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RealityShifters News - June 2001
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Shifting Time

    "Eternity is not something that begins after you are dead.
    It is going on all the time. We are in it now."

        -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman

For those of us who know that time and reality shift around us, it's not surprising to contemplate how eternity can be going on all the time. We are literally soaking in eternity -- in a "Great Time"! Yet for many of us, time remains an enigma. How can we ever hope to understand something we are so completely immersed in? Even our scientists struggle to explain the true nature of time, for science is at its best when we can step back and gain a higher perspective. But where can we find perspective about time? When I seek the deepest understanding of what time is all about, I turn to the writings of Tibetan Buddhist and author Tarthang Tulku.

According to Tulku, there is such a thing as Great Time, which has a boundless quality to it -- a veritable eternity of time. In his wonderful book, "Time, Space, and Knowledge", Tulku writes, "Once we see that the glue linking moments -- and also 'things' within moments -- is 'time', and that 'time' shows Great Space, we may also see that 'time' provides a third sort of link. It is a bridge to other realms, entirely different than our usual ones."

This issue of RealityShifters News contains several time shifting stories which show us that time is not simply a linear progression of moments proceeding relentlessly forward regardless what we are feeling or about to face. Time is every bit as malleable as space, and for much the same reasons. Our experience of time and space is inextricably interwoven with the way we perceive this universe. When we change our perceptions, we literally change the universe.

-- Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:
(4) Reality Shifts Videos
(5) Join in the Discussion!
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines


(1) Intriguing Articles

by Cynthia Sue Larson

This article tackles a problem that so many of us have -- namely, "Why can't I manifest what I want? I follow all of the advice and guidelines others found effective, yet nothing happens." Perhaps you have not truly connected with Spirit.


(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Edmond, Oklahoma

On the day of the execution of Timothy McVeigh, I was reminded of a reality shift I experienced the day of the bombing. My husband works a few blocks from where the incident occurred. We both pride ourselves on being prompt. That day, my husband had an important meeting. Since I always get up early to get the kids ready for school, I also wake him up in time to go to work. That morning seemed like the beginning of any ordinary day. I remember looking at the clock and noticing that we were right on schedule. I glanced at the clock again, and suddenly it showed twenty minutes had passed, putting him late for his appointment! Feeling confused, I hurriedly woke him up, and pushed him as fast as I could to make his destination. He arrived right after the bombing occurred. In the parking lot he used, cars were burned and destroyed. The impact flipped his desk and blew out the windows of his office. We live about 30 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City, and the impact of the explosion was so strong it shook our house. Why my husband escaped being killed or injured and others didn't, we don't know. I wasn't ill that day, and I was wearing my glasses, so my vision was good. We lost time that day. I suppose we all have a different destiny.


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Provo, Utah

My very good friend and I drove to Salt Lake City to meet a shaman friend of ours. We enjoyed our meeting and time passed very quickly. My friend looked at the clock and realized that she was going to be late for a very important family reunion dinner. We were at least 45 minutes away from her parents home and we had 5 minutes to get there. We hastily said our good-byes and hurried to her car. While driving down the interstate we decided to try to slow time, to arrive at the dinner on time. I'm not sure how we did it, but we arrived only 2 minutes late! We had driven a 45 minute drive from Salt Lake City to Provo in only 7 minutes, without exceeding the speed limit. This is a true story. Amazing!

Edmond, OK
I knew my cat had kittens, but I didn't know where. I had a hunch she had hidden them in the crawl space between the house and garage. Late one afternoon I began preparing dinner. I suddenly felt the urge to run to the garage. When I got there I looked up and saw my cat struggling to bring a large kitten down the rafter to the floor. In my mind I said let it go and I'll catch it for you. At that moment she released the kitten and it started to tumble down, but in slow motion. It landed gently in my hands and I put it on the floor. I love it when time shifts.

Provo, Utah

My children love to go camping with their fathers family every summer for a week at Bear Lake in Idaho. It's a cherished family tradition. The summer of 1998 was financially challenging for me and I wasn't sure how I would purchase the food and clothing that they would need to go. I managed to save $100 from my budget and took them shopping. I told them we needed to say a positive affirmation that we would have more than enough money for their wants and their needs.

I reached into my pocket and took my cash out to count it. I counted $150. I was so surprised and I told my three children that I had $50 more than I originally thought I had. As they tried on new shoes I decided I better count my money one more time to be sure I had enough. Imagine my surprise when I counted out $200. I completely emptied my pocket in front of my 16 year old daughter and I asked her to count the money. She counted $200. I returned the money to my pocket.

My children were feeling ecstatic about the ever increasing money in my pocket. They asked me to count it again. What I'm telling you is the truth, this really did happen. I'm a single parent, my parents live in another state and I had no possible way of anyone adding money to my pockets. When I took the money out of my pocket I counted $250. Each time I counted the money it increased by $50. I couldn't believe it and I felt like I was going to faint in the store.

The money increased to $450, and stayed at that amount. We hurried with our shopping, bought groceries and new clothing (we were at a superstore that sells both) and returned home knowing that we had witnessed a miracle. I will be forever gratefull for the material gain, but most of all for the lesson that my children and I learned about the nature and generosity of the universe.

North Carolina

I actually have two stories. The first is an experience of stopped time -- at least as measured by my digital clock. One night as I went into my bedroom on my way to the bathroom to prepare for bed, I looked at the digital clock on the chest of drawers. It read 11:55 I like the significance of numbers and thought this was neat - one one, five five. I went into the bathroom and engaged in my usual night time routine ----- potty, brush and floss teeth, remove makeup, clean face, mosturizer and eye cream, wipe the counter top, etc. This is usually twenty to thirty minutes depending. When I finished I went out into the bedroom and again looked at the clock. I was stunned as it read 11:55. My mind raced for an answer as to how this could be. I finally came to the conclusion that for whatever reason, the measurement of time at least had stopped while I was in the bathroom. During the experience I had no sense of anything being different - such as a slowing of time or of being "out" of body or "removed" for the space I was in.

The other experience is of time actually going backward --- at least as measured by my digital clock. The "exact" same thing has happened on two different occasions. Both times I found myself at about 8::30 or so at night so sleepy that I could not keep my eyes open. I decided that my body was trying to tell me something and I would just go on to bed early. (Very early for me as I am a night person) I went to bed, fell into a deep and dreamless sleep and woke suddenly and completely. I looked at the clock --- it read exactly 12:28 (am). Having slept for almost four hours I thought I would probably be awake the rest of the night and might as well get up. I went to the bathroom, put some food into my cat's dishes, checked my answering maching, got a drink of water and thought of what I would do with myself. I was not in a mood to get on the computer and doing anything in the way of housework at that hour did not appeal to me so I decided to get a book and get back into bed and read. This I did. I read for what "seemed" like about an hour and amazingly started to feel a littly sleepy again. I thought I might be able to go to sleep and since it was probably about two am by now I would try. I closed my book and put it on the night stand, turned out the light and as I turned to pull the covers up, again looked at the clock. I was completely nonplussed as the clock now read exactly 11:18 (pm). I sat up trying to figure out how this had happened (thinking as I have on all three occasions that there must be something wrong with my clock). I then remembered that this exact same time experience had happened some month or so before. The only thing that I did not remember is exactly what I did with the time between the 12:28 am wake up time and the 11:18 pm time. I absolutely know that I did not imagine these experiences and it feels pretty awesome to be "IN" the experience of realizing that something very unusual has happened. And last week at least I was able to go on to sleep after reading for another little while with no more funny time business.

My clock does not seem to malfunction. It keeps time with the rest of the clocks. In fact, when these things happened I went into other rooms to check the clocks and they also had the same times. For instance -- with the 11:55 time, when I came out of the bathroom and saw that it still read 11:55 and I wondered if the clock was malfunctioning, I checked another clock. It too read 11::55. With the other experience I did not look at other clocks to verify the 12:28 time and when I later looked and saw the 11:18 time, I did check other clocks to verify that time. Both times my other clocks confirmed the 11:18 time.

Bethel, Connecticut

My brother mentioned this site to me. It is really great, and I am sending information to other friends so they can visit, too. I had a great experience with a wallet I lost that was missing for over a week. I kept telling my family I would find it, even though we had searched everywhere. I decided to "let go" and visualize finding it, since I felt I had been trying too hard before. I woke up in the middle of the night, walked into my closet to a place I had searched several times before, and found the wallet. As soon as I woke up, I knew I would find it. Now when we lose things my son says, "Dad, do that thing you do with letting go."


I just received my first issue of your ezine and can tell it's something I will love. How wonderful to find a "home!" I'd like to share a story and so (unabashedly) do so:

As I have come to awaken in the last few years (both figuratively AND literally, from coming off a mind-dulling drug I took for many years for problems associated with a head injury), I have noticed many, many things that tell me, if you'll pardon the language, "The Force is with you."

An especially meaningful (and always smile-bringing) way this message comes to me is through digital clocks in my home. Nearly every time I look at one for the time, the numbers on the clock are numbers that are significant for me - my birthday, birthdays of loved ones, "2:22" with my father and husband having been teachers (the 60s' TV program, "Room 222") (and "22" having been a special number for both of my deceased parents); "11:11" for the date of my mother's death last year, etc. etc. on and on. I do take these as reminders to me personally that the Spirit is with me.

Many thanks for your e-zine!

Noblesville, Indiana

My wife Deb and I went to a small country market to buy tomatoes. When we pulled into the lot we wondered quietly to ourselves if the market was open, because there were no cars in the parking lot. We parked and walked to the door, and when we opened it both my wife and I stopped in our tracks. There were several people inside, and we both turned and glanced at the parking lot which now had several cars in it! We looked at each other in wonder, and Deb said to me, "That was weird."

On the way home, Deb couldn't stop talking about how there were no cars in the lot -- and how she had thought to herself that they might not be open -- then when we turned around and looked, there were several cars and people in the store.

El Dorado Hills, California

These are three shifts that took place just days apart. We live next door to a park and we were going to go play base ball with the kids and dog. My husband goes to the bucket to look for the MIT, bat and ball, and ... No bat, my son looked-No bat. I looked-No bat. I walked away and thought to my self "reality shift" and said aloud to myself I can shift this, the bat is there. I told my son to look again. There was the bat under a toy that we had all looked under.

Shift two
I was wiping off the counter in the kitchen and there was a bottle of soda on the counter with no lid on it. Looked around for the lid and figured it will show up. Well, it did! Right on top of the soda. My son who was standing next to me said, "That wasn't there before." It was fun to have someone else witness it too.

Shift three
Change of season for the clothing and I was looking for this sleeveless top in the closet. Went through each hanger 3 times, dug through all the drawers no shirt. I knew this shirt was there and I really wanted to wear it. I just stopped and laughed pushed back a hanger that I had pushed many times and ah ha! It was there!

I could go on and on about shifts in my life and I subtly knew about them but kind of dismissed them as oh well. All I have to do is Ask, "Parking space in the front please" and wait usually no more than 30 seconds and one always appears. I have been doing this for years unconsciously but now it is a conscious thing. You call it reality shifting but I call it manifesting. Everything we need is there for our asking. Once we understand that this is truly an illusion and it is ours to manipulate and direct through our thoughts many shifts can take place. This is why the power of imagination is so important and my big soap box is that our children are lacking time to create. I.E. taking all art out of the ciriculum. We are creators and it is through the mind-our creativity that we can manifest our reality. If I was of the conspiracy theory mindset one would think creativity has been slowly squeezed out of our lives because it prevents us from manifesting our given right to all information, all things and allows for others who understand this consciously and unconsciously to control.

If we can think of it exists! If we can think of it, it exists. Once we realize this, potential. Or not even potential, this truth that we have total control over our destiny, then, and only then can we make choices/shifts in how we live. Yikes! Frankly, that is a lot to ask for of most people. People like the idea that someone, something else controls their destiny.

How I manifest/shift
It is created with a thought. A very focused clean and clear thought. Then a visual image is formed in the mind clean and clear, then the request is made to the great cosmic goo where all matter is derived, it is brought down through the various frequencies, transformed through the power of the spoken word, and then the-knowing that it is true-key point know that it is true-already. Gratitude is always good, then just look to find it. Give thanks when it does appear. Your mother taught you that please and thank you are always good - It applies here too.

Very simple yes, but the knowing part is for some reason is the hardest part to accept. Ninety-nine of the time I can request a parking space and get it at once. Ego says, "That was just luck." Reality says, "Just ask and you shall receive, it is all there waiting for you." There is no difference between a bottle cap, parking space, or baseball bat, or 10 million dollars.

It all comes down to whether or not we know that this is what we truly want, and if we are ready to receive it into our lives. A bottle cap has a lot less impact upon our lives than millions of dollars -- but they are all the same energetically. They all originate in a thought and isn't that what everything is?

(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are more new book reviews posted at realityshifters.com this month! If you like these books, you'll love perusing the RealityShifters book shelf where you can order anything you see that you like (which helps fund this ezine). Check out some of the books I love the most at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html

by Gregg Braden

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Gregg Braden's infectious enthusiasm is evident in every page of his book, THE ISAIAH EFFECT, as he describes his quest to find ancient wisdom in sacred places around the world. Braden covers some big ideas in THE ISAIAH EFFECT, including: how ancient spiritual writings have been removed and/or altered in much of our modern western education; the tremendous significance that those ancient writings have for us today; and how these teachings explain ways that we can rediscover how to choose the outcomes and possibilities in our life. Braden takes us on an exciting spiritual adventure to Egypt, Tibet, Peru, and the American southwest as he ponders these questions and shares his epiphanies along the way.

I find the single most powerful section in THE ISAIAH EFFECT to be Braden's explanation of how to regain the lost language of prayer by learning to align one's thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This "fifth mode of prayer" is not anything like the more common categories of prayer noted by prayer researchers (Colloquial, Petitionary, Ritualistic, Meditative). Those of us who have experienced times of being at one with everything will be thrilled to see this way of praying being adequately described in some detail.

I am also fascinated by Braden's assertion that several different religions and cultures describe prophecies of apolocalypse side-by-side with an alternative path of peace and cooperation. Both possibilities may seem to be contradictory, yet they are likely helping to show us how we can actively participate in selecting the future we prefer.

This book renews my sense of optimism that together, people of Earth can join in prayer to make a choice between greed, comfort and profit... or love, strength, and balance.


by Warren Grossman

Miraculous Healing from Earth Energy

Warren Grossman has written a masterpiece in TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH. His deceptively simple book touches my heart so deeply that I find tears of love and joy spontaneously welling up in my eyes as I read it. Grossman's loving view of this world shines right through every word of this beautifully illustrated book, as he describes how to: feel and share energy with Nature, feel more Love in one's life, develop one's skills as a Healer, and do a most remarkable set of Exercises.

Grossman begins TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH by describing how he returned home early from a vacation to Brazil in 1987 feeling desperately ill. His doctor told him a parasite had laid its eggs in his liver and he had one week left to live... and sent him home to die. Instead of dying, Grossman felt inspired to lie down on the Earth every day, which began a transformation within him. When he found himself healthy again, he noticed he was seeing light coming from all living organisms -- including in his psychotherapy patients.

I began to practice some of the exercises with some trepidation, since I have allergies and many pollens were blowing about this spring. I found much to my surprise that my allergies and asthma vanished completely as I practiced these exercises on a daily basis... and this was in the height of one of the worst allergy seasons ever!

I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone interested in improving their skills as a healer, as well as to anyone who simply wishes they had more energy, better health, and/or a more loving relationship with others in their life.


by Michael Schmicker

Comprehensive Overview of PSI Evidence

Do you have an open mind -- and are you ready to explore one of the most interesting collections of scientific evidence for paranormal phenomena ever assembled between the covers of a book?

If so, you're in luck! Michael Schmicker's book BEST EVIDENCE presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of "psi" phenomena including: extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis (PK), dowsing, mental and faith healing, death bed visions, near death experience, out of body experiences, ghosts and poltergeists, mediums and channelers, and reincarnation.
What makes BEST EVIDENCE such a gem is that it not only clearly describes each kind of psi phenomena along with the facts supporting its existence and references to the original studies and sources, but it also includes some intriguing insights about why people sometimes avoid investigating the evidence surrounding paranormal phenomena. For example, Schmicker cites the work of researchers like Kenneth Batcheldor, who has identified two blocks to PK production (ownership resistance and witness inhibition). I find it just as interesting to examine the reasons why people find the subject of the paranormal disquieting as it is to see such a thorough review of the evidence showing how psi is a real phenomena which simply won't go away.

If you've ever wanted to tell your friends, colleagues and family that there is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence proving that the paranormal is part of everyday life, this is the book for you!

(4) Reality Shifts Videos

You can now order your very own copy of "Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts" for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling! Take a look at what's on the tape at:



If you'd like to meet others interested in discussing the reality shift phenomenon, please join the realityshifters group at yahoo. We'd love to hear from you!


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Check out the online experiments and research papers on the subject of psychokinesis effects through space and time at the RetroPsychoKinesis Project's fascinating web site: http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/

Join in Dave Oshana's Interactive Bliss Dialogues and Radical Identity Changing Dialogues at: http://oshana.org/

Explore the strange phenomenon known as Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility at: http://members.aol.com/Rapunz1/invisibility.html

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