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February 2018
Issue #221

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson with quantum jumps tote
What's Best for You to Practice Today?

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily.”
-- Zig Ziglar

One feature of being human is that what we practice, we tend to become. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

One might say the same thing about cleanliness—and good character. Though it is possible for us to get distracted or occasionally pulled off course, our ability to consistently commit ourselves to our highest principles will have a restorative and uplifting effect on our character, while tending to unite us with a sense of meaning and purpose, too.

And I've noticed that an interesting thing happens when I feel make a commitment to my highest principles—and that is, I recognize a kind of dual character within myself. There is the part of me that, for example, fights off colds and flu—and there is the part of me that is able to see a bigger picture, and recognizes value in slowing down my usual pace, and changing my routines.

Awareness that 'the whole world is a stage' provides us with our ability to 'take a step back' and evaluate our lives—to determine if we need to bathe, or re-commit to our highest values—is also what provides us with our ability to witness reality shifts, quantum jumps, and Mandela Effects. I suggest that the reason we are able to recognize there is a discrepancy between events we clearly remember and historic records of those same events as they are currently believed to 'have always been true' is in actuality a sign of our ability as conscious Observers to be aware of events, as Actors and Lead Characters in our lives—and also simultaneously at a higher level of Operating Observer awareness that we are Actors.

I invite you to read my further thoughts on this topic that I share in my February 2018 blog post, Explanation for Mandela Effect and Reality Shifts
I encourage you to keep asking my favorite question, “How good can it get?” as you contemplate your highest values—and what you'd most like to practice. There is a good change that by genuinely focusing on this question, and truly wanting to know, you'll enjoy living the answer.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Before we met I was pretty negative about myself. I found out in our visit, that the negative energy I was carrying wasn't mine. It was as if I was infected by another person's darkness. Thank you thank you thank you... I feel like myself again, which is reflected in relationships with all people around me."
      -- Sari

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Explanation for Mandela Effect and Reality Shifts
What does it mean to shift reality / jump timelines? What's really going on when we notice a discrepancy between something we thought we knew for sure and what the current reality 'has always been'? What we know can be summarized as our sense of self awareness holds the key:
    Quantum phenomena occurs at all levels of reality--not just 'in the quantum realm.' Such phenomena involves instantaneous changes of state, and includes seemingly improbable things as: so-called 'spooky action at a distance' and instantaneous exchanges of information through quantum entanglement, quantum teleportation, and superposition of states. Quantum phenomena require an Observer, and the measurements obtained by an Observer has everything to do with what choices the Observer makes. Observers can influence past events, also, so choices made now can change what has previously occurred. It becomes clear that quantum physics delivers us with all we need to experience reality shifts when we are both the Actors in and the Observers of our lives. As we expand our awareness of self to be more than just Actors experiencing physical events, but also Observers of our actions, thoughts and feelings--we can expect to witness more than one record of historical events.
While the term "Mandela Effect" is relatively new, having been first coined in 2010 by blogger Fiona Broome, the phenomena it describes has been around much longer. Author PMH Atwater was the first to call this phenomenon by the name "reality shifts" in a chapter by that same title in her book, Future Memory. My book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, was first published in 1999, and provides scientific insights into what might be going on when people observe differences between what they remember and what current historical evidence at that time suggest. Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media making it newly possible (since the late 1990's) to share notes about this relatively off-beat phenomenon, people first began sharing their surprise at noticing differences between their memories and facts starting in the late 1990's--as well as differences between their memories and memories of others. The RealityShifters ezine begun in October 1999 has now documented hundreds of such first-hand reports from people on every continent and many countries over the past 20 years.
You can read the full blog post on this topic posted at:
You can watch the YouTube video at:

Rock Consciousness:
l The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility

As described in Aura Advantage, and now also voiced by NYU professor David Chalmers, “Rocks will be conscious, spoons will be conscious, the Earth will be conscious. Any kind of aggregation gives you consciousness.” Consciousness permeates reality. Rather than being just a unique feature of human subjective experience, it’s the foundation of the universe, present in every particle and all physical matter. This sounds like easily-dismissible bunkum, but as traditional attempts to explain consciousness continue to fail, the “panpsychist” view is increasingly being taken seriously by credible philosophers, neuroscientists, and physicists, including figures such as neuroscientist Christof Koch and physicist Roger Penrose.
You can read more about this research at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

The Rip Van Winkle Caper
Youngstowon, Ohio, USA

I had something interesting happen to me, just this morning. Some years back, I just caught the end of a Twilight Zone episode which was on right before another show that I wanted to watch. (I don't remember what that other show was--it is possible that it was another Twilight Zone episode--but maybe not) It sucked because I saw the twist ending that so many of those Twilight Zone episodes had, and it spoiled it, for me. I didn't know what the name of that episode was for a while, but, at some point, I decided to try looking it up on the internets, and I was able to find out that the episode was named: "The Rip Van Winkle Caper." After that, I read different articles, reviews, opinion pieces, etc. at different times about the episode. What did I have to lose? The episode had already been spoiled, for me. I don't want to give away too much about it, (and spoil it for you) but I, personally, hate capitalism, and I interpreted the episode as having an anti-capitalism message, which is why I read more about that specific episode than I have about most other Twilight Zone episodes. (though I'll acknowledge that there are other ways of interpreting it) Anyway, in all that I have read about the episode, it had always mentioned that there were five robbers in the episode. I don't know why, but it kind of felt wrong, to me, that there were five instead of four. Four seemed more "correct" for that episode, even though there was no reason, that I could tell, that that should be the case. I think that the last time that I read about that episode in an article was only a few weeks back, and, as best I can remember, the article mentioned that there were five robbers in the episode. So, anyway, a little over a week, or so, ago, I looked ahead to try to see which Twilight Zone episodes were going to be on because I knew that The Syfy channel was going to be having a New Year's marathon of Twilight Zone episodes, as they seem to ever year. I managed to find that The Rip Van Winkle Caper was going to be on this morning, so I remembered it and made it a point to, finally, watch the full episode for the first time, this morning, as I did. (It was on at a convenient time for me.) I was very surprised when I watched the episode and saw that there were only four robbers in the episode! In the past seven, or so, hours, I read a few parts of articles about the episode, online, and, now, they all say that there were only four robbers--even one of the ones that I read, in the past! You have written that you seem to have these shifts happen to you more than most people--or, at least, that you seem to notice them more than most people. Have you ever had that happen to you? Have you ever though that something doesn't seem right, only to wake up the next morning and find that things have changed to make the thing that didn't seem right change into something that did seem right?

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for writing to me regarding this fascinating experience! I love how you paid such close attention to such a measureable observable detail--the number of robbers in the RipVan Winkle Caper Twilight Zone episode--and lo and behold, when you finally get to see the episode in its entirety after reading all those articles about it, the number of robbers is the number that felt right to you which had been so different from what everyone else had said! Yes, I have had the experience in which a book that seemed to me to be a perfect example of an author not really having their heart in the work one day completely transformed. I'd felt so sorry for that book and the author, wishing they could write about metaphysical topics without feeling so obviously apologetic, nervous and uncertain--and one day when I told a friend about the book, and got it down off my shelf (the very same exact copy I'd read cover-to-cover recently), it was like a completely different book all the way through! Gone were all signs of hesitancy, embarrassment, and what-not, and now the book seemed confident, informative, and exciting with a distinct sense of enthusiasm in place of sheepishness!


Tank Guy Rampage now occurred at different time
Berkeley, California, USA

Do you remember Shawn Nelson, the guy in San Diego who stole the tank? I recall him doing this in 1994. Now it was 1995. No big deal but weird. In my timeline I remember listening on the radio in my apartment I was living in 1994. It was a brief story. If it had happened in May 1995, the Oklahoma City incident would have dominated the account of the tank story. Also, I would have seen it on the news (I heard it on radio) and it would have been endlessly discussed. It wasn't. I lived in an apartment in 1994 when I heard of the man who stole a tank and ran it on the freeway. The cops shot him. I heard it on the radio while lying on my floor mattress.  The radio host mentioned it by saying "What did he do, run over a donut store or something?" I don't remember more made of it.  In 1995 I moved to where there was a TV. I saw the Oklahoma City bombing on TV. I don't remember anyone stealing a tank after that. If someone had I would have seen it replayed on TV with talking heads wondering if he was a militia sympathizer.  It would have been a big deal. I never saw in on TV. Nor do I remember anything linking Shawn Nelson, or "tank man," to any militia movement, or much discussion of militia's in the mainstream media at that time when I was listening to the radio in 1994. Now, Shawn Nelson "always" stole the tank for in May 1995. It is possible that my memory is off but this is weird!  What is really strange if you do a google search is that very little discussion compared Nelson to McVeigh although one would think there would be.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that's interesting that you notice there's now a shift of a year between when you recall the famous tank heist and rampage occurred, and what current historical records now assert. Fascinating! You make excellent points regarding the way you'd likely not have heard much about the tank guy at all if indeed it really did happen in May 1995, amidst bigger news stories of the time. This is such a cool recollection, and with all these details you remember, I can certainly appreciate how weird it must now seem to have this event "always having taken place" in May 1995.

Mentally Eliminating Pain
William Howery
Howard County, Maryland, USA

In 1959, I was in the 9 th grade at Fairfax High School. Not the one in California, the one in Northern Virginia. I was a typical jock who wanted to play on the football team. It was the perfect sport to learn about pain. Coach Moeller gave us some very simple exercises that could be extremely painful. The leg lift exercise was the most painful. While lying on your back you lift your legs several inches off the ground, up and down on command. On the last command, you hold them up indefinitely. As the muscles in your abdomen and thighs begin to burn, the pain increases until you must drop your legs to stop the pain. Everyone already knew how to resolve this painful situation. “If it hurts, drop it.” That seemed like the easy way out. Why not tackle the pain as a challenge? I came up with a theory to overcome the pain: “If I could distract my mind’s attention away from the pain by tricking it to focus on something else, I should be able to manipulate my awareness of the pain.” My plan was to work out some mental exercises that might help control the thoughts racing through my mind.Our brain never stops. So, how do you interrupt the pain signals in your brain? Also, our thoughts cannot communicate with our subconscious brain. So, how do you ask your subconscious brain to change the pain signals? Never say never. It is well known that 9 th graders already know everything. I taught myself to use focused attention concentration to temporarily freeze the brain’s processing of the pain signals. This brief interruption provides the brain an opportunity to alter the dominant pain signals and create new neuropathways with different signals to regions of the brain that process pain and fear. Within seven days, I found a way to mentally control my pain. Coach Moeller noticed all his football players doing leg lifts had dropped their legs in pain, EXCEPT me. This ground-breaking discovery changed my life. The dentist no longer needed to use Novocain for my fillings, crowns and root canals. The surgeon did not need to use anesthesia or Novocain for my oral surgery. I also avoided the adverse effects from Novocain, anesthesia and opioid pain drugs. Most important, I do not experience the slightest sensation of pain. When my colonoscopy was scheduled, I convinced the doctor to perform the procedure without anesthesia. The Operating Room Nurse seemed concerned. She stood beside me and said, “This will be painful without anesthesia, but I will talk you through the entire procedure.” When the doctor started, the OR Nurse only stared at the monitor. She stepped away from the table and did not say another word. After the procedure, I by-passed the recovery room and dressed. Before leaving, I asked the OR Nurse why she had stopped talking to me. She explained, “I was fascinated by your heart rate. Your pulse immediately dropped from 70 to 55 beats per minute. I KNEW YOU WERE DOING SOMETHING TO STOP THE PAIN.” I was impressed with this demonstration by my brain. But, there was no rush for me to reveal my discovery because no one was ready to believe it. Almost 60 years later, no one is ready to believe it. You may recall a time when nobody was ready to believe that the earth is not flat. Science needed to catch up with reality. I needed to wait for neuroscience and quantum theory to catch up with my discovery. Neuroplasticity and the quantum zeno effect did not exist in 1959. Yet, I applied these concepts before they were known. Regardless of the discovery of those concepts many years later, I still needed to wait until 2011 to prove that my mental technique works. The Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Laboratory used a functional real/time MRI to map regions of my brain and prove my mental technique can consciously shuts down brain activity and stimulate the creation of new signals and neuropathways to specific regions of the brain that process pain and fear. I knew what to do when I discovered this ability of our brain to help us mentally eliminate pain. I used it for the past 58 years. Is it still too soon for me to change anyone’s opinion? All human brains possess this ability. You only need the ambition to learn how to use a simple mental technique, focused attention concentration. Your subconscious brain will do the rest.

Note from Cynthia: Yes, I do believe you regarding use of the Quantum Zeno Effect! I've also found it immensely useful, and I also talk about it, and tell people about it--and I've even been featured in a video short we created a few years back, discussing how it can be utilized to help people break addictions, such as over-use of cell phones!  :-)
How to Break Cell Phone Addiction Using Quantum Zeno Effect
I love hearing about how you came to realize you could overcome the perceived pain from that indefinite leg hold exercise (yes, I've often done that one, too)--and I love how you describe your experience going through medical procedures without need for anesthesia, despite warnings and cautions from nurses and medical professionals. And how wonderful that they could see, from monitoring your heart rate, that indeed you were not feeling pain, contrary to what they would likely have expected!

Orchids from Heaven
Gabriela Garza Padilla

I am a Visual Artist, a Painter, since 28 years ago. I discovered you two days ago, and by now I've read the hundreds of Reality Shift stories on your site. Thank you for your work in opening the eyes of people, backed now by science, to the marvels of our existence. Marvels that the Mystery Schools of ancient times taught. I'm thrilled! I am putting together my own stories full of paranormal activity and visits from beings from other dimensions since I was conceived! But while I'm writing my own book, I'd love to share with you and your readers some of my Reality Shift Stories. I was a Missionary at a Franciscan Mission in the middle of an inaccessible cold forest in Mexico, surrounded by deep canyons and precipices where incredible waterfalls born. Every morning I sat on the border of one of those precipices contemplating how the water fell down into the abyss while breathing the smell of the clouds that surrounded me. At my arrival at the mission the father told me that the female missionaries that had visited there before me, prayed to St. Teresita a "novena", and the children of the mission gave them a flower as a message from the saint to confirm that the prayers were received in Heaven. All of that was staged. The father and the children did this as a way to give joy and hope to these missionaries. The father told me. I replied to the father that I would not pray to any saint and that my work there would be only dedicated to teach the middle school assignatures and to help in any practical way I could. I didn't want to be involved in religion. Yes. It sounds strange. In the first place, what was I doing there, in a Franciscan Mission, without me wanting to get involved in religion? Well, I wanted some time away from the city and to be in contact with nature, but I noticed the mission needed help so I decided to stay a little bit more from my initial two week visit. The mission needed a missionary. I ended up living there for 5 months. My room was a simple cell with a small window made of wood. Every night I closed the metal door from the inside with a metal bar, and the window with a log. That room was totally bolted from the inside. There was no way someone could enter unless they destroyed first the door and the window! That particular morning, at 5:25 am. my alarm clock rang. Time to wake up. That week it was my turn to go to the chapel to ring the bells and wake up all the mission. I stepped out of my bed under a heavy load of covers. It was cold. I opened the little window and the first subtle rays of dawn entered my small room and I saw something on the floor near the foot of my bed. Flowers! Three or four orquids lying on the floor!!! And five or more over the bed covers! My mind stopped. I couldn't think anything. I was just there, seated on that floor, contemplating and touching nine purple orquids in total shock. They still had the tiny drops of dew that began to shine as little diamonds over the purple velvet of their fragile petals. Who could've entered my room while I was sleeping? Did I go walking two hours, in sonambulism, to where I knew these flowers grew beside a turquoise pond? Because of the position of the orquids on the floor, I deducted that they fell down from the bed when I stepped out of my bed and pulled out the cover. The rest of the orquids remained over the bed. So initially all the orquids were put by someone, over my feet, while I was sleeping. I picked up the flowers from the floor and put them next to the orquids over the bed and went on to ring the bells of the chapel. I told the father what had happened. He was silent for some seconds. He said he will ask the children. I asked some children too. We both wanted not to believe in something supernatural even knowing the door and the window were locked from the inside with a metal bar and a log. I knew something out of this world happened but I couldn't accept it. Who would put flowers at my feet? I felt unworthy at that time, that even a human would do it, much less an invisible entity or an angel or a being that could trespass walls and doors and locked windows. At the end of the day, while we were having "dinner" -black coffee with animalitos cookies- the father said no one of the children put those flowers over me. I didn't say anything. We looked at each other in silence. We knew we were witnessing an abyss of wonder and a deep silence full of reverie surrounded us. I kept those miraculous orquids in a special box for many years, until they became dust and dissappeared from this dimension.

Note from Cynthia:Thank you for sharing such an extraordinary experience with me about nine orchids arriving in your locked room, with door and window locked and bolted from inside. From your description, it seems indeed impossible for those orchids to have arrived via any typical hand-carried means, unless there was yet some third way into your room that you were unaware of at the time. The room sounds so simple and small, however, that teleportation seems most likely to be the simplest--albeit possibly strangest--explanation. I love the way this symbolic gesture graced you with such a lovely and unexpected welcome in such a way that any lingering doubts of self-worth would surely at that point be swept away.

Events Historically Happened Differently Than We Recall
Hampshire, England, UK

First of all- thank you! I have recently come across audio materials posted on youtube, including some of your interviews– which are wonderfully intriguing. Your books are now on my “Next to read” list. There is an event that both my husband and myself have recently become aware of and- after visiting I cannot think of a better person to contact. Please help. In Aug. 2013 I took a new job- it was the wrong place, with the wrong people and I lasted one week only. I remember vividly mentioning the nightmares I experienced during those nights to my husband. I also remember vividly my cat displaying a very awkward behaviour every morning of that week- he used to accompany me to the car, meow loudly and wait to see the car leaving the driveway. It was as if he was worried and tried to communicate something important. Every single morning of that week. He has never displayed such a behaviour up to that point or after. I mentioned that to my husband and we spoke in detail about my cat’s loyalty and love etc etc. We spoke about that uncanny cat behaviour many times after the events, over the years. I mentioned it to my mum as well (certainly an intuitive), who used to live thousands of miles away from me in 2013.  She called me that week to enquire about my well- being, as she had her own nightmares, in which, apparently, I was the main protagonist. Things improved from there- I got another job, life went on and things changed for the better from a professional point of view. My husband and I spoke many times about my cat’s behaviour, that seemed -then as it seems now- rather strange. Still- it was all about animal devotion and love, and thinking of it, that still warms my heart. There is one glitch, though. In December last year both my husband and myself (and yes, we both remember our conversations and the events as they unfolded) during a relaxed dinner at the end of the year, realised one significant detail- I had that job for one week in Aug. 2013. We rescued the cat in the spring of 2014. Please, let me know your thoughts, as we both question now our sanity. If this was a shift in reality, why did it take us so long to acknowledge it?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for writing to me with this question. I love your description of how you'd been so keenly aware of your cat following you out to your car! I appreciate your providing me with background information pertaining to a couple of memorable moments in your life that stood out in terms of being very different from normal daily life, and describing that your memories of those times are that they coincided--which apparently now cannot be possible, based on the current factual history of recorded events. Most mainstream scientists at this point will likely suggest that you and your husband are probably confused, and that 'tricks of memory and the mind' have somehow confabulated to bring two disparate sets of experiences together--so that these two rather unusual periods in time now coincide. There are large numbers of studies showing that peoples' memories are notoriously unstable, malleable, and unreliable, and that each time we access memories, we are also actually changing the memory itself. Your thoughtfully worded email to me indicates you've considered such dissatisfying explanations, yet found them wanting to the point you would now like to consider the alternate explanation that reality might actually shift, and histories can sometimes be different in our memories than what the official version of history indicates. What those of us who notice alternate histories can do to help sort things out is keep track of an X, Y, Z timeline where Z is the date we record an incident (such as Nelson Mandela dying a second time) that we first became aware of at Y (such as December 23, 2015) involving something that happened at X (such as back in the 1980s) that now strikes us as being rather unusual after-the-fact. So for this case, you can keep track of an X, Y, Z timeline where Z might be today, January 17, 2018 that you've written to email me about what now seems strange about detailed memories you and your husband have back in 2013 of the cat you didn't have until 2014. The detail in this sequence of events that currently seems most odd is how you could have remembered such vivid experiences back in 2013 with a cat who first arrived with you in 2014--and perhaps the reason it only now seems odd to you is that it's just this one detail that has changed. Quite possibly, if anyone had asked you even a year ago back in January 2017, "When did you get your cat?" the answer back then might still have been "2013." Yet if that one detail is now different, yet your memories with your cat remain, you'll notice the discrepancy now, where there would not have been any discrepancy before. I dedicated a special issue of my monthly RealityShifters ezine to this topic in May 2016 that you can read here:

Experiencing Alternate Histories

And I have a special section of my realityshifters website dedicated to time anomalies here:
Time Shifting

Disappearing Keys
Farmington, New Mexico, USA

So that you're aware a Parallel world reality shift Just occured about five minutes ago. I left my keys to my Explorer in my jacket . I searched my Jacket twice both pockets. Than looked in each room I had been in. My my 28 year old son who turned 28 last september. Search my pockets in my Jacket right in front of me. As he was checking I said the keys are not in them. My son said here they are. Yet I know both pockets were empty. I looked at him and said another parallel interaction. With love Gary.

Note from Cynthia: Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with disappearing / reappearing keys! I've personally experienced many similar variations of that kind of reality shift, and such things never cease to amaze me.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hello Cynthia,
I'd like to ask you some questions about quantum jumps, if you don't mind. My problem is that when I try with meditation to shift my reality, I think that there is a part of me that is saying that it's impossible. I read your Quantum Jumps book and now I try to attain a relaxed, detached and peaceful altered state but I'm afraid to fail. So what do you think I should do in order to succeed in my quantum jump ?
— Yann

Dear Yann
Since you're noticing you don't yet have an open mind that reality shifts and quantum jumps are possible, I suggest reading the first-person accounts from people who've experienced such things. Many are included in my books, such as in Quantum Jumps, and you can read many more along with articles citing scientific evidence for why such things are possible in the issues of RealityShifters, which you can subscribe to and read for free here at the realityshifters website:
Secondly, keep searching for a way to reach a meditative relaxed, detached, peaceful state of mind. Such a state of mind is soothing, and provides you with access to better feeling in touch with  all possible realities--and this actually is a completely normal state of consciousness for humans to experience.

With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hello Cynthia,
Which book do you recommend for buying first quantum jumps or reality shifts?
— Em

Dear Em,
The two books cover similar material very differently. If you prefer more of a left-brain approach that's got lots of current research studies and scientific sources included, Quantum Jumps is the book for you. If you're more an intuitive person who is sensitive to emotions and energies, Reality Shifts is the better starting point.
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Greetings Cynthia,
I've always been an enthusiast of the intangible. I love subjects such as energy, multiverses, God, conciusness, eternity, etc, and I've had certain strange experiences in my life. I'm currently going trough a health issue that has deepen my search for answers in the realm of conciusness. I've always wondered what are some ways I can change my current reality for a better one and I've found your work. Do you have any recommendations as to any specific book I should read or maybe some other form of wisdom you would recommend in my case? Thank you for your time.
— Andres

Dear Andres,
I think you'll love my book, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World" as a great starting point:
Reality Shifts
And I'd recommend signing up for my free monthly ezine, RealityShifters, and reading past issues which contain lots of interesting insights, news, book reviews, articles and video links:

with love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hello Cynthia,
I have been watching some of your videos last night and today. I am currently watching the one listed on the subject of this email. Youtube lists is as posted on April 2, 2015. In it you are talking about two friend contacting you saying you had not existed. Well, in my reality you did not exist until this year, (or maybe late 2017 because I have not done any searches for a few months) and neither did the term Mandela Effect. I have looked for other people with similar experiences to mine for years and have only found information on false memories on the Internet. I have met people who have experienced though but only in the last 2 1/2 years; none of them have heard the term Mandela Effect. I remember Mandela dying in prison and then become president. I remember four people in Kennedy's car. I also have scars that appear then disappear then reappear. I remember there being approximately 350 million population in the U.S. in the early 80's - now it's 225 million. There are many many more instances. I do have a question for you. Why do you consider spirituality significant when physics is all that's needed to explain this effect? Best Regards,
— Clint
BTW, I was very happy to here you say it's not all because of CERN.

Dear Clint,
Thanks for letting me know you'd have noticed if I'd existed previously for you, and I'm glad to know we're together now! As far as why I feel spirituality is needed in addition to physics to explain what's going on when we notice reality shifts--essentially, that's because while physics will agree that the observer matters, physics does not go on to say who you--the observer--truly is. And because your identity as observer matters, thus spirituality matters. With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia,
I want to jump to my past (common question I am sure). I made a mistake, and the only way to fix it is to do it all over again. But to not make the same painful mistake, I would need to know what I do now, can I bring a note? And what about jumping to a reality where I didn't make the mistake? Is that not whst Quantum jumping is? Jumping to a parallel universe that you made the right choice?
— Ashley

Dear Ashley,
Quantum jumps can bring us to similar-yet-different physical universes, where we notice that what we remember having been true is now a different recorded history. Please not that this not quite the same as time travel, and there is not typically a complete chance to get a "do-over" in which events play out once more, and you can make different choices this time. Instead, imagine suddenly being transported to a reality where different events have already transpired. This is the more typical quantum jumping experience. Quantum jumping involves recognizing that you can be the Operating Observer behind the Observing Being--that you can activate and energize the part of you that is the energizing force animating and directing your life. Such an awareness is a spiritual awareness, in the sense that you begin to practice spiritual practices of viewing your true self as the one who chooses all your daily practices in life. You are the one who chooses whether you become loving, compassionate, kind, and fearless--or weighed down by fears, worries, doubts, grudges, or anger. Such development has more in common with joining a spiritual group and devoting years of daily practice than it does to following a cooking recipe--in the sense that you will be learning how to direct yourself through awareness of being a larger being--of being the one capable of interacting directly with other Operating Observers in the universe.
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
With Quantum jumping and shiftting realities is it best to write down what I want to happen in my life so I can read from it and act as if I already have what I desire? If the past, present, and future exist right now is it possible to send messages to my self 5-10 years ago or the future? Also, I feel as though time has been moving so quickly from 2012-2018 happened so fast it makes me upset.
— Cameron

Dear Cameron,
Writing down your dreams of what you'd love to come true can be quite effective if you do this together with also writing in the same journal on a regular basis what you're grateful for. You can also add some of your favorite dreams--if you remember your dreams--and the net effect is a marvelous collection of deep messages back and forth with your subconscious that are all positive, and that give you a wonderful feeling as you read and re-read that dream / daydream / gratitude journal. I wrote a blog post about how to do this at:
You can send messages to yourself--and best results come from developing your ability to hear messages you're sending to yourself. Otherwise, you can get better and better and sending messages, yet without having developed the ability to be quiet, and to receive messages, it'll be hard to reach yourself.
With love and thanks,



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God and Dreams:
Is There a Connection?

by John Pratt Bingham

An Inspirational Encyclopedic Primer for finding Divine Guidance in Dreams

God and Dreams begins with Bingham's description of his very personal experience of being shown the presence of God in a dream. Bingham states that "a series of dreams changed my life and pointed me in the direction of becoming a marriage and family therapist." He'd previously had a vision that came to him when he was 16 and felt called to the priesthood--but with the passage of time, some doubt had crept in. The fresh dream "brought back the intensity of that vision and reminded me not to be so casual in my relationship with God." For anyone who's had such commanding visions or dreams, and for all who've longed for them, such a powerful description sets the stage for wondering about the connection between God and dreams--and thus begins Bingham's quest for answers. I consider such first-hand knowledge of the divine guidance of dreams to be essential inner motivation for anyone bold enough to set out to create an encyclopedic primer for finding divine guidance in dreams, as "God and Dreams." God and Dreams is not so much a new-age 'how to' manual, as it is a comprehensive geographic, cultural, and historic tour exploring how different cultures and groups of people make a connection between God and dreams. This book is divided into seven main chapters, covering: historic perspectives, Jewish perspectives, Christian perspectives, Islamic perspectives, a few other religious perspectives, and some non-religious perspectives. In addition to the seven primary chapters, God and Dreams also includes two appendices containing the author's insights into six characteristics of doing God's will, and some characteristics of a revelation. Bingham eloquently builds a convincing case of solid historic evidence for the types of divine dreams people have, and the fact that people from widely diverse backgrounds have experienced God touching their lives, offering meaning and direction through dreams. I was surprised to learn while reading God and Dreams that there had been a long period of history in which people generally agreed that God spoke to people through their dreams. Not all dreams, of course, but certain types of dreams that could be readily known to be genuine divine guidance and inspiration. Approximately fifteen hundred years ago, this widely-held belief in divine dreaming changed, until the popular consensus view shifted to what many of us are familiar with--which is that God does not have anything to do with dreams. Yet, discoveries made over the past hundred years in psychology and physics show us that the underlying assumptions that led to disbelief in God's involvement in dreams were incorrect. So we find ourselves now at a time of reassessing and re-engaging with God in our dreams. Bingham summarizes, "To suggest that God touches our lives and offers meaning and direction to us through our dreams is to acknowledge that there is a mysterious, inexhaustible open-ended, transcendant component to life that communes with and cares about each of us. It suggests that life is active, not static; creatively evolving, not mechanically predictable; becoming, not complete. It resists the temptation to reduce spiritual reality to nothing but natural causes; psychology to nothing but biological functions; biology to nothing but chemical interactions." God and Dreams is so well organized with such complete references, sources, and scholarly tone that it makes a perfect textbook for any course on the subject of God, spirituality, or dreams. It's so well-written and thought-provoking that it makes an excellent choice for inclusion as a book selection for religious and spiritual book groups. What I enjoy best of all about God and Dreams is the author's insightful assessment and summaries of each chapter's explorations, with his views of especially relevant insights. Highly recommended!


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