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June 2020
Issue #249

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Attain Calm Focus
in Transformational Times

“To be calm is the highest achievement of the self.”
– Zen proverb

We truly are living in transformational times. This year we feel a worldwide awareness of a need to address many serious, urgent, and growing issues including: the coronavirus, and social equality. An astrologer shared with me the interesting food for thought: the last time Saturn was in Aquarius was during the Rodney King Riots; the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution; Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell—and we have all three right now. One good thing about transformational times is that they can usher in a sense of urgency to re-examine ways of living, working, communicating, and relating with the world.

The issues facing us this year bring many gifts we may not have asked for, yet may be just what we need. When spending time sheltering in place, we might be able to reconnect with parts of ourselves—we might find moments of touching a sense of infinite space and eternal time. Such moments can arise in meditative moments of 'no thought' —and these expansive experiences can put is back in touch with the underlying essence of who we truly are.

A while back, I shared a meditation technique with a group of young students at the end of the first day of a summer school program. This meditation involved imagining that you are looking at your thoughts as if they are clouds in the sky—and focusing on clearing the thoughts/clouds away until the sky is clear and blue. A day or two later, I saw one young student sitting by herself outside the office door, knees pulled up against her chest. I said, “Hello,” and could tell from her facial expression and body language that she was not having the most enjoyable day. “How do you do that meditation, again?” she asked. I sat down alongside her, and described this method again. “You start by envisioning all the thoughts that are moving through your mind as if they are clouds in the sky,” I began. “Your goal is to enjoy a few minutes in your day free from all thoughts, recognizing that whatever you need to think about or remember, you can consider at some other time. Each time you see a thought-cloud, you imagine simply clearing it away; you imagine clearing all thought-clouds away, until your mind is peaceful, calm, and with no thoughts at all.” With a soft voice, she thanked me, and I thanked her for sharing such a peaceful moment with me.
We are so much bigger than our bodies... and we can feel it when we meditate and realign with awareness that our energy 'body' is interconnected through infinite space and eternal time. There is a clarity that arrives for us when we give our minds an opportunity to attain a truly peaceful state. From such a state of inner calm, we can gain clarity regarding what issues we can best focus on, without feeling so overwhelmed or stressed, regardless what is going on.

The open-ended question, “How good can it get?” invites and welcomes inspiration, support, connection, meaning, kindness, and love. We've reliably witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I hope you will feel free to browse through a few issues, and restore your sense of wonder.

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "You're so insightful, positive and personable. You helped me to refocus my thoughts and energies. I really appreciate the positive energies that you were able to channel through me as well as your reminders to remain positive--and to question and even challenge--how good CAN it get! After our reading, things fell into place and I have no doubt that your reading had a lot to do with it. My angels were watching over me and showing me just how good it can get! With your help I feel that I was cleansed and opened up to the infinite possibilities that surround me. My positive energy/aura did and will continue to attract more positive energies!" -- Lori

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

International Mandela Effect Conference 2020
International Mandela Effect Conference 2020:
Revelations of the Mandela Effect

June 20-26 2020
Live Streaming FREE from Connecticut, USA

The theme of this year's International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) is “Revelations of the Mandela Effect.” Join us to see talks by many speakers including keynote speaker Regina Meredith, the Quantum Businessman Christopher Anatra, Cynthia Sue Larson, Jan Engels-Smith, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson, YouTuber moneybags73, Shane Robinson of Unbiased and on the Fence, Elaine Colts, Lauren Connell, Jerry Hicks, Dale DuFay, Eva Nie, Nicole DeMario, Akronos Mago, and Sean Bond. Please subscribe to the IMEC YouTube channel, to help ensure you receive notification reminders when this year's conference presentations go live—and also because we need at least one thousand subscribers on this channel by June 4th to ensure that we will be able to livestream.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Open Minds with Regina Meredith
Gaia: Open Minds with Regina Meredith
Understanding the Mandela Effect with Cynthia Sue Larson

Do you remember something differently than it appears to be today? You are not going crazy. This so-called Mandela Effect is routinely observed by more and more people and Cynthia Sue Larson may have an explanation. She understands our reality as an interconnected web of consciousness that reflects back upon itself. As we make shifts in our perception, we also make shifts in our reality. She believes that the explanation lies understanding consciousness at the quantum level where everything is energy and probability waves that collapse into the reality we observe.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Boggling delayed choice participatory universe,
horoscopes, and Mandela Effects

When I play the game Boggle with friends, we've often been amazed at the way we find some words so consistently.  Sometimes for three consecutive games in a row, we might find the same word, such as "toe" for example.  While playing Boggle via email over the internet during this pandemic, my friends and I noted that there seemed to be a subconscious awareness of health and coronavirus topics--which perhaps comes as not too much of a surprise. I also noticed that some of the words that I was finding had some kind of fire theme going on.  I figured of course, living in California, fire safety is on my mind with regard to keeping dead woods cleared out of the garden, and getting on top of weed and grass abatement, too.  When noticing the times that my friends and I find the same word for three or four games in a row--that's so amazing to me when it happens, since it seems to indicate those words might always be there--or perhaps more accurately, it's our shared expectation of finding them that ensures those words reality shift their way into each and every game. Physicist John Archibald Wheeler asserted that we live in a Participatory universe, in which the measurements we choose to make, truly matter.  Wheeler also proposed a series of experiments to test the notion that light somehow "senses" the experimental apparatus in the double-slit experiment it travels through, and adjusts its behavior to fit.  While Wheeler's musings were constrained to laboratory settings only, many of us observing such things as mysteriously recurring Boggle words might well wonder to what degree quantum physics is involved in our regular daily lives.

You can read the companion blog post to this video in its entirety at:

Isness:  Quantum Jumping, Reality Shifting with Cynthia Sue
Angels & Physics & All That Jazz with Cynthia Sue Larson
Dee Black talks with Quantum Mystic Cynthia Sue Larson in a lovely conversation about kundalini, the 'born again' experience, oneness consciousness versus the idea of 'good', yin and yang, energy breathing practices, and so much more. One high point in this conversation is the discussion about influencing energies of others, and the deeper truth that we can access our Observer level of Infinite Being when we remember and feel how we really do love everyone.

Reality Shifting Stories:
Wacky Things Happening with Vehicles, Scenery, Time

Dee Black from the Isness YouTube channel reads some of the first-hand reports submitted to RealityShifters, having to do with unusual things happening in traffic, with vehicles, and with changes in scenery and time.

The Science Behind the Way Our Thoughts and Feelings
Literally Can and Do Change Our Physical World

Rose Vitale talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the quantum physics science behind the way our thoughts and feelings can and do change our physical world.

Starworks USA conference 2020
UFO and Artificial Intelligence conference
November 6-8, 2020
Aquarius Resort, Laughlin, Nevada, USA
This year's UFO and Artificial Intelligence conference is happening November 6th through 8th 2020 at the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. Paola Harris plans to bring her robots to join us at the conference; these are the same types of robots that have passed a self-awareness test a few years ago, and we'll be able to see them in the lobby and interact with them every day at this year's conference. For more information and to register, visit:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

The Ninth Bench at the Beach
South Windsor, Connecticut, USA

Hi Cynthia, It is so good to see you in your recent Youtube interviews. I loved hearing about the magical tiny rose that suddenly materialized out of nowhere, disappeared and reappeared at the bottom of your large bag somehow uncrushed. Your story reminds me of a magical experience I had with a hiking friend last year. My friend was not feeling well, but really wanted to take a walk at our favorite place, a beach that also has hiking trails. It was a beautiful day. We headed down the beach. I looked ahead and counted out loud that there were eight park benches in a row. My friend also counted eight benches. I am not sure why we felt the need to count the benches that day, as we had been there many times. Unfortunately, my friend started feeling worse but insisted that he wanted to finish the hike. We kept going, but stopped and rested on each of the park benches. I suddenly noticed that a bench had appeared out of nowhere in the longest stretch of sand on the hike, where none had been before. We couldn't believe it. We both recounted the benches, more than once. There was somehow nine benches where there had been eight. We were amazed and grateful. My friend really needed that 9th bench and somehow it appeared. We headed back the same way where we started the hike. We looked back down the beach where we had just come, and counted the benches again.  This time, there were only eight. The extra bench disappeared. Or, perhaps we had temporarily shifted into a very similar reality where there were nine benches and then shifted back again. We hiked there a number of times after that and each time counted the park benches: there were always eight benches. During challenging and uncertain times, I love to remember that truly wonderful, unexplainable, seemingly magical things can happen in our world.

Note from Cynthia: What a remarkable experience that was, for me to find that rose appear as if out of nowhere on two separate occasions--many weeks apart, yet clearly it was exactly the same rose.  I love how you and your friend both counted eight benches, and then when a bench was needed on the stretch of beach where your friend felt tired, there was suddenly a ninth bench, just where you needed it most!  And how remarkable and amazing that later on, that area returned to having just eight benches once again.  Truly that ninth bench seems to have been a miraculous gift.  What a beautiful reminder that sometimes we truly can get exactly what we need, just when we need it most!


Granny's Butter Dish Manifested 27 Years Later
Morristown, Tennessee, USA

Granny's Butter Dish
Hi, Cynthia. I recently had something happen that was bizarre. Last month as I opened the door to my junk room to grab a dog food bag so I could feed my dachshunds, I noticed a little yellow plastic bowl sitting beside the dog food. I did not recognize it, so I asked my roommate it it was his. It wasn't. So I popped the top off and found a weird assortment of odds and ends. There was a bunch of old watches I didn't recognize with some other stuff below them. Since I needed to feed my dogs, I put the top back on the bowl and decided to deal with it later. Later, I took the yellow plastic bowl into another room and opened it.
Granny's Butter Dish
There were eight watches, that weren't mine, in a pile. Under it was an old grade-school photo of my brother, who died two years ago. Beside that was a newspaper clipping about one of my cousins which was at least thirty years old. Under that was a gold bracelet and another newspaper clipping that related to my granny's death back in 1993. I examined the watches closer and when I turned one over, I saw a piece of masking tape on the back with a price and some initials written in black marker. It was at that point that I finally recognized the plastic bowl. Twenty six years ago, my late granny had run a rummage sale, out of her house, to make money. She had kept a little yellow plastic bowl, that she called her "butter dish," on her mantle. It contained little envelopes of money for people who had items that had sold in the rummage sale. I used to help her with the sale so I recognized her handwriting on the masking tape and her style of listing an item's price and its seller's initials. This was my grandmother's"butter dish. But where had it been since 1993 and how had it materialized beside my dog food? I had no answers, and I still don't. My aunt and uncle had inherited my granny's house and they had thrown away, or donated to Goodwill, maybe 99% of her possessions decades ago. I never had possession of the butter dish and I had moved several times since my granny had died. I called my mother and my cousin and they remembered the yellow butter dish, but had not seen it for 26 years. Since we were in quarantine, both asked me to send them pictures of the contents of the butter dish and I did. We're all pretty weirded out.  I had never held or looked into my granny's butter dish so I truly didn't know what to expect. I had seen her open it when I was much younger and I knew that she had kept little envelopes of money for her rummage sale customers inside--but I never expected what I found when I took the lid off after finding it in my junk room beside the dog food. I don’t think I forgot I put it in my junk room as the only things I remember taking from her house, when I left for good, were a pair of my own red shoes that I'd recently worn to my granny's funeral, a green scarf of my granny's--which I still have, her Bible, her sewing box, and her jewelry box. If I'd ever had the butter dish, it would have been buried deep, deep in the junk room, behind years of accumulated debris and not right up front beside something I use every day, dog food. Besides, I had moved at least four times since my granny died. I think maybe my granny wanted to send me a special care package during a scary time, because this pandemic is a time of uncertainty and fear.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, wow, and WOW.  I remember your previously having told me that you thought your granny might be communicating with you, but this latest matter of the materializing butter dish seems to clinch the matter.  What an amazing treasure to rediscover, and I'm so glad you were able to take pictures of this important piece of family history to share with your mother and cousin.  It sounds from your description like the contents of the butter dish were not previously known to you, so this incident can not be explained as a simple matter of 'forgetting' that you had just placed the butter dish in the junk room.  Equally impressive to me is the fact that the butter dish was so unexpected that you didn't even recognize it for what it was at first, asking your roommate if it was his.  I have heard before of some items returning to people or arriving for people many years and even decades later, often in surprising places--and this is something for all of us to remember to keep in mind.  Sometimes, treasured items can--and do--return. This reality shift is remarkable in several ways, including the way it seems to have literally shown up out of nowhere, containing such meaningful family treasures from the past.  What a great time to receive such gifts, during this pandemic, too.  Clearly there is no 'reasonable explanation' for how your granny's butter dish showed up in your junk room, especially since if you'd taken it with the other few special items, you would have most likely looked inside.  It's just amazing how it showed up when it did.  This truly feels like a miraculous blessing--and it even feels to me like your granny wants you and your mom and cousin to feel love and joy right now. 

Finding Tortoise Using Your Method
Hampshire, U.K.

Hope you and your loved ones are well at this strange time. Thank you so much for your uplifting videos and articles throughout this period - I’m using the time as a sort of retreat and trying to think about how good it can get as much as possible! I wanted to share some success I had yesterday using one of your methods for finding lost things (/beings in this this case!) We’ve been having beautiful sunny weather in England recently, and my mum’s tortoise came out of hibernation about a month ago - he’s been enjoying the sunshine. However, the last few days have turned colder and it was going to be freezing the night before last - usually the tortoise stays outside but we decided to bring him in and keep him in our conservatory. In the morning, my mum went to find him, and my dad told her he’d put him outside earlier that morning. We searched the whole garden for him with no success. By the afternoon, my mum was feel sad and worried - she said she had a bad feeling (firstly, we were worried he might have caught a cold, secondly, he escaped three times last summer!) The whole situation reminded me of a previous time a tiny kitten of ours got caught in a thunderstorm and ended up dying. I’ve been practising mindfulness throughout the day so I tried to just notice this memory without getting attached. I’m always telling my mum about your ideas for approaching situations and at that moment I decided to try your method for finding lost things. I felt my love for my mum’s tortoise and imagined in detail me finding the tortoise, holding him level with my eyes and feeling grateful. Just a couple of minutes later, I was walking inside from the garden and happened to glance to the left as I went in the back door - who should I see cowering behind a flowerpot up against the wall but the tortoise! He was cold and obviously hadn’t been able to the find the energy to walk around the garden, so we put him under a heat lamp and pampered him for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for reminding me always that love connects all of us and the most amazing things, beyond our understanding, can happen when we abide in that space!

Note from Cynthia: What a wonderfully happy experience with your beloved tortoise!  I'm so happy to hear that you found your tortoise just a couple of minutes after remembering to practice one of my methods for finding lost things--or beloved beings!  I'm so glad to hear that even though worrisome thoughts and feelings came to mind, you were able to stay well focused on how much you love, cherish, and adore your dear tortoise.  And what a success, to find him ready for some well-deserved tender, loving care!

makeup mirror
Makeup Mirror Switch Change
Austin, Texas, USA

I have had a makeup mirror for many years. This makeup mirror has a black lightswitch on the bottom, front at the base. The OFF position is with the black switch all the way to the LEFT. Today I was about to turn it on, when I saw that the switch was moved all the way over to the RIGHT, but the light was not on. I was sad because I realized that I must have left the light switched on and the bulb must have burned out. So I moved the switch to the left, out of habit, to turn it off even though the light must be off because I'd left it on and it burned out—and I was stunned to see that the LIGHT CAME ON!  My mind was blown. Here is a picture of this makeup mirror from amazon, showing the lamp lit and the switch all the way over to the right in the on position. This is how my lamp operated until today. Shocker. So, is this a reality shift? It is just so shocking. My husband said he has never in his life seen any switch be left/ON and right/Off.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing with me the change that happened for your makeup mirror, such that the switch now operates completely opposite to the way it used to work, with the right/ON and left/OFF operation no longer being the case, after many years of use.  This does indeed sound like a reality shift!  And it's good to note that reality shifts are actually pretty much exactly the same thing as personal (individual) Mandela Effects, such that lots of other people may also have experienced a similar shift in their makeup mirror light switches, also.  When some of us see Mandela Effects such as the Kit-Kat candy no longer having a hyphen (dash) between "Kit" and "Kat" we notice that most all the places where we now see that candy now show it with the new-to-us "Kit Kat" that lacks the hyphen.  So if other people also experienced a similar change to their light switch operation, they would be equally astonished when going back to check it on amazon, for example, and finding now that apparently "the switch has always been as pictured here."  Yet, many of us notice that obviously some kind of reality shift or Mandela Effect has occurred.

Quantum Magic Driver's License
Los Angeles, California, USA

I've been following your work for a little while now and really wanted to share this story that happened to me a few years ago. I will try to give you the Reader's Digest version. I lost my driver's license at a doctor's office. I searched for it for weeks, bugged them to death and finally gave up and went to get a new one. Since I love the DMV about as much as anyone else, this was imprinted strongly in my mind and I was sure I could not find the license before I went. The whole process took months from start to finish. A year later, I went into my wallet to get my new driver's license, in order to write the number down on a form or something. I pulled it out of the tight, tiny little pocket it was slipped into, and pulled out TWO driver's licenses. Yes, my old one was stuck BEHIND the new one. Now there is absolutely no way I did not see that before. Not possible. I have had many, many experiences with the Quantum Realm. I know this is real. I am positive I have shifted realities a number of times. This has to be the most profound and obvious example I personally have experienced to date. Thank you for your work and for always emphasizing the positive. You have helped me a lot in a short time.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your experience with your missing Drivers License showing up one day in your wallet.  That's such an obvious location to look for a missing Drivers License, so it's obvious to me that your experience is completely legitimate and can no way be confused or mistaken for a case of simple confusion, memory lapse, or 'false memory.'   That's especially interesting about the old Drivers License being stuck so tightly behind the new one, too--since certainly you would have noticed what a struggle it would be to push your new license into the wallet pocket, had your old license already been there.  Thanks so much for appreciating my work, and consistent focus on the positive--and I'm so happy to hear that's been helpful to you!

Light in the Bathroom
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

I had another strange thing happen to me just about an hour ago. Several months ago, the light in the bathroom stopped working and it was the fixture itself because it was old.  Since that time, I've had to keep the light in the kitchen and bedroom on for light. About an hour ago, I went in there and turned on the light, full knowing that it didn't work, and suddenly, it came on when I turned a small switch on the bottom.  Before, it was too tight and wouldn't work. I'm not sure how it happened.  Could the Universe have known about my frustration with it and it fixed itself? When it stopped working, my mother was sick and I couldn't get anyone to come fix it. When she died (March 27, 2019), I was so busy getting her estate in order, and by the time I got some time for it, Covid-19 came along. I'm not sure how things like that happen.

Note from Cynthia: What a joyful discovery to find that the previously non-functioning light suddenly started working--seemingly all by itself!  I love it when things are healed like this, as I've experienced in my life.  And sometimes when I mention that 'things can heal,' people respond they cannot, since they are just 'things.'  But if they ask, "you mean things can be repaired?" I can agree, and then it sometimes is easier for them to imagine.  I wrote an article about healing things, based on some of the experiences I've had with printers and scanners being receptive to energetic healing, which you might enjoy:

Quantum Jerry Stiller
New York, New York, USA

Jerry Stiller
I saw the news about Jerry Stiller's death on May 11, 2020 from his son announcing that news that day. I knew Jerry Stiller's wife died a couple of years ago, yet this is where I go hmmmm. This was confusing to me, since I remembered having heard about Jerry Stiller's death over a year ago. The first thing I felt was hearing that is this an example of the Mandela Effect I would hear about conceptually. I wrote to you immediately, and was pleasantly surprised that you validated also remembering that you had heard Jerry died over a year ago (a year and a half, which also sounded correct to me when you shared that you remembered that time frame). I noticed that Jerry's death was more fully covered when his death was reported previously over a year ago, versus now, due to the distraction with the current pandemic. And Jerry's death from a year and half ago felt like it was from an illness, which is different than his recent death from natural causes reported in May 2020. I also remember seeing Jerry Stiller honored after his death in People magazine the last time he died, after a week or so. It is cool to be experiencing this first-hand, instead of just hearing about reality shifts and the Mandela Effect conceptually. I've been following you on and off for over 20 years, as these subjects can sometime only be chewed on and contemplated in small doses. So the fact that I'm experiencing this now so vividly says a lot about how more and more people will as well, too. Or if not that, it is a sign of a huge reality shift—whether the mainstream populace will be aware of the changes, or it will happen seamlessly. As long it leads into a brighter world, I'm all for it. How do you differentiate between when it is legit to question feeling like I have experienced this before vs it just a case of getting the info or memory mixed up is all? To keep it grounded while also experiencing the world with a mystic flair? Thanks!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for writing to me about your remembering that Jerry Stiller passed away previously. If you'd asked me without my having just read your email, I would have said that I remember hearing that Jerry Stiller died about a year and a half ago, or something like that.  I was not a huge fan of the Seinfeld show, but was rather peripherally aware of it, so this was not a huge thing for me, but rather background news. That's a great question about how to differentiate between a legitimate recollection of a reality shift / Mandela Effect, and a case of simply being confused.  One way to factor out confusion is to ask yourself if you remember anything about what was going on at the time you first heard the news.  If you clearly recall having thought at that time about Jerry Stiller's wife having died when you first heard he died, that helps anchor your memory as a real memory for you.  Anything else you remember that was going on, such as what time of year it was based on weather or other events can also provide further clarity that you indeed did already hear news that Jerry Stiller had died. I do feel confident that even amidst seemingly chaotic and troubled times like these, we can experience very positive transformations resulting in overall improvements.

An Occurrence that Shook Me to My Core
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

I'm pretty new to the idea of the Mandela Effect. There was a change to an occurrence in my personal life that brought this phenomena to my attention initially. I'll recount the story as briefly as possible. The story itself is a little grim, but with the "change," the story actually became much happier if you will. My first job was working at a pallet shipping company for my father. There were two guys that also worked there at the time who were brothers. One of the brothers had spent time incarcerated for manslaughter when he was much younger. I left that job to attend school full time and lost contact with the brothers between my freshman and junior years of college. One day I ran into the younger of the brothers and he told me that his brother was now serving two life sentences for double homicide (this would be the one who had already served time). As I sat there shocked, he explained that his brother's girlfriend became pregnant with someone else's child, and he shot her—killing both her and the unborn child. I immediately called my father, and we looked up his page on the state department of corrections website. Sure enough, we saw the sentencing was double homicide with no chance of parole. Ten years later, another former coworker phoned to say, “Hello,” and asked about the two brothers. I explained the story of the murder; later I received a call from the same coworker, telling me I'd gotten my facts wrong. He was in prison for attempted murder. I was in total disbelief, as I fact checked what he told me. I looked up the case on LexisNexis, and sure enough, the woman and child were alive! In fact, the woman (in this timeline or what have you) survived to testify at his trial! It was such a tough pill to swallow. Dad still believes we just got the "computer stuff wrong" when we originally looked the guy up, but I know better. The man had been to prison and subsequently released for actually killing someone, but was now in for life for attempting the same crime. I hope that wasn't too long or rambling. Anyway, thank you for your website, and making me feel a little less crazy. It seems that a lot of people react with near anger when confronted with the evidence of one of these occurrences. Dad was no different, and was angrily adamant that I'd made a mistake, even though he acknowledged remembering that our former coworker had committed double homicide. I'm not a stupid or insane person, and neither is Dad. Finding out the "new" facts was pretty traumatizing, and I'm sure that's what he was feeling when I showed him the new info.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience about having heard about a double homicide from a decade earlier that now apparently never was a double homicide--and now is attempted murder.  This seems like a preferable outcome for all concerned!  I can relate to people thinking you must have gotten your facts wrong ten years ago, or that you somehow made mistakes when you were doing the computer research back then.  Based on many of the reality shifts I've personally experienced, this kind of situation seems entirely in keeping with the magnitude of some of the changes I've seen. It is rather odd to me that some people react with anger when confronted with one of these reality shifts.  That emotional response would seem indicative that someone's proverbial "buttons" were pushed--and insistence that there is only one correct (shared) history may once have been the common presumption, but it's being currently disproved in quantum physics experiments, such as the ones I mentioned in my blog posts that took place in 2019.  It's my sincere hope that when we educate future generations, we can include information about subjective reality being the "real reality"--and so-called "objectivity" being an old assumption that was part of western humanity's earlier attempts to make sense of our cosmos.   Here's the article I posted in 2019:
Observers Witness the Same Event Differently

I Am from Another Parallel Universe
Mesquite, Texas, USA

Friday, April 24th, 2020, I jumped/shifted to a different version of myself in this universe from my another parallel universe after I forgot my iPhone.  How would I know that I am from another parallel universe?  I can tell you what happened and how I know.  First, I just brought my iPhone with me to the kitchen and wrote the tracking time and date of my medicine by my iPhone.  I thought I brought my iPhone with me to my living room and left my iPhone beside me on the couch, watched TV, but I don't know how long I watched TV until I looked down at the iPhone, and it was gone.  I tried not to get panicked, and know that it must be somewhere in my home, because I never leave my home.  I kept looking for and tried to figure it out where my iPhone was until I found it in the kitchen.  I was confusing, because I can't recall that if I did. Before I jump to this universe from my another parallel universe, I just remembered looking at my tire that got a flat twice times before, and there was no black "notch" cap that can hold the air, but after jump, it appeared.  That is not how I remember it and I was confused.  There is another thing that I was confused with is my roll up ruler in my computer room.  My roll up orange ruler was in the same spot where the roll up red ruler was.  It was opposite of color.  It was supposed to be orange, but it was red.  I was again confused.  I remembered perfectly clear that it was orange where I came from, and that I lost my roll up red ruler and purchased another new roll up orange ruler.   He as me, lost his roll up orange ruler and had this roll up red ruler.  Both of us did very opposite to the different color of the roll up ruler.  Before I jump, a different version of myself, he did put the black "notch" cap in the car tire, but I didn't.  You missed him, because he jumped to another parallel universe.  I took his place.  Before I jumped to this universe from my parallel universe, a different version of myself from another parallel universe took my place as well. There was a small difference you can see and everything looks much the same between our universes.  Yes, driver license, credit cards, etc. are exact the same.  If it happens to you before, you believe me.  If not, you probably don't believe me and that's okay.  It's because you never experience this before and it never occurs to you.  I think that it can happen to some people jumping to the parallel universe.  I remember perfectly clear and it is not a memory loss.  I am not lying or abstracting.  The multiverse of parallel universes are real, because of what happened to me like some people.  I know what is difference between real and unreal.  This is real. To me in your universe, I would assure that all of you are the same people, but you are a different person or soul inside the same body as the same people where I came from.  It is very much like twins. That is what I know and how it did happen to me.  If you would like to learn more, you don't have to believe me.  I suggest that you visit the website by to learn more.  I know that it may be hard for you to understand.  Maybe one day you will if it happens or not.  Who knows. I remembered praying to God way back and asked Him to give me a TV signal and let me know that the parallel universe existed, because of the people's claim that can be false.  One week later, Friday, Sept. 7th, 2018, the TV interrupted the national news and the anchor lady from the parallel universe appeared reporting the news, but it was a very complete different parallel universe and not identical to our both universes.  Yes, I mean a very different parallel universe and it was not the identical to ours.  Then, it stayed on TV for, say, about 10 seconds or more before it disappeared, and returned to the national news. I would suggest that you watch the TV movie called "Occupants".  It is about the parallel universe couples.  It is semi-fictionalized.  I think that it means half true and half not exactly sure, perhaps untrue or unknown. If your friends, family members or the strangers tell you of their experience, what would you do and what to think?  If you are a religious person, you probably think different and not want to do with this until maybe and maybe one day it can happen to you or not.  There is nothing to fear about.

Small Differences Noticed:
(1) The opposite color of the rulers.  It is supposed to be an orange ruler, but it is red.  I lost the red ruler and purchased an orange ruler and he lost the orange ruler and purchased a red ruler.
(2) iPhone disappeared and recovered.
(3) He put an air cap in a tire, but I didn't.
(4) Elaine in your universe died in 1995, but my teacher, Elaine, from my parallel universe died in 1996.  Both of her died one year apart.
(5) Dad's front yard with trees unrecognized.  His small storage building is yellow and I believe that it is dark brown.  Dad from my parallel universe had absolutely no trees in the front yard.
(6) He emailed to Cynthia and said that he lost an orange ruler.  In my parallel universe, I emailed to Cynthia and said that I lost my red ruler.
(7) Walter in your universe died one day earlier:  June 29, 2005. My friend, Walter from my parallel universe died one day later:  June 30, 2005.
(8) In downtown Dallas, I-30 to I-45 north, there are no 5 big light bulbs on top of the small building.  That building doesn’t have an X mark in each side. Another big building looked similar that has 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark in each side of the building.  In my parallel universe, the small building does have 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark in each side of the building.  I didn’t think I have recognized another building that changes the different color of light during the night.  The both buildings with an X mark in each side and have 5 big light bulbs on top on it, are reversed.  The unrecognized building that changes the color of light believed to be the big building that has 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark in each side.
(9) The unrecognized small tree in my front yard.  I didn't pay attention until I saw an unrecognized small tree.  Absolutely no small tree in my front yard where I came from.  When I was on the street going to park my car in the front of my house that reminded me of where I came from.  In my parallel universe, I saw my next door's cars parked in the front of their house and there was no small tree in my front yard beside their cars.  Yes, I remember.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you provide details of various things that you can remember quite well and clearly that are definitely different now.  I can relate to so many of the examples you cite, with the exception (so far!) of seeing someone reporting the news from a different reality.  This could happen, though, and I wouldn't notice it, since I am not consistent about watching news channels on a regular basis--those kinds of changes are simply 'off my radar' at this time.  There likely will be an increase in TV shows and movies covering this topic, and hopefully doing so in ways that are in keeping with what so many of us have been observing and reporting on for so long.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
How can I tune up life force energy—Ki/Qi?
— Nat

Dear Nat,
The basics of good KI practice start with basics of good physical health:  good food, good rest, good exercise, good breathing.  I also published a helpful tip sheet article you may find useful for tuning up your energy centers with sound and color, that you can do as an energy exercise:
You can also boost your Ki by listening to the "Aura Healing Meditations" CD that I created, or whatever guided meditations you most prefer. You can find more exercises to boost your energy in my book, "Aura Advantage" as well.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I watched your interview on Gaia tonight. Sound like you know how to attract money into you life. What kind of advice would you give someone with a lot of student loan debt and not the best job prospects?
— Mark

Dear Mark,
Thanks for writing to me and letting me know you saw my conversation with Regina Meredith on Gaia about High Energy Money.  Each person's individual set of beliefs about money are highly unique, and serve to create the operating environment by which various strategies with money will operate.  What I mean by this is that general advice for what best to do will be different for someone who truly believes money comes from good luck with investments---versus someone who believes money must be earned from hard work--or from someone who believes money can literally arrive out of thin air.  There are different personality types when it comes to money, and starting with where you are is essential.  Once you know your general type, the next recommended step is to be honest about your beliefs regarding money.  For example, if you believe, "Money is the root of all evil," on any level, you'll have built-in destructive interference going on.  Such tangled beliefs (at odds with your goal of financial prosperity) can be sorted out by finding the exact antidote to such destructive beliefs, and creating your own set of personalized affirmations.  This entire process is thus highly specific and personalized for you, as I describe in my book, "High Energy Money."  These tips can go a long way to getting you started at improving your relationship with money, regardless of circumstances. 
With love and best wishes,


Dear Cynthia,
A Mandela Effect moment: I had known for so many years that Pankaj Kapur, an Indian television star, had divorced his ravishing beauty wife, Supriya Pathak, to marry a simple-looking girl, Neelima, whose only asset was pluckiness. And now I find that it’s other way round. You were right; the examples of ME are to be found universally, and the phenomena is not US specific.
— Vivek

Dear Vivek,
Thanks so much for sharing your experience noticing differences between what you clearly remember about these Indian TV stars, and what is officially now “the way it’s always been.” Clearly this is a universal phenomenon, and I greatly appreciate your sharing this example.
lots of love,


Hi Cynthia,
I wanted to see if you were able to help me  or clarify something for me. Does timeshifting exist in real life? I know it sounds like a stupid question & I personally believe that timetravel in any format doesnt exist & is impossible in real life. I'm enquiring because theres a lot of videos on you tube with people claiming they have witnessed timeslips in Bold Street Liverpool which  is in the United Kingdom .I for one have been to Liverpool many times but to be fair never walked down Bold St & its never happened to me -Have a look at them if you want -just search Bold Street Timeslips Liverpool or Bold Street Liverpool. So - do they exist in real life? What do you think are these people who are making these claims telling the truth? The way I see it until I get another opportunity to go to Liverpool any time & walk down Bold St & if it happpens to me then I may change my opinion but until then it doesnt exist in real life & will always stand by that.
— Sara

Dear Sara,
Thanks so much for writing to me about the question of whether time slips actually occur.  I've had personal experiences of time loops, and time slowing to a stop, and encountering my future self--and I personally have talked with and corresponded with individuals who have experienced time slips first-hand.  These people who tell me that they have experienced time slips seem lucid, sincere, and honest and I have no reason to doubt that they have experienced what they have described to me.  I have a time shifting page on my realityshifters website that you can read for a bit of an overview on this subject at:
With regard to a person going to a specific place with the expectation that a time slip might occur, I've not actually heard of such things happening.  From this observation, we might then recognize that a great deal of the time slip experience depends upon the individual(s) involved, at least as much if not more than the physical location. 
with love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
I was wondering a few things about quantum jumping. Is it a way to completely switch realities or just a way access abilities and things from other existing selves on alternate timelines?  I ask because I have a Native American friend who says he switched places with an alternate self from a different reality after making an agreement or something. Just sounded similar to what you were talking about.
— A.J.

Dear A.J.,
Some people have completely switched realities; results depend mostly on the level of focus, energy, and skill in the practitioner, as well as their intention and need to jump to a completely different reality.   Many people facing imminent death actually do summon the requisite focus and energy to survive what by their own admission should have been an event resulting in their demise.  So quantum jumping is not simply a way to access abilities and skills.


Dear Cynthia,
I've read the variety of contents in QUANTUM JUMPS and was VERY pleased. I read a book about DEPA MA, a Buddhist nun, who could walk through walls and be in two places at once. In the US  she was associated with Barre Buddhist school. I believe she turned particles into waves, and created her own reality with her mind. There are many levels of consciousness out there and we can choose between them. Just like lucid dreaming, we can manipulate reality like we do our dreams. I read about quantum physics and was impressed by the OBSERVER EFFECT, which strongly affects particles and waves. My own view is that in a world of infinite possibilities, anything is infinitely possible.
Spiritually yours,
— Karen

Dear Karen,
Thanks so much for writing about Depa Ma, the Buddhist nun who could walk through walls and bilocate.  Yes, anything is possible!  You may find this issue of RealityShifters particularly interesting:
RealityShifters:  How to Walk Through Walls
Issue 52:  January 2004
I've bilocated when daydreaming on a couple of different occasions, with witnesses both times--and at last year's International Mandela Effect Conference, one of our participants was observed to bilocate.  Our event this year will be free, online:
lots of love,



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Terra's of the Milky Way
By Dale DuFay

Fascinating insights into the nature, origin, and direction of the Mandela Effect

Dale DuFay presents the premise that we are witnessing evidence, through the Mandela Effect, that there may be countless numbers of ourselves, on many possible Earths.  DuFay observes that older Earths are on the outskirts of the galaxy, while younger Earths are closer to the galactic center.  The key idea presented here is that the Mandela Effect was initiated by Jehovah in order to reveal essential aspects to us of our humanity.  DuFay emphasizes the opportunity implicit in the awareness that the Mandela Effect is a gift to us from Jehovah.  DuFay states, "I'm certain that once everyone knows they have a chance to write the final chapter in their very important book of life, they'll be more apt to be the best human that they can possibly be!" DuFay's vision of the meaning of the Mandela Effect can be summed up as we humans are living a parallel existence in what are soon to be immortal avatars and that, all along, we've been reborn into mortal, imperfect human short-lived avatars. Even the dinosaurs lived parallel existences, as DuFay describes variations in how their bones are displayed on the various Earths for us to see.  DuFay mentions some personal changes he has noticed, such as changes in his facial scars, and changes to his pets' appearances and personalities.  The Mandela Effect can help explain why we experience deja vu, and apparitions occasionally. DuFay dedicates an entire chapter to differences between various Earths and events that occurred differently, yet with similar outcomes, in World War II.  Thanks to DuFay's long interest in history, particularly having to do with the Allied and Axis fronts in Europe and the Pacific theaters, many specific changes and differences have been noted.  Chapters are dedicated to physiological changes in human bodies, changes in maps and geography, changes in words and quotes. What makes this book so special to me is the way DuFay constantly returns to his central premise that the Mandela Effect is a holy event that was prophesized in the Bible, and hinted at in some of the parables shared with us by Jesus Christ. DuFay views the Bible as being filled with clues, especially in the book of Revelation and the gospels of Jesus.  The Mandela Effect and what it is revealing can be all about Jehovah's Kingdom.  And DuFay adds, "We can't be discouraged by the fact that the Bible is different on some Earths compared to other Earths, in certain texts.  The very essence of the Bible remains, and that's the most important thing here."


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