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RealityShifters News - March 2001

Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

There is No Spoon

    Boy: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible.
    Instead... only try to realize the truth."
    Neo: "What truth?"
    Boy: "There is no spoon."
    Neo: "There is no spoon?"
    Boy: "Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends,
    it is only yourself."

        -- The Matrix

Many of Earth's wisest mystics tell us that reality is a dream. As you can see in the movie THE MATRIX, it is possible for a child to bend a spoon with a thought. I know, because I watched my daughter bend a fork by simply placing it over her wrist. While she rested her right arm on the armrest of a chair, the fork slowly draped itself down to fit the curved form of her arm, like a custom-made bracelet.

Switching to another reality feels a bit like changing television channels with a remote control, where the program is the reality we are in, and our thoughts and feelings are the remote control. We need to feel both intellectually detached enough to choose a different program from the one we're in, and sufficiently emotionally energized to transmit our intention. In that state of relaxed, energized detachment (with aligned heart and mind), we can and do change the world.

Please let me know what you think of this month's stories! I love the way they remind us that just because we set something down doesn't mean we'll necessarily find it there the next time we look, and just because we face certain death in the form of an oncoming train doesn't mean we'll die that day.

I hope you enjoy the book reviews for SHAPESHIFTING, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, and SOUL STORIES in this issue. These books provide us with tools for breaking free from the mechanistic paradigm into new ways of thinking, where we know...
there is no spoon!

-- Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Reality Shifts Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:

(4) Join in the Discussion!
(5) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines
(6) Awards

(1) New Reality Shifts Articles

Indigo Children Are Shifting Our Reality



(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Riverdale, New York

Guess what? I finally had my first "reality shift!" I was working between two offices the other week, taking notes on a small yellow pad, and carefully removed two pages of phone numbers and notes and placed them in the back of a regular sized legal pad I keep in my briefcase (I put the small sheets between the last sheet in the big pad and the cardboard back). I was working from home last week and took the large pad out and turned to the back of it to retrieve the smaller pages with those phone numbers -- but they were nowhere in sight. I shook the pad, flipped through the pages, and even turned it upside down, but those two sheets were gone. I then found the original little pad and checked through that -- including in between pages -- to make sure I did indeed tear those other pages out. But the sheets weren't there, either.

Thinking I may have left the sheets at the office, I moved on to other work. About an hour later, I went to take some notes on the big pad and turned to a new page -- this caused all the pages to flip to the back cardboard where, lo and behold, were the two sheets I'd been looking for! And I know I had looked there at least three times before and they weren't there!

What this means in the scope of my life, I do not know. But I'm thrilled that this happened as, after working with you for so long and recognizing all the work you've done on this subject, I have felt a little left out having not experienced it yet. Finally, I am no longer a virgin!


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Johannesburg, South Africa

One day while I was doing my monthly shopping at Pick and Pay, my husband sat on a stool waiting for me to return. He stared at the corner where he knew I would soon be emerging. While he was watching, he saw me coming toward him, pushing my trolley and smiling at him. He looked down at his coffee and took a sip for just a moment, and when he looked up again there was no me -- I had disappeared. He was puzzled by this, and while he was staring at where he had just seen me, I emerged round the corner just as he had seen me do before! This time he kept his eyes on me until I reached him. I did not feel anything was different, but I know I was walking in anticipation pushing my trolley and approaching the corner and expecting to see my husband. Maybe I projected myself ahead of myself, because as I came around the corner I saw him, and walked towards him.


Rhinelander, Wisconsin

This reality shift happened to me 35 years ago when I was about 12 years old. It's an event that really stands out because I should have died but didn't. I'm not talking about Near Death Experiences (NDEs) in the traditional sense, where one is actually dead, observes the events around them, and then re-enters the body. Those are special in their own right. I'm talking about when an accident is avoided at the very last second -- when there is no way that it could have been avoided, and the participants walk away physically unscathed, but mentally rattled.

This particular event still bothers me today because it was so surreal, that I'm sure I died in another probability.

I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, a rural area surrounded by farms, clusters of woods, a few streams, and one river in particular. I was about 12 years old at the time. It was summer vacation, and a friend and I would ride our bikes miles from home exploring. There were some twin train tracks a few miles away, which crossed the river. It was a very long trestle high above the river. My buddy and I had left our bikes lying partly on the tracks and went walking out onto the trestle. The trestle had wide spaces between the railroad ties, and it was difficult walking as we had to visually watch each step we took so as not to slip in between. The other set of tracks were several feet away with a nasty gap between the two sets of ties. It was too far to try to jump across and then attempt to land on the narrow ties with the large gaps between them.

It took us several full minutes to walk out along the trestle a little over half way to where the river was below us. We sat down over the river and were tossing stones from our over filled pockets into the current far below. It was a warm, sunny, breezy day, and somehow I had become mesmerized by the weather and the peacefulness of the flowing river below.

I don't remember how much time had passed, but suddenly something made me look up at the far end of the trestle. A freight train had snuck up on us, on our side of the tracks, and had already started crossing the trestle! It was totally silent, bobbing gently from side to side and was coming fast! I never even said a word as my buddy had also seen it at that same moment and we both jumped to our feet and started running along the trestle back the way we had come.

The train started blasting it's horn, the tracks were vibrating, the low rumble of the train grew quickly into a roar, and I was running over those gaping ties for all I was worth. One missed step, one slip and I was going down under that train, there was no time to even think. It felt like an earthquake as the trestle shook, I could feel the deafening blast of the train's horn on my back as I reached the end of the trestle, grabbing my bike in mid-air as I dove off the edge of the trestle, landing on my stomach on the steep stony embankment below the tracks. My buddy landed next to me with a thud -- and we lay in a heap for several minutes after the train had passed, tangled in our bikes, hurting a bit, but alive.

It was at that moment I knew that something was not right. I was supposed to be dead. There way no way I could not be dead.

Suddenly everything had changed. My buddy was not quite the same guy I had known moments before while sitting peacefully on the trestle, the river I knew so well had changed, my home was different, everyone and everything was different, yet appeared somewhat the same.

Everything looked exactly the same as it did before yet it all had a different feel to it. It's as if everything was replaced with identical stuff. It's like accidentally putting on someone else's coat that looks just like your own, but it just doesn't feel the same and the fit is a bit off. It's like walking into a motel room. It's like driving some else's car which is identical to your own.

The way people are different is also hard to describe. They seem the same, yet they act just a bit off from their usual patterns. They don't send out the same vibes. It's as if you are meeting them for the first time. You know them, yet you don't feel like you know them. They seem to be close copies of how you remember them.

What really bothered me about this is that I knew afterwards that there was no way I could have outrun that train. I went back there several times over the next few years, and looked at the place where it occurred. I saw the large foot-wide gaps between the ties, the several hundred yard long trestle, and how far the river was from the end. I was a horribly unathletic kid. I could barely walk the trestle, much less run full speed away from a train that was moving far faster than I could, and not miss a footstep. Also, I would have to have been running well over 20 miles per hour for over 100 yards to escape a train traveling at only 40 miles per hour, as it was much closer to me than the other end of the trestle I had to get to.

The only way I can figure it now, is that I changed probabilities at the last second, and a probable me died on those tracks that day, while this probable me went on to explore "this" life.


Connie Bowen
Portland, Oregon

I was doing some last minute marketing and happened to pick a time when the store was jam packed. There was a very slow, very aged woman that seemed to be in front of me on every aisle I went to. I had seen her trying to find a parking space for her very large car when I first came into the store. I tried to dodge around her in the aisles, but they were narrow and sometimes I just had to wait while she slowly moved off in another direction. As I shopped, I began to notice what was in her cart: cat litter, and a smattering of this and that. I realized to myself, "She must live alone, with her cat as her only company. I've got to be patient and loving. This must be a lesson for me to embrace all people with love." Sure enough, when I checked out, she had chosen my line also and I had to maneuver again around her to leave. I made a heartfelt wish at that moment as the automatic doors swung behind me, "I just wish I could see her again, to smile and be kind to her." Then I was distracted in the rush of 5:30 traffic and forgot the whole affair.

The next day, I was again picking up a few items at another store. When I was loading up my car to leave, I saw that familiar, huge, slow yellow vehicle coming down the lane I was parked in. The over-sized car slowly pulled into the space next to me in a way that made me dodge out of the way. I moved my cart off to the other side, and saw it was the same woman! I smiled and said, "Hello!" and helped her open her car door.

I drove off feeling shocked, and remembering my heartfelt wish -- feeling a glow from deep inside that assured me, the Universe IS listening!

My husband has another story about a man that was wandering down the street in downtown Portland who stopped him and said, "No one in this city has a big, open heart!" My husband said, "Oh, yes they do!" And he pulled out the big, open gold heart hanging around his neck that I had bought for him for his birthday. He said the man's eyes grew wide, a big smile appeared on his face and he walked on. Neither of them had ever seen each other before. I had bought the jewelry when I was at the mall, not knowing what to buy him for his present when the saleslady said, "Oh, there's this piece here - a big, open heart!" I thought, "How perfect!"


Indianapolis, Indiana

One Sunday, my children and I decided to have turkey for dinner. Having purchased one about a week before, I had set it out to thaw the day before. Since it takes a lot of time to cook a turkey, I decided that we would run errands and do some shopping while the turkey cooked slowly in the oven. We went to one store, spent about an hour, and then went on to our local Wal-Mart. As we were walking around the store, I kept getting this strange sensation that I needed to go home. After trying to shake the feeling, I finally gave in to it and we proceeded to the checkout. As we were walking to the car in the parking lot, my son asked me if we were going anywhere else. I replied, "No, we need to go home and check on the turkey, something isn't right." He said "Well, after you check, then can we go to Gibson's?" I replied that we could. As we drove up, everything seemed okay.

We all got out of the car and headed up to the door. As I unlocked it, the feeling became stronger, but still I saw nothing amiss. We had been gone a couple of hours, so by now we should have smelled the aroma of roasting turkey, but we did not. I thought to myself... "Oh no... you forgot to turn on the oven!" I went to the stove and checked... no... the oven was on, but I then noticed a strange odor... not like gas, it was like an electrical circuit had burned out, and you get that little whiff of ozone. I opened the oven and called to my son, "Hey Boo-boo... come look at this. it's cool looking!" He came over and as we both peered into the dark oven, we saw sparks coming from the oven heating element, and it began to glow a whitish blue color. My son cried "Oh my God Mom... look out!", and pulled me back suddenly. I lost my balance and fell to the floor just as the oven element popped and rained a shower of sparks through the partially open oven door. My son ran to the utility room and threw the breaker to the stove, cutting off the power. Then he proceeded to scold me for my curiosity and silliness at watching the obviously old battered oven give up the ship. "You could have been hurt real bad, Mom!" he scolded. "Next time don't look at the pretty sparks... shut the door and cut off the power!" We called the local fire department and had them come check to make sure all was well. I found out then, that the stove could have easily shorted out and burned our home down, if I had not paid attention to the nagging feeling I had to go home.

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(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are more new book reviews posted at realityshifters.com this month! If you like these books, you'll love perusing the RealityShifters book shelf where you can order anything you see that you like (which helps to fund this ezine). Check it out at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html


SHAPESHIFTING: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation
by John M. Perkins

Anything is Possible

SHAPESHIFTING is a real gem! Author John Perkins takes us with him on an amazing journey to comprehend the methods used by shamen around the world to vanish and reappear, transform into plants and animals, heal seemingly inoperable medical conditions, and travel through space and time. He tells fascinating stories of how he overcame his initial skepticism and doubt to became one with a chair, transform herbs into a newspaper, and travel through time and space as a blue ball of light. Perkins describes a method for discerning between creating something of lasting value (dream), and creating something of transitory relevance (fantasy). SHAPESHIFTING also details a powerful technique for taking a dream that you wish to manifest, focusing on it with your mind and heart, energizing it, and releasing it. Perkins explains that with energy, belief, and intent... anything is possible.


THE FOUR AGREEMENTS: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - a Toltec Wisdom Book
by Don Miguel Ruiz

How to Live in Heaven on Earth

Mystics have long asserted that we live our lives in a fog of confusion, and that great freedom lies in store for those who learn to see through the fog and differentiate between fantasy and reality. Author Don Miguel Ruiz presents us with four simple concepts from ancient Toltec wisdom which can free us from illusion in his elegant book, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS: be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best. Ruiz explains how the very beliefs we are raised with usually get in our way of being who we truly are, and helps us learn to master our emotions so we may better navigate our way through the twists and turns of our lives. The four agreements illustrate better ways to relate to others with genuine love and compassion, while not sacrificing our integrity to ourselves and our spirit in the process. Deceptively simple to read, this book has sufficient depth and power to inspire us to become the masters of our destiny, courageously living each day to the fullest, free from fear of being judged or victimized. I agree with Ruiz that all who implement these four agreements will live a life of Heaven on Earth... and I am awed that such a small book can deliver so much.


by Gary Zukav

Understanding the Mysterious Workings of Spirit

SOUL STORIES are a collection of 52 short stories which author Gary Zukav requests readers to contemplate as slowly as we wish -- even as slowly as one story per week. Each tale takes the reader one step further on a journey of introspective self-actualization in which relationships with one's ego and spirit are explored a little bit at a time. The book is deceptively simple to read, yet contains great depth which is ideal fodder for meditation. Zukav's SOUL STORIES are memorable tales of love, loss, and renewal in which the mysterious ways that spirit acts in our lives become just a bit more clear. Zukav does not preach any particular religion as he advocates that we aspire to reach our highest spiritual potential. In addition to the dozens of emotionally moving stories, Zukav gives advice such as "Spiritual partners look inside themselves -- and not at each other -- when they get angry, frightened, or sad." I could feel my heart breaking open with love and inspiration as I read each of these stories. These stories touch the heart and soul, and give us much to contemplate long after we've finished the last page.


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Joyce and Barry Vissell are a nurse and medical doctor, but their main medicine is unconditional love. They will lead you on a journey of the heart; thawing icicles of fear, breaking cobwebs of mental preoccupation, and kindling a blaze of warmth, love and connectedness.

Visit The Healing Circle at: http://www.mindbod.org, and discover the miracle of healing through group prayer.

The Self-Realization Fellowship is the international nonprofit society founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who is widely revered today as one of the preeminent spiritual figures of our time.

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Changing the physical universe with our thoughts & feelings

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