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RealityShifters News - March 2000

Happy March! Here in California, flower petals flutter and fall down from bare tree branches, carried by gentle breezes. The air smells fresh and earthy as bumblebees that seem too heavy to fly make their way slowly from underground dwellings up to the flowers above. Sun shines through clouds between rain showers, making the whole world fresh and new, reminding me that similar transformations are possible for me, too.

I've been asking myself and the universe the question, "How good can life get?", looking forward to discovering the answer. I've often thought of wide-open potential as "blue sky", in the sense that anything is possible "out of the blue". The other day I was beginning to feel troubled thinking about taxes and money, so I stopped to visit a thrift shop on my round of errands. Thrift shops are a wonderful way to save money while helping the Earth by reusing resources! I felt full of love for life as I entered the shop -- remembering how I create my experience around me based on my feelings within. When I walked in the door of the thrift shop, I saw a beautiful framed original painting of... blue sky! I bought this painting and brought it home to remind myself every night and day that anything is possible when our hearts are full of love.


In This Issue:

(1) Survey Results Coming Soon
(2) New Web Site! http://realityshifters.com
(3) The Hopi View of Time & Space
(4) Planet Lightworker: Releasing Wishes
(5) Your Reality Shifting Stories
(6) THE MATTER MYTH Book Review
(7) Noteworthy Web Sites


(1) Survey Results Coming Soon

Thanks to all of you who have completed the "How Do You Shift Reality?" survey! More than 275 people have answered the twenty questions, and since responses are still coming in steadily, I haven't closed the survey yet. I will provide an additional Amazon.com $10 gift certificate to keep the odds of winning steady for those who are hoping to win, and I will notify you of the survey results in the April RealityShifters News. Do you know someone who might like to participate in this survey? Please forward this email to let them know about it!

(2) New realityshifters.com Web Site

You've asked for a simpler web site name that's easy to remember, so I'm pleased to tell you that realityshifters.com is now up and running! Please bookmark the new realityshifters.com web site when you get a chance, because I will no longer be updating the Reality Shifts web site on ThirdAge. If your web page is linked to my site, thanks for updating your link to direct traffic to realityshifters.com!

(3) Comes True Being Hoped For:
The Hopi View of Time & Space

The Hopi Indians have a word that means, "comes true being hoped for"... tunatyava. They view the world as either manifest, or in the process of manifesting. In the Hopi language, there are no verb tenses to indicate past, present, or future... and there is much we can learn about seeing the world from this point of view. My article about the Hopi metaphysics, titled "Comes True Being Hoped For" is now available at your favorite bookstore and/or news stand in Parabola magazine's current "Threshold" issue. If your bookstore does not carry this quarterly journal, please ask them to order it!

(4) Planet Lightworker Reality Shifts Column
Releasing Wishes

The Planet Lightworker internet magazine now features my regular Reality Shifts column. Visit the web site URL listed above to read my article on the merits of "letting go" when you make a wish.

(5) Your RealityShifter Stories

We have two new realityshifter stories from the USA this month that both pertain to the mysterious appearance of cars on the road, as well as a very musical story from Canada in which time slows down. Please visit the realityshifters.com web site to read all the stories; here is Elizabeth's magical flute solo story from British Columbia:

Victoria, B.C.

A few years ago I played flute for a symphony orchestra in Toronto. I had been given a rather exposed and tricky flute solo to play in a forthcoming concert, which I practiced for weeks so I would feel confident of being able to play it without any errors. On the evening of the concert when it came time for me to play the solo I had been rehearsing, I noticed that the conductor slowed the tempo down to about half the speed, so I was able to play the difficult solo in a relaxed and effortless way. As soon as the solo was over, the conductor brought the tempo back up to speed. After the piece of music and applause was over, I turned to the 2nd flute player and asked her, "Why did the conductor slow down for my solo?". She replied, "What are you talking about - he didn't slow down and you played it beautifully".

(6) Book Review: THE MATTER MYTH
by Paul Davies and John Gribbin

Davies and Gribbin succeed in clarifying some of the most intriguing questions known to mankind in their book, THE MATTER MYTH, such as "How did spacetime come into existence?", "How can matter appear out of nowhere?", "Does the future already exist?", and "How does spacetime curve?" They delve into fascinating reasons why your "now" and my "now" are not necessarily the same thing, and many other exciting implications for our everyday lives from quantum physics. What I love most about THE MATTER MYTH is the way it helps free our thinking from the mechanical, machine-mindedness which has for so long dominated western thinking... as its authors eloquently assert that materialism is dead. The post-mechanistic paradigm is here.

(7) Noteworthy Web Sites

The Astral Pulse
If you've wanted to learn more about out of body experiences, astral travel, auric sight, or new energy ways, you should visit Robert Bruce's "The Astral Pulse" web site. Bruce provides excellent online tutorials, and you can also order autographed copies of his new book, ASTRAL DYNAMICS, online.

This web site was created by Vidette Todaro-Franceschi, author of the 1999 book "The Enigma of Energy: Where Science and Religion Converge. The site outlines ideas of energy across scientific disciplines, particularly alternative views and how they relate to our perception of the cosmos, health and healing, death and dying. Links to other interesting sites, along with a list of references.

The International Association for Near Death Study (IANDS)
A near-death experience (NDE) is one of the most powerful emotional and psychological events known. This site is provided as a public service to give reliable information about near-death experiences, along with resources for more information and support.

Race for the Rain Forest
Help preserve the rain forest by simply clicking on the "Save the Rain Forest" button. One click each day will generate a donation, paid by advertising sponsors, to The Nature Conservancy's Adopt An Acre program.

Click one button to help preserve 35 square feet of rainforest. The land is paid for by the web site sponsors (each sponsor pays for 5 square feet per click).

The Elaine Smitha Show
This television show features evolving ideas for the Inquiring Mind. As Elaine Smitha reminds us, "Change is Inevitable. Growth is optional."

Have you ever had "one of those days"... and felt like you could use a little good cheer? This may be just the ticket to cheer you up!

(8) Please Share This Message
Pass it Along!

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For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that reality shifts around us

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