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RealityShifters News - August 2000

Writing Your Life

Occasionally, I find myself wishing I could right every wrong, win every battle, and prove every point. The feeling usually passes as I accept whatever uncertainties life has to offer, yet, I am gladdened to find that I can still "write my life" by choosing what attitude I face the world with. I am very fortunate to have recently learned valuable lessons about attitude from my parents and grandmother, as I watched how they dealt with "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in their lives.

Something shocking happened in my family just a couple of years ago. Doctors discovered that my grandmother had liver cancer. They performed a biopsy and found cancerous cells in her liver. They took CAT scan images which confirmed what the blood tests indicated -- she had liver cancer. The doctors estimated she had less than a year to live. Since my grandmother was in her 90's, she requested only pain medication, choosing to forego radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She had seen many of her friends suffer from those cancer treatments. As she told us how grateful she felt for having lived such a wonderful life, she prayed for the courage to face whatever came next. When my grandmother was certain of her diagnosis and had a few weeks to prepare herself emotionally for peoples' reactions, she told friends and family that she had terminal liver cancer. Immediately, most of the people who dearly love this precious woman began to pray on her behalf. While her own prayers were simply for courage, other people (myself included) were praying for her return to good health. Within a few months, my grandmother's doctors were astonished to find that her cancer was stabilizing. Several months after that, they were completely at a loss to explain why they could no longer find any trace of cancer in her body! When doctors told my grandmother that they had no explanation for what had just happened, she assured them that she knew why her cancer was gone -- it was because prayer works.

I am grateful to live in a time when scientific evidence is confirming the effectiveness of distant healing. Spontaneous remissions of cancers, tumors, and other apparently lethal medical conditions have long been known to occur when people are prayed for -- and we are finally reaching a point where these effects of prayer can be scientifically confirmed. There was a time, not so long ago, when such stories were routinely dismissed as mere "anecdotal evidence" of something inexplicable and therefore unmentionable. If you want to read about these recent scientific studies, please go the realityshifters.com home page and click on the "Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing" article.

My (cancer-free!) grandmother was not feeling frisky enough to journey to the Pacific Northwest this summer for a family reunion this year, but she sent along her childhood memories that she'd written for my mother over a period of several years. My sister painstakingly typed and bound the manuscript, including photographs from the early 1900's. These simple, personal stories of how each of my grandmother's family members faced trials and tribulations made for fascinating reading, and inspired me to do a better job of connecting with my relatives while we're all still alive. After the reunion was over, I drove with my parents to drop in on some relatives -- with no advance warning. What impressed me most about this experience was the way we were greeted with open arms and hearts everywhere we went -- even when we met a complete stranger! I hope you'll read my article "Welcome Love" about this experience in the most current issue of Planet Lightworker.

You can read about my first day at this year's International Conference of Science and Consciousness (ICSC) at Enlightenment.com. I hope you'll also read some of the other new articles I've posted at Themestream.com's web site, including "Shifts Happen", "The Mozart Conspiracy" , "Three Ways of Knowing and Changing Reality" , "Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity?" , "Our Lost Pet Came Bounding Home" , "William Tiller and the Physics of the Vacuum" , "Excellent Online Oracles", and "Learning to Accept Miracles".

In This Issue:

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
(2) A Report on the ICSC
(3) Welcome Love
(4) New Reality Shifts Articles
(5) Summer Reading Suggestions
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites
(7) Excellent Ezines
(8) Please Share this Message

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
Thanks so much to Claire and Ursula for sharing reality shift experiences with us this month. These stories refresh my sense of awe and wonder at the ways our universe is constantly responding to our thoughts and feelings. We may only notice reality shifts once in a while... but these stories remind us that they are happening all around us, all the time.

Brookville, Ohio

I drive about 10 miles through farmland until I get into the city each day to get to work. There have been many occasions where I am being tail-gated by someone who just does not want to maintain the country speed limit which is about 45 to 50 mph. When someone is tail-gating me I send them an intense, mental message to "back off" and then just ignore them. I do not know how many times after I send this mental messages that I will glance into my rear view mirror and find the tail-gater is gone and I am alone on the road. Since there are few, if any, side roads, it seems as though either they disappeared or I did, into a different space.

Bombay, India

The 'Guess?' watch came to me in an impressive case and has metal strap which could, if one did not know better, be mistaken for solid gold.

On Tuesday, the 18th July, 2000, I opened my desk drawer and saw the watch lying squashed between a paper clip box and a stamp pad.

The watch-strap bites into my skin. I hardly wear this watch. But it was a present, so it needs to be cherished. I must put it away nicely, I thought, as Janak walked into the room.

Janak is the young man who looks after my computer hardware. He had come to take my printer for repairs. I was out of the room for a while and Charlotte (the young maid who lives in) was in briefly while Janak was alone. Then I came back and Janak went out to make a phone call and I opened the drawer to take out the watch.

It was not there!

After I looked and looked again, I called Charlotte to empty the drawer. There are lots of things inside - from ink to pens, to envelopes to tapes and rubber bands and diaries and batteries and calculators to pins and matches and well you name it, itas a real multi-purpose drawer.

The watch was not there!

It was only because I very recently remembered and shared an experience I had as a teenager (a pound of butter) I did not raise the alarm.

"You must have put it into your bag." Said Charlotte. I knew I had not, but nevertheless checked the bag. This had very recently undergone a "clean out" and only contained my keys (in the pocket with zip), my wallet and a coin purse. Not much to check. The watch of course was not there.

My husband and friends suspected theft. I held firm, believing it was a reality shift and the watch would come back. But why did it go? Was this a test?

Yesterday I opened the zip pocket to take out a key. I looked into the zip pocket to take out a key, and saw there was nothing except the keys. The pocket is quite small.

On the 25th of July, 2000, I opened the zip pocket and there was the watch!

(2) A Report on the ICSC
The Second Annual International Conference on Science & Consciousness

This year's International Conference on Science and Consciousness (ICSC) was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico from April 29th through May 3rd, and more than 800 people from 14 different countries attended. Read about Peter Russell's Keynote Address, Deborah Rozman on Heart Intelligence, Elisabeth Targ on Distant Healing, William Tiller on Animate/Inanimate Interactions, Paul Ka'ikena Pearsall on Wishing Well, and a very special Steven Halpern Concert at Enlightenment.com:


(3) Welcome Love

I recently traveled to the Pacific Northwest for a family reunion. For a couple of days after the reunion, my parents and I dropped in on the homes of several relatives (and one complete stranger) without warning. We didn't phone or schedule these visits ahead of time, but simply drove up to their houses, parked our car, and got out to talk to whomever we saw in the yard.

http://www.planetlightworker.com/articlefarm/cynthialarson/article8.ht m

(4) New Reality Shifts Articles

Here are some more great articles you can read and write comments about on the subject of reality shifts at Themestream.com:

Shifts Happen
When we put our hearts and minds to it, anything is possible.

The Mozart Conspiracy
Musician Steven Halpern explains why some music literally takes your breath away... and how music heals.

Three Ways of Knowing & Changing Reality
We can change the world with an action, a thought, or a feeling.

Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity?
A synopsis of Douglas Hofstadter's Symposium titled "Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity by 2100?"

Our Lost Pet Came Bounding Home
One small pet's incredible journey.

William Tiller and the Physics of the Vacuum
Highlights from professor Tiller's lecture at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness.

Excellent Online Oracles
Enchanting divination tools for everyday use.

Learning to Accept Miracles
Are you rejecting the good things that come your way? I was... until a childhood dream came true.

(5) Summer Reading Suggestions

There are lots of wonderful books which illuminate the ways our thoughts and feelings change the physical world... even when we don't lift a finger. If you're wondering how best to round out your summer reading, have I got some great suggestions for you! Please stop by and visit the Book Shelf at the RealityShifters web site at:


(6) Noteworthy Web Sites

Wish Only Well (WOW) Zone showcases writers, poets, artists and anyone who does good in the world. It's informative, educational, and entertaining, and focuses on being the very best that we can be emotionally, mentally and spiritually. WOW is a fun, easy and practical model for personal and social evolution. Always on the forefront with visionary projects such as the (r)evolution network and the Peace Education Project (soon arriving in schools worldwide), WOW is making the world a nicer place. The three words say it all: Wish ONLY Well.

Karen Lyster's web site, "UFO's The Beginning of a New World" is devoted to unraveling the mysteries of ages past and ages yet to come. Enter a world without boundaries, where the impossible becomes possible. "Come journey with me, and we shall slowly lift the veil to reveal an abundance of riches that have been hidden from you. We shall open the windows and let the refreshing breeze of enlightenment let your spirit soar free for the very first time."

After 3 years of researching over 24 years of data with over 30 human subjects, Rik Wellens of Belgium established the Life Cycles Matrix Q System. This work concerns repeating life cycles (both long and short-term), synchronicity, Jung's typology, the basic energy flow in the human psyche, karma, dharma and time integration. The site presents some 100 informational and practical pages (free to download), and information about a soon to be published book.

Founded in 1977, The Federation of Damanhur is an internationally renowned center for spiritual research. Situated in Valchiusella Valley, in the Alpine foothills of northern Italy, Damanhur is a Federation of Communities and Regions with over 800 citizens, a social and political structure, a Constitution, 40 economic activities, its own currency, schools and a daily paper.

Lynn Woodland provides a free, multifaceted online spiritual support center for healing, growth, and the experience of miracles, featuring the Healing Heart Prayer Network and the Odyssey of Life Oracle.

Evelyn Fort Alewine Stewart's web site helps people recognize the signs of domestic violence. When a person walks in the shoes with fear for so many years, it is easy to understand & relate with others that have been. Please visit this site -- you could save someone from a terrible beating, or even losing their life.

Just "living", day to day, isn't enough for some of us. So we find ourselves traveling hidden paths, seeing deeper meanings in things around us. In our quest for truth and love, beauty, joy, and meaning. If we're lucky, we find ourselves knocking on a Dimensional Doorway.

The WiseHearts web site weaves small wisdoms through the fabric of life, with a free daily newsletter of short inspirational verses, quotes and stories that leave an imprint on your heart.

Experience the benefits of effortless relaxation and inner peace for yourself at Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music web site. "Listening to Steven's music is like getting a birthday present from an old
friend that you didn't even know had your address."

(7) Excellent Ezines

If you are interested in subscribing or contributing to Magical Blend magazine's extremely informative free monthly ezine, E-mail them at magical@outrageous.net.

Global Psychics Insights -- a free monthly publication.

(8) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them. RealityShifters News is published by Cynthia Sue Larson, author, researcher, speaker, and teacher on the subject of reality shifts. Cynthia provides information as a service without warranty of any kind, and accepts no consequences of its use.

For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that our thoughts & feelings shift reality

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