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May 2011
Issue #140

How Good Can it Get?
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Master Reality Shift Ethics

"But all lost things are in the angels' keeping, Love"
- Helen Hunt Jackson

High Energy Money
I write about some amazing stories about finding money in my latest book, RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money, so when I saw a San Francisco Chronicle article this week on the topic of The Murky Ethics of Found Money, I wondered, When money or other valuables manifest, how best can we see and master ethical considerations regarding the source of new prosperity in our lives? Sometimes we discover things (including money) that was not lost by someone else, and which clearly belongs with us at the time it arrives. Sometimes when I have found money, it was not a candidate for being returned to someone, because for example, it arrived directly in my wallet as I held it in my hands, discovering each time it opened another dollar bill that had not been there moments before.

The author of the found money ethics article raises the important consideration that, "found money can become the perfect missing piece to whatever moral puzzle you've constructed in your own mind." While indeed it is true that a simplistic attitude of "finders keepers, losers weepers" or some other such justification for why we deserve to keep what we found could at times be unscrupulous. Only by viewing each individual situation empathically from the point of view of the one who lost what we've found can we hold the moral high ground. The prevailing view of reality currently leans heavily against the possibility of money appearing out of thin air, yet for those of us who've seen money appear before our eyes, the question becomes one of how best to view the welcome windfall, and respectfully honor the participation of anyone else involved.

We know that when we find things we suspect belong to someone else, the ethical thing to do is care for them respectfully and make a serious effort to return them... even if it seems that what we found is small. But what shall we do when we literally see something appear out of thin air, or arrive in a closed area that nobody else had access to? A big part of the answer comes from caring for others as we care for ourselves. The importance of directing only positive energy toward others is centrally important in our own well-being and the well-being of those our thoughts and feelings influence. In my experience pulling dollar bill after dollar bill out of my wallet, as I describe in my book High Energy Money, I remembered I had moments earlier wished for enough dollar bills to pay my waitress a fair tip. My recognition of what this money was for made it clear to me that these magically manifesting dollars were intended to go directly to my waitress, not to me.

One of the best books on the topic of how people are capable of both ethical and corrupt intentions, and how we can minimize the damage and destruction we can do to others with our minds is Dr. Larry Dossey's brilliant book, Be Careful What You Wish For. Dossey describes how people utilize negative prayer both consciously (in order to win at a game or in business), and unconsciously (venting feelings and thoughts without regard for the effects on the recipients)... and he covers a wide spectrum of negative prayers from the sophisticated curses and hexes of sorcerers to the more common varieties of drive-by prayers and prayer muggings. Those who work with prayer every day, such as sorcerers and priests, know better than to make idly damaging statements such as, he ought to be shot, or I hope he chokes -- and Dossey includes some fascinating stories of how such thoughts have precipitated real physical effects. I consider Dossey's book essential reading for anyone seeking a better understanding of how to understand and protect oneself from negative prayer, even when those prayers come from well-meaning friends, family, and colleagues, and an excellent reference point when mastering the ethics of reality shifts.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, intuitive, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "Cynthia has a grounded authenticity which is rare in this exploding field of manifestation, laws of attraction, and all of it. I have known of her work and admired it for almost a decade, and could not recommend her thinking and practice more highly. Again, practical, useable, reality-based insights which nevertheless transcend the cliches that swarm around us, alas. I would urge anyone reading this to visit Cynthia's website and sign up for her newsletters, take a look at her Archive, and get ready to meet the Real Thing. She has a background in quantum physics which informs her approach to applied reality shifting. it is one thing to sit in the station, and think that shifting realities to something better 'might be nice to do one of these days,' but Cynthia explains the process, gives you a map, opens the door, and puts wind under your wings." -- Alex Noble

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Would you like to invite your friends to attend an aura advantage workshop in your home? If you live in Northern California and are interested in planning such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
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(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Mastering the Shift with Rebecca Skeele
Mastering the Shift - with Rebecca Skeele
Originally aired on 5 April 2011
How good can your relationship with money get? Rebecca Skeele's guest, Cynthia Sue Larson, author and Life Coach shares insights into making your relationship to money better and better. Can you imagine feeling happy, enthusiastic, and grateful about your finances? When your relationship with money is optimally aligned, you are better able to discover new sources of money, keep more money that comes your way, and more easily increase your savings. Cynthia and Rebecca share a love for the magic of shifting realities, which they delve into together on this fun radio hour.

Laurie Nadel
Laurie Nadel’s Pursuit of Happiness show
Originally aired 20 April 2011
Be Happy! Discover how to bring and maintain happiness in your life with regard to money and prosperity when Dr. Laurie Nadel interviews Cynthia Sue Larson. Find out the prosperity advantage of seeing how "the future is history, and the present is mystery, " and hear Dr. Laurie describe something amazing that happened when she carried a copy of RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money on the train one day.


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Agate Beach Appears & Disappears
Anita Holmes

I sometimes wonder if the Universe tunes into our silliest, most insignificant, innocent desires, and out of great kindness decides to indulge us in them.  I say this because in the 1970’s as a young wife and mother I had what must have been a reality shift that fulfilled a life-long desire to find agates. I’d been collecting agates since I was a preschooler.  Growing up in western Oregon, we’d find them in the gravel on the unpaved road we lived on, and once in a great while on the over-picked-by-beach-combers sands of the Oregon coast.  My mother provided me with tin cans for my humble collection; given the average size of my specimens -- a shriveled pea -- it only took a couple of cans to contain the collection. My husband and I enjoyed staying on the northern Oregon coast on three day weekends. I had an uncle who owned a summer home there, and let family stay for free (the perfect price for a young family with three little ones)!  We especially loved to explore new-to-us beaches.

One weekend we headed south to find a new beach.  We turned right on a road and ended up on a boulder-covered beach.  It was narrow and unattractive, but as long as we were already there, we decided to stop and scramble over the large rocks.  Maybe they would hide a tidal pool where we could poke at sea anemones and watch them close up.  (Hey, this was fun for us—which tells you just how tight our entertainment budget was at that time!) But what we found still astounds me after all of these years. Betwixt the boulders, sitting pristine on the sands, we found agate after agate the size of plump prunes!  We harvested them till I had no more room in the buckets!

We went back to Portland Monday evening, very happy campers.  However, on subsequent trips over the years to the coast, we were never, EVER, able to find that beach again.  We searched maps, drove repeatedly down every westerly road possible, to no avail. Occam’s Razor being what it is, the most appropriate explanation may be that we’re just idiots!  But, since learning about reality shifts, I’ve often wondered if we weren’t inadvertent visitors to an alternate reality.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story, which I so treasured in your recent book, Twidders! I love this retelling of your experience, and I share your suspicion that the universe indeed conspires to fulfill even our seemingly most trivial and whimsical desires... sometimes at the most unexpected times!


Woman on Beach Walked by... Twice!
Ipperwash Beach, Ontario, Canada

On or about my 22nd webbing anniversary, July 17th 2009, on a very cool day, walking along Ipperwash Beach in Ontario Canada, my wife and I noticed a oddly dressed, fifty-five or so year-old-woman, passing us on the beach in the opposite direction wearing two pair of sunglasses. One pair not so odd, on her eyes, and a large "groovy" pair was up in her hair. Her coat was of the pastel colors I remember my sisters wearing in the early 1970's.

This is why, when, not five minutes later, she came down the beach in the same direction again, I looked at my wife and asked her, "Didn't that lady go past us just a few minutes ago?" Now, my wife, not wanting to say anything initially, due to the fact that she had undergone brain surgery six years earlier for epilepsy, agreed with me. If you were to know the beach, you would also realize, to leave the beach behind us, after her first pass, go over the dunes, go through the row of cottages, back up the road, come back down through the row of cottages, over the dunes, and to come towards us again, within this five minute span, would be an impossibility, in the time span, that this event took place.

The beach was nearly deserted that day, due to the fact that it was quite cold. There was a young couple sitting on the edge of the first dune about 30 feet from us. I went right over to them and asked, "Do you see that lady?" and they said "Yes." I asked them, "Didn't she just go by a few minutes ago?" They looked at me as though I was crazy, and said, "No."  If someone else told me this story, I'd think they were a little crazy, but we were there, make no mistake about it, this event happened. 

I am refreshed to hear others have come across this. Can't explain it. I am completely OK with this. I am happy to admit I am a realist, and only want to deal with reality. This event really adds quite a bit of questions to my search for reality.  It is incredible that this can occur and makes many things possible that man does not understand at this time.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for writing to me regarding your experience seeing a woman walk by going the same direction twice in just a few minutes at Ipperwash Beach. I've also witnessed a woman walk past in the same direction twice within a few minutes, and I know what you mean when you write that you likely wouldn't have believed such a thing could happen if it hadn't happened right in front of you. Thank goodness your wife saw the woman, too! I am greatly relieved when other people notice these spectacular types of reality shifts with me, rather than just seeing them by myself. I describe my experience with a lady who appeared twice here:

Insulation Manifestation
Worcester, New York, USA

I am grateful to be blessed with many experiences, and their validations, yet I continue to remain awed by it all to this day. I lived in the Catskill mountains on a dead end country road. I worked within ten miles of where I lived, and there were many ways to go home. The quaint house I rented  was very secluded and uninsulated. I had moved my bed so my head was under one of the two bedroom windows, and my it was drafty! I said to myself, "I would not use that plastic," thinking of the one some people used with a hair dryer to attach for insulation that year. I began to live in the solution, and wondered about a roll of insulation... if I could just find someone who has extra.

I went to work on a brisk Fall day, having forgotten about the insulation. I got the urge to stop at my friends; I didn't do this very often. My friends were not home, but I did like passing the ashram in South Fallsburg and 'lo much to my surprise in my very eyes did I cross the intersection and spy a piece of insulation! It was right there in the middle of the road; I did not see it when I first crossed. I had to pull over; this was not a big roll, it was just a piece. I got out, looked around, and put the thing in my car. I could not believe my eyes. I was giggling like a kid with a lollipop! I saw no trucks as I went on home, and when I got there I was excited to be able to insulate the window with this. I wondered if it would fit, as I did not want to cut it because of the fiber splinters annoying as heck.

Wouldn't you know that this lonely piece of insulation I found right in the middle of the road fit my window exactly! It fit right into the sill, it was the exact depth! Now someone who would have driven down that road would have had to ride over it or get out and move it. What a manifestation that was! This happened in 94. Wow! My needs were met in a most unusual co worker was astounded the next day.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful reality shift experience with me! Having things show up that are exactly what I need is one of my favorite varieties of reality shift experiences... and I suspect this happens to a lot of people more often than is realized. I especially love the way you describe the mindset you entered, "I began to live in the solution." Another way to describe this state of consciousness is keeping an open mind that what had seemed like a problem is about to be solved... brilliant! I really love the way the piece of insulation you found in the road was just the right size, too!

(5) Reality Shifting Q and A / Mail Bag

Dear Cynthia,
I was just reading your notes on the RealityShifters site, regarding your successful attempts at retrocausality. Could you please advise me if you have a specific technique for achieving this (ie: affecting events in the past). Any advice you may have would be gratefully received.
Thanks and best regards,
Ben John

Dearest Ben John,
Thanks so much for writing to me regarding techniques for affecting events in the past.  One of the most effective ways to change the past is by becoming conscious of existing outside the flow of time to a state of "no when." Attainment of this state of consciousness requires attaining a deep meditative awareness, which allows for us to more easily move between possible realities. Meditation is helpful to us in much the same way that the shift pedal on a car assists us when we move the gear shift lever to neutral in between shifting from one gear to the next. When one is in such a state of "no when," and when one is energetically aligned with all of one's being to remember a different past, feeling gratitude and appreciation for that different reality, it's possible to come out of the meditation to a shifted reality. 

I also share a retrocausality technique for working with money in my new book, RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money, that you might enjoy. 

lots of love,


(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

New Consciousness Review
New Consciousness Review is a fabulous online community and place to connect for readers and authors interested in spiritual growth, enlightened living, metaphysics and the body-mind-spirit genre, with book and film reviews, video trailers and reviews, author interviews and discussion groups.

(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth

Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth:
The Spiritual Ecology of the Father of Environmentalism

by Ervin Laszlo
Scholarly Introduction to Ideas of a Remarkable Visionary

Once in a great while, a man comes along with such a unique view of the world, its problems, and visions of solutions to those problems that all great thinkers who meet him are forever changed. Thomas Berry was clearly such a man, judging by the delicious assortment of essays written about Berry by a world-class assortment of his peers. "Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth" is as much a tribute to "the father of environmentalism" as it is a primer on his ideas. What sets Thomas Berry apart from most ecologists is his view that humanity must evolve and transform our very way of thinking from pure rational consciousness to a much more fully integrated form of integral knowingness in order to completely and fully resolve the crises initiated by our presence on the Earth. Rather than attempting to initiate 'green' changes from the inside of existing systems, Berry pointed out that only harmonious communication and cooperation with the Earth and the Universe could ever solve the myriad problems facing us today. While many environmentalists work within the confines of a techno-centric, rational-centric worldview, Berry expresses passionate opposition to such "solutions," asserting that such attempts to return balance and natural order are destined to fail. Berry proposes an entirely new, yet extremely old remedy: dream with the Earth and the Universe, as shamans and indigenous medicine men and women do. Berry writes, "If we will the future effectively, it will be because the guidance and the powers of the Earth have been communicated to us, not because we have determined the future of the Earth simply with some rational faculty." While few details are provided as to how, exactly, we may enter into such holistic partnership with Earth, Berry also states, "We probably have not had such participation in the dream of the Earth since earlier shamanic times, but therein lies our hope for the future for ourselves and for the entire Earth community." The ten essays in this slim volume written by Matthew Fox, Joanna Macy, Stanley Krippner, Duane Elgin, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ervin Laszlo, Allan Combs, Geneen Marie Haugen, Bill Plotkin and others do an excellent job of showcasing the most fascinating aspects of Berry's remarkable ideas. I heartily recommend "Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth" to readers interested in indigenous ways of knowing, consciousness, Earth-based spirituality, and shamanism. This book sparks the imagination, encourages heartfelt connection with the natural world, and inspires spiritual transformation. The time to dream with the Earth... with the Universe... is now!

Forbidden Archeologist

Forbidden Archeologist
by Michael A. Cremo
Evidence of Human Existence Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago

Michael Cremo's book, "The Forbidden Archeologist" takes us on an amazing trail exploring the controversial mystery of 'forbidden archeology.' Cremo describes evidence of man's existence dating back hundreds of millions of years, far earlier than generally accepted by traditional historians and archeologists. Presented in the format of columns originally written for Atlantis Rising magazine over a period of several years, The Forbidden Archeologist showcases a decade of Cremo's passionate crusade to challenge scientists to consider artifacts and evidence that fall outside popular theories. While most scientists currently agree that humans left Africa some 60,000 years ago, Cremo presents a large body of evidence indicating that humans have existed in North America for hundreds of millions of years. Cremo describes how numerous things including skeletons, a metal vase, and a very modern looking shoe print have been found in solid rock dating back hundreds of millions of years. None of this information is presented in modern anthropology and archeology textbooks, due to bias toward censoring findings that disagree with dominant paradigms. Cremo's anti-evolutionary stance may be unsettling or outright distasteful to some, but when read with an open mind to review the facts he presents, we can empathize with his outrage for how so much archeological evidence has for so long been repressed. "The Forbidden Archeologist" is mind-expanding reading and a fabulous conversation starter. In a perfect world, this book would be required reading for aspiring scientists, to encourage higher ethical standards for scientific research, regardless how far outside our commonly accepted theories facts and findings may be.


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