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RealityShifters News - January 2001

Love Will Change the World

The last day of the second millennium was a crisp, sunny day here in Northern California -- perfect for enjoying a picnic outdoors, far away from cars and other signs of civilization. As I was driving with my daughters to our park destination, my older daughter showed me her small stuffed mouse toy and asked me why a silver stud was in its ear. This toy had belonged to me when I was a child, and I explained that the stud was printed with the brand name, "Steif", in much the same way that Beanie Babies have heart-shaped "Ty" tags. We both peered down at the toy to see how the tiny "Steif" imprint was facing forward, toward the mouse's nose and whiskers.

I continued driving, and began a meditation of love, focusing on opening my heart chakra and allowing love to flow freely through me. My main desire and intention for the coming new year and millennium was to no longer be driven and motivated by fears, but instead to allow Love to direct my life. After a few minutes of this meditation, I could feel Love's energy flowing through me, yet my mind wondered, "What difference does it really make to let Love guide me? How will I ever even know that anything is any different?"

No sooner had I mentally asked this question than my daughter exclaimed, "A reality shift just happened! I was looking at the Steif label, and now it faces the BACK side of the ear, not the front!" I glanced over to see the tag, and saw that it now faced the mouse's tail. I asked my daughter, "Are you sure it's the same toy mouse we just looked at?", and she replied, "Yes!" I asked her, "Was there any way you could have reversed the stud?", and she replied, "No." She then told me that she'd been looking at the Steif tag when the change occurred. "First it was facing one way, then suddenly it was facing the other."

It's clear that when I make a choice to let Love guide me, my life will change it's direction just as surely as the tag reversed direction. While that may seem to be a very small change, I know that it's the little things -- like hugs and smiles freely given -- that make the biggest difference in the world.

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(1) New Reality Shifts Articles

Let Go of Wishes -- You have to let go in order or your request to go out to the universe and bring back your heart's desire.

We are all Reality Shifters

Thriving on the Edge


(2) Your Reality Shift Stories


I spent a lot of time at your site yesterday. One aspect that struck a chord was the idea of mind-material interaction. I was an Itinerant Magician for part of my younger days, doing school shows primarily through the southern states, many black schools, in a transitional time (early 1960's). It was an extremely interesting experience. During that period I experienced what I called "being on the path", a condition in which nearly all my needs materialized out of thin air, just as in my act! I look back at that time as the most perfect part of my life in so many ways.

For an instance, I wanted to do a trick with a cage, I had the idea in my mind but it would take a cage rectangular in shape with a bottom that was removable. I was walking past a gas station at the time and looked behind in the trash area and there was my cage, perfect in every detail sitting on top of a waste metal container! When cold weather came up, I was offered a brand new jacket. It was not because I asked, it just happened. I stayed often in homes of complete strangers, at their request and never wanted for food or actually anything.

Eventually, I returned to California and to the world of Aerospace to work on the Apollo Moon Project, but that period will forever be very special in my memories.

A lot more happened, of course, but that is the gist of it.

Three times in my life I have been the subject of a "prophecy". In the first one, a friend told me that "You will find a Klein Bottle in a thrift shop for 10 cents". With your background, I am sure you recognize the term as it applies to a curious one sided three dimensional object, not something you find in ordinary commerce! Perhaps ten years later, in shopping in Sunnyvale at a thrift shop, I came across a little Klein Bottle for 25 cents. I am sure that inflation accounts for the difference! I still have that little bottle, 30 years later, as a prized possession.


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Copyright 2000 by Kathryn Lanier, All Rights Retained by the Author
Central Piedmont Region, North Carolina

Sometimes the events that cause major shifts in our reality seem so insignificant at the time they occur, that if we are not paying very close, conscious attention we may miss out on something radiant! I was born curious and that curiosity sent me on a research journey recently that made a life long love affair take on a sacredness that I would never have suspected.

A friend of mine had a guided spiritual journey experience and came away disappointed because she did not understand nor accept the symbolism. The woman who acted as the guide told my friend that the experience was shamanism and might unfold in meaning as time went on. The symbols that occurred during the journey fascinated me. My friend was tending to her ailing, elderly father so I decided to break down all the symbols and began to research them for her. One of the experiences my friend mentioned was the smell of roses and she knew that her patron saint was with her, Saint Teresa. Not being raised in the Catholic church, I did not realize there were two St. Teresa's. My initial research was on Teresa of Avila. I shared the research with my friend and she wrote to say that her patron was Therese of Lisieux.

I have to say that I was not very impressed with St. Therese and more than a little skeptical. I have an open mind to all positive spiritual belief systems and because I believe that when I encounter something new by accepting the invitation of a friend to learn more, I will receive a message, I made a decision to spend some private time with the research and see where it led prior to contacting my friend again.

The next morning I went about my errands for the day, the car dealership, the drugstore, the grocery. My intention at the grocery was just to pick up a couple of things because I had my little ones with me. However, I found that the grocery store had some great specials and I decided to check them out and see what I could stock up on. There was a rack in the middle of the aisle just down from the produce section that had older fruit and vegetables on it and some rather sad looking plants. I am a "plant savior" so I chose a mum, a miniature rose, and a blue, lace capped hydrangea. I bought much wonderful fruit and vegetables to develop my recipes with and trucked on through the store with my little ones. I made lunch after we arrived home and allowed the little ones to begin watching a video and I began working in the kitchen. The research that I had done for my friend came to mind while I was developing a soup recipe so I began letting the various quotes I had pulled from my research to flow through my mind. St. Therese did not perform great miracles or deeds, she changed her world in a very conscious way by the everyday little deeds and sacrifices that were available to her.

She referred to it as her "little way". Even her stature was diminutive! One of the interesting bits of information I learned about St. Therese was her love of flowers and the adoption of rose as her symbol. My research revealed a belief that when a petitioner prays for St. Therese' intercession that the petitioner will encounter the scent of a rose, the sight of a rose, or the word rose as a sign that their prayers have been heard and intercession by St. Therese on the petitioners behalf is taking place.

Suddenly it hit me! My reality completely shifted from skeptic to believer, in the blink of an eye. I had purchased a miniature rose because I have had a life long love affair with roses and have experienced much joy caring for them in the past. A rose, I bought a rose! I immediately felt that St. Therese was telling me that she was there believing in me, even when I could not believe in her. It has always been my habit to serve others in small ways in as anonymous a way as possible. I even struggled for years with the question of the charitable donation being tax deductible. If you receive part of the donation as a credit, then was the donation really charitable? The Divine is calling on me now to follow a more public path but I will never stop serving in the everyday little ways that have brought me such grace. I will save plants with my loving care, in my little way, and will remember St. Therese each time I water, feed, and prune my "little rose".


(3) Books that will Shift Your Reality

I love to read books on metaphysical subjects and share my favorites with you here in this ezine. I hope you'll come see all my reviews of reality shifting books at:

by Robert Bruce

Would you like to meditate in the farthest reaches of space, seek the ends of the universe, or visit a long-lost friend or family member? Have you ever longed to travel to realms full of beauty, music, knowledge and loving beings? Now you can. All you'll need to begin your adventures is to read a copy of Robert Bruce's excellent book, "Astral Dynamics". Astral Dynamics may well be the best guidebook to astral projection (also known as out-of-body experience, or OBE) you'll ever read. Not only does Bruce take the reader through a step-by-step process (complete with pictures) of how to energize one's astral body and successfully master the core skills of astral projection, but he also includes delightful first-person accounts of what it feels like to travel out of body. Bruce's book helps you learn how to achieve deep physical relaxation, tame your mind, and achieve a trance state before mastering the art of projecting your "etheric double". Bruce provides invaluable pointers such as keeping the first projections ultrashort, so that they can be remembered, and ignoring noises and other distracting hallucinations just prior to out-of-body travel. I am especially impressed with Bruce's descriptions of common difficulties encountered by astral travelers, such as waking paralysis, spontaneous projection, getting stuck to one's body during exit, exit cramping or pain, saliva problems, and disorientation, among other things. I love the way Bruce covers much more than just the basics of astral travel. He differentiates lucid dreaming from astral projection, and describes the technique of virtual reality projection whereby "the subconscious mind can be tricked into creating custom-made virtual realms" such as finding oneself inside the virtual world of a painting in the wall. Bruce also devotes chapters to the Akashic planes as well as what he calls "strange astral phenomena" such as reality fluctuations, melting body parts, vision reversal, OBE hitch-hikers and astral beings. Astral Dynamics is a first-rate reference book that I love to come back to again and again.


Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences
by P. M. H. Atwater, et al

Whether you've had a near death experience or just want to gain a better understanding of what NDEs are all about, you'll be fascinated by "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near Death Experiences". Author PMH Atwater is fully qualified to examine this phenomenon, since she experienced three near death episodes in 1977 and has been seriously studying the phenomenon since 1978. I love the way this book is organized into sections that help clarify the NDE. Different types of near death experiences are described in detail, along with the differences between adult and child experiences. Common after-effects such as enhanced psychic abilities, transformations of consciousness, and altered views of reality are also described in detail. This book is fun to read, because almost every page contains an interesting tidbit of information pertaining to near-death experiences. I am intrigued that the vast majority (80 to 90 percent) of near death experiencers report looking and acting younger, feeling substantially more energetic, becoming increasingly sensitive to sound and light, feeling much less boredom, regarding things as new even when they're not, and healing wounds much more quickly. This is a great reference book because it's easy to understand, contains numerous near death experience stories, and summarizes current research in the field clearly and succinctly.


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