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RealityShifters News - May 2001

Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Listening to Intuition

    "It is through science that we prove,
    but through intuition that we discover."

        -- Henri Poincare
    "Listen to your intuition.
    It will tell you everything you need to know."

        -- Anthony J. D'Angelo
    "The only real valuable thing is intuition."
        -- Albert Einstein

I love receiving useful information from my dreams and intuition. In the past few years, I've been grateful to also receive wonderful insights in the "coincidental" appearances of written words. I especially love seeing timely and meaningful messages appear right in front of me that directly apply to what I need to know or what I'm thinking about. I frequently find key phrases at pivotal moments on: license plates, newspaper headlines, T-shirts, magazines, and billboards.

I had an especially memorable experience one morning this month, after dreaming the answers to a question I'd asked the night before. My question was about how to develop greater confidence, and my dreams showed me that I need to learn to say "no" to others, and better define my personal "space". After contemplating this dream for a short while in my otherwise busy morning, I drove my car to pick up a package at the post office. While parking my car, I noticed a white car across the street with the license plate "NAY111", which is significant to me because my birthday is January 11th. I took the "NAY" to mean, "Practice saying no", which made me smile as it reminded me of the dreams I'd had the previous night. When I crossed the street, I met a woman who begged me for one dollar, so she could take a bus to another part of town. I gave her the dollar, and she then began to talk about how "all men are bad", insisting that I appreciate what she felt to be an obvious truth. I told her that I disagreed -- yet nothing I said changed her opinion in the slightest. She continued this rather unpleasant discussion for some time, until we both realized that neither of us was likely to change our opinion. Only after I walked away from her did I begin to smile, as I realized that the "NAY" message on the license plate was a reminder to me to practice the art of "saying no"!

If you'd like to read some good books on the subject of listening to your intuition, I highly recommend the two books reviewed in this issue: HONORING THE HERMIT by Rebecca A. Holdorf, and INTUITIVE HEALING by Dr. Judith Orloff. They are both very informative and insightful.

-- Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:
(4) MAY 29th Interview & JUNE 2nd Chat
(5) NEW! Reality Shifts Videos
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(7) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines


(1) Intriguing Articles

Highlights from the International Conference on Science and Consciousness
This year's conference in Albuquerque was wonderful and amazing! You can enjoy it vicariously by taking a look at some photos and reading some quotes by Charles Tart, James DeMeo, Larry Dossey, Judith Orloff, Claudio Naranjo, Bruce Lipton, PMH Atwater, and Gary Schwartz.


How to do a Reality Check --
When you Remember it Both Ways



(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Glasgow, Scotland.

Recently, my washing machine broke and needed replacing. It measured 59 centimeters in width, and the new machine also measured 59 cm in width. The new machine was delivered on the due date, and the old one was removed. Eagerly I connected all the hoses, and started to push the new machine into the vacant space underneath the worktop. It didn't fit. On measuring the space, I found that the bottom was 58 centimeters and the top 61 cm! It simply was not physically possible to fit the new machine in, and it was a mystery as to how the old machine fit in the first place. As you can imagine, there was much soul searching and much thought about how to explain to the store as to why I would like them to exchange for a smaller machine! As we sat looking at the thing in the corner, I commented to my wife and youngest child that perhaps we were experiencing a Reality Shift and explained what that meant. Today (the day after), we went to the country to recharge the batteries. We returned feeling much better. I looked at the space, and decided to try again. (This space was measured over and over again the previous night.) The new machine fit! In fact, the space now measures 61 centimeters both top and bottom! One amazed wife and three amazed kids! Me? Nothing surprises me anymore!


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Raleigh, N.C

This morning I was preparing the eulogy for my father's Memorial Service. This was to take place at my house with only the immediate family there. This was also to be my first memorial service as an ordained minister. As I was writing the eulogy, I decided to use my Reiki symbols (I am a Reiki Master) and prayer, to ask my Dad for guidance to help make his last testimonial just the way he would have wanted it to be. I prepared the eulogy, and ran to the computer to type it out. When I turned the computer on, I found an email from a friend. The email was about a child's miracle that came about because he sang, "You Are My Sunshine." This was very timely for me, because, as a child, my mother, father and I always sang, "You Are My Sunshine" in harmony when we went for a drive. I knew this was my father's answer that my eulogy was just the way he wanted it!

Carmichael, California

Every month or two, I have my nails trimmed by a professional manicurist named Lien. She is a kind and caring woman who emigrated from Viet Nam to America many years ago. She is very good at her work, and I look forward to my appointments with her. The last time I phoned her office to set up our next appointment, she answered the telephone by saying, "Hello, Neva!" I was astonished, because I had not said my name to her! I also hadn't spoken to her in some time, and when I asked her if she had a special feature on her telephone that showed who was calling, she replied, "No. I just felt connected to you from the very first day we met, and I can always tell when people I'm connected to phone me." A little while later, I phoned Lien again, and once again she answered the telephone by saying, "Hello, Neva!"

Glasgow, Scotland

I have had several experiences of time slowing, the most recent being about six weeks ago. I was on my way to a training course (on anti-racist perspectives, if you're interested!) and although I left the house in plenty of time, the bus, of course did not arrive. I found myself sitting on the later bus knowing with certainty that I would be late. The thought that I should slow time down entered mu head very loudly. I concentrated on slowing Time down and speeding up Reality (if that's not a contradiction!). From being in a gridlocked city centre, the bus managed to travel a usual 20 minute journey, without gridlock, in under 10 minutes and I got there on time! Whether or not I actually did slow time or not is not really the issue for me at the moment. What is the issue is the fact that usual accounts that I have heard about time slowing typically involve the experiencer talking of things in slow motion. I felt that "I" was in "Normal" mode and not in slo-motion. The "Reality" seemed to pass as normal, it was just as if Time itself slowed? Hard to explain!


Do you have a reality shift story you'd like to share? Don't be shy, send it in today. We'd love to hear it! Send an email to Cynthia at cynthia@2xtreme.net

(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are new book reviews posted at realityshifters.com this month! The RealityShifters book section has now expanded onto five virtual shelves, where you can order anything you see that you like (which helps fund this ezine). Please stop by and check it out at: http://realityshifters.com/pages/reviews.html


HONORING THE HERMIT: Seeing Through the Illusion of Separateness
by Rebecca A. Holdorf

How to live a soulful life

This thoughtful book illuminates the ways we can attain a more spiritual perspective in our lives, by pointing out the differences between ego (I-ness) and spirit (We-ness). Author Rebecca Holdorf explains that the Hermit is Øthe Wise One isolated by choice who speaks only when properly addressed: when the mind is silent. Holdorf shares relevant stories from her life as she addresses some of the big questions, such as: the search for meaning in life; increasing awareness of ourselves; relating to others; and such soulful abstractions as truth, beauty, love, compassion and freedom. What I love most about HONORING THE HERMIT is the way it brings clarity to the matter of how to be a soulful individual, honoring both one?s own life path and all life, everywhere. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the interaction between self and spirit.


by Dr. Judith Orloff

A Psychic Doctor's Five Steps to Improved Intuition

With warmth, humor, and poignant examples from her own life, Dr. Orloff presents a rational case for the value of intuition, by describing five easy steps to follow for paying attention to our beliefs, body, subtle energy, inner guidance and dreams. Many of us receive early warning signs of troubled relationships and problems with our health, yet find it difficult to recognize and heed the wisdom we have access to. If you've ever wondered how to differentiate between hearing true inner guidance and suffering from an over-active imagination, this book is for you! Orloff also provides invaluable tips for how to get clear intuitive "reads" in the most trying times and challenging situations. One of the things that impressed me most about INTUITIVE HEALING is Orloff's courage to present the advantages of psychic intuition directly to the medical community, in a culture that historically has denigrated all things psychic. Orloff builds a crystal-clear case for the value of intuition, which often is the best (and sometimes the only) source of accurate and timely information in life-or-death situations. Orloff describes how we need not fear death, but can learn to access tremendous reserves of strength by welcoming the energy of death into our lives and learning to better understand death on an intuitive level. INTUITIVE HEALING is priceless for anyone in need of medical care, and equally valuable to those who simply desire to develop intuitive abilities. I give this book my highest recommendation!


(4) MAY 29th Interview & JUNE 2nd Chat

On TUESDAY, MAY 29th, tune your computer in for a special one hour program of "Exploring the Psyche", in which Joyce Hagelthorn interviews Cynthia Larson on WPON Radio in Detroit. This program begins at 1:00 PM EST, and lasts for one hour. You can tune in to hear it on the world wide web by going to:


On SATURDAY, JUNE 2nd, join in an online chat on the subject of "Creating Miracles In Your Life" from 9 to 10 PM EST (6-7 PM PST) The mirc address is description #SpiritTides, the irc server is irc.superchat.org, and the port is 6667.


(5) NEW! Reality Shifts Videos

You can now order your very own copy of "Exploring the Mysteries of Reality Shifts" for just $19.99 plus shipping and handling! Take a look at what's on the tape at:



If you'd like to meet others interested in discussing the reality shift phenomenon, please join the realityshifters group at yahoo. We'd love to hear from you!


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Changing the physical universe with our thoughts & feelings

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