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Reality Shifts News - February 2000

Welcome to Reality Shift News! Reality shifts are changes we create with our thoughts and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting... as well as changes in the way we experience time.


In This February Issue:

(1) How Do You Shift Reality?
(2) An Experiment with Releasing Wishes
(3) More Reality Shifting Stories
(4) Planet Lightworker Interview
(5) FUTURE MEMORY Book Review
(6) Wonderful Web Sites
(7) Please Share this Message


(1) How Do You Shift Reality?
Take the Reality Shifts Survey and Find Out!

The first-ever survey to collect information on how people observe reality shift is underway, with more than 100 people responding so far. Thanks to each and every one of you who are participating! I plan to publish the survey results in an upcoming Reality Shifts News letter, and on the Reality Shifts web site.

This survey will remain open to receiving new responses until 200 responses have been received, at which time a random drawing will be held to select three people who will receive $10 Amazon.com gift certificates. If you haven't yet completed this survey, please consider doing so to help us better understand the way people think and feel about experiencing reality shifts. You can find it at:


If your browser doesn't work at this web site, I'll be happy to send you an email version of the survey for you to complete and return to me.

(2) Reality Shifting Exercise:
An Experiment with Releasing Wishes

Have you ever wondered whether the wishes you make and forget about come true more often than those that you make and think about often? You can find out which kind of wishing is most effective for you by participating in this fun, easy exercise.

The idea of this exercise is to document the wishes you make on a daily basis by writing them down in a journal every day. Don't peek back at previous days, because it's important for the success of this exercise to actually forget about many of your wishes! You'll find that some things you wish for you simply can't forget, and that's fine.

After a few weeks have passed, read the earlier entries in your journal where you started writing down your wishes, and note which wishes have come true. Make a note as you read your wishes which ones you forgot about, and which ones you kept thinking about. If you can't readily determine any difference between wishes you forgot about and wishes you remembered -- or if you couldn't remember or couldn't forget any wishes, start the exercise over again. Hopefully you'll be able to notice what kind of wishing works best for you. If you'd like to share your experience with this (or any other) reality shift exercise, write back to me at cynthia@2xtreme.net.

If you'd like to try out other reality shifting exercises, visit the Reality Shifting Exercises page: http://home.thirdage.com/Spirituality/realityshifter/Exercises.html

(3) More Reality Shifting Stories

This month, we have three new reality shift stories from Long Island, New York and Trinity, North Carolina. Mary Ellen describes how she found a screw was missing from a drawer handle in her daughter's room, and tells what happened when she left the room and came back a short while later. Cheryl shares the story of how her father became sick with tuberculosis, and was told by his doctors that he had only six more months to live -- when something amazing happened. Cheryl also shares the story of how her keys were locked inside a house miles away from where she needed them most -- when reality shifted. Read these inspirational stories and more at: http://home.thirdage.com/Spirituality/realityshifter/yourstories.html

(4) Planet Lightworker Interview

Leslie Ann Garrison interviewed me recently for the Planet Lightworker online magazine, and we discussed the phenomenon of reality shifts. Check it out today at: http://www.planetlightworker.com/articlefarm/cynthialarson/article1.htm

(5) Book Review: FUTURE MEMORY
by PMH Atwater

Do you wonder what it's like to remember the future? How would it feel to remember events from both your future and your past? PMH Atwater's book, FUTURE MEMORY presents compelling evidence and a fascinating explanation of the future memory phenomenon, where people prelive future experiences while still active and functional in present time.

See full reviews of this and other books relevant to reality shifts at: http://home.thirdage.com/Spirituality/realityshifter/Reviews.html

(6) Wonderful Web Sites
New Places to Explore on the Internet

P.M.H. Atwater is one of the original researchers of the near-death phenomenon, and the author of COMING BACK TO LIFE, BEYOND THE LIGHT, FUTURE MEMORY, CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, and GODDESS RUNES.


Vidette Todaro-Franceschi writes about her book, THE ENIGMA OF ENERGY, "Viewing energy as one phenomenon explains why all things are relative, why everything complements everything else, why uncertainty and unpredictability underlie our reality. It's because the one is always changing, always becoming, never standing still. How could any one thing be absolute, certain or predictable, when it never stands still?"

Are you feeling sad and lost? Did you lose someone, something? Good Grief Rituals is about tools and rituals for dealing with change and loss. We all need to grieve. "People who take the time to grieve are much more present in the world and more filled with joy and contentment", says Elaine Childs Gowell, author of GOOD GRIEF RITUALS.

A web site for an alternative thought group and speakers forum for the San Francisco Bay Area.

The website for a publicly supported foundation dedicated to the scientific research of consciousness and healing through prayer using experimental tests.

(7) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them! To unsubscribe, reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Reality Shift News is published by Cynthia Sue Larson, author, researcher, speaker, and teacher on the subject of reality shifts. Cynthia Sue Larson provides information as a service without warranty of any kind, and accepts no consequences of its use.


(c) 2000 Cynthia Sue Larson - All rights reserved.