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RealityShifters News - June 2000

The Power of Love

As I continue to have good luck finding clothing and food showing up on racks and shelves where they hadn't been just moments before, and traffic lights suddenly changing from yellow to green (skipping red, or flashing red for half a second), I realize that many people in the world still don't know what a difference a good attitude makes in the realm of manifestation.

Yes, it's true that reality shifts regardless what our emotions may be. It's also true that some of the most startling shifts occur when we are feeling stressed or under some kind of pressure -- just like the spoon-bending experts Uri Geller and Jack Houck inform us that spoons bend best when people shout "Bend!" at them first. Even though these bursts of energy play an important role in reality shifting, it's important to notice how the most pleasing kinds of reality shifts happen when we are feeling the most coherent emotion there is -- Love!

A few days ago, I was startled to discover that I'd purchased a dress coat and brought it home, only to discover that the belt was not on the coat! Feeling upset that I'd left the belt behind, and worried that I might not find it, I returned to the store and looked everywhere I'd been just a few hours before -- meticulously inspecting every hanger and item of clothing near the place where the coat was originally hanging when I found it -- all to no avail. I then noticed how tense and upset I was feeling, and remembered my own advice to relax, feel loving and loved, and know that what is happening is the best it can possibly be. With newfound feelings of appreciation and love, I returned again to the rack --- and found the belt hanging on a hanger right where I'd first looked so thoroughly! Not only did I now have the belt, but in coming back to the store I found a matching hat to wear with the coat that I wouldn't have found otherwise!

If you're ready to hone your manifestation skills for better reality shifts than you've ever before experienced, you'll be glad to know that there's still time to sign up for the Reality Shifting Workshop in Redwood City on June 24th! This unforgettable workshop will be devoted to understanding and playing with reality shifts -- learning how to shift reality in ways we most enjoy, rather than the "shift happens", lost-sock-in-the-dryer garden variety. Learn how to see your energy field, and watch it expand as you practice some exciting reality-shifting techniques.

If you're still waiting for my book to come out, and are eager to read more about reality shifts in the meantime, find out "What's Going On When Reality Shifts?" in the most current issue of the Conscious Creation Journal, and discover "The Essence of Hope" in the latest issue of Planet Lightworker. In addition to these articles, I've posted eight more new reality shift articles at the Themestream.com web site, and have added six more book summaries to the RealityShifters Bookshelf.

Last but not least, I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the one-hour television program I taped recently with Charles Grotsky, "Technology Trends Presents: Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts", featuring many of the high points from my workshops. It will be available for $20 US plus shipping and handling, so please email me if you're interested.

In This Issue:

(1) Shifting Reality Workshop - June 24th
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) What's Going On When Reality Shifts?
(4) The Essence of Hope
(5) Eight New Reality Shifts Articles
(6) "Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts" TV Show
(7) Book Reviews
(8) Noteworthy Web Sites
(9) Please Share this Message

(1) Shifting Reality Workshop - June 24th
Learn how your thoughts & feelings change the world
in a full day workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson!

There's still time to sign up for a very special day dedicated to better understanding the fascinating reality shift phenomenon. I'll tell you about my real-life experiences with some amazing reality shifts, and share the latest findings from scientific studies that confirm the non-local effects of our thoughts and feelings. Come have fun learning how to bring what you most desire into your life! Learn how to bring this peak experience into your life for more excitement, a closer connection with the consciousness in everything, and better health for you and those you love. Bring a friend!

Time: Saturday, June 24, 10 AM - 6 PM
Place: Redwood City Woman's Club,
149 Clinton Street, Redwood City, California
Cost: $55 before June 20th ($75 at the door)
Register: Call Charles Grotsky at (650) 343-5202 for more information, or email him at charles@shiftreality.com

(2) Your Reality Shift Stories


I am a Reiki master/teacher. On Saturday, May 13th, I taught a private lesson, level one in my home to a 19 year old boy. Normally, this lesson lasts about four hours, because I spend a good deal of time sharing history and explaining possible outcomes and answering questions. I probably shared more with this person then I ever shared with anyone in one of my Reiki classes before. He told me that he had an appointment with someone at noon that day. It was 10:15 when we started. I said "Dear, you will probably be here about four hours or more", so he called and cancelled his noon appointment. We got engrossed in the Reiki class, and when we finished I was surprised to see it was ONLY 12:30. I KNOW I spent at least five HOURS with him, but time had collapsed.

Another thing... I encouraged my friends & students a month ago to try your experiment with finding quarters. For the last couple of days I have wanted to read reality shifting stories at this site and couldn't get there. Yesterday.... while getting dressed I found one quarter in my pocket. I knew I had to come to this site today and DID. Thanks!


I have a complete memory of having attended a staff meeting that I was never at. All members of the staff agree that I was not present. I worked for a adult foster care facility, and I recall every resident discussed, and their med changes. I even remember what people wore. Yet I wasn't there. On the day/time of the meeting I had been grocery shopping and running errands. This type of "memory" has occurred four more times.


As I've been paying magnified attention to things the last couple of weeks, it has amazed me at the things I've created, some almost instantaneously! One day I went shopping, wanting to get Cheerios and turning around to see there was a gold Cheerios box right in front of me (on the wrong -- but right -- shelf), and wanting to get some tortilla chips and looking up and again to find that they too were right there. I wanted a specific color and brand of acrylic paint for a project, and found the bottles with ease (after being told none was available). And as I had a sort of guided meditation the other day, I saw myself in a place full of multicolored floating spheres, kind of like bubbles but more the size of balls. After the meditation I found I kept running into 2-D images that were similiar, and so for fun I asked for a 3D manifestation. A little later I went to a machine shop to pick up a part for my mate, and I looked down and there was a piece of clear material encasing several seemingly floating silver balls. I almost paid no attention, but got a nudge and then had to grin. But for fun again I said, "Okay, but how about some 3D "floating balls" with color?" Well, I ran into bubbles, children blowing bubbles that gleamed with swirls of color, and I thought it was funny that their mom had about ten more bottles of bubbles with her! Later, as my son drifted off in my arms I clicked on the television to see, you guessed it, flaoting colored balls. But I grinned and said "Universe, I asked for 3D!" to which I got a visual of my walk through the grocery store earlier and my son pointing eagerly, almost desperately, at a huge cage full of mulitcolored bouncy balls! I'd missed that one at the time, but the Universe HAD delivered!

The next day, as I laid with my son to get him to take a nap, I went back to the floating balls in my mind and this time "picked" them, like ripe cherries or apples. And as I did so, saw them linked to happy abundance, and asked the Universe to bring me a physial reflection, a manifestation. Well.. my mate came in that afternoon to tell me our strawberry patch had gone crazy - there were tons of strawberries where the day before there hadn't seemed to have been any! I've been picking and canning preserves and baking up a storm ever since (about 12 gallons of strawberries later), and we're not done yet - there's more to be picked! All this from a patch that we expected to be somewhat dormant this year.

Not only is this a fun game, but the more I play like this, the more it sinks in that I attract it ALL. At first this was a little overwhelming - I used it as an excuse to beat myself up (as in "Well, you attracted it, can't blame anyone else..."). But as I see myself shift my wanting, and thereby my manifestations, in these games, it is getting easier to do it with other things. I had run into a rude salesperson at the machine shop I spoke of before, so this time I pre-paved and asked for a nice fellow, even a cheery one. And I got it! He even let me take a part home without paying just to check if the size was right! And it goes further - I am thinking a good thought, that feels wonderful, and I ask for more like it, even better thoughts, and I find I am "hit" throughout the day with expanding, joyful thoughts.

"As soon as you learn to trust yourself, you will know how to live!"
- Goethe

(3) What's Going On When Reality Shifts?

The reality shift experience is a relatively new one, in the sense that it's not yet a part of most peoples' understanding of the natural way the universe behaves. How can it be that physical reality (both time and space) can move in a discontinuous fashion? How does this new conception of reality fit in with what we thought we knew to be true? Come visit the exciting Conscious Creation web site, and read my article titled "What's Going On When Reality Shifts?" at:


(4) The Essence of Hope

Thank goodness reality isn't what it seems! I am so glad there is something mysterious underlying what we usually take for granted as fixed, immutable and solid in this universe. Witnessing reality shifts brings me the greatest sense of hope I have ever felt, since this phenomenon reminds me that no matter how bleak my situation may seem or how impossible the odds may appear to be, there is always something I can do that will change the world around me.


(5) Eight New Reality Shifts Articles

Here's something fun and new -- articles you can read and then write comments about! Here are several recent articles I've written on the subject of reality shifts at the Themestream.com web site:

Top Ten Ways to Shift Reality
Our wishes are always coming true, whether or not we realize it! These tips help us remember how to make our favorite dreams come true.

Sun Dial Reality Shift
The story of a mysterious appearance of a sundial sculpture one spring day in 1997.

Top Five Ways Reality Shifts
Discover the top five ways that our thoughts and feelings affect our reality every day.

Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing
Exciting new studies are proving that non-local healing really works!

Wish Repair
Why some wishes don't come true, and how to fix broken dreams.

Dealing With Doubt When Changing Beliefs
How doubting reality shifts has summoned them into my life

Healing Feelings
Our emotions have a huge impact on our health, and we can change how we respond to stress!

How to Host a Spoon-Bending Party
It's fun and easy to organize a spoon-bending party!

(6) Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts TV Show

KMVT Channel 15 in Mountain View will soon be airing a special one hour program on the subject of Reality Shifts, Technology Trends Presents: Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts, with host Charles Grotsky interviewing me (Cynthia Larson)! This show is scheduled to air on a Monday night in July 2000. If you can't tune in for this program and are interested in ordering a copy of the one hour VHS video tape of this show (for $20, plus shipping and handling), please send me an email to let me know!

(7) Book Reviews

The RealityShifters Bookshelf has continued to grow and include more exciting books pertaining to the field of reality shifts! I hope you'll come visit the bookshelves and see that we now have new reviews for Michele Jamal's SHAPE SHIFTERS.... Harvey Martin's SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE ESPIRITISTAS... Bruce Goldberg's PROTECTED BY THE LIGHT... Maurice Lamm's THE POWER OF HOPE... LYNN ANDREWS IN CONVERSATION WITH MICHAEL TOMS... and Tarthang Tulku's SKILLFUL MEANS.

See full reviews of this and other books relevant to reality shifts at the realityshifters bookshelf:

(8) Noteworthy Web Sites

With one "click" (and no cost to you) per day, you can donate 333 square feet of wild land in the United States, Canada, the Amazon Rainforest, and Patagonia. EcologyFund.com has saved over 940 acres of wilderness land so far; all donated land is added to nature reserves or parks.

A New Age and Spiritual Directory
featuring spiritual news, music reviews, postcards, paranormal phenomena, and links

By Dr Tom J. Chalko of Melbourne, Australia's web site helps you see your own aura with bio-electrography. Bioelectrography visually displays energetic processes in living organisms so that the air surrounding the organism is ionized and glows (showing the Kirlian effect).

The Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Our future is a self fulfilling prophecy. As we see ourselves, so we act, and as we act, so we tend to become. Add your genius to the process of conscious evolution!

Alternative Health Aids, Suggestions and Self Cures
Free information to enhance your health!

Near-Death Experiences
A large, well-organized web site devoted to NDEs

"The Spirit of Now" is Peter Russell's site -- full of exciting links, wonderful quotes, and lots of information about consciousness.

Metamind Publications Online welcomes you to new horizons of holistic health and spiritual understanding. Get your free copy of the online healer's resource, and read THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE ESPIRITISTAS: A Hidden History of Spiritual Healing, by Harvey Martin.

This web site helps people to go "within" and choose who they wish to be.

(9) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them. RealityShifters News is published by Cynthia Sue Larson, author, researcher, speaker, and teacher on the subject of reality shifts. Cynthia provides information as a service without warranty of any kind, and accepts no consequences of its use.

For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that our thoughts & feelings shift reality

(c) 2000 Cynthia Sue Larson - All rights reserved.

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