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A Vision of Hope

Cynthia at Dunsmuir House gardens

"Yesterday is a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision;
but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and tomorrow a vision of hope."

The month of July 2002 was a deeply moving one for me as I learned of the deaths of two very special women: Betty Bethards and Elisabeth Targ. Both women dedicated their lives to helping people understand the importance of how their thoughts and feelings change the world, and were inspirational leaders in their respective fields. I feel blessed and fortunate to have known both Betty and Elisabeth, and grateful to know that the legacy of their work will continue for years to come.

Betty Bethards is internationally known for her books on dream interpretation and teaching how to be 'your own guru'. Betty's regular talks, workshops, retreats and columns have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world learn how to find and follow their intuition, and learn from all their life experiences, even the most painful ones. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Kathleen Sullivan reported, "When Betty died of a stroke, she said: 'I've had a great life,'" her husband of the last ten years, Charles Rubin said, "'I'm excited about my new adventure.' She didn't have a tear in her eye." A celebration of Betty's life will take place at noon on August 17th at the United Church of Christ, 825 Middlefield Drive, Petaluma, California.

Elisabeth Targ is recognized as a preeminent researcher by medical colleagues for her scientific study of distant healing. Daughter of world-famous remote viewing expert Russell Targ, Elisabeth garnered international interest for the research she conducted with advanced AIDS case patients at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Elisabeth did not shy away from challenging research, nor adversity inherent in the western medical and scientific establishments. Elisabeth's research helped prove the fact that distant healing works even for those who are closest to death. As Elisabeth said in an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove in 1999, "Objective observation by scientists and subjective observations from peoples' own experiences are beginning to converge, and they may make a real difference in health care."

You can leave a personal message in remembrance of Betty Bethards and Elisabeth Targ at the following web sites. They will live forever in our hearts and minds with the vision of hope they have gifted us.

Cynthia Sue Larson

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I need your help! I'm still planning a special issue of the RealityShifters News ezine to include reality shift stories about people and animals which died and were later either noticed alive and well -- or dying again. Please share your story by writing to me at

(1) Upcoming Events
    A talk by Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
    at East/West Bookshop in Sacramento
    2216 Fair Oaks Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95825
    (916) 920-3837
    7:00 - 9:00 PM on Friday, November 22, 2002
    $8 at the door

    A Workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
    From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on November 23, 2002
    The Learning Exchange
    1111 Howe Avenue
    Sacramento, California
    (916) 929-9200

(2) Intriguing Articles

Thoughts turn genes "on" and "off"
The Wall Street Journal

by Sharon Begley

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Virginia, USA

I have been receiving the RealityShifters News ezine for a while now, and wanted to tell you a couple of things that have happened to me, and ask a question.

Years ago, and more recently I discovered that I could travel through wormholes, or fold space, or whatever you want to call it. I can make a trip that is listed as 45 minutes without traffic, in about 30 with very heavy traffic. What I do is just chant a high-pitched sound faster and higher until I'm there. It's interesting to me that I don't appear to be traveling at any different speed than those around me, but I still arrive ahead of anticipated schedule.

You mentioned on the realityshifters site this that you have started and stopped rain at will, and while I haven't tried to do that, I have noticed that I bring rain with me wherever I go, and I've noticed that at least once per day, as I pass under a lit street light, it winks out. I'm not sure what either of these things mean, though!

My question is this: Recently I have noticed some physical phenomena that make me think that I am either encountering a being from another dimension, or someone who has crossed over, or the spirits are just playing tricks on me. The first thing that happened was one Saturday when I was at work; it was a day when there was almost no one else in this huge building other than security. I got on the elevator to go to the 4th floor (note that the 4th floor button was the only one I pushed), and when the elevator opened, I got off only to discover that I was on the second floor, not the fourth. I also saw the door at the end of the hallway open and close with no one visible that I could see. The second thing happened when I was in my office at home, and heard someone breathing behind me, but couldnŐt see anyone. The most recent thing is that someone I can't see is turning lights on and off. Any thoughts about this latter bunch of things? I can't decide what I think it is. Thanks, and thanks for the zine It is a good reminder not to take things so seriously.

Wish me luck as I get ready to try some intentional reality shifting in my job!


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Menlo Park, California

Early in a relationship with a woman I was dating, I was driving home from work, and heard the Crosby, Stills, and Nash song, "Love the One You're With". I still had some attachment to a previous lover, and listening to this, I decided to do just that - love the new woman in my life the best way possible.

A few months later, my girlfriend and I heard the same song on the radio. We were on the verge of a crisis involving my attachment to the previous woman in my life, and my girlfriend remarked that she liked the song, but hated the lyrics, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." I realized that I couldn't give my girlfriend what she wanted at the time, which led to a crisis that caused our relationship to end.

Now here is a true reality shift: I have an antique clock in my living room that chimes, and since my girlfriend said this clock kept her awake when she stayed over at my place, I'd stopped it and left it stopped. On the night my girlfriend and I broke up, I was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the clock chiming - it had started up again, by itself!

(4) Reality Shifters Shop

You can now purchase the reality shifts video, T-shirts, and tote bags at the one-stop reality shift shop!

(5) Books that Shift Your Reality

Need some great books to fill your book bag this summer? Any time you click through the realityshifters site before going to buy books at, you help to offset the costs of distributing this ezine and operating the realityshifters web site! This is true even if you don't buy anything that is specifically listed at the realityshifters site. Between 5% and 15% of each purchase is forwarded to RealityShifters, and this keeps our beloved site and ezine up and running!

Check out some of my favorite books at:

Three excellent books are reviewed here this month: Three wonderful books are reviewed here this month: YOUR HEART'S DESIRE by Sonia Choquette, PRACTICAL INTUITION by Laura Day, and THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL by Stephen Hawking.

Hearts Desire

Your Heart's Desire

Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want
by Sonia Choquette

Nine Simple Steps to Living the Life You Love

Sonia Choquette's book, YOUR HEART'S DESIRE, describes nine simple principles we can use successfully to find and follow our heart's true desires. While each idea may appear to be obvious, most of us could use a few reminders on how to: (1) Bring the dream into focus, (2) Gain support of the subconscious mind, (3) Imagine the heart's desire, (4) Eliminate obstacles, (5) Receive Intuitive Guidance, (6) Support the dream with love, (7) Surrender control, (8) Claim the dream, and (9) Stay true to the dream.

Choquette knows that we create reality, and are better off when we don't spend a lot of time and energy contemplating what we're worried or upset about. She advises that our dreams come true more beautifully when we travel lightly, take responsibility for our dreams, and stop being control freaks. Choquette's many years of teaching workshops on this subject are evident in the enjoyable stories and excercises she includes in each section. She also includes a special meditation at the end of each chapter, so readers may better absorb the ideas.

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking advice from a master of living life true to one's heart -- every page is a joy to read!

Practical Intuition

Practical Intuition

How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You
by Laura Day

An Intuitive Shares Her Psychic Toolkit

Laura Day's book, PRACTICAL INTUITION, describes ways that we can develop our psychic senses and connect more clearly with the truths that are out there -- such as what job is best, what partner is best, what to do to improve one's health, and how to make better investment and business decisions. Most of us suffer from occasional lapses in what we call "reason" or "judgement", in which we ignore deeper knowledge of who we are and what we need. This knowledge is fully accessible to each and every one of us, according to Day, who provides fun and informative exercises designed to build up our intuitive talent.

PRACTICAL INTUITION sets itself apart from other intuition books by starting with the working assumption that we all have access to universal truths and can see the future, feel how others are feeling, and generally live our lives in mystical fashion. I love this approach to the subject of intuition, because I share these beliefs and enjoy experiencing the magic in life.

I love the section Day includes in this book which shows you how you can quickly help almost anyone become your own psychic guru (even when they don't think they are psychic at all) -- for those times when you need an unbiased opinion, and don't want to hire a psychic. This is a very creative technique that you're sure to have lots of fun with as you get the answers you need to those burning questions.

Would you like to find out how intuitive you can really be? Are you open to the possibility that you already know exactly who you are and what is best for you? PRACTICAL INTUITION picks up where other intuition books leave off, and can raise your intuitive ability to heights you never knew you could reach.

Universe in a Nutshell

The Universe in a Nutshell

by Stephen Hawking

The Big Physics Questions Made Comprehensible

Stephen Hawking's book, THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL, succeeds in making some of the newest theories in physics understandable to everyday people. Until reading this book, I hadn't considered what conditions would be necessary in order for our night-time sky to look completely white with stars, nor had I seen such a gorgeous depiction of the micro and macro-cosmic universe in a nutshell (cover illustration). Hawking carefully examines time-travel, predicting the future, and the shape of time after starting the book with an overview of the theory of relativity. Hawking saves his biggest question for last, to leave readers wondering "Do we live on a brane, or are we just holograms?" (A brane is something like a membrane.)

Thanks to stunning color illustrations and fascinating questions and ideas gracing almost every page, THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL accesses both the rational and intuitive hemispheres of the reader's brain. It's the perfect book to unwind with after a long day -- allowing the exotic images and ideas to percolate in your mind like a delicious cup of your favorite hot beverage -- opening your mind to whole new worlds of possibility.

Those seeking mathematical equations to accompany their theoretical physics will likely be disappointed by this coffee-table masterpiece, as will readers who prefer to read ground-breaking books which describe entirely new theories in physics. Pretty much everyone else will be thrilled to take a peek at the "big" questions and ideas being contemplated by the world's most famous physicist.

(6) Join in the Discussion
    Do you have some questions you'd like to share? Or perhaps some reality shifting stories? Contemplate the big questions and make new friends in the realityshifters discussion group at:

(7) Reality Shifting Poll Results

Results from a recent poll of members of the realityshifters discussion group at yahoo are in!

Have you had extraordinary experiences which led you to (please select from one of the following):


- Feel spiritually awakened (startled out of complacency)
22 votes, 6.83%
- Question the religious tradition you were raised within
19 votes, 5.90%
- Seek others who have encountered similar experiences
20 votes, 6.21%
- Seek out books/other resources that explain what's going on
25 votes, 7.76%
- Feel reassured that existing beliefs explain what just happened
5 votes, 1.55%
- Start asking more questions about what's REALLY going on
24 votes, 7.45%
- Question typical societal conceptions of reality
26 votes, 8.07%
- Tell close friends and family about these experiences
18 votes, 5.59%
- Not let on that anything unusual was happening
7 votes, 2.17%
- Wonder if you were losing your mind
9 votes, 2.80%
- Deepen your interest in finding spiritual meaning in your life
23 votes, 7.14%
- Hope that these experiences would stop and life could be "normal"
2 votes, 0.62%
- Want to write down all these things in a book some day
12 votes, 3.73%
- Feel more enlightened than ever
15 votes, 4.66%
- Feel like the more you discover... the more you realize you don't know
25 votes, 7.76%
- Go into denial that anything odd has occurred
1 votes, 0.31%
- Reassess your close personal relationships
14 votes, 4.35%
- Reassess your values in life
20 votes, 6.21%
- Crave the company of others to share these experiences with 20 votes, 6.21%
- Change your personal daily habits (diet, exercise, rest)
15 votes, 4.66%

(8) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines
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