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RealityShifters News - December 2002
Create Your Best Life

The Power of Reverence

Guy Coggins of Aura Imaging Systems
& Cynthia Sue Larson

As accustomed as I have become to reality shifts in my life, there are times when I am stunned into a sense of complete awe by them. As I have followed a daily practice of spending an hour each day in meditative connection with the highest sense of divine love I can perceive (described in this ezine under "Exercises"), I am experiencing daily reality shifts which bring great joy to my life as they completely astound me.

One such awesome experience was set into motion recently, when my younger daughter told me that one of her teeth had fallen out of her mouth at school, and then been lost after she'd placed it inside her backpack. A backpack search yielded no tooth. A few days later, I was standing at my dresser late at night, writing a note on the index card that I've taped her other baby teeth that said, "missing at school," with an arrow that pointed to a small circle on the card where I would have taped the tooth. Having written this, and with pen still in hand, I was startled to see and hear a tooth fall from a few inches above my hand to gently land on top of my dresser. The tooth was the correct size and shape to be my daughter's tooth, so I taped it onto the index card over the circle I'd just drawn for the "missing tooth". The next morning, I untaped the tooth to show to my daughter, whose eyes grew large in surprise. "It looks like my tooth, but it's so CLEAN. And there's no filling in the cavity any more!" I examined the tooth more closely, and saw she was right. There was a cavity at the tip of the tooth, just as she'd had on her missing tooth -- but there was no filling -- and the tooth looked as clean as if it had been scrubbed by a dental hygenist!

On a separate occasion, I was at a restaurant with my daughters one evening when I noticed I did not have enough dollar bills to leave the tip I wished to leave. I showed my daughter sitting next to me how I only had two ones, and then I closed my wallet. After a moment, I opened my wallet and looked inside it once again with my daughter, and we found FOUR ones! I closed my wallet again and grinned at my daughter... and the next time I opened it, there were SIX ONE DOLLAR BILLS -- more than enough for the tip!

I enjoy finding parking spots where and when I need them, and discover rare and unusual items on shelves where they had not been just a minute earlier. I find it easier to live life as a waking lucid dream with a sense of reverence, cultivated through regular daily meditation on the highest form of love imaginable.

Thanks to Guy Coggins and his intrepid team of aura technicians at Aura Imaging Systems for creating an online RealPlayer AURA VIDEO CLIP featuring me working with bioenergy fields (auras). This seven minute RealPlayer aura video clip is viewable on the realityshifters web site. You can watch it on your computer by clicking on the link which downloads the video clip onto your computer:
Happy Holidays!
Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Upcoming Events
(2) Intriguing Articles
(3) Your Reality Shift Stories
(4) Exercises: Connect With Divine Love
(5) Reality Shifters Shop
(6) Books That Shift Your Reality
(7) Join in the Discussion
(8) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) Upcoming Events

Conscious Living Expo
Los Angeles, California
Saturday, February 15, 2003, 8-9 pm
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(2) Intriguing Articles

Mouse Fresco 'Challenges Mickey'
November 15, 2002
A 700-year-old fresco bearing an uncanny resemblance to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse has been discovered in Austria.

Experiencing the Lightness of Being in Iowa
December 1, 2002
by Cathleen Falsani
Followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi transform Fairfield, Iowa with meditation and yogic flying.

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Indianapolis, Indiana

This happened way back in 1973, when I was a pilot in the Air Force, stationed at Grissom AFB in Indiana. I was browsing the shelves at a New Age bookstore in Indianapolis, looking for books on healing energies. The lady behind the counter suggested that I contact Jerry Gallimore, who had just published a book on the topic. I made an appointment with him for 7 P.M. on Thursday.

I got off work (from Grissom AFB) earlier than expected that Thursday, so I drove into town. When I noticed a sign about a new mall in town, I went in to get a snack. I then walked around and toured the book store, before deciding to call Jerry to ask if we could meet earlier than scheduled. He said "No," but suggested that while I was waiting, I should go to the new mall and meet a woman who worked in the bookstore there. At the exact moment that those words came out of his mouth, I was looking at the woman he was saying I should meet! I hung the phone up, and went over to introduce myself to her. After we had talked for a few minutes, her mother came into the store (the first time her mother had ever visited her at work). Her mother was a professional psychic, and gave me a reading on the spot that was so accurate it blew me away. I had been asking for evidence of the reality of psi, now I had it.

After that experience, I returned to Graduate School for a PhD in math. I currently teach math and physics at California State University at Dominguez Hills, near Los Angeles. My research is on Unified Field theory.


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by Richard
Walnut Creek, California

Fixing plumbing at a friend's house, I took off my ring, and set it on a window sill to keep it from harm. Later, at home, I remembered I'd probably forgotten it, and called my friend. I could tell it wasn't there because it took no time to look there, but a long time waiting for the reply, which was in the negative. Prayers were invoked.

I searched the area and my clothing, and asked my family to help. Zero. I put everything from my pockets on a dinner plate, and went through that -- nothing. Finally, I put it all back in my empty pockets, and I went upstairs one more time to look in the bathroom.

On impulse, on the the way back downstairs, I put my left hand in my pocket. My index finger went right into the ring. Impossible, you say! Well, almost.

by Susan
San Diego, California

Several years ago I had an amazing experience that I only recently came to realize contained a critical lesson about the nature of prayer, and the miracles we can receive when we enter into that highest state of divine prayer.

It was the first sunny day after a week of snowy, overcast, winter weather that had left me with a case of the blahs. The reemergence of a bright blue sky, and the brilliance of the sun on this morning lifted my spirits and, as I drove to work, I turned up the radio and found myself thinking with great enthusiasm, simply, "What a beautiful day!" Just then, my car was side-swiped on the thoroughfare which caused the vehicle to spin and stop facing the opposite direction from which I had been traveling. No problem here. It was still a gorgeous day. I pulled my car off onto a side-street, got out of it, and saw that the car who had hit mine had been able to continue in the direction we had been traveling and had pulled off into a parking lot further on up and, at this point was across the street from where I was standing. There was no traffic light for crossing anywhere nearby, so I watched for a break in the traffic traveling on the four lane thoroughfare at speeds around forty miles per hour, so that I could run across the road and meet up with the driver of the other car.

When I found my opportunity to cross, I made a run for it. My feet slipped out from beneath me, causing me to land on my back. I realized why the other car had slid into mine in the first place -- there was a thin layer of ice covering a portion of the road. Cars were coming closer to me as I lay in the street. One car, in particular, stood out as a potentially major threat and I made an attempt to rise again. However, the ice was just too slippery and down I went for a second time before I had even fully risen.

As the car driving toward me was bearing down so that I could literally make out slush and dirt spots on it's grille and front license plate, I realized I didn't have time to get out of the way. At this point, I said what I had considered less of a prayer, than a directive: "Don't make it turn out that I have to spend years in rehab. I'm not up for it. If that's the case, take me now." Incredible peace washed over me, and inexplicably (at least in retrospect as I would not ever have predicted this would be my reaction to submitting to my own demise) I found that I leaned my head back so I could fully take in the glory of that blue sky and I repeated just as I had begun my thoughts that morning, "It is a beautiful day."

One end of this story is that the car that was definitely about to run me over, by means of a miracle, ran off the road and landed in someone's front yard. I was able to navigate the ice and run to the woman who was now off the road to find she wasn't hurt, though she was incredibly shaken. She kept repeating, "I almost hit you!" I felt so bad for her that she wasn't feeling the same peace I was at the time.

But, there are other ends of this story that are still revealing themselves after nearly nine years. One of these has to do with the meaning of prayer. I had always thought that prayer was that thing I did when I was feeling desperate and miserable -- yes, the combination of the two was required. Prayer, for me, was what I did when I had hit rock bottom -- meaning I didn't really believe it could happen anyhow. I guess you could say, I thought of prayer as being some sort of event that would further remind me that I didn't have what I most deeply desired at any given point. I can beg as well as the best of them, but, let's face it: we only beg when we're in a position where we believe we're so screwed that dignity no longer holds appeal.

Only recently have I begun to consider that when I gave that directive -- clearly, assuredly and with great dignity: "No rehab. If so, take me now" that I was possibly in the most divine state of prayer that is. In that moment I was working with the universe. My desire was the desire of the Powers-That-Be. That prayer sealed a union and, in turn, created a miracle. I have much to learn about prayer: what it is and what it can do, but I am most fortunate that I had an experience to draw from as I negotiate a higher definition and practice of prayer that comes from a place of knowing, power, and, yes, dignity.

While it is certainly icing on the cake that I wasn't hit when I can assure YOU, at least, I feel I should have been. What REALLY matters most to me now is the PEACE that came over me after I made that prayer. That PEACE was the truest miracle of the whole event -- I mean, it's not like I prayed not to be hit. So there I was thinking I'm going to be run over and yet, still and all, I experienced peace in spite of what I thought was coming.

(4) Exercises:
Connect with Divine Love

Are you ready to experience more "zing" in your life? Would you like for lost things to appear as if dropped from above, and to find things while shopping that weren't on the shelves just moments before? Would you enjoy experiencing many more delightful synchronicities? If you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, this exercise is just right for you!

If you've ever been physically separated from a loved one, but been able to "reach out" to feel the love between you, then you have experienced the auric cord of love that exists between the two of you. Such cords exist between you and everyone and everything you love, and as more energy flows between you and those you care for, the more delightful will be the miraculous and joyous reality shifts you encounter every day. When you practice this exercise daily, you will begin to experience the power of reverence in your life.

    (1) Find a time and place that you can meditate/pray uninterrupted for twenty to thirty minutes. This exercise works best if you do it both upon going to bed and waking up each day.

    (2) Imagine the highest source of divine love, and take a few minutes to bask in the radiance of this extraordinary love. This love is real. The connection that you feel to it is also real, and as you enjoy the fullness of the love you are experiencing, know that your every interaction with the physical world will be greatly enriched by the strength of the energy cord you are developing.

    (3) Keep your attention focused on feeling the connection between you and the highest source of divine love for as long as possible. When you find your concentration slipping, return your attention to feeling that connection of love. When you can no longer focus your attention any further, praise and thank yourself for doing this exercise, which will help keep your energy field clean and positively charged.

(5) Reality Shifters Shop

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(6) Books that Shift Your Reality

Need some great books for holiday gifts? These four books are some of the best I've read all year. Any time you click through the realityshifters site before going to buy books at, you help to offset the costs of distributing this ezine and operating the realityshifters web site! This is true even if you don't buy anything that is specifically listed at the realityshifters site. Between 5% and 15% of each purchase is forwarded to RealityShifters, and this keeps our beloved site and ezine up and running!

Check out some of my personal favorites at:

Four wonderful books are reviewed here this month: POWER VS FORCE by David R. Hawkins, INFINITE MIND by Valerie Hunt, A TIME FOR CHOICES by Michael Toms, and THE ONE MINUTE (OR SO) HEALER by Dana Ullman.

Power VS Force

Power VS Force

by David R. Hawkins

Measuring & Raising Energy Levels of Human Consciousness

You exist in a field of energy that is inextricably intertwined with everyone and everything else. Your energy field can serve to uplift those around you, or it can have the opposite effect and tend to weaken those you encounter. Since most people are unaware of these energy fields and their significance in bringing about miraculous changes in the world, they do not realize how they can measurably raise their consciousness, and see the world more clearly as it truly is.

POWER VS FORCE helps to solve the problems of confusion and negative patterns of behavior by presenting a crystal-clear model of consciousness along with a useful tool for measuring the energy levels of fields of consciousness around us. Hawkins describes how we can measure the frequencies of the fields surrounding people, ideas, and things with Kinesiology, sometimes referred to as "muscle testing." When we ask questions about things that we consciously do not know the answers to, we can find out the truth that is known to the collective unconscious. As author David Hawkins explains, "Everything in the universe constantly gives off an energy pattern of a specific frequency that remains for all time and can be read by those who know how. Every word, deed, and intention creates a permanent record. Every thought is known and recorded forever. There are no secrets; nothing is hidden, nor can it be."

The main idea in POWER VS FORCE is that when you raise the level of energy of your field, you will experience more joy and peace in your life, which in turn will help to improve the quality of life for everyone. You can learn to use Kinesiology to determine truth from falsehood, and to improve your life in every meaningful way. After years of study, Hawkins used Kinesiology to make millions of calibrations of human consciousness that follow a logarithmic progression from zero to 1,000. The title of Hawkins' book comes from the energy field where force finally yields itself to power, at 200, which also happens to be the most typical energy level currently found in most societies on Earth.

What I love most about POWER VS FORCE is the feeling I get as I read it that "Here is a book that speaks the truth." From the very beginning, in which Hawkins describes his own spiritual experiences with miraculous healings and synchronicities, all the way to the final chapter, POWER VS FORCE presents a view of reality which consistently describes the way our consciousness effects the physical world. I give this book my very highest recommendation!

Infinite Mind

Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness

by Valerie V. Hunt

Groundbreaking Work in the Field of Bioenergetics

Valerie Hunt's book, INFINITE MIND, is a classic in the field of human energy fields, or bioenergetics. The research described in INFINITE MIND is on the cutting edge of exploring what we know about human energy fields. Hunt's descriptions of experiments she's conducted with aura readers and physicists make fascinating reading. For example, Hunt shares her amazing findings in the "Mu Room," in which human subjects burst into tears when the electromagnetism of the air was depleted, and regained a sense of clear thinking when the electromagnetism of the air was increased. The Mu Room is a seven foot square shielded room located in the Physics department at UCLA, where the electromagnetic energy of the air can be altered without reducing its breathability (oxygen content). Other studies examine the energy fields of healers and the people they are healing, and the energy fields eminating from our bodies independent from our internal organs.

INFINITE MIND is packed with gems of wisdom, such as Hunt's description of the five most commonly unintegrated spiritual experiences (experiencing a God-like energy, recalling a past life, gaining abilities to perform miraculous healings and alter material substances, acknowledging one's rage at God's apparent abandonment of us, and the Kundalini experience). INFINITE MIND is a book best read sequentially from beginning to end, since Hunt includes numerous personal experiences throughout her descriptions of scientific studies and experimental results.

What I most enjoy about INFINITE MIND is the way Hunt weaves together a sense of wholeness from her exotic experiences with spirit healing in foreign lands, her unceasing commitment to scientifically investigating energy fields and thought forms, and her honesty in sharing her mystical insights along the way. Seldom is a reference book as riveting and relevant as INFINITE MIND. I give it my highest recommendation!

A Time for Choices

Deep Dialogues for Deep Democracy

by Michael Toms

How the American People Can Build a Better America

Many Americans wonder why their feelings have not been adequately expressed by American politicians or the mainstream media following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. While most Americans felt a great sense of sadness and anger after September 11th, they have not necessarily felt a need to re-establish a sense of American global strength and primacy at any cost. There is, in fact, an ever-growing number of American citizens who do not wish to see America behave like an uncompassionate and self-absorbed empire who is bent on retaliation without regard to whatever "collateral damage" may occur as a result.

Fortunately for America, one of her most important branches of government consists of her people. When American people learn more about national and international issues and get involved in making sure their feelings are heard, tremendous positive changes are possible that have wide-sweeping effects throughout the world. A TIME FOR CHOICES presents a remarkably clear picture of the decisions that American citizens face following the pivotal events of September 11, 2001, as well as some visions of how Americans can help create a better America.

A TIME FOR CHOICES was compiled from a series of forty-two fascinating interviews that "New Dimensions" radio host and founder Michael Toms conducted after September 11, 2001 with people who are noteworthy for their worldly awareness and insightful commentary. Toms organizes these inspiring interviews into chapters that explore some of America's founding principles of democracy, freedom of the press, and national security. What makes A TIME FOR CHOICES really stand out as an exceptional book, however, is the fact that it also includes discussion of spiritual issues and hopeful visions of the future.

I love the way I learned things in A TIME FOR CHOICES that I have not heard of anywhere else. For example, International Law professor Francis Boyle explains why the United States is obliged to resolve its dispute with Afghanistan in a peaceful manner according to UN Charter 2(3) and Article 33, and linguist Noam Chomsky describes the importance of retaining civil liberties in America. Author and world-traveler Mark Hertsgaard shows how different American media is from international media, when for example President George Bush's statement, "You're for us or against us" made headlines in France, but was buried deep inside American news reports.

I highly recommend A TIME FOR CHOICES to everyone who wishes to see the big picture of what is really happening in America today. A TIME FOR CHOICES should be required reading for all Americans, and for anyone interested in understanding where America is headed next.

The One-Minute Healer

More Wisdom from the Sages, the Rosemarys, and the Times

by Dana Ullman

Natural Remedies for Thirty-One Common Ailments

THE ONE-MINUTE (OR SO) HEALER is a little book packed with big wisdom concerning natural remedies for a wide variety of common ailments. Thirty-one chapters on topics as diverse as acne, allergies, arthritis, constipation, coughs, depression, earaches, fatigue, influenza, insomnia, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), sinusitis, tension headaches, and ulcers contain a multitude of short paragraphs packed with ideas for alleviating the problem at hand. This is the kind of book that I envision a new age mother giving to her children, to remind them to remember things like "eat the BRATY bunch (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast & yogurt) if you have diarrhea," and "relieve asthma by touching the pressure point in the web of your hand between your thumb and index finger."

If you are facing menopause and are concerned with finding good replacements for hormone replacement therapy, you'll find the twenty natural remedies suggested by Dana Ullman to be very timely advice. Bee pollen, the Bach walnut flower remedy, natural clothing, spirulina and chlorella, soy, black cohosh, and dong quai are just a few of the wonderful possibilities you can try.

Any time you find yourself wondering how to naturally alleviate a particular health issue, THE ONE-MINUTE (OR SO) HEALER will likely be the reference book you'll want to read first. Parents, health-care providers, and people who prefer to begin their health treatments with natural solutions will adore this book!

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(7) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

See the difference between sending energy and being at rest vividly illustrated with Kirlian photos of world-famous spoon-bender and psychic, Uri Geller.

An internet newsletter that focuses only on health care. Here, you'll find news you won't find in the mass media.

Perhaps a suggestion for that person "who has everything"

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