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RealityShifters News - December 2000


While waiting for my children's karate class to finish the other day, I met a man who told me he trained with In Hyuk Suh, the originator of Kuk Sool Won, in the late 1970's when the martial art first came to America. He then described a memorable meeting with a 60 year old Korean martial arts master who asked him to bring many glass bottles when he attended a karate demonstration.

"You won't believe what happened next", my newfound friend whispered, "I can barely believe it myself. That very old master asked my friends and I to break those bottles into pieces and sweep the broken shards into a large pile, which he lay on top of. He then asked us to place a board over his chest, and for all six of us to jump on top of it as hard as we could."

My friend sighed, and continued, "I thought maybe he knew some trick for not getting hurt... but when he stood up several minutes later and asked us to remove the bloody pieces of glass from his back, we saw there was no trick. As we removed each of the glass fragments imbedded in his skin, we were astonished to see each wound instantly heal itself, leaving no trace of blood or injury."

I've also witnessed wounds heal instantly on myself and others. Many of us have been told that wounds take time to heal, and that some kinds of bodily injury are irreparable. By not adopting "scientism" which implies there are "laws" of science, we can have a truly scientific attitude. With open minds and hearts, we will then awaken to a much larger universe of possibility.

Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) New Reality Shifts Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:
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(5) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) New Reality Shifts Articles

Listening to My Future Self

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Feel Non-Locally Interconnected

Visualize What You Desire

Slow it Down... and Live Life to the Fullest

How You Can Help Bring Peace to the Middle East http://www.themestream.com/articles/242457.html

The Limits of Logic http://www.themestream.com/articles/163946,html

What Do Reality Shifts Feel Like?

Who Moved My Keys?



(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Judith (Dr. J), Enfield, CT

Over the first weekend of June this year I attended my thirty-fifth Barnard College reunion at Columbia University. My friend, Raul daSilva, and I had come in to New York on the train and taken a cab to Columbia on Friday. On Sunday morning we were on our way to a brunch in Brooklyn Heights before returning home by train in the afternoon. We decided to take a cab back to Grand Central Station (GCS) and leave our luggage there in the lockers we remembered from years ago before going on to Brooklyn, unencumbered, by subway.

We exited our taxi at the first Lexington Avenue entrance to GCS. As we walked down the wide long hall we noticed an electronic display at the end. We asked each other where the lockers might be. Raul remembered that they might be on a lower level. I suggested that the electronic display might have that information. Raul said the display was about train departures. We walked up to the display to discover that Raul was right. We were unsure what to do next.

Just then Raul noticed a man standing on the side of the hall about halfway back along the way we had just passed. Raul walked back to him and asked if he knew where the lockers were. He said, "Right this way!" and led us down a side hall right by where he had been standing. It was a luggage storage area where you surrendered your luggage to an unseen depository in return for claim checks. We left our luggage with some misgivings.

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by Kathryn Lanier, Central Piedmont Region, North Carolina

Long before I understood metaphysical principles such as synchronicity and choosing our parents prior to our earthly incarnation, I believed my mother loved my brothers best. I held this belief for over thirty years. My mother's soul released the body and personality that we knew as our mother in October of 1998 after an excruciating battle with breast cancer.

There was much hullabaloo surrounding the receiving and funeral because her body had to be moved from Georgia to North Carolina. My grandmother was distraught that mother's gold thimble could not be found to display on mother's finger while she was viewed by friends and family during the receiving.

Mother was an extremely gifted fabric artist. There was nothing concerning the fabric arts -- sewing, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, quilting -- that was beyond the scope of my mother's talent and ability.

My stepfather was distraught that mother's gold Hawaiian wedding band could not be located to place on her finger during the receiving.

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by Laura M. Scott, Reiki Master/Teacher, Raleigh, N.C.

I moved into my new house on January 15th, 2000. Since that time, I have been searching for my "orthotics," which are specially fitted inserts that I put in my shoes. I am the owner of a flower shop and I'm on my feet all day, and these orthotics help keep my feet from hurting.

My feet have been so sore, that I decided to go to my podiatrist to get another pair. I was told they would cost over $400.00! This was too much for me to afford at this time, so I put off ordering new orthotics. I decided to do something else instead.

Since I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a very spiritual person, I decided to meditate, pray, "send energy/thoughts out there" or, whatever you prefer to call it, to locate these orthotics. I tried to recall the events around the time when I had seen them last. All I could recall was that they were in my closet, by my shoes. I remembered inserting them in a tiny plastic bag so I wouldn't lose them.

After meditating, as I was getting ready for work, my attention was drawn to a "basket" in my bedroom. I glanced at the basket and said I didn't like it being there and that I would "move it" when I had more time.

Several days later, I decided to relocate the basket. I only kept scarves in it that I wanted to use some day when I learned more about "color therapy." Well, for some strange reason, I decided to "lift up" these scarves, and lo and behold, my missing orthotics! And, not in a plastic bag!

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by Alijandra, San Jose, California, 408-986-8550
http://www.colorhealing.com, alijandra@colorhealing.com

All of my life I have had odd, usually unexplained events involving crystals, gemstones, jewelry and once with a red rose. After my recent trip to New Zealand where one of the most dramatic of these events occurred, I decided it was time to write about this subject. While the so-called "psychic" phenomena is interesting, I would not bother with an article on this alone. It has been the spiritual that has always held my heart. This is a topic which seamlessly merges the two.

I would like to start off by giving you a few definitions. Teleportation is the ability to dematerialize a physical object or being, rematerializing it instantly in another physical location. While "beam me up, Scotty!" has become a part of our international psyche, it is still considered by most to be impossible to achieve. Lately, with the advent of the ascension movement, the re-emergence of the mystery schools ancient teachings, and quantum physics, it is becoming more than just an unusual concept. IBM and others have proved teleportation in the lab in a modest way. But there have always been cases of teleporation throughout history: the "wonderman of Europe" Comte de Saint Germain, Padre Pio of last century, Sister Mary of Agreda are some who had the ability to teleport on demand. There are many books of the unexplained listing spontaneous teleportations, perhaps caused by ley line or vortex interference distorting the time/space continuum, causing the physical body to suddenly shift in density. One's body then behaves like sub-atomic particles documented in the study of quantum physics; particles that can be instantaneously somewhere else. (For more information on teleportation, my book "Healing with the Rainbow Rays" has a section on this subject, as well as a technique to learn teleportation.)

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by Patrick Bridgeman, Copyright 1997.

Another Sunday morning, while the sun is still just dawning,
and I'm starting to question my state of mind.
I cannot say for sure what I have witnessed before,
or the things I see at present in mankind.
Am I still just dreaming, my imagination scheming,
filling up my head with thoughts of everyday?
My family, my friends, join the list that never ends.
With one thought could I just wish them all away?
I could be in a bubble, free from sickness and from trouble,
with the Universe stuffed neatly in my head.
The sole cosmic creator. There's no power that is greater.
But what happens if one day I wake up dead?
I'd control all beings, making them play with my feelings,
giving me a taste of normal human life.
But what if I'm a puppet, being played with like a muppet,
'til one day my strings are put under the knife?
No one has all the answers, not the singers or the dancers,
and the actors know not all the pieces fit.
The saviours and the stables are some of the many fables,
but as far as I know, Reality is a myth.


(3) Books That Will Shift Your Reality

Check out dozens of interesting books that will help shift your reality at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html

MIND SCIENCE: Meditation Training for Practical People
by Charles T. Tart

This excellent meditation guide book is written in the form of a one-day seminar that Charles Tart conducted for the University of Arizona's "Toward a Science of Consciousness" meeting in Tucson in 1998. While there are many books written on the subject of what meditation is and how to go about meditating, few can match the hands-on feeling of being in a meditation class that this book offers. Right from the beginning, this book grabbed my attention by describing the differences between scientism (the tendency to consider scientific theories to be "laws") and open-minded, objective science. By pointing out this as well as other common habitual thinking traps we often fall into, Tart's book helps the reader learn to recognize the way we can become aware of our mechanical, habitual thought patterns. Tart clearly describes concentrative meditation and opening-up meditation (aka "vipassana") techniques in a straightforward manner that is easy enough for beginners to put into immediate practice. I was glad to see that questions and answers that arose in the workshop were included in this book, because they often addressed the same concerns that were going through my mind as I tried out each meditative technique. As an extra bonus, Tart's book describes the range of states of consciousness we experience, and how we can awaken from the sleep of ordinary consciousness where we are primarily reacting to external stimuli. Tart has a real talent for illuminating the highlights in consciousness research, and sharing some of the most important findings in simple language. Tart's down-to-Earth practicality is his great gift as a writer -- he brings complex issues into clear focus without losing the main ideas along the way. If you've been waiting until an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive meditation book came along, you're in luck. This is it!


by Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim

Have you ever wondered if we will be able to talk to our friends and family when we die? Judy and Bill Guggenheim answer this question from the point of view of people who assert that their loved ones have died and then contacted them after death. The Guggenheims present an amazingly convincing case that consciousness continues after death, and that such communications happen frequently. HELLO FROM HEAVEN is packed with amazing stories of ordinary people who have received unmistakable messages from their deceased loved ones, sometimes many years after death. Bill and Judy have done a superlative job of compiling the most comprehensive and organized collection of After Death Communications (ADCs) that I have ever seen in one book. After collecting more than 3,300 first-hand accounts of ADCs, the Guggenheims discovered that the dead can contact us with fragrances, touch, appearances, visions, dreams, rainbows, butterflies, and even the occasional phone call. These communications often contain reassurances that the deceased are doing very well, and need not be worried about. They can also provide help to the living, such as averting suicides. HELLO FROM HEAVEN provides great solace to those who have lost loved ones or have concerns about dying, since it is brimming with real-life, first-hand accounts of communications between the living and dead. For anyone who has seen or heard the dead and thought, "I must be imagining things - that couldn't have happened", this book also provides reassurance that you're not going crazy. Love is eternal.


(4) Join in the Discussion!

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(5) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

INACS - Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies is a non-profit interdisciplinary research & educational organization in Austin, TX.
The 'Presence' phenomenon has been observed throughout the ages by shamans, mediums, and clairvoyants.

http://www.colorhealing.com "Healing with the Rainbow Rays"---that fantastic point where science and magic meet! Author, healer and teacher of color energy healing, Alijandra, offers many helpful articles in this newly-emerged, ancient healing modality.

Fund For Global Awakening facilitates specific projects devoted to global awakening. FFGA's work touches the full range of human activity and concerns.

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