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RealityShifters News - January 2002
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Teleporting Ourselves Through Time & Space
    "According to Born and more than half a century of subsequent
    experiments, the wave nature of matter implies that matter
    itself must be described fundamentally in a probabilistic manner.
    For macroscopic objects like a coffee cup or the roulette wheel,
    de Broglie's rule shows that the wave-like character is virtually
    unnoticeable and for most ordinary purposes the associated quantum-
    mechanical probability can be completely ignored."

    -- Brian Greene, THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE

Some of the most exhilarating reality shifts have to do with teleporting ourselves through space and time. I'm not referring to the regular kinds of trips or vacations in which we jump into a car or plane and go somewhere, but the kind of trip where we travel instantaneously and sometimes spontaneously. These are the kind of trips in which the wave-like character of matter cannot be easily dismissed or ignored.

Such shifts can feel disorienting to those who experience them, yet also quite exciting. If the transportation occurred spontaneously, one finds oneself suddenly in another place or time wondering, "How can such things be possible?" How, indeed.

Bob Toben's wonderful out-of-print book, SPACE-TIME AND BEYOND, (in conversation with physicists Jack Sarfatti and Fred Alan Wolf) has this to say about teleportation: "Teleportation of large objects would require a coherence in which all the constituent particles jump together in phase. Normally, atomic quantum jumps can be pictured as materializations and dematerializations of electrons from one space-time path to another. The jump appears to be discontinuous in ordinary space-time because in the course of the jump the electron moves along a tachyonic spacelike path that lies outside the light cone and connects the initial and final timelike paths that lie inside the light cone. The coherence in large-scale jumps would be similar to that found in superconductors. This coherence consists of an order in the motion of the pairs of electrons that constitute the supercurrent."

I find the teleportation stories in this month's RealityShifters News to be especially intriguing, and am proud to be able to share them with you.

Wishing you all the best in this new year,
Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:
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(5) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) Intriguing Articles

by By Alan Boyle

Massive objects like black holes and neutron stars warp space and time,
astronomers report in two new studies.


by Jim Holt, New York Times

Researchers at Columbia University announced their finding that women in a Korean fertility clinic were almost twice as likely to get pregnant when, without their knowledge, strangers prayed for their success. The praying strangers were members of various Christian denominations in the United States, Canada and Australia. They were given pictures of the patients for whose pregnancy they were entreating God, but no other identifying information. Women in the prayed-for group had a pregnancy rate of about 50 percent, versus 26 percent for women in the control group.


Bernice Yeung, SF WEEKLY

Dr. Elisabeth Targ's newest study of the effects of prayer is now underway at the California Pacific Medical Center; some people don't believe science can study distant healing.


Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post

A new study conducted in the Netherlands is based on interviewing hundreds of patients who were resuscitated after suffering clinical death as their hearts stopped, documenting experiences as they happen.


(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Mount Shasta, California

Hi, my name is Kay. I have so many stories! It is common for us here in the Mt. Shasta area to notice many anomalies and synchronicities.

A few years ago I had a job driving to Ashland, Oregon, twice a week. The commute for this job took much time, but was pleasing to me. I started experimenting around with time travel. I said a mantra, and then saw the time I wanted to arrive at a place in my mind... and then created a kind of worm hole... or like in time shifter series... with a center and seeing myself going through it. I wouldn't turn on the radio or watch the car clock, so as not to disturb my intention. It was amazing and so much fun to arrive at places earlier then I should have been there.

One time I went on my travels and had many stops on the way home, but kept doing my mantra... and arrived back home at such an early hour that my boss couldn't believe I had even been gone. I was working on doing it over and over until I actually got back just after I left, so I would still have the day to do other things. I didn't get quite to that point when I left the job, but was getting interestingly close.

Another time I had an appointment at a city that was at least 45 minutes away, and I was rushing. It was important that I get there on time, so I did my time travel thing and got there in 19 minutes. Plenty of time... so I began to understand our "illusion" of time. And these times I did this, I simply traveled at the normal rate of speed as was allowed by the traffic rates... as I don't like speeding tickets... and while it seemed like I was traveling just like other people, somehow, I always get there faster.



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Sidman, Pennsylvania

Reading the realityshifters website reminded me of a time when I believe I had a reality shift, or some type of strange experience.

My family was getting a new house, and so a lot of things were changing around our house. The other house was already there, and our old house was moved forward, and they took the porch that was with our old house and put that on our new one, so there was no porch, and we were still living in the old one until the new one had electricity and heat. So, my mother made steps up to our old house's front door out of bricks, or block type things. There were only a few so the height from the top brick to the actual front door of the house where you step in was high.

One day, we were about to leave somewhere, and I was standing at the door of the old house, waiting to go. The bricks were still being used as steps and the top brick was probably about a foot down below me. So, thinking we were leaving at that second, I opened the door, and forgetting the porch was not there... stepped out and this is where the shift started.

First, the second my foot stepped out of the house... I lost all consciousness of physical things and could not hear or feel a thing, and time seemed to slow to no time... or slow time, and it seemed that five or ten seconds later... which was actually a split second in physical time, I woke out of the strange state standing on that top brick, with full balance and my mother hanging onto the back of my shirt! I don't see how she could have gotten to me that quickly, I don't see how I could have kept my balance, and I also think the time change was strange.

by Alijandra

One afternoon rush hour on my way back from work several years ago, I was traveling on Freeway 280 in the downtown San Jose, California area. I was singing along to a cassette tape playing Maureen McGovern's "Can You Read My Mind?" from the Superman soundtrack; it's a three minute song. As I sang along with Maureen, I was thinking of Saint Germain (since he does fit the Superman image, and reads minds, too!) I glanced at the clock and it was 4:42 PM. I planned to go to my bank on Montague, an exit off of Freeway 680. 280 turns into 680 after the Freeway 101 interchange.

About half way through the song, I remember blinking, feeling a moment's disorientation, and seeing Highway 237 as I passed by it. My first thought was "when did they put another entrance to Highway 237 in?" My second thought was "Don't be silly, there is no 237 where 101 should be!" My next thought was "This really is 237 and I just passed my turnoff two exits back". I glanced down at the clock and it was still 4:42 pm, and the song was still playing. I got off at the next exit, Jacklin Road, then back on freeway 680.

I was approximately seven miles farther down the road then where I had been a few seconds earlier!

I have ruled out the theory of missing time because there was no time missed. Even if the clock had stopped (which it hadn't), the song on the tape was still playing. It had not been rewound by me, or stopped and started again.

What I realized happened was a classic teleportation -- car and all. No easy feat I would think, as it was a crowded freeway. I can't imagine what synchronized timing it must have taken to make sure that my car and I didn't land on another car! Or what drivers near me on both ends of the equation must have wondered about their sanity if suddenly the car in front of them isn't there, or when a vehicle suddenly materializes in front of you.

One could hope for them that they were sufficiently blunted by the work days' events that they didn't notice a thing!

I have had a number of other teleportations, but they were always multi-dimensional in nature; in other words, between dimensions, rather than on the earth plane itself. It had happened before, but was not common like the interdimensional movement of my physical form. I feel this one happened because I was in a sufficiently uplifted state of being. While spontaneous, it appeared to be a higher-self induced experience.

The process of teleportation involves the act of moving physical matter from one place to another, often through "solid" matter. (But, as quantum physics tells us, there is no such thing as solid matter.) It is the instantaneous movement of the entire physical body from one space to another. It is not an out-of-body experience.

There are numerous documented cases of teleportation, many spontaneous in nature. Unplanned teleportations may involve the electromagnetic ley lines which crisscross the earth which might distort the time/space continuum, allowing for the physical body to suddenly shift in density. One's body then behaves like sub- atomic particles that can be instantaneously somewhere else; something that has been modestly demonstrated in our laboratories.

Conscious teleportation was mastered by some well-known adepts such as the Compte de St. Germain of 18th century Europe, Padre Pio of 20th century Italy, and Babaji (multiple centuries) of the Himalayas, and many lesser known persons. What distinguishes them from the spontaneous teleporters is their master-level spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual devotion is always their first priority and the bodily shifts occur as a natural by-product. There is a conscious command over the experience that comes to them as they master teleportation, and their planned destination is consciously induced.

These enlightenment beings prove to us that the psi arts are not only possible but probable. These gifts are emerging quite naturally in the New Age of quantum awareness and spiritual growth.

The practice of teleportation helps one to understand the fluidity of matter, stretching our boundaries of limited experience to one of unlimited perspective. This will contribute to increasing our wisdom and connection to the One.

) Emerald Star Publishing and Alijandra. All rights reserved. From an untitled manuscript in progress.

Alijandra is a multiple modalities healer, teacher, and author based in the San Jose bay area. Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she originally trained as a registered nurse. She has focused her attention the last 14 years to the development and practice of color energy therapy. She is the author of HEALING WITH THE RAINBOW RAYS.

(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are more than 50 books reviewed at realityshifters.com (including THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE and HEALING WITH THE RAINBOW RAYS, and books written by Fred Alan Wolf).

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Would you like to discuss teleportation and reality shifts? Share your ideas with us at the realityshifters group at yahoo. We'd love to hear from you!


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