sending the link to you to see what you think. Here is the link, and the part to look at is not the Ukraine stuff, but the first 5 minutes or so:
Looking forward to what your assessment is.

Dear Mike,
Thanks for sharing the link to this video featuring a man holding a copy of what starts out as a Berenstain Bears book, and walking back and forth through a doorway to show the book cover change back and forth between Berenstain and Berenstein.  We can hear his voice, where he comments about how the title changes--and this kind of video reminds me of video shorts being made by some people who claim, for example, to have a special kind of viewing apparatus that shows many things they way they used to be, prior to being Mandela Effected.  My take on all of these is that it's a fun pastime for people creating the modern-day home video versions of the Blair Witch project (which used to be a thing), since people now have ready access to photoshop capabilities for short movies, so they can change something like a book title back and forth, or other things for these kinds of videos.  While I have witnessed many Mandela Effect flip-flops, these are not the way such flip-flops have appeared to me, but they certainly do look like something people might create for fun, the way people copied the Blair Witch Project kinds of videos back in 1999 and 2000. lots of love and thanks,


Hi Cynthia,
Your encouraging comments have inspired me to do more video clips about my adventures with Nick.  Here is the latest that I just uploaded to YouTube.  Thank you so much for your inspiration you have given me. Love and hug,

Dear Rick,
Dear Rick, You are so very welcome! And please know that you're more than welcome to share your experiences through RealityShifters any time!    We've now been posting and archiving first-hand reports of reality shifts since the 1990s, and these can be read like pages in a book, starting at:
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
So I found this channel so if I take a work break I can just listen to one real quick cuz they are only like 15-20 min- and SO COOL- right up my ally! snd he reads glitch in the matrix stories from Reddit! They are all so good! Like in one, a family was snacking on Oreos—and the poor dad was like, “I want some” and his wife was like, “No honey, you HAVE to have gluten free—you know that; but I just ordered you some from Amazon, and they should be here within two days.” He moped into the house and came back out smiling—he was eating some gluten free Oreos! The family was like, “where’d you get those?!” And he said someone knocked on the door and handed him the bag, like a delivery driver - he claimed it was a regular car, not a truck or mail like vehicle. And get this! They were in a Rite-Aide bag!!! (See I love love love! To look at these little things- a “right aid bag”) the dad said “Well you said you ordered me some - I thought they were being delivered!” The wife said, “No, like I just just JUST ordered them - they should be here in two days,” - so the narrator finishes, “We don’t know how my dad manifested these gluten-free Oreos, but he certainly did!  Anyway, all the stories are like this, and they have like 5-10 stories on each 15 minute video. It’s called PARANORMAL RISING. here’s a link to one if your interested—or need a little break one day, and something that might be  interesting to you—here’s an example:
 Hope you enjoy some of these little gems—I feel bad cuz all the people who tell their stories say, “I’m not on any mind altering substances, we tested the carbon monoxide, and I’ve been for a psychological evaluation” —it’s so sad people can’t be like me, and just know para normal is just NORMAL.

Dear Bella,
Thanks, I'll check it out! I guess you know I've been sharing written first-hand reports of reality shifts since the 1990s and the dawn of the internet as we know it.  :-)  I love the back-and-forth experience of corresponding with the original authors, as I often delve a bit deeper into what state of mind they were in when these things occur. For many of the seemingly strangest events, I've found it helps quite often to have that kind of conversation with someone who's experiencing something that might be very new to them.  Often they are feeling seriously creeped out or even frightened--and yes, that includes one US General who contacted me and shared an experience he had in the Pentagon one day, dodging another military general by ducking out of the corridor and into a staircase.  The next thing he knew, he was wrong-way-round inside the Pentagon, having ended up football fields farther than was possible to have walked on foot in that short time, and also the walls were weird, as if that floor was under construction.  Clearly this was super weird and bizarre beyond belief for him!  I've also heard from university professors, lawyers, and people from all countries and continents--and each culture and perspective factors into what they notice and experienced.  People have shared experiences walking back in time, as well as experiencing places that seemed totally unreal.  I like to converse with these experiencers, partly to develop more context than what most of them originally share with me, and also because in many cases they are still wrapping their minds around what they've encountered.  I have a preference for this kind of documentation over Reddit, since I've seen cases there of gifted fiction writers and story-tellers sharing things as if they might have happened, and there's seldom much in the way of any kind of background confirmation or validation.  So I find them entertaining, like watching a TV show or reading sci-fi or fantasy novels, but I'm still most fascinated and intrigued by the first-hand reports I get to personally investigate for realityshifters.
lots of love and blessings,


Dear Cynthia,
When you had the experience with Ashes the cat did your room mate act like she didn't know what you were talking about or was she also surprised that Ashes was alive? Was it only the cat the shifted into your reality? What I am saying is, after your roommate had discovered that Ashes was alive, was she surprised, or did you shift to a reality to where the cat didn't die so your roommate was like, "Hmm? Ashes has always been alive. What are you talking about?”


Dear A.,
I did not notice any difference in how my ex-roommate reacted to seeing Ashes again after she'd told me that he'd died.  This was back around 1985, and at that point in my life, I'd not yet found many people who shared my experiences and memories of previous realities.  What I was most often hearing back from people is that they remembered things very differently than I did.  This experience with Ashes was a personal experience of someone being alive again, along the lines of how I noticed also in the 1980s that the actor Larry Hagman had been reported dead, and then he was alive again. The one doing the shifting is usually the experiencer, since those are the people who remember things one way, and yet have evidence of something different. I was no longer talking with my ex-roommate very often, so for example, I hadn't spoken with her between the time she told me Ashes had died, and then my noticing he'd come back.  Our work hours and life circumstances kept us busy on our own sides of that busy street, so I did not talk with her about this awesome surprise to me to see Ashes again.  I actually sense and intuit that this kind of separation between myself and my ex-roommate was likely essential in order for me to be able to witness Ashes alive again.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
The idea that we are a range of self is powerful.   each self is active on a certain vibrational frequency.  In your video, at 3:33-3:34 , you used the word "Entropy".   I was thinking about this like 10 minutes ago, about Entropy, because an event happened last week, that made me think about it.   So here it goes. My fiance is using a formula for her  hair.   It seems to be a new invention of some sorts.  She was waiting to see if the hair formula works.   Last week, she goes to her local pharmacy to buy something, and the pharmacists gives her a small bottle and tells her use it for her hair- it works wonders, the pharmacist said.     She did use it.    On wednesday, she said her hair look shiny and beautiful.  I asked her what is the "cause" ?  is it the hair formula or the small bottle given to her by the pharmacists - she was quite , and then she said the , I think the formula.     I thought to myself- the universe or the ultimate observer likes to play games.   the event created by the pharmacists added more "Entropy" to the situation, and made the cause uncertain.   Had she not gone to the pharmacy, she would not have used the small bottle with a hair product and the improvement in her hair, we can say is highly likely that result of the hair-formula she is using( all else being equal ).  Now: (1) Why did the universe create more entropy-uncertainty? (2) Do you believe in life events balancing across time?
Kind regards,

Dear Summum,
Thanks for sharing the experience with your fiance's hair improvement with unknown cause.  Yes, the cosmos loves uncertainty, and that seems to be an intrinsic part of quantum physics and reality.  When we don't know for certain--when we haven't locked an observation in--there is more maneuverability through various possible realities or parallel worlds!  As to answering your question, "Why did the universe create more entropy/uncertainty?" I don't know for sure, but I can see that any time we truly long for miraculous shifts, our rational/analytical mind seems more open to accepting that we've jumped into a new reality when the exact cause is not definitive.  It's almost like it's easier to believe something is working when there exists more than one way that might be so.  To answer your question, "Do you believe in life events balancing over time?" I don't quite know how to respond.  Life events seem to me to be orchestrated with coordination at levels of high self, such that aspects of ourselves are working 'in cahoots' with others, though we seldom realize the vast extent of this most of the time. Existence of this hidden order does seem to me to ensure a kind of overall positivity and balance.
With love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
What is a collapsing timeline?

Dear Amr,
There is an idea of "collapsing a wave function" at the point of observation, and this is part of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics.  From this viewpoint, a 'collapsed timeline' would thus be an observed timeline, along the lines by which some people, for example, might manifest a parking spot by observing that they have a parking spot exactly where they most need one. 


Dear Cynthia,
How can we all be physically on the same timeline but spiritually and consciously on different timelines?

Dear Amr,
Based on what we see from people who do notice the Mandela Effect having different, unique, personal Mandela Effect experiences (ie: one person may notice a Mandela Effect in the Star Wars movie, but insist that the Berenstain Bears never changed)--we cannot actually presume that there exists one objective reality.  I co-authored a paper on this topic with physicist George Weissmann that you can read on my website at:
The Quantum Paradigm and Challenging the Objectivity Assumption
George Weissmann and Cynthia Sue Larson
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol. 13, no. 2, 2017



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