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August 2016
Issue #203

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Enjoy the Rise of the Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect Trend
"The task is not so much
to see what no one has yet seen;
but to think what nobody has yet thought,
about that which everybody sees."
― Erwin Schrödinger

The ‘Mandela Effect’ term, coined by Fiona Broome in 2010, has been riveting peoples’ attention, and bringing awareness to divergent memories, reality glitches, and alternate histories. It’s been taking off at an exponential pace between July 2015 and July 2016, as we can see when viewing the Google Trends graph for “Mandela Effect” for that time period.

What this means is that for the first time since some of us have been talking about reality shifts, this topic is getting ready to burst onto the public scene. Part of the “down” side of all the publicity is that some web sites and self-professed gatekeepers of truth, such as the Snopes coverage of the Mandela Effect, have jumped to the conclusion that the Mandela Effect can be explained away as simply being false memories, or what some psychologists call “confabulation.”

Dolly and Jaws
Dolly & Jaws in Moonraker
As explanations for reality shifts and Mandela Effects go, “confabulation” might not be the worst, but it definitely does not explain why, for example, some people remember a scene from the James Bond movie, Moonraker, in which a young blonde girl with pigtail braids and braces shares a romantic moment with the character “Jaws”—with both of them noticing how they share a good deal of metal in their smiles. Now there is no such scene because the blonde girl, “Dolly” no longer wears braces in the movie at all. This is confounding to San Diego City Beat's Tom Siebert Technology and Memory Down the Rabbit Hole who noticed this change to that memorably classic-yet-cheesy scene. Tom Siebert explains, "It's not just me who is blown away by this. I asked Roberta Lipp, author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book. She too was flabbergasted by the "disappearance" of the braces. It makes no sense for the braces to be gone, both visually from memory and as movie plot device—the braces are the reason the beauty bonds with the beast, it makes sense organically to the plot and it's a visual gag to boot. I know this is not a confabulation in my head and several other people have backed me on it."

Employing Occam’s Razor to seek out the simplest explanation for why so many people would remember a movie character wearing braces who apparently now never featured such dental equipment in Moonraker at any time—it’s looking to me a lot more like we are indeed witnessing alternate histories in much the way that physicists such as Dr. Stephen Hawking informed us we might some day be able to see. And it is starting to seem possible that we might be able to experience beneficially adaptive changes in similar fashion to the way that Dr. John Cairns observed bacteria are able to produce beneficially adaptive mutations in times of need—such as E. coli suddenly being able to digest lactose when it’s had no prior genetic history nor ability to do any such thing. And in similar fashion to the way plants are able to photosynthesize with remarkable efficiency in our amazingly fine-tuned universe. Simply put, the simplest explanation for all these amazing things might be that rather than living entirely according to classical physics, everything can be observed to have a quantum nature.

As to why only some of us are affected by noticing the Mandela Effect and so forth, I feel this is something we can expect when there is a change in global consciousness. Now that we share an increased sense of global consciousness through the internet, for the first time in human history we are able to see if anyone else remembers something that we recall—and for the first time there is a good chance we are able to find people who do.

In response to my query last month as by what name people most prefer to use for this phenomena, here are some of the terms people responded with when writing back to me:
    • reality shifts
    • Mandela Effect
    • multi-verse intersections
    • reality residue
    • memory evidence
    • alternate histories
I am used to “reality shifts,” so I have a bias in favor of that, but there is something to like in each of these. For example, I like the phrase "reality residue" as it gives one the sense of having visited alternate realities and parallel worlds--and for a brief while, feeling there is truth in more than one. I write about walking with feet in both worlds in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, since I know that feeling well! This is the experience of attaining lucidity, and this is the way it feels when we start living lucidly.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

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      -- Lori

(2) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Amazing Rise of the Mandela Effect
The phrase “Mandela Effect” has been trending upward at an exponential rate between July 2015 and July 2016, as seen when viewing a graph produced by Google Trends. Part of what is fueling the rapid increase in discussion about this phenomena is that some of the reporters writing articles about the Mandela Effect are experiencing it, too. One reporter noticed that an oft-remembered cheesy love sequence between two characters in the James Bond movie, Moonraker, no longer exists–despite his recollection (and mine) that “Dolly has braces”! While many are surprised by the recent surge of interest in the “Mandela Effect,” those of us who have been researching and writing about this phenomenon of reality shifts and alternate histories have long been anticipating just such a rise of interest. The “Mandela Effect” is named after South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, who became a topic of interest in the year 2010 by people noticing with surprise that he was alive at that time–since many people remembered him having died while incarcerated. I had published similar accounts of the dead being observed alive again in my 1999 book, Reality Shifts, and reporting first-hand accounts on the RealityShifters website from people all around the world noticing many dead people alive again. Observations of dead people alive again are just one of many types of Mandela Effects, with other notable examples including changes to song lyrics, movie dialogue, movie scenes, physical geography, physiological anatomy, and product names. The Mandela Effect is one of those things most people won’t believe in until it happens to them. Like falling in love or going through heartbreak, the Mandela Effect is something you have to experience in order to fully embrace. And even then, it often takes more than one or two experiences to break through the resistance most of us have to accepting the existence of something that fundamentally challenges our unspoken foundational assumption that facts and historical events don’t change.
You can read the full blog post on this topic posted at:
You can watch the YouTube video at:

Brent Marchant

Consciously Created Cinema by Brent
Conscious Creation at the Movies with Brent Marchant
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Brent Marchant talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the principles characterizing conscious creation, and how they appear in cinema. This fascinating interview delves into a discussion of how movies provide us with examples of how we formulate beliefs, go beyond surface perceptions, and understand our relationship to the world in spirit in our lives. Marchant shares examples of stories that teach us how we can harness the power of choice and free will, face our fears, evolve our beliefs, and benefit from our interconnectedness. BRENT MARCHANT is the award-winning author of “Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies,” and “Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction,” describing how the practice of conscious creation is illustrated in film. Brent blogs about metaphysical cinema and self-empowerment topics, and is a guest contributor for numerous magazines. Brent is a movie review radio correspondent on Frankiesense & More and on New Consciousness Review’s Reviewers Roundtable, and holds a B.A. in magazine journalism and history from Syracuse University.

You can listen to this audio interview at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Astonishing Power of the Mind
Alfter, Germany

That is a good idea about your dog! It is lovely that he can see clearly again thanks to your supporting thoughts and helpful like- thinking friends. That's a lovely new way of healing! And perfectly possible. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and was upset about something. I broke out in large red spots and my father took me to the doctor. In the waiting room I played about with the spots on my arm. I have no idea why I did that but I placed my finger on a place on my arm where there were no spots and a spot appeared there! I repeated this many times all over both arms, saying, There's a spot and a spot appeared! Another spot disappeared to make room for the new spot. When I later saw the doctor he explained to me that is was psychosomatic. The mind is indeed very powerful. Another time when I was about ten years old, my mother gave a friend of mine from a higher class a lift home. She began to talk about the symptoms of diphtheria. The more she talked about them, the greater the impression they made on me. I suddenly developed all the symptoms of diphtheria and got a panic attack. My mother had to stop the car and a policeman came up to us and I told him I had diphtheria and could hardly breathe! They were both able to reassure me that I didn't have this illness and I quickly calmed down and was well again. After that my mother decided not to give this girl a lift again! Many years ago something needle-like went into my finger when I was gardening. I never saw what it was. It might have been an insect bite or a thorn. I didn't see any insect and there was no thorn in my finger. It hurt very much and quickly swelled up. My doctor was no longer on duty and I didn't want to disturb him as it was the time of an important football match. Next day we went by car and boat to England. I sat in the car and spent the whole time looking at the swelling on my finger. It had filled with pus. I showed it to my husband and children and said to them, "Look, it is getting bigger and bigger all the time!" They looked at in in wonder. As soon as we arrived at my parents' I raced to the doctor. He was amazed when he saw it. It was really big and he quickly called his colleague to look at it. He gasped in amazement. I got pills and it took a very long time to heal. A few years ago exactly the same thing happened again with my foot. I was walking barefoot in our garden when a needle seemed to go into my foot. Again I saw nothing. This time I reacted differently. I said to myself, "I am certainly not going through all that again!" I completely ignored it and asked my body to heal it quickly, which it did!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experiences having to do with the amazing power of the mind. People who are easily suggestible, as can be determined by hypnotizability tests, seem likely to be susceptible to psychosomatic symptoms as you encountered with diphtheria and the red dots on your skin--and I suspect those same people might also be excellent candidates for experiencing the benefits of the Placebo Effect, such as the Harvard Program in Placebo Studies (PiPS). I mention the connection between the amazing benefits from placebos and a healing method of quantum jumping to a preferred reality in my book, "Quantum Jumps," including summaries of several research studies, and some quantum jumping exercises to play with and benefit from this.


My Wife Received a Text Message I Never Sent
Caracas, Venezuela

I am from Venezuela, and would like to consult you an experience that I have had recently and maybe you can enlighten me. I while ago, I had thought to send a text by mobile phone to my wife when I was returning home and getting closer, but I did not actually send any text messages. Once I arrived at home my wife told me, “I have just received your text!” I said, “I did not send you anything.” She took her phone and showed me the text on her phone—and then she immediately took my phone, and there was the sent text! I know for sure that I did not send that message on my phone, unless I am getting mad! Could I have traveled to my future, and sent that text message in that realm without noticing it?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experience in which your wife received a text message that you never sent. While it may have only seemed strange to your wife that you denied having sent it, it must have seemed extremely strange to you that she got a text you know you never sent! This sounds to me like an excellent example of your having moved between a couple of different realities. It seems to me that we constantly move between different realities without noticing changes, much the same way we go to a movie theater and watch individual frames of film projected on a screen one at a time, but get the impression we are watching events smoothly flowing.

Parallel Realities
Harve Mann

Thank-you for your wonderful and inspiring videos. I have observed the Mandela Effect for several years. One of my most profound experiences happened a few years back when I noticed on Myspace that a girl from the Middle East had me listed as one of her top twenty favorite musicians. The next day I went back to her site. To my surprise, while the graphics were identical, her name was different and I was no longer on her list. Around the same time I found two paintings done by German artists dedicated to me, one of them including lines from one of my songs. I copied one of them and put it in a scrapbook in two parts. When I went to show it to my nephew some time later, the painting was there but the part that mentioned me had either fallen out or vanished. I went back online to recopy it and it could not be found. I believe the universe allows for greater differences in realities for people you're not likely to meet or talk to. The other painting will still occasionally pop up, but my attempts to contact the artist have brought no results. While I've been a full time entertainer my entire adult life I am very far from a household name. Yet I have more than a few times discovered things on line which would indicate a far greater success. A song I wrote in the 90s is called PARALLEL REALITY. Among other tales, I recently found out that a close longtime friend has an entirely different detailed memory of the year and place we met. When I was 18 I had a gig singing at a summer resort in a town I'd never been to before. A girl I got to know told me that she had met me there the summer before. I could go on. Thanks again for the wisdom you share and I look forward to reading your books. P.S. Does anyone out there remember Hanukkah being spelled with only one k?

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing and for sharing your song about Parallel Reality--I love it! Thanks also for sharing your experiences seeing changes to the painting that used to include lines from your song, and your friend having an entirely different detailed recollection how the two of you first met. Now that we're entering the Quantum Age, it's time we realized that the past can be fairly changeable, and lots of people are starting to notice alternate histories. Great question about the spelling of Hanukkah. It looks the same to me, but that's not to say lots of people haven't noticed a change in its spelling!

Snoopy Watch Synchronicity
I have a story that I want to tell you and thought of you when it happened. I was at work yesterday in our break room and this woman said oh my watch is five minutes slow again in passing. And I thought she needs a battery and then began thinking about when I was a kid how watches didn't have batteries and we wound them. I then thought about my Snoopy watch I had and my sister had a Mickey Mouse watch. (I didn't say any of this out loud.) So right now I don't have a watch to wear because my band broke and I cannot check the time on my own because I'm a blackjack dealer and can't step away from my table. One of my managers walked by so I asked her what time it was. And she said to me. "Looks like it's time for you to get a Snoopy wind up watch" I about fell over! My question is is this law of attraction? Synchronicity? Just keep thinking I'm supposed to get something out of this but I don't know what. Haven't thought about a Snoopy wind up watch since I was a kid and now I'm 45. Lol. So it's been a while. This wasn't her reading my mind. She made comment about the watch half an hour after I had thought about it. :) Crazy!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, I love your experience! One thing we least think about with regard to synchronicity and reality shifts is who we truly are. We tend to assume we're constrained to our bodies, and that we think entirely with our brain--yet the truth of the matter is that we reach out to and embrace others as part of our shared identity in ways that enable us to think along with them, much like birds of a feather flocking together. Whether your manager was 'reading your mind' or you were 'reading hers' doesn't matter so much as the underlying truth that you are able to think with others and share information.

Picture of my Dad and his Rank Changed
Greeneville, Tennessee, USA

My father was a drill sergeant during Vietnam. Even though I was born in 1981, was still raised by a former drill sergeant which lead to me doing things just a hair different than everyone else. Little things like taking my hat off the minute I walk inside a building, noting time in 24 hour increments instead of a split 12 using am/pm designations, and noting dates as day/month/year instead of month/day year. I’ve done all of those things from a very young age. My first hint that something had changed was one day back in December, when I noticed that my watch had slipped into AM/PM time. No biggie, I just reset it back to 24 hour time and didn’t give it a second thought—until December 23. It was a Wednesday, and my wife was getting ready for work when she asked me for a check to pick up some stuff that we had in lay away for Christmas (we don't celebrate as family until New Years, so it wasn't pressing). I wrote the check and dated it like I had my entire life. She looked at it and handed it back to me, asking me if I were OK, and pointing out the date. I'm like "You've been my friend for 20 years and we've been together for 8 years. I've done this my entire life.” She just chuckled and took the check. This kind of messed with me so I went back through my carbon copies of the checks, and in the three years worth of copies I had, almost every one of them was dated month/day/year. I was like, “What the #*$)%.” I told my best friend about it over a hard apple cider, and he asked if I were OK. I'm like "Yeah, I just feel like I’m losing it,” and he's like, “You must to be drinking hard cider.” I looked at it and told him I have a gluten allergy (I have for like 10 years), and he's like, “Wtf? We shared a pitcher of beer two weeks ago?!” When he said that, I could kind of remember it happening, because I had a hair too much and I remember the bartender asking if he could call my wife for me. So David joking brought up the Mandela Effect and still brings it up every time he sees me—but the more I learn/research/think about it I think it fits. Then in January I noticed that a picture of my dad had changed in my hallway. It was taken in Germany during the Vietnam War when he was already a sergeant standing propped up against his tank, except in this picture he was a corporal standing propped up against a tank recovery vehicle (it's still a tracked vehicle like a tank except no turret instead it has a fixed boom for towing tanks in for repair and for putting tracks back on in the field). When I asked Dad about it, he says that he was offered the rank of sergeant to re up his contract while he was in Germany, but decided that he had been away from the farm for too long. He even showed me his dress uniform with corporal rank on the shoulders. *mind blown*

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for writing to me and sharing your experiences with the Mandela Effect and reality shifts. I can totally appreciate the way you keep time on a 24 hour clock and write the day, month and year, as these things make a certain degree of logical sense from an efficiency standpoint. To see that suddenly there's been a change in the way you've always done these things definitely stands out as an "Aha!" moment that "you're not in Kansas anymore." The showstopper is that picture of your dad that now shows him dressed as a corporal, not a sergeant--standing next to a tank recovery vehicle, not a tank. And now he's always ever only been a corporal?! Wow!

Remembering Larry Hagman Having Died in the 1980s

I know a lot about the reality shifts. I experienced the moment that it happened. You are the only one that I have come across who remembers the death of Larry Hagman. In my reality, he died in the 80's because of liver failure. He had a liver transplant, and his body rejected it, and he passed from complications of that surgery. I also remember Ernest Borgnine passed in the 80's. His wife Tova was on a shopping channel selling cosmetics. She and the host were speaking about her husband's death. I felt so badly for her that I purchased her Tova cosmetics.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing what you remember about Larry Hagman's death in the 80s, due to liver failure, following complications from surgery. You and I aren't the only ones who noticed that Larry Hagman died and was later alive again, as I first mentioned in my 1999 Reality Shifts book, and a few years later in a survey conducted on the realityshifters site in July 2005 shows: Thanks also for sharing what you remember about Ernest Borgnine passing away in the 1980s also. I've been noticing remarkable shifts in reality since the 1960s, and am grateful that people are now talking about this subject. I'm also grateful that scientific theories and experiments are starting to provide us with a bit of an explanation regarding what is going on, at least as well as could ever be expected when studying 'the science of miracles.' ;-)

Stevie Wonder Alive Again
Palm Desert, California, USA

Something weird is going on, because Stevie Wonder, the blind piano player, died last year. I remember seeing it on the news! And this year I find out he's still alive? I remember it on the news, he’d just had a concert a week just before he died, which was a shock to his fans. A week later at work, I heard on the radio from CBS news that Stevie Wonder’s cause of death was from cancer. I was living in California at the time. I forgot to write the date Stevie Wonder died; I believe it was in July, because I remember thinking, “Man, that sucks; he died and he'll miss the fire works.” So it was somewhere between the last two to three days of June and the first few days of July 2015. Another strange thing is that the police cars in the 1980's used to say on the side frame just above the driver side front tire, “To Serve and protect.” This is what I noticed on the movie called the Terminator with big buff Arnold, from the 1980’s. Anyway, I was watching the film I bought at a thrift store, after 20 years I noticed that same slogan on the police car, and noticed the slogan on the car was different; it said “To serve and protect the community.” This is strange, because cop cars didn't start having this until between 1995 & 2005.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for describing what you remember about Stevie Wonder having passed away in late June / early July shortly after a concert performance. And that's interesting about the change to the slogan on police cars!

Robert De Niro, Big Rig Wrecker Driver
Texas, USA

I never shared this with anyone before. One day my big rig broke down in NE Pennsylvania. I waited for quite a while and when I saw who showed up you could have knocked me over with a feather. I looked around for hidden cameras - there weren't any. It was none other than Robert De Niro. It wasn't a lookalike. It wasn't someone like him. It was him and he was driving a big rig wrecker. I stared at him so hard I nearly bored a hole in his head. He had the talk, the facial expressions, the mannerisms, everything! No question it was him. I was dumbfounded. Today I know I had slipped into another timeline, a timeline where Robert had never gone to Hollywood. He was always one of my favorite actors and this guy was no close resemblance—it was him! I felt too stunned and awkward to ask him too much. I knew I had likely already made him uncomfortable from the intensity of my staring.

Note from Cynthia: Wow! What an amazing experience to have seen Robert DeNiro in some other reality, as a big rig wrecker driver! I wonder if he ever does method acting where he does a job for a while before doing a movie--but I don't think I've heard of him doing that. How extraordinary! This is such an amazing experience you had with the alternate Robert De Niro, so I completely understand being so stunned at the time that it would feel awkward to ask anything other than about matters at hand. I probably would have been staring pretty intensely, too, and that would tend to make someone feel a bit uncomfortable. I've not yet heard much about celebrities being seen in other lives--but I have heard from people who've told me that they've seen me doing things I don't have memories of having done--such as giving a talk/lecture at UC Berkeley back in the early 1980s when I was majoring in physics there at the time. So it seems perfectly possible that any and all of us might from time-to-time be noticed in alternate lives with different majors and careers! Over the years I've also heard from people who have either seen themselves (going the opposite direction on a road) or have been seen by others who swear they were wearing different clothes or in a different place, doing different things. This has happened too often to be dismissed, and clearly is evidence of something rather significant, if these reports are to be taken seriously.

Shift in Dark Shadows and Highway Non-Crash

I've had two vivid experiences. The first one happened in 1971 when I was 14 at the time. I went to see the first Dark Shadows film after the soap went off the air in TV. In the film, the entire Collins family was killed by a stake; I remember vividly that Joan Bennett's character was staked in a large chair in the woods. That scene struck me as strange, even in context with the film. Over the years I've the film edited and unedited—nowhere does this scene exist—and no one including the people I saw it with remember it. Minor, but it's always bugged me. My second experience happened in the late 1980’s. I was late picking up my wife; at that time I was racing down the highway doing 95 in a 55 mph zone. I was stuck in the third lane with no way out, when suddenly, about five car lengths ahead, a car from the second lane forced it's way into the third. Suddenly every car in both lanes locked their brakes and were swerving all over the road. With nowhere to go, I knew I was dead. I locked the steering wheel straight ahead, closed my eyes, and knew I was dead—understand there was no way through. But nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw the road was empty. I looked in my rear view mirror to see all three lanes were stopped. There were cars in the median, cars smashed into the ledge wall, there was no way through, and here I was sailing along at 95 mph! Over the years I've heard that this has happened to other people, but not to anyone I know personally. Well that's my story. Love the newsletter and your YouTube site. Thank for all you do.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience surviving what you expected would surely have been a deadly, high-speed car crash at 95 mph, finding yourself somehow miraculously teleported to safety on a clear and open road. While such a thing seems impossible, I have heard of several similar teleportations-to-safety-when-about-to-crash experiences over the years. I share them in my book, "Quantum Jumps," and also on the "your stories" section of the realityshifters site at: Your experience noticing a missing scene in the Dark Shadows movie based on the TV show is intriguing! It seems unlikely you were mixing this movie up with anything else, and your impression of the missing scene seems quite vivid and rather inexplicable--unless you actually watched some other version of the movie in some other reality. I can relate to your experience, since I've had experiences where movies I knew quite well used to include a memorable scene unlike any other and which definitely was not part of any other film or show--and later when I watched the film, the scene was gone.

Maintaining Positive Thoughts
Alfter, Germany

Sadly, I think the nocebo effect is more common than the placebo effect, but more and more people are finding out about it which is wonderful. Twenty years ago my father got Motor Neuron Disease and he went to a specialist. He gave my father a medical book about MND and it said on the cover: strictly only for doctors. He said my father might find it interesting so he read it. It gave a detailed account of the various stages of the disease. After reading the book my father's health deteriorated very rapidly and he died within six months. Usually one lives for two years from the outset of this illness. About ten years ago I was careless enough to have a flu vaccination. Two weeks afterwards I got extremely ill. My doctor knew my father had had MND and suggested I might have inherited it from him. He gave me the names of some websites where I could find out more about MND! (I didn't do that!) That night I lay in bed and couldn't go to sleep. I felt a few moments of extreme terror at the thought of having it. But then I began to control my mind. I said very strictly to myself that I certainly didn't have it! Two weeks later I underwent electric shock treatment at a hospital to determine whether I had it or not. The answer was a firm NO! The doctor then asked me if I had had a flu vaccination recently and when I said I had, she said that was probably the cause! I spent the next year in great pain and could hardly move, sit or lie down. I have a very good doctor and he didn't want to give me cortisone. I didn't want any pain killers as I wanted to keep an eye on the pain. I decided to go traveling around the world to take my mind off my illness and so I went all around Argentina, to Mallorca, Teneriffe and many other places. I took homeopathic Medicine, said mantras, did faith healing. Suddenly I was well again and didn't even notice it. If I had had negative thoughts things would have turned out very differently, as we create our reality with our thoughts. I watched my thoughts like a hawk!

Note from Cynthia: Thank goodness you took a vacation to take your mind of negative thoughts! It seems highly likely that you saved your life, and I wish more doctors would be considerate toward patients, rather than sharing worst-case scenarios. Here in America, with so many people filing malpractice lawsuits, doctors are actually more likely to share such bad news, thinking this way the patients have been warned. But what about the terrible outcomes resulting from being 'warned'? Especially when the warnings themselves, as you point out, bring on horrific cases of nocebo effect! I am hoping that placebo/nocebo research at places like Harvard will help sort this out, so doctors can stop being so negative and un-hopeful.

Visiting a Restaurant for the First Time I’ve Been to Before
Alfter, Germany

We went for a day's outing to Linz, a pretty little town on the River Rhine with many very old houses. We decided to have lunch in the Spanish Restaurant there. We went inside and the waiter showed us to a table for two and gave us each a menu. My husband said we had been here before. I looked around but couldn't remember anything about it at all. I tried really hard to remember it but couldn't. The waiter returned and took our orders. I ordered hot tapas. Then I went to the washroom. I always order my food first whenever I go to a restaurant and then I go to the washroom after that. I went down some stone stairs and walked through a room with tables and chairs for larger groups of people. Wine bottles were on shelves next to the stone walls. There was quite a musty smell. I tried really hard to remember all this. How could I have forgotten it? I went to the washroom and when I came out I walked through the cellar room again and up the stone steps and I remembered that I had been here before! It all came back to me very clearly! I went back to our table and saw the waiter handing us our menus. I said we have already had our menus but my husband said, no, we just got them! I smiled, recognizing the reality shift, and ordered hot tapas again!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing your experience visiting a restaurant for the first time that you'd been to before! I'm especially intrigued by the way you were striving to recall having been to this particular restaurant previously when the waiter said he'd seen you there before, and how only upon returning from the restroom after having placed your order did it seem to be a bit familiar. I've also experienced some reality shifts in which I go from a state of only remembering one particular set of events, to remembering a different set of events as having occurred (such as having previously visited a restaurant, or having already placed an order for tapas). It seems when we go from remembering things one way to remembering them another, we ourselves are experiencing being in a superposition of states, such as we describe quantum particles.

Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Star Shift
Rotterdam, Netherlands

I personally had an awkward shift with a very famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. I clearly remember that I’ve read on the gossip website that the "mysterious" mother of his child was a waitress who he had met in Amsterdam. I clearly remember having conversations with friends about it and reading about 20 times the gossip story on the internet, thinking it must have been a pretty Dutch waitress from with origin/background from the Netherland Antilles, because the kid actually looks like he could be from such a background. How cool will that be! It also seemed logical, because the girl moved to the United States of America after he paid her 10 million, or something. A lot of Netherlands Antilles people who I know are loving the United States—especially Miami—because it’s close to the Netherlands Antilles. Now it turns out that this story completely has gone from the internet. Not a trace of it! Now it turned out to be a American waitress with an English origin who he met in America!

Note from Cynthia: That's fascinating news about your remembering how the mysterious mother of Cristiano Ronaldo's child having been from the Netherlands before, yet now she's from the United States of America. And of course, all signs of previous news reports of events the way you remember them are now gone! Good job making note of this change, with the details you recall from before. Chances are quite good that you're not the only one who noticed this bit of news!


(4) Questions and Answers

I have recently come across your website and I have read only a few articles of yours but I was led to you somehow almost immediately after I began noticing things to be much different than I once thought. I have no idea what is going on and I am still very confused and i just don't know what to think about many things I am now just now learning and experiencing. This is in regards to MEs. I have been noticing small things throughout my life and have many interesting memories involving dreams from what I was a child. I always eventually shrugged them off as my faulty memory. I don't understand how these things could be occurring and why is it that while some share my exact experience there are others who cant even fathom the idea and assume I am losing my mind. I know I am not losing my mind because I am more aware and my brain is working on a different level than ever before in my life in a very good way. I have some very vivid memories that I know for a fact could not be simple mistakes and I have been doing research non stop for the past 3 days ever since I found out about ME and almost all of them I experience myself. I'm very worried tho because I suspect I may have died in other timelines if they do indeed exist. I have lived a very reckless lifestyle up until about a year ago and I have literally almost died in more than a handful of situations in my life. Please I need help in understanding what is happening to me. I feel so different but in a good way, the sun the moon the stars and just outside in general looks and feels different to me. Twilight hour every day I am in awe. I have an overwhelming feeling that this is so important and i don't know what to do. Please I need help to understand why I feel so different and why are so many things changing. I go from excited to optimistic to scared to confused and I need to figure this thing out. Why am I experiencing so many MEs? Thank you so much. I really want to figure this all out and then try my best to help others going through the same thing as me. Is it possible that all the people seeing these things are supposed to work together for some kind of positive effect? I would really like to help with that because I am concerned with how many are spinning into a negative space over this just as i did briefly. I couldn't imagine someone feeling crazy over this for weeks or months. I look forward to any information you could link for me or any suggestions or guidance you are willing to give.
— Robert

Dear Robert,
Thank you for writing to me concerning noticing things are much different than you once thought. I'm so glad to know that as you say, "I feel so different but in a good way." :-) First of all, I want to let you know that you are not alone in having some very vivid memories of things being different. I believe you, since I've also been noticing "Mandela Effects," reality shifts, and quantum jumps all my life, and increasingly since 1994. PMH Atwater, one of the top researchers in the world in the field of near-death experiences, noticed that people who had nearly died or died-and-come-back again often notice what she called "reality shifts." These shifts in reality can be gigantic, as you've surely noticed, and are part of what we notice when we are awakened to our true identity through an NDE (near-death experience), lucid dreaming, kundalini awakening, or meditation. I've had all of the above, and thus it makes sense I'd be experiencing so many MEs on pretty much a daily basis over the past 17 years. ;-) You can do a lot of good for people who are spinning into a negative space about this by reaching out to them where you find them, and letting them know it's going to be OK. It seems likely to me that this kind of global awakening happens regularly in intervals throughout human history, and those of us who keep our hearts open to love others and our minds open to see what's truly real are the ones who can help ensure people make it through the transitional times of awakening just fine. I wrote an article about this for Parabola magazine, called "Comes True, Being Hoped For." This is considered to be a sacred time of planetary awakening, and you can learn more by looking up the Hopi Prophecy Rock.
lots of love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hello Cynthia,
I watched a few of your YouTube talks about the Mandela effect and I wanted to tell you what my experience has been. About 3 weeks ago I started looking into this after watching a few other YouTube videos about it. I began researching at first how the words in the Bible had changed. And then begin noticing other things like logos and some of the changes in the movies. It really freaked me out at first But as time went on I dug in a little deeper. The next thing I looked into was the geographical changes of the Earth. South America was about A Thousand Miles too far to the east. Australia too far north and west and no North Pole. Then I Google the Milky Way galaxy and find out our solar system is in the Orion belt and not in the Sagittarius belt. Photographs of the Milky Way that I have seen online completely different then what I remember. I go out and look at the stars at night and their positions are different. I watched The History Channel and sure enough Hitler has a wider mustache then what I remember. Everything else in my life, seems very normal. My wife and family and friends and where I live and all my surroundings just as it should be. I don't know how or why this happened but I'm beginning to believe something caused my consciousness, spirit or soul or whatever to slide into this parallel universe. So my thinking is things on this world did not change. Their location in the galaxy and there geography and history is what it always has been. I watch television and people here totally accept what the geography of this planet looks like. I feel like I am the one who moved. Back on my Earth in the Sagittarius arm of the Galaxy everything there is as I remember. And I would think there's another version of me back there going through the same thing. This is some wild and crazy stuff and I just wanted to know what your thoughts are about this. Thank you for taking your time. Sincerely,
— Sam

Dear Sam,
Thank you for writing to me, sharing some of your experiences noticing alternate histories. I've been studying these kinds of shifts in reality since the 1990s, and I've written the monthly RealityShifters newsletter about this phenomena, as well as numerous articles and several books. I'm aware of how startling it can be to witness these kinds of shifts, so I can empathize with how unsettling it can seem. My take on what is going on is that you and I and everyone else are continuously shifting between realities. Recently--in large part due to the ease of fact-checking and memory-checking via the internet--more and more people are realizing that we're each not mis-remembering things, but rather experiencing what some physicists believe to literally be true: the experience of living in a superposition of states. Sometimes, we might even remember things 'both ways,' when we recall a couple of mutually exclusive past sequences of events. Here is a link to all issues published of my RealityShifters ezine:

And here are links to a couple of my books on this topic:
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I have now got the audio book for Reality Shifts. I just have a couple of more questions, linked to this. Please may you advise me re: the following: (1) I have seen you also have a more recent audio/book entitled 'Quantum Jumps.' This looks to be on a very similar (if not identical) topic. Please can you tell me if it is advisable to also get this audiobook? If yes, how should I use the exercises? As in should I first use the exercises from Reality Shifts, or is it more useful to mix the exercises from both, etc? (2) I have noticed that you strongly advise us to regularly ask "how good can it get." I slightly worry that if my past was as good as it possibly could have been, I may well not be living where I am, or in my current experiences, etc. From what I have read via Fred Alan Wolf and others, your 'present' would stay the same, but your 'past' would be different? It seems strange that I could literally wake up elsewhere with totally different people around me, as if I'd been teleported some place else! Please share with me your gut feelings here. Many thanks in advance. I don't want to sound too negative here, so I'd like to share that I like others you mention, have seen a TV show which nobody else seems to do know about! It was actually about an Out of Body Experience experiment and as this has been a big interest of mine previously, I was very surprised that no-one else knew about it! I am even more alarmed when researching The Mandela Effect, (something I hadn't even heard of, before I saw one of your Youtube vids) that many have reported anomalies, such as in the Snow White Movie when the evil queen says: Magic Mirror on the wall. I like many others are sure this was: Mirror, Mirror on the wall! In the Shrek movie it is actually 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall' too. *:-O surprise There is also that quote in the Empire Strikes Back too. ("No I am your father," instead of how most remember it: "Luke I am your Father"). This is really something and gives me some real hope that we can shift reality, or that the past can be changed! See: Thanks for all you are doing and have done in this area!
— Mark

Dear Mark,
Thanks for your email! (1) Yes, the topics for my books Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps are indeed similar, though these two books are written from different perspectives. While Reality Shifts explores how one feels when "walking with feet in two worlds" with the emotional, psychological sensations associated with experiencing what often at first feels like spontaneous, random shifts in reality--Quantum Jumps delves into laboratory-tested and scientifically proven techniques to experience instantaneous transformation in specific areas of self-transformation. Whereas Reality Shifts might be considered a "right brain" book, Quantum Jumps could be called a "left brain" book, and together they provide a more comprehensive and complete picture. The exercises from both can be mixed as intuitively feels right to you, or you can listen to Quantum Jumps when feeling more mentally focused, and Reality Shifts when feeling more daydreamy. (2) I definitely advise you to keep asking "How good can it get?" to harness imagination and your ability to provide yourself with self-guidance from your highest levels of consciousness. Asking this question helps prevent problems from inadvertently setting intentions that are too narrow, short-term, or purely self-serving without honoring a longer-term, fuller and more harmoniously interconnected experience. My gut feeling is that we can all trust our highest, largest, most comprehensive levels of consciousness, and in so doing we will experience different pasts, as well as occasional instantaneous transformations in the present that feel miraculous and blessed. I've recently created YouTube videos to clarify confusion some YouTubers have regarding the "Mandela Effect" being a recent development that might have been caused by scientists at Cern. Actually, the Mandela Effect has been around since the dawn of human history, as has been documented by Tibetan Buddhist monks, Indian yogis, and numerous indigenous shamans from first nations peoples the world over.
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hi Cynthia,
Recently I went through your article Tips for changing the past. So my question is, can I travel into my past mentally and change the house where I spent my childhood days and the college where I graduated? Regards,
— Sasy

Dear Sasy,
You can travel to your past in dreams and daydreams and meditations, spending time in dreams, daydreams and meditations. While some people who make such journeys subsequently notice changes in reality based on those journeys, one's success at seeing changes depends on many factors.
— Cynthia


Hi Cynthia,
So, through meditation technique can I change my house where I spent my childhood days?
— Sasy

Dear Sasy,
While such things are possible, they may not seem easy. The degree of ease depends upon alignment of levels of consciousness within oneself, with an overall feeling of need for such change.
— Cynthia


Hi Cynthia,
I've read your articles about the changing the past and have recently started to regret not attending an event last year. It doesn't affect my life in any major way however the emotional impact is really big because I just wish I had gone. How would I go about changing the past so I actually did go? I've read that acting as if I did would help but there isn't anything that would be different in my current situation if I did so it's difficult to know how I would act. I've contacted you before and found your response helpful so was hoping for your advice. Best wishes,
— C

Dear C,
While I've not (yet!) had a similar experience to provide a 'how to' guide to insert a 'new' past experience into one's life, what I have encountered numerous times is awareness that I am in a reality which clearly does include my having had different experiences than those I remember in my past. We can see that I'm clearly not the only one undergoing such experiences, as increasing numbers of people are noticing such things as previously dead celebrities being reported alive again (thus we have the "Mandela Effect"), books and movies having different titles, characters, and dialogue--and many of the other numerous types of reality shifts I've been writing about in my books and articles and website since 1999. What clearly seems easiest to occur is for you at some point to find that people remember your having attended that 2015 event. You might begin having some memories of this (along with your existing memories of what you alternatively had been doing)--but it's possible the first sign you'll have that you actually did attend this event is that others will contact you, following up on having met you there. As far as 'how to' attain such results, I write about gaining a reality shifting state of mind in my book, "Reality Shifts," which is for people more interested in the poetry and flow of life than too much of the scientific nitty-gritty, and I write about more of a process approach in my more left-brain-focused book, "Quantum Jumps." When I work with clients, I provide individualized coaching to help ensure best results based on the unique qualities and point-of-view (aka: divine gift) each person views and changes the world with.

With much love and thanks,
— Cynthia



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All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

Nourishing Your Whole Self

Nourishing Your Whole Self: A Cookbook with Feelings
by Marci Izard

Nourish Yourself with this Cookbook for Mindful Eating

"Nourishing Your Whole Self" is a refreshingly unique cookbook that presents opportunities to experience the way different combinations of food ingredients can help us feel. Food blogger and cooking show host, Marci Izard, shares some of her personal favorite recipes that inspire feelings of being: refreshed, peaceful, comforted, treated, and indulged. These recipes include relatively simple and easy-to-obtain ingredients, and can be made fairly quickly, and all of them provide marvelous alternatives to mindless fast-food eating with its typically unfortunate feelings. I love how Marci introduces each recipe, often providing a hint of how a dish might nourish our whole being. For Onion and Spinach Soup, she writes, "Just as slicing onions can make you cry, eating them can stir up feelings as well. It's nothing to fear; each brothy bowl is warm and healing. You may experience a subtle catharsis." With a recipe like this, from the "Comforted" section, one indeed feels comforted, cared for, and transformed. Sometimes simple ingredients are the best, and this soup has seemingly magical qualities of simultaneously grounding and transporting. While a food processor is called for to make dishes such as Zesty Kale Chips (from the "Peaceful" section), most recipes simply require such typical kitchen appliances such as a blender, mixer, refrigerator, oven and stove. Most of the recipes are vegetarian or can be converted to vegetarian, and many can be converted to gluten-free, if need be. People interested in reducing or eliminating sugar from their diets can similarly make substitutions for the "Treated" (dessert) recipes. The design and layout of this book make it a snap to find recipes of interest, in order to make sure to have required ingredients on hand, and a joy to leave out on the coffee table to gaze at the beautiful images of freshly cooked meals. I love the selection of quotes included together with each recipe, such as this one by Mantak Chia and William U. Wei, "If you cannot sing or laugh before a meal, skip it until you can." This marvelous advice can make all the difference in ensuring one's digestive system is ready to enjoy full benefits of a meal, and I feel a sense of a blessing being conferred in the positive words shared with every dish. I love the combinations of tastes and textures in these recipes, that help to make each dish stand out as a feast in itself. Marci clearly knows how to make the most of basic ingredients in ways that are as delicious as they are nutritious and soothing to the soul. I highly recommend this book!


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