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RealityShifters News - January 2005
Create Your Best Life!
Mastering Illusions

Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson's birthday month!

    "Don't part with your illusions.
    When they are gone you may still exist,
    but you have ceased to live."
    -- Mark Twain
Even (and perhaps especially) when things seem bleak in the outside world, it's important to remember that nothing is quite what it seems, and that there is an underlying energy which acts to create and sustain physical reality. From the first breath we take to our last, everything can change in an instant in our lives. Psychologist Carolyn Miller's studies have shown that one's perceptions of what is happening can make all the difference in life or death situations, as well as in ordinary daily matters. Not only do people who have "miracle-mindedness" survive seemingly impossible situations, but they find points of view that often lift them to greater heights of joy and understanding.

You might think of this as the art of mastering illusions... of finding the deeper meaning in the realms that provide your life with inspiration and direction. Just as quantum physicists see what they expect to see when studying quantum particles (is it a particle... or is a wave?)... you can learn to create the world around you by fine-tuning how you put your attention on what you expect to see. By virtue of maintaining attention on what is beautiful, good, honest, and true you can create the very world you most wish to see. You can do this by visualizing the energy of the qualities you desire, even if you feel these visualizations are imaginary.

Reframing your viewpoint to one of gratitude from one of fear immediately changes your ability to observe the most enjoyable kinds of shifts in reality. These changes in your thoughts and feelings change the energy field around you, which in turn influences everything and everyone around you. And if you ever feel that you are maintaining hope against all odds... know that it is this very hope that gives your life the richest fullness of meaning.

This month, as I celebrate another birthday, I wish that 2005 be the best year ever! May we find new ways to appreciate our lives, and new ways to master illusions in this world.

lots of love,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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In This Issue:

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
(2) Upcoming Events
(3) Intriguing Articles
(4) Your Reality Shift Stories
(5) Reality Shifting Q & A
(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner
(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
(8) Join in the Discussion
(9) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
Cynthia Sue Larson

Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia
Feeling stuck? Want help facing a challenging relationship? Need clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from spiritual life coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.

      "Cynthia is the best intuitive healer I know. She has impeccable discernment about core issues that she is able to translate into actionable advice. She can say the full truth that she has to offer me because her heart is completely open to me and she is so skilled with words that she knows how to tell me what I need to know without judgment and without arousing my defenses. Instead, as a result of her gentle guidance, I become energized, encouraged and aware of how to shift problematic patterns into new ways of being."
      -- Anne

(2) Upcoming Events

Saturday, 22 January 2005 10 AM - 6 PM
USCS Inn & Conference Center
611 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California
Learn what energies you are radiating, and what needs to be cleared with an aura portrait and reading.
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Sunday, 30 January 2005 3 PM
Pleasant Hill Community Center
320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill, California
Practice techniques for sensing and viewing energy fields.
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(3) Intriguing Articles

Aura Meditations for Everyday Life
by Cynthia Sue Larson
InnerSelf Magazine
12 December 2004
If you are looking for the best way to enhance your aura and turn your life around, studies have shown that meditation might be the best thing you could do. Meditations excerpted from AURA ADVANTAGE in this article include: Best Possible Life Chakra Meditation, Good Health and Healing Meditation, Integrated Meditation, Prosperity Meditation, and A Fresh Start Meditation.
-- excerpted from AURA ADVANTAGE

Tsunami Kills Few Animals in Sri Lanka
ABC News
29 December 2004
Wildlife officials in Sri Lanka expressed surprise that they found no evidence of large-scale animal deaths from the tsunamis.

Luck Is An Energetic Force
by Randall Fitzgerald
Phenomena Magazine
31 October 2004
Welcome to the realm of paranormal luck...

Creating Your Reality
Excellent free eBook on Creating Your Reality by Anne Varnes of

(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Donna Higbee

I have had so many personal experiences with reality shifts that I can't even recount them all. One of the most amazing experiences happened in 2004 when I got a call at 7:00 AM to be in Los Angeles by 8:30 AM one morning. I was still in my robe when I got this call, and still needed to take my shower, get dressed, load the car with appropriate clothes for the set of the West Wing (where I do background and small feature roles). Since I live 100 miles from the Warner Brothers Studio, it takes me almost two hours to get there from home.

I left my house that morning at 7:35 AM, and as I hit the early morning rush traffic heading into the Los Angeles area, I just knew I was going to be terribly late. From the moment I left home, I started imagining my car was an arrow that was "piercing through time." I kept holding the idea that I was going faster than time around me.

When I arrived at the studios, I went through security, walked a long way to the set, went through wardrobe, visited hair/make-up, and reported to the Assistant Director. He said that he couldn't understand how I had made it so fast. For the first time I looked at a clock, and saw that it was 8:30 AM. There is NO WAY in the world (the ordinary world, that is) that I could have driven there and done all that in one hour.


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East Jordan, Michigan

I'm interested in reality shifting from a scientific perspective. I read a lot of material on quantum physics, which would seem to indicate that reality shifts are possible, but unlikely to happen. However, I've noticed this phenomenon has happened to me on occasion.

My most recent reality shift happened last winter. I took a blind corner too sharp, and found my vehicle heading on a collision course with another vehicle. My car's brakes locked up, and it seemed a crash was inevitable. In an instant, when I was about a foot from catastrophe, I found myself about six feet away, with my vehicle further back from where it had started.

WIth my knowledge of quantum physics, I had a pretty good idea of what had just happened. Albeit improbable, it was as if I had traded places with another quantum version of myself... one who had left the house seconds after I had. I feel kinda sorry for the other version of myself, who no doubt found himself go from six feet away from the other to one feet away, and then crash.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

My husband opened a bag of bread and the tie to close it disappeared. He called me to the kitchen to help him find it. We looked everywhere...nothing. He turned his back to the counter for a few seconds and when he looked back it was right there. He said:"Look, it appeared! How weird" "No, that's a reality shift, buddy!' He replied: "NO! That is weird!'

God grant me patience to deal with the reluctant skeptic. ;>

(5) Reality Shifters Q & A

Q: Hi Cynthia, My closest friend & I are always looking for & expecting what we call "Syncs", in our daily lives. We joyfully embrace them and always are thankful for them. There is something about me that attracts people. I am just an average looking, middle aged woman so it can't be my appearance that is the drawing factor. The same thing happens over and over....I used to wonder about it, but now I just expect it to happen, and it does. No matter where I go...on a walk by myself in the woods, or in a store that hasn't seen a customer all day...within a short time, other people start showing up. Just yesterday, I was the only customer in a candy supply store. The clerk told me that he had sent the other salesperson home earlier because business was "dead". I was only there probably 5 minutes when 6 customers came in and the clerk had his hands full waiting on them. I stuck around until they left and asked him in a teasing way if he wouldn't like to hire me to come in and just stand around so he'd have some business. I told him that I am a "people magnet" and he laughed and agreed with me. I am not complain or bragging about this but, I do wonder what causes this.
-- Charlotte

A: Dear Charlotte,
Thanks so much for writing! What you describe is one of the many benefits of having a very large, positive, healthy energy field. Your outgoing, personable disposition imbues your aura with a very inviting quality that magnetically attracts people. This has been happening to me all my life, and it happens the most noticeably when I'm feeling particularly energized. When I'm feeling high-energy, my aura extends a good fifteen to twenty feet from my body, compared to three to six feet when I'm not feeling all that great. When I wish to keep a low profile or not attract crowds, I bring my energy field in close to me. The closer in I bring it to my body, the more "invisible" I am, to the point that I have at times gone completely unnoticed... as if I was invisible. More typically, I notice that wherever I go, a crowd of people follows me in the door, and that quiet shops and businesses get quite busy as soon as I show up.
lots of love,
-- Cynthia

Q: Dear Cynthia,
I'm having difficulty enjoying myself, i feel like everything is fake? Believe me, i have perfectly good reason to enjoy myself, ive made some pretty impressive reality shifts. Any Advice? Should i just immerse myself in it all?
-- A

A: Dear A,
It sounds like you've got a strong energy field, and are therefore able to rather easily get what you desire... based on your ego... without necessarily ever feeling the deeper benefit of it all. The key to feeling real and that everything around you is real is to regain connection with your high self, or spirit. This will give you a sense of being your full self, and you will immediately notice that all your senses are sharper and that you feel a tremendous passion for living. You will also find that as you let your high self/spirit guide you, things may not "go your way," but the twists and turns you encounter in life will be interesting, informative, and feel much more real and meaningful.
lots of love,
-- Cynthia

(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

The World Wide Online Meditation Center
This user-friendly site provides meditation instruction for people around the planet. Meditators from beginners to experienced will be delighted with the exciting range of meditation tools provided here.

(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

Here is something that will give you nourishing food for thought! Every time you click through these links before making purchases at, you help offset the costs of the realityshifters web site and ezine! This is true even if you don't buy anything listed on the realityshifters site. You can see some of my favorite books at:

In the Arms of Angels

In the Arms of Angels
True Stories of Heavenly Guardians

by Joan Wester Anderson

Uplifting Angel Stories

At a time when more than 75% of all Americans publicly admit a belief in angels, IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS whets our appetite for angel information as it delivers a feast of wonderful stories about amazing and mysterious angel encounters. From tales of very young children saved from death by watchful guardians to stories about helpful men and women who have warned, protected and reassured those in need... these stories will make you want to laugh, cry, and get goose bumps of amazement. IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS is a perfect book to read at bed time every night, to remind us that we are never alone, and that there is always help at hand when we most need it. I give this book my very highest recommendation!

Being One

Being One
Finding Our Self in Relationship

by Steven Harrison

Envisioning Transcendental Relationships

BEING ONE is a book for contemplative people who seek to experience transcendental relationships, and are willing and able to do the work necessary to get there by being honest, compassionate, and detached. Steven Harrison explains that there are serious problems with the three main phases of most romantic relationships (infatuation/falling in love, power struggles, dynamic boredom); all three of these phases of love are built on a foundation of an addiction to separation. This separation is imagined, not real. Only love is real... and each and every one of us can experience the joy of being in love... of being free from attacking and defending... of knowing that we are all as one... and of being one. Everyone can benefit from reading BEING ONE and imagining a world in which all the people can live their lives as one. I give this book my highest recommendation.

(8) Join in the Discussion
    Do you have questions you'd like to ask, or reality shifting stories you'd like to share? Have you read good books, seen intriguing movies, or found a web site that relates to reality shifts? Contemplate the big questions and make new friends in the realityshifters discussion group at:

(9) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

Spiritual Cinema

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