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June 2022
Issue #273

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Ask Questions You Want to Experience the Answers To

“Ask the questions
that you want to experience the answers to.”
– Cynthia Sue Larson

Physicist John Archibald Wheeler wrote and talked about how we live in a participatory universe, in which the questions we ask are answered by Nature. Wheeler proposed a kind of twenty questions that he called “Negative Twenty Questions,” where the respondent chooses a pattern of yes or no answers, but not any particular outcome or object. This variation of Twenty Questions counts on the respondent to provide logically consistent responses to a series of questions, in such a way that each answer could be viewed as logically compatible with all prior answers. The questioner can thus settle upon a definite answer, as the series of questions narrows the options. Wheeler envisioned that consciousness played some kind of similar role. Wheeler once said, “We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago. We are in this sense, participators in bringing about something of the universe in the distant past—and if we have one explanation for what's happening in the distant past, why should we need more?”

If we take this idea of the participatory universe seriously, you can have fun experimenting with what happens differently on a day where you ask the Cosmos first thing upon awakening, “How good can it get?” —compared with what happens on a different day when your thoughts wander in other directions, or you have a different question in your gut, heart, and mind. I love to include all three neural centers (gut, heart, mind), since these three levels of ourselves can sometimes pull in slightly different directions, depending on how aligned we are within ourselves between what we are envisioning, what we truly love, and what we actually need.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Kryon Circle of Twelve
It's my experience that whenever I ask Nature questions that I deeply feel in my gut, mind, and heart—I get answers. This helped me become symptom and relapse free from longhaul covid last year. It also has been helpful to me this past month, when I've wished to photograph some beautiful plants and animals while taking my morning walk; I was delighted to find many sweet plants and animals showing up as if it was Picture Day at school, and they were excited to have their portraits taken!

I've seen the down side of asking questions that people don't actually wish to live the answers to, when they've said things like, “What else could possibly go wrong?” Thinking and asking questions such as these are somewhat similar to steering directly into pot holes in the road. While we may have picked up such habits of thinking and speaking, we can start to turn these patterns around. When we realize that we live in a participatory Cosmos, it makes a lot of sense to stop asking questions that we don't wish to live the answers to.

My fine-tuning adjustment to John Archibald Wheeler's “negative questions” is to ask a series of “positive questions.” By developing the discipline to keep seeking silver linings, gifts, and delightful surprises in all situations, we are capable of seeing reality shifts, Mandela Effects, and quantum jumps that we might otherwise never experience at all. We are constantly asking questions, whether we are conscious of it or not, so there is some advantage in adopting positive question mantras, such as, “How good can it get?”

This month you can join me for three exciting events! I'll be presenting the upcoming Quantum Leap course segment on Saturday, June 18th starting at 10am PT. A few days later, I'll be joining Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi for the Kryon Circle of Twelve on Wednesday, June 22nd at 6pm PT. On Wednesday, June 29th at 11am PT, I'll be joining other members of the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) and geobiologist Rory Duff for a livestream conversation on IMEC Open Tables about Changing Energetic Times. I'd love to see you at any or all of these events, if you're able to join me!

I hope you know that you're always welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years that they've been reported in RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
Dreaming of a New World
with Conscious Agents

6 Jun 2022
11 minutes
Amidst obvious chaotic transformational worldwide changes, what's less evident is how the new world will differ from what we're currently experiencing. While I was mulling this over, a friend informed me that she'd just had a dream with me.  We'd been setting up a table for some kind of event being held in a courtyard in England, when I walked out to a central place featured with red dirt, and suddenly the Earth opened up and I began to fall into a deepening chasm with spiky stalagmites down below.  In the dream, my friend moved as if in slow motion, and managed to catch me and pull me back up to safe ground.  We did our best to create a warning barrier so people wouldn't fall into the hole, but some children were playing on some terraced steps that emerged around the edges of the hole.  I told my friend that if this was my dream, I'd do a four-step analysis process on it, starting with the full narrative she provided (a fair bit more detailed than my brief summary above), then separating out every significant dream element, then free-associating what those dream elements mean to me, and then putting together a narrative based on the free association.  The end result of that was: Good friends, supported by deep foundations of loving family travel on an adventure together to a large community gathering event and experience.  The friends are well prepared for this adventure, with strong foundations and support--and with assurance that this adventure will be protected, with any possible adverse events being cushioned along the way.  Thanks to the presence of angelic support, protection, inspiration and guidance, healing and balance is possible throughout.  As the friends reach out to communicate with the rest of those around, it becomes clear that something big and central is about to happen that involves native indigenous wisdom and Mother Earth/Gaia herself.  This is a time of breakdown and breakthrough--a time of awakening through some shocking developments that catch people by surprise, with sudden revelation of deep chasms of subconscious issues appearing suddenly.  The nature of how this is felt is between the 4th and 5th energy centers--moving from heart to throat--requiring mastery of respect and communication with all conscious agents (people, animals, plants, angels, God, Earth). A process of coordinating collective subconscious issues now begins, sometimes being felt in uniquely subjective ways in space and time.  Thanks to supporting one another, and sharing information, safe passage can be made.  New generations can thus flourish in the new 5th world.
You can read the companion blog to this video at:

IMEC Open Tables: Perceiving Reality with Donald
IMEC Open Tables:
Perceiving Reality
with Donald Hoffman

25 May 2022
2 hours, 12 minutes
Dr. Donald Hoffman invites us to explore the idea that our physical senses of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell are not actually providing us with absolute truth regarding what is really there. What if our senses are hiding the true reality behind an interface--like icons on a computer desktop? Perhaps the cosmos consists of a massive interconnected network whose components have conscious agency to experience, decide, and act. If so, consciousness does not arise from matter--instead, matter and spacetime arise from consciousness, as a perceptual interface. Dr. Hoffman invites us to "take off the headset" we didn't know we've been wearing all along. Dr. Hoffman is professor of Cognitive Sciences at UC Irvine, and the author of several books including, "The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes," "Observer Mechanics: A Formal Theory of Perception," and "Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See." Donald Hoffman's website is:

Carolyn North and Cynthia Sue Larson
Author Carolyn North
and Cynthia Sue Larson
talk about Synchronicity and Oneness

23 May 2022
28 minutes
Author Carolyn North talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about synchronicity and oneness, sharing how some profound insights about how we can work through some of humanity's thornier challenges, to get to a better world--via thistle messengers in Carolyn's garden.

Carolyn North and Cynthia Sue Larson
Carolyn North
and Cynthia Sue Larson
discuss Intuitive Ways of Knowing

23 May 2022
33 minutes
Author Carolyn North talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about intuitive ways of knowing, and bridging communication gaps between those who think and live primarily intuitively and those who are primarily focused on scientific materialist reductive analytical ways of thinking and knowing.

Karen Swain and Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
talks with Karen Swain
about the Global Human Mind Redesign Project
on Awakening Consciousness with Karen Swain

26 May 2022
1 hour, 25 minutes
I had a marvelous conversation with KAren Swain about parallel realities, quantum jumping, deliberate creating and the future of earth we align with, as well as my experience with the Global Human Mind Redesign project, and the good news it implies for our collective future. We discuss how the dawn of this new Quantum Age presents us with radical new paradigms which explains we are not our body or our situation, we are pure energy potential, we are pure consciousness, who exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which we are literally jumping from one parallel universe to another with every choice we make.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Mind the Shift with Anders
Cynthia Sue Larson
talks about Reality Shifts,
Consciousness, and quantum reality
on Mind the Shift with Anders Bolling

You're probably experiencing reality shifts, consciousness & quantum reality interact in some truly amazing ways, as I discuss with Anders Bolling on his podcast, “Mind the Shift.” Anders Bolling shares insights from Stockholm, Sweden, and we discuss the significance of experiencing this truly global phenomena at this time.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
talks about the Mandela Effect
on Pivot 2 Grow
with Alison and Ilya

25 May 2022
57 minutes
I had a wonderful conversation with Alison and Ilya on "Pivot 2 Grow" about the Mandela Effect, and what's involved in making quantum jumps into parallel realities.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
talks about Future Timelines,
Parallel Realities,
Project Looking Glass,
and the Mandela Effect
with Alexis Brooks

1 Jun 2022
49 minutes
I had a wonderful conversation with Alexis Brooks about the Mandela Effect, future timelines, parallel realities, and Project Looking Glass. We also discussed how Mandela Effect experiences may actually be happening if Looking Glass allows for the manipulation of past timeline scenarios.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
on the Guy Lawrence Podcast,
talking about
my Kundalini Experience,
reality shifts, and the
nine levels of consciousness

9 May 2022
49 minutes
Do you know that you can use both spirituality and quantum science to better understand your ability to more fully impact your reality? In this episode, Guy Lawrence has a chat with Cynthia Sue Larson about that and so much more. Self Help is an inside job and we can learn to better understand the nature of reality and how reality can change based on our own consciousness. We explore why people believe everyday details about our world differ from the version in our memories, and what this means for our ability to perceive reality. Cynthia provides an update on the continuing enigma of the Mandela Effect, including what’s new on the radar of Mandela Effect examples, and how are they now being understood. Can we finally put the "false memory" claim to rest? Be sure to listen through (Or watch) to the end to gain a great deal of enlightenment that comes with this fun episode.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
on the Experience
with Nora Yolles-Young,
Optimizing the
Simulation Reality

16 May 2022
60 minutes
I talk with Nora Yolles-Young about the chaos in the world and how to work with reality so life can become "As good as it gets". We also talk about perceptual reality, Mandela effects, The International Mandela Effect Conference that happens monthly and ways we both can offer what we do in a way that is helpful in bringing about order in chaos.

Quantum Leap Course
Quantum Leap
Course Series

Please join me and five other wonderful teachers in a new course entitled Quantum Leap! As you may know, a quantum jump requires a sufficient supply of energy to be successful. Many of us struggle with our own negative thoughts and worries, as well as the weight of the collective cloud of fear present in the world today. Those thought forms and “clouds” steal much of our available personal energy and make it challenging to make our quantum jumps. This course addresses the needed steps to help make your quantum jumps even more powerful and successful. In this course, you will be supported and guided in: Removing the blocks, trauma’s and patterns that have been stealing your energy; Learning how to use tools and resources to get clarity, energize, and fortify yourself; How to make a powerful Quantum Jump. There are wonderful teachers joining me in teaching this course. Each of them is a passionate and knowledgeable expert in their respective field. For more information and to join, please visit:

Cracking the Ascension Code Workshop Series
Cracking the Ascension Code
Workshop Series

For a limited time you can download all three presentations from the Cracking The Ascension Code Series. Take a DEEP dive into ascension how-tos with powerful knowledge and proven techniques personally shared by three of the top consciousness warriors of our time! You can get all 3 workshops each priced at $55 for one low price of $98 (That's $67 off if purchased separately!) The three workshops are taught by Cynthia Sue Larson (yours truly); PMH Atwater; and Robyn McClendon. Called “The Ascension,” “The Great Shift” or “Frequency Acceleration,” many of us know that something powerful is happening on the planet and to us! As the frequency of “Gaia” thrusts forward with an accelerated momentum, we are also being asked to go along with her. But how do we navigate this unfamiliar territory?

Ascension class
My workshop, What Ascension Is and Isn't: How to Recognize and Grow with It to Thrive
was recorded live, and is now available to take any time at your convenience In this workshop you will learn to: Embrace and Integrate these occurrences into everyday life; Understand the pain point of ascension (i.e. The Pandemic “Crisis”) as a key marker that ascension is underway; Navigate day-to-day challenges in the “old world” paradigm in order to ground higher frequency into your body, mind and spirit. You can register online any time that works best for you. This workshop is custom-tailored to address what many of us are going through, with tips on how to attain an optimal attitude of neutral acceptance. I'm deeply thankful to hear words of appreciation and gratitude from attendees of my new Ascension workshop, such as this:
    I want to Thank You for the Fantastic Ascension Workshop. I couldn't attend that day, but I was able to view the workshop this last week a couple of times. I really love the slides so much that I printed them all out. The workshop was not only informative but also comforting, and inspirational. I felt so much joy listening to it, that I know I will listen again.
Learn more and sign up for Cynthia's Ascension workshop here:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Virginia's life and history is completely different
Texas, USA

For the past week I've wanted to share with you an unusual circumstance—yet thanks to you, I was able to simply sit back, sort through it, and know I’m okay mentally, lol! I will explain. There is a lady named Virginia I came to know who began working at the storage facility where we store things since sell of house. She is a likable, enjoyable, common sense lady who is down-to-Earth. She shared her life with her husband who was in the military, and we found familiar ground. She spoke of how he lived above his means, etc. etc. She has downsized so many times and/or sold property, to keep ahead of spending. About 6 to 8 weeks ago, she became ill, and they found cancer; she went very quickly. She passed away Tuesday, this past week. Natalie is another person who works there at the storage facility, where she's worked since high school and is now in college. I asked Natalie how Virginia’s husband is doing since her passing, and mentioned how we talked about things, such as the military. Natalie had a strange look on her face, but did not say anything. “Hnnm,” I thought, “Strange.” Then Virgini obituary came out. I read it thinking, “Wow I’m in another time line for sure, and must say this is a rather nice one.” Yet back to the story, lol! Plus without you, I would think I am losing it! Her obituary stated, “She began as a paralegal, and then for the next 25 years, she and her husband ran a business together. She is 61 years of age.” There was no time for a military career, yet we discussed it in detail. I called Natalie, asking her, “Was her husband Charlie in the military?” Natalie said she never heard of it, and thought I was confused with someone else. I gave her more details: Her home is 3000 square feet, and she and her husband lived in separate ends of the house. Their home is a double wide mobile home on land, nearby, states Natalie—and not as I described. Everything changed! Other small notes of interest: A person offered several months back to be a ghost writer for the book I want to finish of photos; I reached to them via email, and now they said they will need to see if it is a good fit. I thought, “Okay; different time and space.” Some folks are closer now, and others are more distant, and most are the same—yet energy is better and lighter. This was just interesting, and I felt as though I stepped into a different world, and I suppose I did. Similar to last year, when a cousin had zero recollection of our time together. Oh well!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, thank you so much for sharing this with me! I love how you clearly recall so many specific details about Virginia's life--and how perplexing to discover after her death that so many things were not at all the way you remember her having described to you when she was alive.  I have heard of people sometimes telling 'tall tales' and sharing life experiences that were not quite factually accurate--yet it seems if that were the case, you'd likely have heard from Virginia's coworker, Natalie, that other people had also mentioned Virginia had told them some pretty incredible things.  Once we've ruled out the simplest possible explanation, that perhaps Virginia had been stretching the truth a bit--then the next likely explanation might be that of reality shifts--that perhaps Virginia's life in the version of Virginia you knew truly was that different.


Exxon Mobil logo
Exxon Mobile now Exxon Mobil
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I was talking to a friend the other day and I was reminding her of reality shifts and how I usually identify that I've shifted, the air feels fresh, crisp, colors seem brighter and my hearing more acute, or sometimes I have new memories, or feelings that wasn't that way before.  She mentioned that her daughter notices things too, even though she herself can't pinpoint any specific reality shifts.  She mentioned that her 12 year old daughter told her that Exxon Mobil used to have an "e" at the end.  I told her yeah, it does, have an "e", she corrected me, and I proceeded to do a browser search. To my surprise, there was no "e". I described the logo to her, that Exxon was Red, Mobil was blue and the "e" was red and titled on its "back", but now the "o" is red in this version of the logo, she said she kinda remembers it after her daughter told her but couldn't remember with the detail that I described.  I asked her if she recalls when her daughter noticed it and she mentioned it was some time in February, 2022. I'd say that would be about right, because up until our conversation a week ago, I still believed it was Exxon Mobile, remembering Mobile was short for automobile oil that they sold, or so I associated it. Now that's nowhere how the name looks. I can't tell if it was a logo change, cause I'm not seeing any evidence of it.  Have you or anyone you know noticed this change?

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your memory about the Exxon Mobile logo being different than it seems to be today--with the old way being the Exxon being red, and the Mobile being blue, with the e in red and tilted on its back.  Logo change Mandela Effects are often noticed by many people around the world, so there is a very strong possibility that other people will also recall the logo the way you do.  While this is not a Mandela Effect for me, that's also a big part of this phenomenon, such that not everyone shares exactly the same memories. 

Knysna Elephant
Lazarus species: Knysna Elephant
Karatara, Western Cape, South Africa

I have an awesome Mandela effect to share with you. When growing up in South Africa, we were taught that there were NO elephants left in the Knysna forest as they had been hunted to extinction. Three years ago I moved down to the Knysna area, and discovered that local folks saw elephant dung - and sometimes an actual elephant - when walking in the forest. A Google search shows that the elephants are no longer extinct in my current reality, although the estimated numbers of surviving elephants seems to change each time I do some research. At present the consensus is that there is only one lonely elephant left, but two years ago my online search showed four to five in the area. The local folks say there are between 20 and 30 elephants left, so I'm aligning myself with that reality. What a great timeline to be on! I attach a recent picture of the mythical elephant, as shared on a local chat group for my town (Karatara) this week. When I shared this on my facebook page, many of my friends were surprised to find out that the Knysna elephant is not, in fact, extinct.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful news of the Knysna elephants not being extinct, and apparently currently thriving in the forests, and coming out to graze and find necessary nourishment at night.  I found a website describing that some researchers studied stool samples found near the forest area, with confidence that there are at least several healthy Knysna elephants, and possibly as many as an entire herd. This is indeed wonderful news!  The return of animals and plants long considered to be extinct can be viewed as accessing a "Golden Age" timeline, where such Lazarus species are still alive, and even in many cases, going strong.  Each of these discoveries can give all of us a great sense of connection with one another, and with all life on Earth.  We have been sharing many Golden Age species at the beginning of each livestream broadcast of IMEC's Open Tables show that usually airs the last week of each month on YouTube.

Reminder to Believe and Coppertone Dog different
Westchester, New York, USA

I’m decorating for my bf’s 40th birthday today, and I’m very conscious on what tinsel where, and the coloring etc. I’ve attached pics of what just happened to me. I put an abundance of tinsel in certain places, and had been consciously working on this for some time to make it look right (+energetically right). Within minutes, I noticed there was ZERO tinsel, where I had once very consciously put it! I literally instantly gasped! I looked around, and Muffin and I just looked at each other for what felt like hours, because I was so confused. I asked her where she put it (lol), and she thought I was nuts! Which was my second worry -am I ok? My first thought was you! I can’t believe how blatent this is! Attached are pictures showing when it had tinsel, (thank God I took pics!) and then afterwards. You’ll see there are NONE -not even a trace, on the bottom shelf?! IRONICALLY the tinsel went missing around the word “believe” (that I had painted years ago). As I stare at it in disbelief -literally saying out loud to my cousin on the phone “I can’t believe it!” I told her the irony of how, I find myself repeating that phrase, over and over -and realize I’m staring at the word “believe “  where it had happened?! I remember even thinking I should’ve dusted the bottom shelf this week, prior to putting the tinsel down but leaving it thinking it looked good! I even have proof! I even thought perhaps without thinking I transferred it to the top?! But you can see in the pictures, the top has the same amount?! Keep in mind in case this matters, I was doing this in silence, and sober, lol! (Told my cousin been wondering about fairies but whenever I research I back up from it since the stories seem to be warning against them?! Lol ) -but seems like a fun trick they might do?! But now I’m scared to get wrapped up in them. Either way, this is a prime example of what you’ve been expanding peoples mind’s on, I can’t believe how obvious it is?!? I feel this definitely happens to some degree or another and we just make sense of it over time but omg! Also, my bf mentioned someone called Muffin (my black floppy dog if you remember lol) the coppertone dog : So I said Tommy wasn't that dog brown??? (Makes sense given how their subliminally trying to advertise one can still be tan while using the product) I assumed the people that mentioned it to him made an innocent mistake, until i realized omg, this might be a Mandela Effect. I looked it up, and the dog I could've bet money on was brown, IS BLACK. Just like mine! Curious what you remember!
POSTSCRIPT: I must share the latest update with you in case it changes your mind in terms of including the example in your ezine. After a week of worry and zero sign of this, I may have spotted some streamer debri, in Muffin's excrement! Now could this be a case of the reality now showing signs to have us all “ make sense” of this, in the “new” reality? But I'll leave all of this obviously up to you, the expert, to decide after some more details lol. The reason this is bizarre, is because I had two lengthy phone calls with vets & veterinary technicians, in terms of what she may have swallowed etc, given them the pictures as well, and they both said I'de know that night if she had eaten, (the night of the illegid possibly swallowing) because she'd either be in pain, vomiting, or in the best case of scenarios, it'de pass that morning. It's almost a week later, and she's been eating, drinking, and everything else almost completely normally! The reason it never occurred to me that she had eaten it, is because she doesn't normally eat non-edible things: (1) she's 7 going on 8, and (2) I can't remember the last time she ate anything that wasn't food. The other reason I originally ruled out her eating it is due to lack of the time that elapsed, between there being a gorgeous spaghetti pile of party streamers, to there being absolutely 0 without a trace! it was literally minutes from each other as my photo's say -within 10 minutes! I live in an apartment that is small, and while decorating there was never 1 minute that I wasn't in the living room where the streamers were, even if I was just passing through or popping back in for a second, from the next room over that is all connected and a part of it, so I would have heard her struggling to eat these long plastic masses of things lol, or definitely seen it! One really can't bite through these streamers, they're not paper, and when pulled they don't break, -they stretch, and remain stretched out, it's a real struggle to break one. Each is almost 2 feet long. I had been worrying since then however, as I did google it just in case, and unfortunately all horror stories came up -claiming tinsel is deadly for dogs but none of her behavior or world resembled any of that. Just to give you all of the facts, I did emit love towards her, and her stomach, and prayed for help in case yesterday. Anytime I seem to do any sort of intuitive (?) healing on her, her stomach does seem to move, and there's blocks being visibly cleared and she reacts very well. Today as I stare at her poop (that she's reportedly not supposed to have if swallowed tinsel unless it's the next day and it's reportedly very obvious) for the umteenth time this week, I finally start to see -maybe some traces of it, which to this day I don't know how this is possible. Any & everyone said to me repeatedly, “it’s been a week she’s fine”, and I would’ve seen blatent signs within 24 hours. I had to share the new revelations in this case, in case it has you change your mind,  could it be that this is what happened all along? Or is this how the new or different reality shows signs to have us make sense of –what we are awakened enough to see as a shift, in order to aid our consciousness in making sense of it all? Or all of the above?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the mysteriously vanished tinsel--WOW!  I love how you have photographic evidence of the way the decorations had been so carefully placed before they inexplicably vanished from in front of the "Believe" decor.  When you've had no visitors to your home who might have moved the decorations around, and when you know your dog couldn't have pulled off a caper like this, then the only remaining explanation--no matter how weird and bold it may be—is that it sounds like you indeed experienced a reality shift.  What a great message to receive in this reality shift, too!  I love how you found yourself repeatedly saying, "I don't believe it!" when the decoration that now is made so much more obvious and visible is the word:  "BELIEVE"—in all capital letters!  Clearly there is a message in this reality shift, and that's my favorite kind of reality shift!  With respect to the amazing way that you have photographic evidence of the way the decorations used to be before they changed themselves—this kind of photographic evidence seems to be one of the more likely types to exist, since it provides a beautiful "way out" via plausible deniability.  What I mean by that is that on the face of things, anyone not directly involved with this particular reality shift will not be as dumbfounded and amazed by it as you will be, since the change is something you alone discerned.  Well, you and your dog discerned it, but most likely Muffin isn't talking.  So this means your experience, even with photographic proof, stays true to Godel's incompleteness theories that statements cannot be both universally true and complete.  The universe loves to be mysterious when nobody—or only a few—are looking, and otherwise seemingly completely predictable and mundane. I don't have strong memories of the color of the Coppertone dog from those old posters and advertisements, but I look forward to hearing from people who might be surprised to see the dog now has always been black!
POSTSCRIPT: Thanks so much for the news about Muffin, and I hope she's doing well and getting better and better. I'm so intrigued by this new information--all of it!  And even with all this new information, it seems we still have a mystery on our hands.  It is really strange that there appear to be bits of tinsel streamers in Muffin's droppings--but nothing showed up the day after the tinsel went missing, and Muffin would have been expected to be quite obviously sick by the next day.  And as you point out, the tinsel went missing within ten minutes, and Muffin had no history of eating non-edible items. So I feel this story is still intact as a reality shift story—and it has some interesting aspects of partially including some other possible reality where Muffin somehow devoured a long stretch of tinsel.  Such stringy material seems like it would be a challenge to eat in just ten minutes, and the veterinarians know their business when it comes to pets eating non-edibles. Sometimes with reality shifts, people do witness some aspects of flip-flops, in which case some reality shifts first provide physical evidence of one set of historical events, and then another. Such flip-flops could be invoked in cases of extreme doubt, such as repeatedly remarking and thinking and feeling, “I don't believe it!”

The Moving House
Lamesa, Texas, USA

I have watched many of your videos over several years. Always interested in the videos where stories have been about people having strange things happening that can only be explained by a reality shift etc. My first experience was when I was in first grade. However, I am writing about a recent event. The Moving House. For the last several weeks I was taking this back street to get to a Dollar General. The street I have been taking runs north and south. The moving house sits on a side street that runs east and west. I am gonna the street the house sits on Bates St. and the N|S street J. While I was driving on J for the last several weeks I would see this house, which is a two story house, know the house very well; was inspired to write a song from seeing it, and my sister and I both over the years had thought about purchasing the house. So I know the house pretty well. Anyway, every time when I would come to the stop sign on J heading south I would look eastward on to Bates and I would see this two story house on the south side of the street and each time I would see this house I would say okay. Then last week when I was going back north on J, I looked eastward again and that house was still sitting on the south side of Bates, this time I said out loud wait a minute, this house belongs on the north side of the street. I went back down that street the next day after saying that and that house moved to the north side of Bates. This house is the only two story house, the rest of them are single story, so it's not like I was confusing it with another house. It's like- because I noticed that the reality coding was wrong it corrected itself or shifted to the way I remember it. I drove down J. around 8 times seeing that house on the south side of Bates and then I stated it's not correct and then boom it's back to being on the northside of the street. Over the years I have seen mostly minor things and some odd events, like trees changing positions, but not a house completely moving from one side of the street to the other. That was completely new for me. Anyway, I thought I would share this with you.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience of the moving house.  I can empathize with how stunning and surprising that must have been to see it move from the north side of the street to the south side of the street--and back again.   Wow!  Your experience is not without precedent.  I've heard reports from reputable sources, including longtime family friends, of similar situations involving mountains in the distance and trees across the street moving from one place to another.  And I've received reports that I've published in RealityShifters of houses sometimes being in a certain place, and other times not being there at all--as well as buildings on an entire city street sometimes being decrepit and uncared for, and other times being all cleaned up, renovated and up-to-date.  These things such as your long observed and long-watched two story building moving from one side of the street to the other, and then back again--is so striking in part because there is no simple way for us to rationalize or explain away such an experience when it happens to us. That's great to know that you've noticed trees changing positions in the past.  Just the last year or so, I noticed a tomato plant that I'd planted had changed location in the garden, ever so slightly, yet strikingly noticeable. 

Visitor at the Door
Lamesa, Texas, USA

I am listening the a reality shift video from Brian Scott- he spoke about getting phone calls from people claiming to be friends etc. It made recall an incident from 2012 or 2023. It was 10 pm; the door bell rings, and there was also a knocking at the door as well. I got out of bed and went across the house. I opened the door and saw that there’s a police officer there. Okay, I am a little surprised by a cop being at the door at 10 pm. I was more shocked that he was asking me about a son I don’t have! He told me the boy was 12, blah blah. I am like, “Officer, I do not have any kids, and I don’t know any kids at that age.” I never stepped outside to see this immaculate conception. The officer turned to his left several times to look at the boy and asked me each time, “Are you sure?” and I told him, I absolutely do not have any children, and think I would know if did! I think you need to ask the young man who are his parents, because it most certainly isn’t me. I could hear the kid crying too, but I still didn’t step out that door. The officer said, “Sorry for disturbing you,” and I closed the door and turned off living room light. The next morning, a few neighbors were asking why was cops at the house, told them why, and they were like, “Really. Since when do you have a son?” I never was able to find out who it was. It’s like they vanished. Every now and then, someone will ask if I ever found out who the kid was.

Note from Cynthia: sWow, that is really such a strange experience to have police officers come to your home at 10 o'clock at night, asking you about a 12-year-old son that wasn't yours.  That is so interesting that the police had your last name, and apparently a young boy who had told them that you were his father--and it does lead a person to wonder what was going on with that.  If the boy had told the police officers that you were his father, he seemed to have really been prepared with your name and address. If you'd known 12-year-old boys who might have known your address and name, it seems that you might have guessed or known who that might be.  It seems clear that if the boy was telling an intentional lie that you were his father to the police, it's the kind of lie that would quickly and easily be revealed—so it seems truly odd that this incident occurred at all. 


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

I have been racking my brain about this question, but I met someone quite a few years ago, and it was at a party actually, but it was like we already knew each other. We had never met before and we lived more than 200 miles away from each other.  It is still driving me nuts today. WOuld you have any idea about who I can discuss this with? I found your name on an old Art Bell YouTube broadcast on Reality Shifting and thought you'd be able to help guide me.

Dearest Dave,
Your experience gives you the opportunity to pay attention to how you felt and what you were observing and feeling and thinking at the time you met this person at the party.  Just like documenting / journaling a dream, these kinds of experiences can show you new insights when you've taken the time to write them down.  All details about what you noticed as well as what was discussed could contain clues and insights as to what is going on.
with love and thanks,



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