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RealityShifters News - March 2002
-- the realityshifters.com ezine --
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Creating Synchronicity

One of my favorite things about experiencing reality shifts is seeing wishes come true when I'm in an energized, relaxed state. I open a book to exactly the page I need, someone calls me with a great idea at just the right time, I find an out-of-print book I need in a stack of free books, a friend offers to put some old family recordings from tape to CD, and I sit down on the train with someone doing exactly the kind of research I am most interested in.

So why do these synchronistic things happen in such profusion sometimes? Is it merely coincidence? Maybe. Is it just luck? Perhaps. When these things happen in my life, I get a sense of being at one with a very conscious universe when I am feeling so relaxed and energized and "in the groove".

Some researchers speculate that this fluid state of being is a third state of consciousness, called the "alert hypometabolic" state. The other three states of consciousness are: waking, sleeping, and hypnotic trance.

This fourth state of consciousness feels to me like being simultaneously super-alert and yet completely relaxed -- I feel I am at one with everything and still feel like myself. I sense that I am creating synchronicity in this state of mind when I am in the flow, and naturally gravitate toward doing whatever I most need to be doing at any given moment. Even when things occasionally seem to be going wrong, I trust that somehow things might be just exactly right -- and my day falls into place as if someone behind the scenes was choreographing it. Being late for one train means I catch the one with the researcher doing exactly the kind of work I'm most interested in.

I wish you all the best as we groove along together in the flow of this cosmic waking dream!

Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality
(4) Join in the Discussion
(5) Reality Shifting Award Winners!
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) Intriguing Articles

Harry Oldfield has developed a new kind of energy field photography he calls Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), which adapts an older technology commonly associated with satellite pictures of hot/cool land and sea masses.

Clear out injuries from past love relationships and restore a sense of peace and fresh sense of hope and wonder with the perfect cleansing exercise for healing a broken heart.

Only a Matter of Time
Scientists Explain Why Time Travel Is Possible

(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Las Vegas, Nevada

The day began with my friend Tresa calling me on the phone. I'm not sure how we got on the subject, but we started to talk about synchronicity in our lives. After we talked about how interesting it is and some experiences we had, we ended our phone conversation. I went about my day doing errands around town, when I got a call on my cell phone from Tresa. She was very excited to tell me that she had just walked into a new age bookstore, and the woman behind the counter asked her if she has ever heard of synchronicity! She told the lady that she was just talking about that with me earlier in the day! The woman behind the counter said "that in itself is synchronicity".

Then I had the urge to drive to a bookstore and look at books about synchronicity. So I went to Barnes and Noble and asked one of the salespeople to show me the section where I could find books on the subject. I was shown to several different sections in the store where that subject my be. After some time of looking and looking, I simply could not find any. Then I just said to myself, "I will let the books about synchronicity find me". So I began just browsing, telling myself to relax and not "try" to find any books on the subject. After just a couple of minutes, I noticed a stepstool in the aisle. So I just stopped and sat on it, browsing at the books that were in front of me. I then thought to myself "wouldn't it be weird if the books I just decided to sit in front of had a book about synchronicity". Just then I spotted one book on the subject simply titled "Synchronicity", by C. Jung. I silently laughed to myself and realized I experienced synchronicity while trying (actually not trying) to find a book on the very subject! Of course I had to call my friend and tell her about it.



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Dr Ron
Los Angeles, California

During a two week seminar I was taking on currandero (Mexican/Mayan shaman) initiation, I was looking for my shoes and having difficulty finding them. I remember thinking "I really want want want my shoes!"

I walked to the area where people kept their shoes, and spotted a pair of black mens dress shoes that looked like mine. The only problem is that I brought different black shoes, brown, casual and tennis. I was very clear about what I brought. I picked up the black shoes that looked like my shoes, and even smelled them to determine if I could detect my smell -- and nothing. I put the black shoes back, and decided that I would leave them there until after the seminar ended. Then, if they were still there, I would believe they were mine -- meaning they Teleported themselves to the seminar.

After the seminar ended, the black shoes were still there, as were the pair of black shoes I brought, so I accepted that the extra pair of black shoes were my shoes and they did teleport/I teleported them to the seminar!

The questions I was left with included: Why did shoes from home come, rather than the shoes I had closer? How can I consciously control Teleportation of objects? And more.

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Recently while I was in the United States of America on business, I was looking for a gift for my wife while killing some time between meetings. While browsing in a department store, I noticed a makeup case that was on sale and seriously considered purchasing it. As makeup is such a personal item, I was aware that my wife may not use all the items in the case so I continued to look for another gift. After visiting several stores where I was continually drawn to similar makeup cases, a feeling came over me urging me not to purchase the case.

I found this feeling strange as I am usually quick to decide what I want and I give very little thought to a purchase once I have decided on it. It wasn't a large expenditure and I was bewildered at the "just wait" emotion I was experiencing.

Two days later I returned to Canada and told my wife about the event. She got excited and brought out the exact case I was originally looking at! She had purchased it on the same day that I was shopping for the other one! Although we had not spoken of the purchase when we talked by phone during my trip, we had made some connection regarding the makeup case. It was a hair raising experience and one we have repeated several times prior to this incident.

Canfield, Ohio

Many years ago, my husband and I were visiting the Las Vegas area, and took a shopping trip out to Sam's Town. There was a sale in progress on beautiful elk hide cowboy boots, and my husband found a pair in his size. Well, I thought they were so beautiful that I wanted a pair for myself, so I closely examined every box in the stack while we were looking for his, and was disappointed to see that there just weren't any that would fit me. (I have rather wide feet, for a gal, and can comfortably wear a men's size 7 1/2).

We went to the register to pay for my husband's boots, and I mentioned to him that I wished they had elk hide boots in my size. He said, "Well, let's go look." I assured him that I had already checked every box, and there weren't any boots in my size. He said something like, "Let's look anyway."

Well, do you know he walked over to the stack of boxes, and immediately picked up one marked 7 1/2? I just shook my head, and all these years I've thought I must have missed that box somehow, even though I was sure I had looked at every one of them. But after reading the stories on your fascinating web site, I think I now know what really happened. Thank you for enlightening me!

I still have those magic boots, they still fit, and they're still beautiful!

J.R. Lankford
Author, The Crowning Circle

Years ago I visited the town where my daughter lived. She spent the last night of my visit with me at my hotel and I was very worried about her progress in life. In the course of the evening she focused on a problem of mine, instead, and said wonderfully sympathetic things. It shocked me into thinking I knew little about life or how to mother her through what appeared to be a crisis. Overcome with emotion after she went to sleep, I prayed for God to send an angel to tell me what to do. I asked that "he" not materialize one right there in the hotel room or I might faint, but to please send an angel. I fell asleep, feeling certain my prayer would be answered, though I had never prayed for such a thing before.

Next morning at the airport I ran into two different people who seemed to emanate love with megawatt power. I wanted to talk with them, but I was in a rush to get on my plane. I boarded my flight, not thinking about my prayer and sat at the window. Someone was in the aisle seat. The center seat was supposedly blocked. Nevertheless a man came and occupied it. Moments after he sat down, I realized he was the angel I had asked for. We sat huddled in intense conversation throughout the three-hour flight as he answered my questions -- often in ways that were beyond my understanding at the time. He said I'd finished raising my daughter and she would be fine. He explained the nature of physical reality, drew a diagram on a napkin to explain how I had experienced life so far and suggest how I might proceed in the future. Years later, I realize how miraculous his knowledge of me was and his advice. This conversation continues to inspire me because it gave me courage to function in unconventional ways, especially later as an author. My angel compared me to a tree in the forest whose roots went deep, breaking up compacted soil to create room for other plants and trees to grow. He said I was meant to break molds for the benefit of others. That's what I try to do in my books.

(3) Books & Films that Shift Your Reality

Thank you for clicking through the realityshifters site when you go to buy books at Amazon.com, which helps to offset the costs of distributing this ezine. Check out some of the most interesting books pertaining to reality shifts at:


Three wonderful books are reviewed here this month: YOUR MIND AND BODY ARE A CORPORATION AND YOU ARE THE CEO by Janet Buell, ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING by Master Choa Kok Sui, and THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle.


Your Mind & Body Are A Corporation & You Are the CEO
by Janet Buell

You're in Charge of MUCH More than You Realize!

You're probably well aware that plants and single cell organisms have thoughts and feelings from having read or heard about books like "The Secret Life of Plants" -- yet do you know that you have a virtual planet full of individuals hanging on your every emotion and mental direction? The average adult is made up of 100 trillion cells, and each and every one of the cells in your body is alive and actively involved in the process of evaluating how to perceive what's happening to you right now and act appropriately.

Janet Buell's excellent book, YOUR MIND & BODY ARE A CORPORATION -- AND YOU ARE THE CEO is based on the metaphor of a company with various departments and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) -- you! I guarantee that after you've done the exercises in Buell's book, your corporal self will be feeling much healthier, prosperous, and harmonious.

YOUR MIND AND BODY ARE A CORPORATION is packed with fascinating concepts such as the notion that, "... your body has its own sense of closeness to the bodies of your sexual partner, children or parents. The cells recognize and have great affinity for each other. Even a divorce that you welcome may be a loss to the cells of your body who had established an intimate relationship with the body of your soon-to-be ex." Buell then provides exercises for recovering from such losses that have occurred in the past, looking to your body for help.

I was a bit surprised at first to find this book consists of so many blank worksheet pages, but was delighted to discover it is designed to be a workbook you can use as you become a more competent manager in charge of all those trillions of cells. The process of developing your managerial skills involves a great deal of two-way communication between you (the CEO) and all your cells, and Buell provides an excellent starting point. Numerous messages are provided for you to say aloud to your cells, so they will understand your new dedication and commitment to their well- being. You may be surprised at how exciting it feels to begin such a discussion! If you're like me, once you get started with this two-way dialogue, you won't want to quit.

I highly recommend Buell's book as the perfect way to pull yourself together. It's worth doing, if only for the fact that your cells (all 100 trillion of them) will thank you for it!

Advanced Pranic Healing

ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING: Practical Handbook for Healing with Color
by Master Choa Kok Sui

Highly Focused Energy Healing Reference Book

Master Choa's book, ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING, is a first-rate reference source for any healer doing highly specific color energy healing work. This book is ideal for advanced healers who are comfortable and experienced with doing healings and discerning a wide variety of energy conditions in people. While basic healing techniques are clearly described in the beginning, the majority of this book presumes a fair amount of experience and proficiency with color healings on the part of the reader. Those just starting out with color healing may still find this book useful, as it clearly describes what healers see and feel as they are doing pranic healings.

I am impressed with the breadth and depth of conditions described in this book along with their associated treatments. Everything from migraine headaches, inner ear infections, torn tendons, dislocations, to internal wounds, cataracts, kidney stones and deafness are discussed in detail. Recommendations on color density (lightness or darkness) as well as energization are given with explanations which I found illuminating and intriguing. Master Choa's experience with prana is evident throughout this beautifully written and illustrated book, leaving readers feeling inspired and well-informed. This book's index is clearly organized, so the healer can look up recommended treatments until such time as the underlying logic of it all sinks in (such as avoiding use of orange healing energies around peoples' heads, and paying attention to which way one's fingers are pointing).

Even though I mostly utilize universal healing energies, such as Reiki, I still find ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING immensely useful for its insights into what kinds of frequencies are best suited for various ailments. I recommend this book for anyone doing color healings, as well as those wishing to catch an intimate and revealing glimpse of the healer's world.

Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

Opening the Door to Awareness of Time

Eckhart Tolle elegantly walks the tightwire of truth in this prescriptive discourse on finding the path of enlightenment. While wise men know that "truth is a slippery fish", Eckhart manages to sustain clear focus on the most common areas of difficulty for spiritual seekers (such as ego idenfitication with the pain-body) without getting lost in the inherent fluidity of the topic of how to be here now.

THE POWER OF NOW is one of those books I read quickly, feeling that I am already aware of everything it says. I had this same response to "Conversations with God", finding that it's contents were quite obvious to me already. I am learning that when I have this reaction to a spiritual book, it indicates the book in question is destined for greatness! POWER OF NOW is written in layman's terms about some of the most profound metaphysical and spiritual insights.

If you are interested in a clearer understanding of the true nature of one of the most fundamental dimensions in your life -- time -- I could not recommend a better book to get you started on your quest! For those interested in deepening the understanding of this most mysterious thing, I'd recommend reading one of Tarthang Tulku's excellent books on space, time and knowledge.

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(5) Reality Shifting Award Winners!

I am proud to announce the most recent winners of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of web sites which demonstrate consistent excellence in content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Consciousness Research Laboratory

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door

Jim Phelps, Guitarist

The Elaine Smitha Show

The Synchronicity Arkive

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This site provides non-sectarian information about Kundalini along with articles by people undergoing Kundalini awakenings. Heart-centered, volunteer support is warmly extended to anyone in the throes of a challenging Kundalini experience.

The Intuition Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping create a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate and apply their inner, intuitive resources. The Network sponsors courses, conferences, tours, television programs, local groups and dozens of e-mail discussion lists.

William Buhlman the author of Adventures Beyond the Body, & Secret of the Soul gives you over 12 proven recorded techniques to aid you in your astral travels. Out-of-body.com is loaded with Free information, tips, and techniques on the subject of astral travel. William Buhlman invites you to receive his FREE newsletter. Visit today.

A wonderful place to share your dreams

The Global Renaissance Alliance is committed to harnessing the power of non-violence, creating a force field of love at a time when hatred threatens to destroy us. Never in human history has such an effort been more important. It is not hatred, but love, which will defeat the hatred in our midst.

The AQUARIAN ZONE is a rainbow window of spirituality and consciousness through which we may see the world in all its magnificent colours. Its angle is metaphysical, specializing in astrology and focusing on attuning ourselves to the Music of the Spheres, our inherent wholeness, through symbolism, inspiration and healing.

The Option Institute teaches a self-directed, non- judgmental procedure for identifying and discarding limiting beliefs with group dynamics and experiential learning in a safe and accepting environment in Sheffield, MA. Happiness is a choice, and misery and discomfort are optional, not inevitable.

Tools for Transformation contains the personal growth manual Transforming the Mind and extensive resources assisting the transformation of body, mind and spirit, with the aim of achieving full self-realisation.

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