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Jul 2021
Issue #262

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Dwell in the Beauty of Life

“Dwell on the beauty of life.
Watch the stars,
and see yourself
running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius

There can be a beauty witnessed in reality shifts and the Mandela Effect, as these sometimes startling changes can provide us with evidence that miracles can and do happen. Since I've been researching what is now known as the Mandela Effect for over two decades, I'm contemplating, “What does the Mandela Effect mean to me?” This question is both deeply personal one and potentially world-changing, due to the widespread nature and growing popularity of the Mandela Effect. I wrote a blog post and created a YouTube video about this, including many comments I've received in response to this question this past month. I believe the Mandela Effect helps show mankind a way that together, we can collectively experience changes to our shared reality--including changes to historical events. We can experience miraculous reality shifts, quantum jumps, and timeline jumps together.

Initially, some of reality shifts I observed were oddities that other people did not necessarily also notice. Some of these early ones for me included hearing a song played on the radio 'for the first time' that I was already weary of hearing, due to it being over-played already, in the 1970s. My friends did not know what I was talking about when I mentioned this shift to them. Since the dawn of the internet, it's become much easier to conduct surveys, as we've done since the 1990s here within the realityshifters community, learning that many celebrities are noted to be 'alive again' after having been noted as having been reported dead through reputable media sources.

This past month, I've witnessed some reality shift doozies that have given me remarkable insights into how surprising some shifts can be:
    Magically Cleaned Floor
    I noticed my kitchen floor needed cleaning, and then I sat down to do some work on the computer. A few hours later, the kitchen floor was clean, without any person having cleaned it that day. This kitchen floor cleaned itself has now happened twice in the past few months, and I feel wonderfully appreciative for it having happened both times.

    Disappearing/Reappearing Delicates Bag
    I found a missing 'delicates' laundry wash bag that had gone missing a couple of months earlier—in the laundry tub of clean clothes where I would expect to find it, and where I had looked for it for weeks and months, until suddenly, there it was, as if it had always been there. This is a rather classic variety of reality shift, yet one that I was very grateful for, since I'd been missing that delicates bag for some time, and am truly thankful for its return.

    I Saw a Movie that Doesn't Exist
    I was watching a DVD of the three “Pitch Perfect” movies this past month, and enjoying seeing the first movie again, which I'd seen before. I put the next disc into the DVD player, and expected to re-watch “Pitch Perfect 2,” which I remembered I'd seen before. I enjoy seeing Anna Kendrick playing the role of Beca Mitchell, and recalled that the second movie was funny and emotionally uplifting. I was surprised to see as I watched the disc that this was not the sequel I remembered having seen—this version was set in Beca's Senior year in college, making a sudden three year leap from the first film, set in her freshman year. I figured I'd made a mistake putting the disc in the machine, and I must have mistakenly put disc three in the DVD player by accident, in the dark. But when I saw Pitch Perfect 3, I realized this movie was new to me, too, and now I'd just seen two new Pitch Perfect movies, when I knew I'd seen two Pitch Perfect movies previously. The movie I remember that apparently now no longer exists (and supposedly never did) took place somewhere between Beca's sophomore and junior year, singing a capella with the Barden Bellas. My initial emotional reaction to this one was shock and some confusion, followed by disappointment that apparently I only got to see 'the real sequel' just once, and eventually gratitude that on the bright side, I have seen four of three possible Pitch Perfect movies now.

    Vitamin Order Changed
    When I went to reorder some vitamins that I've purchased with a volume discount, five bottles at a time for the last several years, I saw all my receipts show that I've only ever purchased one bottle at a time. I have a special place in my closet for the volume discount purchase overflow, and I clearly remember receiving five bottles at a time, so this was a truly bizarre reality shift, since I have so many tactile memories. I have the obvious storage area for the extra bottles that now apparently I never purchased; and I have clear memories of opening the packages of vitamin bottles—not one single bottle at a time. My emotional reaction to this shift was certainty that I know for sure that I remember having ordered five bottles at a time, since there is no other reason I would have a storage area all set up for them otherwise. My next reaction was a bit of disappointment that I'd have to find some volume discount to match the one I remember I used to have, that apparently now I've never had, followed by some relief when I found a volume discount.

    Family Details in Genealogical Research Change
    One of the strangest shifts involves my having done some genealogical family research for a possible distant cousin. A few weeks ago, I'd done research on families living in Florida that I clearly remember having fully researched, documented, and jotted down. When I returned to add some further details, all of the work I'd done was completely missing, with no sign nor trace that any information had been written down. Perhaps most peculiar was the way that some of the more recent living possible relatives now had different relationships than I recalled. For example, the mother of one possible living relative now had only married twice, instead of having married many more times. The places and locations and names seemed pretty similar and mostly the same; it truly seemed I was getting a glimpse into an alternate reality where many people in family were still there, but the various relationships in that family were now significantly different. The ancestors I was tracking are not people I had ever met before, but there was something truly strange about witnessing all sorts of details now being quite different than I remembered, as well as all my genealogical research having completely vanished without any trace.
This assortment of my most noteworthy reality shifts over the course of one week in June this year illustrates the way some changes might initially seem 'good' (such as a kitchen floor cleaning itself); some seem neutral (such as seeing a sequel to Pitch Perfect that no longer seems to exist); while others might seem 'bad' (such as needing to redo genealogical research. Through witnessing so many details now being quite different, I can see a kind of beauty in all of these reality shifts, when I look for it. The beauty I see is that things are changing in ways that are unexpected, unpredictable, quirky, and mostly benign—meaning I feel safe, and I sense that I can trust these reality shifts and changes, whatever they may be. Most of all, I sense that there exists a hidden order, with higher levels of consciousness—mine and yours and everyone's—participating in magically co-creating this amazing world. If all of these things could change in just one week in my life, what else is possible? Certainly, quite a lot!

My favorite question, "How good can it get?" provides an open-ended invitation to feel joy in connections in every aspect of our lives. We've reliably witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and restore your sense of wonder.

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      "With your loving and non-judgemental help,
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      to the world of redemption and grace;
      a place where all wounds are healed
      and where all things are possible;
      a place where all things exist and do not exist--
      at the same time!
      I deeply appreciate your "midwifery" expertise
      that helped me to trust the initiation
      and unfolding of this process.
      Many blessings to you and all that you do."
      -- Dea

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
What does the Mandela Effect Mean to You?
28 Jun 2021
24 minutes
Here are some of my thoughts on what the Mandela Effect means to me, and to some other Mandela Effect experiencers. The Mandela Effect is now mainstream enough to qualify its very own topic on the TV show Jeopardy TV show, and as the topic for the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.  While some media sources might maintain "there's nothing to see here" since supposedly it can all be explained as mass misremembering, a steadily growing number of people feel quite differently.  I asked the question on several social media platforms, "What does the Mandela Effect mean to you?" and I was delighted to receive so many insightful responses.  What the Mandela Effect Means to Me I've dedicated decades of my life's work to exploring the phenomena of reality shifts, quantum jumps, and the Mandela Effect--and related aspects of mind-matter interaction.  I've been publishing online first-hand accounts of reality shifts and Mandela Effects since the 1990s, in what is possibly the oldest and largest such publicly available archive.  Recently, I've been part of monthly IMEC Open Tables live-stream events on the International Mandela Effect Conference's YouTube channel.  What I haven't talked much about--until now--is why am I dedicating my life's work to researching this subject? The simplest answer to this question is that I've had a lifelong dedication to and fascination with the nature of reality--and consciousness.  Thanks to a number of my own personal life experiences, I've been keenly aware that my thoughts and feelings definitely influence physical reality.  We now see scientific evidence to support that this is true, in such phenomena as the placebo effect, which I write about in my book, Quantum Jumps. The more complete answer is that I believe the Mandela Effect helps show mankind a way that together, we can collectively experience changes to our shared reality--including changes to historical events.  We can experience miraculous reality shifts, quantum jumps, and timeline jumps together.
You can read the companion blog to this video at:

Liz Larson and Cynthia Sue Larson
Liz Larson and Cynthia Sue Larson
discuss quantum jumps,
the Mandela Effect,
and timelines

3 Jun 2021
49 minutes
Liz Larson and Cynthia Sue Larson talk about quantum jumps, reality shifts, timelines, and the Mandela Effect in episode 8 of the New Life Perspectives Radio show. Cynthia presents a timeline meditation toward the end of this interview.

IMEC Open Tables: Subjective Reality Bubbles
IMEC Open Tables:
Subjective Reality Bubbles

23 Jun 2021
1 hour, 48 minutes
We see how truly international the Mandela Effect is in this episode of International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) Open Tables, Cynthia Sue Larson, Chris Anatra, and Jerry Hicks discuss the concept of subjective reality bubbles with respect to the Mandela Effect. Some reductions in the number of deaths reported in what some people recall as America's greatest maritime disaster are noticed, and Cynthia notices changes to one of the Quantum Businessman's recent videos.

Cynthia Sue Larson and Nora Yolles-Young
The Experience
with Nora Yolles-Young

8 Jun 2021
61 minutes
I had a vibe-raising, joy-filled conversation about the rest of six more of the top ten tips for shifting reality with Nora Yolles Young. Nora has experienced numerous reality shifts, and she works with clients through her hypnotherapy practice, with awareness of reality shifts—so when we talk about this subject, we not only have lots of fun with the conversation, but we can delve fairly deeply into each individual facet of reality shifting. We covered the first four of ten reality shifting tips in our previous conversation; this is the second part of our two-part conversation series.

Bill McKenna and Liz Larson
Cognomovement with Bill McKenna and Liz Larson
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Bill McKenna and Liz Larson about how they were inspired to create and develop Cognomovement. Bill and Liz describe how it’s possible to locate and clear fears and long-standing subconscious issues from our lives by working with our physical bodies and movement while actively engaging all parts of ourselves. When the body changes how it feels, the mind changes the way it thinks, and physical reality can often be observed to change instantaneously.  I shared my experience with Cognomovement, and Bill and Liz shared different ways people can explore this transformative modality. Bill McKenna is author of The Only Lesson and inventor of Cognomovement, working with our senses’ natural ability to neurologically rewire, so people can overcome physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Bill is an avid adventurer, helicopter pilot, black belt and ultra marathon runner, who survived a near-death skydiving accident. Bill has appeared in the Real Immunity documentary, and on  Liz Larson created The Secrets of the Masters seminars with Bill McKenna, wrote the first Cognomovement protocols for practitioners, and is Bill’s collaborative partner and Lead Cognomovement Trainer. Their website is:
You can listen to this audio interview at:

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Dr. Pallavi Deshpande
Cynthia Sue Larson discusses quantum jumps with Dr. Pallavi Deshpande.

What Events want to happen together
What Events Want
to Happen Together?
An Exploration through
Time, Causality, and Consciousness

3 Jul 2021
You can watch the recording of my talk, "What Events Want to Happen Together? An Exploration through Time, Causality, and Consciousness" by signing up for the Tucson Dowsers email list at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Garet's time traveling hoodie
Time Traveling Hoodie
Christchurch, New Zealand

I gave my white hoodie to my cleaner to wash on Tuesday February 16th, and I forgot about it.  On Thursday morning, February 18th, I wore my hoodie to the gym where I trained from 6:15am-7:15am. Then, when I walked out of the gym, it wasn't in my bag. I thought I lost it. As soon as I got home, I realised it was not in my bag, and rang the gym right away, wasting no time. I got the instructor to check lost and found property, to see if anyone had handed it in, as well as the locker room locker and bench.  I also got the manager to check the security cameras, to see if anyone had stolen it. No such luck! There was nothing in the locker room, lockers or bench.  She sent the picture showing me walking in wearing my white hoodie that morning. (She thinks that it is grey, but it appears to be white unless there is a colour distortion). I sent her a past picture of me wearing that same hoodie, so she knows what exactly to look out for. However, nobody had walked out with it. It's like my hoodie VANISHED into thin air!  It was impossible for it to be stolen on my return journey either, with only two other people on the bus that early in the morning, and I had my bag with me the whole time. On Sunday, February 21st, my cleaner had returned THAT very same hoodie back to me, cleaned! The one I that thought I had worn to the gym on Thursday Febuary 18th and lost! When I saw it, I stared at it for several long moments in shocked silence. I was totally FLABBERGASTED!  I had checked, and double-checked all my drawers to see if I had worn the wrong hoodie. I have no similar hoodies that are the same. My memory isn't that bad, and I most definitely wasn't absent minded.  Although it was early in the morning, I was wide awake after a hard workout anyway!  So, what was it that I wore to the gym? ROFL! That night when I had Russian class my Russian teacher said this incident reminded her of a novel she read; here is a part of it:
    “Centuries and centuries of idealism have not failed to influence reality. In the most ancient regions of Tlön, the duplication of lost objects is not infrequent. Two person look for a pencil; the first finds it and says nothing; the second finds a second pencil, no less real, but closer to his expectations. These secondary objects are called hronir and are, though awkward in form, somewhat longer. Until recently, the Hronir were the accidental products of distraction and forgetfulness. It seems unbelievable that their methodical production dates back scarcely a hundred years, but this is what the Eleventh Volume tells us.” —from "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius," by Jorge Luis Borges
I then wondered if this could be Mandela Effect related? Was this a mind manifestation of an object because I needed it?  After all, it was a cold morning—only 6 degrees! My cleaner visits me in my apartment to clean every 3-4 weeks, and sometimes I give him clothes for him to wash and give back to me, because my washing machine was faulty.  I had actually forgotten that I had given him that white hoodie, but that still does not mean it magically reappears for me to wear to the gym, two days later! LOL! The only similar hoodie I have is a grey hoodie, which looks similar from the back, but it is grey and NOT white, and at the front it has a very different logo 'Hard rock Cafe' and it is super unlikely I would mistake the two. But just assuming that I did get these two mixed up and wore the grey one instead of the white one like I thought I did THEN the grey one would be missing—yet I still have BOTH! As I clearly remember on my return journey from the gym, I was not wearing it. And as soon as I walked into my apartment, I opened my bag and the hoodie was not in my bag, which prompted my immediate phone call to the gym. This is one of the weirdest glitches in the MATRIX! LOL!

Note from Cynthia: This is such an intriguing incident!  What an amazing experience you had with that hoodie! It sounds like this was not an open-and-shut case of taking one of a pair of very similar hoodies or jackets out, but rather a case where you're fairly certain you were wearing the hoodie.  And if that photo taken in the gym is any indicator, then you definitely were wearing it at the gym that day.  Thanks so much for providing some extra information for clarification--this really is a super-cool personal Mandela Effect / reality shift / glitch in the Matrix experience!  With a shift of this magnitude, it would seem pretty much impossible to brush it off as confusion, mis-remembering, or any other of a host of typical explain-away rationalizations.  Clearly, there is something more going on with your hoodie than might first meet the eye.


crashed car heart
Past, Present, Future Intertwined
Hubbardston, Massachusetts, USA

 I was driving home a few months ago when suddenly a car that was driving the wrong way hit me head on and totaled my car. All of my airbags deployed and my car spun around and ended up in a reverse direction.  Thankfully, I was able to get out of my car, the other driver was also and miraculously no other cars were involved. Kind people were there immediately to help us.  Viewing the damage to the cars, it was amazing that we both survived. Mysteriously, a few months before the car accident, I  found a long forgotten obituary which I had to write for myself as an assignment more than two decades ago for a Psychology class that I took on Death and Dying. I was quite startled to see that I had written that I died in a car accident at 63 years old, which is my current age.  Some time passed, and I was at my nursing job one afternoon a few weeks before the accident and was thinking about that obituary that I had found. I said quietly, "I am still needed here. I need an extension." I wrote about it in my journal when I got home, because I sensed that it was important. I have always felt that words are powerful.  Later, I wondered if asking for an extension was a prayer that allowed a spiritual intervention to shift me from a potential exit point.  In one of the photos I took of my car after the accident, there is the shape of a heart in the crushed front bumper.  This is not the first time that I have had a glimpse of my possible future,  I was 17 years old and working my first job at a fast food restaurant. One memorable afternoon at work, I looked out into the lobby and saw a young mother enter the restaurant lovingly carrying her little boy who was wearing braces on his legs. It was as if time stood still and I remember having such a strong feeling that I was somehow glimpsing my future.  Several years later, I became a mother of a beautiful little girl born with spina bifida. I walked into the front door of what was a new restaurant in the same building where I used to work when I was 17. In my arms I lovingly carried my little girl, who also wore braces on her legs.  I remember that it struck me that I truly had seen my future and it had helped and prepared me. My life continues to show me that my past, present and future are intertwined in the most curious and incredible ways.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience, and I'm so grateful that you've survived, and are on the mend, and completely healing.  It sounds like you've been conversing with levels or versions of yourself--with the finding of an obituary you'd written for yourself decades earlier.  I'm so glad you spoke aloud to yourself, "I am still needed here; I need an extension."  Our subconscious truly listens to what we think and say, and we can help coordinate events in our lives at levels we seldom consciously appreciate. I love how you saw a heart shape in the photo of your post-crash totaled car!  And that's amazing that you also had the other experience earlier with a car passing through your car and disappearing, in the July 2018 RealityShifters. That was amazing, and this is too!

Experiences with Watches
Richmond, California, USA

A few years ago, I was referred by a good friend to an acupuncturist who combines her work with Emotional Freedom Technique tapping (EFT). Since I'm a fan of both those methods, I booked a few appointments. At one of them, as usual before lying on her treatment table, I removed most of my clothes, including my watch, and laid them on the chair next to the table. I was especially careful to place my watch carefully on top of the pile, so it wouldn't fall off, and I'd be sure to remember to take it with me after the session. I closed my eyes during the session, as usual going into a deep trance-like state, and the practitioner left the room after the session to allow me about 10 more minutes recovery time on the table and to dress. When I stood back up to dress, my watch was gone. Right away I thought of mischievous gremlins playing a trick on me; yet I also wondered if someone (including the practitioner) might have taken it; which was hard to believe. When I told her about my lost watch, she actually helped me look for it in every nook and cranny of the small room, but no watch. And this wasn't a special or expensive watch that would be worth much to steal and put one's professional practice at risk, so I figured it must for sure be those psychic trickster gremlins. A few days later, while shopping in a gift store and being drawn to the watch department, I had a great spontaneous chat with the woman selling the watches, and so I felt drawn to share my story with her. She said she had lost many things, and firmly believes that it's those gremlins or other psychic entities playing tricks on her. So this experience seemed like a 'divine synchronicity' to confirm for me that that is what happened. That watch never did show up, and I replaced it. **FLASH FORWARD a few years to another lost watch story: I bought a new Timex watch to replace the lost one, and always placed my it on the small bedside chest next to my bed when sleeping, careful to put it where my cats would be least likely to do something with it.  One morning, I woke up and it wasn't there. Instantly, thoughts of my past experience of the lost watch at the acupuncturist's office came to mind, yet I thought that realistically, it could have also been knocked off by a cat. I looked carefully on the floor everywhere, and even in the sheets and blankets, but no watch. It was impossible to see behind the tall headboard at the edge of the bed; it was almost flush to the wall. I also kept an eye out for it all through the house and prayed to my angel helpers for the watch to show up, but it never did. So I bought a THIRD Timex watch. A few months later, I had a distinct 'out of the blue' memory recall about the watch that had disappeared from my bed stand, which I still was curious about, and then another instant thought: “Wouldn't it be funny if after I recently bought this new watch, the other lost one from my bedside chest would all of a sudden appear?” I then felt an impulse to go to my bedroom and look on the floor once again for the lost watch. There it was! The watch band portion was actually protruding quite visibly from the tiny space between the back of the headboard and the wall! It had never appeared so obviously like that in all my previous searchings, and the earth hadn't shifted to my knowledge to shake it loose from behind the headboard, if it had somewhere even managed to get lodged there. So now I have a watch and a spare one---and the memory of a watch that seems to be forever mysteriously lost. And I'm feeling quite certain from these two experiences that some gremlins are indeed having their fun with me! And—I'm always open for the first watch lost at the acupuncturist's office to show up somewhere else, out of the blue—that would indeed be a magical event!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the mysteriously missing watches!  Over the decades since starting RealityShifters, I've heard from many people who have certain types of experiences they attribute to elves or gremlins.  Some people notice items tend to mostly go missing, even when placed safely in places specifically for safekeeping, such as pockets or special drawers.  Others experience tools move closer to them when they're under a vehicle, working on mechanical repairs and unable to easily reach the needed item.  And then there are some who witness items just dropping into their home or out of thin air when needed.  I've witnessed all of these, and I much prefer experiences where I find items again, even if years later.  As I mentioned in the June 2021 RealityShifters, I find it helps to think and say, "No questions asked" when hoping for the return of something where one's rational mind might consider that highly unlikely, if not impossible.  The author Mary Rose Barrington wrote a book about these kinds of experiences called "JOTT" for "Just One of Those Things," and she kept records of such experiences going back to around the turn of the 20th century.  My additional take on your specific matter of the watches is that there are conscious energies surrounding us at all times, that we can be much more interactive with.  Whether we consider these to be house elves or angels might not matter too much, since the big idea is mostly one of acknowledging that there do exist additional levels of consciousness in our homes and workplaces and cars, and they do look to us for leadership and direction.  People who practice feng shui recognize that we can provide better guidance and direction as to what we are expecting of these sentient beings, such that placing small energetic items to provide 'corrections' in a space have been noted to seemingly produce quite positive effects.  And we can get similarly positive results just by communicating as clearly as possible with whatever house elves or angels you may have, even if you don't quite see them.  You can set the intention for what you are intending now for you and others who live in your shared space, and notice what kind of subsequent experiences you may have.

My Phone Returned
Markleeville, California, USA

I was watching your latest interview with Liz Larson last night on Youtube. I just loved it! I heard you use the statement, “No questions asked.” For some reason, I havent heard you use that before. So I started repeating it, along with, “How good can it get?” After it ended, I must have fallen asleep with my phone in my hand, which I normally do. :) I woke hearing my phone still on, looking for it underneath my pillow. It wasnt there; it had fallen underneath my bed close to the wall. Reaching for it, I couldn't find it, but could still hear it. So I grabbed a flashlight, and looked to see exactly where it was. Somewhere in those moments the sound went off, which I am now realizing. So, I decided if I was going to have to lift the mattress, I should probably use the bathroom first, knowing all to well how my bladder works. Returning with my flashlight still in hand to bed, I was thinking it would be nice if it was under my pillow. Getting down on the floor looking under the bed one more time, it wasn’t there! Going back to my pillow, there it was! Holy crap! That was awesome!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with seeking your cell phone, and witnessing it appear right where you'd just looked a moment earlier, after getting into reality shifting high vibe state with the questions, "How good can it get?" and "No questions asked!" Yes, I was glad to share these tips in the interview I did with Cognomovement's Liz Larson for her podcast.

Eyebrow Pencil Sharpener Returned
Markleeville, California

A couple of days ago, I was looking for my eyebrow sharpener in the only two spots I would have kept it. I knew I hadn't used it in a couple years, so I searched both places a couple times, but found nothing. I knew I didn’t throw it out, because I still had the eyebrow pencil. So I decided to forget about it, because I had to finish getting ready to go out. The next morning, getting out of bed, by my feet on the floor, I saw my eyebrow sharpener! I had to put my glasses on and double check to make sure what I was seeing; it was amaing!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your experience looking for your eyebrow pencil sharpener that wasn't in one of the only two places you knew you would have kept it.  How amazing that it showed up on the floor by your bed--clearly that is not a place it would likely have fallen. And even if you did happen to drop it there, it seems you would have seen it when you were looking for it, or at other times walking around.

Weird Incident with Fan
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I have experienced another weird incident.  A week or two ago, the weather was fairly warm, but not quite hot enough to turn on the house AC.  I pulled out my standing fan, and pointed it away from my parrot's cage, which was covered, so that he wouldn't catch a chill. I went back to my computer, but after a few minutes, I noticed that part of the cover was blowing in the breeze, because the fan (which was not on the "oscillate" setting) had rotated ninety degrees, pointing straight toward the cage.  Okay I thought, maybe the vibration caused by the fan itself was responsible—although that explanation didn't seem very likely.  I turned the fan and returned to my laptop.  Within a few moments, I again noticed that the cover was blowing, with the fan pointed toward the cage.  I was just about to get up and straighten it out again—when I heard an unmistakable loud crash.  It sounded like a tower of heavy objects had suddenly toppled over onto the floor.  I jumped up and immediately checked the whole house, but absolutely nothing was out of place.  I moved the whole fan, and it's been behaving.  Sometime later, I did some experimenting with the telescoping stand, but the sliding sound was not what I had heard at all. I think I figured out that the previous incidents were premonitions of a sort, because I was able to directly connect them with events that happened afterward—although I couldn't really do anything about them, which puzzles me.  But I can't imagine what this latest incident was about.  Maybe the noise I heard was a quantum shift of a future mountain of gold bricks toppling over.  Now that would be sweet!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me about your mysteriously moving fan and phantom crash noise.  I love the way you've noticed that previous strange incidents have served as some kind of precognitive message or communication--and I love your read into this latest crash noise as possibly portending discovery of a pile of treasure and gold!  I've noticed that I experience more of these inexplicable types of noises and items resituating that I'm feeling both energized (with internal Qi/Ki energy) and ungrounded (a bit anxious or jumpy).  I find it helpful to take these moments as reminders to ground myself by breathing deeply and slowly to my lower abdomen, and massage my feet.  Sometimes that's all it takes for things to calm down around me. 

Mandela Effects on websites
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

It looks like the Mandela Effect has struck (me) again. Twice over the span of approximately a 2 day period, and both after the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 26 May, during the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini beginning on 29 May and directly before the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 10 June. And because of the complexity of both of these particular experiences, I thought I’d share them with you to see what you might think these occurrences are, or if these are even true Mandela Effect experiences.
Incident #1 – 8 June 2021 – This particular incident indirectly involves one of the Hay House authors, Sandra Anne Taylor. Interestingly, Sandra has written several books based on Quantum Physics, such as Quantum Success and Your Quantum Breakthrough Code among others. She also has numerous other books, oracle cards and courses. One of her courses is currently offered on the Hay House website: the Akashic Records Made Easy course. This info is important as you will see. But originally, when I was looking to see if she did offer a course on this book of the same name (Akashic Records Made Easy) on her personal website, I wasn’t aware of just where (i.e. the actual website) the course might be located if she did indeed offer one. So I went on an Internet search. First, the search engine I use is DuckDuckGo. I’ve never really had any problems locating information/websites using DuckDuckGo. And I’d been doing research most of the day, hence utilizing DuckDuckGo as my search engine with no problems. So I don’t think what ultimately happened had anything to do specifically with DuckDuckGo. It might have had something to do with the Internet, however—Initially, when my search for Sandra’s official website pulled up her url:, I clicked on the link offered and—nothing happened. I got the ‘thinking’ indicator that most browsers utilize when attempting to pull up whatever website is being requested (such as an hourglass or a little blue circle). I tried at least 5 times to access, with no success. Then I gave it a few minutes and tried once more. Finally, I was taken there directly. Once on the website I looked over the upper navigation bar to attempt to locate a store or products button. I located a Books & Audio radio button, 3rd from the left and clicked on it. I was taken to what I thought was Sandra’s Books & Audio page on her website. As soon as I landed I found a category about 3 rows down on the left side of the page entitled Multimedia Programs and Seminars thinking the course might be there since there were no categories entitled ‘Courses.’ When I landed on the Multimedia Programs and Seminars page, I saw her Akashic Records Made Easy course in the 2nd row, far left, next to her sister, Sharon Anne Klingler’s Speaking to Spirit Deluxe Edition course. Because I had other things to do and couldn’t take the time to purchase it right then, I saved the website and page I’d been on and decided to go back the next day to purchase it. However, when I went back the next day I once again had problems accessing the page. And when I was finally able to access it and clicked on the Books and Audio link on Sandra’s website, I realized that I had been taken to a website called Starbringer Associates. Turns out it’s the website that Sandra and her sister Sharon use together to sell their products. I thought maybe I’d missed this little tidbit when I’d logged on the day previously. But when I clicked on the Books and Audio radio button on Sandra’s website, I was taken to the products page for the Starbringer Associates website. I clicked on the category heading (Multimedia Programs and Seminars), but when the page opened, Sandra’s Akashic Records Made Easy Course was not there. Sharon’s course was there, but not Sandra’s. So I backed out to the previous page to see if I’d followed the wrong link, but I’d made notes. And as far as I could see, I was on the correct page. But, still, Sharon’s course was not there. Again, it wasn't until I went back the next day that I realized I hadn't been on Sandra's website at all, but on the Starbringer Associates website. Which I realized later must be Sandra's sister, Sharon's website. Interestingly, once again, a day or two later in relating my experience to a customer service representative at the Starbringer Associates website I also related how when I did a search for Sandra's website that day – the day I was communicating with the customer service rep – that I was informed by the search engine (DuckDuckGo) that 'That website cannot be found or is not currently available.'  Eventually, once again, I was able to pull up Sandra's website,  And then again, I clicked on the Books & Audio button in the upper navigation bar which again took me to Starbringer Associates.  But of course, this time, her course was not listed here.  Ultimately I performed another search for this course and found it offered at Hay House online courses. So I do have a source for her course now. But what’s even more interesting, as I swapped some 8 or so emails with the customer service rep, she informed me that before I contacted their company, she hadn’t been having problems with her computer or with the Internet. But when we began communicating (or not, as the case most certainly seemed to be, lol), she began to have issues with her computer acting up (she didn’t say what) and her not being able to access certain websites (again, she didn’t say which). Oh, and I forgot to mention – in the event that you aren’t aware of the astrological Mercury Retrograde – not only did we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 26 May and a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 10 June, but we were experiencing a Mercury Retrograde transit from 29 May to 22 June. What’s interesting about this is that Sagittarius represents higher education, teaching and learning and is the opposing sign to the Zodiac sign that represents communication, computers and writing – Gemini. Additionally, transiting Mercury is currently in Gemini, and therefore the Mercury Retrograde period was also in Gemini. AND, the Solar Eclipse was also in Gemini. That’s a LOT of MIS-communication and computer problems! Still, is this an example of the Mandela Effect?
Incident #2: Also, after I was nearly finished with this email, I realized this wasn’t the first time over the last several days that something like this has happened to me. Now, one might argue that maybe I am just a bit delusional, but I find it interesting that this next event also centered around the Internet, as well as on ‘personal evolution’ or the ‘evolution of consciousness,’ which – in my opinion – could definitely affect/effect the timelines. This past Thursday,10 June (the day of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini), I had just finished watching a video on YouTube entitled: Law Of One: Accelerating Personal Evolution The Meaning & Purpose Of Life, The Universe & Everything. You may be familiar with the individual who recorded this: Reality Revolution’s Brian Scott, since I believe he interviewed you for the Reality Revolution and for his book. I was interested in obtaining a copy of one of the books Brian recommended in this video which I assumed could be found at the Law of One or L/L Research websites. However, I was unable to locate the book, and this even though I’m quite familiar with both of these websites and have searched their content (and bought or borrowed) books, audios and transcripts for several years. But on this particular day (10 June), when I tried to locate the book named in the video (Law of One: Accelerating Personal Evolution, etc.), I was not able to locate it on either of the websites. So I went back to this video on Brian’s YouTube channel and asked him where he obtained it. A gentleman (not Brian) was kind enough to suggest to me that I do a search for ‘The Origins of L/L Research,’ which I did. This search result took me to L/L Research’s website, but to a page behind the same page I was able to access from my own link. When I tried to access this new information again through my ‘old’ way of accessing it, I experienced the initial result: I couldn’t pull up anything. Now, sure, it’s possible that this could be a technical gaffe, but—I just don’t think so. Ultimately, I was able to access this book. But not through the url link I had stored on my computer. In fact, even when I cleared my browser cache of the old link and took it off my Firefox browser front menu page, when I saved the new access page for both the front page for L/L Research and the specific Library page where this book was located, I was taken directly back to the OLD Library page which did not show the Law of One: Accelerating Personal Evolution book. Fortunately, I had downloaded a copy of the book while I could, but when I tried to get back in as of tonight, I couldn’t.
Conclusion: I don’t know for sure if either of these incidents qualify as a ‘legitimate’ Mandela Effect event, but one thing I DO know: when they each were happening, they both felt—surreal. I almost felt as though I weren’t really in this dimension, but had a foot in the 3rd and possibly the 4th if not the 5th dimension. Regardless of what was actually occurring, it didn’t feel—normal, or like any type of interaction like that—attempting to access information on the computer, communicate with someone (the Starbringer Associates customer service rep) or again to attempt to access another website and be unable to access the information for which I was looking. As for the website/websites being edited, I should have mentioned that I actually DID think about the possibility that one all 3 websites were UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  But because I spoke with a representative (of the 2nd website), Sharon Klingler's website (Sharon is Sandra Anne Taylor's twin sister as I may have mentioned) and she assured me that nothing was going on at either Sharon's website OR Sandra's), I determined that the WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION issue wasn't—the issue.  I know how that works, since I had a website for many years and often had to take it offline to edit.  What was going on with the issues in the first incident just didn't seem like that.  It was just too weird overall. As for incident #2—the fact that it dealt with the Law of One—that right there causes me to think that something about the Timeline was being affected/effected by—my actions/activity or just that type of activity in general.  Again, nothing here made any sense either.  And the Law of and L/L were not under construction at the time. (And in case, you're not familiar with RA/The Law of One, it essentially deals with—consciousness.)

Note from Cynthia: Wow, these are so well documented--and so amazing! I've noticed that the internet and websites can sometimes change real-time, just in the moment it takes to blink or look away for a split second--so I can totally relate to how amazing these experiences must have been for you.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hello Cynthia,
I have recently begun experiencing a lot of shifts. However, this is making life with other humans a bit tricky. What suggestions do you have for dealing with these unexpected changes? For example, my friend bought a new electric car over a year ago and told me back then that it was not only cheaper than the Tesla, but also more fuel efficient. A few months ago when talking with him about the car I was told that NO, it was nearly the same price, but it was much more fuel efficient. Now I have once again shifted to a place where his car was bought for just slightly more than half the cost of the Tesla. Another example is being asked how to grow hydrangea flowers. When I was a kid we had them and I was told they changed color with the amount of water they had received and this was why they where the name came from. I could see that it was true as I watered them their color would change to blue and as they dried out, the flowers would would become purple, red and finally white just before they died back to brown. But when I checked online, it said the color was changed by the amount of calcium in the soil. These are only a couple of examples, but I'm experiencing them more and more often. How the heck do you interact with people and nature when their reality and memory, and your memory differs so widely? Thank you,

Dear Dianne,
Thanks so much for your email.  For those of us noticing various details and historical facts changing, trivia games aren't much fun!  That's something I've felt all my life, wondering who on Earth could possibly enjoy playing a game where the 'facts' don't seem to stay put.  For those who don't notice such things changing, I suggest sticking with whatever reality they profess "has always been" the way it is.  That's so interesting about your friend with the car price compared to a Tesla that keeps changing.  And I remember that hydrangeas would change color according to the pH of the soil (alkaline versus acidic).  Quite possibly almost anything can change, so the real test for those of us noticing these changes is to be kind with everyone, rather than argumentative about what we remember or feel certain used to be the truth.  Perhaps our character is what can improve the most through this challenge, so we fix our attention less on the 'facts' and more on what and who we actually love and care about the most.
with love and blessings,


Hi Cynthia,
I just listened to the discussion you did on the podcast, Be Reasonable, and it left me confused, scared, maybe even validated. I'm not sure if this is common, but almost every one of the examples you mention are what I remember too. I have been predominantly a skeptic and have often disregarded my mind when I was faced with something that was not what I remember, but this last year I feel like I have been going crazy and frustrated with the skeptical community and how they seem to contradict themselves often. I have swung hard the other direction, first by really opening my eyes to some "conspiracy theories" that are still seen as fringe ideas but are actually provable, where several studies prove and contradict what is still the popular narrative. This podcast seems to be pushing me further down this path. I remember a couple years ago, when some asked me about the Berenstein Bears, which is how I remember it, and how most people I know remember those books. I didn't even know Febreeze is actually spelled "Febreze" until you mentioned it in the podcast (my sister used to use the product, and I hate the stuff, but I'm sure it was two e's). I also didn't know the kidneys had moved, and distinctly  remember feeling my kidneys under my ribcage on my back in college. My boyfriend (now husband) and I used to jokingly "massage the kidneys" on each other's backs after a hard night of partying and drinking. What really got me was your personal example about Costco. I had a similar experience that was pretty recent for me (maybe a few moths ago), I wanted to check if costco had a particular product and went to Google it, and thought it was very strange that it corrected me when I typed in "Cosco" and it was instead "Costco" then shortly after, I went on to check for something else and it was "Cosco" again, and I remember thinking 'huh, that's odd I thought I was wrong last time'. And what is really blowing my mind right now, is that (and I had to check) it is Costco again!!! I don't even know what to believe anymore, because "Costco" looks right to me now and in writing this, I'm doubting it all and thinking I probably just forgot how to spell it, or maybe I'm confusing my memory. I don't know what to make of all this. Also, I love that you mentioned children, and I do think that our adult view of reality is not set in children yet. We chip away at them constantly, we gaslight and undermine children all the time, and I am sure we would all be better as a society if we were more respectful to kids and their reality. It's almost impossible to find kids who aren't constantly being disregarded by every adult they encounter, so if babies are basically pure and are the most likely to experience these phenomena, then by the time they are fully verbal, they are probably already well on their way to forcing their perspective and suppressing the passages. This also got me to thinking, could this account for some of the big differences in memories about a particular situation? For example, I've gotten in arguments with my husband over things that were said, and I remember it one way, and he remembers things differently. And I've been told the respectful thing to do in relationships is to hear one another out, and understand that what one person heard is their reality, and to treat it seriously (also a respectful thing to do for children!) And, this is supposed to help relationships, for each person to hear out the other without judgement (super hard to do because it's usually over something that has caused a rift) and this helps repair and built trust and bring people together. I always had this notion that you needed to sort of empathize, but still believing your own side, but what if both perspectives are true?! What if while listening and hearing the other person, you realize they are telling a reality that really did happen for them, one that went different from your reality but the two realities coincided which brought together a disagreement. Of course this could happen all the time, but we only recall or argue when something is at stake. Not sure if that makes sense? Interesting thought experiment. Anyway, I know this is long, but this is the first I've heard about this phenomena, and was inspired to write you. Maybe because I don't think I'll have any allies that will see things the way I do now, and will feel judged or ridiculed. Really, I wanted to say thank you. I'm not sure if understanding all this better will make my life easier, but it absolutely helps explain some very confusing scenarios, many of which I quickly disregard and forget. I feel literally dizzy from it, and have spent most of my day today in silence and confusion, looking at every detail, wondering if what I'm seeing is, in fact, what I saw last time I looked. It's been an exhausting year, and an enlightening day.
Thanks again,

Dear Barbara,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to write me such a lovely email!  I can certainly appreciate how you are feeling, as well as many of your astute observations.  Indeed, we can notice reality shifts and Mandela Effects in differences between how we sometimes remember events compared with how others do.  I co-authored a paper on this exact topic, "When Worlds Collide," that's on my website.  Many of my published papers are on my website right here, if you're interested--followed by a link to the paper in question:
When Worlds Collide: How Parallel Realities Can Heal Interpersonal Relationships
Cynthia Sue Larson and Anne Menne
International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing, Sep 2004
You can also subscribe to my free monthly RealityShifters ezine if you feel so inspired; the most recent June 2021 issue is online now at:
Please stay in touch and write any time--and know you are most certainly not alone!
lots of love and thanks,


Hi, Cynthia,
I got your previous response about the Mandela Effect and famous people. The quantum zeno effect makes sense. The only question that comes to mind is that famous people also have close family members. Why doesn't the zeno effect produced by their families prevent them from becoming alive again. Regards,

Dear Remus,
Terrific question!  The short answer to this is that apparently, we all experience subjective realities--there may not even be one 'objective reality.'  We see evidence of this from some quantum physics experiments, as I've covered in my blog posts and YouTube videos.
lots of love,


Hi there!
I just ran into your work a few months ago when interest with quantum physics and parallel universes came up. I just had a few questions and hopefully you will be able to take a minute or two to talk with me for a minute. Is it anything similar to what those tik tok users say, that you can even shift to a fictional universe called Hogwarts? No, I am not interested in shifting there but if one can, then it brings up a whole list of questions by themselves.  I also saw on a website where an individual shifted reality and in her waiting room shifted that she wanted to script with her best friend who was deceased in this universe. She indeed did see her in the waiting room and also something about someone else who was there who was deceased and who was trying to make amends because they were not so nice in this life and she was saying that she found that part weird but anyway,, I asked her about it and part of what she told me about bending physical reality made sense but it is so foreign to me. What books as I love reading, should I look up to get into this whole concept a lot more? I would LOVE to shift! I hate to say it but this reality is filled with so many stumbling blocks and frustrations, I Have to wonder what it would be like to also visit other places. Thank you! A new fan from the Sunny Caribbean,

Dear Nicky,
Thanks so much for writing to me about reality shifting.  Since the 1990s, I've been using the term "reality shifts" pretty much exactly the same way that PMH Atwater used it in her book, Future Memory, where apparently that term was first coined.  Reality shifts have been noted as things appearing, disappearing, transforming, transporting, and changes in the way we experience time--such that we can see recorded historical evidence that is very different than how we and others remember events. More recently, thanks to TikTok reality shifting enthusiasts, many people have become enamored with the idea of waking up and living in a completely fictional universe, such as Hogwarts.  Some of the techniques employed are similar to what I share in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, such as recognizing that consciousness creates reality, and when we lucid dream we can enter into a state of consciously moving between possible realities.  While I'd say we ought to be able to experience fictional realities in dream states, I've not yet had experience (directly or indirectly) with waking up and living in such a fictional reality.  That's not to say it's not possible, but rather to say I have no need to experience such a thing, nor much desire to. I'd recommend both Atwater's book, Future Memory, and my book, Reality Shifts to you, so you can sense how malleable reality is, and how we really can meet people even after they're dead, and how our ability to interact at the foundational levels of reality can improve prosperity and happiness in your life.
lots of love and blessings,



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The Gift of Cancer:
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by Brenda Michaels and Marsha Mercant

Finding Healing in Acceptance and Love

What if—there are messages in the challenges facing us in life? What if we can start to notice how wherever we go, there we are--complete with whatever beliefs, attitudes, and points of view we currently embrace? What if even something as shocking and life-threatening as cancer has the power to be a perfect mirror to our state of mind, providing us with insights we are ready to see? The Gift of Cancer shares one woman's journey of facing cancer at such deep levels that the experience eventually completely shifts her state of consciousness, as well as most every aspect of her life. Part of the beauty of this book is the way we join Brenda amidst her unguarded inner thoughts and worldview at the time in her young life when she first received a diagnosis of cancer, and we stay with Brenda as she survives not just one, but three such diagnoses within a relatively short span of time. Clearly, this kind of journey is not for the weak of heart nor spirit, yet Brenda insists that we all have what it takes to face such a formidable adversary as cancer, and rise above our fears. The Gift of Cancer is packed with so many pearls and gems of wisdom that my paperback book is bulging with sticky note page-markers. Insights such as, "All that matters is love," and "The Universe in its loving perfection sends us what we need when we need it." Brenda bares her heart and soul in this book, sometimes in funny moments, such as when she discovered the down side of candle meditation in a closet. At other times, we can hardly avoid glimpsing insights into our own lives, when various issues arise within power dynamics of her family, making efforts to be helpful, and inadvertently adding to stress levels that are already high. The Gift of Cancer shines with the light of inner-journey revelations, such as Brenda's revelation as to how she had internalized family drama, "As the days quickly passed leading to my parents' arrival, my anxiety increased. Every day I practiced my breathing, and every day I struggled to stay centered. Had I known that by focusing on what I didn't want I was actually drawing those experiences to me, I would have done things differently. I didn't yet understand how our life experience reflects our thinking. I was unaware of how the past plays into this scenario. I didn't understand that ruminating about the past, about what I didn't want, would bring more of the same." I love how "The Gift of Cancer" provides both a roller-coaster ride of a personal autobiography of one woman's experience healing from cancer. There are numerous insights to be gleaned in this book that is thoughtful and wise, without ever coming across as preachy or condescending. I felt a sense of wonder, majesty, and inspiration that stayed with me long after I finished the last page. And I felt a renewed sense of confidence that every one of us is capable of standing up to and facing our fears, and finding more inner strength than we ever knew existed. Highly recommended!


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