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January 2014
Issue #172

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Two style phases in Cynthia Sue Larson's life
Act Like and Become a Better You

“Act the way you'd like to be
and soon you'll be
the way you'd like to act.”
- Bob Dylan

What would you say if someone were to tell you that your sense of self is constructed, and is just a story? Many of us tend to assume that who we are--our sense of self--is something stable and reliably secure, so there is naturally a good deal of resistance to the notion that who we think we are might be nothing more than some kind of fabricated narrative. Yet some reputable psychologists, including Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol, insist this is exactly the case. Interviewed recently by a reporter for Wired magazine to talk about his new book, The Self Illusion, Hood states,
    “My hypothesis is the subject as multiplicity.”
Multiplicity is becoming one of the big ideas of our times, as the notion that our reality is a holographic multiverse has recently gained significant support from a number of different scientific findings. The idea that we exist in an interconnected multitude of parallel realities is one I describe in detail in my new book, Quantum Jumps, which explains how to move from one reality to another. The more open we are to seeing our lives as being the stories we tell ourselves and one another about who we are, the easier it can be to become kinder, stronger, smarter, more resilient, more confident, and healthier. There are lots of ways we can take some baby jumps in these directions, and lots more ways to enjoy life when we do!

Quantum Jumps
Quantum Jumps
We sometimes witness how self can be based on constructed narrative when observing public reinventions of celebrities such as: rapper and fashion model-turned-actor, Marky Mark Wahlberg, Madonna, David Bowie, and Neil Patrick Harris. Some performers make changes in order to catch and hold the public interest, yet some of these transformations have a lot to do with making a conscious transition from one way of being in service to another, such as what Levar Burton did when moving on from playing young Kunta Kinte in Roots to Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation to the host and executive producer of Reading Rainbow.

A good part of personal transformation comes from how we perceive ourselves to be based on social interaction. When Bill Moyers asked mythology expert Joseph Campbell in an interview in The Power of Myth how he had personally benefited from his study of mythology, Joseph Campbell replied that one of the ways the study of myth and tradition has helped him in his personal life was based on,
    "The tradition in India, for instance, of actually changing your whole way of dress, even changing your name, as you pass from one stage to another."
An ancient technique of name healing which has been practiced in China for thousands of years, and is still being practiced today is described in Quantum Jumps. A description of this practice is based on the wonderful research of authors Gary Lee and Nicholoas Tapp in their study of the Hmong. The concept of name healing is based in the idea that when an infant or young child becomes dangerously sick or ill, there is a chance that by renaming the child, he or she can become well again. From a quantum jumping point of view, you might say that the entire family and village join in re-envisioning the young person as someone fresh and new--as someone who is perfectly healthy and well.

In my life so far, I have made big transitions that included name and appearance changes. The first was in the 1980s when I got married, cut my hair short and wore business suits that consisted of jacket, skirt, blouse and silk bow tie. This was the perfect look for business, and with this combination of my new married name and a whole new business wardrobe, I felt like the Fortune 500 MBA project manager I considered myself to be.

Something I learned when moving to Lausanne, Switzerland when I was a new mother in the 1990s was that one of the best things about new beginnings is the opportunity to reinvent myself and enjoy a completely fresh start. I had been employed in the corporate world for the past seven years before making this big move, and I was overjoyed to discover that in a whole new city, canton, and country it really is possible to reinvent oneself. I had so much fun dressing like a European, shopping and traveling without a car, and thinking differently in ways both large and small. Wearing a minidress was considered perfectly respectable, and enjoyed a sense of freedom to show the world a whole new side of me that I had never previously been able to feel comfortable sharing before.

I made my third big name and appearance change in the 2000s, after my daughters were born and after I got divorced, when my literary agent encouraged me to change my name from "Cindy Sue." My literary agent pointed out my name had just a bit too much of a hillbilly sound to it, as she asked imploringly, "Are you known by any other name?" She was relieved to hear that my name is "Cynthia Sue," and that is the name accompanying this up-and-coming author, as I grew my hair out and started wearing long batik dresses when not wearing jeans.

Yet another name and appearance transformation I've enjoyed over the past fifteen years is involved with practicing martial arts, which comes with rank, title and a uniform. Engaging in martial arts provides me with benefits from yet another facet of my total self.

Much of the joy I feel when making transformative changes at times of life transition comes from the fun of getting to be and do something different that I truly wish to experience. I wanted to be a business manager, a stay-at-home mom, an author, a martial artist, and I became all these things. I have come to realize that each of us is capable of doing a great deal more than we typically realize, and sometimes all we need to get started is taking the first few steps. As a spiritual life coach, I especially enjoy helping people treasure these kinds of transformative changes in their lives!

Let’s Connect
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I hope you know that we can stay in touch no matter where we are in the world, and that I share new experiences, tips, stories, and inspirational ideas at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I look forward to seeing you there!

Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "You're so insightful, positive and personable. You helped me to refocus my thoughts and energies. I really appreciate the positive energies that you were able to channel through me as well as your reminders to remain positive--and to question and even challenge--how good CAN it get! After our reading, things fell into place and I have no doubt that your reading had a lot to do with it. My angels were watching over me and showing me just how good it can get! With your help I feel that I was cleansed and opened up to the infinite possibilities that surround me. My positive energy/aura did and will continue to attract more positive energies!" -- Lori


(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

INTERNET RADIO: Cynthia Sue Larson on Science to Sage
Tuesday, 21 January 2014, 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST
"Science to Sage" radio show host Karen Elkins interviews Cynthia Sue Larson, best-selling author of QUANTUM JUMPS: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity, exploring the absolutely amazing science of how we move between parallel worlds of possibility in a holographic multiverse..

INTERNET RADIO: Cynthia Sue Larson on Masterful Choices
Wednesday, 22 January 2014, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST
Join host Monique Chapman as she talks with Cynthia about her new book, Quantum Jumps. Find out why the new convergence of scientific findings in a variety of scientific fields indicates there are many possible you's... and how easily you can make a jump into a life in which you are happier, more prosperous, in better relationships, with more willpower and confidence.


Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
Would you like to invite your friends to attend an aura advantage workshop in your home? If you live in Northern California and are interested in planning such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
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(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Quantum Jump into Better Relationships
Did you know there are some very simple, laboratory-tested, highly effective things you can do to improve both brand-new and also old relationships? One of the most wonderfully imaginable ways to visualize an improved world is one in which relationships with others are more supportive and positive. While we might assume there’s nothing much we can do to improve the chemistry or attraction we feel for others, researchers have recently proven this is not the case. Studies show there is a lot we can do to improve how close we feel to others and how positively they feel about us. For example, you can improve relationships simply by acting as if you are already close. University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard Wiseman may have begun his working life as a professional magician, but no amount of magic books could explain the amazing results he got when he conducted an experiment with a hundred speed-daters in Edinburgh, Scotland. Wiseman separated the speed-daters into two groups: one which conducted the speed-dating activities as usual, and the other with special instructions for couples to pretend they were already intimately acquainted. These couples were instructed to hold hands, share secrets, and gaze into each others’ eyes. This is a video summary of a blog post you can read in its entirety at:

How to Choose and Benefit from a Spiritual Life Coach
I feel very blessed and fortunate that I had the benefit of a spiritual life coach in all the years of my life while I was growing up, though at the time I probably would not have called her that. The person I trusted to share uplifting, life-affirming insights and ideas that helped me feel connected to the Divine was my grandmother, who I called “Mor Mor,” meaning “mother’s mother” in Swedish. Imagine being able to say anything without being judged, where you feel accepted and safely wrapped in love. In such a supportive environment, you can break free from fears–both spoken and unspoken–that may have been holding you back for years, and start to see an expanded horizon of possibilities from which to choose. A good Spiritual Life Coach helps you feel positive emotions from connecting with the unseen animating power that brings meaning and inspiration to your life, discovering a deeper sense of who you truly are, and a clearer sense of what you need most at this time in your life. You can gain a sense of empowerment and passion from living your daily life according to your unique path of personal and spiritual growth, without judging you based on attributes such as age, gender, race, or religious affiliation. This is a video summary of a blog post at:


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Car Changes to SUV and Same Two Dogs on TV
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I just finished reading  your latest newsletter. I don't normally write in about my experiences to anyone but this one just blew me away. I'm not sure where it fits but here goes: About a month ago I was leaving early in the morning for a lab appointment. My neighbor's friend was just dropping off her girls next door before going to work and we said hi. I was about 15 seconds behind her and when I went around the corner, she was no longer in the vehicle I had just seen her in but her old suv that they sold about a year ago! Ok just chalked that one up to "weird". When I got to the lab, it wasn't open yet so I waited outside. Across the parking lot was a condo building that people were coming and going from. An elderly couple were out walking their two dogs, one being quite big and the other quite small. Later in the evening my husband was watching the news and I sat to watch the weather forecast for the region that was being broadcast in a larger city not far from ours. The weather forecaster is usually outside at a mall location and then does the studio version. While he was talking outside, at the mall, in the background, THERE WERE THE TWO DOGS WALKING!!!! The same dogs, in the same order, same distance apart only with no people walking them. I tried to tell my husband but he looked at me like I had two heads and didn't have a clue what I was saying. Is this a reality shift? Thanks for any help with understanding this one and thanks for all you do Cynthia. I meant to mention as well that yesterday at the grocery store, I had one of those "people looking older" episodes with a manager. I did not recognize her she looked so much older and yet I spoke with her about a week ago and she looked much younger then. Amazing stuff. It's nice to read about other people having similar experiences. I'm going to start paying a lot more attention to everything around me from now on.

Note from Cynthia: Wow! Yes, I'd say you definitely noticed at least two reality shifts that amazing day last month, when you first saw your neighbor's friend dropping off her girls first in one car and then 15 seconds later in her old SUV that they'd sold a year ago. When you saw the same two dogs walking in the same order and distance apart in the TV weather report that you'd seen earlier in the day at the lab, you either saw two look-alike dogs or the same two dogs--and either way, that degree of synchronicity definitely counts as a reality shift, too. I consider these to be two separate reality shifts, indicating that you were doing a fair bit of traveling between parallel worlds of possibility that particular day. Such reality shifts and quantum jumps are a normal part of everyday life, and something plants and animals regularly depend upon, as I describe in my new book, Quantum Jumps.


Remembering A Job I Never Had & Man and House Gone
Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA

I heard you on Coast To Coast back a little while ago, since then on different channels on Youtube. So, I decided to write a note about some of the things I've experienced myself (besides remembering Nelson Mandela, Billy Graham, and others dying). I worked as a guard for 26 years, but I also remember working where I know I've never have. I don't remember ever seeing the building, but I have memories of sliding a floppy into a computer, at the time that would have been, I didn't know the first thing about using one. I recall back in the 80s a place we used to go to buy fresh dressed rabbit. One day we went down there to buy a couple, drove up in the yard as usual (a private home), but the place looked a little different. I knocked on the door and a man came to it I had never seen. I asked for Mr. Byrom, he looked confused, and said he had been living there for about 10 years, but didn't know anyone by that name. We went done there about once a month, and had been there a lot of times. Wrong house? Not a chance. At the time, I had never heard of anything like reality shifts happening, and for a while I thought maybe he just didn't want to be bothered. But as I recall, my wife and I noticed the shelters Mr. Byrom raised his rabbits under weren't there anymore, and nether of us could remember seeing the huge oak tree we saw in the back where the shelters should have been. Since that day, I've noticed a number of (shall I say) out of place/time events. As a boy between 13 and on up till my late teens, I would camp out, just me and the dog. Never had any problems, never felt I was in any danger. My family wasn't rich, so camping out I just made do with what I had or could come up with. My meals a lot of times consisted of vegetables from the garden, and fish from the near by lake or creek. One day while going to check my trot lines, I saw something that changed the whole way I looked at the world around me. My dog, Amos, was with me at the time. We were walking through a thickly wooded pine grove (crop pines), off to the right of the trail, and about twenty yards away, I saw what I would call a column of mist or smoke. It wasn't drifting in a breeze, it was just there. Then it began taking the form of a man. I was about 14 years old, I was scared, but curious. I wanted to stay and see what would take place, but being that young, my feet didn't agree. I took off for the fence line and I will never know which of us got there first, me or the dog. That was what really woke me up to the fact, things were not as I had been taught (my mom and dad being fundamental baptist), there in those woods was something my raising had not prepared me for. However, since that time, I have seen more than I could have ever imagined, such as UFOs, ghost, something shimmering in the air in front of me, the dead becoming undead, just to name a few. Before I met my wife, I had a dream of she and I on a dock somewhere loading some boxes and bags into a small boat. I had that same dream three times as I recall, but I never saw her face. Then I met the woman I married, I had the dream again several months later. This time the woman I was handing the boxes and bags to turned and looked at me. She was the woman I married, the woman in my dream is my wife. Explain that one!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for writing to me, and for sharing some truly amazing experiences you've had. Some of them sound almost like science fiction, but as I've also seen UFOs and witnessed hundreds of amazing reality shifts, I appreciate your sincerity in describing them. I love your sharing your experience following a UFO for a while before it zoomed away. That sounds truly amazing. I've seen UFOs a couple of times, and I know what you mean about telling people and them looking at you a bit askance. I have heard of similar reports of houses not being anywhere near the same way they'd been before, but your experience of this being a place you frequently visited makes your story stand out as an exceptional reality shift.  I love the way you experienced seeing your wife in your dreams... and then got the lovely experience of seeing it was really and truly her face! People often do share their lives in their dreams, as I've often experienced myself. It seems dreams--especially lucid dreams--have a reality to them from which our real lives spring forth, as I describe in my books, Reality Shifts, and Quantum Jumps


(5) Questions and Answers

Thanks for the newsletter. I wrote an affirmation today and taped it on my fridge: THE WORLD OF MY HIGHEST FUTURE IS UNFOLDING BEFORE ME NOW. I say it throughout the day. I found out this is why I quantum jump to other realities; I am weaving light through my higher worlds, pulling them tighter and merging them together as my lower, alternate realities dissolve. I experienced two more text changes. A paragraph in a book vanished after I read it. This has happened twice.
-- Moriah

Dearest Moriah,
That's a wonderful mantra! I'm so glad you enjoyed this month's issue of RealityShifters, and I'm very grateful to know you're regularly moving in an ever-higher direction! Lots of reality shifts are seen with this kind of trajectory.  :-)
lots of love,
-- Cynthia

Hi, Cynthia
I have just bought your latest book Quantum Jumps and I thank God for it. I have a long term health problem and after reading and practicing the healthier future its changed my outlook. I am writing to say that I can relate to the gentleman who felt like 10 years had passed instead of just the one. Something similar happened to me years ago. Again it was a work situation. I had been away to live in Canada for just over 12 months and returned to my previous workplace and all my contemporaries just looked wrinkled, older and more drained. Another work colleague was talking about a summer she'd had in France. Then turning to me said "You remember the long hot summer in France in 1935?" I was a young girl at the time (1965). Being young and thoughtless and unkind I made a sarcastic remark which I still regret. The poor woman blushed and looked humiliated because she was so convinced that I had like her been to France that same year. She shook her head and turned away convinced that I was mistaken.  I still squirm at the memory of my unkindness towards her. I'm puzzled Cynthia because I was born in 1942 thousands of miles away in India where my father was a serving  British serviceman. So why was she so convinced that I would remember France in 1935?
-- Susan

Dearest Susan,
Thanks so much for writing to me with such a fascinating question! Among the possible reasons that a woman would be so convinced you would remember France in 1935 when you weren't even born until 1942 would be that you so closely resemble someone else that she mistook you for them. Another possible explanation could be that in some other reality, you were born many years earlier than in realities you're more consciously aware of... and in one of those realities, you actually were in France in 1935. One of the interesting facets of the holographic multiverse model is that each of us may have very different memories and histories than others around us, and sometimes we venture into realities with different histories than we recall. Regarding another possibility that could explain the matter of people looking ten years older in just a year's time (other than reality shifts), I am seeing rapid aging happening to people who are overly exposed to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from things like smart meters, WiFi, cell phone antenna towers, and wireless devices. Even people who don't identify themselves as being "EMF-sensitive" are being adversely affected at the cellular level so you can visually see, for example, blood cells being damaged and having trouble functioning properly, as shown in the recent excellent documentary film, "Take Back Your Power" Take Back Your Power
love and thanks,
-- Cynthia

I remember wtching a documentary about Jane Goodall wherein she was killed by poachers acording to the story line. So glad she is in a world with me still. Here is a link from ask.com where many people have asked for information about her death... Thank you Cynthia for bringing this anomalous phenomena to our attention!
-- Kathy

Wow, this is truly awesome to see how many people have been asking when and how Jane Goodall died! This shows more than just a few people (including me) remember an alternate history in which she passed away. I am so very glad we are now in a reality in which she’s still alive!
love and thanks,
-- Cynthia

I've wondered, since our subconscious is so powerful and and I assume never changes, would it be possible to send a message back through time to oneself. What are the chances? How would I do that?
-- Lee

Yes, I do believe we send messages back to ourselves... usually without noticing, but if you set the intention to receive advice and information from your future (your best possible future) you can really help "boost the gain" on such signals. To get advice from your best possible future self, make regular time to meditate, and keep asking that question I adore, "How good can it get?" Imagine that you're always getting help from your best possible future self, reaching back to provide gentle intuition and nudges along the way... all you need to do is relax and meditate and tune in and listen. Things will shift and open up around you, as I describe in my books Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps.
Wishing you and yours wonderfully happy holidays,
-- Cynthia

Is it possible that there isn't just for example one New York but 10 different New York? Sometimes I really think we shift reality by the speed we think, we change emotions and we automatic go to other realities/energies that fit with our emotions and objects people that are connected with it. Ive been through so much strange things, sometimes it seems like you create your own New York. For example if you fear of something its totally look different then when you are happy. Different people in the streets, different menu's in restaurant etc, better things you can shop in stores. This didn't only happened with a city but also with people/friends. It seems like those people/friends are like bipolar but they are not . They totally act different that is totally weird as if they weren't even themselves. Is this possible? Did someone experience this or was it pure coincidence?
-- Joanna

There are many more than just 10 different New Yorks... there are likely billions of them. It seems to me that we are moving through realities much the way a "movie" moves from frame to frame of a movie reel. This concept of interconnected parallel universes (aka a "holographic multiverse") is currently one of the front-runner contenders, as I explain in my book, Quantum Jumps. So yes, noticing friends and people acting totally differently is more than possible, I feel it's likely, and that this is something we're observing (but not always consciously noticing) most every day of our lives.
-- Cynthia

Dear Cynthia,
What order do you recommend reading your books?
Thank you, -- Tricia

Dearest Tricia,
A lot depends on the reader, and whether one is primarily in a mood for left-brain, analytical information or more right-brain intuitive/feeling approaches. If one is feeling more analytical, then I'd recommend starting with "Quantum Jumps" and moving from there to "Reality Shifts," "High Energy Money," and "Aura Advantage." If one is in more of an intuitive mood, then I'd suggest either starting with "Aura Advantage" or "Reality Shifts," followed by "Karen Kimball," and then "Quantum Jumps" followed by "High Energy Money."
love and best wishes for a wonderful new year,
-- Cynthia


(6) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

Tiny Thoughts for Personal Transformation

Tiny Thoughts for Personal Transformation:
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

by Karl Schmidt
Enlightening Parables for Our Times

If you've ever found yourself wondering how to communicate with a friend, child, loved one, or oneself about some of the most important lessons in life in a light-hearted, easy-to-digest and non-pushy way, TINY THOUGHTS is nothing short of a godsend! This is the book to have handy when life seems to have taken a difficult turn; this is the book to keep at the ready along with the medical first aid kit, roadside emergency kit, and your ready bag. No, this isn't the typical survivalist's manual--though it can help people survive times of great hardship when otherwise they might abandon hope and positive action. The simple reason for this is given near the start of this book in a quote attributed to Buddha, "All that we are is a result of what we have thought." The true magic of TINY THOUGHTS is the condensed wisdom and joy from each short passage that shines through like bright sunshine on a cloudy day. Playful illustrations accompany many of these short passages written in large typeface, in a way that invites the reader to flip through the pages and have some fun. And much of the fun in this book comes from finding one's own deeper thoughts and perspectives, such as how one chooses to respond to the question posed on page 120, "When we make a value judgment about somebody, does it reflect on who they are, or who we are?" Spiritual seekers will adore the universal truths shared in TINY THOUGHTS accompanied by eye-catching drawings, such as, "In keeping with proper etiquette, it is OK to look at the past, just don't stare." I love the marvelous cumulative healing effect that happens when flipping through the pages of TINY THOUGHTS. If books are food for the mind, brain and soul, TINY THOUGHTS presents readers with the perfect buffet of just as much nourishment as is required at any given time. Highly recommended!

An Unspoken Compromise

An Unspoken Compromise
by Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW
One Courageous Man's Story of Becoming Fully Himself

The first half of "An Unspoken Compromise" tells the real life story of one young Nigerian child's realization at age eight of being a boy trapped inside the body of a girl. Thanks to encouragement from a handful of friends and relatives, and an unswerving inner sense of being romantically attracted to women and despite outer appearances, actually being male, Rizi Xavier Timane describes how he gradually came out to family, community and the world as a man of God who just happened to be born a girl. Complicating this transition were ongoing efforts by his mother and community church members to "pray the gay away," pressure from his family to not cause embarrassment in homophobic Africa, and relentless bullying and persecution. Far from letting all these hardships make him a bitter, angry person, Rizi strengthened his faith and connection to God, overcame a series of youthful relationship mistakes, and continued learning, growing, and improving himself. Thanks to assistance at key points in his life, Rizi found his way to a school far enough away from pressures from home that he could finally find someone who loved him for who he was and who he was becoming. Rizi married beautiful Christina in Maui, and thanks to Christina's loving support, finally worked up the courage to complete his transition to becoming the man he'd always longed to be. The second half of "An Unspoken Compromise" provides inspiration and advice from transgender minister Rizi Xavier Timane, who tells us, "... no one has the right to tell another person who they should love or how they should present themselves. All of that is between you and God and nobody else, and if you feel you're right with Him, who am I or anyone else to judge you?" Rizi is uniquely experienced to help people still struggling to find their identities amidst social pressure, animosity, and ostracization--and his advice is heartfelt, validating, and inspirational for us all. I am especially moved by the people in Rizi's life who all along were able to see him for who he was on the inside, and who consistently recognize and support others based on true character and what is inside their hearts. While the world's civilized cultures and religions advise people to speak and act kindly to one another, in reality those identified as "other" are all too often aggressed upon by people from majority groups in daily life. In order to bridge the gap between spiritual teachings and how humans treat one another, we all need to be aware of those who, like Rizi, are here to show us how to see with the eyes of our heart. While Americans often grow up hearing stories of heroic figures from history who withstood and overcame all manner of personal and professional challenges, we don't hear nearly enough autobiographical accounts from people like Rizi. There are heroes amongst us who currently walk quietly on the outskirts of society, who all of us could benefit greatly from empathizing with. We all benefit when gaining empathy and understanding for how it feels to be mocked and ridiculed for ways we don't conform to majority preferences and standards, since most every one of us is different from the norm in some way. "An Unspoken Compromise" is especially recommended for all with open minds, who can slowly but surely help raise consciousness both of the importance of becoming one's own authentic self and recognizing that each and every one of us can enjoy the unconditional love and acceptance in a relationship with God.


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