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16 years
May 2015
Issue #188

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson in the Middle East
Be Fearless

"Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it."
— Rabindranath Tagore

If you had no fear, what would you most love to be doing? If you knew all possibilities already exist, and you are part of something much bigger than yourself, which possibilities would you explore?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson teaching a Quantum Jumps workshop in the Middle East
I answered this question by making my first trip to the Middle East this month to teach a Quantum Jumps workshop I’d been invited to conduct. Making the decision to visit the Middle East was easy for me, since the advantages of meeting new people and sharing ideas about quantum jumps and the quantum paradigm were so evident. The people I met were caring, intelligent, and kind, and I was pleased that my workshop and trip were a success.

When we contemplate the idea that everything and everyone exists in a superposition of states, it’s possible to imagine ourselves doing what we love and overcoming our fears. It’s possible to envision that the successful person you’d love to become already exists, and all you need do is fearlessly step into those shoes.

I loved reading Glenn Aparicio Parry’s new book, Original Thinking, presenting ideas from indigenous thinking about how greater balance is possible when we allow for larger awareness to move through us. Many westerners assume there are such things as "new ideas” and "new thoughts,” with a concept that such “new ideas” can be patented and owned. Intriguingly, a viewpoint of “newness” is at odds with ideas in quantum physics in which all possibilities exist in space-time as simultaneous overlapping probability fields. UC Berkeley’s Dr. Yasunori Nomura’s paper on The Static Quantum Multiverse, helps us better appreciate that what we presume to be all of reality is a subset of greater possibility—so the true infinity we associate with the universe lies in probability space, rather than physical space.

The dialogue sessions called “Language of Spirit” that Glenn Aparicio Parry helped organize for many years, and that I was fortunate enough to attend several times, completely transformed my view of the world. Thanks to participating in the experience of being part of a larger consciousness--a larger group mind—I gained appreciation for the way people can become entangled with the awareness between ourselves and others, which can be felt as transcending presumed limitations of personal consciousness. During some of the dialogue sessions, for example, I noticed my consciousness naturally moving to tremendously greater empathy with others in the room, as we engaged in a special kind of conversation in which whoever is talking is not interrupted no matter how long they speak. I became aware of a heartfelt connection between myself and those who at first may have seemed to be quite different from me, who now felt like part of me. This deep listening was a regular feature of the Language of Spirit dialogues, where instead of people striving to “have their say,” people were instead focused primarily on listening as deeply as possible, with a clear appreciation for how we are each part of the group and important to it, even when we are not speaking or coming up with “new ideas.”

An aspect of sharing awareness within a group while listening deeply that I greatly appreciate is the feeling of interconnectedness that so clearly comes through. This happens seemingly effortlessly, but only after each individual’s ego identity is transcended to a place where it is evident that each person taking turns to talk provides gifts of awareness that have relevance and significance to others. I love the sensation of being in a place of acceptance, rather than reactance, from which I have no need to take action or reply, but can instead simply be present with all that already is. And this sense of expanded presence feels to me like the very definition of fearlessness—the place where all things are possible.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "I'm really amazed how powerful and beautiful
      the reading was. Touched and impressed and it feels
      as if it lifts me up and let me experience a whole new
      dimension of 'me', of 'love'..! I feel so much love
      around me, as if the reading made / makes me more
      connected and aware of the importance to be thankful
      that the spirits guide me, protect me and let me grow
      both spiritually and as a human being!
      Thank you soooo much!”
      -- Adam

(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

I would love to see or hear from you if you can make it to my upcoming events!

5 May 2015
6-7 pm PT
Internet Video Interview
How Quantum Jumps Can Improve Your Life
Cynthia Sue Larson discusses the concept of a radical new paradigm: that we exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which we literally jump from one parallel universe to another. Quantum jumping is a process by which you can envision some desired result or state of being that is different from the existing situation--and by clearly observing that possibility and supplying sufficient energy, make a leap into that alternate reality. Feeling stuck in a dead-end job or relationship, or longing for a fresh new start in life? Take quantum jumps into wonderful new worlds where in a moment you can become: smarter, more confident, happier, more outgoing, more effective, in better relationships, with more willpower!

23 Jun 2015
7-9 pm PT
618 B Street, San Rafael, CA
Quantum Physics of Reality Shifting: The Science of Mind-Body
Cynthia Sue Larson discusses the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and the science and mechanism behind some of the most intriguing phenomena. Cynthia welcomes us to the Quantum Age, explaining what this new age means for us in daily life. Cynthia explains the new front-runner holographic multiverse model of reality as proposed by several converging scientific theories, and shares recent experimental findings from the fields of quantum biology, quantum astronomy, and quantum physics. Discover the connection between spontaneous remission, meditation, and positive psychology, and scientifically proven benefits of mind-body-spirit connection. This exciting talk concludes with scientifically proven, laboratory-tested exercises you can do that will provide you with a jump-start for shifting your reality in positive directions. Practice some fun techniques that show you how to access other realities, feel happier, adopt positive biases, gain perseverance, increase willpower and confidence, improve your relationships, and overcome anxiety, fear and anger.


13-15 Aug 2015
UC Berkeley, 3105 Tolman Hall
Foundations of Mind Conference: One Magisterium?
Sessions include discussion about the Quantum Paradigm, Ontology, Hacking Consciousness, and a new dialogue between science and religion. Confirmed plenary speakers/panelists include; Stuart Kauffman (Systems Biology, Seattle), Terrence W. DEACON (UC Berkeley), Kevin Padian (UC Berkeley), Walter Freeman (UC Berkeley), Howard Pattee (Binghamton University’), Swami Prasannatmananda (Vedanta society), Seán Ó Nualláin (UOI), Henry Stapp (LBL, Berkeley), Beverly Stokes (Amazing babies moving), Cynthia Sue Larson (RealityShifters). Early-bird registration for this conference by June 1st can be reserved with payment of $200 at The fee thereafter is $300 with $50 for individual panels. This conference is free for UC Berkeley students.


Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
Would you like to invite your friends to attend a talk or workshop in your home or for your group? If you live in Northern California and are interested in planning such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
Cynthia's schedule of events for this year is posted online at:

(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson

How I Start My Day
Times of India
by Cynthia Sue Larson

Appreciate. Feel gratitude. Visualise what you desire. Feel connected. When you wake up in the morning, you feel your mind slowly becoming active. Before getting out of bed, try deep belly breathing for several minutes. Observe what emotions you are feeling. As random, distracting thoughts and emotions intrude, bring your attention back to your breathing, and on the awareness of what emotions you are feeling right now. Appreciate. Feel gratitude. Visualise what you desire. Feel connected. Envision that, as you inhale, you are bringing into your body unconditional love. Focus your mind on your heartfelt intention that you be guided today by your highest sense of goodness and love, and by your best possible future self, asking this new day to show you as it unfolds just how good it can get, and how good you can be. Observe how you are feeling after several minutes of intentional deep belly breathing. How peaceful, inspired, and balanced it makes you. Continue this breathing meditation for several more minutes and extend it to an hour, savouring the sensation of feeling increasingly energised, loving, relaxed, and joyful.Intend that today you will experience yourself at your very best, and trust that no matter what events unfold next, all will work out for the best. You will do your very best, and that is always good enough.

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson at Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE

How to Overcome Money Anxiety
One of the best ways to overcome anxiety, stress, or worries about money is by listening to and learning from your subconscious feelings about money. Personalized positive statements of affirmation can be created to help you increase positive feelings about and experiences with money. I love hearing from people who have questions about how to overcome inner blocks and barriers to prosperity, money, and finances, because addressing this area can immediately bring people to a place in which they can then feel better equipped to address other challenges that inevitably arise. One reader wrote, "I have been struggling with my money inflow for quite some time now, I worked on it over the years and felt like I am getting closer and closer to a ‘breakthrough’ in this area. Still it is hasn’t happened yet. And I am suspecting that this is due to some subconscious belief or a blind spot. So my question goes something like that: What does it take to turn that around and have that breakthrough RIGHT NOW. Whatever I have to look at or have to do I am ready to face it, because I simply can’t go on like this anymore. I deserve abundance on all levels, and therefore also in the form of money, like everybody else does. NOW." When I read this question, I realized this question applies to more than just this one individual, and is actually a matter of great importance in many peoples’ lives. Lots of people notice stresses and strains from going through various life transitions, and when this happens, become suddenly aware that what had been working isn’t working any more. Read the full post here:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson at UC Berkeley

Foundations of Mind Conference August 13-15 2015
The next Foundations of Mind conference is coming to UC Berkeley August 13th through the 15th, and I'd love to see you there! The “Foundations of Mind” project asserts that the proper study of mind is the most important scientific venture in which humanity has engaged. We are also aware that humans have struggled with explaining mental actions for thousands of years, and indeed that the products of mind are available around us as the arts, as science, and as social organization. In recent years, there has been progress in neuroscience and in computer simulation of behavior, and also a growing sense through quantum mechanics that something is missing in our objective explanations of physical nature. This somehow seems to be linked with the mystery of subjectivity — why each of us feels that "I am." Foundations of Mind II Conference: One magisterium? FOM 2 3105 Tolman Hall, UC Berkeley, Aug 13-15, 2015 Early bird registration of $200 due by June 1, 2015 to:
Read the full post here:


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Thanksgiving on the 3rd Thursday Drilled into Us
Napa, California, USA

I've read the Reality Shifters accounts of people who recall Thanksgiving Day being on the third Thursday of November. That's what I recall too. Third Thursday, third Thursday. They drilled that into us in first or second grade and we always celebrated it on that day. Then in 2013 I looked at the calendar and saw that Thanksgiving was on the fourth Thursday. By then so many screwy things had happened I just shrugged this off as another one. But it was so validating to read how plenty of others also remember it being on the third Thursday! Thank you.

Note from Cynthia: I'm so glad you wrote to me, reminding me how in all my years of growing up, every November my grade school teachers would repeat over and over again how Thanksgiving was on "the third Thursday in November." Those words had a nice sound to them, with the repeating "th-th" sound, and thanks to the annual repetition of this alliteration, the "third Thursday" quality of American Thanksgiving was similarly drilled into my memory.


Bolt Street is now Named Bold Street
Wellington, New Zealand

I originally stumbled across your website all those months ago after reading of a few timeslip cases recorded in Bold Street, Liverpool. Except when I was searching for it then, it was called Bolt Street, Liverpool. Or "where I come from", it's called Bolt Street. I talked to folks about it, mentioned it in messages, and typed it into search engines. My memory isn't that bad (actually, it's very good), and I read up on Bolt Street over several evenings. I've come back and every reference—on my computer, on the internet—is now to Boldold Street. There is not a single one about Bolt Street, so this isn't to do with the search engines ranking pages differently. The links that I visited, which show up in search results in a different colour, are now about Bold Street. Nothing else has actually changed (that I know of), just this one tiny reference. I know how this will sound to a sceptic! There’s probably a version of me in another dimension who is wondering why Bold Street has changed to Bolt Street. I find it very interesting that the one thing that I've noticed that has changed is about timeslips. God really has a sense of humour!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this marvelous Bold/Bolt Street experience! I know what you mean about skeptics raising points about how unreliable our human memory is, and how seldom we actually remember anything correctly, despite our confidence in what we think we know. And that's why I especially appreciate your explanation of how and why you know for sure you actually would remember "Bold Street," thanks to your background and professional expertise in the field. It seems to me to be extremely unlikely that you would have at any point not noticed "Bold Street," which then makes Occam's Razor tilt away from your having false memories, and toward the explanation that you have experienced a reality shift--a discontinuous jump from one possible history to another.

Richie Benaud Dies Again
Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK

One of those small reality shifts. As you can see from the subject heading, a well known Australian cricketer/commentator has died. Although it may mean nothing to Americans, he was famous throughout the cricket world as a great batsman and later a TV commentator. He would come to the UK every year for the summer to report on the sport. Now I clearly remember reading and seeing the tributes paid to him on the announcement of his death some time in 2014. Yet here I am once again reading and listening to the tributes at his passing just a few days ago. Also I don't know if this is related to a reality shift, but some of my TV channels are blanking out and then returning; this happened yesterday and today as well as my Internet connection, which is doing the same thing—blinking in and out. It is imperceptible, but I have noticed this happening.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me with news of cricket player Richie Benaud apparently having been alive again after this past year before dying--again--in 2015, just a year after you'd heard of him having died before. Your experience of witnessing an alternate history seems to me to match experiences of reality shifts and quantum jumps that people have been reporting for celebrities all around the world, so it seems quite likely that we'll be hearing of other people who similarly recall that Richie Benaud died prior to this time--and we may well hear of him dying again, at some point in the future. In most cases, the people reporting someone being alive again are not emotionally close to the individual, which apparently provides the requisite degree of detachment by which you can then be startled to hear news that Richie Benaud has again passed away.

My Blue Walls Turned Red
Chicago, Illinois, USA

I woke up today at 4 am for no reason. I noticed when I woke up my room was different. The color of my wall was red, but its blue. Then I noticed my computer was different, and my TV was different. I thought was dreaming, but I wasn't! I went back to bed and woke up with my room way it was. I have no idea I was in shock a little. I have an HP Windows Vista computer, but when I woke up, I had a windows 8 and my TV was a Sony—but I have Samsung! One thing I had was a poster of Clint Eastwood, but this time it was gone! I was in a dreamy state, but this wasn't a dream—it felt too real. I thought was a dream too but then I felt it. I mean I felt the TV and computer and walls. I was looking for my phone, but couldn't find it. Which was weird, because I always leave it at my desk in my room! I didn't walk around my house because I still was in a dizzy state. I then went back to bed, but not before I made note of what changed. Also one thing was that I think I had a PS4, but I only have PS3—but I couldn't tell. If it happens again, I will walk around. I’m writing this in my journal, so I won't forget. I was sweating, and felt a little dizzy. I don’t know what happened or what triggered it. I’ve been in shock a little all day, researching. If it wasn't for you, I would probably have thought I was going mad, lol.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that's quite a change, to wake up and see the walls a completely different color, as well as changes in your computer and TV! The fact that you have such a sense of emotional shock lends credence to your recollection that you actually did witness a reality that was quite a bit different than usual. Good idea to write down as much detail as you can remember, because when we witness reality shifts, there is no physical evidence or "proof"--only what we remember. Include as many details that you might now think are obvious, because later on you'll be glad you did, and anyone you share this with will be grateful for better understanding why this experience is so meaningful to you. I'm grateful to you for sharing your experience with me!


(5) Questions and Answers

Ashes, featured in Reality Shifts
Hi, Cynthia,
I came across your YouTube channel and listened to the story about your roommate's cat that was hit by a car. Once you found the cat, what happened afterwards? Where was your roommate while all of this was happening? I understand you were happy and relieved to see Ashes again, but I'd assume that your roommate would be just as happy (if not happier) to see her cat back from the dead or in a shifted reality. What did your roommate have to say? Can she confirm that it was in fact Ashes? DId he have his collar/name tag? Thanks,
— D.R.

Dear D.R.,
I got to enjoy spending time visiting with, petting, and enjoying the company of my roommate's cat for several months after finding Ashes was alive again--which was such a wonderful gift! I thought I'd never see him again, and didn't realize how much I was missing him until I did see him again--experiencing a feeling like my heart just burst open with so much love and gratitude--and amazement. Ashes didn't look quite as clean and youthfully vigorous as he'd been previously--looking like he wasn't washing himself as well or as often as he used to, but that didn't matter to me, since I just felt so grateful to get to see him again however he was. My roommate now lived across the street from me, since I was the one who had just recently moved across the street from where I'd lived with her and Ashes. What had happened was that I got married, and found a new apartment for me and my husband to live in that was exactly across the street from where I had lived. Now, when I first heard news that Ashes had died from my (now ex) roommate, I was devastated. You can thus imagine my surprise when a short while later, there is Ashes, very much alive. When I talked with my (now ex) roommate, she was not surprised Ashes was alive, because in her experience of the past, he had not died yet. From a physics perspective, we'd point out that while I was entangled with Ashes and she was entangled with Ashes, since I'd now moved across the street from her and was no longer seeing Ashes every day, we each had our separate entanglements going on that were loosening, due to reduced daily exposure to one another. I'd still see Ashes come across the street from time to time, but not expect to see him every day, and I no longer saw my roommate every day. These are exactly the kind of 'loosened entanglements' that seem necessary in most cases to experience such dramatically different histories. My husband confirmed this was Ashes, as there was no other cat that looked anything like him or came when hearing his name as he did. My roommate seemed to think nothing was amiss, when to me and my new husband, "Ashes is back! He's alive!" was something to celebrate.
love and thanks,
— Cynthia

You are new!
I have been researching reality shifting on the internet for 10 years. I have experienced many strange shifts so far. Now you are a new person on the internet, which means that this must be a new parallel reality that I have just shifted into. Thank you Cynthia, for your web pages about reality shifting!
— Edward

Dear Edward,
Thank you for all you're doing with researching this subject, and for letting me know, as three others have recently done, that I'm someone you'd have heard of before, due to your long-term extensive research and interest in these areas.
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia

(6) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

Original Thinking

Original Thinking:
A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature

by Glenn Aparicio Parry

Deep thinking about who we are and our place in the world

Glenn Aparicio Parry has written a philosophical book that shares insights about common assumptions in the western world about the nature of ideas, rational thinking, and the concept of original thought. Intriguingly, while the phrase “original thought” might bring creativity and “new” ideas to mind, there is a deeper significance to the title of this book with a very different meaning from the idea of the sense of origins, and already existing—that which originally existed, and is already here. Parry makes a case for rational thought being a subset of a greater awareness, and for benefits of restored balance being possible when we allow for larger awareness to move through us. As founder and past president of the SEED Institute, Parry organized a series of Language of Spirit conferences between indigenous elders, scientists, linguists, and philosophers. These dialogues provide the basis for many of the stories, quotes, and ideas in “Original Thinking.” I am grateful for having participated in the Language of Spirit conferences, and can attest to their ability to illuminate hidden truths and transform peoples’ lives. By delving into the nature of reality and consciousness, the basic concepts explored in those conferences were life changing for me personally, as I experienced a quality of shared awareness with others, and participation in perception of original thought. “Original Thinking” contains a great deal of the same sense of clarification and transformative presence that I felt while attending the Language of Spirit conferences, and I am grateful to Glenn Parry for sharing highlights of insights from the dialogues in this remarkable book. Parry has a gift for sharing down-to-Earth descriptions of his personal experiences with original thought that gives readers a sense of sharing the journey with him. “Original Thinking” is the perfect book for anyone interested in indigenous philosophy, consciousness, nature, and environmental awareness. This is the kind of book that can change the world, when read by new generations who wonder how original indigenous peoples were so tuned in to plants, animals, and the natural world. “Original Thinking” will be a beloved reference book on my bookshelf to be savored as initiating a very special kind of meditative journey into original thought. Highly recommended!


Quantum Change:
When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives

by William Miller and Janet C'deBaca

Inspirational first-hand accounts of epiphanies & insights

I'm delighted to have discovered this insightful book on the topic of sudden transformations some people experience of an insightful or mystical nature, that often lead to lasting, positive changes in their lives. While the types of insights and epiphanies experienced can vary greatly, the authors share observations of patterns that become apparent when reviewing peoples' experiences. American Psychologists William Miller and Janet C'deBaca were inspired to investigate the phenomenon they call 'quantum change,' since they had noted with fascination the way some people experienced sudden changes in values, outlook, and personality--rather than making the kind of gradual improvement predicted by classical western psychological theories. Miller and C'deBaca's interviewed fifty-five men and women from all different walks of life who reported having experienced "bolts from the blue" when they suddenly "saw the light"--sometimes literally. The type of changes evident in people's personalities were clear both to experiencers andthose around them. Remarkably, men who'd previously valued wealth, adventure, achievement and pleasure began valuing spirituality, personal peace, family, and God's will. Women's values changed from: family, independence, career, and fitting in to: growth, self-esteem, spirituality and happiness. Most people reporting quantum change experiences noted they now feel a great deal more peace, and worry a lot less about 'the little things' they had fretted and sweated about before. I am especially appreciative of reading the first-hand descriptions of people's experiences, in which many men and women reported experiencing such states of unconditional love of a spiritual nature at specific times that they still clearly recognize as representing a moment when their life would never be the same again. One of the most memorable first-hand accounts is a transcription of a quantum change experience at the very time it was happening, when a voice recording was being made. I loved reading the transcript that shows in-the-moment exhilaration of experiencing what had moments earlier been boring expanses of dusty scenery into great beauty everywhere, and the summary of the experience as recalled some time later. While Quantum Change is not a 'how to' book with exercises designed to help readers learn how to find profound personal truth and deep meaning, it can provide tremendous comfort to those who've had remarkable experiences. Such experiences are not commonly discussed in social chit-chat, nor even amongst most friends and family members, so this book can provide validation for people who discover that what happened to them happens to lots of other people, too, and can mark the beginning of living a life of greater meaning, joy, and love. I highly recommend Quantum Change for anyone interested in the phenomenon of instantaneous transformation in general, and everyone involved in coaching, counseling, psychology, and therapy for its marvelous insights and inspirational first-hand accounts of quantum change.


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Ka Gold Jewelry

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Lotus Tarot

Free tarot card readings can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts.


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