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July 2019
Issue #238

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Power of Reverence

“Talk to everybody with reverence.
Listen to everybody with reverence.
Say things with reverence.
You will always be happy and graceful.”
– Harbhajan Singh Yogi

“Reverence awakens in the soul a sympathetic power
through which we attract qualities in the beings around us,
which would otherwise remain concealed.”
-- Rudolf Steiner

I love the quality of reverence, which obviously seems to me to hold the key to genuine happiness. The combined qualities of awe, respect and love intrinsic to reverence confer transformative qualities to those experiencing it. From a place of experiencing reverence, we can feel we intrinsically embody all we most need while extending a powerfully transformative presence everywhere we go in the world. I have been feeling especially reverent this year, and I have noticed that this has been a truly banner year.

Earlier this year we've seen scientists challenge our long-standing assumption of objective reality. This last month, company president Christopher Anatra stepped forward to inform his customers to expect occasional shifts in reality in their data and everywhere in the form of Mandela effects. This year I've experienced what it feels like to be inside the Mandela effect when someone reported they'd heard of my death previously. And this past month a new best-selling novel, Recursion, was released with a story line based on the idea that alternate realities might be created through implanted memories. The new movie, Yesterday is based on a plot in which one man remembers the musical group “The Beatles” in a world that otherwise has no trace that they ever existed at all.
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
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(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts and Recursion by Blake Crouch
Can implanted memories create new realities? Blake Crouch’s new book, Recursion is a fast-paced thriller that explores how new memories might be implanted in humans, might create reality. Studies published in 2015 showed that new memories were implanted in mice while they sleep.  Karim Benchenane and colleagues at the Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution in Paris, France targeted place cells in mice.  Researchers monitored ‘place cells’ in mice that fire in response to being in or thinking about a specific place, while mice walked in an enclosed area. Later, when the mice slept, researchers recognized when specific place cells fired–and at the exact moment when those neurons activated, stimulated brain areas associated with rewards in the sleeping mice.  When the mice awoke, they walked directly to places newly associated with rewards. In Recursion, Blake Crouch invites us to contemplate what would happen if we had access to technology that could allow us to go back and relive moments in our lives–this time doing something differently.  Could we benefit from having access to the ability to get do-overs?  Might changes in what we remember influence all of reality?
You can read this post on Cynthia's blog at:
You can watch the companion video to this blog post at:

NECS President Discusses Quantum Physics, Mandela Effects, and Perceived Changes to Your Data
The first company president has stepped forward to acknowledge reality shifts and the Mandela Effect; Company President Christopher Anatra explains in this video what has been occurring regarding changes to names and item descriptions of commonly known foodservice inventory items. This public acknowledgement of reality shifts and the Mandela effect is remarkable! Mr. Anatra describes changes to many items that you may recognize. As Christopher says:
    “The official explanation of the Mandela Effect is a 'false memory', 'confabulation' or 'group misremembering.' So if millions of people distinctly remember Stouffer's Stove Top Stuffing or the HAAS avocado, they are having a 'confabulation.' Do you buy that explanation? I certainly don't. I trust my memory, and I suggest that you trust yours as well. Why? Because science and quantum physics are on your side.”
Chris Anatra is President and founder of NECS, Inc. He began designing and programming software for food distributors in 1987. His company produces the entrée line of software which is in use by over 1,500 food service distributors.
You can watch the video at:

Dean Radin
Real Magic with Dean Radin
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Dean Radin about the science behind real magic of:  mental influence in the physical world, perception of events distant in space and time, and interactions with nonphysical entities.  Dean discusses parapsychology studies involving mediumship and channeling, and provides explanation for why if magic is real, we don’t often see large-scale evidence of magic in the world.  Dean shares some of the most surprising results he’s seen when experimental subjects have observed and interacted with photons, demonstrating how our scientific understanding of the world benefits from unexpected findings. Dean Radin is Chief Scientist at Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a distinguished professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Dean was employed at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, and SRI International. Dean has authored over 250 technical and popular articles, and four books including The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena; Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality; SuperNormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities; and his newest book, Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe.  Radin’s website is:
You can listen to this audio interview at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Changes to Owner of a Lonely Heart
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

First, I too, thought I had 'heard that you had died.  Since I hadn't received your newsletters in over a year (I've been subscribed for several years) I thought you must have.  And then just recently I began receiving them again.  But I hadn't seen an obituary or anything indicating that that was the case. As for the Mandela Effect: I've been reading about this effect for several years, first with the instance where Nelson Mandela was believed to have died in prison, and then more recently with the Barenstein/Barenstain Bears (I remember that they were the BarenstEin Bears). However, even more recently I had another Mandela Effect experience; this one with a song from the late 70's/early 80s.  I'm sure you remember the song Owner of a Lonely Heart?  Well, although I realize I could just be mistaken, what I remember is that the group Yes -- with the lead singer, Jon Anderson and one of the other members, the lead guitarist -- broke away from Yes to form the group Toto.  In my memory, it was actually Toto that recorded -- and was originally credited with recording the song Owner of a Lonely Heart.  My brother-in-law (who's 18 years younger than me) insists that Yes recorded it.  When I tried to verify this on YouTube just by inputting the name 'Toto' first, I found that Owner of a Lonely Heart was shown as being credited to Toto, not Yes...and yet... when a search is done on Wikipedia, neither Jon Anderson nor the other Yes member are listed as being members of Toto! I know I'm not losing my mind.  I specifically remember this changeover, since I began listening to and fell in love with Yes and Jon Anderson when I was 18 (1974) the first time I heard Roundabout.  I was hooked from then on.  So it broke my heart when I heard that Yes had disbanded. As for me, personally, I DO believe that I've had my own experiences with bifurcated Timelines, aside from those mentioned here.  I, too, have been very ill.  Someone recently stated that they thought I had died.  But I never heard anything from anyone else.  However, I've also felt as though I've actually changing from one timeline to another and then back.  I don't know if that's even possible.  You're the physicist.  What are your thoughts? Anyway, that's my experience with the Mandela Effect. Glad you're doing well!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me about having thought I'd likely died, since you'd not been receiving newsletters from me for a while.  That's amazing, since I've continued publishing monthly newsletters all along--and it seems odd that you started receiving them again just recently. I do recall the very popular song, "Owner of a Lonely Heart," which when I look up the history now, I see this web page explaining Trevor Rabin's having worked on it as far back as 1980 before joining the new Yes band:
There is a completely different sound to the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart" than to earlier Yes songs like "Roundabout"--though I like both songs.  I wasn't closely tracking Toto or Yes around that period of time, but I find your memory of what transpired intriguing--that Jon Anderson and another member of Yes broke away to form Toto.  As to whether it's possible to go back and forth between different realities, I have experienced that and can thus confirm it to be truly possible.  I described some of my experiences with this in my blog post, "Mandela Effects, Flip-Flops and Reality Residue" at:


Infinite Me's
Young Harris, Georgia, USA

I was grateful to have been led originally to your YouTubes and now website and ezine.  I've read your book, Quantum Jumps, and have just received Reality Shifts. What amazes me is that you've been involved in this endeavor for 30 years and I'm just now learning.  I guess when one is ready to receive the information, it will be provided.  One aspect that troubles me is when we jump from one universe to another, our consciousness jumps with us and our memory is that our timeline is continuous.  Does the former me in the former universe then have their own continuous consciousness that diverged from my own at the moment of the jump?  And who is the "real" me?  As I believe we are eternal spiritual beings reincarnated to experience a temporary physical existance, do are of these "me's" gather individual experiences which are then reconverged upon death and the transition back into the spiritual plane?  If so, the infinite universes concept would be a means to accelerate the evolution of our higher selves. I would like to share my own recent Mandella Effect experience.  Last week, I returned to my university to reunite with 3 of my college buddies for our 40th anniversary of graduation.  A hundred years ago in 1978, three of us, Rick, Keith and I, took a motorcycle trip from Oklahoma to California, then up to Canada and back to Oklahoma.  Rick and I both remembered it as being August, 1978, the summer before our last year at school when we graduated in May, 1979.  We remember saying that this would be our last chance for such a trip before we graduated and went our separate ways.  But, Keith remembered this as being August, 1977.  Rick and I both told him he was crazy and I told him I had a scan of a speeding ticket we got in Oregon that showed the date as being 1978 (I had just looked at it a week before) and Rick still had the T-shirt we had made that said Canada 1978.  When we got back to our hotel rooms, the speeding ticket now said 1977 and Rick's shirt read 1977 also.  Rick and I were at a loss to explain this change from what we both clearly remembered.  I told them about the Mandella effect, parallel universes and quantum jumps over a few beers and they, of course, thought I was crazy. I appreciate reading the stories from others that help to convince me I'm not crazy or losing my memory.  Thanks!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your experience with your different recollections of a summer road trip with your college buddies--and the way you and your friend Rick observed changes in the decades-old speeding ticket date and T-shirt date.  I believe that you confirmed just a week earlier that your scanned image of the speeding ticket said 1978, not 1977, as I've witnessed similar shocking changes to printed material.  One of the most stunning such shifts I've personally seen was a time when all the printed agenda pages on every conference attendee's desk changed during a break in the event to no longer include the name of a person who had been scheduled to speak who worked at the London architectural firm, Ove Arup.  Not only was this person's name suddenly missing from my conference agenda schedule, but it was completely missing from everyone else's page in the room as well.  This change occurred between early morning when the conference started and a break a few hours later--and there was no announcement made that such a change would be happening, but rather everyone's individual program was suddenly modified, wherever it might have been.  I can certainly empathize with Keith's perspective that probably you and Rick were simply not remembering the date correctly--but I suspect Keith might later encounter some kind of reality shift of his own that leads him to question what is going on. I appreciate your question about 'who is the real me?' when we (in the form of consciousness) jump to another reality while still retaining prior memories  I feel this is the most important question we can focus our attention on, yet one that typically goes unasked and ignored.  I find the key to experiencing reality shifts is to move one's conscious level of awareness of self between a sense of being infinite, eternal spirit--and living in a 3D plus time material existence.  It's in the switching between these two states of identity that we can become most fully aware that we can awaken with our dreams, both when we're dreaming at night, and also when during the day.

Synchronicity of Names
Young Harris, Georgia, USA

Synchronicity:  the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Two days ago, my sister, who lives in a city of 122,000 people, was at her dentist and learned her dental assistant, Ruby, was due to give birth to her second child the next week. Ruby already had a two-year-old son named Rhett. Ruby told my sister she was a “foster mom” for two new puppies that they had named Rhett and Ruby!  Ha!  The next evening my sister and her husband were working at their business building and everyone had gone home for the day except one tax attorney who came by to ask a question. She asked also if my sister had any rental properties available because she was getting two puppies and they now needed a house with a yard.  She had pictures of the puppies; border collies named Rhett and Ruby. And I checked.  It was actually another patient of the dental assistant Ruby that was fostering.  The pups were already named by someone else.  So it really was double synchronicity!

Note from Cynthia: Wow--that's amazing to have heard about all these Ruby and Rhetts!  When this much synchronicity is going on, one wonders if perhaps there might be some underlying reason for it.  Sometimes when I ask an unspoken question, I'll get startling synchronicity with answers in sets of three, so I can't miss that this is a message from the universe to me.  

Little Computer Things and Billboard
Bothell, Washington, USA

Sometimes my mouse icon is straight, and sometimes it is slanted, even though I have the exact same page framework set up where I write a page here and I write a page there.  This has been going on for a long time. This is when I'm using Wordpad on my Windows 7 computer. It usually doesn't change back and forth within the same day, but today it did.  I wonder how many other little computer things go on, that work one way one day and then different the next. I'm on a roll with the writing today, so I'll also mention the billboard.  Two months ago, a person could see this billboard clearly.  Now the view is covered with a tree blocking the view.  How funny is that? Thank you for putting Reality Shifters forth, it sure helps to provide a framework for some of this anomalous stuff. I've been observing this for some time now, months actually. I kind of wonder if what is in some universes, the software programming was upgraded with that particular mouse action, and in some other universes, not. It's hilarious with that billboard, you can hardly see it with the tree in the way.  This one hasn't been flip-flopping back and forth. Thank you for everything, it is so much appreciated.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with both the same-day back-and-forth mouse changes and the tree blocking a billboard that was in plain view just two months ago--awesome!  With respect to the changes in the mouse icon--once you've ruled out any kind of software changes, glitches or upgrades--then that truly does sound like a flip-flop variety of reality shift / Mandela Effect.  I published a blog post about reality shift and Mandela effect flip-flops, and they behave just like what you describe.  The change to the tree reminds me of my friend's mother who noticed trees would sometimes suddenly appear next door that had never been in visual range before. 
Mandela Effects, Flip-Flops, and Reality Residue

Hard Copy of Song Vanished
EJ Doyle

I told you about music compositions and mp3's of mine disappearing off my computer, but now a hard copy disappeared from my performance binder. As I first told you, I was experiencing writing a lot of songs the past year or so about missing history, manipulation of reality, etc. with my higher self giving me some big clues I imagine and only discovered the Mandela Effect very recently. On April 14 I finally wrote an intentional song about the effect called Mandela Bluz (I'm An Old Earth Believer) and it came out quite nice both lyric and music. Yesterday I was reorganizing my performance binder (I have a "vault" and "in progress" binders as well) and the song was gone. My first physical experience with ME. With my OC routine :-) it could only be in the performance binder, but I checked everything and it was gone. I went to my lap top and found the lyric. I hadn't made a finished mp3 yet so I went over my practice tape and eventually found a short part of it from the original writing effort. Had to re-write the whole music to the song.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with noticing the hard copy song you'd written down was completely missing and not where it should be in your performance binder.  Since you are clearly so very careful with ensuring there is a place for everything and everything in its place with regard to your music, this indeed must have been a very noticeable reality shift, indeed!  Especially so considering this shift required that you re-write the song all over again.  And I can't help smiling as I notice that the subject of the song was about the "Mandela blues"--so perhaps this is a playful way of ensuring you're completely in that exact state of mind--Ha, ha!


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
I thought you might be interested in this banned TEDx Talk by Rupert Sheldrake, because of your science background. (It is a YouTube video, about 18 minutes long or so.) He is truly a pioneer, like you are.

You may already be familiar with his work, I don't really know.  I just thought you might find this interesting. Sincerely,
— Kassy

Living the Quantum Dream
Dear Kassy,
Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing Rupert's video link.  As it turns out, you are completely correct with regard to my being well-aligned with Rupert's message--and I just interviewed him on my podcast show, "Living the Quantum Dream"!  You can check it out online here:
Living the Quantum Dream
Science and Spiritual Practices with Rupert Sheldrake
lots of love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I am so glad that you are still here! I must admit that I had not felt much of your energy for a while. I am glad you are back. On April 5, 2019, I was asleep in my bed when I felt and heard a loud explosion. I felt it in my heart and all around me. I expected to see my house in a shambles when I got up. The house showed nothing. When I spoke with someone with whom I  consult regarding quantum situations this is what she told me: I said, "This timeline isn't working! I had a heart attack and died and brought in a new timeline/reality. It was like a walk-in. She said the explosion was all of life and matter celebrating my return to the earth." It has taken a while to integrate this shift. I see things changing very quickly now and good things are happening. Love,
— Valerie

Dear Valerie,
Thanks so much for writing to me, and sharing your observation that it seemed I'd been energetically distant for a while.  With regard to hearing realistic sounds while sleeping, some people have noticed hypnogogia in transitional states between sleep and waking states of consciousness.  I can certainly appreciate how it's taken a while to integrate this experience and subsequent shifts.  lots of love,
— Cynthia


Hey Cynthia,
How do I go about changing my past in my teens I just stay in my room all day, I wish I could I been a rebellious teen with a lot friends what do I need to imagine for that to happen and how Thank you hope this makes sense.
— Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,
One way to change your past is to write down what you can imagine another possible past might have been for you, including as many details about how you felt and what you were doing and who you were with as you can.  The key is to really feel a sense of connection with that other version of you, to the point that it's easy to believe what you remember in this possible past might really have been genuinely true.
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
What do you think the afterlife is like? I can't imagine what it would be like, it's something that I cannot even comprehend. In an interview you stated that you remembered the afterlife. What is it like?
— Kaitlynne

Dear Kaitlynne,
What I remember between lives was so wonderful--so blissful--that it's truly beyond words. One of my favorite ways to recapture the feeling of the afterlife is by reading Diane Brandon's wonderful book, "Born Aware."  Born Aware features interviews with people (including myself) who remember what it was like before we were born.
Born Aware
You can listen to my interview with Diane Brandon on this episode of my podcast, "Living the Quantum Dream":
Born Aware with Diane Brandon

lots of love,
— Cynthia



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:


by Blake Crouch

Excellent Thriller, with not-quite-accurate Mandela effects

I loved reading the newest thriller by Blake Crouch, “Recursion.” I love the way the story revolves around a real-life scientific neurological breakthrough in which memories have been successfully implanted in mice, and I love the way the story invites us to contemplate the true nature of reality and the role we—and our consciousness and memories—play in all of it. The plot of “Recursion” dances back and forth in time, and also zig-zags wildly through various reality and time-lines. This roller-coaster ride turns out to be necessary for keeping the story moving forward while the main characters develop, and while we gain a sense of how reality created from memory might behave. While 'Recursion' uses the term 'reality shift' many times throughout the story, and also includes frequent mention of Mandela effects, readers who actually experience such things deserve to be forewarned that these reality shifts are not exactly the same as what many of us experience. The reality shifts and Mandela Effects in "Recursion' operate as one-agreed-upon-objective-reality, rather than the subjective (not always in agreement) realities that were experimentally proven in quantum physics laboratory tests the year this book was published, in 2019. While this may seem a trivial or nit-picky point, subjective reality is at the very heart of reality shifts and Mandela Effects, such that not everyone agrees upon any given reality shift, including the one involving Nelson Mandela that the Mandela effect was named after. Having said all that, 'Recursion' is still a wonderful story, and well worth reading. And I can't help but wish for another book to come that will more completely address the depth and breadth of reality shifts and Mandela effects in all their breath-taking (and subjective) glory.



l “Yesterday” movie explores world without the Beatles

What if the Beatles didn’t exist? What would the world be like without the music of the Beatles?  I’ve been looking forward to seeing the new movie that raises this question called Yesterday, since several people told me this past month that it featured reality shifts and the Mandela effect. Imagining a world without the Beatles might seem impossible, but that’s exactly where Yesterday’s lead character, Jack Malik, goes when he gets hit by a bus while riding his bicycle at the exact moment when a worldwide power failure plunges the  streets into pitch-black darkness.  This moment presents Jack with an extraordinary opportunity to bring forth ‘brand-new’ songs. Watching Yesterday was fun from the point of view of a feel-good romantic comedy summer movie.  Once I realized that this movie would not be delving into thoughts about the nature of reality, quantum consciousness, or why it seemed that only a few people in the entire world still remembered the most popular music group of all time–it was fun to watch. I enjoyed the actors and romantic story line, and appreciated the numerous Beatles songs and some of the famous locations inspiring some songs.  I especially loved watching Jack Malik, the main character, racking his brains to remember as clearly as possible what all the songs the Beatles ever wrote.   Himesh Patel did a great job playing the role of Jack Malik, and Lily James was super as Jack’s first manager and childhood friend, Ellie.  Kate McKinnon balanced beautifully on the razor-thin line between comedic and terrifying, as Jack’s Los Angeles business manager. I was disappointed when the film’s characters showed little to no interest in exploring why the entire world had suddenly completely forgotten about the musical group the Beatles. This kind of reality shift has not (yet!) occurred; typically Mandela effects involve small changes to bits of movie dialogue, passages in books, product names, and dates of death. I’d have loved to see a more realistic portrayal of the Mandela effect and reality shifts, with some groups of individuals remembering some things, and others remembering something else–yet that was outside the scope of this movie. I found it especially surprising that not only were the Beatles (as a musical group) gone, but so was J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series of books, Coca-Cola, and cigarettes. Even any one of these things being gone is beyond what’s happened to date with the Mandela effect, let alone all four of them–so this movie felt more unrealistic than it needed or probably intended to be.  Most Mandela effects and reality shifts to date don’t so much involve world-famous products, music and stories completely vanishing, as small changes happening here and there and everywhere. This movie was great for all Beatles fans, and a good introduction to the Mandela effect and reality shifts for the general public.


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