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May 2017
Issue #212

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson
Live an Inspired Life

"Never tell a child you have a soul.
Teach him, you are a soul;
you have a body.”
-- George Macdonald

Thanks to ever-increasing numbers of people noticing reality shifts and Mandela Effects such as changes in movie dialogue, product logos, and geography, there has been a recent explosion of interest in explanations for what, exactly, is going on. Those who notice reality shifts and Mandela Effects recognize things seem to be changing around them. With an open mind and increased awareness, people tend to notice more and more shifts—often to the point that the question starts to arise, "What if it’s not so much that THINGS are changing, as that I’m the one who is traveling between parallel possible realities?!”

The idea that we might not so much be human beings having spiritual experiences, as spiritual beings having human experiences is not a new one—but witnessing ever-increasing evidence that this is, in fact the case, just might be.

I can’t help getting the feeling that there are more miraculous transformations happening each and every second than any of us ever fully know or see. And amidst all these amazing shifts, jumps and changes, the true constant is the core of who we truly are—which is love.

I invite you as you read through the reality shift experiences in this month’s issue of RealityShifters to encourage your imagination to consider ways you might enjoy playing with multiple possible realities. Think of it as being your very own ‘how good can it get?’ coach. It’s fun to find out how good your life can get in every possible way!

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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      In This Issue:

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      (2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films
      (3) Your Reality Shift Stories
      (4) Questions and Answers
      (5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "Wow! Wow! Wow! I am rarely at a loss for words, but Wow! was constantly pouring forth from me throughout my entire consultation with Cynthia Sue Larson. In the kindest voice, using the softest energy, Cynthia is a real powerhouse of Radiant Energy. She discussed ideas and thoughtforms that others never pick up on, she understood energies that others can't see, and discussed all of them logically, rationally, and professionally. I am soooo impressed! I received IMMEDIATE results and am still on a happy-feeling wave of Feel Good Love."
      -- Cynthia L.

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts, and Quantum
Mandela Effects, Reality Shifts, and Quantum Jumps
Cynthia Sue Larson at Marin IONS

16 Jun 2017
7-9 pm
JFK University
100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA
"Mandela Effect" is the recent popular name for the phenomenon when people notice alternate histories. Increasing awareness of alternate histories indicates there may not be one absolute reality--as it begins to seem much more likely that we each experience something akin to a local reality. Quantum physics depends upon consciousness, and participation by an observer—leaving us to ponder the exact nature of consciousness, and how we can observe the observer. Rather than assuming there is some objective truth "out there," we see increasing evidence that there may be many possible truths, many possible realities.

Dustin Rusbarsky

Envisioning Super Heroes for World Peace with Dustin Rusbasrsky
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Dustin Rusbarsky talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about the magical power of forgiveness, and of finding a mentor whose infectious, profound peace created the means by which Dustin could regain a sense of deeper meaning at a time of grief, crisis, and loss. Dustin explains how the Law of Attraction works differently for manifestors who do not so much pull, but rather tend to push things with their energy. Dustin’s work provides help for manifestors, who initiate new ideas and can now inform the world as to how we can best collectively co-create the most positive future. Dustin Rusbarsky is a father, husband, and entrepreneur with a vision of world peace, supported by a mission to create a tribe of superheroes developing their magical powers to save the world. Dustin inspires people to discover how humans can create their own reality. Dustin blogs at, where you can find more of his teachings and ideas.
You can listen to this audio interview at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Silver Dollars Appear
St Johnsville, NY, USA

Here is a recent personal occurrence that you might find interesting. I was reading an article about how silver was being used in electronic equipment and that silver prices would increase dramatically because silver would become scarce. This reminded me of when I had six 1964 Kennedy half dollar coins back in the 1970's. and I now I wished that I still had them. 1964 was the last year that the United States used mostly silver to mint it's coinage. About three weeks latter, I was at one of those machines where you cash your coins in to receive paper money in exchange. These machines reject coins into a tray that it will not except like Canadian money. (Nothing personal, Canada. I love your country.) When I was finished, I checked the rejection tray to see if the machine had spit out any coins and in the tray were five Kennedy 1964 half dollars and a 1952 US dime. I looked around thinking that there was an explanation coming forth or that someone would appear and say,”those are mine" but that was not to be, so I smiled and went on my merry way. It seems remarkable to me that occurrences like this happen; not just to me but to others as well. I consider the odds which must be off the charts. Is it luck or just coin-cidence?( a little play with words there) I don't believe in either one. I created scenarios as to how the coins actually got there. Why didn't someone else find them? But irrelevant as to how they got there; there those coins were in my reality. So what creates reality? What are the mechanisms? Is there cause and effect? Is the cause and effect the same? How does the element of time enter into it? Who or what is the creator? All these questions I ask myself but like the Abbott and Castello's comedy routine, “Who's On First" the answers just lead to more questions and confusion (after all, it's baseball season). Maybe mind just can't understand the mystery (at least mine can't) but it's interesting none-the-less, and sometimes I hope that I will never understand it because that's where the fun lies--in the mystery.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing this recent experience with thinking about wishing for silver coins and almost immediately thereafter, finding some silver coins in a local coin cashing machine--how wonderful! Yes, I definitely find this interesting. This is such a great example of nearly instantaneous manifestation, in which you probably weren't dwelling or obsessing about how much you wish you'd managed to hang onto those silver coins you used to have--yet your love for silver coins and relaxed, energized attitude likely strongly contributed to your being in an optimal manifesting "zone" for having some new-to-you silver coins arrive in your life!


Glammy Day, Glamorous People
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I remember a day when i wanted to treat myself good, with scrubbing, creams, take a special long shower do my nails. I didn't had those days for a long time because of daily busy life so I thought, “Hey, let’s do it.” When I did the treatment I suddenly saw a different reality when I was sitting in my balcony; I saw people I never saw before and I always wanted to see them. You know I live in this small town, and everybody is easy going, laid back and not so focused on how they look. Myself I’ve got two sides. Sometimes I’m laid back and chill, but most of the time I like to dress up nice—enjoying the glitz and the glamourous side of life—paying a lot of attention on the way I look. It was funny that the same day, I’ve decided to have this treatment. I wondered about how boring my town was and why I couldn’t find any glamourous new people to hang out with. After the treatment, I saw like looaaads of those glammy people. I never saw them again, since my daily routine is laid back.

Note from Cynthia: I love how you saw the glamorous people right after you'd pampered yourself with a home spa treatment day! What a difference our mindset makes, indeed! And such good advice to people to stay clear-minded and focused when setting out to drive anywhere, as this does make a big positive difference in averting and preventing a crash.

My Teleportation Experience

About 15 years ago, just after I'd got into bed, I had the weirdest experience. It normally takes me a while to unwind and relax meaning that 30 -45 minutes is not uncommon before i fall asleep. On this occasion however, I had only been in bed for no more than five minutes and had my eyes closed but was wide awake. What happened next had never happened before. I can only describe it as being an instantaneous transportation of myself to another place. Whilst i felt a strong physical sensation which shocked me, like almost being vacuum sucked out of myself and into somewhere else, I was literally transported, as crazy as it sounds, instantaneously to another place. I was suddenly standing in a field brimming with flowers on a beautiful sunny day. I could feel and sense it all. I cant say I looked at my body or whether it was me physically, but it was the same me who seconds before had been lying in bed. It was no dream, no lucid imaginings or anything I had ever felt before. It was indistinguishable in every way from being awake and nothing i have ever felt in any dream. It was as real as me typing this to you now. It was the most incredible thing. Unaware it was going to happen, i physically drew breath when it did because it felt like i was pulled out of myself and into somewhere else in a fraction of a second and it shocked me. It wasn’t traumatic but if I'd known it was going to happen it would have been fine. Whether it was the shock or surprise of it, standing there on a sunny day in a field when a second before it had been night time, it felt like i was then sucked back to being in bed as instantaneously as I'd gone. It was truly awesome and i just wish i could recreate it. I cannot say for sure what books I was reading around that time, however I think that shortly before the experience, I'd come across a book on remote viewing and the Monroe Institute. Fascinated by the subject, I obtained cd’s of binaural tones (Hemisync) and am pretty sure that I had listened to these in the weeks prior. Even though a large part of me wished for it to happen again, I can recall that I chose not to listen to the hemisync tones again after the experience simply because I was unsure as to what other effects there may have been and the possibility that they could have been injurious. I have never practiced yoga, meditation or breathing exercises, although I’m sure they would be beneficial especially given the stresses of work—I am a criminal barrister in the UK (trial attorney). I suppose the fact that I’m still fascinated about what happened to me, where I went, how i got there, the instantaneous nature of it, the fact that it was as much a physical sensation as it was mental and above all, the knowledge that such things are clearly possible, tells me that I would not only love to understand more about it but also have the opportunity of ‘teleporting’ again. The only other night time-related experience I have had was, at the age of 20, dreaming that my father was in trouble and waking in a panic and immediately informing my girlfriend of the details of the dream. I did not know the nature of the trouble, merely that I was cycling in a panic down a lane to a house that I did not recognise shouting ‘Help, dad’s in trouble’. Out of the house came members of my family past and present replying, ‘It’s alright Richard, we already know’. That very same morning a call came from France, where my father was living at the time, informing me that he had drowned shortly after 10 pm the night before, a short time before I had retired to bed. I have never had such a dream before or after. I would be glad to hear your observations about my experience and whether ‘teleporting’ is common or uncommon. I would certainly love to do it again. However absurd and crazy as it sounds, it was a very physical experience. It was like a ‘wrenching’ of me as if I was being ’sucked out of myself’ and instantaneously into somewhere else. Because I ended up in a field in daytime in bright sunshine, I cannot say whether the person in that field was physically me, because obviously I couldn’t see what I looked like—but it certainly felt like me. At that point, I remember feeling so shocked along the lines of ‘wtf—how the *)#* did that just happen?!’, which suggests that I must have been aware that a fraction of a second earlier I had been in lying in my bed. Personally, I think it was my ‘wtf!’ reaction to being transported to elsewhere unexpectedly that returned me. My experience has certainly left me with an ‘out of the box’ view that maybe we can travel instantaneously to anywhere and anytime. I did.

Note from Cynthia:What an incredible experience! I share teleportation reports in my book, Quantum Jumps involving a couple of young boys who frequently were observed to teleport, and also a rather famous experience involving teleportation across the Pacific Ocean--also well-observed. I've heard from several people--including some friends--who've been "teleported to safety" at just the right moment, sometimes arriving many yards away from where they'd just been, with no obvious means by which they could have moved. So yes, these things really do happen. And I can relate to that sense of feeling shock and being snapped back to one's previous locale. I have heard from some people experiencing things in "third eye" vision, and in waking dreaming states in which teleportations through time and space occur--and I've had many such experiences myself. Some people have reported teleportations--such as the ones I share sometimes on my realityshifters website and in my book, "Quantum Jumps." It seems to happen most often either to children or individuals whose lives are endangered by something happening--and the teleportation saves their life. These seem like everyday ordinary people who don't necessarily do anything like yoga, meditation or the like--and their experiences are physical as well as mental.

Hole in the Wall Vanishes
Lexington, KY, USA

I reality shifted again. Yesterday, when I was in a little room off the house getting the lawn mower out, I noticed something odd on the wall above the door. There was supposed to be a quarter-sized hole there that I had plugged up and duct taped about three years ago to keep the bats out; it was not there when I looked. We have not had anyone in the house to fix it up. I had been listening to my alpha and theta wave CDs, so this may have caused it. I noticed they did it last time when I listened to them for a long period of time. Could they have had something to do with it? I notice that whenever I reality shift, it's just a small change, nothing major. I would *really* notice it if my bank account suddenly swelled to $1,000,000, my father was alive and well again, or we lived in another house that I didn't recognize. Why do some people experience major changes while some don’t?

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sharing your experience noticing a change to the wall that used to have a noteworthy plugged-up hole, but now appears fixed. Theta brain wave states have been associated with reality shift experiences, so yes, your having been listening to theta wave CDs definitely could have made a difference. As to why most reality shifts seem minor in comparison with what could conceivably be experienced--I've noticed that one's open-mindedness and genuine interest in experiencing bigger shifts can lead to one witnessing larger shifts. I like to share a variety of experiences on the realityshifters site, because I'm certain that reading what's possible helps people experience and enjoy a wider range of reality shifts.


(4) Questions and Answers

Reality Shifts
Hi Cynthia,
Have you any videos, articles, or books on jumping out of Parkinson's? What about financial problems?
— Lynn

Dearest Lynn,
While I don't specifically have anything about Parkinson's in particular, I do write in general about healing in my book, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World," and I have a meditation CD that many people have found helpful in assisting in making healing jumps out of a variety of issues. The CD is available also as a download through iTunes and amazon and CD Baby, and it's called "Aura Healing Meditations." For moving out of financial issues into financial prosperity, I have a book called "High Energy Money." Here are the links to the books and CD:

Reality Shifts

Aura Healing Meditations

High Energy Money

I share a fun prosperity tip based on a section in "RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money" with one simple thing you can do to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life in a blog post at:

With love and thanks,


Hello Cynthia,
I just read your email about reality shifting, and it has fascinated me! I also live in the Bay Area (East Bay). Are there any particular books you can recommend? Blessings,
— Gloria

Dear Gloria,
Thanks so much for writing to me with interest in the topic of reality shifts! I recommend the first book to use the term 'reality shift' which is a book called "Future Memory" by PMH Atwater. I did not know about that book when I wrote the book, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World," and I would recommend that book as well as my most recent book, "Quantum Jumps" as some of the top books for getting a sense of what is going on, and how best to enjoy and benefit from reality shift experiences.

Future Memory

Reality Shifts

Quantum Jumps

With love and thanks,


Hi Cynthia Sue Larson,
I have written to you before and have received a warm reply:) So I am writing to ask if I may I ask you three questions: (a) Do you believe in instant teleportation or (b) Have you experienced such a phenomenon, and (c) Have you met or heard from other people who have? I do wonder, because on the morning of Thursday, the 6th of April at about 11:10 AM GMT, I was about to cross a narrow road off a cul de sac. I also live in a cul de sac so you can imagine how narrow the roads and how quiet it can be. The day was clear with flitting sunshine and good visibility. I have arthritis of the spine so I get around slowly and as a consequence I am cautious around traffic and roads. On that particular morning when crossing the narrow road. Suddenly a young man on a bicycle bore down on me at close quarters. Seemingly at the last moment he saw me as I did him. The road was empty and neither of us saw the other until we almost collided. Startled he swerved and slowed down to apologise. I did likewise and we went our separate ways 2 very puzzled people. Cynthia, I swear he was nowhere in sight when I decided to cross the road. It was not as if he was in the distance waiting to signal that he was entering the road I was about to cross. There were no cars, bikes, dogs, people the place was quiet and deserted. Usually the London bound trains rush by with great noise but not at that moment in time. One minute I was alone the next he was there. Sorry to say I was rather shaken up so I did not look back to see where he had gone. It is very puzzling although others may have a more rational answer to my question. Sincerely,
— Susan

Dear Susan,
I have witnessed cars and people appear and disappear out of thin air instantaneously, and have heard from people who have instantly teleported to safety. There are examples of these in my books, and on my website, as well. So yes, I do believe instantaneous teleportation exists, I've experienced it in terms of witnessing it occur, and I have also heard from others who have instantly teleported.
lots of love and thanks,


(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:


The Embodied Mind:
Cognitive Science and Human Experience

by Francisco Varela, Evan Thompson, Eleanor Rosch, and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Excellent Introduction to Embodied Cognition

Embodied cognition is one of the most interesting and useful areas within cognitive science at this time (along with placebo research and positive psychology)--and The Embodied Mind is one of the best books to read for the fullest appreciation of the philosophy and approach of this exciting branch of psychology. The Embodied Mind approaches cognitive science from an experiential view--thereby urging scientific cognitive theories to be mindful of the importance of including our embodied human experience in cognitive science. There has been a logical omission in the very heart of much of modern neuroscience, in which in all the excitement of seeing the human mind as separate--as res cogitans--we somehow accepted an objectification of ourselves as one-who-views-their-mind-as-somehow-separate-and-objective--without noticing we'd made a logical error in disembodying ourselves. Exploring the nature of this detail is at the heart of The Embodied Mind, as the authors propose an "embodied cognition" approach for cognitive science. In The Embodied Mind, the authors propose reconceptualizing intentionality of cognition as enaction--as "a history of structural coupling that brings forth a world" in a process of natural drift and across a network consisting of multiple levels of interconnected sensorimotor subnetworks. The process of natural drift is presented here as an alternative to evolution, since organism and environment are codependent and cannot be separated. For example, the colors of flowers appear to have co-evolved with the ultraviolet sensitivity of bees--in apparent simultaneous biological transformations. The authors do a beautiful job of introducing Buddhist concepts and cognitive science ideas over the course of The Embodied Mind, interweaving relevant points throughout. This new edition of the book contains a new foreward and introductions--and I especially appreciate the introduction by Eleanor Rosch that helps readers appreciate how western culture has advanced over the past 25 years to the point that make The Embodied Mind more relevant and accessible than ever before. Rosch clarifes the concept of enaction into two phases, to help create a bridge of understanding to the mode of knowing where the mind is present and available. Rosch makes brilliant points with regard to the future of enaction as an approach to cognitive science: "For a real dialogue (or trialogue) to occur, all sides needto speak and be heard equally. That has not happened yet for the topics we explore in The Embodied Mind. Where science, as it is done now with its mechanistic and materialistic assumptions, meets experience, Buddhism, or anything else, the science simply takes over like a colonial ruler. This is body imperialism, not dialogue. It need not always be that way. There is also a quantity of goodwill being generated, and that could become fertile ground for a more responsive future." I especially loved the chapter on "Selfless Minds," that made the point that in our modern western society, we typically believe that freedom is the ability to do whatever we want. The view of codependent origination presents the radically different view that "Doing whatever one wants out of a sense of ego (volitional action), according to this system, is the least free of actions; it is chained to the past by cycles of conditioning, and it results in further enslavement to habitual patterns in the future. To be progressively more free is to be sensitive to the conditions and genuine possibilities of some present situation and to be able to act in an open manner that is not conditioned by grasping and egoic volitions. This openness and sensitivity encompasses not only one's own immediate sphere of perceptions; it also enables one to appreciate others and to develop compassionate insight into their predicaments." At this time when ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become such a hot topic, The Embodied Mind, has a great deal to offer. Numerous sections of this book delve into matters of AI, robotics, and cybernetics--and it concludes by calling for an emphasis on ethics in the mindfulness/awareness tradition, which is so profoundly important in our modern world. I highly recommend The Embodied Mind to anyone interested in a better understanding of themselves, as well as all cognitive scientists, and anyone interested in ethics and the future of mankind.


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