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RealityShifters News - July 2000

Pleasing Everyone

Bill Cosby's been quoted as saying,

"I don't know the key to success,
but the key to failure
is trying to please everybody".

This is a great thought to keep in mind whenever you want to share your reality shift experiences -- or for that matter, any other personal revelations that have more significance to you than the people you're talking to. Some people will love to hear your stories, and some won't. A participant at the most recent Reality Shifting Workshop in Redwood City shared her experience with finding her teeth suddenly filled with gold fillings one day during a special healing she participated in years ago. She was amazed to find her fillings were now gold, and when she asked her mother if she'd ever had gold fillings put in her teeth, her mother assured her "NO!" As wonderful as this story is, the woman remarked that she only tells this story "about once every four years", because most people simply find it too hard to believe.

If you enjoy questioning the nature of reality to its essence, then you'll love the movie, "Frequency". A friend recently recommended it to me, explaining that the story for this film revolves around the idea of reality shifts occurring as a direct result of communications between someone in the present time (Jim Caviezel playing a police detective) and someone in the past (Dennis Quaid, playing his fireman father) via ham radio during a spectacular display of northern lights. I especially loved the way the police detective in Frequency describes how it feels to remember several different pasts following changes made after their communications through time. That slight confusion of multiple memories is how I often feel when reality shifts around me! This movie is enjoyable on several levels, as the father and son get to know each other better... and race to stop a killer before he strikes again.

I've experienced death in my life recently -- my daughter's pet rat was attacked and killed by a wild rat, and I felt tremendous sorrow and guilt. I wondered at the senselessness of this loving pet's death, and what I might have been able to do to prevent it. I was fortunate to witness another death within the week, and to experience how orchestrated dying can be. I hope you'll read about my experience in the article "They've Come to Take Me Home" in the most current issue of Planet Lightworker.

In addition to this article, I've posted a few more reality shift articles at Themestream.com's web site, including "Top Twelve Emotional Reactions to Reality Shifts", "Pacific Island Sand Crabs", "How Good Can It Get?", and "Instant Manifestation".

I'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in purchasing a copy of the one-hour television program I taped recently with Charles Grotsky, "Technology Trends Presents: Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts", featuring many of the high points from my workshops. It will be available for $20 US plus shipping and handling, so please email me if you're interested.

In This Issue:

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
(2) What's Going On When Reality Shifts?
(3) They've Come to Take Me Home
(4) New Reality Shifts Articles
(5) "Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts" TV Show
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites
(7) Please Share this Message

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
Thanks so much to Kamala and Randy, for sharing a couple of your reality shift experiences with us this month. Some people may dismiss reality shifts as inattentiveness or confusion... yet those of us who experience this phenomenon know there's something much bigger going on.

Vanishing Cancerous Growth
by Kamala
Birmingham, Alabama

In July of 1992, I began to feel pain in my right breast. My Gynecologist told me it was nothing, but ordered a mammogram. The following week I had to have another mammogram. The week after that, I went to see a surgeon. He let me read the Radiologist report, which said that "based on shape and density this is either a cancerous or pre-cancerous growth". Surgery was scheduled for the following Monday, which was the first week of August.

My family, boss, and co-workers were all concerned, as was I, since at the time my child was only eight years old.

My boss invited me to go to church with her. They were having a preacher that did a laying on of hands ministry. I was skeptical at first. But when he touched my head I begin to cry, and pray in earnest. From that point on I did not worry. I was unconcerned. When the biopsy came back negative for cancerous or pre-cancerous cells, I was not surprised. From the moment he touched me, I believed that he had a gift. I don't know if it was my faith in the unknown, or if the Radiologist made a mistake, but I will always believe in my heart of hearts that it was the prayers that were being said for me.

by Randy
San Bernadino, California

I think I came across a reality shift: a big aluminum barn-like structure appeared just at the mouth of a country road. It wasn't there, and then suddenly it was. I don't have anything as direct as your experience in the park, in the sense that I wasn't in the habit of driving through the space it occupied, but at the very least I can not recall seeing it, but friends can.

When I first saw it, it seemed so strange, but after hearing a friend say that it's been there since they moved in a few months ago, it seems the memory is coming to me -- that it is after all so reasonable, easy to accept. But on the other hand I would have recognized it, because the way I see all the other houses is changed, the way the shadows play on them is different. This could have been a perceptual lapse, but if it is, it seems almost as strange. Why drive by something so huge and so singular, the only structure on one side of a country road and not notice it? It provides shade in the heat, it's also ugly and makes the area kind of slummish, not perceptions I've had previously. Why was the impression so late in coming?

It is interesting to note that I was meditating during this period, and my friends and I had a blow out and while I resolved to maintain some aspects of the relationship, I had not expected to come to their house again. But my friend called and was very good with an apology, and so I found myself easily coming back down the road, and there stood the structure. So I asked my friends how they put it up so quickly, knowing that it looked like it had been put up with age added. The direction, the emotional heat, the meditation, and the quick change all seem to be pointing something out. Also, I had the feeling that the relationship had been somehow reconfigured.

(2) A Report on the ICSC
The Second Annual International Conference on Science & Consciousness

This year's International Conference on Science and Consciousness (ICSC) was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico from April 29th through May 3rd, and more than 800 people from 14 different countries attended. Read about Peter Russell's Keynote Address, Deborah Rozman on Heart Intelligence, Elisabeth Targ on Distant Healing, William Tiller on Animate/Inanimate Interactions, Paul Ka'ikena Pearsall on Wishing Well, and a very special Steven Halpern Concert at Enlightenment.com:


(3) They've Come to Take Me Home

Sometimes, the hidden orchestration behind living and dying reveals itself to us. I found this to be true one day when I least expected it... as I found myself reaching to touch the hand of a dying woman, to take her dog's leash from her hand. Read the entire Planet Lightworker article at:

http://www.planetlightworker.com/articlefarm/cynthialarson/article7.ht m

(4) New Reality Shifts Articles

Here are some more great articles you can read and write comments about on the subject of reality shifts at Themestream.com:

Top Twelve Emotional Reactions to Reality Shifts
Results from the HOW DO YOU SHIFT REALITY? survey describe how people feel when they see things appear, disappear, transform or transport... or experience changes in time.

Pacific Island Sand Crabs
How our knowledge of reality is limited by pre-existing beliefs, assumptions, and expectations.

How Good Can It Get?
The difference between asking what next and how good it can get... is awesome.

Instant Manifestation
The gratification of wishes that come instantly true.

(5) Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts TV Show

KMVT Channel 15 in Mountain View is now airing a special one hour program on the subject of Reality Shifts, Technology Trends Presents: Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts, with host Charles Grotsky interviewing me (Cynthia Larson)! This show airs every other Monday night in July 2000. If you can't tune in for this program and are interested in ordering a copy of the one hour VHS video tape of this show (for $20, plus shipping and handling), please send me an email to let me know!

(6) Noteworthy Web Sites

Jeffrey Mishlove's THINKING ALLOWED television program, featuring hundreds of fascinating in-depth interviews. These conversations are on the leading edge of knowledge and discovery.

Ethos Channel is an online community dedicated to nurturing the body, mind, and spirit by providing insightful articles, streaming media, and enlightened discussions from the world's foremost experts in personal growth and professional development.

DuvSpirit's Spiritual Nest
A place for healing and unconditional love, and the sharing of
experiences gained from them.

(7) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them. RealityShifters News is published by Cynthia Sue Larson, author, researcher, speaker, and teacher on the subject of reality shifts. Cynthia provides information as a service without warranty of any kind, and accepts no consequences of its use.

For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that our thoughts & feelings shift reality

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