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Reality Shift News - December 1999

Welcome to Reality Shift News -- the monthly newsletter that helps you shift reality so all your favorite dreams can come true!

Reality shifts are the changes we create with our thoughts and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting... as well as changes in the way we experience time. The Reality Shifts web site discusses the physical and spiritual principles behind the change points at the source of synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers:


Holiday Shopping with Reality Shifts

I had a couple of exciting and useful reality shifts the other day while I was shopping for gifts for my daughters at a "superstore". This superstore had aisles devoted to each kind of toy, such as baby toys, Barbies, games, action figures, and so forth. I carried a list of toys my daughters were requesting as I shopped, but hadn't looked at it since all my attention was focused on the dazzling quantities of toys! I spent several minutes just walking up and down the aisles, looking at row after row of Barbie dolls and accessories in amazement at how many different kinds of Barbies there are. As I walked past one particular display, I did a double-take as one section of the aisle seemed to be wall-papered with the same item appearing again and again and again. I wondered to myself, "Why would this store place the same item repeatedly like that?" -- and then continued walking along the aisle, looking down at my shopping list. I was stunned to see that the exact same item my daughter had requested was the one that was appearing again and again and again on down the aisle! I spun around and walked quickly back --- to find that there was now only ONE toy box of that toy... placed up high on the shelf where moments before there had been at least four or five of them!

The second reality shift was equally impressive to me, although more of the kind I've become accustomed to experiencing since I've noticed that yes, indeed -- reality does shift! I was still in the superstore, shopping for toys on my list, when I was delighted to see one of the toys I most needed to get was right there in front of me! The odd thing about this toy was that there weren't any more of them, nor was there even a shelf space for the item. It was one of a kind, as if it was there just because I needed it and was there to buy it!

When I feel like I need a little extra help finding what I need when I'm shopping, I've found that simply being aware of reality shifts and realizing that they are greatly enhanced whenever I feel maximally loving and loved can be all I need!

Shifting Reality for the Millenium

Most of us have given some thought about our hopes and fears for the new year... especially in light of all the media coverage and public concern regarding Y2K. Now is an excellent time to consider what kind of Millenial transition you need most. You can also join thousands of people worldwide who will be praying and meditating for peace and love as we enter the year 2000... taking a few moments to feel gratitude for everything in this world we love most. Our thoughts and feelings will be felt around the world!

Reality Shifting Exercise

Each monthly issue of Reality Shifts News presents an idea you can put to immediate reality shifting use. This month's thought is inspired by the question:

"What do I need most in my life today?"

This deceptively simple question provides you with insights into your needs right here, right now. Listen for the answer that comes straight from your heart... the one that feels most true for you.

This exercise helps focus intentions, while clearing away conflicting thoughts and feelings.

When I've meditated on this question every day, I've been surprised to find that whatever I wish for comes true almost instantaneously... especially when what I wished for was something I could BE rather than something I could HAVE. I also noticed a progression of things I wished for... as I slowly but surely zeroed in on what I absolutely cannot live without.

If you'd like to try out other reality shifting exercises, use this hot link to click your way to the Reality Shifting Exercises page:


Stein Online Interview

Eliot Stein interviewed me on his STEIN ONLINE show on November 17, which you can listen to at your leisure in the next 90 days after first installing the RealPlayer 7 (available free from www.real.com), and then clicking on the November 17, 1999 show on the Stein Online web page at:


Eliot and I discussed many aspects of the reality shifts phenomenon. We talked about how synchronicity and coincidence are the downstream effects we notice after reality shifts, what science says about reality shifts, whether animals experience reality shifts, how religions discuss reality shifts, several reality shift examples from the Reality Shifts web site, and two of Eliot Stein's personal experiences involving reality shifts... including one that he had never told anyone about since it happened forty years ago!

I hope you get a chance to listen to this interview in sometime in the next three months. I love to listen to Eliot Stein's shows while I'm doing other things on the computer, or paying bills, or folding the laundry.

More Reality Shift Stories

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me with your reality shift experiences... your stories are an inspiration to us all! The new stories include one in which money (bills and coins) materialized in a man's hands as he paid for his gas at a gas station; a story about a woman who found her grandmother's heirloom ring a month after losing it; and a story of a beautiful grapefruit appearing for a woman who was craving grapefruit.

I encourage you to read these inspirational reality shifting stories and more at:


Book Reviews

Everyone interested in finding books related to reality shifts will be thrilled to know that book reviews for Fred Alan Wolf's THE DREAMING UNIVERSE and THE EAGLE'S QUEST, Dr. Larry Dossey's REINVENTING MEDICINE and Brian Greene's THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE are now available on the Reality Shifts Book Reviews web page at:


You can click on the book icon pictures on this web page, and go directly to Amazon.com, where you can read more book reviews and even purchase the books online. I will continue adding more book reviews on a regular basis, so feel free to check back often!

Third Age Chat

The first chat session for Reality Shifts in the Third Age Paranormal chat room with host Heather Langley was stimulating and fun, and involved about fifteen chatters. We talked about what reality shifts are, how I got interested in the subject after witnessing reality shifting around me, and some examples of reality shifts. We had a lively conversation, and plan to schedule another reality shifts chat sometime soon.


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