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March 2024
Issue #294

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Tend the Garden of Your Mind
cultivate kindness where you are

"Compassionate people are geniuses
in the art of living, more necessary
to the dignity, security, and joy of humanity
than the discoverers of knowledge."
— Albert Einstein

In a cosmos where consciousness creates all that is material, physical, and real, it makes sense that the most important thing that any one of us can do is tend the garden of our thoughts. We see this when we remember that holding grudges is simply letting someone live 'rent free' in our mind. We can see this even more easily looking at other people in our lives, where those focused on kindness and compassion stand out from those who don't.

I've been doing some gardening this week, attempting to keep up with exuberant plant growth following many weeks of rain. While tending my garden, I think about similarities between nurturing plants I most enjoy, and nurturing thoughts and feelings I most cherish. There is a kind of genius in compassionate gardening, providing care for plants that need weeding, trimming, and fertilizing—and being compassionate in daily life. With awareness that each interaction with others presents an opportunity to bring treasured qualities into each moment, it's possible to bring a bit of heaven to Earth.

Life can be thought of as a garden or as a thought construct, where each individual can at times inhabit a magical reality that may or may not be shared by others. Messages can be received via seemingly random, disconnected pathways--such as in snippets of overheard dialogue, glimpses of articles, magazines, or books, or any of a number of seemingly random or unrelated sources. Yet with awareness that reality is a thought construct connected directly to the Absolute--and All That Is—it becomes clear that you can receive messages that are perfectly individually tailored and meant just for you.

What if you knew right from the start the power of ideas to inspire, align, and integrate all levels of yourself? We tend to remember the importance of caring for our garden in each season of the year, but sometimes life can get so busy that we can forget to keep ourselves relaxed, detached, and energized. I enjoy starting each day with the heartfelt question, “How good can it get?” to remind myself right from the start that I'm seeking experiences that are rewarding today. This also helps me remember to receive inspiration, guidance, and support to stay in an optimal state of body, heart, and mind.

This past month, I had an interesting experience occur that came to my attention after I'd recorded my monthly video. I was talking on the video about a book, “Connecting the Dots” written by Paola Harris, and describing some of the fascinating topics covered in her book, which I consider to be the most comprehensive on the topic of UFOs. I checked the sound after making the video, and it sounded fine on my iPad, so I uploaded the video to YouTube. I then began noticing comments on that video that the audio was too quiet. Fortunately, I also heard from an audio expert, Tristan Luke, who enhanced the audio track, so I was able to upload the video with improved audio: A new worldview, thanks to UFOs. This would have been a strange enough occurrence, but I also just this past month heard from my friend Carolyn North that Charles Eisenstein had written about his thoughts on possibly having experienced a bifurcation of reality, when he'd been talking about UFOs and people experienced very different versions of events—with some seeing him “freeze.”

Now this is precisely the sort of thing I've been researching and writing about for the past 25 years! Eisenstein had hoped that further investigation into the “missing time” aspect of noting that the part about UFOs had vanished from his “State of the World” address would lead to answers and resolution, but he found that:
    Instead of resolution, I am more mystified than ever. You see, quite a number of people report seeing me '“freeze” for those 55 seconds in real time on Youtube. Also, quite a number of people distinctly remember viewing the “missing” content on the very same Youtube broadcast.
If you've been following my work over the past several years, you'll probably recall that my favorite research paper from 2019 showed that observers witness the same event differently--providing evidence that two observers at the same place and same time could observe different realities. I love this scientific finding, since it matches what I've been experiencing and writing about for decades, and it also matches what Charles Eisenstein recently experienced, as well.

Paola Harris Crestone event with Cynthia Sue Larson and
Jeff Machala
One of the topics mentioned the book, Connecting the Dots, by Paola Harris is that when it comes to this topic of UFOs, meaningful coincidences are to be expected. In fact, there can be some truly jaw-dropping coincidences and unusual events. It occurs to me that it's entirely possible that this topic of UFOs is such an interdimensional subject that some of us can expect to witness surprising shifts in our reality when we delve into the topic.

If you'd like to see me in person at an event this year, I invite you to check out the in-person workshop next May. I invite you to join the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) livestreams. When you join us live, you can ask questions and join in the fun with others interested in the Mandela Effect who are in the YouTube chat room for these events. And hopefully you know you're always welcome to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty-four years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, you can review some of the first-hand reports of reality shifts reported since the 1990s!

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      (2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      is like a semester in college/graduate school.
      She is down to earth and so easy to work with;
      she is truly amazing. I love her dearly
      and I know in my heart that she will always
      be there for me. I love Cynthia as a teacher,
      spiritual sister, mother and a human angel
      who has a great sense of humor."
      -- Gail

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala Oneness
Crestone Retreat
Cynthia Sue Larson, Jeff Machala, & Paola Harris
Oneness Workshop

Colorado College Conference Center, Crestone
May 24-26, 2024
2 Nights/3 Days at Colorado College Baca Campus and on 5 acres
$250 / Limited to 60 attendees

Could immediate evolutionary improvements, instantaneous geographic changes, and miraculous spontaneous healing—including recovery from death—be providing us with clues to essential technology, just when we need it most? I'd love to see you May 24-26 at our Colorado workshop, “Oneness: Changing the Timeline & Raising Consciousness.” Join the conversation about the importance of Oneness in these changing times, and how we can harness our natural gifts to thrive individually and together, choosing the reality we need, love, and intend. Discover powerful tools for harnessing your natural quantum superpowers & help lead the way to creating a new world with me, Paola Harris, and Jeff Machala.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Journey to the New Earth
with Kimberly Montgomery

Feb 13, 2024
59 minutes
I talk with Kimberly Montgomery about my kundalini experience, lucid dreams, changing timelines, changing the future, parallel lives, dimensional thinking, linear and nonlinear time, moving from the fourth to the fifth world, being between lives, and the acceleration of kindness. I hope you enjoy this interview!

Cynthia Sue Larson
A New Worldview, Thanks to UFOs
Cynthia Sue Larson

3 Mar 2024
18 minutes
With world governments holding public and closed door hearings to discuss UFO and UAP disclosure recently, what have we learned? At this time of congressional hearings publicly discussing the topic of UFOs or UAPs, it seems clear that this topic is being taken seriously, yet there exists a greater need than ever before for clarity, discernment, and focus regarding what, exactly, we are acknowledging to be real and true. Author Paola Leopizzi Harris has been conducting interviews and writing articles on books on this topic for decades, talking with some of the most authoritative and knowledgeable experts. After witnessing some amazing artifacts and technologies, Harris notes that perhaps even more important than any such physical evidence or proof are the transformative ideas that have been shared.

You can read the blog post article on this topic at:

IMEC Open Tables 2023 Golden Mandy
The 2023 Golden Mandy Winner
on IMEC Open Tables

28 Feb 2024
1 hour, 54 minutes
In this exciting episode of IMEC Open Tables, the IMEC team announces the 2023 Golden Mandy recipient. This award recognizes individuals who have made remarkable contributions to understanding and exploring the Mandela Effect phenomenon, which continues to captivate minds around the globe. Join us as we celebrate their remarkable achievements and delve deeper into the fascinating world of the Mandela Effect.

IMEC Open Tables 2023 Golden Mandy
Xzone: Rob McConnell Interviews
Cynthia Sue Larson

28 Feb 2024
54 minutes
I had a wonderful time talking with Rob McConnell from the "X" Zone about the Mandela Effect.

Jenn Mitchell and Cynthia Sue Larson the Soul
The Soul Traveler
Interviews Cynthia Sue Larson

27 Feb 2024
36 minutes
Jenn Mitchell interviews me, talking about the truth about the Mandela Effect, on the Soul Traveler podcast. We discuss my journey into the Mandela Effect and experiencing reality shifts. We also talk about the role of consciousness in reality shifts, the impact of the Mandela Effect on personal memories, and the increasing frequency of Mandela Effects. Other topics covered include: the connection between the Mandela Effect and quantum computing; the power of collective consciousness; the influence of Artificial Intelligence on reality shifts; the role of intuition in perceiving Mandela Effects; the impact of Mandela Effects on historical events; and the future of Mandela Effect research.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Ram Dass T-shirts
A second Ram Dass T-shirt mysteriously appears

Every time I receive your newsletter I immediately scroll down to the personal stories of realityshift! I, like everyone else, have been experiencing realityshift and Mandala effects my whole life, but now it's just getting more REAL. One thing is to believe in something - another is to accept that it is very real and therefore have to adapt to a whole new way of looking at the world and Life itself! Reality is shifting more often than before, do you see it too? Recently a thing happened to a good friend of mine: Five years ago his wife gave him a "Be here now" Ramdass t-shirt. He wanted that shirt, but to his regret it just didn't suit him, so he kept it at the bottom of his pile of t-shirts in the drawers and he would only wear it when he ran out of white t-shirts, which was like once a month or so. Some weeks ago he reach that shirt again and had to wear it. So he picked it up from the bottom of the drawer - and when he did that ANOTHER ONE APPEARED! You can imagine his confusion! Looking from the one in his hand to the other in the drawer. Now he has TWO IDENTICAL "Be here now" Ramdass t-shirts! He of course asked his wife how many she bought from the Ramdass webshop and if she had bought another one recently to give to another etc. But no. Only one was bought. Five years ago. I talked with him yesterday and he told me how interesting it is how much his mind is working to get that experience to fit into the world he was taught was 'the real world' where strange things always have a logical explanation. I agree. But I think it's time to let that old world go and just embrace the wierd stuff and integrate them as a natural part of Reality.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this experience that your friend had of finding he suddenly had a second Ram Dass shirt.  Clearly your friend must be quite certain that he only purchased one such shirt, and definitely hadn't purchased two of them. Wow!


Ram Dass T-shirts
New red sword

I just shared this amusing meme on my Facebook account. But when I shared it, the sword was left blank - it was not coloured red. A friend later added a comment, and when I looked, the sword was red as if it had always been. It's the same meme I shared hours earlier wherethe sword had been blank. There'd been no colour at all in the picture when I shared it. I was thinking how boring it was just to have the options of colouring parts of it black and leaving the rest blank. I was thinking that colouring books are only fun if you can actually use colour.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that's really amazing that within a relatively short span of hours, the meme that you changed, and the sword went from being uncolored to colored red! The fact that you were thinking about how it's more fun to have options to use color in coloring books makes this reality shift that you observed more interesting to me, since it seems like this change in the meme image sword (from uncolored to red) happened shortly after you had these thoughts and feelings.  Fascinating!

Great Gatsby Mandela Effect
Riverview, Michigan, USA

I seem to have discovered another Mandela Effect (at least for me). I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. When I was in school, it was required reading, both in high school and college, and it's been made into a movie multiple times. That's where the problem is! In my senior year of high school, we read the book and watched the movie with Ethan Hawke in it. I was aware that there was an older version (which I've never seen), and I'm also aware that there's been a remake in my adult life. It's also worth mentioning that at some point I bought an audiobook of it narrated by Ethan Hawke. I felt like that made sense because he played Nick Carraway in the movie, and the book is from Nick's perspective. Today I was trying to remember who played another character (Tom Buchanan) in the movie, so I tried looking it up on imdb. There were multiple Great Gatsbys on there, but I couldn't find the one I was remembering, so I tried looking up Ethan Hawke to find it that way. I can't find any evidence of this movie! I also tried googling to see if maybe it was a made for tv thing or something (though that seemed improbable). Google suggested Great Expectations, which I remember coming out, but I've never seen that or read the book. It's driving me crazy that I can't find it, and I don't keep in contact with anyone from that class to ask if they remember it. On top of that, I went to my Audible app (which is for audiobooks), and I no longer have the Ethan Hawke narrated Great Gatsby. They offer many versions, but none with Ethan Hawke. And Ethan Hawke narrates multiple books, but no Great Gatsby. Also, I graduated in 2002. If I had to guess, I would have said Ethan's Great Gatsby was from 1999 or 2000. There IS a Great Gatsby from the year 2000, but Paul Rudd plays Nick, and I had a huge crush on Paul Rudd, so I'm quite sure I wouldn't have mistaken him for Ethan! It just feels like the movie I saw has been completely erased. 

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience of clearly recollecting a version of the Great Gatsby featuring Ethan Hawke.  You're right that there have indeed been several versions made of this movie over the years, and that's so intriguing to me that you've got some very clear memories associated with an Ethan Hawke remake of this classic story and film.  Since you've got some rather strong anchor memories for this Mandela Effect, it seems likely to me that other people will likely share your memory that there used to be such a version.

Asafoetida is no longer a mold found in caves
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Another reality shift after a long hiatus. Asafoetida used to be a mold found in caves of northern Pakistan. Now it's a dried sap from carrot like root of a plant, grown in Afghanistan Iran Central Asia and Northern India. Something else is becoming clear, there are two distinct camps. One belonging to current reality and other to a different, and the concerned individuals are consistent in their respective realities. in fact, some years ago I had a conversation with a grocery shop owner regarding the origin and place of the spice. And some persons consistently agree with me and some consistently differ. Those who differ are few, most of people now plead total ignorance. I am talking of the general attitude towards various MEs. It wasn't always like this,but post pandemic,  people have just lost all memories. They aren't in a frame of mind to talk about any esoteric phenomenon. My associate who remembered the movie Aman scene also agrees with the Asafoetida being a mold scraped from walls of caves. It wasn't a medicinal substance previously. Especially because it was always available in highly diluted form with no regulatory controls, in fact it still is. At least in India.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, this is really interesting that something with such a unique name would go from being a mold found in caves to a dried sap from a root--that's a big change. I'm grateful that some people are still taking note of these kinds of reality shifts and Mandela Effects, since this phenomenon continues to fascinate those of us who have been noticing it.  I'm intrigued that Asafoetida as a word seems to have made some kind of upgrade, going from a non-food substance to something associated with adding tasty spice to delicious foods.  I see that in its new spice form, Asafoetida is also recognized as being utilized in traditional healing for treatment of various diseases, such as asthma, epilepsy, stomach-ache, flatulence, intestinal parasites, weak digestion and influenza.

Musician starting to vanish
Missouri, USA

A musician by the name of Barry Kaddah who does remixes has disappeared from this time line. One piece of residue I know of: he redid Trippin by a band called Total. I love this song and listen to it every day since it was released in July 2023. I recently tried to pull it up, and found the song not available, and could find nothing on YouTube regarding him, either. I searched Wikipedia, and he used to have a biography with all the songs he had done, including Trippin. Now he is gone, and so is his song except for what I think is residue. I miss this song very much. Not sure what going on here. Mandela or a matrix s rub out going on. Barry Kaddah is disappearing bits and pieces at a time. Now the Wikipedia page totally no longer exists. I can still see a picture of the thumb nail for song Trippin to take u to Spotify, but no Barry Kaddah. I still have one piece of residual. If interested, this trail is still hot, but fading. I found two songs on Yandex. It is not very pleasing to me that he is being erased.

Note from Cynthia: This is a strange situation, with Barry Kaddah starting to vanish, with only a few remaining traces. I saw a listing for his song, Trippin', on Spotify, but not much more than that. I've found sometimes when I keep looking for something—even something that I've not yet found—it turns up. This has worked well for me when hoping that someone has written about topics of interest to me, such as related to mind-matter interaction, or research studies in these areas. So you might find that as you keep looking for signs of Barry Kaddah, you may find them. I hope so!

Small Differences
Mesquite, Texas, USA

Please try to remember that all parallel universes and where I came from are interconnected.  Pretty much the same each time, but there are always small differences.  Not all quite the same.  One day, who knows, I will jump to a very completely different parallel universe that is not interconnected and I would want to find out who I am.  I always expect that.  Here are the listings.  It is more like a diary to help me tracking it.
(51) I have an appointment with my doctor.  She gave me an appointment card with the date to remind me.  It's an orange card here, but the last few parallel universes somewhere, she gave me a white card.  It's a different color of the card.  I got a bit confused.  **BREAKING THE NEWS as of 02/26/2024**, there was a GREEN card in another parallel universe I was in before I jumped here.  It was not orange.  I was confused when I read this.
(52) In the last few parallel universes somewhere, I got a letter from the provider explaining a little different than the letter I have here in this universe.  I got a bit confused.
(53) Star Trek Classic.  Episode 1 "The Cage".  Jeffrey Hunter (Henry Herman McKinnies Jr.)  as Captain Pike had died on May 27, 1969 in this universe.  Let's say almost all parallel universes I jumped to, and where I came from, he died in 1968.
(54) I watched the TV show called Relic Hunter.  I was very confused with their Season 1 and Season 2, because in the last few parallel universes, their TV shows are not in the order. I already watched them before. S2:E13 - "Out of the Past" should be in Season 1. S2:E14 - "Eyes of Toklamanee" should be in Season 1. S2:E15 - "Run Sydney Run" should be in the different episode number in Season 2. S2:E16 - "French Connection" should be in a different episode in Season 2. S2:E17 - "Don't go in the Woods" should be in the different episode number in either Season 1 or Season 2.
(55) My dad has a light on top of the fence in the back of his house.  The light is always on during the night.  Almost all the parallel universes, and where I came from, there was no light.  Nothing there.  He said he installed a light a long time ago.
(56) I went to the doctor's office last month (August) and when I got in the patient's room.  I saw a new mounted kiosk-like screen.  The doctor's assistant told me that I used that new mounted kiosk-like screen two months ago.  I was a bit confused, because I didn't use that one at that time.  A previous version of me did use it, but I didn't.  In the last few parallel universes, there was no mounted kiosk-like screen in the patient's room two months ago.
(57) All the parallel universes and where I came from, there were no window curtains in my dad's living room and dining room.  In this (your) universe, dad's window curtains appeared in his living room and dining room.  I was a bit confused and asked them when they had them.  They said they have had them since 1993.  It is a small difference.  I noticed there is a mirror in the 2nd living room, because there was no mirror in the same 2nd living room in all parallel universes and where I came from.  Dad said that my brother made a mirror for him a long time ago.
(58) The television commercial, Inogen One, is about a portable oxygen device for people who have respiratory problems.  The lady, Eileen L. from Gahanna, OH, explained the device, sat on the RED "park" chair.  The last few parallel universes, the lady, Eileen L. from Gahanna, OH, explained the device, sat on the GREEN "park" chair.  You can see the different color of the "park" chairs both of her sat on.
(59) I have an account with the provider.  Somewhere in the last few parallel universes, I looked at my online account showing that a previous version of me opened an account in 2000.  All the parallel universes and where I came from, a previous version of me and I opened my account in 2001.  One year difference.  Guess what?  I jumped again recently, and the account showed that a previous version of me opened in 2001.  Yes, it is a bit confusing.
(60)   I just woke up in my bed and looked at my clock.  It was 1:15 pm and I fell asleep.  I woke up again and looked at the clock that said 12:30 pm.  It is about 45 minutes back.  I know that I jumped to the next parallel universe.
(61) The TV news reminded us to remember the day our president John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Harvey Oswald.  It said that Harvey Oswald also killed a police officer, J.D. Tippet in Oak Cliff the same day.  In my original parallel universe, he did kill our same president, and I never heard of a police officer J.D. Tippet was also assassinated, because I never learned of a police officer J.D. Tippet in school.  It's a small difference, because it was never announced and I just wonder what happened to the police officer J.D. Tippet, and his life.
(62) Thursday, January 11th, 2024, I watched the national TV news called ABC News with David Muir.  I looked at the time 5:25 pm and kept watching before I got sleepy and fell asleep a few times.  I looked at the time 5:48 pm and kept watching until I fell asleep again.  I woke up and the time was 5:30 pm.  The news was repeated, but a little different bit of news.  I knew I jumped to the next parallel universe.  It is not time travel.  It is actually a parallel universe, because I think, let's say that some parallel universes have the time difference.  It is not always about the time difference.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you, Steven! It's great to document the small changes as you notice them, and hopefully you can also sometimes include what you were thinking and feeling at the time of the change.  Sometimes, these thoughts and feelings appear to be connected with these interconnected events. Thanks so much for sharing all of these small changes, including sharing your experience of receiving an orange appointment card, which is different than what you remember as previously having been green.  Hopefully the date and time for the appointment didn't change; color changes are easier to "roll with" as they happen, rather than ending up being early or late to the doctor's appointment.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
I imagine you have already seen this, but just in case, here is an email from Charles Eisenstein, “Curiouser and curiouser.”
    “In my last post I asked about the “missing time” episode in which the part about UFOs disappeared from my “State of the World address.” I wanted to figure out whether that was because of a glitch in the streaming software, or if it had been edited out later. I thought asking the people who had been watching it on YouTube would resolve the matter. Instead of resolution, I am more mystified than ever. You see, quite a number of people report seeing me '“freeze” for those 55 seconds in real time on Youtube. Also, quite a number of people distinctly remember viewing the “missing” content on the very same Youtube broadcast. Is reality bifurcating, or what? I can not but laugh.  If both these realities coexist, then too, the five interpretations of the original event also coexist. The modern mind, steeped in Cartesian objectivity, thinks that underneath our beliefs and perceptions there is a “fact of the matter.” Either there are, or there are not, nefarious censors messing with my Youtube content. But that certainty is itself a vestige of an old story, in which human beings can become the Cartesian “lords and possessors of nature” by pinning it down through empirical inquiry and the Scientific Method.”

Dear Carolyn,
I hadn't seen this--thanks for sharing it with me! This is the kind of thing (technical glitches) that I've often witnessed--in fact, sometimes with remarkable precision to the point of near predictability.  For example, right from the first time I began working with clients, I was unable to record sessions with them, since every single time there would be a unique, different, weird aberration with the recordings.  I just told people, "You can record the session and that's fine with me, but any recording device near me will malfunction." I once warned Lauren Galey, a woman who organized an online class for me that this sort of thing happens with regularity, and she reassured me that there's no need for any concern in that area, since she's such an old hand at putting these events together.  Well, wouldn't you know it that when the big day came, and people attempted to sign on to join us live, there wasn't just one link, but somehow there were two?  (At least two!)  People were so confused, and so was Lauren, even though I'd explained this sort of thing goes with the territory of reality shifts and quantum jumps.
lots of love and thanks,
    NOTE:—After I wrote this reply to Carolyn, I encountered some weirdness with the audio track on my YouTube video where I also happened to be discussing UFO disclosure and a wonderful book by Paola Harris, “Connecting the Dots.” In my video, the volume of the audio track sounded fine to me when I listened to it after recording it, but people reported in the comment section that the sound was too quiet. Fortunately, I received assistance from Tristan Luke, who improved the audio track on a video I posted with the improved audio. This now strikes me as a meaningful coincidence, since the audio track weirdness reported by Charles Eisenstein this past month also occurred when he just happened to be talking about UFO disclosure.

Hello Cynthia,
I just noticed that you are using a new email,
Should I contact you using this email from now on?

Dear Nathan,
This new email arrived when I moved my newsletter over to substack, and it works great--so you can use that one.  :-)



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

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Connecting the Dots:
Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena

by Paola Leopizzi Harris

Tour de force investigation and revelation of new worldview

At this time of congressional hearings publicly discussing the topic of UFOs or UAPs, it seems clear that this topic is being taken seriously, yet there exists a greater need than ever before for clarity, discernment, and focus regarding what, exactly, we are acknowledging to be real and true. What have we learned from decades of respectable reports by highly qualified observers and researchers? “Connecting the Dots” lives up to its name, as it takes readers on a riveting journey through decades of exploration of core foundational facts of the UFO phenomena. Author Paola Leopizzi Harris shares highlights from decades of her investigative journalistic interviews with dozens of experts in this tour de force. Harris is in a unique position to report on the UFO phenomenon, since she was on the scene interviewing the “old guard” including Colonel Phil Corso, Zechariah Sitchin, Sergeant Robert O. Dean, R. Leo Sprinkle, Kenneth Arnold, J. Allen Honecker, Richard Sigismond, and Linda Moulton Howe. Harris moves through the beginning of disclosure, insights from the insiders, hints of secrets at NASA and on Mars, revelations from crop circles and contact, and the psychical, paranormal factor that appears to tie everything together into a revelation of a brand new world view.


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