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RealityShifters News - January 2003
Create Your Best Life

The World Is Your Oyster

Cynthia Sue Larson

When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.
~ Lao Tzu

When I was growing up I often heard people remark, "Don't let the turkeys get you down." This phrase was intended to remind us that while we may sometimes be surrounded by unsupportive people, we can turn even the most unpleasant situations around in a positive direction by maintaining a positive attitude. While physical scientists have known for many years that tiny quantum particles behave according to our expectations (from results from experiments such as Thomas Young's famous double-slit experiment) -- presenting wave-like diffraction patterns and acting like waves of light up until the very moment when particle-detectors are installed (when they suddenly begin acting like particles) -- similar discoveries of "seeing what we expect to see" have also been made in the social sciences.

Perhaps the most famous example of such research comes from American sociologist, Robert K. Merton, who coined the term "self-fulfilling prophecy" in his brilliant 1948 essay in the Antioch Review. Merton described the self-fulfilling prophecy as involving three distinct phases: (1) a person believes that a certain event will happen in the future, (2) the person behaves according to this expectation or belief, and (3) the expected event takes place and the prophecy is fulfilled.

Recent research in the field of psychology and education supports the assertion that positive expectations lead to improved circumstances. Educational researcher Patricia Munson helps teachers see how they can foster "resiliency" (the ability to bounce back successfully despite exposure to severe risks) by helping students internalize positive expectations. In her book, "Winning Teachers, Teaching Winners" (1991), Patricia Munson advises teachers to, "Choose to see yourself and others as winners. Look for things to acknowledge yourself for, rather than stuff to make yourself feel wrong about. No one outside yourself can make you happy. You have to do it for yourself. And your students need to learn that, too. It is one of the keys that will assist them to be able to create anything they want in their lives."

The key to opening the doors to success in one's life lies in feeling the emotions of joy and exuberant delight, even before any visible signs of success arrive. Our emotions are the keys to accessing both memories of the past and impressions of the future -- and it is through our emotions that we can open all the doors of possibility. Perhaps American author and mythologist Joseph Campbell said it best when he recommended:

"Follow your bliss, and doors will open
where there were no doors before."

When you know the world is your oyster and you follow your bliss, you will find pearls where there were no pearls before!

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(3) Your Reality Shift Stories
(4) Reality Shifting Q & A
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(1) Upcoming Events

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(2) Intriguing Articles

Brightest Celebrities

by Cynthia Sue Larson
Who has been most radiant this year? You can see the light in their eyes. You can feel a glow of love and joy all around them. Find out who's got that "inner auric glow"!

by Cynthia Sue Larson
On those days when it seems like things aren't going your way, the attitude you choose can make all the difference.

by Julia Mossbridge
The gripping story of how an exceptional woman scientist claimed her personal power -- replacing the standards and guidance of the external world with internal wisdom.

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

by Yvonne
Victoria B.C., Canada

Hi Cynthia, thank you for your web site. I also lay in the divine love every morning now, and it just comes now without having to work at receiving this wonderful loving energy. I have also had experiences of this love being physically shown to me. When my upstairs neighbour's bathroom flooded, water came pouring down through my place. Two wet circles appeared on my living room ceiling, which then merged together and formed a heart. When a fellow came to suck the water out of my ceiling, he had to poke a hole into the ceiling, which left a smaller heart inside the larger heart. To top it off, when I went to put some wet water-damaged articles on my dryer, I saw an unexplainable perfectly formed heart in the dust. Finally, I went to get into my friend's vehicle, and saw a flattened piece of gum on the ground -- which was, of course, in the form of a heart.

I feel truly blessed to be receiving this love, as I know it is healing me, and to be shown signs that there is more than this physical reality. My daughters and I have had many experiences of reality shifts in our home, and my daughters have grown up experiencing the "unexplainable." At times I have had to reassure them that everything was OK, and there was nothing to be frightened of. When I showed the hearts to my friends, some of course got "it," but others just wouldn't believe that a perfect two-inch heart could appear like that on my dryer. They thought I had had a sticker on there previously.

It is all wonderment to me. Blessings to you.


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by Sharon
Perth, Western Australia

I was outside one day, when I noticed my cat had vomited on my patio. I mentally said "That needs to be cleaned up." I walked inside, and when I came back out, the mess was gone. There was not a trace. There was no moist patch where it had been, or any sign it had ever been there. I then thanked the angels for taking care of such a horrible job for me.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I recently got back into my studies of manifesting, and have some "a-ha!" insights to share. I had my eye on a new car, a Jeep Liberty, and was trying hard to FORCE the Universe to grant my desire. Common sense tells us it is letting go, not holding on, that is the key. I found myself unable to let go, so I swore off the whole business of manifesting. Very soon after this, my ten-year-old car was stolen. My Saturn had been going through periods of mechanical trouble, which was why I wanted a new car in the first place.

They always say you don't know what you've got until it's gone... and they are so right. Where I live, there is no bus system, and it is over five miles to get to a city that has one. This is not convenient for working the swing shift about 20 miles from home! I did not have the cash to get a new vehicle, and had no success manifesting money. I hadn't even dusted off my books on manifesting, since my heart was not yet willing to try again. But I thought and said out loud, "God, please let them find my car and let it be, if not completely unscathed, at least not a total loss." I said this because I felt I would not be able to afford to get anything with the piddly sum the insurance would pay out on my almost-10-year-old total loss.

Two days later, the police recovered my car. Whoever stole my car had left it with no gas and a dead battery and alternator, but the car was not a total loss. I recovered my car with just the cost of my insurance deductible, which was much more manageable than any other alternative. I am convinced that I would have manifested that Jeep Liberty had I focused on it, and had I not had a discouraged view at that time. Still, I am pleased, and feel I've been taught a large lesson in keeping an "attitude of gratitude." I got the message to appreciate my Saturn a bit longer, and I am happily doing so now.

My long-time goal is to find my soul mate, and I have been putting serious energy into this goal for a long time. Years ago, I saw an episode of Oprah about women who chose wedding dates before they even found their grooms, and I chose a date when I wished to be married. I set it pretty far out in the future, November 2003, just to be sure I was not being unreasonable (I didn't know as much then as now about timing and such). Over the years I have watched friends and relatives marry, and have indulged myself in some "pre-planning." Always having been fond of Etta James' song, "At Last," I thought it delightfully quirky to include that song in my wedding, since I will be 30 on my wedding day and when I originally set the deadline, I felt that I would be an old spinster lady by the time I was married.

Over the years I have reminded myself to be patient and let the Universe work (I am much better at being patient for love than for cars!) and have not focused much on it at all, only remembering the deadline when I hear about Oprah, or when a friend gets married. I was feeling old one recent morning, and thinking about how I still have not met my soul mate. I am not opposedto a whirlwind marriage, so there is plenty of time before I will panic. Still, I sighed, and asked the Universe just to drop me a line and let me know it was still working on my order. On my way to work in the car, I listened to Casey Kasem do the countdown on an easy listening station I seldom tune in to, and was about to turn the channel when the words "...over thirty years ago..." caught my ears. I didn't know what he was talking about, until he said something along the lines of "...and now here's Celine Dion with a remake of 'At Last', originally by Etta James..." WHOO! Thanks, Universe! I can sit comfortably again knowing that he's on his way!

(4) Reality Shifters Q & A

Q: I never misplace things. I'm one of those left-brained, completely structured people who can honestly say there is nothing they have ever done on a whim or without logical backing. So when reality shifts happened, I was shocked. Once, a few words on a page of a book changed right in front of me. I did a double take and said to myself, "that did not just happen." I feel right now that I am influencing minor events in my life by my subconscious initial interpretation or belief materializing or playing out in reality. As I notice more and more, I wonder, "Can I control this?" It is becoming frequent, and I think I might be able to. Can I consciously learn to control what I think as an initial impression and interpretation? I'm a little freaked out by it. I am starting to wonder if anyone else is actually in my world, or if it is just me. And all other reality such as peoples' fame, fortune, and whatever is all illusionary stimulus (tests perhaps into the greater self) and things that we shouldn't or simply cannot obtain -- because the harder I try, the more difficult it becomes. Am I going crazy? And why have I chosen such a ridiculously boring Capricorn existence to live life under? I am under 30, and have a lot of living left, but now life is truly weird.
-- Ken

A: Your shocked feeling by the weirdness of reality shifts is understandable. As these experiences become a more familiar part of your life, reality shifts can help you maintain a sense of awe and wonder for this amazing universe we live in. They provide you with frequent reminders that physical reality is shaped by our perceptions, feelings, and thoughts. I love your question about how we can tell what is real from what is illusion! Many spiritual traditions teach that all we humans can perceive as real (what we perceive with our senses) is actually "maya" or illusion, and that the true reality can best be seen through our high sense perceptions, which provide us with a vision of underlying subtle energies that create this physical world. The advantage of being a "boring Capricorn" is that you are well-grounded, so you trust your perceptions of reality shifts and carefully reshape your view of the true nature of the universe to include such magical and mysterious qualities. As you keep asking questions, the universe provides you with answers that will slowly and surely allow you to alter your entire previous view of the way things work. There is a shared consciousness between all of us, and at a very high level, we are all as one. You can access this "I Am" awareness through meditation and prayer, and from that state of being can reshape your sense of how to best live your life in accordance with this awareness. When each of us knows that "you are another myself," the world is alive with peace and love! To the degree that you can control your unconscious, I believe you can control reality shifts. While control is a noble goal, awareness needs to accompany such control, in order that those who knowingly shape reality are doing so with the very highest intentions for all. I therefore advise that people who begin attempts to control reality shifting be guided by their highest sense of spiritual awareness, in order to ensure that what is created and experienced is the best possible reality, and not something which merely "seemed like a good idea at the time!"
-- Cynthia

(5) Reality Shifters Award Winners

I am proud to announce this month's wonderful winners of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of web sites which demonstrate consistent excellence in content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Transport yourself to paradise when you visit Quiet Repose -- Poetry by Paulette at:

Discover the science of your soul when you learn the art of Unfolding with Julia Mossbridge! Face your fears, practice the art of "Yes!" and bless your goals at:

(6) Books that Shift Your Reality

Ready to start your new year with some wonderful new ideas? Here are some books that are guaranteed to get you thinking, and change your life for the better! Every time you click through the realityshifters site before going to buy books at, you help to offset the costs of distributing this ezine and operating the realityshifters web site! This is true even if you don't buy anything that is specifically listed at the realityshifters site. See some of my favorite books at:

Four wonderful books are reviewed here this month: A BOOK OF ANGELS by Sophy Burnham; CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Gerald G. Jampolsky & Diane V. Cirincione; TERESA OF AVILA by Cathleen Medwick, and ENERGY MEDICINE by James L. Oschman.

Book of Angels

A Book of Angels:
Reflections on Angels Past and Present and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives

by Sophy Burnham

A Thrilling Exploration into Angelic Realms

A BOOK OF ANGELS contains the most dazzling array of angel myths and stories one could hope to find in one book. I love its thrilling personal accounts of the way human poets, mystics and saints (such as Blake, Dante, Dostoyevski, Goethe, Milton, Poe, Rilke, Shakespeare and Swedenborg) have interacted with angels throughout history. Beautiful illustrations and quotes appear on almost every page, such as this lovely one from Saint Augustine, "Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel." Author Sophy Burnham did not grow up believing in angels or miracles, yet when she was a young adult, she watched an angel save her life. "I saw him the way you see the words on this page: the colors, the magnificent leap of my heart on seeing him -- HOME! cried my soul as he scooped me out of the path of death." Whether you talk to angels every day, or wonder whether it's possible that they could exist, A BOOK OF ANGELS is certain to become your favorite book for exploring the angelic realms!

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
by Gerald G. Jampolsky & Diane V. Cirincione

Heal All Your Relationships

While most of us are well aware that "love is the answer," we often find it difficult to live our lives according to that lofty principle. We're challenged the moment someone "pushes our buttons" and leaves us feeling righteous anger for their thoughtless words and actions. CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE provides us with effective tools for bringing feelings of love into even the most challenging situations, such as: parenting, competitive sports, business transactions, and even legal disputes and divorce. Rather than see our relationships with others as sources of the problems in our life, we can learn to appreciate how each and every relationship is a golden opportunity to experience love. It is possible to heal all your relationships by releasing preconceived notions about others along with all grievances. This book can help you feel peaceful and loving inside, regardless of what is happening around you.

Teresa of Avila

The Progress of a Soul

by Cathleen Medwick

Fascinating Historical Account of a Female Saint

Saint Teresa shines forth as a fascinating historical figure in TERESA OF AVILA: THE PROGRESS OF A SOUL, because she is shown to have had an innate ability to continually seek the highest possible spiritual path throughout her life. Whenever temptation arose, she was willing to do whatever might be necessary to right herself again -- regardless whether the form of temptation or evil took human or supernatural form. Medwick maintains a detached tone throughout this riveting story, which provides one with a better idea of what it was like to live in Saint Teresa's time (with the Inquisition wreaking havoc in the lives of some spiritual people). I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to better understand what life was like for a spiritual woman in 16th century Europe whose utmost desire was to be as close to God as possible.

Energy Medicine

The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies

by James Oschman

Excellent Scientific Overview of Energy Medicine

Oschman guides the reader through a delightful series of beautifully-illustrated chapters that show how "vibrational therapies are not magic or superstition: they are based on biology, chemistry, and physics." ENERGY MEDICINE thoroughly examines the most current scientific theories and experimental findings to describe how a wide variety of complementary medical treatments operate within the realm of what we know to be true. When you read ENERGY MEDICINE you'll learn how: our cells and tissues are crystalline molecular arrays that act as coherent antennas, humans respond to the Schumann oscillations around the Earth, a mechanism for entrainment operates between the Earth and humans, and SQUIDs can be used to detect biomagnetic fields around the human body. You'll also discover a wealth of fascinating facts, such as how the ventricle of the heart is formed of a single band of muscle wrapped in a double-helix in such a way that the heart's rhythmic beatings resonate with the more rapid oscillations of DNA. ENERGY MEDICINE is a must for anyone who desires a more complete understanding of the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicine.

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(7) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

This web site introduces a unique integration of the spiritual and material paths to prosperity for a true "best of both worlds" approach.

Help bring peace to our hearts and our planet through the prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth. This prayer for world peace carries a message of great hope and healing which transcends barriers of nationality, race and religion to unite humanity in a call for the common good of all life on Earth.

Julia Mossbridge's excellent ezine offers periodic (usually monthly) ideas, stories, reviews and exercises that support positive change in ourselves and in the world.

The Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc. (EHEN) is an educational, research, and information resource organization studying all types of anomalous (out of the ordinary) experiences.

Today, perhaps more than any time in our past, the subject of forgiveness has become a prominent area in our lives. If there was ever a time to find ways of letting go of our grievances and releasing the painful past, it is truly now.

The Samueli Institute for Information Biology is a non-profit, non-affiliated medical research organization supporting the scientific investigation of healing processes with information biology and its application in health and disease.

Find out about healing events happening in California. Send an email to:

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