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June 2023
Issue #285

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Living the Dream

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child.
Listen to the don’ts.
Listen to the shouldn’ts,
the impossibles, the won’ts.
Listen to the never haves,
then listen close to me —
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.”
—Shel Silverstein

The cosmos is an amazing place, full of surprises capable of inspiring awe and reverence. So many wonderful things can happen that we might never expect, and when we view past events with gratitude, we can bolster feelings of optimism and experience limitless wonders.

I recently had an amazing dream, that helps to illustrate this. In my dream, I was visiting a place like Disneyland, full of beautifully designed cute-as-a-button buildings, streets, and gardens. I decided to go on a certain train ride, that looked a bit like a roller coaster, but seemed designed more as a sight-seeing train ride than a speedy or scary ride. I could see some of the scenery up ahead past the station, and I was looking forward to getting a leisurely view of this beautiful place. When a train rolled up on the left side of the station, people got off the ride, and our group of passengers boarded, which all seemed perfectly normal. Shortly after the ride started up, however, our train split into two separate trains—one staying on the left track, and the other settling onto the right track. I was on the right track, and wondered how and why such a split had occurred. It seemed to me that some of the riders on the train were experiencing a completely different version of the ride, without noticing anything unusual had happened when the train split in two. Some of the passengers experienced the ride on the right hand set of tracks, and the others on the left, though they both started on the left, so it seemed like the same experience, but wasn’t. On the right side of the tracks, I noticed that any time I became enchanted with the scenery to the side of the train, our train would stop, we could get off the train, and walk around the make-believe backstage areas. The little houses were adorable, and although they seemed a bit like play houses, they also were equipped with working kitchens, dining areas, and all sorts of food, snacks, and amenities that I and my fellow ride passengers enjoyed. I was surprised to see, a friend in one kitchen, looking for something to drink in the refrigerator, and I hadn't even known he was on this ride! What I liked best about getting off the train and walking around this imaginary wonderland was how beautiful everything was; I felt like I was inside a delightful fantasy movie. There were beautiful cobblestone streets with perfect little houses and shops and gardens, a lovely stream, and beautiful hills, trees and flowers. Everything felt calm, peaceful, relaxed, and safe. It was so quiet, and I enjoyed getting a chance to talk to other people on the ride without anyone feeling rushed or in a hurry to get things done or go somewhere. We had all the time in the world to walk around with no worries about needing to return to the train ride we were on. At one such relaxing stop, I went for a swim in a pool that was somewhere off to the side of the ride, when I saw a dime at the bottom of the pool. I swam down with the intention to retrieve it, and found it took all of my focus and drive to push against very strong currents at the bottom of the pool. I managed to collect the dime, when I also noticed there was a quarter down there, too, which I also gathered it up from the floor of the pool. After these refreshing, leisurely stops along the way, the ride came to an end, and the two trains merged seamlessly back into one, apparently just a few minutes after having left the station for the ride.

This dream felt like true reality to me, in the sense that real life possesses a dreamlike eternal-spiritual hidden foundation, like the behind-the-scenes part of my dream where we could step outside of time. It reminds me that when we notice that life is a dream, and we can awaken within it, we can walk through life with feet in two worlds—our identity as infinite, eternal spiritual beings, and our identity as our physical three dimensional selves. Some people don’t yet realize that this foundational spiritual reality even exists, and they go merrily along on the left side of the tracks. The dime symbolizes God to me, and finding it at the bottom of the pool represents seeking and finding God in the subconscious—finding God anywhere and everywhere.
dime resting face up in the palm of Cynthia's
And amazingly, this dream called to me the next day—in real life! The other morning, I walked outside several times along our front path, looking down to make sure my footing was good, rather than risking a misstep. I had walked back-and-forth three times, when, on my fourth walk back toward the house, I found a dime! Finding dimes is symbolically significant for me on any day. But this day was extraordinary, because I was still contemplating that magical, wonderful dream.

One thing about most impressed me about this dream is the way the train split into two trains, and then came back together again at the end of the ride. Some passengers (in the train on the right) were so in tune with the ride that our thoughts and feelings brought the train to a stop in those places we found most beautiful and engaging. We could apparently spend unlimited time hanging out and enjoying those recreational spaces like a vacation getaway. And at the point when we felt like we'd had enough fun, we were back on our train, arriving back at station with the folks who apparently had a more typical ride experience.

Time Travel Healing of Personal Trauma:  I trust Spirit to
guide me through to a point in place and time, bringing the healing
presence of genuine love and blessings, repairing lives and relationships
for myself and all concerned.  Cynthia Sue Larson and Melinda Iverson
Rudolf Steiner emphasizes the importance of making sure that when you enter the spiritual realm, you do not bring your daily mindset with you, and when you return from the spiritual realm, you clearly remember the gifts and lessons and wisdom you have received. Entering into a state of spiritual connection through dreams, daydreams, prayer, and meditation can assist us in bringing transformative healing and blessings to any point in our lives: present, future, and past. Melinda Iverson Inn and I wrote a blessing for bringing healing for personal trauma:
    Time Travel Healing of Personal Trauma
    I trust Spirit to guide me through
    to a point in place and time,
    bringing the healing presence of
    genuine love and blessings,
    repairing lives and relationships
    for myself and all concerned.
    — Cynthia Sue Larson and Melinda Iverson Inn

In-person 3 day IMEC conference 2023 in Branford,
Connecticut information and registration link
And last but definitely not least, we're planning a live, in-person International Mandela Effect Conference in Branford, Connecticut, for this coming Labor Day weekend: IMEC 2023: Decoding the Matrix. What is real?  How do you define real?  What does it mean when our reality is shifting in seemingly impossible ways?   We'd love to see you there for this beautiful event!

I invite you to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty plus years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      "You've really solidified my purpose for being here.
      Nothing you said surprised me, I always knew all of that,
      but didn't acknowledge that part of me.
      My days are beginning to feel like those that I had
      when I was a child--carefree, running outdoors,
      and the wind blowing on my face.
      I felt so certain about myself then,
      and I'm beginning to again.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      I am so grateful you are in my life."
      — Bethany

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
Choosing Optimism
amidst Fifth Generation Warfare
and Cataclysmic Times

3 Jun 2023
18 minutes
How can we stay positive when it seems like the world is falling apart?  Geological evidence of cycles of cataclysmic polar shifts, magnetic field changes, and weather changes suggest we are at the brink of another such change, while world governments appear to be engaged in a war of information and perception. Many observers of Earth's ancient history--including scientists and aboriginal elders--have noted cycles of cataclysmic change.  There are 12 to 13 thousand year cycles involving pole shifts and the Earth's crust (which is only about 36 miles thick) sliding over the mantle when the Earth's electromagnetic shields are down, reducing magnetic field strength--allowing increasing impact from solar and space weather events.  Earth's north magnetic pole has moved from Canada, through Greenland, and now approaching Siberia.  Millions of years ago, the poles moved, possibly triggering an ice age.  Many ancient legends and stories match the geological magnetic and archeological evidence confirming that massive cataclysmic weather changes have occurred in regular cycles through the Earth's history.  Many futurists are seriously considering the possibility that cataclysmic Earth changes might soon be here.  Why are world leaders not yet discussing any of this? Part of the answer might have something to do with something called Fifth-Generation Warfare, 5GW.  James Corbett describes 5G War, with clarification that 5G war is:  "the war of every government against its own population and every international institution against free humanity."  Most people don't yet even know we're in the midst of a war of information and perception, that is targeting and creating cognitive biases in such stealthy ways that are nearly invisible.  With the idea in mind that warfare has rules, what rule set do you recommend we master for this 5G war?

You can view the companion blog post to this video, with references and sources, at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Win-Win Strategy
from Sun Tzu's Art of War

3 Jun 2023
1 minute
There is an advantage in envisioning success in any conflict, and leaving a golden bridge available as an exit.

IMEC Open Tables: <br>
Welcome to 2023!
IMEC Open Tables:
Decoding Mandela Effects

24 May 2023
3 hours, 24 minutes
Are Mandela Effects random or could they have meaning that can be relayed to us if only we knew how to decode them? Join us for another special episode as we discuss this subject as well as the latest Mandela Effects to enter our reality.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Ken on We Are One
We Are One
hosted by Ken
talking with Cynthia Sue Larson

16 May 2023
1 hour, 29 minutes
Tune in my newest interview, talking with Ken on We Are One podcast about the Mandela Effect, Art Bell, the simulated multiverse, Wigner bubbles & much more.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

E. Jean Carroll editorial never happened
Salem, Oregon, USA

In following the recent court case, I was very surprised when no one mentioned the editorial that E. Jean Carroll wrote in the late 1990s, detailing her assault by an unnamed New York real estate tycoon and quasi-celebrity. It was definitely E Jean; I remember reading it in Cosmo. She referred to him as the "New York Real Estate tycoon", not by name, but of course it was obvious. I clearly remember reading this editorial and remember that the details match the story she recently repeated in court, so why wasn't it introduced as evidence? A Google search turns up no such editorial. Is this a shift, a glimpse of another reality where she publically accused him over twenty years ago? According to the Washington Post, she first accused him in 2019. So how did I know details of the assault in the 1990s?

Note from Cynthia: This recollection you have of seeing an editorial from over 20 years ago that apparently didn't actually happen when you so clearly remember it does sound fascinating. This really does seem like a reality shift / Mandela Effect, and I'd love to know if others also remember anything along those lines.  Pretty much anything can shift, including news stories we know we saw and read, that we later can't find.  I once saw a full-page obituary news story appear in the New York Times Sunday section about Oliver Sacks.  I read the entire piece in a copy of the newspaper in my home, and then, the next weekend, saw the story all over again.  I now see that Oliver Sacks died in August 2015, which now is almost eight years ago, but I've not forgotten the strange feeling I had to see his identical obituary twice--which now was only ever printed and published once.  These kinds of things are riveting to me when they happen to you, and you know for sure you didn't misremember or confuse things.  Thanks so much for sharing this!


actress Kate Mulgrew in her role as Mrs.
Remembering TV episodes from parallel universes

I experienced a possible Mandela Effect, Cynthia, that I wanted to share. I remembered fairly well enough seeing a TV movie in the 1990s, when Kate Mulgrew reprised her role as Mrs. Columbo from the TV series. But now I can’t find evidence anywhere, not even YouTube, that it ever existed. This was quite extraordinary, and made me wonder how many other movies or TV episodes that I can remember are actually in parallel universes. Thank you, Cynthia, for all your wisdom on the multiverse. How good can it get?

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that’s fascinating that you can remember having seen Kate Mulgrew reprise her role as Mrs. Columbo in the 1990s in a TV movie. When I first got your message about this, I checked the list of her roles as an actress at the IMDB website, and don’t see anything like that listed there currently, but I believe you, that you saw it! Most likely other people remember this, too. I’ve not yet seen a category or area exempt from reality shifts and the Mandela Effect, so most likely there are many more such examples. And just now, I searched again, and this time I did find a Wikipedia entry about Kate Mulgrew playing the character of Kate Columbo between 1979 and 1980, on a spin-off created just for her of the original Columbo detective show. This was a short-lived series, but now I am able to find pictures of it, and webpages talking about it—including on the IMDB website where I checked just recently! Very mysterious, indeed!

people remember Fergie's song Boom Boom Pow before
Boom Boom POW and vanishing nightguard
New York, New York, USA
Soul Spa University
I HAD to write today -perfect timing, or not—the universe has set it up so that I HAD to—and you’re about to see why. I had already had a recent Mandela to inform you about, however just now, one happened to me-that has left me shocked, bewildered, & greatly inconvenienced! The first one I’m about to share with you is global, and I feel everyone 40 & under should know, which is interesting, since we’re used to hearing of older examples. However as we’re being shown (and you already know) with reality shifts, it’s across the board so, I totally understand if you’re not familiar with what I’m about to tell you, but in case it helps, I’ll share anyway, then I’ll follow it with the second example which has changed my life just now, and I’m not happy about it! Lol (1) The First example: There is a song by “Fergie” called “Boom Boom POW” that my generation remembers coming out in the 2008 or earlier. There’s a line in it, that we all remember, when she would say “I’m so 2008, you’re so 2000 and late” And it made sense, bc at the time 2008 was current or about to be, and she was claiming she’s current, or even slightly ahead of her time -and that whoever she was singing to/about, was “2000” which is earlier, and just late lol, (since now we’re in 2008 type-of-thing.) NOW it says “I’m so 3008, your so 2000 and late” and everyone’s freaking out because it sounds so wrong to them as we all remember what it sounds like! (There’s this very popular YouTube channel with a younger generation of two guys that sometimes hit on stuff like this, and I always spread word of IMEC, and you in the comments! Lol -They covered this, and couldn’t believe what they were hearing—then thought it made sense—which they are well aware that this is how it works!) There are also dozens of Reddit stories of how people KNEW it said 2008, because of whatever job they worked at prior to 2008—playing that song and it making sense (and also pointing to the fact that it had to have come out prior to 2008—everyone seems to have very solid and very specific examples as of why).
bathroom where mouthgaurd vanished
(2) Welcome to #2 -which just happened! I was using the bathroom , (and like most women, multi tasking lol) —I’m not proud of this but I was rinsing my mouthgaurd off while using the bathroom, since I should’ve done it prior—but my thinking was, I’m going to rinse this off, put it on this small towel, wash my hands, and later on after washing my hands again, rinse it again, and leave it to dry (I just found this more hygienic, then handling it right after,—I can explain further if needed, but I’ve done this many times before.) It’s GONE. I use my night guard religiously every night, for decades, I can’t imagine sleeping without it! I’m a teeth grinder! I’ve been looking for hours—it’s a very small bathroom. I shook out all rugs, towels, emptied the little garbage, dug through it in the bigger one later, looked in the cabinets, drawers, over, under, everything—and there’s not much in there. I now have to make a dentist appointment, and wait weeks for a new one—I’m honestly really upset! Lol I could not make sense of it. I shook all my clothes off, I could not make sense of this. How does it vanish into thin air?! The only explanation is, what we know?! After the amount of shock I’m still in, the only thing I could think of is, if it works this way, it’s got to work just as suddenly and shocking in feel good ways as well?! Like let’s just find piles on money, in the towel I swore I put it on. (Oddly enough I just had a flashback of a dream where there as a big wad of cash?! While typing that!) I remember being on the toilet, feeling like I was dying (—perhaps maybe that’s what some reality shifts feel like?!—Lol) and thinking I need to stop rinsing this mouthgaurd, because perhaps I feel like I’m dying because my upper body is twisted. So I set it on the small towel that was on the sink, right next to me (or if there’s any doubt, the small towel on the other side of the sink). I remember twisting back to a normal position in agony, and wondering if I had “the vid” as I call it, again, dying a bit more, feeling the small towel kind of fall but ever so slowly, from the sink, to my sweatshirt, to my small amount (inches) of bathroom floor between the sink and toilet (pic attached) and thinking -I need to find that mouthgaurd, then being sidetracked from feeling like I was dying, -when I didn’t die I immediately went to look -how does it vanish?! In such a small space? My partner claims I must’ve flushed it—but not to get gross (and I somehow oddly feel like I know that many must do this but lol—) I always look, before I flush (if you know what I mean) for some reason or whatever lol and did not see it of course. I also feel that physically it wasn’t possible to really get passed me to the inside of the toilet, due to me being bigger than a beanie baby. (Meaning, I make use of all of the real estate that is considered a hole lol) Also it couldn’tve fallen in and me not see it, not only because I look, and my tail-feather if you will, taking up that portal of real estate, but also (& I’ll spare you the details until asked) but not to get even grosser -due to the sh*tuation, if you will, it would’ve been on top, meaning it wouldnt have—the coast was not clear to say go down a water slide to a side not seen (inner toilet tunnel wise) due to the—land being filled (metaphorically speaking). —I’ll spare you more details unless you ask lol but hopefully you get the human gist of this all. Unfortunately these details due pertain to the mystery’s that people would obviously think of in this story. My mouthgaurd is gone! Gone gone gone to the point where I have to sing country songs about it now.  Disappeared in such a small space, and small piece of time to notice! It’s not like it’s a big room, or it could be in multiple rooms, or places, and it’s not like time elapsed, and I then remembered to look—it was on my mind the whole time, except for a split moment where I felt like I was dying, then I resumed looking for it!

Note from Cynthia: These shifts may seem disconcerting, but maybe there's some kind of silver lining message in them—and yes, you can absolutely experience positive shifts, too, where wonderful gifts and blessings come through!  Sometimes if I find something missing that I wish I had or feel like I need, I take a moment to see if maybe there is some way I can be kinder or gentler or more caring toward myself, since sometimes I can be so task focused that it would be good to just slow down a bit.  That's just me, but it gives you an idea of a possible indicator or message!  I'm thinking here of the situation with the missing mouthguard.  And that's so funny the way you describe the whole situation! The song Mandela Effect truly seems excellent for the under-40 folks--Wow! I wonder if there might be some kind of message in this one?  I like to interpret reality shifts and Mandela Effects using a kind of four-step dream interpretation, like I described in a blog post recently here:

Friend Alive Again
Crystal Hill
Virginia, USA

Crystal Hill here, following up on your reply to my question on your Facebook page about my experience of a friend being "alive again." I'm happy to answer any questions you have, but what happened is really simple. I remember distinctly seeing on her facebook that she was ill, and then there being rest I'm peace or something to that effect about her. I recall thinking of her and being sad to hear the news. Then, just before commenting on your page, I saw where she had posted. After you responded, I looked at her page again and there is nothing out of the ordinary on her page. So, that's pretty much all I can say about that. But I do know I have jumped realities again. I posted about it earlier. My energy field feels different as well as the general energy. I can't remember exactly what I had going on at the time. For the past four years, since meeting my Divine Masculine, I go through shifts and changes so frequently that I can't keep up. I try to keep everything documented but I know for sure I did not write anything about my friend. But in this reality in which she is "alive again" I'm not sure it would be accessible, even if I did. However, I DO know that I went through a major shift just before seeing that she had posted. I was like, "Wait? I thought she passed away!" I am so thankful I have not experienced you being deceased. I do get a strong sense there is a particular reason for that, because there have been other teachers I follow who fade out of existence and then return; sometimes years later! Thank you so much for being you and for all you do to guide and assist us through these strange times we're in. Thank you for your interest and requesting my follow up email, and even more importantly, thank you for being a constant through all my weaving in and out of various realities. Whenever I shift, and then see that you are still there, I take a huge sigh of relief! There aren't sufficient words to express my gratitude for you!

Note from Cynthia: I'm so grateful to hear from you regarding your experience of noticing someone you personally know having been reported dead, and now be alive again.  I've been noticing this "Alive Again" type of reality shift happening around me with regular (non-famous, non-celebrities) as well as celebrities, since the 1980s, and many people have written to me reporting such things as well.  I've even had people tell me that they'd seen reports of my having passed away, with social media posts, YouTube tribute videos, and comments by other authors that they missed me.  I posted about this situation in two issues of RealityShifters in May 2019 and June 2019:


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
Have you seen Everything, Everywhere, All At Once? interesting but weird film about quickly jumping across multiple realities and dealing with happiness and acceptance.

Dear Jon,
Yes! I enjoyed watching, "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once." What a great way to help people visualize how it feels to have easy access to adjacent possible realities! And this skill comes in handy during these seemingly increasingly chaotic times.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I love your work and all you share! I seem to remember you always saying “How does it get better then this?”    Recently I feel like I have moved into a new time line in my life, and now you say “ How good can it get?”  which I like better, :-)  Is it just me with this recall?

Dear Alexandria,
In my memory, I've (so far!) only ever said the five words:  "How good can it get?"  There are people who say the seven words:  "How does it get better than this?" and variations, but I've not (yet!) said any of those versions myself. My book, "Quantum Jumps," includes the five word version of the question.  You're certainly not the only person remembering that I used to say one of those other versions:  I included mention in the January 2023 issue of RealityShifters of Matt of QOC mentioning me and my work, with one of those longer questions:  'How much better can it get today?'
lots of love,


Hello Mam,
I have some questions about reality shifting. (1) If I shift my reality to my desired reality, will my parents also shift with me? Or will they left in previous reality, and in my desired reality there will be copy of them? Mam, I don't want their copy; I want my current family, not their copy. (2) If I shift my reality to desired reality, then who will be take place of mine in this reality? (3) In different realities the soul of a person will be different? How can a single soul present in different realities? If I shift my reality will the soul of my parents different than current reality? Mam I kindly request you please answer my these questions; I couldn't find any other person have more knowledge than you about this topic.

Dear Mohit,
In answering these questions I can only give you my best information and intuition regarding the answers, since we do not yet even have an agreed-upon interpretation of quantum physics, let alone anything agreed-upon regarding our experience of physical lives and consciousness.  Having said this disclaimer, my best answers are:  (1) to the degree your parents are entangled with you and aligned with your intentions and interests and attention, you can all shift together; to the degree you have differing choices and preferences, you'll possibly experience different versions of them. These changes are naturally occurring all the time, so there is never any complete guarantee that loved ones won't change to some degree.  (2) Your experiences of life are driven by your consciousness aligned at all levels of your conscious agency (such as gut, heart, head).  To the degree you are completely of one accord, and in harmonious alignment with yourself, you can minimize how many other possible you's are 'out there,' operating with those slightly differing genuine needs, loves, and wants than yours at this time.  So nobody else is taking your place--you are only physically occupying those possible you's where you are in harmonious resonance with.  (3) There is a unified soul, however as you might have noticed, we each operate at many levels of conscious agency (such as gut, heart, head).  Our infinite, eternal souls are often much larger than what one physical existence can fully contain, so all of our various choices and experiences are integrated at the soul level, which is our true conscious identity.
With love and thanks,



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