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RealityShifters News - February 2002
-- the realityshifters.com ezine --
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Manifesting What You Love the Most

Love is my favorite way to bring more of what I enjoy into my life. Since February is the month to celebrate love, this issue of RealityShifters News is devoted to manifesting what you love most.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a Master of Manifestation, you can bring more of what you most love into your life by making time to feel gratitude. When you nourish your emotions of appreciation and thankfulness and let them wash all over you, you strengthen the lines of energy that exist between you and what you love, bringing you closer together.

Your observation through feeling gratitude tells the universe, "I LOVE THIS!" which sends ecstatic ripples of delight in all directions from your heart to the farthest reaches of space and time. If you sit still and listen, you can also feel replies come back to you of love and joy.

Don't just take my word for this -- try it out! Spend ten to twenty minutes meditating on "Thank you" for everything you are grateful for. Write down a list of everything you're thankful for in your journal. Then get ready for some wonderful changes to start happening in your life!

love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books & Films That Shift Your Reality
(4) Join in the Discussion
(5) Reality Shifting Award Winners!
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines


(1) Intriguing Articles

by Tom Clarke

And now for something completely different...
particles don't fall smoothly under gravity;
they LURCH!


(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Akron, Ohio

I just want to say again how much I appreciate your newsletter. I always find at least one fascinating item, if not the entire thing! I've looked forward to every single issue these last two years. They've sustained me, and prevented me from thinking I might be losing my mind with some of the unusual things I've experienced. I've been interested in "manifesting" for the past 15 years, usually with very mixed results. Lately, things have been successfully speeding up...

I've been noticing that more and more often when something comes up in conversation with another, that it manifests something very quickly. My individual requests may take a little longer. (And because of this, it's wise to be careful what you may be inadvertently "asking" for.) They happen so often in little ways, that after I record them in my journal, I tend to forget the incident because they are becoming commonplace. This particular happening is a more dramatic example:

I was driving to dinner with a male friend, when the relay panel on this older newly purchased car was acting badly. We noticed that we had to close the door two to three times to get all the lights to come on. With Winter fast approaching, this was going to become a pain. "You need a new relay panel" was the statement of the obvious. After going to an event that night, a stop at an all-night grocery was called for. We stopped at one that was just closing its doors. This precipitated a trip to another side of town. We always manage to manifest everything so conveniently together, like easy access to a good restaurant on a Friday night, a parking spot right across the street from where we need to go, wonderful seats, etc. so I was getting quietly "irritable" that all this was taking a different turn from earlier that evening. I was getting tired.

The trip to the Super-K was fraught with even more inconvenience. Then we took an odd-ball route home, for what reason, I do not know. Sitting at a light with traffic at 1 AM in the morning is highly unusual for where we were. One light changed and we did not make it through the intersection. As the light changed to red and everybody came to a dead halt, the person behind us did not. A police cruiser came by at that exact time also, and looked right at the two men and the bashed rear-end, but did not stop. I was open-mouth flabbergasted, thinking we would need an accident report for insurance purposes. Here this person preferred (and was able) to deal in cash and not involve the insurance company for his own personal reasons. Needless to say, my friend is getting the needed relay panel as part of this minor traffic accident. It's as if we were just cruising around waiting for it to line up to happen! And of course I got some personal tutoring in patience/tolerance concerning how the Universe operates; lessons all around. All I have to do is ask, follow the obvious trail set out, then sit back and watch! This could get to be big fun....

Since I seem to be ready, I'll have to order that one book highlighted in the newsletter and improve these skills natural to everybody - getting things to happen. This part for me has always been more by accident rather than by design, but it looks like that's about to change.

The gentleman flaked on his plan to pay in cash (he'd had some alcohol that evening and his insurance carrier reflected that this was not the first time). But my friend turned it over to his own insurance agent and we even plan a little extra body work for a small rust spot, since it's now become convenient (and less costly). It will be like a new car, only better, and from such a serendipitous experience - no lying or cheating involved or necessary.

As it's fully turned out now, the accident is even more unusual an occurrance. The electrician, while taking the back door apart found two wires that had been touching for some time. Here, this had been the real electrical problem all along. Even if my friend had purchased a new relay panel, as three (3) other electricians had advised, it still wouldn't have worked without finding this short. And without the accident, no one would have thought to look where it was. All the "bells and whistles" work perfectly now, and a new relay panel was never needed in the first place. Truth is stranger than fiction any day!



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Cassie Littlewing

I love your website!! I have had a number of odd experiences over the course of my life. I always thought it was a hazard of being an apprentice shaman, but not many of these events had other people present to corroborate what happened. This event was one of those.

A few weeks after having surgery, I awakened in the morning, and wandered into the kitchen to have breakfast with my son and roommate. I proceeded as though it was a normal day. I wandered into the bathroom to brush my teeth and noticed, when I looked into the mirror, that one of my titanium earrings was missing.

I proceeded to look around everywhere I had been since waking, scouring the floor everywhere I had walked. My roommate asked me what I was doing and I explained about the lost earring. At that point, the search was on. We both looked everywhere we could think of. She helped me retrace my steps, and then took over looking over the floor along the way. I went back to my room to search through my covers, under the pillows, around my bed on the floor and even under it a bit, all to no avail.

I thought it would be wise to take my other earring out lest I lose that one too, so I picked up my earring box and wandered into the living room to sit down and remove my earring and put it away. I placed the box in my purse that sat in the living room between two couches. I then went about my day, looking every once in awhile over places I hadn't thought of before, still trying to find the other earring. Eventually I gave up entirely, and went to bed that night.

I woke up the next morning and wandered into the bathroom. When I washed my hands, I happened to look up in the mirror and found what appeared to be the missing earring in the ear it had disappeared from. I wandered into the living room and said "All right, whose bright idea was this??", pointing to my ear. "Who's playing games with me??" They both feigned ignorance. Kathleen asked me "Didn't you take that earring out and put it away yesterday?" She had seen me do this. "I took an earring out and put it away, but it was in my other ear." I had her hand me my purse so I could look to see if the earring I had put in the box was still there. Lo and behold, it was!!

Aboard an oceanographic ship in the Persian Gulf

While I was stationed on a ship in the Persian Gulf during the war, I had the experience of being "out-voted" about the correct syntax of a computer command which I knew functioned perfectly well just the day before.

A group of less well-informed technicians wandered by, and shared their consensus opinion that I could not possibly get the output I expected using that computer command. Lo and behold, they were right; from that point on, I never could get that syntax to work again. I have come to believe that reality is based on consensus. Proximity is probably relevant, and degree of belief/influence may vary for participants. I suspect that our long isolation as a group may have played a part in that event.

weather station in Hawaii

I witnessed a fellow technician develop animosity toward a particular printer. This fellow carried the printer into our shop and plugged it in, and called everyone together to witness the most unusual behavior.

When he walked more than ten feet from the printer, it would light up and behave as a printer should, then he would take one step toward it, and it would power off. He stepped forward and back at least ten times. Each time, the printer behaved just the way he was convinced it would. I inspected the printer, the work bench and the electrical wiring and found nothing physically wrong with anything. This was no joke. The printer did not fail for anyone but him. I might add that he was a good man, so no one had any reason to doubt that if he said a printer was bad, it was bad. I have never since seen a naughty printer.

Essex, England

I've always been interested in conscious creation, and a part of me has always known about it, yet not always had the right words to use. Your website is yet another way for me to look at it and it's brilliant, so thank you. :-)

I was reading your story about the candle paints, and it really helped me to realize quite a lot, so thank you again for that!

About a year or so ago, when I was in a long distance relationship with a guy I was very much in love with, I was due to drive up to see him after work one day. When I went to find my car keys, I couldn't find them. I was desperate to see him, quite panicky that I might not get to, and concerned because my keys are always put straight in the draw at work.

Anyway, I calmed a little when I called my sister and she said I could take her car. So that was that, I still hadn't found my own keys and I wasn't too worried... just getting to see my man was my priority at the time! When I got back, and still couldn't find my keys at work, I started to get quite worried. I didn't have a spare set anywhere, and knew it was going to cost me a lot to get someone down to give me a new key. Money I didn't have!

I got myself worked up into a real state, and my friend at work, Laura, had to do all the work due to my worrying. Anyway, Laura was sitting in front of me on one of those swivel chairs when I finally gave in, sat on my chair, and leaned back in defeat. I relaxed instantly (almost like I resigned myself to the inevitable, I'd have to find the money etc.), and the second I relaxed and accepted, in the darkness of my eyes being closed I saw my keys in my head. I opened my eyes and there they were, right in the line of my eyesight down the back of Laura's chair. I swear they must have just appeared there. And as I reached out to grab them, just my hand going near them jogged them to the floor. Laura and I move those chairs about all the time, so I can't see how they had been there for days without falling off.

Owens Valley, California

An example adds synergy by intuition and guidance to the channeling page. This is the story of an aqua hood. On September 26, 1992, I was driving south down the Owens Valley on highway 395. I was between the high Sierra mountains on the right and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest in the White mountains on my left. I was in deep grief, having lost my son two days ago. I was on my way up to somewhere high where I could be near the bristlecone pine trees.

Suddenly my attention was vividly alert. I felt a turquoise color surrounding me with a soft yet springy, 1-inch thick, tufty aura. It was a healing energy hovering about 1 inch away from from my body all around. I felt comforted and protected and soothed. What a blessing. At about that time my daughter was across the continent in New York City, buying a present. The next day she came and gave it to me - a turquoise hood of thick mohair that looked exactly like the energy I had felt. It is on the background of my web page:

Did the spirit of my son play a part? Who was the originator? Did I create it from my deep grief? Did I pick up on my daughter's intention? Did she see the hood as my vision? With connections we experience the synergy but not always the cause and effect relationships. Words like coincidence and synchronicity apply.

(3) Books & Films that Shift Your Reality

There are more than 50 book reviews posted at realityshifters.com. Thank you for ordering books from the realityshifters site, and supporting the costs of distributing this ezine. Check out some of the best books to help you better understand reality shifts at:


and see a page of twelve films including The Matrix, Lathe of Heaven, Sliding Doors, La Jetee, Somewhere in Time, Frequency, Groundhog Day and Fire Tripper that will rock your reality at:


All I See

All I See Is Part of Me
by Chara M. Curtis, Cynthia Aldrich

A Picture Book About Non-Duality

ALL I SEE IS PART OF ME is written for the child in each of us who longs to feel a sense of wonder and mystery. It conveys the idea of being at one with all that is -- with the plants, animals, people, Earth, sun, moon, and stars. This story is told as a poem with beautiful full-color illustrations on every page to accompany its lyrical prose. This book is a keeper -- one that you'll be glad to have on the bookshelf long after your little ones have grown up and moved out!

Cell Phones

An Insider's Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage
by Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram

Read what the cellular phone companies don't want you to know.
This book documents the risk of brain tumors, genetic damage, and the disproportional risk to children of wireless technologies. Carlo, a medical epidemiologist, was hired by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) to direct its $25 million study on the risks of cell phone usage. Carlo didn't end up finding the results the industry expected, and was fired and discredited.

Caring in Remembered Ways

Caring in Remembered Ways: The Fruit of Seeing Deeply
by Maggie Steincrohn Davis

Wise Words of Loving Kindness

CARING IN REMEMBERED WAYS is the kind of book I reach for when I crave nourishing insights during trying times in my life. Maggie Steincrohn Davis' book about loving and caring for ourselves and others is true food for the soul, written like poetry. Thirty-one graceful entries gently serve up tasty morsels of ancient wisdom (such as how to see from the heart, or face times when loved ones are dying) alongside a garnish of amusing and heart-warming personal anecdotes. I love the way Maggie understands all the subtle nuances of care-giving, and the ways love can reach through any situation, when we imagine it can. She writes, "Only by reaching 'beyond-the-beyond' of people -- behind their eyes, back of their pain, beneath their blaming and irritation and fussing -- do we make a path to the best in them. Treating someone with compassion who does not treat us well in return might be our fullest offering of love, as well as our own greatest relief during the daily rounds of vigilance and giving." In this book, every sentence feels like a prayer and a meditation on love and compassion. As I read each comforting entry, I find myself feeling like I'm back in the warm, sunny days of my childhood -- snugly wrapped by my mother in a fluffy towel after a warm bath. CARING IN REMEMBERED WAYS can help brighten and warm even the darkest, coldest days in one's life. It's the ideal pick-me-up for anyone who grows weary of caring for and nurturing others, and even oneself.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine
by Donna Eden

Essential Energy Healing Reference Book

Donna Eden's book, ENERGY MEDICINE, is a priceless addition to any energy healer's book shelves. In simple language with clear illustrations, Eden outlines ways to release stress, restore energies, escape the grip of fear, concentrate in the midst of fear and stress, feel joyful more often, overcome digestive problems, mend broken arms and legs, overcome nervousness, calm people (and yourself), relieve arthritic pain, relieve muscle cramps, relieve low back pain, and regain control when feeling hysterical. I would be thrilled with any book that so clearly outlines techniques for helping people with such a wide variety of ailments, aches and pains, but ENERGY MEDICINE goes several steps further. Eden describes the body's energy meridians, chakra balancing, and how to do the "celtic weave". As Eden explains, "The Celtic weave, as an energy system, laces through all your other energy systems and creates a resonance among them. It is the weaver of your force fields. It holds your entire energetic structure together. As an exercise, you use the Celtic weave to pulse your aura's energies outward and to strengthen them. The exercise also connects all your energies together so they operate as a single web. Touch one strand, anywhere, and your whole system reverberates in harmony." I love the way ENERGY MEDICINE includes a vast assortment of fascinating real-life stories of energy healings that Donna Eden has been involved in, including her own recovery from being bitten by a poisonous insect in Fiji. The shamans in Fiji treated Donna for her bite by burying her up to her neck in sand for long stretches several times over a two day period, believing the toxins would be drained into the sand. Donna recovered her full health in Fiji, and shortly thereafter began her studies of energy healing. I highly recommend ENERGY MEDICINE to anyone with an interest in energy healing. Experienced energy healers and novices can all find much of great value in this essential reference book.

Capturing the Aura

Capturing the Aura: Integrating Science, Technology & Metaphysics
by C.E. Lindgren

Mapping the Human Aura

Contributing author Julia Melges Jablonski writes in CAPTURING THE AURA, "Traditional science typically stands at the edge of the known world and tries to move into new territory using 'maps' of the already-conquered territory as guides. This scientific approach tends to blind them to the potential scope of the vast unknown territory ahead. Non-traditional researchers, inventors, and thinkers, on the other hand, tend to use a 'plane' to fly into the wilderness and then work their way back, and in the process, they create the maps for the less daring to follow after them." Our knowledge of the human aura, subtle energy bodies, nadis, chakras, and acupuncture meridians has historically resided primarily with those guides we entrust to inform us: energy healers, shamans, lightworkers, mystics, priests, and others. Only in relatively recent years has modern-day technology allowed everyday people to begin to view the aura in much the same way that these spiritual masters have been seeing it for years. CAPTURING THE AURA describes a variety of imaging techniques, such as kirlian photography, full-body imaging, and interactive imaging, as well as providing useful information about auric sight, breath techniques, qi, and the emotions that accompany various auric colors. What I love most about CAPTURING THE AURA is the way the contributing authors each share their own areas of experience after they've "flown their planes into the wilderness and worked their way back" -- thereby providing readers with invaluable maps we can put together into a bigger picture. This book contains one of the best compilations of modern-day knowledge concerning seeing and understanding the human aura with contributions from: C.E. Lindgren, Blythe Arakawa, Jacques Beauchamp, Robert Bruce, Fritjof Capra, Guy Coggins, Ruby K. Corder, Janice Dye, Gerald Owen Grow, Arnold Keyserling, Ralph Losey, William T. McClellan, Rosalee Elizabeth McCurdy, Susana Madden, Andrine Morse, Buryl Payne, Margo von Phul, Chip Weston, and Richard Bernard Wigley.

Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation: Master the Ancient Art of Relaxation & Enlightenment
by Susan G. Shumsky

Blazing New Trails to Eastern Wisdom

Susan Shumsky's book goes one step further than claiming to be great for beginners -- it truly delivers. Offering meditation for the meditatively challenged, yoga exercises for couch potatoes, karma for skeptics, prayer for the faithless and enlightenment for the ignorant -- EXPLORING MEDITATION blazes new trails into eastern philosophy that almost anyone can easily master. Written in a clear, descriptive, straightforward style, this book opens the doors to understanding non-duality, chakras, ESP (extra-sensory perception), karma, yoga, meditation, intuition, healing, vedas, gunas, and spirit. I personally most enjoy reading the sections on how to trouble-shoot one's meditation problems. Have you ever intended to meditate, but kept finding the same tedious thoughts racing through your mind? How about the problem of listening carefully, but not getting any clear messages? Susan Shumsky answers all these questions and more with grace and aplomb. Have you longed for a "Do-Nothing" method of meditation? Would you like to learn the art of yogic breathing, and discover how grace overcomes karma? Are you ready to become spiritually street-smart? Are you interested in learning what we are made of and how we fit into the cosmos? Do you want to discover the personal aspects of your divine, higher self? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you'll definitely get a lot out of this book.


Would you like to discuss teleportation and reality shifts? Share your ideas with us at the realityshifters group at yahoo. We'd love to hear from you!


(5) Reality Shifting Award Winners!

I am proud to announce the first winners of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of excellent web sites which demonstrate excellence in content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

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(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

See what's new with the Princeton Global Consciousness Project

The JLN Labs web site is dedicated to the search of Free-Energy solutions and new generation of space-propulsion systems

David Feinstein and Donna Eden's powerful programs that empower the body and cultivate the spirit

Suzanne Taylor is the "transformational strategist" who founded Mighty Companions. Her WebRadio show, Making Sense of These Times, reports on the work-in-progress of co-creation.

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