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August 2023
Issue #287

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Be Your Best Self

“You don’t have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great.”
—Zig Ziglar

I've been giving a lot of thought recently to the value of being my best self, and the foundational idea of making choices to be in a state of coherence, rather than in some form of energetic or emotional chaos. One of my favorite techniques for acquiring coherence is that I love to start each day by asking, “How good can I get today?”

I ask this focusing question with awareness that it's a great question that I'd truly love to live the answer to—and that's an important thing to keep in mind in our participatory universe! This question reminds me that it is possible to be kinder, more loving, more courageous, more fearless, with more inner peace, joy, love, and calm every day. I love to start my day with this guiding focus, no matter what may seem to be happening, and no matter what mood I am in. I'm grateful that I have been able to make it through some of the most challenging times of my life with this guiding intention each and every day, and I'm certain it consistently helps me be my best self.

I was mulling this over, and feeling it much more deeply than usual this past month while sitting in a boarding area at the airport, when I saw a man wearing a T-shirt with words printed upside down that read, “be your best self.” The synchronicity of seeing this message, and the surprising upside-down printing felt extraordinary to me, so I went up to the man wearing the shirt to thank him for the message on his T-shirt, and to ask what the message meant to him. Before he said anything, he looked down at the words on his shirt (which were printed right-side-up for him to easily read), and he softly and humbly replied, “to remember to be my best self.” I was deeply moved by the message and this man's attitude, and recognized that humility can actually be the key to success in being our best self. We sometimes think that being best is having the most of something, or being acknowledged with awards or honors. But there is a kind of purity in being one's best self not for any particular rewards, other than the intrisic value of knowing that to make a daily practice of doing one's best to be one's best self. Ulimately, that is the best reward any of us could ever attain.

Cynthia, Chris, Jerry, and Shane invite you to join us at
It's just one month to our next live, in-person International Mandela Effect Conference happening in Branford, Connecticut this coming Labor Day weekend, and Christopher Anatra, Jerry Hicks, Shane Robinson, and I created a brand new short invitation video message for you about, IMEC 2023: Decoding the Matrix. This is a great time to get your tickets, if you'd like to join us at this event!

I invite you to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty plus years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

Divine love blessing: Today I accept and receive the
blessings of Divine love at all levels of my being.  – Cynthia
Sue Larson & Melinda Iverson Inn

Here is a short blessing to brighten your days and lift your spirits. Wishing you and yours all the very best that life and love have to offer!

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      It has been about two weeks now since
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      — Ariel

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson at Boulder Red Rocks
Reading Signs
when feeling unsettled

20 Jul 2023
6 minutes
Sometimes we feel unsettled as we receive signs or signals that startle or surprise us.  These messages might be a sign that we're receiving information from a higher level of ourselves that are exactly what we need at this time. I've recently received some remarkable messages in the form of truly unique experiences. This month, in late June and early July 2023, something happened when I was in my home, alone. It happened on more than one occasion, and it got my full attention each and every time. My House Rang like a Bell The first time my house rang like a bell, I was working quietly on my computer in my living room, with no sound or music playing of any kind. I was alone in the house, and heard a sound that I can best describe as something large having struck the eastern side of my house, at which point the house rang like a bell. The sound of initial impact was a bit like a dull thud, as if something large, solid, and perhaps padded had "thumped" some part of the house along the eastern wall.  On an emotional/feeling level, this impact left me with the intuitive sense that some kind of clapper had struck the house with the intent that it ring like a bell.  The actual sound to my ears was a dull thump or thud, with subsequent rippling sound waves. Intrigued by this experience, I wanted to learn if such things had been noted as having occurred anywhere before.  I ran several internet searches, in hopes that I might find some other similar reports.  I conducted one such internet search in the wee hours of the late night/early morning one time, and found something along the lines of this in a Bible passage.  I remember reading that it said something about a building ringing like a bell as being an indication for people to wake up and pay attention, and rise up into the fullness of their being--as their best selves.  I realized the hour was late, and vowed to study this matter further in the morning--but when I looked the next day, there was no trace of any buildings that "rang like a bell," and I could not find the information I'd previously found.  Apparently, there had been a reality shift, as I'm still unable to find anything along the lines of what happened for me. My intuitive response to this series of incidents--because this happened several times over the course of a couple of weeks--is that some higher level of consciousness was getting my attention.  The net effect was a feeling of the importance of paying attention and getting ready, much like hearing a bell rung as a signal to get ready for something--to get back on track, and do the things I'm here to do.  I took this message as a personal message for me to get back to a project that had been sidelined for a while, when I was dealing with a chronic illness situation that began in January 2020, and cleared up so the worst is now over. This message to wake up and pay attention feels to me like a reminder that we can learn from plants, animals, plants, and the Earth with levels of information accessible to us that is much deeper than what appears on the surface.  We human beings are still coming into the fullness of our abilities, and each time we collectively face a crisis on the planet, we are given an opportunity to remember and access more of who we truly are at a deep level.

You can view the companion blog post to this video, with references and sources, at:

IMEC Open Tables: <br>
Shifty History
IMEC Open Tables:
Archeology Mandela Effects

26 Jul 2023
2 hours, 43 minutes
When is a new "find" more than a new find? When it is a Mandela Effect! Join the IMEC team as they discuss recent archeological finds that heavily hint towards the Mandela Effect. Topics discussed include: 2023 IMEC live conference; humans in North America even earlier; dinosaur fossils found in Maryland Park; mysterious 2,500 year-old skeletons; huge ancient Roman baths discovered; ancient Greek altar unearthed; 4,000 year old Dutch stonehenge discovered; TV is older than you think; the heart can sway our perception of time; and unicorn birthers.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Michael Sandler on Inspire
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler
Who's Messing with
Your Memories and Why:
the Mandela Effect

13 Jul 2023
1 hour, 25 minutes
If you've ever been shocked by your favorite lyrics, movies, paintings or statues changing, then you're not alone. Our memories are being messed with, and in this fascinating show you'll learn who is messing with them, why they're being messed with, and what it means for you! The Mandela effect is all-too-real, but there can be HUGELY positive consequences, if you know what to do!

Cynthia Sue Larson, Chris Anatra and Chad on Open Your
Chris Anatra & Cynthia Sue Larson
talk about
Mandela Effects and Shifting Timelines with Chad on Open Your Reality

Jul 2023
53 minutes
In this interview, Chris Anatra (the Quantum Businessman) and I sat down with Chad to discuss new Mandela Effects and shifting timelines. It was a fascinating discussion that I think you'll enjoy! The Mandela Effect topics discussed include: the Bellamy salute; electric cars and buses from the early 1900s; TV and television stations operating in the 1920s; extinct clam returns after 30,000 years gone; and personal Mandela Effects that Chris and Cynthia both experienced separately.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Changes to Roti movie, 1942
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

From what I remember, the movie, “Roti,” starts with the senior lady of a mansion instructing her household staff to go out and bring back the first man they see on road. A young man is brought back, who is destitute. The lady feeds him and tells him that he is now heir of the mansion and the jewelry business. The man works hard at business; in a trip to another city, he charters a piper cub, which crashes in a countryside. The man is rescued and given water in a curved conical pipe; he grabs the pipe and holds it like a telephone receiver and says, “Hello, hello, bullion exchange.” And here I digress, in the current version, his plane is wobbling and brought down by a villager by bow and arrow. He is given water in a traditional SPHERICAL lota. He grabs the unwieldy vessel and says the same words, “Hello hello bullion exchange.” The end scene is like this in my previous memory: The hero develops the business and marries girl of his choice, he is not paying attention to his wife, who dies of depression. War ensues and the hero arranges a mule loads a sack of gold and his wife's body on the mule's back and walks away out with the reins of animal in his hand saying, “I love only two things: my wife and gold. I can't live without them.” In the current version, the hero is a treacherous man planted by a person telling the lady that he is her long lost son. In the end he gets away in a car with his wife who is very much alive. They get lost in a desert, and meet the village pair of previous crash site. The hero refuses water offered by the village couple, and his wife dies in the stalled car due to thirst. And he prepares himself to die of similar fate. In my old memory, the hero is a decent guy, but due to his former condition of poverty can't spare any time for his wife, being always busy making money. And this reminded me of a Jack London story where a rescued man stuffs food all over his cabin in the ship, with hunger pangs of many days destroying brain cells like in the movie version of my memory the hero; a former destitute couldn't leave money alone even at the cost of his beloved wife. Out of context, but I must say Jack London who died young was a tremendous philosopher.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing the details of changes you've noticed to Roti 1942.  I love the way you describe remembering the way the star of the film now is given water in a traditional spherically shaped container, where you remember when he was rescued after being shot down, he was given water in a curved, conical pipe--making the scene possible where he held it like a telephone receiver.  There seem to be many changes to this movie, with changes to dialogue, qualities and personalities of the characters, and plot.  Fascinating!


Washington Mall
Changes to Washington Mall
Moriah Morningstar
Idaho, USA

Google images on Washington DC show the Washington Mall; I’ve never seen it before. It is a wide two-mile path from the Capitol to Washington’s monument, with the main buildings along both sides. I didn’t know what I was looking at. The end of the wide path, with grass in the middle and sidewalks on both sides, has a reflecting pool. There was no pool in front of this monument, and the buildings were not arranged like that. There was no two-mile-long wide path on other earths I’ve been on. On this earth it was designed and built like that from the very beginning. I don’t understand how drastic changes like this happen and my life is exactly the same, my house is exactly the same, and everything in it is exactly the same. How can that be? Why would my selves in other parallel realities be living the same life as I am with no visible changes? I’m obviously on another earth. The path was not wider, it was not there in my other reality. There was no National Mall- no straight path that went from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. The path did not exist. There were lawns and pathways, but no straight, wide path with buildings on the sides. The buildings were not placed in parallel rows, they were more random. When I say nothing else in my world changed, what I mean is in my personal life and my house. That is exactly the same, but Washington DC looks completely different to me. I do not recognize it at all. I've been there once about 10 years ago. I've seen many photos of the area. The first time I heard of the National Mall was in a memoir I was reading about three weeks ago. I thought it was a big conglomerate of stores.  What amazes me is that I must be on a different Earth, because the Smithsonian, the space museum, all of the buildings on that strip were not placed like this. There was no strip with plots of grass (see image below). So how can such a drastic change happen in one place, and leave my personal life untouched, with the same bills on the table, the same dishes in the sink, the same everything! If my consciousness jumped to another me in another reality, how can her life be exactly the same as my life- except for a different layout in DC? I have experienced many different earths. The one I grew up on had a yellow sun (this one is white and burns hotter). Earth was on the outer edge of the solar system. This earth is halfway to the galactic center. Finding this out was just as shocking as discovering South America was no longer below the USA.  I understand how I can be on a different earth- my consciousness jumped to another reality.  I do not understand how my other self was living my exact same life! Why do I find myself in the same house with the same clutter, the same everything, when I discover I am on a different earth? If the EM field and atmosphere has drastically changed, then maybe the white sun that now burns hotter is the same yellow sun I grew up under. That's possible. Years ago, I could work outside in 100-degree heat. Sweat ran in my eyes and burned them, but I did not get sick or feel like I had to get in the shade. I can no longer do that and it's not because I'm older, it is because the sun feels completely different; 90-degree heat stings my skin and feels hotter than 100 heat did when the sun was yellow. It does seem like people sometimes jump to another parallel world in large groups. Maybe a near-future event is going to happen that we need to avoid, and so we are taken to another Earth.

Note from Cynthia: I appreciate your sharing your very different memory than depicted in current photos and images of the area between the Capitol to the Washington monument.  Specifically, you're noticing that the two mile wide path is wider than what you recall.  I've only ever seen photos in books and on the internet and sometimes video footage on the news of the Washington Monument.  When I look up to see what the historical story is about the Washington Mall, I find explanations that the area is constantly changing and evolving, with more changes still in the plans that have yet been built. But clearly what you are noticing is something much more significant than that! Regarding changes in the sun, as it seems whiter and brighter and hotter to many of us, we are actually experiencing noticeable reduced EMF shielding around the Earth recently, with the north and south poles on the move, and the Earth's electromagnetic field weakening substantially.  I suspect that some of the Mandela Effect folks who mention the yellow sun are actually noticing this change, and I agree with what you're observing.  I've also seen some older trees here in my garden suffer and die in recent years, and it's not just 'global warming' or temperature related, but more like the harshness of the sun's rays these days.  I remember the yellower, less intense sun, too.  Apparently, scientists have reported there has been a rapid, huge change in the location of Earth's north pole in recent years, and with this change, also greatly reduced electromagnetic field protection around our planet, with the result that we can now get sunburned much more quickly.  I've noticed this, and also seen some plants suffering recently from the tremendous increase in solar radiation coming through.  I also remember hearing that our solar system was out on the very edge of the galaxy, as I recall Carl Sagan showing on a TV episode of, "Cosmos."  And now, apparently, that's never been the case.  It seems many of us are making some rather huge collective reality shift jumps together, in ways that are hardly perceptible to us, yet that greatly influence all manner of things in our daily lives. 

Quantum jump when truck barreling toward me
Moriah Morningstar
Idaho, USA

A few years ago, I was crossing the street and was going to get hit by a huge semi-truck barreling down the road. I looked up and saw its grill in front of me- I was about to get run over. I then found myself standing on the other side of the road with the truck passing by, right where I had been. 

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for describing the event from a few years ago when you were about to be struck by a huge semi truck barreling down the road, when you found yourself instantly out of harm's way, on the opposite side of the road.  These kinds of incidents are much more common that most people realize, as I learned when describing such events at an in-person talk I gave a while ago, when I was swarmed with folks afterward who relayed to me in hushed whispers, "That happened to me, too!"  Yes, I believe people are learning how to jump between realities in large groups.  I see that is what appears to be happening with the Mandela Effect, and with so many favorable improvements to human physiology, for example, such as the kidneys moving up and away from the vulnerability of the lower back, up to some degree of protection from the rib cage. 

bone-in ribeye steak
Ribeye steaks are different now?
Davis, California, USA

My husband and I stopped for steaks last night at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant and he ordered a “Bone-in Ribeye Steak”. When he got it, he was surprised that it didn’t look the way he expected it to look, and wondered aloud if he’d been given the wrong order. In his mind (and mine), we have a mental picture of a ribeye as a large steak with a circular slice of bone in the center where the rib bone was cut, looking like an “eye”. That's why we both assumed that the steak had that name. The steak he was served was large but it had a long rib bone attached like a handle. I checked the large, fully illustrated menu on the table rack, and indeed, the steak he got matched the pictured steak, which I held up to show him. Also curious about the difference between this steak and our expectations, I suggested that perhaps the restaurant had misnamed the cut, and that it would be expensive to change all the menus at this chain restaurant so they let it remain misnamed. However, upon looking up "ribeye steak” and “bone-in ribeye steak" on Google Images, we did NOT see the type of steak we have in our memories--the one with the eye-like circular bone. A chuck arm steak and some sirloins are now shown to have the round bone, but not a ribeye. Strange! This seemed like something you might know about, so we thought we’d check in with you about this cow anatomy question! What’s your memory of ribeyes?

Note from Cynthia: What you describe remembering seems like something I would also have expected to see as a ribeye steak. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with ribeye steaks!  I appreciate your appreciation for the way people can sometimes feel uncomfortable with reality shifts, and seem to slide into the more comfortable agreed-upon facts and history, sometimes without quite realizing this is happening.  It takes courage to hold one's ground and continue to stick up for one's original memories, instead pursuing the more disconcerting realization that history and physical reality can apparently change.  When we witness a sufficient quantity of such events, each additional reminder can start feeling exhilarating and invigorating--especially when we appreciate the miraculous possibilities such changes suggest.  Yes, checking to see what else is the same and what else has changed is indeed part of our 'new normal'!

UK Prime Minister Alec Douglas Home
UK Prime Minister surname changes
Gravesend, Great Britain, U.K.

I knew the UK prime minister who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1964, before Prime Minister Harold Wilson, as Douglas Hulme (or even Hume). But  he's now known as Alec Douglas-Home. I remember his name as Hulme, for some reason, because that's what it sounded like. Not home, like a home win. One of my friends WENT TO CORRECT ME after a zoom display, and that's what brought this subject up. I know his name was never Home, as in “homeward” bound, but pronounced as Hulme. Hulme rhymes with "fume," (like fumes from a car), or "plume" (like a plume of feathers, or a plume of smoke), or loom (like fruit of the loom). The lady who picked me up on it has been employed as a meteorologist for many decades, and is well educated, and she thought I was wrong, which brought this to my attention.

Note from Cynthia: Wow--this is super interesting and intriguing!  Sir Alec was not someone I was familiar with, and not someone covered in the history classes I attended here in the USA, but clearly, this would be a well familiar name to anyone living in the UK in recent years.  Thank you so very much for sharing with me this fascinating reality shift involving his name.  This is really quite amazing, and I'm certain it's quite likely that many other people also remember his name differently.

Change to TV show “The Chase”
Essex, U.K.

I was excited to realize that someone out there was taking this phenomenon seriously. I think many people after hearing about the Mandela Effect, especially olden's like myself, remember things differently. For instance, my main ones are Loony Toons, not Tunes and Star Wars C3PO being all gold and not having a silver leg. Anyway, my main topic concerns my own, I call it, timeline jumping. It started when I was in my thirties, when I saw an advert for a TV show that did not air for another twenty years. After I re-married, these—I'll call them events—started to increase, and I started to notice small things out of place (or time). I was very open about this with my wife. Yes, she is very understanding. However, it's the latest one that prompted me to write this email. Two weeks ago, my wife and I were watching a re-run of a quiz show that is very popular here in the UK, called "The Chase.” The episode in question had only aired a couple of months prior, and was very clear in both our memories. Just after it started, I began to notice discrepancies. I never said anything to my wife to begin with, but as the show came to a close, something occurred that we both distinctly remembered from the first viewing as being completely reversed in the current viewing. However, what blew my mind was my wife had seen this as well, which means she is now sharing these experiences with me! There were two stark differences in the show. In show one, the first contestant answered questions and managed to accrue £5000; he then went on to "face the chaser," and was then offered a choice between £1000, £5000 or £50,000 to play for. He chose £5000 and made it through this first trial. The last contestant accrued £3000, then again face the chaser, and went for the largest offer; he lost and left the game. In show two, exactly the same initial result i.e. £5000, except this time he chose to play for the £50,000 and won; the last contestant did not take the larger offer, played for the £3000 and got through! The contrast was so great between shows one and two it was breathtaking. My jumps seem to occur on a fairly regular basis; it will be interesting to see if my wife follows me again next time. I will be sure to keep you informed. I also have a rather loose theory as to the mechanism. I'm assuming that free will requires the option to have all possibilities occur at the point of choice, this would obviously require a multitude of "universes" created. At this point in the theory, my head feels ready to explode! But you get the picture. Thank you for listening to me ramble and keep up the good work.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing this fascinating experience with your wife and the episode of the TV quiz show, “The Chase.”  I definitely prefer to experience these kinds of Reality Shifts with others to experiencing them only on my own. There is something wonderful and receiving validation, and confirmation that the specific discrepancies one remembers exactly match memories of someone else.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
First off, I really enjoyed your interview with Michael Sandler and The Mandela Effect discussion. Awhile back if I recall correctly, either I saw you in an interview or read it somewhere that you were writing a new book on The Mandela Effect. Is that still in the works? Maybe it was a Mandela Effect-lol.

Dear Al,
I'm so happy to hear from you, and glad to know that you enjoyed my interview with Michael Sandler!  Yes, I am working on a new book about the Mandela Effect, and I will be letting people know when it comes out.  It's getting closer!  lots of love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
I love the work you do, the beautiful energy you bring. Having learned about you from interviews with Michael Sandler, in yesterday's interview that was aired, you mentioned that you've written about your salads that speak. May I ask - and feel free to not answer this email if you do not feel moved to do so  - what the leaves said? I feel quite connected to plants, love to eat greens, and am very curious to know what they communicated, sort of a general gist. Thank you.
P.S. — You may have already seen this unique video of Blue Oyster Mushrooms talking: (and at the end, mourning):  
With kind regards,

Dear Suzanne,
Thank you so much for your beautiful email!  I remember having taken a moment of reverent gratitude with my salad, prior to eating it, while I was intending that the salad would be joining with me, so we would be together.  This was a kind of prayerful moment, of deep, divine appreciation.  I then telepathically heard a message from my salad that felt like, "Thank you."  It was quite unexpected, and so unforgettable. 
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
Thank you for sharing all your brilliant work! Over the last few years, I have found so much personal support in the many interviews you have given, youtube vids, and the Mandela conference material for time shifts and differences in "memories" that I have that differ from others' experiences. And I have been able to share your work with friends, colleagues and clients who find much support to help live with their personal experiences. In listening to this audio on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland - I thought you and your Mandela Conference colleagues might find this very interesting. Its with Authors Graham Phillips and Jodi Russel -Strange Fate: An Extraordinary True Story of Paranormal Discovery _ while researching an esoteric group in England who were often led by the 7-year-old who met Louis Caroll and her life experience of finding an ancient crypt then becoming "Psychic" -they had constant timeline shifts from having her die at the age of 80 not age 28, places and public places, including her tomb, appearing where they were not and/or different., etc. Its a very interesting story esp in its collapsed form in this Whitley Strieber interview. Thank you again for all that you do! I look forward to your wise and inspiring work as it unfolds!
Prayers and Goodness! 

Dear Deborah,
Thank you for your beautiful email message, with kind words that totally made my day! And thank you so very much for sending this to me--how delightful! I enjoyed listening to this, and then caught the video bit where Jodi holds up the crystal heart. Wow!  Their experiences remind me of so many first-hand reports I've shared via the RealityShifters website, and in my books, Reality Shifts, and Quantum Jumps. I've also talked with Whitley Strieber about these types of experiences, and as you can see in this conversation, he has some of his own recent experiences to share.  Those situations where a business or an entire group of people "has always done things" one way, and then it's different are so interesting to me.  I've had that happen, too, and it's such a doozy of a reality shift when it occurs!  As well as those times when someone died rather young, but sometimes it seems they lived into their 80s.  Yes, these are all classic reality shifts and Mandela Effects!
lots of love and thanks,



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