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February 2016
Issue #197

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Love Your Life

"To be beautiful means to be yourself.
You don’t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself."
― Thich Nhat Hanh

One way to feel greater joy and enthusiasm in life is enjoy the work you do.

I recently read an article in Pacific Standard magazine that summarized findings from recent surveys suggesting there are health benefits for people who are doing the kind of work they find to be uniquely fulfilling. One of the more fascinating points made in this article, Follow Your Bliss: You’ll Regret It if You Don’t, is that an occupational calling goes beyond mere employment to provide meaning in a person's life, which then becomes part of his or her integrated sense of self and contributes to a sense of elevated well-being. While those who don't expect much from their job beyond a paycheck may satisfy the need for meaning elsewhere, people who feel a sense of having an occupational calling feel measurably better to listen to that calling, and make career moves accordingly.

When people first feel a sense of calling, sometimes the specifics aren’t completely clear—yet clues can be found in trying out being productive in providing different types of service. Just as you won’t know your favorite foods unless you sample a variety of dishes, you won’t know what kinds of work you might enjoy unless you at least imagine yourself doing different kinds of jobs. You can tell you’re on the right track when you notice that you’d feel happy to do a certain kind of work even if you didn’t get paid for it—though obviously it’s optimal to receive economic compensation for what you do.

There are a few different paths one can take to live a life they love. For those who feel fulfilled outside of their work—through connections with family, friends, and community—further developing these parts of life can prove tremendously rewarding. For those who have found their calling, finding ways to expand the more enjoyable parts of the job will bring great satisfaction. And for those in the process of moving into their calling while keeping their ‘day job,’ it helps to be resilient while trying things out until finding how to make the jump into living the life of your dreams.

Something to keep in mind is that new careers are being created all the time, and you can also create your very own career based on your strengths and interests. In the Forbes list of 10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago, we get a feeling for new career trends with such relatively new jobs as: App Developer, Market Research Data Miner, Educational Consultants, Millennial Generational Expert, Social Media Manager, Chief Listening Manager, Sustainability Expert, and Cloud Computing Services Professional.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can move into living a life you love with help from my intuitive and spiritual life coaching, I’d love for you to contact me at:
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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "... with your loving and non-judgmental help, I crossed the threshold from the world of victimization to the world of redemption and grace; a place where all wounds are healed and where all things are possible; a place where all things exist and do not exist--at the same time! I deeply appreciate your "midwifery" expertise that helped me to trust the initiation and unfolding of this process. Many blessings to you and all that you do."
      -- Dea

(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

I would love to see or hear from you if you can make it to my upcoming events!

10 Mar 2016
7-9 pm Santa Rosa IONS Talk
Lomitas School House, 2421 Lomitas Ave, Santa Rosa, CA
Experience the Wonders of Quantum Logic in the New Quantum Age
At this dawn of the new Quantum Age, with the advent of new quantum computers, a paradigm shift in what we consider "logical" is underway. In the 1860s, Boolean logic provided the structural framework by which classical computers envisioned by Charles Babbage could be operated in accordance with ideas of materialistic determinism. The notions of reducing all statements to being either true or false, working through problems and possibilities with truth tables, and ignoring the "excluded middle," are central to Boolean logic and classical computers of the last hundred years--yet inadequate for operating quantum computers in the future. New findings from the fields of cognitive science and quantum information theory suggest that our previous idea of what is "logical" has been overly simplified. There is merely a special case of the fundamental quantum logic that is now being found to be the dominant fundamental logic of the natural world. Unlike classical Boolean logic gates, quantum logic gates allow for forward and backward movement through time, with allowances for interconnectedness through entanglement, and with the requirement that every finite system contains infinite amounts of information. Examples of ways that human cognition appears to operate in accordance with quantum logic will be provided, along with numerous other examples of primacy of quantum logic in the natural world.

Cruise into Spirit 2016
Cruise into Spirit 2016

15-22 Oct 2016
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas
Cruise into Spirit with me in the Eastern Caribbean!

Imagine how good it can get when you set sail on a cruse with me, Cynthia Sue Larson, and dozens of respected spiritual teachers on the "Cruise Into Spirit" Seminar-at-Sea! We’ll weigh anchor from Ft. Lauderdale next October 15th, visiting tropical ports including Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten through the 22nd of October 2016 on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas. Royal Caribbean is my favorite cruise line, and I love enjoying time between ports of call out by the pool, and on past Royal Caribbean cruises I’ve enjoyed
    eating soft serve ice cream by the pool, and watching flying fish dancing between surf and spray!
Now is the perfect time to book your reservation; remember that we feel happiest when investing our time, money and attention in experiences, much more than things; and feeling good about the future boosts happiness substantially, too. When you put these together with enjoying interesting ideas, places, activities, and people, you've got "Cruise into Spirit," which sets sail in the Caribbean just over a year from now. Please mention my name, "Cynthia Sue Larson" when registering for seven days of pampering your mind, body, and spirit in gorgeous surroundings!


Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
Would you like to invite your friends to attend a talk or workshop in your home or for your group? Some local groups have been amazed at the breadth and depth of information I present, and the way I engage with audience participation. If you live in Northern California and are interested in finding out how to organize such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
Cynthia's schedule of events for this year is posted online at:

(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

John Cramer

A Quantum Handshake with John Cramer
Cynthia Sue Larson talks with John Cramer about his new book, The Quantum Handshake, presenting his transactional interpretation model involving a quantum “handshake” through time. John explains how his transactional interpretation clarifies otherwise baffling experimental scientific results, and presents new ways of better understanding quantum theory, shedding new light on the mysteries of entanglement, non-locality, and wave collapse. John G. Cramer is a Professor Emeritus, Physics, at the University of Washington in Seattle, who served as Director of the University of Washington Nuclear Physics Laboratory. John is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Physical Society (APS), was Chair of the APS/DNP Nuclear Science Resources Committee, and served on the APS Panel on Public Affairs. He presently serves on the External Council of the NIAC innovative-projects program of NASA.
You can listen to this audio interview at:


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

A Quantum Jump to a Totally Different Part of the Building
Virginia, USA

I am a 48 year old male and retired Marine of 22 years, and I currently work in Virginia. I have had an incredible spiritual awakening that seemed to happen spontaneously beginning back in September 2015. My experiences are very profound and have only increased in complexity and have become tremendously mind blowing. Those details I will leave out because I would like to try to explain a very mind twisting experience that I had the other day while at the large office building where I work. It begins like this: I was taking a stroll around the inner ring nearest the courtyard on the fifth floor to get away from my desk for a few minutes. As I was walking, I noticed someone I recognized coming my direction that I did not particularly care to talk to at the time. I decided to turn left down a corridor that was only a few feet from me to avoid a meeting with this person. The corridor runs the entire length from the inner ring to the outer ring. As I turned to go down the corridor, I walked about twenty feet until I reached the first set of fire stairs. I decided to take the fire stairs down one flight to the fourth floor. I had planned to exit the ladderwell on the fourth floor, turn towards the inner ring and continue my walk on the fourth floor inner ring. As I was walking down the ladderwell, I seemed to have a sense of confusion. I exited the ladderwell. As I opened the door, I became disoriented and couldn't remember which way to turn to get back to the inner ring. Easy, I thought; I would simply go towards the wall that was closest to me as that was where the inner ring would be. I walked to the wall (about 20 feet) and realized that I was standing at the outer ring. I shook my head in disbelief! When I stepped out into the hallway on the 4th floor and realized I had emerged near the outer ring instead of the inner ring (where I should have been). I simply turned around and started walking the 4th floor hallway back to the inner ring. I think I should clarify one thing. It should be noted that there are 3 stair exits along the hallway on each floor. One is nearest the inner ring, one in the middle and one nearest the outer ring. I went down the stairs from the 5th floor to the 4th floor using the stairs nearest the inner ring, but emerged from the stairs nearest the outer ring. I did not realize this until I started walking toward what should have been the inner ring—because it would have been closest to me. I only realized I was at the outer ring when I could see the obvious difference, which is that the inner ring has windows looking out toward the court yard and the outer ring does not. When I realized I was at the outer ring, I was so dumbfounded that all I could do was turn around and start walking the hallway back towards the inner ring. I simply decided to accept what happened and turned around to go towards the inner ring, all the while wondering what had just happened. I never took the stairs back up from the 4th to the 5th floor from the hallway. Once I got back to the inner ring, I turned right and headed to the nearest escalator and rode it back up to the 5th floor until I got back to my office, where I sat in complete confusion. I'm not sure how far the outer ring is from the inner ring but I do know that it is probably at least one football field. I thought that maybe I should retrace my steps, "But what good would that do?" I thought to myself. I was just willing to accept it as something weird, and went about the rest of my day. When I got home, I picked up a book that I had been reading, "The Convoluted Universe,” and turned to the chapter on parallel universes. As I was reading, I began remembering what had happened to me earlier in the day. After I read all of it I placed the book down and just sat in my chair in complete disbelief. I went back to work the next day and retraced every step I took at least six different times. To my amazement, the wall that I saw the other day on the outer ring had a wooden paneling of sorts. The same wall the very next day was drywall. I have been working in this same building for over 4 years now, and I know the layout very well. By the way, I never saw one individual the whole time since entering the ladderwell, exiting the ladderwell, realizing that I was at the outer ring and turning around to go back towards the inner ring. Once I emerged back at the inner ring, things began to feel normal again and I saw people moving hurriedly about. This all occurred around 10:30 in the morning. I was wondering if you have ever heard of such a thing occurring to someone who was not under hypnosis at the time? I have to tell you, I am absolutely fascinated with the Berenstein Bears since you brought it to my attention. I even got a conversation going at work about it. I unequivocally recall it being spelled with an "e." My kids had the books when they were growing up and I always wondered what the correct pronunciation was since it was spelled "stein." By the way, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. He never said, It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood and I know Chik-fil-a is spelled exactly as this. I should know; I've eaten there enough!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for writing to me with a description of your extraordinary experience seeing changes in the walls and the halls of your very familiar workplace. This is the kind of shift in reality that people have been reporting to me through my realityshifters website for the past 17 years, and according to surveys I've conducted, these kinds of shifts in reality are a great deal more common than most people realize. Thank you for pointing out the strangest aspect of the whole experience was entering the stairwell at the central part of the building and emerging on the next floor at the outer part of the building--that truly is extraordinary! And I do know the feeling of immediately searching for some possible explanation for what might have just occurred. While I've not (yet) had something exactly like this happen to me--which sounds almost like you experienced some kind of teleportation--I certainly have seen dramatic, sudden changes to large structures on a similar scale, and I've also been reported to have bi-located on at least two separate occasions, so I can believe such a thing really did occur for you. One of the reasons that the notion of parallel universes (or a holographic multiverse, as I describe in my book, Quantum jumps) is so compelling when this sort of thing happens to you is that it provides a way to conceptualize how it feels when we experience a superposition of states. Such a superposition of states is something we expect to find on the quantum scale--just as we expect to find other quantum phenomena including: entanglement, coherence, and teleportation. What most people haven't yet realized (with the exception of some cutting-edge scientists) is that this world is primarily quantum--not classical. So rather than quantum physics and quantum phenomena being something we can sweep under the proverbial rug, it's instead something we will necessarily become more and more aware of--especially when we move forward with building quantum computers. So yes, I've definitely heard of these kinds of experiences happening to people who are not under hypnosis, and according to my research, there is increasing awareness and acceptance of the experience of alternate histories and superposition of states in everyday daily life. We are seeing further evidence of this with the popularity this past year of the "Mandela Effect" and "Berenstain / Berenstein Bears" memes, which are bringing the idea of superposition of states and alternate histories much more fully into mainstream consciousness. Thanks for mentioning how you also remember the Berenstein Bears and the original Mr. Rogers Neighborhood song, as I and so many others do. For me it's not so important that we build consensus agreement about which facts or histories are "correct" and right and true as the much bigger point that facts and histories change, and we're increasingly gaining supporting evidence that alternate histories exist.


An Angel Called Cynthia
Oldbury, West Midlands, UK

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for two amazing books, Quantum Jumps and Reality Shifts, which I have just bought. I have always wanted to believe the world is a magical place and recall being utterly devastated to discover that Santa Claus and fairies didn't exist. So your books have restored my faith in the mystical and mysterious. I also wanted to share a little tale of my own that I could either put down to coincidence or that something otherworldly is hiding behind everything. On 27th May 2012, I was sitting on my sofa, awaiting a taxi to collect me to take me to the crematorium where my Mum is placed (her name is also Cynthia and was called Cindy by some, in her youth!) The year happened to be the tenth anniversary of her passing and the actual date was when she had been baptised in the Jehovahs Witness faith, which we always thought a more fitting date to honour her than her actual date of passing. The doorbell rang, which was very unusual because the electric wiring for my doorbell had been faulty and it had only worked 2 or 3 times in around 7 years or so. I simply relied on the door knocker instead. I went downstairs (it's a town house) to open the door and saw no-one so I walked down the path to see if I could spot anyone nearby who it could have been. As I walked back up the path, I suddenly realised that a couple of months before I had asked a builder to remove the buzzer button as there was no point in keeping it there anyway. So there was no buzzer to press in the first place! (The chime box was still on the wall in my lounge however.) I have always wondered whether there was a reasonable technical explanation for this happening or whether it was my Mum trying to communicate with me. Especially when I think of that line from the film, "It's a wonderful life" - "Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings" Now I'm wondering whether it was a reality shift and the doorbell temporarily returned! I'd hope for it to be both—lol. Thanks again for your wonderful, exciting and inspiring works. I can't get enough of it!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for writing to me about how much you appreciate my books, and also about extraordinary experience hearing your disconnected doorbell ring right on the day and time when you were honoring the tenth anniversary of your mother's having passed away. Truly the most amazing aspect of this experience is how you have heard the sound of the chime when you'd had the buzzer removed a couple of months earlier--and what amazing timing for you to hear the doorbell at the moment when it would make sense to find out that a certain angel just got her wings!

Herb Package Label Changes
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

First off I wanted to thank you for all the great work that you do; I've been enjoying watching your YouTube videos so much! For years now I've felt that my “reality," which used to feel perfectly solid, and, if you will, “dependable," has become strangely malleable, almost a bit “untrustworthy," but in a nice way, pleasant enough really, and I've been trying to express this to my friends for ages, especially my cleverest ones, who are quite broadminded and not particularly judgmental, so I felt safe enough, and no harm done, they listened, they gave their two cents, they just didn't understand. I got the impression their perception of reality was still more solid, or something. Never mind. I've been paying more attention to possible reality shifts in my life since watching your videos, thinking maybe there weren't any, concretely speaking, but then yesterday I was having a friend over for tea, but had to pop out briefly to retrieve my laundry from the laundry room in the basement, and when I got back my apartment door was locked, not just pulled shut, even though I expressly remembered having pulled it shut, unlocked. But ok, maybe I remembered wrong. But then today something far more inexplicable happened: a while ago I was given medicinal dried leaves to make tea with by a friend, and it said (yesterday!) on the package camomile 30%, bitterkraut 70%. Since I'd never heard of (the easy to remember German word) bitterkraut I looked it up online, and it said this and that, and that it was also called "tausendgueldenkraut", which I equally hadn't heard of, ever. And when I looked back on the package today it was saying tausendgueldenkraut, instead of bitterkraut, like it did yesterday, and which I definitely remember reading. But assuming this was a reality shift, it means its so weird! It basically means that in the other reality, for no apparent reason, some time last year, the chemist who filled and wrote on the package that my friend bought, in no way connected with me (he bought it for himself and only gave it to me when he moved house), wrote something else, to my great confusion today. Because of course, as always when things like this happen I'm just greatly doubting my faculties. Only in this case it's particularly odd because I didn't know either of the words, and looked up one yesterday and now today it has written the synonym on the package. So in a way, this is the least “soft," and most "tangible" of any of these experiences so far. Anyway, thanks so much for your continuous efforts, it really is a joy watching you speak, and I feel very, very warmly toward you!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for your thoughtful email, and I'm so glad to hear how much you enjoy my YouTube videos! And thank you for sharing your experience with your package of medicinal dry herbs that's label changed from "bitterkraut" to "tausendgueldenkraut." I know what you mean about one's initial reaction being to immediately doubt oneself, and I'm glad that thanks to noting that sometimes reality does change. I'm expecting that as we adopt new models of reality from new quantum computing technologies, and from new fields of quantum biology, quantum cognition, and quantum information theory, we'll increasingly notice the quantum jumps and discontinuities that humans have mostly been disregarding throughout history--so this sort of benign fluidity to reality will more often be observed.

Postal Clerk Obituary Appears Twice
Ontario, Canada

The other one, was I brought home the local Bulletin, coming to the Obituary page, I had seen the Post office clerk had passed away. I thought, oh, he's gone. ( I didn't know him, only recognized him as one of the Postal Workers behind the counter) 2 days later, I go check my Mail an was puzzled to see him Still Alive. I really thought he had died, and remembered to check the Bulletin later that evening. I wasn't able to remind myself to check the paper, and went back to usual things. So, fast forward a Year from that incident. Exactly one year, or approximately around the same time, I bring the Bulletin paper home, and AGAIN! I see the Same Man's Obituary Ad, I have an instant Deja-Vu, Knowing I seen this Ad a year before. Next day, Curious about the Man at the Post Office, I go there and See the actual Memorial Picture and Notice that he really did pass away. I recall a year ago, how I sat at the dining table, looking at this future thing.

Note from Cynthia: Your experience seeing a postal clerk's obituary--and then being surprised to see him alive again for another year before the next time you saw his obituary is truly fascinating. Since this gentleman was not a close friend, but more of a casual acquaintance who you'd sometimes see from time to time at the post office, he fits the general pattern of people sometimes being noted Alive Again who are off a bit to the periphery of our lives. In other words, most of us don't notice our dearest sweethearts and best friends dying, only to later be noticed alive again. Instead, the people we're most likely to witness the Alive Again or Mandela Effect with tend to mostly be people we don't see frequently, such as celebrities or people we know about, but don't have the strongest emotional bonds with.

Seeing People Before They Arrive
Ontario, Canada

Something unusual happened one time back in 1992 when I was driving back home, on a street where I can see the front curb to the address, five blocks away. The stop sign where I see this scene, was where my Sister-in-Law and her daughter were leaving her friend’s blue car. I thought nothing of seeing them, arrive a minute later and drive in, park, and walk inside. Thirty minutes later, while watching TV, the Sister in Law & daughter are exiting the car. I peered out the window to see the same scene— except now I’m at the house looking at it from the window! It’s the exact same scene with the same people and the same blue car, and now I'm thinking, “I thought they were already home?!” Needless to say, I was confused, knowing what just happened. I forgot about it, keeping it to myself—though I did tell my spouse at the time.

Note from Cynthia: This seeing people before they arrive seems to fit the Vardogr phenomenon mentioned in the October 2010 Realityshifters, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive I'm especially intrigued by the way you witnessed a repeating sequence of events, kind of like a "Glitch in the Matrix"

Several More Shifts
Ontario, Canada

I collected anthology books back in 2005. One evening, I read 40 or more pages from Volume 1. I liked the one story from a chapter 3. Two years later, having moved to a new residence, I was browsing my shelf of books and looked at the same volume. Having a nostalgic moment, I wanted to re-read that chapter 3 again, and chuckle at the page I once read. Picking it up, I went straight to that page, Believing it was there. To my surprise, it wasn't. I flipped through them, reading chapter 3 all over again. Where was that segment?! I picked up volume 2, checked chapter 3, and again it wasn't there. I was adamant that it was there, I knew I read it two years earlier. How could it be? I also remember minor "Missing items" and returning the next day, or within the hour. A place I knew I checked and re-checked two or three times. Only to be puzzled how did I miss it before?! Back in the 80's, one summer evening, I went downtown to hang out with my friends, meeting them at the Arcade. Two blocks down, to my left, I stopped to notice a Vacant Lot. Where did that house go?! I knew it was there hours before, even yesterday. Now it was overgrown with tall grass an empty. I remember a slight eerie feeling, so I got out of there and hurried downtown. lol! My Town has a Famous tale, around the same decade of the 1980's. A man worked for a contracting company at a construction site. On a Friday night, he went to the local bar, met a woman and after the bar closed, She invited him to her home. They both got into a taxi and He stayed for the fun time. The next day, he decided to pay her a visit, called a taxi and told him the address. The cab driver on getting within a block to the residence asked if he was sure he knew where he was going. The man assured him. Arriving there, the taxi parked in front of a Vacant lot. The driver said that place had been empty for many years. The man was shocked, he said the house was there the other night, he went home with a woman he had met at the bar. The story goes, he said he had fun with her, and his friends had seen him with her at the bar. Everything at the bar was real to everyone, except when the man went back to visit and found the exact residence, number, was absent, and never existed. I remember while watching CNN three years ago, hearing that Larry King had passed away—and I saw his news online, tributes and memorials on TV stations. Well, we all know he's alive and well. ;) There are many more stories from this town and surrounding communities; a lot of them will never see print or be heard of again. I will endeavor to record them.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing so many of your surprising reality shift experiences—they are truly awe-inspiring and thought-provoking, and for documenting some of the local lore and unusual happenings reported there. I’m sure your experiences will resonate with many readers who have experienced similar things.

1107 Insertion—A Quantum Jump
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This shift occurred while I was in an awake state-full beta consciousness. I was seated on a couch one afternoon, reading a novel. Just prior to the time shift, I got the heavy sinking feeling that now precedes my frequent insertions and shifts. I surmise that when a certain set of conditions merge, my "radio" is able to tune in to the frequency of 1950s Sheboygan, Wisconsin. These insertions, following the shift, are becoming more and more frequent these days. Having grown up there in the 1940s and 1950s, my elementary particles already exist there, and thus provide the decoder needed to experience entities extant in this "present". Quantum theory provides accession thereof. This is exactly the way I recorded it I'm my Chronological Displacement Journals: This is a late entry. It flashed into my 3D state yesterday. The exact date in linear time is hazy as of this writing, but I believe it occurred about 2011 or thereabouts. Upon the eidetic reflection I received, I am labeling this a time insertion. I was walking down Indiana Ave. in Sheboygan, from 12th St. to 11th St.proceeding from West to East. It seemed to be a summers afternoon, the sky impossibly blue, the grass a vibrant green. I was revisiting my old neighborhood at an indeterminant time. Upon reaching my childhood home at 1107 Indiana Ave., I felt compelled to ring the doorbell. I felt a little apprehensive, as It seemed to me then that it had been a long time since I had seen the place. It was EXACTLY as I remembered it! The white siding was gleaming, offset by the green trim around the windows. The front patch of grass was neatly mowed. I ascended the 2 concrete steps and rang the bell. A middle aged couple came to the door and greeted me. I stated that this was my boyhood home a long time ago, and politely inquired if I could just take a brief look around. To my pleasant surprise, they welcomed me inside. All my past memories of here came flooding to the present! I walked through the living room. Noticed my parents bedroom off to the left. The folding door was gone, replaced by a standard wooden one. In the dining room, I visualized the old desk that was situated along the far wall bordering the kitchen. Many a time my brother and I held bowling "tournaments " by setting up empty Schlitz beer cans in the kneehole of the desk, and felling them with a softball. Great winter fun! I continued on to the kitchen and gazed out at the "holy ground " of our back yard and the big Elm tree that was iconic. This yard was Neverland to us for so many wondrous years! I then thanked them profusely, and showed myself out, filled with a sense of gratitude . IMPRESSION: At the time of occurrence , I categorized it as a time shift. The elapsed time spent there seemed to be about 15 minutes. In 2011 time however, only 1-2 minutes linear passed. This is time dilation, as time moved much slower during that era. Now,I am much more inclined to call it a time insertion. It correlates highly with my other Sheboygan insertions. The details are extra vivid and detailed as of this writing.. I had the ability to astral travel virtually at will in the late 60s and 70s. It was great fun going through the roof of my apartment , the feeling of fizzy bubbles and then the view from above! Flew to many destinations, along side aircraft- sometimes bringing back the tail number, which we subsequently verified! Unforgettable events. I seem to have lost that ability during the last 20 or so years. Could be due to a calcified pineal, or other physiological factor. I also could summon lucid dreams quite often. The point of the above is that I am totally cognizant of the differences. The time insertion was not either of the above, but the product of immersion into the timeframe, seeking the exact frequency on the “dial." In some of my other time shifts, the senses became operative, such as the smell of fresh cut grass, sausages grilling at a picnic, the scents borne by breezes from Lake Michigan, etc. These olfactory inputs were only available at that point in time, and coincided with my master memories. Again, I believe it is quantum interaction with my elementary particles which were and still are extant there. It violates no known law of physics - in fact one Einstein quote rings through: "Everything is energy. Just match the frequency of the field, and there you are. This is not philosophy, it is just physics." My experiments with time manipulation are based in science, and assiduously logged in journals. As I may have stated before,in the next phase, I will be applying something Dr. Dean Radin calls "intense intention". This will be the amplitude factor in Planck's equation, along with frequency attunement. You may be quite correct in your preliminary assessment of it being an OBE. I vividly recall that the external senses were NOT operative in this insertion, except for acute visual sensations which matched the extant chromatics prevalent in that time. I will share some other shifts and insertions from my journals. Perhaps other readers and contributors have had similar happenings. The dimensions are layered, some quite diaphanous . There are loci and frequencies where the veil is quite thin and accessible.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this experience! It sounds from what I read here that you had a kind of "out-of-body" experience (OBE) that felt real to the senses, yet which was not real in the sense of physical experiences--which are the types of reality shifts I've been primarily documenting, rather than astral travel or OBE types of experiences. But this really does sound like an exceptional experience!


(5) Questions and Answers

Hi, Cynthia!
Just a quick thank you for your newsletter. I admit I haven't read them in some time but today I felt compelled to do so and was so grateful! I've dealt with anxiety, stress and fear for many years. The idea that I am merely observing these thoughts and emotions gives such freedom and confidence. I dont need to accept them if i choose not to. What a blessed start to my day :-) Thank you!
— Sarah

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for letting me know what a positive difference the January 2016 RealityShifters is making for you, with its suggestion to take a few minutes each day to observe how your thoughts and feelings are not you--that you are the observer of thoughts and feelings. This awareness indeed brings much confidence and freedom, and I'm so happy to hear it's already working for you! With much love and best wishes for a fabulous 2016,
— Cynthia


Happy new year to you! the gal talking about believing that Jane Goodall had died was thinking about Dian Fossey, an American zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist, who indeed was murdered by poachers. Hugs, Aloha,
— Angela

Hi, Angela!
While ordinarily I'd say you might be right about that, this comment actually came from my blog post about this alive again phenomenon, and if I recall correctly, part of the (lengthy) comment discussion about this topic indeed included mention of the fact that many people get those two primate researchers confused. In my case, I definitely remember being shocked to my core when a SECOND primate researcher was murdered, shortly after Dian Fossey (of "Gorillas in the Mist" fame) was killed. Worse than that, Jane Goodall felt near and dear to my heart--since i'd been watching her on TV specials and in magazine articles since I was a little girl. She was part of my inspiration to study science--seeing a woman of such grace and style doing such great work as a biologist in the wild. When my family took me and my sister to Africa when we were little girls, Jane Goodall was definitely a huge inspiration to me. I'm telling you all this so you know how it feels for me to have seen Jane Goodall die around the same time in the same year as Dian Fossey in Fall 1985--very close after Dian's death--and now for me to have seen Jane recently in person (taking my daughters to see her, too) just the other year. It's astonishingly, jaw-droppingly amazing. With love and thanks,
— Cynthia

You know, the more I think about this, the more I realize the same thing happened with me—I had thought she'd died, too, and now all of a sudden, here she is as alive as you or me! Huh. Isn't it amazing how we can walk into a new reality bubble and it's as if the one we left behind just - isn't there - anymore! I love watching movies about time shifts - and this was one of them! Aloha,
— Angela

Dear Angela,
Yes, I do know what you mean about that creeping realization that things are different--and in some way, they've always been different. Yet they didn't use to be different! I'm devouring a book on the quantum nature of our cognitive faculties, written by cognitive scientists who are noticing how quantum cognition models do the best job of explaining some previously seemingly illogical human thought processes involved in how we remember things, and how we change survey responses based on question order and such.

Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision

I'm feeling exhilarated to see ever-increasing signs that quantum logic and quantum processes are fundamental and primary in the natural world--that classical Boolean logic and classical physics processes are a special case. Clearly, what we take to be facts and "the way things are" can change in an instant, and this is the true way Nature operates. Lots of love,
— Cynthia


I just read that another person , and you have memory of hearing Jane Goodall passed away, only to hear later she was very much alive! Confirmation is always helpful! Also thanks for mentioning about the dishwasher at your mothers and how your sister said, "do that thing that you do ". I appreciate you mentioning what it is you do, I don't remember the exact words you said, but something on the line of, the only alternative is, the dishwasher is working properly! The reason I liked reading this is because it was a reminder to how I feel when I know things will work out. To know I can place that feeling there and urge the alternative to happen, puts things into better understanding as to quantum jumps to help things get as good as they can get! I hope that explanation wasn't too confusing, thanks again Cynthia.
— Deb, from Largo Florida

Dear Deb,
Thank you for letting me know how much you appreciate my mentioning the thought / feeling / energy process I described in the January 2016 RealityShifters when I was prompted by my sister to "do that thing you do," which largely involves envisioning considering other options (such as malfunction) to be unacceptable. We often can hold our emotional focus on the desired outcome, and thus experience the most delightful (and often statistically unlikely) results afterward. Lots of love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia,
I am writing you with an instant tale of synchronicity. I was just outside thinking about my trip to the DMV and getting my picture taken for my license renewal. I was happy with myself over a lot less fussing over my appearance and not asking the tech to take additional shots.. While I did take a quick look at the mirror, that was it. I then reflected how unimportant these details are. Then I go to my email now and read your magazine story. It wasn't enough to notice our synchronous DMV visits that are rather infrequent, but also to notice our attitudes about it are similar. I knew to the core that I had to reach out and say thank You! Your work has made a huge impact on me ;) Blessings,
— Linda

Dearest Linda,
WOW! What a glorious set of delightful synchronous events these are! Thank you so very much for sharing this with me, and I'm just tickled pink to hear that we were in the same DMV photo groove together--separated in time and space, yet together in spirit. What a gift to hear all this from you, and thank you ever so much for sharing this with me! And happy birthday to you, too, just in case that's also true! ;-) Wishing you every blessing of love,
— Cynthia


Hey, Cynthia,
Do you have any strong memories of the spelling of the last name of the creator of The Peanuts comics? There has been some controversy over the spelling of the man's last name. Some say that it is Schultz —with a T—and others say that it is Schulz—without a T. I checked this at that site a couple of weeks ago, and I could have sworn that she declared that the correct spelling was Schultz - with the T. However, just yesterday, I checked, again, and now it is declared, on the same site, that the correct spelling is Schulz - without the T. Another interesting thing is that, when I clicked on the link in the same area, it took me to a post on the same site about The Great Pumpkin. In the comments section, the chick who runs the site, Fiona Broome, said that she thought that she created two posts about The Peanuts, but that, now, she cannot find the second post. I wonder if The Mandela Effect website is being changed by...well...The Mandela Effect. Anyway, I notified Fiona of all of this, but I also wanted to ask you about this. Do you have any memories of the spelling of that name? Did you notice any shifts in the past couple of weeks?
— Mark

Hi, Mark!
I remember the spelling of Charles Schultz with a "t" in it, and it was something I stared at every day growing up, because I had a metal Peanuts lunch box. I took photos of that lunch box back in 2001, when toying with the idea of putting it up on eBay, but I see in the photo I took 15 years ago that weirdly the spelling now shows "Schulz" which looks so totally wrong! Here's the photo I took in March 2001, so you can see the lunchbox, with it's new-to-me spelling of "Schulz." This kind of change is something I've mentioned frequently on the realityshifters website, and also in my books, such as "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World," and it fits with the current direction of my work, in which I'm pointing out the intrinsic quantum logic nature of reality--such that everything and everyone is in a superposition of states, and we can and do see evidence of quantum phenomena (tunneling, teleportation, entanglement, coherence) around us at every level, and not just the microscopic quantum level. I notice reality shifts pretty much every day, and as part of what I write and teach about, I'd suggest that all of our senses operate thanks to these kinds of quantum jumps. As more people come to expect to witness such shifts, we also seem to notice more of them, and that's part of the reason I expect that the placebo effect has doubled in the past 30 years in the USA. With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


(6) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

The Quantum Handshake

The Quantum Handshake:
Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Transactions

by John G. Cramer

A compelling case for a comprehensive QM interpretation

John G. Cramer's book, "The Quantum Handshake," provides essential insights into how we might best interpret the mathematical equations of quantum physics. While the mathematical foundation of quantum physics is considered to be non-controversial and fundamentally sound, the interpretations of how and why quantum mechanics operates the way it does are bewilderingly numerous. Some of the most commonly discussed interpretations include: the orthodox Copenhagen Interpretation, several varieties of the Many Worlds Interpretation, the Holographic Interpretation, and John G. Cramer's Transactional Interpretation. The long-standing philosophical conundrum associated with quantum physics interpretations can be attributed to the difficulty of testing and verifying these interpretations. Put another way, while it is the job of the interpretations to describe the mathematical formalism of quantum physics, only the formalism--not the interpretations--makes experimentally testable predictions. And adding to the confusion, as John Cramer so eloquently points out, is that "The major failings of many would-be interpretations of quantum mechanics are: (1) they confuse a cause with its effects (example: the knowledge interpretation’s assumption that changes in knowledge cause the wave function to change); (2) they confuse the map with the territory (example: Kastner’s assumption in the Possibilist Transactional Interpretation that the wave function resides in the Hilbert-space map of correlations); and (3) they are designed to explain one particular problem while ignoring all others interpretational problems." "The Quantum Handshake" makes a compelling case for a comprehensive quantum mechanics interpretation--the Transactional Interpretation--based on advanced/retarded wave handshakes in such a way that easily accounts for non-locality, and provides the tools for understanding the many seemingly counter-intuitive aspects of the quantum formalism and for visualizing nonlocal quantum processes. In addition to the Transactional Interpretation that some readers might recall from Cramer's 1986 paper, this interpretation now includes a concept of hierarchy--since all advanced-wave echoes traveling from the future to the past are not equal. Cramer's writing style is simultaneously playful and profound, with moments of dazzling clarity and equally sparkling wit, such as describing the Copenhagen Interpretation as the "don't ask, don't tell" interpretation of the quantum world. I especially enjoy reading the fanciful analogy example of tossing a quantum wave-particle beer bottle into the water near Boston Harbor, "The bottle disappeared, producing waves that spread out across the Atlantic Ocean in all directions from the entry point. Some of these waves traveled toward England and France and Spain and Western Africa and Eastern South America. In particular, some waves from the bottle traveled over the North Sea to the harbor area of Copenhagen. There the waves abruptly disappeared, and my beer bottle suddenly appeared in its original form on the Copenhagen dock." This example illustrates the seemingly bizarre nature of quantum physics. "The Quantum Handshake" develops a solid case for physicist John G. Cramer's transactional interpretation of quantum physics, first published in 1986. It starts with an illustrated general history of quantum physics and physicists that is easy for any reader to follow--including the fascinating history of how Gilbert N. Lewis, John A. Wheeler, and Richard P. Feynman first envisioned the advanced-retarded handshake when considering how manipulation of Maxwell’s equations produces the electromagnetic wave equation. Because the wave equation is second-order in time, it has two independent time solutions. Cramer's graduate school professor wrote both solutions on the blackboard before drawing a big X through one of them--the advanced-wave solution, saying this was because the advanced solution went in the wrong time direction and violated the “causality boundary condition." He then said the retarded-wave solution was OK, because it was consistent with causality and the idea that a time delay was required for light to propagate from one location to another. This was the "Aha!" moment for Cramer, where he observed and pointed out that causation makes no logical sense as a boundary condition, because as he pointed out to his professor in graduate school, "Boundary conditions describe known conditions at boundaries." Wheeler and Feynman wrote a paper in 1945 in which they constructed a time-symmetric formalism and then used real boundary conditions involving future absorbers to justify causality and the arrow of time that we observe in the real world. "The Quantum Handshake" is organized into ten chapters and four appendices that guide readers through relevant supporting background information to quantum physics, with particular attention to quantum entanglement, non-locality, and time reversal before providing a detailed description of the Transactional Interpretation, and numerous examples of how various quantum paradoxes can be resolved with the Transactional Interpretation. Beautiful illustrations throughout the body of the text and the appendices make it much easier to visualize the concepts being described for readers at all levels of familiarity with quantum physics. One of the things I love most about "The Quantum Handshake" is the way it doesn't avoid difficult questions and paradoxes, but instead dedicates a great deal of thought and discussion to some of the more challenging questions, puzzles and ideas. Some of the paradoxes discussed include: Thomas Young's two-slit experiment, Einstein's bubble gedankenexperiment, Schrodinger's cat, Wigner's friend, Renninger's negative-result gedankenexperiment, transmission of photons through non-commuting polarizing filters, Wheeler's delayed choice experiment, the Freedman-Clauser experiment and EPR paradox, the Hanbury Brown Twiss Effect, the Albert-Aharonov-D'Amato predictions, the quantum eraser, interaction-free measurements, the quantum zeno effect, Maudlin's gedankenexperiment, the Afshar experiment, and many more. I was especially pleased to see Gisin's work and Hardy's work were included, indicating that this book is considering some of the most current research and work being done in the field that I've recently been following with great interest. "The Quantum Handshake" is an extraordinarily important book at this point in time when the field of quantum physics is over one hundred years old, and ever-increasing fields of science demand a more comprehensive and philosophically complete understanding of quantum physics in order to best utilize the full riches that quantum physics have to offer. I highly recommend "The Quantum Handshake" to all readers intrigued by quantum physics in general, and seeking the holy grail of the quantum paradigm in particular.


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