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RealityShifters News - May 2002
-- the realityshifters.com ezine --
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Time Warps & Vortices


While many people associate reality shifts with vortices, such as those in the Bermuda Triangle where one of this month's reality shift stories occurred, reality shifts are happening all around the world. Some people (like me) notice this phenomenon follows them wherever they may go. This leads me to marvel how we humans may well be the ultimate reality shifting vortex systems, since we are LOADED with vortices! We have seven primary chakras as well as the peripheral chakras at our hands and feet.

Among the most subtle & intriguing kinds of reality shifts are shifts in time. I've been involved in three rather startling time shifts, each one feeling quite different than the others. The first one felt like time stood still, allowing me to walk forward at normal speed and catch my falling baby before her head hit a marble floor. The second time shift I experienced had the effect of slowing everything down around my younger daughter and I so we could read a very long story in a waiting room -- with time creeping along extremely slowly on the clock while my other daughter finished her doctor's appointment. My third time shift happened just this past month with my friend, Susan, who describes the "Never-Ending Movie" incident in this ezine.

At this point you may be wondering, "HOW does time slow down?" It has been my experience that time is a flexible continuum which consciousness can traverse at will, given sufficient desire (intention) and energy (attention). Time's speed is illusory. Time does not flow evenly forward "like clockwork", although we sometimes like to believe it does. Any time you truly need to experience the awesome experience of now-ness and have the necessary intention and energy to do so, you can feel time stand still.

Timelessly yours,

Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
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(5) Reality Shifting Award Winner!
(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines
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(1) Intriguing Articles

Physicists Capture Atoms Doing the Wave

"In a strange way, it's almost as if the atoms were talking with each other to behave collectively, even though one could be thousands of atomic diameters apart from another," lead researcher Jeffrey McGuirk remarks.

From Here to Eternity

Consider the possibility that every conceivable configuration of the universe, past, present, and future, exists separately and eternally. In this scenario, we don't live in a single universe that passes through time, but instead simultaneously inhabit a multitude of static, everlasting tableaux that include everything in the universe at any given moment... and each and every one of these "Nows" lasts forever.

The Nocebo Effect: Placebo's Evil Twin

While the placebo effect refers to health benefits produced by a supposedly non-effective treatment, patients who experience the nocebo effect presume the worst -- and that's exactly what happens.

The Map of "The Creator"

Bashkir scientists discover 120 million year-old stone stabs depicting a relief map of Ural Region with mysterious hyroglpyhic inscriptions

(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

St. Louis, Missouri

I was blessed to meet Cynthia Larson about four years ago at a seminar in the Bay Area. Our friendship was immediate and we quickly formed a strong bond. Through our conversations, I learned a lot about reality shifts. Some of these shifts in reality I had experienced before, so talking to Cynthia about these was a matter of gaining confirmation and further insight into what had previously been the unexplainable for me. There were other aspects of reality shifts, however, that I had never experienced -- one of these being time slowing down.

Certainly, like everyone else, I had experienced moments when time seemed to take a long time to pass. A long day at the office, perhaps, or sitting through a boring lecture and thinking, "Will this ever end?" But, these experiences were more about my attitude and not about time's passage per say. Recently, for the first time I can recall, I had an experience in which I could actually measure the altering in time's passage.

My boyfriend had just suddenly broken up with me while I was going through other life changes and I was feeling down and stressed. I really needed some good old fashioned tender loving care. I phoned Cynthia and asked if I could come stay for the night. She promptly agreed, and like a true-blue friend came to pick me up in the city, drove me back to her house where she had made fresh banana bread on my behalf. I crumpled into a chair in the living room and allowed myself to come undone and to reconcile myself with being "mothered" for the night. Cynthia made a wonderful dinner for me and at 8 o'clock that night we put in a movie to watch: "The Music Man". I hadn't seen this movie since I was a child and was reminded of how much my mother loved musicals and how we would watch together when I was a little girl sitting next to her.

Well, this night at Cynthia's the movie seemed to go on forever! I relished in the comfort of being cared for, of watching a simple musical from my past, but soon I began to get very sleepy and couldn't keep my eyes open. At one point, I finally succumbed to sleep and I remember waking and seeing the movie still playing and wondering to myself, "How long can this movie possibly be?" Cynthia checked the DVD screen and found that we were only about three quarters of the way through the movie and, yet, it was after eleven o'clock. We had already been watching the movie for over three hours and still had a quarter of the way to go!

We both gave up on the movie because we were so tired and went to bed for the night not before commenting to each other that we had no idea how long this movie was when we had started it.

The next morning, Cynthia checked the DVD box to find out if it listed the length of the movie on the back cover, as they usually do. To our surprise, the movie was listed as running just over two hours. But, were that the case, we would have easily finished watching the film the previous night before we had to give up for the sake of sleep. The movie would have been over just after ten p.m., not three-fourths through after eleven p.m.!

Looking back, I can only surmise that I so desperately needed that night of recooperation, that time slowed down on my behalf so I could unwind in comfort for as long a duration as it took: a blessing indeed!



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Shayna Bracha
Buffalo Grove, IL

I am a visionary artist and energy healer. When I work on my paintings, or start an energy cleaning for one of my students before they start to paint with me, I notice that time seems to have a non-linear aspect to it. I notice at these times that I can get into a trace state very easily.

I also notice that sometimes in my house I see white flashes of someone or some things? It doesn't scare me at all; in fact, I rather enjoy it! When I paint, I use rose water, which is energized water from stones I've just done some energy cleaning on. When I paint with those tools plus using crystals, stones, and music, my pictures change - forms come out of them! Butterfly's & angels, aliens, lions, or just people! I paint in bright colors and strongly believe that colors, sound, and the energies surrounding us make a really big difference in our lives. I teach my students to do the same things.

Dale Evans
Rochester, NY

On January 22nd this year, while reading a book, I became a bit sleepy. I thought to take a nap, and then began thinking twice. Naps sometimes make me feel groggy, and I feel I need to start the day all over again beginning with coffee, etc. I didn't want to sleep away the day because there were things I had to get done. And that was my clue to myself: lately whenever I feel I need to do something, especially that I need to get things done, I stop and do nothing. I take a bath. Or a nap. Anything to stop myself from projecting into the future and from thinking I need to change anything and to bring myself back into the now. I can't do much from a bathtub.

So I opted to take a nap, and as I lay down I noticed my clock said 11:51. I didn't fall fully asleep, I was in that in- between area. I could hear my son playing his video game in the background, and a while later someone came to the door. My son came in and asked me if he could let the utilities person into the basement. I heard them walking below me, and then leave out the back door, and I just lay there awhile longer. Then I felt I was done and got up. I looked at my clock, and saw that it said 11:51. No time had passed! I've had this happen many times before, but when I lay down in silence. I easily explained it away, thinking it just felt like time had passed, but I probably only lay down for less than a minute. This time I couldn't explain it away as "action" had occurred without the passing of any time.

Love your newsletter!

Shady Cove, Oregon

In August of 1976, I was sailing through the night on the Bold Venture, when I saw lightning lighting a wall of clouds at 2:00 AM. Cold air was moving down from the northwest, mixing with moist tropical air -- creating the storm conditions that give the Bermuda Triangle it's bad name. Since I knew a storm was on it's way, I rushed down below to don my foul weather gear, and made it back on deck to roll in the head sail just in time. The storm hit the Bold Venture at express train speed, and we "went up on our ear", heeling heavily to the side. Quickly, I turned sharply toward the wind, and was relieved to feel the Bold Venture right herself. I reminded myself that I'd asked for a challenge -- and here it was! One wrong move, and the sea would have us. I kept my hand steady and fast on the wheel like an orchestra conductor; I was the calm in the eye of the storm.

By 7:00 AM, the main force of the storm had moved east of us. We were still battered by gale force gusts and mountainous waves, as I saw smokestacks along the shore. Surely these couldn't be our smokestacks! We were only about five miles out from Lake Worth Inlet at Palm Beach, Florida. When the storm had hit, I'd turned sharply to the north, and the wind had kept shifting to the north throughout the night -- meaning that I'd been sailing more to the north as the night wore on. My task had been to keep the boat just enough off the wind to fill the mainsail; it was like walking a tightrope. Too close to the wind, and the sail would have backed -- we'd have been out of control. Too far off the wind, and we'd be knocked flat on the water.

With the Gulf Stream carrying us northward, I'd estimated that we were approximately 30 miles east of and quite far to the north of our destination at 7:00 AM. Finding ourselves exactly where we would have been if there had been no storm was inexplicable. Strange things take place in the Bermuda Triangle.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I was never much of a believer in meditation and universal enlightenment. Let me tell you a quick story though. On the morning of April 25th, I couldn't find my car keys - my keys for my house and my business were on it. I looked for them for about three hours. My house is pretty small, so after three hours time, I had checked every crevice.

For some reason, I got online the next morning, went to a search engine, and typed "finding lost car keys". Your page about finding lost things came up. So I read through it, and wasn't really paying attention to what I was reading. So I read it again. I just did the first step alone. I stayed calm and focused, and imagined that cord taking away my anxiety. I found my keys less than 5 minutes later! For some reason, I finally remembered that they were in my hands when I was throwing our some trash, and that they must have gone into the trash can, too.

Well the thing is - I already checked the trash can. But there they were. So I am going to read through your entire web site now with a lot more interest (and get a spare set of keys). Thanks a lot for all your good advice.

Bryan, Texas

Recently, my son asked for a peanut butter sandwich, and I said I would make him one. I looked in the pantry, and saw that the peanut butter was not in the spot it should have been in. I looked behind everything in that pantry, trying to find it. I knew we had a jar of peanut butter, because I had just gone to the store a few days before, and it was on my list. My roommate came in at about that time, and I told her that I could not find the peanut butter. She looked as I had done behind everything, and couldn't find it either. I looked again too. Together, we searched about three or four times (we had even looked in the other cabinets and the refrigerator).

Finally, I told my son that I guess we just thought we had bought some peanut butter, but didn't. Later on, I opened the pantry for something else, and there was the jar of peanut butter in the precise spot that it should have been in all along. I couldn't believe it, and even accused my son of having had it. I thought he had had it up in his room eating peanut butter from a spoon (as he likes to do sometimes). Of course, he denied it adamantly, and when I opened the jar, I could see that it had not been opened. We scratched our heads on that one for a long time!

(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

Thank you for clicking through the realityshifters site when you go to buy books at Amazon.com, which helps to offset the costs of distributing this ezine and keeping the realityshifters web site up and running! Check out some of my very favorite books at:


Three wonderful books are reviewed here this month: THE PATH by Esmeralda Arana, THE MAGUS OF JAVA by Kostas Danaos, and EARTHSHIFT by Judith Horky.

The Path

The Path: A Practical Approach to Sorcery
by Esmeralda Arana

Fresh New Insights Into Sorcery, Addiction & Perception

Esmeralda Arana's educational and entertaining book, THE PATH, is packed with amazing revelations about the similarities between the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Twelve Step Program, Carlos Castaneda's Warrior's Way, Robert Monroe's Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), and Gurdjieff's concept of hypnotic sleep.

What do recovering alcoholics have in common with sorcerers? According to Arana, quite a lot. The key to transforming your life is in transforming your perception of reality -- and it is essential to request assistance from both the elemental force (also known as God, or Spirit) as well as a human support group -- and then to start acting in accordance with the behavior appropriate to your new place of perception. You can change channels in your life from one reality to another just like changing channels on TV, by tuning in to a different perceptual station with sufficient energy and intent.

Arana clearly elucidates the striking similarities between AA's 12 step program and Toltec sorcery techniques taught by Carlos Castaneda by sharing intimate revelations about her own experiences with overcoming alcoholism. Arana also describes her fascinating experiences with lucid dreaming as she describes how difficult it could be at times to detach her energetic "double" from her physical body, and some of the side-effects of lucid dreaming (such as hearing voices, and knowing intimate and seemingly unknowable details about others).

I highly recommend this book for its excellent down-to- Earth writing, original ideas, and fascinating insights into how you can make small shifts in perception in order to make big changes in your life. THE PATH is an intensely practical and transformative book which I'm sure I will still be thinking about months and years later, telling all my friends about at every opportunity!

Magus of Java

by Kostas Danaos

The Awesome Creative & Destructive Power of Yin & Yang

Kostas Danaos' story about THE MAGUS OF JAVA became possible when he started out on a quest to track down the man he saw in a documentary film called, "Ring of Fire", who could start fires by intently focusing yin and yang energy onto a small pile of papers. I also saw this spectacular film footage, and was quite impressed by it -- it was the most memorable and amazing part of the whole film.

Danaos was so moved by seeing the film of the mysterious man with the pyrokinetic powers that he set out from his homeland in Greece to find him, and ask if he would accept Danaos as a student. Fortunately for us, Danaos succeeded. His book tells the story of how the amazing Chinese- Javanese acupuncturist and martial artist John Chang came to be "The Magus of Java", and includes some highly personal accounts of his early training with his neikung master.

Many people will be skeptical that there are individuals who can train themselves to levitate, be telepathic, and have precise control over telekinetic abilities. If you cannot suspend your disbelief, this book might be unsettling to you. Since I have personally experienced a wide range of rather amazing incidents (including putting my hand through several layers of clothing I was wearing to touch my own bare skin underneath), overwhelming doubt is not an impediment to my keeping an open mind about the remarkable claims made by Kostas Danaos of John Chang's abilities.

What sets THE MAGUS OF JAVA apart is the way Danaos presents the concept of learning to work with yin and yang energy as being the key to mastering one's ability to extend the powers of one's mind beyond one's body. Only limited results are possible when we work with just yang energy -- while incredible things are possible with a combination of yin and yang. The yin and yang are much like polar opposites, and when energy is intentionally allowed to flow between the yin and yang designated areas, miraculous things can occur. I especially loved the many stories of the "Taoist Immortals" sprinkled liberally throughout this book, as they helped to point out that humans with god-like powers can sometimes cause as much damage as they can bring healing and good to the world.

While many martial arts and bioenergetic schools work exclusively with yang energy (and a few work with yin energy), there are precious few who appreciate and integrate a combination of the yin energy with the yang. The system of neikung that John Chang teaches contains 72 levels of mastery, and the reason that only the first four are rudimentarily covered in this book is that it is extremely dangerous to practice these meditations without a teacher's guidance. Several people died as this form of neikung was being developed by trial-and- error, since the two energies of yin and yang when compressed and placed side by side have tremendous power to destroy.

I give this book my highest recommendation to any serious student of spirituality, metaphysics, or the martial arts. Reading it with an open mind will show you a world of new possibilities, and might just change your life!


by Judith Horky

What it Feels Like to Live through the End of the World

EARTHSHIFT begins with some very strange events shaking people up emotionally and physically around the world. As the earth's fundamental vibration increases from eight to thirteen Hertz and disruptions of electromagnetic transmissions begin, many people panic and are overwhelmed with fear. Only those who can remain calm in the face of widespread hysteria are destined to make a smooth transition to a new idyllic world in which amazing psychic and spiritual capabilities such as teleportation and telepathy are commonplace.

Judith Horky's fast-paced novel follows members of the Armstrong family as each individual comes to terms with the challenges presented to them in the transition from a world felt in three dimensions to one of fifth dimension sensibilities. Not only do people feel different when they attune their awareness to a different set of emotions (such as becoming able to commune telepathically with loved ones, dead family members, and aliens when they feel love and compassion instead of fear and outrage); they also experience a completely different world in physical form. Those who are controlled by their fears witness pillaging and looting all around, missing out on the brighter colors and fresher air in the dawning of the new world.

I love the way EARTHSHIFT takes the well-known concept of a transition between worlds, such as the classic story of the great flood which appears in many cultures around the world, and answers many questions about what such a transition might feel like. What is the world like when some people see only fear, destruction, and terror all around.... while others see a paradise? How will the transition begin, and how will it end? Will it be possible to walk between worlds?

While EARTHSHIFT is based upon a Christian point of view and includes quotes from the Bible at the beginning of some chapters, all readers will be able to relate to the challenges faced by the Armstrong family. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of ascension to a higher level of awareness, or what it might feel like to live through the end times.

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(5) Reality Shifting Award Winner!

RealityShifting Award

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'tween: The Art of Healing in Love and Light

(6) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

Recognize Your Potential And Surpass Your Dreams! Deborah Brown, noted Success and Personal Coach, writes a free monthly e-mail newsletter that offers practical advice and steps to overcome obstacles so you can get to you where you want to be in your life

Explore the Possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time travel with the Time Travel Research Center and Association, dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time control and time travel capabilities.

Visual Evidence of the Power of Prayer, Gratitude and Appreciation

The online archive of Sir George Trevelyan (1906-1996), regarded by many as the grandfather of the movement for spiritual regeneration in Britain

The Bioenergy Fields Foundation is Dr. Valerie Hunt's scientific web site which contains current information about laboratory research, radio and TV programs, new publications, and bioenergy tools

THE OPTION INSTITUTE are the people who proved that autism can be cured by complete love and unconditional acceptance -- against all the odds

The Indigo Network is a place where those of us who are being called to work with Indigo Children are able to connect with one another. We are parents, teachers and Indigos who come together to share solutions and offer alternatives. Many of us are passionately awakening to the vibration of Indigo and realize traditional education environments lack the freedom our children crave. Through our own intuitive guidance and practical experience we have come to find the essential elements necessary for creating a nurturing learning environment for "children of the new earth"

This web site is devoted to the explanation of why time travel is possible in both a forward and backward direction.

The Time Travel Institute is dedicated to the research and exploration of the temporal sciences. Together, we can make the future happen... today!

One hundred time travel links

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