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March 2018
Issue #222

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Feel the Love

“How do you spell 'love'?” - Piglet
“You don't spell it, you feel it.” - Pooh
-- A.A. Milne

Have you ever noticed that people around us sometimes seem like they're not fully present? They might be “in their heads” and still be talking, but you can tell they're not feeling fully involved in what is going on—to their full self—you can tell that in some way they're not in the room, they seem to be on auto-pilot, or they seem to be half-asleep.

It is possible to get overly caught up in 'the measureables' and lose track of how we feel that is much more subjective. Measureables are those qualities we can evaluate 'objectively,' typically with numeric results. For example, when you think about what matters most in your life that you can measure, you could measure how many favorite possessions you own, how many friends you have, how many years you've known your best friend, how much money you have, and so forth. The measureables are sometimes those things we compare ourselves to others with, such as our weight, our income, our age, or our zip code.

In direct contrast to the measureables are the kinds of subjective things we have no way to objectively measure. This includes how much your best friend loves you. It includes how much you love your significant other. Unmeasureables also include your sense of meaning and purpose in life, as well as your gratitude for all the good experiences you've had so far. Unmeasureables include the love from your children, your pet dog or cat. They include the beauty of nature, and the wonder of a sunrise, a sunset, or looking up at the stars at night or walking barefoot on a sandy beach. Unmeasureables include the quality of one's life.

The reason the distinction between measureables and unmeasurables matters is because there has been a long-standing bias toward assuming that measureables are more worthwhile. Yet when people who are close to death are asked if they wish they had more measureables (more cars, more money), they mostly wish they had more love and more memorable moments with those they love.

This topic invites all of us to ask my favorite question, “How good can it get?” as you consider how you can feel the favorite unmeasureables in your life. There is a good chance that by genuinely focusing on this question, and truly wanting to know, you might just get to experience the answer.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "If there is one thing I can be grateful for it is that I trusted my intuition and made contact with you--and from that the gift of connecting to myself (and other people) again!"
      -- Susan

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

The Experience show
Nora Yolles-Young interviews Cynthia Sue Larson on “The Experience” in a 60 minute conversation about science, consciousness, and spirituality. I had a lot of fun chatting with Nora about all sorts of things in a rather casual conversation where the emphasis is on individual personal experience. We therefore delve into the importance of being the 'one who pulls the strings' in our life, rather than feeling like a puppet whose strings are being pulled—something akin to being more like Obi Wan Kenobi saying, “These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.”
You can watch the YouTube video of this conversation at:

2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference
2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference:
Intuition into Action

Friday, Jul 29, 2018 – Tuesday Jul 3, 2018
Stevenson College, UC Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064”
I'd love to see you at this year's West Coast Dowsing Conference, where I've been invited to be the Keynote Speaker and present a full-day workshop this year! The West Coast Dowsing Conference is a summer camp for dowsers. This event is recommended for anyone involved with exploring consciousness, and it is held amongst the wisdom of the redwood trees in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. It has something for everyone--from listening to serious academic presentations, to taking a walk in the redwoods, to waiting for faeries and orbs to show up. You can meditate and be part of the majestic redwoods and open vistas of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy being with kindred spirits in the classes, dining hall, and evening hospitality or just relax while visiting, learning and laughing with friends old and new. You don't have to be a dowser to join in; by the end of the weekend, you will be.
You can watch a video about this conference at:

Positive Attitude Toward Math Supports Early Academic Success:
Behavioral Evidence and Neurocognitive Mechanisms

Have you ever thought you were bad at math? Well, it turns out that may be part of the problem. Having a positive attitude has been thought to affect how much a child learns and achieves academically, and now researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine are beginning to suspect that they know why. A recent study found that when elementary school students maintained positive attitudes about math while doing problems, an important memory center in their brains — the hippocampus — functioned better. It seems we might now conclude that if you’re interested in math and choose to believe you’re good at it, your positive attitude will enhance your memory and help you do better at problem solving. “Attitude is really important,” Lang Chen, the study’s lead author, said in a news release. “Based on our data, the unique contribution of positive attitude to math achievement is as large as the contribution from I.Q.”
You can read about this study at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

The Stop Pain Solution
Aynne McAvoy, author of Just Who Are THEY Anyway?

I loved the Mentally Eliminating Pain story in this month's ezine! I have been practicing something for the last few months to stop pain.  This idea was born from my studies in A Course in Miracles, which teaches, among other things, that this entire world and everything in it, is an illusion. Anyway, occasionally "Arthur" joins me at night (short for arthritis.)  I do not believe in claiming illness or pain, saying My Headache or My aching back for example. So instead of talking about MY painful arthritis, I say instead "Arthur visited me last night" instead. (This statement sometimes raises some eyebrows until I explain! LOL) When Arthur showed up, the arthritis pain would be burning in my right hip so bad I would have to get up and rub some cream on it, such as Bengay. It would take a little bit of time before I could fall back to sleep. This would occur as often as three times a night for the last several years. I decided to put my studies to the test. If this world and everything in it were all indeed an illusion, then this pain was an illusion also! The next time the pain showed up in my hip and woke me up I said to myself, "I don't need this pain. This pain in my hip does not exist." Within about 60 seconds, the pain would be gone! I did this night after night for a few weeks before I shared it with my Course in Miracles group, which I facilitate. I continued to share this experience with them as I continued to experiment with it and encourage others in my group to just try it. They had nothing to lose and may find themselves taking far less pain medication! I injured my knee in December before Christmas, getting up off an exercise ball. I simply stood up wrong, and bingo I had a knee injury that was extremely painful. It took a few weeks of this pain and knee braces and walking with a cane before it dawned on my to try my experiment on my knee too! YES, it worked! Again, I may have to think about not needing this pain when it happens several times a day, but it does work. Then, ( I am sure because I was walking oddly with a knee injury) my ankle began to hurt. Once again, about a week passed before I thought to try my experiment on the painful ankle too. YES! There is still some minor pain that comes in the knee and the ankle today in mid February -weeks after the initial injury. However, I can completely rid myself of the pain within seconds by just thinking "I don't really need this. I can do without this pain quite well." "I don't need to limp. There is no pain and I can walk just fine!" The pain doesn't disappear instantly, it does take a very small amount of time before it goes. One of my class tried this on her severe headaches that she gets. She was amazed. She also said that the pain didn't instantly disappear, just that a minute or so later she would realize that the pain was completely gone even though she couldn't quite say when it disappeared, other than it did. Last night for the first time in a couple months the burning pain in my right hip attempted to join me once again. This time I remembered right away to think how this didn't really exist and therefore, I didn't need it. Gone! I think I am onto something here, I am not sure what, LOL.

Note from Cynthia: Yes, you're definitely onto something here--and it sounds very much like the kind of instantaneous healings covered in my book, Quantum Jumps! I love the way you share how your system for stopping pain is working not just for you, but also for other members of your A Course in Miracles (ACIM) group who've tried it as well. As I mention in Quantum Jumps, researchers have found that people of some kind of spiritual faith experience even greater, more positive "placebo" effects of such things as instantaneous pain relief, and even healing from knee injury. Whereas perhaps a third of a randomly gathered group of people might find such a placebo exercise works for them, more like 70% of people with faith (perhaps also members of ACIM, or with some kind of spiritual faith) will likely find this works for them, too. And as I describe in Quantum Jumps, it seems all of Nature is designed this way, so that we can expect to occasionally see such positive, abrupt, (seemingly otherwise inexplicable) improvement.


My Oil Change Place 'Never Did Oil Changes'
Harrison, Arkansas, USA

My car needed an oil change about five months ago, and I saw that an auto parts store that I had driven by many times in town had a large sign in front, which had on it “oil change $19.95,” which is a great price for a regular oil change, so I stopped in and had my car's oil changed. When they were done, they put a sticker on my car's windshield, which indicated the date/mileage that I would need to come in to get another oil change--and it clearly stated the name of the auto parts store that did this oil change on the sticker in large letters. Several months went by, where I drove past this same auto parts store many times, and the sign read the same advertisement message about doing oil changes for that same price. One day, I was going to go to town, and planned on getting a oil change (I was a month past due for the oil change) so I ripped the sticker off of my car's windshield and crumpled it into a ball, and threw it out. I drove to the same auto parts store, and the sign was different. On the store window was a sign that stated the price of a bottle of oil and the price of buying a oil kit in which you would do the oil change yourself, at home. I went into the store where I found two men standing behind the counter. I asked them, “How much is an oil change (since your sign no longer advertised oil changes)?” One man said, “We never did oil changes--we only sell oil and the kits to do it yourself.” I told him I had my oil changed there and told him what the price was, and that it was four months ago. He said, “I've worked here six months, and there were no oil changes done here; we don't do them.” The other man said, “I've worked here several years, and we never did oil changes.” I walked out of that place, shaking me head. I know I got my oil change there, and it's too bad I threw out that sticker. I wonder if I left it on my car, would it have disappeared? This seemed almost mind boggling!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your reality shift with the oil change place--that no longer does oil changes. And apparently, has 'never done oil changes,' despite your having had a sticker on your car from them showing the date and car mileage at the time of your car's last oil change! I suspect you're onto something, with regard to the importance of your having tossed out the sticker on your car with their company name in large letters--and it seems most likely true that if you'd kept that sticker on your car's windshield, another oil change there might have been possible. This reality shift feels like an episode straight out of the Twilight Zone, doesn't it? Really wild!

A Brand New Dress Appeared in my Closet

I would like to reach out to you, as I don't have anyone else to ask about this. One day, my room door was locked, during a period of four days when I was not focused about things. When I finally came to, I realised that I needed to call the locksmith to open my bedroom door. When I came into my room, the lights were on, (which I didnt turn on), and my computer didn't allow me to start it properly. But the most obvious thing I found was that I found a Malay traditional dress hung up in a dry clean bag in my room that wasn't mine, but it fits me well (it is my size). It's so strange. I was acting strange for those couple of days when I was locked out of my room. My mobile phone was inside my bedroom too; I had to install my whatapp, as it had been deleted from my phone. It took me a couple of days to reinstall the whatapp as I only managed to get another version of whatapp, and not the normal version I'm used to. It feels like i was taken away into the future, or the future came to me. I would love to hear from you, is this normal? I had some episodes in the past spiritually, but not like this where a physical thing comes to me.

Note from Cynthia: I've personally experienced finding inexplicable 'gifts' of things including money and a small crystal--but not yet a designer dress! Based on what I and others have experienced, I'd say that finding anything is possible. And the more we open our minds to these possibilities, it seems the more often we are likely to experience them--which is a large part of the reason I share these experiences on the website and in the RealityShifters ezine.

Massachusetts, USA

It was a weekday afternoon in the third week of September 1972. I was nine years old and in the 4th grade. I became the victim of what (these days) would be called a "Hate Crime" motivated by ethnic and religous bigotry. Since the spring of 1970, my family had been the target of a hate campaign intended to pressure us into leaving town. Which besides social pressure had also involved harrassment and vandalism. But my parents had been too proud, or maybe too stubborn, to leave. That afternoon, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a mixed group of generally WASP-looking girls and boys. Three of the boys attacked me and a fourth stood there like he might attack me. While the girls cheered them on, ("get her") And then things got strange. It was like their attack on me happened twice, but each time differently, and with different outcomes. In the timeline which my mind perceived as happening "first", the attack ended with one of the boys smashing the back of my head against the pavement, hard. But I quickly regained consciousness. I went to the school nurse, but my injuries were not readily visible, so the school nurse just sent me home early. I walked the mile home from school, feeling dazed and getting more dazed as time passed. I told my parents, but they did not take my injuries seriously until it was too late. Which would be in character for them. By dinnertime I had a huge lump on the back of my head, a nosebleed, was too nauseous to eat, and was dizzy and groggy. My parents said something about a concussion as they helped my into the car for the trip to the hospital. But I passed out on the way there, and never experienced making it as far as the hospital. That was like the end, of me. There was none of the afterlife things that near death experiencers describe. But as soon as I passed out in the car, it was like the whole universe rewinded the hours back to the moment the attack began. In this timeline, which my mind perceived as happening "second", the attack on me still happened. In fact, it happened worse. It still ended with my head being smashed against the pavement, but hitting the rear side of my head instead of the middle back. By the time they were done (this time) my injuries were easily visible, and I was in no condition to pick myself up off the pavement. In this timeline I got prompt medical attention. And I have lived. The police were called in, but no serious investigation or arrests were made. My parents took this as the last straw, and we left town two weeks later. In our new locale, they over-protected me by basically keeping me grounded indoors every day until I was 18. But over the years, sometimes it feels like some part of me did die that day. And the universe seeming to rewind itself to save my life is a strangeness I can not explain. I do not think it was anything I did. Since then there have been some oddities in my auto-biography. Some anachronisms, little things I clearly remember as happening 3-5 years before the internet says they happened, and happening differently. And parallel universe dreams, where I have met my twin sisters from other earths, and sometimes I have briefly (minutes) visited in their waking bodies/lives, and they in mine.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing this experience with me, which is very noteworthy for its two-experiences-in-one quality, as well as it's life-saving quality. I can certainly empathize with how an early life experience like this one could get you to wondering how such a thing could happen--as well as whether anyone else has noticed these things happening, all the while wondering what is going on. One thing I've heard from people who witness a reality shift that saves their life is that usually there's no time in that moment for them to do anything special--though people often notice special things happening. Such special things include: suddenly being outside a vehicle as if teleported to safety before a vehicular collision; an oncoming big-wheel truck instantly being on the other side of the car without ever having struck it; steel beams crashing all around a person from above without any of them hitting him; bullets being fired at a person that left holes in the wall behind, yet did not hit that person. I like the way you have two sets of memories of what transpired that seem mutually exclusive; that reminds me of times I've had a lucid repeating dream in which I helped someone survive being mugged in a parking garage by starting the whole sequence of events over and over again, until finally they weren't killed in the attack. I have noticed a similarity between lucid dreaming--waking up inside one's dream--and lucid living--waking up to awareness of one's identity as being consciousness inside one's daily life--as being important for experiencing reality shifts.

I Shot Toy Darts through Glass
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

When I was a small child (im 43 now), I had a dart gun with those suction cup darts.  I shot them at anything they would stick to.  One day I was in our basement shooting at the ceiling lights.  the lights had glass covers and when I got good, I would time how long the darts would stick.  Then something strange happened.  I don't remember what I was thinking, but perhaps I was make believing I could shoot out the glass, and what happened has stuck with me since.  I shot my whole round of rubber darts through the glass.  it was like one-way glass because the darts went through and just laid there on the other side of the glass.  My dad was angry because I wouldn't tell him how I climbed up there, opened up the glass cover and stuffed all my darts inside.  He thought I was lying to him.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your first reality shift with me--that is really awesome how those rubber darts passed through the ceiling light glass and ended up on the inside of the light fixture! That reminds me of the "How to Walk through Walls" issue of RealityShifters from a while back:
RealityShifters: How to Walk Through Walls

rock of Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar Shifts
Oxford, Ohio, USA

While I was recently examining a map of the Mediterranean, I found a major feature missing! I remember the Rock of Gibraltar as being an ISLAND! The island was situated halfway between Spain and Morocco, standing as a monolithic landmark at the entrance of the Mediterranean! It was in the "StraitS of Gibraltar" The current "Strait" is also narrower. "The Rock" is now a peninsula attached to Spain and is almost 20 miles northeast from it's prior location. Before you had to take a ferry to get there, and military, tourism, and fishing were the only industries. Now there is an airport, and Gibraltar is known for it's banking and casinos as well. This is absolutely incredible! At first I thought the mountain had moved, but after much research and soul searching, I came to the conclusion this is parallel reality from the one I learned in school. There is a different history around Gibraltar, and there is a "race" of Gibraltar natives that didn't exist before. I was excited to find a YouTube video with a similar memory of the prior location! I found a hundred or so others online with my memory. Among the "Mandela Affected" we are a tiny minority, but we all remember the identical location for the island! Unfortunately, among the Mandela Effect community this is too large of a Reality Shift for the majority to believe. This discovery changed my life forever, and I will never look at the world in the same way! The "mountain moved," and it was truly miraculous!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your Gibraltar Reality Shift experience--I love it, and it gives me goosebumps to read! I also remember a time when the Rock of Gibraltar was an island, and to my recollection, there were no people living there. I recall the island seemed somewhat uninhabitable in the sense that it was inaccessable, and also inhospitable. I remember something about the Rock of Gibraltar being a sanctuary for birds. Until you mentioned this shift to me, it had not come to my attention, since I don't often see pictures of that area, or think about it. But now that I see a picture of the Rock of Gibraltar, it looks very wrong to be attached to the tip of the Iberian peninsula--and I immediately find myself wondering if I was thinking of some other island that I got confused with Gibraltar in that same part of the world--but nothing else comes to mind. Amazing!

The 'Unchangeable Language' of Latin has Changed
Oxford, Ohio, USA

Thank you so much for the amazing work you do! I have yet another Reality Shift you might find interesting. Latin the allegedly "unchangeable language" changed for me! The Roman coinage Sestertii used to be Hestertii in my memory. In Latin, Sestertii is now written as IIS in which the Roman numeral II is followed by S for semis, and the whole struck through. HS may be used instead with the horizontal bar of the H representing the strike through the numeralII, rather than the letter H. However, I was taught in college that it was H over S which is now the Portuguese cifrão, a $ with two lines. The H was absolutely for hemi before and this remains the same!. Semi and hemi are both Latin for half, but "my" Romans adopted hemi instead of using semi for their coinage. It took some detective work but there's a historical Reality Shift for you. Goes to show the unchangeable may not be when your're dealing with Reality Shifts! They say the Rock of Gibraltar is "immovable," and it moved for me as well. Do you think there might be a message here? It's pretty clear to me the message is "anything is possible if you just believe!"

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your observation of a change to Latin--the "unchangeable language"--with the Roman coin currently known as Sestertii having clearly been Hestertii in the past to you. This change is truly amazing, though it's not one I witnessed--perhaps due to not having studied Roman coinage in the past. I see you have a great deal of collaborating memories that must make this change quite pronounced and noteworthy--when the way you were taught in college to represent it H over S now represents the Portuguese cifrão instead! Yes, I must say I agree with you that absolutely anything can change with reality shifts, including the so-called 'unchangeable.' And I really love the idea of the message being for us here that, "Anything can be possible when you believe!" Yes, indeed!


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
I have a theory about some of these reality shifts and would love your take on this speculation of my last one. As soon as they went missing, I felt I understood their disappearing. Almost instantly - I now have the theory that the glasses were a tad hurt as I had not really fallen in love with them and was thinking about new ones !! All objects having divas as we know , I feel they ran away for a few . What say you on this one Cynthia?
— Joni

Dear Joni,
Yes, indeed! I agree that I've also witnessed items vanish when not fully loved, as I describe in one first-hand report in Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I want to know about how can a person come to life/ in physical existence again, after his/her death. I want my mom to come in our life again in her physical existence, and enjoy her life with us. She died two years ago, but we want her back with us. Is it possible? How can we do that ? I read in your Reality Shifts book about a cat being alive again, and I heard many cases in Mandela Effect, about some people who died before, but they are alive now, living with their families, even though their family never noticed. But those who know about their deaths can't explain how that happened (how they became alive again), and they also seemed shocked. So I thought if it is possible, maybe I can there is something I can do in my mom's matter. I believe in reality shifts, but I don't know how I can use them in my life, and especially in this matter. Even though I am experiencing some reality shifts in my life, but they are small ones that I have noticed. Is there any way to unlock our mind or consciousness from that reality, and neutralize such strong emotion which lock us in that incident? I do chanting and meditation, but I am still not good in deep meditation.
— Priyanka

Dear Priyanka,
While I do believe that people can be alive again, I've not yet heard from anyone who's succeeded in setting out to reverse a death of a loved one. There may be several reasons for this, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. Just that for most of us, we have such strong emotions when a loved one dies, that we "lock in" that reality, making it very difficult to reverse out or jump out of, if that makes sense. It is often the case that people witness people alive again who they know had been dead before. What these cases have in common is that the people who are witnessed alive again are not the person's nearest and dearest loved ones, but rather someone who is peripheral in their lives (not close family or friends). This seems to provide us with a clue as to how such shifts might be possible--such as to attain a sufficiently detached, open-minded state of mind. This is something that most people do not practice regularly enough to become masters of, though regularly practicing meditation can help. Because I have not yet seen anyone 'bring someone back' on purpose from having been dead, I do not have a set of instructions or steps to follow to achieve these results. I've witnessed my roommate's cat come back to life, and various celebrities, but not yet anyone close to me. The skills needed to attain whatever degree of detachment seems to be necessary are not likely to be something easy to teach nor simple to learn--but rather more like studying the yoga sutras of patanjali to the point of mastery. And as in all mystery schools, simple definitions are typically not part of the material. 
lots of love,
— Cynthia



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:


Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma
by Dylan M. Kollman

Face Your Fears and Overcome Anxiety

Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma is godsend at this time in history, sometimes called the "age of anxiety" with about half of all Americans reporting that they are suffering from anxiety. While anxiety in itself may not seem like such a problem, anxiety can cause stress, which in turn can lead to health problems. While I don't currently suffer from anxiety, I've had problems with it in the past. I'm delighted to see that many of the tips I found that worked most effectively for me are included in Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma. The fundamental concepts in this book come from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has to do with appreciating that the way we perceive a situation is more closely connected to our reaction than the situation itself. This approach also matches a rather ancient perspective from meditative practices dating back thousands of years, where one learns to become aware that we are not our thoughts and feelings, but rather are the observer who can now become aware of our thoughts and feelings. I love how Kollman describes right up front who the appropriate audience is for this book, being what he calls the "worried well," or those who are meeting their immediate survival needs just fine--but are suffering from anxiety and anxiety-related problems. This book is also for those suffering from anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and panic disorder. Readers who are not so well-suited for this book include those who are undergoing a major crisis, suffering with severe mental illness, making changes to medications, or recovering from addictions. The key idea in this book of "go through it not away from it" reminds me of the martial arts concept of indomitable spirit. Essentially, we can reduce our levels of anxiety by facing, rather than avoiding, what unnerves us. Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma is well organized, with seven chapters guiding readers through first understanding the problem of anxiety before delving into the science behind anxiety, costs of anxiety, the solution to overcoming anxiety, benefits of this approach, and the author's summary of all of this. I love how this book provides both highly rational, well-reasoned intellectual descriptions of the processes involved in anxiety, as well as highly effective meditative practices designed to help us reframe our perceptions of the world. Resolving the Anxiety Dilemma strikes the perfect balance between so-called left-brain and right-brain thinking, which helps it make clear, concise, effective case for what we can do to face the inevitable anxiety we will find in our lives. This book makes beautiful use of descriptive graphics, in such a way that makes the subject matter easily understandable for visual learners--or for people who are feeling anxious while reading the book. Highly recommended!


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