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RealityShifters - January 2000

Happy New Year, and welcome to RealityShifters -- the monthly newsletter that helps you shift reality so all your favorite dreams can come true!

Reality shifts are the changes we create with our thoughts and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting... as well as changes in the way we experience time. The Reality Shifts web site discusses the physical and spiritual principles behind the change points at the source of synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers:


I am grateful that Y2K came and went without major disruptions to our way of life, and that this year heralds a change in the way we think about time as we figure out what to call this new decade. I celebrated this New Year's by honoring Earth's 4.6 billion years of existence with a few close friends, and by contemplating how much has changed on Earth in the brief time we humans have occupied this beautiful planet. May we continue to find peace in these times of ever accelerating change.

Spoon & Fork Bending
A Child Can Do It!

Ever since I met Uri Geller and saw him bend one of my sterling silver table spoons by gently rubbing the spoon with his fingers, I've intended to have a spoon-bending party. My first spoon and fork-bending party was held in December 1999 with a small group of friends -- and we were all delighted that two of us (children) were able to bend their sterling silver forks!

My older daughter achieved remarkable results by first rubbing her fork gently until she could feel it was getting "tingly and warm", and then placing the fork atop her right wrist as she rested her right arm on the armrest of her chair, waiting calmly and expectantly for her fork to bend. Ten of us watched as her fork gradually drooped down to form-fit her wrist. She didn't push or pull the fork at all as it rested on top of her wrist... it looked like it simply melted! She later told us that she had wanted the fork to become a bracelet, and that she couldn't really see that it was bending as it bent... but she did keep thinking about how much she really wanted it to bend and become a bracelet. I was fascinated with this creative way to bend a fork. I'd never heard of anyone letting a spoon or fork "melt" around their wrist, and she made it look so simple, easy and fun!

My first big attempt at spoon bending and twisting didn't give me any spectacular results, but I will keep trying it again until I see some results! I've found that the key to success in reality shifting is to attain the right kind of energized, relaxed expectancy... and I think the biggest blocks to witnessing reality shifts as they occur is societal conditioning that "such a thing isn't possible". I need to release my expectancy that spoons and forks always retain their original shape. It's been helpful to me to see Uri Geller and my daughter and friends bending silverware; these vivid demonstrations inspire me to keep practicing!

Spoon and fork bending are wonderful examples of how reality can shift in obvious macroscopic ways that we can clearly see. Young children are much more open-minded about expecting spoons and forks to bend and twist with thought and gentle touch... so if you're thinking it sounds like fun to host a spoon bending party, be sure to invite young children. It helps to offer a wide selection of silverware (or any firm, metal objects) for spoon and fork benders to choose amongst, and it also helps to request that everyone's attention be focused on one individual's spoon or fork bending at a time.

Reality Shifting Exercise:
Look Quickly Behind You to the Left

I've been taking Feldenkreis lessons to retrain my body's nervous and skeletal systems for the last few months, and I've noticed wonderful improvements in my posture, poise, and flexibility. Feldenkreis is a kind of gentle body work in which a trained practioner moves parts of your body so your body can relearn how it is capable of moving. One of my favorite ways to explain what Feldenkreis does for me that's different from other kinds of body work, is to ask people to quickly look behind and to the left.

Take a moment now and do this yourself... look very quickly behind you to the left. Notice what you do when you look behind you.. notice what parts of your body move.

The interesting thing that you may have noticed just now is that you probably only turned your head and neck when you looked quickly behind you to the left.

When I ask a child to look quickly behind and to the left, he will more likely turn his whole body... not just his neck and head. This demonstrates the way children are born with fluidity of motion to experience the world more fully... and as we grow up, we gradually limit our experience of the world by limiting our degree of movement.

Just as Feldenkrais uses gentle movements of the body to help the body "relearn" how to move and what is actually possible for it to do, we can use gentle movements of our thoughts to relearn how we perceive reality. We can regain fluidity of perception in similar fashion, by gently exercising our minds in every possible way they can move. I've noticed I grow taller by as much as an inch in the one hour Feldenkreis lessons I take... so I know first-hand that we can all start small and grow tall!

If you'd like to try out other reality shifting exercises, visit the Reality Shifting Exercises page:


More Reality Shift Stories

Thanks to all of you who write to me with your reality shift experiences from around the world (America, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands). These stories are extremely popular with everyone who visits this site, including me!

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Enlightenment.com Interview

A scintillating new discussion between Jordan Gruber of Enlightenment.com and Cynthia on the subject of reality shifts is now available on the multimedia Enlightenment.com web site. This interview appeared in text format on January 6, 2000, and will soon include video clips to accompany the text. High points from this interview include tips on how to key in to reality shifts and open up to the miraculous. Check it out today at:


Book Reviews
Relevant Books for Reality Shifters

I've added a new book review to the Reality Shifts web site for Larry Dossey's wonderful book, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR... YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT at:

http://home.thirdage.com/Spirituality/realityshifter/Reviews.html You can click on the book icon pictures on this web page, and go directly to Amazon.com, where you can read more book reviews and even purchase the books online. I will continue adding more book reviews on a regular basis, so keep coming back to see what's new!

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