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RealityShifters News - May 2000

Happy May, Realityshifters!

When I took my seven year old daughter to the doctor to have her broken ankle X-rayed last week, I did my best to remember that even this can be an enjoyable experience. I recalled how things that seem "wrong" can often be great gifts. Yes, it's true that I "lost" a few days of productivity as I made phone calls to doctors offices and insurance representatives... but I gained a vision of seeing the world through my daughter's tender eyes as she learned to use her crutches for the first time. Her tears of initial fear at having a doctor X-ray her ankle gave way to smiles by the time we left the hospital. I saw how this experience brought my daughter a sense of greater trust in the world. She found that people truly care for her, and that she can cope in times of difficulty. And as she learns, so do I. After all, the most profound reality shifts happen on the inside -- in the way we feel about what happens in our lives.

For all of you avid readers, this month brings LOTS of exciting new book reviews on the RealityShifters Bookshelf! There's also an article about the source of synchronicity, a upcoming cable television special on the subject of Reality Shifts, some fascinating web sites that are well worth checking out, and news about how to sign up for the June 24th Reality Shifting Workshop.

Before you start surfing the web to follow all the intriguing links, I'd love to first share an amazing reality shift story that I experienced at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness in New Mexico this month. It all began when I stepped out from an evening sacred site slide presentation in the Crowne Plaza Pyramid hotel's ballroom one night and into the adjoining foyer to join several conference attendees, including Steve Bhaerman (a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda) and his wife Trudy, and several other people who were discussing the beautiful slides we'd just seen. After chatting for a few minutes, a red-haired woman turned to the man accompanying her, and commented, "It's getting late", so those two bade the rest of us a good evening and walked down the hall toward the hotel rooms. Steve and Trudy followed suit, and I left behind the first two couples. When I'd walked all the way from the main ballroom to the elevators of the hotel, I suddenly remembered my intention to look at the stars that night, and walked back the way I'd just come.

As I returned to the main hallway I saw Brenda, one of the members of our informal chat circle, talking to the lady who'd said, "It's getting late" -- and after their animated discussion ended and the red-haired woman walked away, Brenda turned to me and asked, "Did you see HER? Wasn't that the SAME WOMAN who just walked down the hall a few minutes ago?" I agreed that indeed, she was the very same person -- she was unmistakable in her elegant dress with long stylish robe and low-slung purse. Brenda told me that after I'd left, she'd looked inside the ballroom briefly to see a few more slides, and when she returned to the foyer a few minutes later, she saw that woman come in from the parking lot. Brenda had asked her, "HOW did you DO that?!", since this woman looked like she might be a shaman or sorceress who could intentionally transport herself -- to which the woman replied, "Do what?" When Brenda explained she'd just seen her walking down the hall, the woman insisted that was impossible -- because she had not been in the hall recently! Brenda and I watched the redhead saunter down the hall once more... heading the way I'd seen her go the first time, just a few minutes earlier!

In This Issue:

(1) Shifting Reality Workshop - June 24th
(2) Survey Results: How Do You Shift Reality?
(3) The Source of Synchronicity
(4) Book Reviews
(5) Noteworthy Web Sites
(6) Interviews/TV & Radio Shows
(7) Please Share this Message

(1) Shifting Reality Workshop - June 24th

Learn how your thoughts & feelings change the world
in a full day workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson

Time: Saturday, June 24, 10 AM - 6 PM
Place: Redwood City Woman's Club,
149 Clinton Street, Redwood City, California
Cost: $55 before June 20th ($75 at the door)
Register: Call Charles Grotsky at (650) 343-5202 for more information, or email him at charles@shiftreality.com

Come have fun finding the source of synchronicity as we learn how to bring what we most desire into our lives in this all-day reality shifting workshop. Discover the physics behind the phenomenon, and see an amazing slide show of real-life reality shifts! Reality shifts are changes we create with our thoughts and feelings that manifest as appearances, disappearances, transformations and transportations in and around us... as well as changes in the way we experience time. Learn how to bring this peak experience into your life for more excitement, have a closer connection with the consciousness in everything, and enjoy better health for you and those you love. Bring a friend!

(2) Survey Drawing Winners

Five $10 Amazon.com gift certificates were awarded to randomly selected recipients last month in appreciation for their participation in the "How Do You Shift Reality?" survey. The lucky prize winners had this to say about winning their gift certificates:

"Thanks! I'm so happy to be receiving the certificate! Just the other day I was wishing I had some "fun money" to buy a book I want!" -- Renee

"Thank you very much. I must say that I was surprised to be a winner. Guess that is part of the fun though, isn't it. *S*. Thanks again." -- Heather

"I'm excited to find out I have won a gift certificate, thank you." -- Linda

"yup. I got your email." -- Paul

"... thank you so much for this..." -- C.S.

Preliminary survey results can be viewed on the realityshifters web site as they are tabulated and posted at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/research/research.html

(3) The Source of Synchronicity

Most of us are intimately familiar with synchronicity in our lives. But how do meaningful coincidences happen? And is it possible to see the source of synchronicity itself - to actually witness reality shift right in front of our very eyes? Read the Planet Lightworker article at: http://www.planetlightworker.com/articlefarm/cynthialarson/article4.htm

(4) Book Reviews

The RealityShifters Bookshelf has grown tremendously over the past month! I hope you'll come visit the bookshelves and see that we now have three pages of reviews for highly recommended books, including new reviews for Larry Dossey's SPACE, TIME, & MEDICINE; HEALING WORDS; and RECOVERING THE SOUL... Sirona Knight's SHAPESHIFTER TAROT... Paul Pearsall's WISHING WELL... Dean Radin's THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE... Peter Russell's WAKING UP IN TIME... Meir Schneider's HANDBOOK OF SELF-HEALING... Fred Alan Wolf's PARALLEL UNIVERSES; TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP; and THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE... Lyall Watson's GIFTS OF UNKNOWN THINGS, Marelin the Magician's MERLIN'S MESSAGE... and Swami Beyondananda's DUCK SOUP FOR THE SOUL.

See full reviews of this and other books relevant to reality shifts at the realityshifters bookshelf:

(5) Noteworthy Web Sites

Swami Beyondananda's Web Site
This cosmic comic's web site is well worth your visit! There are lots of jokes, funny stories, and you'll find yourself in very good company since "so many formerly-serious people have joined the humorin- potential movement and become FUNdamentalists -- accent on FUN!"

The Human Connection Institute
The Human Connection (HC) Project has been created to reinforce the underlying sense that human beings are innately psychologically and physiologically linked, even when in widely-separated geographic locations.

The Federation of Damanhur
Founded in 1977, Damanhur is an internationally renowned center for spiritual research. Situated in Valchiusella Valley, in the Alpine foothills of northern Italy, Damanhur is a Federation of Communities and Regions with over 800 citizens, a social and political structure, a Constitution, 40 economic activities, its own currency, schools and a daily paper.

Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music
"Listening to Steven's music is like getting a birthday present from an old friend that you didn't even know had your address." Experience the benefits of effortless relaxation and inner peace for yourself.

Simple Vibratory Physics
It's a musical universe! This web site's holistic merging of science, music, art and philosophy is based on the idea that everything in the universe vibrates.

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Gary Craig's web site for sharing information about EFT. As Gary puts it, "EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that we don't use needles.J Instead, we tap with the fingertips on certain meridian points while the client is tuned in to the problem."

USA Presidential candidate John Hagelin
John Hagelin, Ph.D., a Harvard-trained quantum physicist, represents the next generation of politics in America -- and this web site describes the policies he will support when elected president of the United States of America.

The Omega Foundation
Leadership & tools for living in the new age now!

(6) Interviews/TV & Radio Shows

KMVT Channel 15 in Mountain View will soon be airing a special one hour Space Cities program on the subject of Reality Shifts with Charles Grotsky interviewing Cynthia Larson. This show is taping on from 9 to 10 PM on Monday, May 22nd -- so check your program guides or just tune in and see if it's on the air at 9 PM on 5/22/00 if you receive this channel!

(7) Please Share This Message

Pass it Along!

You probably know someone who would love to hear about reality shifts. Please do them and me a big favor, and forward this email to them (in its entirety, please). To unsubscribe, reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

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For those who know (or are beginning to suspect)
that reality shifts around us

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