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December 2022
Issue #279

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Appreciate New Perspectives

“What you see and hear
depends a good deal
on where you are standing;
it also depends
on what sort of person you are.”
– C.S. Lewis

Sometimes, we can find it easier to dwell on what seems to be going wrong then the magic, wonder, and miracles that are happening right under our noses.  I had a wonderful reminder of The magic of the holiday season on a day when I was moving furniture to vacuum underneath, and discovered some eyeglasses that had gone missing months earlier. What makes this all the more amazing is that I had vacuumed under that same chair many times, never finding those missing glasses at any previous point.  I had even looked inside the chair, and not found those glasses previously. They made their grand reappearance with a flourish, on Thanksgiving day!

A comment by one family member upon hearing of this magical return of the missing glasses was that the elves have been playing with them, and their sense of time is different than human time. So these playful elves were having fun with the glasses for what seem to them a short period of time, but felt like months to us!

Yet another possible insight and perspective regarding these magically returned glasses is that their return provides us with a reminder to be mindful of our observational perspective. Our attitude has a lot to do with how events unfold around us, and sometimes we lose sight of how powerful we are as observers. Sometimes, we can fixate and dwell on something that seems to in error or undesireable, rather than choosing to focus on what we most appreciate and enjoy. Finding glasses under a chair might possibly indicate adopting a more grounded perspective. And of course, from any perspective, we can always ask, “How good can it get?” and often be delighted by what transpires.

Twitter Fruit of the Loom survey
Along these lines of asking and then discovering how good it can get, this past month, I received a response from Fruit of the Loom to a survey question I posted on Twitter, “Did the Fruit of the Loom label have a cornucopia?” The Twitter official Fruit of the Loom account replied, “We cannot confirm nor deny.” This is in addition to their interaction that I covered in last month's RealityShifters, where they'd posted on Twitter to some other person on Twitter (not me), “The Mandela Effect is real, the cornucopia in our logo is not.” My responses to my weeklong Twitter survey were that some 85.7% of respondants recalled, “Yes, definitely” there used to be a Fruit of the Loom cornucopia; 7.1% did not remember any cornucopia; and another 7.1% replied, “Maybe—not sure.”

If you'd like to have your vote counted in a survey about the Mandela Effect, you're just in time to participate in the 2022 International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) vote for the winner of this year's Golden Mandy Award! This year, we've got four wonderful candidates to vote for who were nominated by the Mandela Effect community, and when you click the link to vote, you can learn more about each of them, and select the one you feel has been most instrumental this year in raising awareness about the Mandela Effect.

2022 International Mandela Effect Conference Golden
Time to VOTE
for the 2022 Golden Mandy

VOTE BY: December 12, 2022 at 12 midnight
If you haven't already voted for the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC)'s Golden Mandy award, please vote by Monday, December 12th at 12 midnight! Vote for your favorite nominee, who you feel was most influential in raising awareness of the Mandela Effect this year. We look forward to announcing this year's winner in our December IMEC Open Tables livestream, on Wednesday, December 21st, starting at 2pm ET.

You're welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty plus years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

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(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Bernard Beitman
Meaningful Coincidences with Bernard Beitmann
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Dr. Bernard Beitman about meaningful coincidences, adventures in the psychosphere, and memorable experiences with dogs.  “Coincidences are not commands, they are suggestions,” Beitman says, as we are able to identify underlying patterns in life that we can recognize as synchronicity, serendipity, or simulpathity–where we might experience the feelings of a loved one who is not with us at the  time.  The psychosphere provides a kind of mental atmosphere where a person’s need defines and clarifies an intention, so that the mind can arrive at the needed information in extraordinary and wonderful ways. Dr. Bernard Beitman, M.D., is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to systematize the study of coincidences. A graduate of Yale Medical School, he did his psychiatric residency at Stanford University. The former chair of psychiatry of the University of Missouri-Columbia medical school for 17 years, he writes a blog for Psychology Today on coincidence and is the coauthor of the award-winning book, Learning Psychotherapy. The founder of The Coincidence Project, he lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.
You can listen to this audio interview at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Envisioning a Positive Alternative
to Transhumanism: Revhumanism

14 Nov 2022
16 minutes
Humanity now faces a choice between Transhumanism, which was named by Julian Huxley in 1927 as part of a belief that, "the human species can, if it wishes, transcend itself,” and something that is much more life-positive. While Transhumanism is pushed by Big Tech and the World Economic Forum—an alternative metaphysics currently seems much more nebulous and unclear, to the point that it’s something akin to “The Road not Taken”—the road referred to in Robert Frost’s poem by that same name as “grassy, and wanted wear.” At this time when there is such clamor to upgrade to ever-newer gadgetry and technology, so much pressure to comply with new medical procedures and technology, and ever-increasing evidence that the rights of the many are being trampled by power wielded by a few—that “Road not Taken” can start to seem better and better. Fortunately for mankind, some have kept the “Road not Taken” in their hearts. There are even some people who have walked this beautiful path consistently, despite tremendous pressure to be assimilated by more modern ways. Fortunately, there still exists a philosophy of harmoniously living and co-creating with a living, developing Cosmos, with reverence for the Earth, and other beings. Revhumanism involves relating with reverence, humility, and empathy with others, with the Earth, and with the Cosmos, inviting us to actuate high-level sovereign agency. These principles can be considered to be central parts of a life-centered alternative to Transhumanism. When pondering what to call such a life-positive alternative, Revhumanism comes to mind. The Latin "rev" relates to ideas of reviving, regaining, recalling, and growing strong and young again. "Rev" also stands for reverence: a quality that inspires us to live up to our truly highest potential of seeing and respecting the inspiration, light, and consciousness that all of creation shares. Revhumanism invites humans to return to honoring the Earth as the source of life and sustenance. Sovereignty is a key concept in Revhumanism, with awareness of incarnational spirituality, which recognizes our sense of living our life with purpose and for some reason. We are not mere automatons whose existence can be summarized as somehow only consisting of information, or bits and bytes of computer memory on a chip. We have an awareness of having meaning and purpose in our life.
You can read the companion blog to this video at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Consciousness and Reality
with Cynthia Sue Larson and Jennifer K. Hill

28 Nov 2022
38 minutes
Jennifer K. Hill interviews Cynthia Sue Larson on the "Regarding Consciousness" podcast, discussing Quantum Jumping, the accuracy of the film "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once," the importance of natural proclivities versus deliberate intentions, going against our nature, agreement on the destination (despite disagreements on the process), how our shared experiences differ from others, the power of asking, "How good can it get?", and a quantum jumping example with missing spice. Regarding Consciousness is an exploration into how our consciousness can be harnessed both personally and professionally.

Listen to the “Regarding Consciousness” podcast episode:

Cynthia Sue Larson with Michaela Smith
Benefiting from
and Honing Intuition
to Thrive in Any Situation

Nov 2022
42 minutes
Michaela Smith interviewed Cynthia Sue Larson in a very business-oriented conversation about finding and honing your intuition, and thriving despite whatever life throws our way. This interview targets folks who come from the conventional business world, who are open-minded to considering ways to succeed without so much struggle.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Awakening, Ascension,
and How to Navigate the Shitstorm We're In

Nov 2022
60 minutes
Alexis Brooks interviews Cynthia Sue Larson on Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks, discussing the state of the world, some BIG changes that are on the horizon, and what we can do to navigate the Sh!*t storm that continues to intensify by the day. We talk about what we're going through, why we're going through it, and what's in store on the other end. Predictive indicators from notable researchers like Dr. David Martin and Clif High are revealing a massive Global civil disruption within the next year. Some remote viewers have reported that after the “storm” is over, the future will be brighter, although it will look much different from the reality that we currently know, and different from any time in human history. As for negotiating these turbulent waters that many feel we are facing, where does spirituality, awareness and ascension come in? How do we put these qualities to good use as a shield of armor in order to come out on the other side of the challenges—unscathed, and better than ever? Immersing one’s self (the inner self) in the spiritual/metaphysical world along with full awareness of the harshness of 3D physical reality are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they may go hand in hand. At minimum, we need to understand the critical role our inner self will play in combatting the challenges of physical (Earthly) crisis. But in order to do this, we need to understand what’s really going on.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Art Bell
Cynthia Sue Larson
with Art Bell
on Midnight in the Desert

15 Oct 2015
2 hours, 20 minutes
Cynthia's interview begins at 53:43
Art Bell interviewed Cynthia Sue Larson, talking about reality shifts, realityshifting, and the Mandela Effect. This conversation has been archived and shared by “Art Bell on Periscope,” and is considered a classic interview. Some listeners have commented, “One of my top 3 favorite Art Bell programs!”

IMEC Open Tables: <br>
New Directions of the Mandela Effect
IMEC Open Tables:
New Directions of the Mandela Effect

30 Nov 2022
3 hours, 21 minutes
One of the most fascinating aspects of the Mandela Effect is the way some historical events can seem quite different than many of us remember, although sometimes we see evidence of other possible histories--of other possible pasts. This month's IMEC Open Tables features some amazing back-from-extinction sponsors, and investigates some Mandela Effects involving the Beatles, the Atlanta race riot, Oswald and JFK, and a second Pearl Harbor attack. And what does Fruit of the Loom know about the Mandela Effect that they're not saying?


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Jody Foster Contact movie Good to Go
Another Shift with Jody Foster and Contact
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I'm loving the community of shifters you have brought together! It keeps me grounded during these unprecedented times. I went back to the story I shared, and found an amazing shift within the shift! Although the sound track residue is the same, Jody Fosters’s quote is gone from the article you cited. I now wish I would have taken a screen shot at the time! Now, it could be argued the second link is missing, but I don’t think so. How good can it get? My mind is officially blown! I know that I used to go look at that article from time to time, and guess it changed during COVID, when the feelings were anxious, trapped, afraid, and powerless against the systems at play. I watched as we relived witch hunts, book burning and oppression, mass manipulation, and people close to me were blind to it. I was changed at the time. Anger swept through me daily. It was a huge shift for us all. And of course, CERN recently began its experiments again. A movie like “Contact” was ahead of it’s time. It gave me hope, and connected me to what I felt was truth. I am doing my best to raise my frequency, and it’s easier now. Here are a couple of observations: CERN shut down November 12 2018, and started up again in April of 2022. The timing seems like it is not a coincidence. During this time, people stopped experiencing the Mandela Effect to the same degree, and the residue was right out there in the open, but we were distracted and those with differing viewpoints were openly shamed and shut down. Perhaps the residue is being cleaned up? Many Mandela Effects change in ways that defy logic, such as “Life was like box of chocolates you never know which one you're gonna get.” Two different tenses, past and present.” The grammar is incorrect, but likely tells a tale. In the movie, “Contact,” in the scene where “OK to Go” is inserted, the proper and common military term to use is, “Good to Go.” “Okay to Go” is not a common term used by the military, or anywhere. It is interesting that OK was originated in the military, and has a completely different meaning. “Zero dead” is what “OK” originally meant. “OK” does not inspire the same confidence in any situation that the word “good” does. The sound track still has “Good to Go” in the correct order of the scenes—but for how long? I was also gifted with a sense of overwhelming gratitude for being able to receive guidance, and to be a part of the Mandela Effect-affected. To be one of those who will not forget. I patiently scrolled 191 pages to see that article for a reason. I truly wondered if it was still there, and if by a reality shift the article had disappeared from your site. My gut told me something changed, and I needed to find it. I am also very grateful for the version of you that is in this reality, and that you continue to be a guiding light for our Earth team.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing that the quote mentioned in your reality shift story about Jodie Foster is now missing from the article cited. I see when I go to the webpage where this article is archived that there is some text hinting that the article may have been edited, where it now says: " Story continues after the gallery." It occurs to me that possibly there was an over-zealous editor involved at some point at the Atlantic, and possibly someone chopped out a section of the article, so it is now a truncated version of its former glorious self.  Thank goodness that we included the now-missing explanatory text from that page in the August 2018 issue of RealityShifters, so that we still have some record of how it used to be, especially since that is the part of the article containing a direct tie-in with the Mandela Effect! I next went to the "Wayback Machine," aka, to check that Atlantic article web page to see if it got modified between August 2018 and November 2022. I went back to September 2016 on the "Wayback Machine" to see what the previous version of this article looked like--and oh, WOW.  There is absolutely no trace of that significant quote by Jodie Foster at all.  So we do indeed have a Mandela Effect within a Mandela Effect! I greatly appreciate your sharing your thoughts and feelings through the pandemic, and energies and emotions during this time.  These somewhat agitated and stressed thoughts and feelings definitely have a part to play in what we subsequently experience—including how we feel about CERN firing back up again after having been on hiatus for a while.  I'm especially intrigued that so many of us remember "Good to go," yet now supposedly it's only ever been "Okay to go," and that original military meaning of this phrase seems rather odd, as it is focused on "zero killed" rather than generally aiming in the kind of onward and upward vibe that "good to go" implies. Now I'm wondering if this might end up being a future "flip-flop," such that some of us may at some future point notice we're back to "Good to go" being part of the movie, Contact.  And this is one Mandela Effect flip-flop I'll be looking forward to seeing, in the event it might come around, since as you know, I love to ask, "How good can it get?"   :-)


I Searched for the cornucopia at Fruit of the Loom
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

I am qualified to give you the answer about the Fruit of the Loom cornucopia. I was a graphic designer at Fruit of the Loom corporate for several years. Anyway, being Mandela Effected for most of my life (before I knew what it or reality shifting was), I found it ironic when Fruit of the Loom hired me, and privately I looked all over the building and old files for residue of the cornucopia. In this reality, it does not exist, at least in corporate headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are old images framed on the walls, paintings of baskets of fruit or fruit lying around, but NO cornucopia. I looked. Every old image and previous logo we had on file, I looked, no trace of a cornucopia. That said, I DO remember there being a cornucopia, when I was a little girl. So, it was very weird for me to find absolutely no residue while I worked at corporate. I did try, and thought you might find my story interesting because I was a Mandela Effected person working directly with the logos and branding of a company with a hugely popular Mandela Effect.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, thanks so much for writing to me about your experience working at Fruit of the Loom and seeking but not finding any kind of sign of there having been a cornucopia at some point.  That is really interesting that there was some art depicting baskets of fruit, but no cornucopias.  That fits the overall pattern of most such reality shifts, since typically the only thing we get to keep from other realities are our memories of them.  Sometimes, based on someone's memory, some piece of art or something might be created based on their memory that no longer matches existing current historical records.  This is really wonderful that you did all that behind-the-scenes investigative work, even though it must have felt frustrating to not find anything in your search.

coffee mug
coffee mug
My Coffee Mugs Changed

I just wanted to share another Mandela with you. This morning I was surprised to find images on the inside of my coffee mugs that have never been there before. I've had the mugs at least two years and they most definitely always  had plain white interiors. I was about to sip my coffee when I first noticed, and my relex action was to suddenly stop as I thought there was a foreign body in my drink! I laughed when I saw the image and realised it was a Mandela Effect. I checked the other mugs I had from the same designer and they had images inside too. See the photos. Have you had anything recently? I'm never scared about Mandela's, and always find them fun, and sometimes amusing. I'm so glad you found your eyeglasses. I asked my higher self about the mugs and she said it was because I'd switched timelines. I asked if I was on a higher frequency timeline and she said yes. I love the Mandela effects and hope to see more.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing these pictures of the noteworthy interior mug artwork that recently showed up out of the blue for you--how amazing!  I love your reaction of laughing, once the initial shock subsided that there might have been some extra surprise substance in your coffee mug!  And how striking that all of your mugs made by that same mug designer switched from being plain white on the inside to each having their own unique interior mini artwork--I love it! A couple of days ago, I found some eyeglasses that had gone missing two months ago--and they showed up under a chair on the carpet in the living room, where I'd checked and vacuumed many times in the course of those two months.  This was a classic disappeared/reappeared type of reality shift, which was especially startling because those glasses had been lost while out and about at an appointment and the grocery store. Phone calls to the places visited turned up empty at the time.  We had been recently thinking about those missing glasses, and feeling it would be great if they might show up some time.  And then they did!

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Santa Claus
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell not divorced
Bothell, Washington, USA

I saw Kurt Russell in his new Santa movie tonight. At the end of the movie, Goldie Hawn shows up as Mrs. Santa Claus. After the movie, I say to my husband, "I wonder if they got back together in real life.” I had heard they had gotten a divorce but remained friends, years and years ago. In the present, what shows with a Google search is that they have been together for over 40 years, and that they have never married. I recall at the time, I was sad to hear about the divorce, somewhere between 1995-2010 in timeframe. I'm glad they are together in this timeline. Thank You for everything, this one came 'right out of the blue.'

Note from Cynthia: That's really interesting that you remember that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell went through a divorce; I can totally relate to how confusing it must have seemed to hear that not only have they not been divorced, but they've never even (yet) been married to one another!  While I don't happen to remember those two ever having been married or divorced, I've got a hunch that you're likely not the only one who remembers this other possible reality where they did both. Thanks so much for sharing this!

2022 International Mandela Effect Conference Golden
Korean Fairy Tale Changed
Washington, USA

Remember the Korean folktale about the fairy and the wood cutter that I shared with you, where there now is a 'new' version, with an ending that my husband and I do not recall? Well, I found a website where this story is translated in English, and a video showing the story in English, and it is not the version that we remember hearing for many years, most all of our lives. Yet now, this version of the fairy tale is supposedly the way it has always been told. The original version that my husband and I remember is with a different ending. In the version of this fairy that we remember, the fairy takes her children up to heaven with her, and the woodcutter is left to himself. We don't remember him going to heaven and coming back to Earth to visit with his mother. Mandela effect is happening everywhere. I hope Koreans will catch on, too. Maybe this story will help?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Korean folk story about the fairy and the lumberjack.  How interesting that in this currently accurate historical version, the lumberjack is able to re-join his fairy bride. Whereas, you and your husband clearly remember that ending had never been part of this fairytale story that you had heard so many times before.  This is such a wonderful example of the Mandela Effect, where it is quite likely that many Korean people remember this fairy tale the same way that you do, with the fairy returning to her people, and her husband not being able to re-join her, even for a little while. For those of us who like to contemplate possible meaning and messages in some of these Mandela Effects, I find this “new” current historically correct version of the fairy tale to be quite refreshing and heartening, since it gives me the feeling that it is possible for these two—the husband and his fairy bride—to be together, even for a little while. There seems to be some degree of miraculous hope that has been added to this Korean folk tale in such a beautiful way.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hello Cynthia,
I'm watching your video on Lucid Dreaming. I'm 53, and have seen the Fruit of the Loom logo with a goat horn many, many times growing up. It was always a better quality T-shirt, that didn't change shape. Maybe they removed the little goat horn from the design because it doesn't look 'nice' or 'vegan' or whatever. It really was like that—no way all these independent people thought of the exact same logo that never existed. If that was the case, there would be billions of 'imagined' variations. Anyway, asking a current member of staff who could be only 20 years old about it, is pointless as they surely won't remember! And it's likely made in China, so they never had the original logo.

Hi, Wendy!
Thanks for sharing your memories of the 'goat horn' as part of the Fruit of the Loom logo from many years ago, back when you were growing up.  Yes, I share your recollection of the horn having a bit of a "goat horn" look to it, now that you mention it!  And yes, those Fruit of the Loom T-shirts were of consistently good quality.  Your line of reasoning regarding the significance of the Mandela Effect involving the Fruit of the Loom logo is well stated, and dovetails beautifully with the work of the University of Chicago researchers.  They experimentally confirmed that when study participants were either asked to sketch what they remembered for various Mandela Effects, or select the correct image from a line-up, in both such cases, people consistently chose the Mandela Effect image (such as the Fruit of the Loom logo with cornucopia, instead of fruit on a platter or plate).  And yes, there do appear to be generational differences in noted Mandela Effects, such that what is familiar and remembered for some is not so well recognized by others who grew up in different decades.
lots of love,


Cynthia Sue Larson quote
Dear Cynthia,
Thanks, Cynthia Sue, especially for this, “Before any such clearing takes place, the key underlying concept is that it is possible to select the quality of thoughts and feelings at every point in time and space. This is something we humans have freedom to choose, regardless of outer circumstance, and it is one of the most powerful rights we can exercise. This is much more than a legal right—this is a universal right to ensure our own quality of mental, emotional, and spiritual peace and harmony. Thanks to maintaining such inner peace, stillness, and calm, I have been able to retain a sense of equanimity even through the most difficult and challenging experiences in my life.”

Thank you, dear Virginia!
That was the most heartfelt, inspired part of my November message in RealityShifters.  Here is a photo I took during my most recent "dark night of the soul" from a couple of years ago, of the sun rising as a thunder storm rumbled overhead.  I put these words on the photo, since that time in my life and these words seem to me to go together so perfectly.
With love and thanks and blessings,


Hi, Cynthia!
I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for your How Good Can It Get song! That's so awesome--I hope you guys win. And I also want to confirm that NO. The Fruit of the Loom logo did indeed have a cornucopia in it! I'm putting my little foot down on this one, man. (hahaha)
The answer is no.

Dear Alicia,
Thank you so much for sharing that you are certain there used to be a cornucopia on that Fruit of the Loom logo! I'm running a survey/poll at both YouTube and Twittter--and over on Twitter, I just got a response from Fruit of the Loom, saying "We cannot confirm nor deny"
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
Just FYI - I do remember learning of the term conucopia for the first time after becoming familar with seeing it all the time on the Fruit of the Loom logo. I also recall the television ad in which silly people dressed as fruit were coming out of one.

Dear Georgie,
Thanks so much for sharing with me that you so clearly remember that you learned what a cornucopia is, thanks to having seen it frequently on the Fruit of the Loom logo--and you remember that TV ad, too, with people coming out of a cornucopia!  You're certainly not the only one with such memories!
lots of love and thanks,


Hi, Cynthia,
I know you're busy and I don't expect a reply to a direct message but I wanted to let you know that this is an alternate for me. I specifically checked the world population one year ago and it was 7.3 billion. today apparently the 8 billionth person has been born on Earth. This is not my world. and there have been several mandala effects that are very personal to me but probably not to many other people such as the one referred to in my previous email to you regarding the Mustang. anyway this is probably one that is shared by many people the population of Earth is different in this reality.  Have a nice day.

Dear Jon,
Thanks for letting me know that you specifically checked the world population last year, and it was 7.3 billion.  Wow, that's really amazing that you have such a clear memory of that, yet apparently one year ago supposedly the world population was higher, closer to 7.8 billion.  I appreciate your taking the time to share this memory of what appears to be a different reality.
with love and blessings,


Hi, Cynthia,
I’ve been watching many YouTube videos and reading some stuff on the internet about reality shifting. You say to keep asking “how good can it get” but what do you mean by that? Can you elaborate and also give a specific example of how to do that in a situation. Would it be correct to say, when you ask “how good can it get?”, it’s a way to focus on the positives instead of looking at the “reality” that’s happening in front of you? I’m kind of going through a mid-life crisis right now and I’m feeling some regret about where I am in life right now around my career and finances. So I will ask myself the question of “how good can it get?” about my future and try to take an optimistic outlook. Also, I want to further dive into reality shifting and I’ve just started reading your Quantum Jumps book, but what is the potential? Could I literally create or shift to any “reality” that I want?

Dear Kei,
Thanks so much for writing to me with this question.  I encourage you to explore what you are feeling when thinking thoughts--and questions--that you have in mind throughout the day.  This question is meant to be personal to each person asking it, such that what each person is focused on, based on genuine, authentic interests, is very much part of what is felt when thinking about this question. There are many possible levels to this question, and many ways to make it either more general (how good can it get for all concerned) or more specific (how good can specific details get for specific individuals).  What matters most is the authentic depth and content of how you genuinely feel--that is the conversation you are engaging in with the cosmos when asking "How good can it get?" I most often utilize this question when I start most days with the heartfelt longing to know how good this day can get--for all concerned.  I also long to know how good I can get--with a desire to be my best possible self in the day.  I most often utilize this question as the start of my day, in a form of focus of attention and intention for the day.  Sometimes, if I get any sense of unease or dread, I remember to ask, "How good can it get?" despite that situation looking disturbing or threatening to me initially. Asking "How good can it get?" provides us with opportunities to refocus our attention away from dwelling on what seems to be wrong, with awareness on  blessings, magic, and miracles that can seem to start increasing when we direct our attention to seek and find them in our daily lives.  This question can assist us in adopting a more grateful, more reverent appreciation of life, which provides us with a foundation which best supports experiencing profoundly positive reality shifts, and synchronicity.  The more fully we adopt such 'miracle-mindedness,' the more fully we can experience miraculous quantum jumps in our lives. We can each experience any 'reality' that our high selves know is optimal alignment with our authentic needs (guided by our subconscious) as well as what we truly most love (known in our hearts) and what the intentions that we visualize (such as affirmations).  To the degree that we are in harmonious alignment within ourselves, such that what we visualize is alignment with what we love and what we need, while maintaining an optimal state of miracle-mindedness, we can truly experience any reality that is thus accessible.
with love and blessings,



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