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May 2021
Issue #260

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cosmic Beauty and Order

“There is always more goodness
in the world than there appears to be
because goodness is of its very nature
modest and retiring.”
― Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Mandela Effect Golden Mandy Award
IMEC Golden Mandy award
This month, the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) was proud to announce the 2021 Golden Mandy award recipient on Mandela Effects at the Movies: the 2021 Golden Mandy award . Six nominees were considered, and the award was presented to high school student, Bri Bennage, for bringing attention to the Mandela Effect in her TEDx Youth talk about the Mystery behind the Mandela Effect. We were delighted to announce this award in the third episode of IMEC Open Tables, where Bri shared described how she was able to present the world's first TED talk that takes the Mandela Effect seriously. Bri Bennage said
    “I have a wonderful teacher, Miss Taylor. She got in contact with TED talks for TEDx Youth, so the debate students are able to do TED talks. I had watched them the past two years since I’ve been at the school. Toward the middle-ish of the year, we had our classmates vote on some topics we could talk about. I knew in the back of my mind, no matter what three topics had been voted for, I’m still doing the Mandela Effect. My generation is a lot more into conspiracies and stuff, where we are trying to figure it out in our own brains. I’m so adamant that I remember this is what it was—no one could change my mind. My generation and my classmates are a lot more aware of it, but not everyone. I don’t think everyone is saying ‘Berenstein Bears, Nelson Mandela—Whoa, this is crazy!’ but I went over (Mandela Effects) with my best friends, saying, ‘You need to listen to me; you’re going to freak out—you have no idea what I found today!”
I'm thrilled to see Bri Bennage's indomitable spirit, and grateful that she was able to bring the topic of the Mandela Effect to a mainstream audience in a way that both answers people's questions about what the Mandela Effect is, as well as inspires people to keep asking questions.

RealityShifters Best of Berkeley award
This past month was a great month for awards! I was notified that RealityShifters received the Best of Berkeley award in the category of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, “determined by the marketing success of your organization in your local community within your category.” This is actually rather impressive, given that the city of Berkeley, California is a university town, home of the first university of California and numerous scientific, professional, and technical service organizations.

My favorite question, "How good can it get?" provides an open-ended invitation to feel joy in connections in every aspect of our lives. We've reliably witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and restore your sense of wonder.

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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      I love Cynthia as a teacher, spiritual sister,
      mother and a human angel
      who has a great sense of humor."
      – Gail

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson with guitar
Pacing and Rest: Longhaul Recovery Song
28 Apr 2021
3 minutes, 30 seconds
Here is a song I wrote, dedicated to people recovering from long covid, and other long-haul conditions. The inspiration from this song came from some pearls of wisdom written by a woman who'd recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome, and noticed that these tips can also be quite helpful for people who are sick with longhaul covid. These might be good reminders for anyone who is feeling a bit overly stressed.

IMEC Open Tables: Mandela Effect at the Movies: the Golden
Mandy Award
IMEC Open Tables:
Mandela Effect at the Movies:
The Golden Mandy Award

28 Apr 2021
1 hour, 46 minutes
In this very special episode of International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) Open Tables, Cynthia Sue Larson, Chris Anatra, Jerry Hicks and Shane Robinson discuss Mandela Effects at the movies, and IMEC awards the first ever Mandela Effect award. The Golden Mandy award is the Mandela Effect version of the Academy Award Oscar, presented by IMEC. Six nominees were considered in 2021 for either having a dramatic Mandela Effect, or for raising awareness of the Mandela Effect. The recipient of the 2021 Golden Mandy participates in a panel discussion on this first-ever Mandela Effect awards show. The winner of the Golden Mandy will be highlighted on the website. The Academy Awards in April 2021 included a big Mandela Effect that set social media talking about a film that many had never heard of as a nominee for Best Costume and Best Hair and Makeup. Newsweek magazine in April 2021 reported that many people are noticing a Mandela Effect in a beloved family film. Mandela Effects have been noticed in other movies this year, and a TEDx talk was given on the topic of the Mandela Effect.

Everything Imaginable
Everything Imaginable podcast with Gary
22 Apr 2021
I had a lovely conversation with Gary on his podcast, “Everything Imaginable.” We talked about singing plants, plant consciousness, reality shifts and the Mandela Effect.
You can hear this podcast at:

Cynthia Sue Larson with Dee Black and Desta Barnabe
Cynthia Sue Larson on
Navigating Reality with Dee Black and Desta Barnabe

27 Apr 2021
1 hour 9 minutes
I had a wonderful conversation with Dee Black and Desta Barnabe, talking about the nature of reality; the value of switching off the left (analytical) brain and how to do that with contact modalities; UFOs; aliens; consciousness; the nature of reality; the Mandela Effect; reality shifts; Hopi 'tunatyava'; music of the plants; mushrooms, DMT and 'machine elves'; Swedish tomte elves; house elves; garden fairies; and thoughts about the recent documentary, "A Glitch in the Matrix."
You can watch this conversation at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Transformed Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
Dunedin, Florida, USA

I hope all is well with you and yours. I have been wanting to share this story with you since it happened almost two years ago, but I keep forgetting to email it. I think it's so fascinating to have someone else share in your quantum jump with you. I myself have personally had a LOT of experiences with quantum shifts /timeline shifts or Mandela effects. This one started many years ago; I think it was about October of 2006 (a long time ago!) I lived in Florida, and my sister-in-law was living in North Carolina. We made a weekend retreat planned for the two of us to stay in a cottage in the mountains, and one of our plans was to visit the Joyce Kilmer Forest which (I think it still is) was a virgin forest. There was never a tree cut in this forest. The forest itself was magical to me—I had a truly life-changing experience there, which is why I recall the place so distinctly. We went by ourselves and the paths were wide and open, and people had their dogs off leash on occasion. I recalled connecting with a large dog and it's person while we were there. The dog was dancing—there was a lot of room. As we were walking, I came upon a tree "stump.” There were no cut trees, but there was a tree that had fallen at some point, and a part of the tree was like a stump of sorts. I felt compelled to sit on it. And when I did, I was very connected to it—and then I recalled thinking / feeling "its like sitting on Santa's lap.” Then I thought about how our parents play Santa for us as children, and then suddenly in rushed my father (who has been deceased since 1979) in spirit, and he spoke to me—very quickly. I have been intuitive most all my life, and my dad does not come through very often at all; it's not something he does. So when he does, I am aware it's him. But his message was that I would be moving to North Carolina, and that I would be coming home there—it was home for me. This was a huge message, because where we lived at the time in Florida was not a place we had any intention of moving away from. We had close connections within our community, I had a job, and we had our son and grandsons that were newly born—so this was not something that made any sense to me at that time at all. Two months later in December, I went back to North Carolina, this time with my husband, and we stayed with his brother outside of Asheville, North Carolina. One thing led to another (this was Christmas time), and he gets a job offer literally out of the blue! This was very unexpected—and we ended up moving there within two months time. I share all of this to validate the significance of that place and the reason why the memories are so solid in my mind. This forest and that experience truly changed my life on a phyiscal level. Well, we lived there for about 2.5 years and moved back to Florida, all is always in divine order. Fast-forward to 2018, and we were living in Florida, and my sister-in-law is back in Asheville herself, and we decide I am going to visit her again for a long weekend. We decide to go back to the Joyce Kilmer forest again. It's been ages after all, and it was such a powerful place full of amazing energy. When we arrived it looked "different," but you figure time changes perception of how something is supposed to look. So we took off hiking, and we knew this was NOT the same Joyce Kilmer forest of before. The biggest difference was how narrow the trail was. The time we'd been there before, the trail had been wide and open, and you could pass people side-by-side walking. This time, you could only walk single file at best—it was narrow the entire time we were on the trial. The trees were shorter—before we reveled in how tall the trees were, and this time it was like they weren't nearly that tall. The entire walk / hike we took was like being in a completely different place, completely unlike the forest I have held in my heart for all these years. Both my sister-in-law and I knew this was the same place (by name) but we both agreed there was some sort of timeline shift that made this a different place altogether for us. For me, North Carolina has a lot of energy and vortexes, and I know how easily we can shift when we are in the flow and allow it to be. I did not expect that to happen—I was so excited to go back and I was hoping I would even maybe find that stump again—as improbable as that may have been considering it's a forest, after all. In the newer / second version of the forest there were bridges I did not recall to navigate over the water—I had no recollection of those at all, and again with how very narrow everything was, that was the biggest difference. To me this was a timeline shift—it's the only "logical" thing the both of us came up with. I was talking to my sister-in-law about your research the other evening, and she had recalled how we were skipping on the trails—this was a moment of memory for her, because it seems I don't know how to skip (even though i thought I did) lol—and for years (since this happened) she still teases me about how I skip—so this validated again the side / width of these trails. Just wanted to share! Thank you for your work and all you do!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with me about revisiting the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina, and finding it so completely transformed about 12 years after an earlier visit there. I'm glad you and your sister-in-law could share this experience of some kind of shift between alternate realities, and agree that some things had completely changed. You and your sister both having clear memories of skipping on those trails, with plenty of room to be skipping side-by-side--this is such an enormous change from the way the trails "have always been" on your most recent visit to the park. When I look at online photos of the trees in this forest, they seem tall and large from the photos (but I can imagine they may have seemed taller), and the trail seems narrow, as you described.


Disappearing/Reappearing Ring
Eric and Darius

We are the twins Eric and Darius. We're 19 years old. Every month we read your E-zine and the reality shifter stories with our Mom; they're very interesting and uplifting. It confirms our belief that everything is possible in this reality; that even the craziest things are possible. We were raised in this belief. We want to share with you a very short story as a testimony to others that life truly can surprise us in positive ways, and to give others the message to hold on in your faith. We bought a ring for our brother who lives abroad to give it to him when we visit him. We came back home, had dinner and forgot about the ring. The next morning we remembered about the ring and looked for it everywhere we could've left it, to no avail. We were convinced one of us had dropped it on the way back home. But knowing that imagination creates reality we just imagined that we had the ring in our hand and forgot about it. Thirty six hours after the ring had first disappeared it was the late morning and our mom was making banana pancakes with orange. We were all in the kitchen and my mom went to grab an orange from a plate with only two oranges. She picked up BOTH oranges to see which one had a fresher peel for the zest. The plain white plate was left empty. She chose one orange and left the other one on the plate. She then turned away from the plate and we left upstairs. All of the sudden, around three minutes later, she was calling us, very excited. The shiny silver ring was there resting at the side of the remaining orange on the plain white plate! Those who are reading this, keep the faith because life is pure MAGIC. And for you, Cynthia, thank you for all your efforts in spreading The TRUTH.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this delightful experience with finding the missing silver ring—in a place where it definitely had not been just a bit earlier!  I love these kinds of disappearing / reappearing reality shifts, especially when the missing item returns at a time when it's really appreciated. Just this morning I had a similar experience, with some food. I'd checked for raspberries in our refrigerator yesterday, and noticed we were completely out of them, and I checked all the way to the back of the refrigerator, and on every shelf. I knew I'd just checked for them the day before and I knew they were gone at that time (and we've not been shopping)—but I also know as you state so beautifully, life is pure MAGIC. So naturally, when I checked the same place I'd checked yesterday, there were the raspberries I love so much for breakfast! Thank you for sharing your experience!

50 pesos
Money Appeared
Eric and Darius

Reality is pure magic. Another short story that exemplifies that, is when a few months ago after invoking wealth, a bill of 50 pesos ($2.50US) appeared on top of some dishes. It's not much money, but here in Mexico it does buy around one pound of meat—and seeing it there really surprised us, because having money appear is a miracle, regardless of the amount.

Note from Cynthia: I feel that all reality shifts are big ones, even if they might seem small. And for now there may be a small amount of money that arrives, but if more is truly needed, it can be there, "no questions asked." I was delighted to find some raspberries (part of a package, which was just enough) that I felt I truly needed, and I was grateful that they were there. Last week I also wished I had the energy to clean my kitchen floor. A few hours after noticing the kitchen floor truly needed cleaning, it was clean—all by itself! These 'small things' can be quite big, and they remind us that whatever we truly need is within reach at any time, and any place.

Teleportation out of shop with handbag not paid for
Málaga, Spain

Something truly different happened recently, that really unnerved and worried me. I was in a well-known women’s clothing store here in Spain, just slowly walking around glancing at this and that, but looking for nothing in particular. I picked up a handbag for a few seconds, wondering if it would be useful when the weather changed from cold and dark to warm and light again. Suddenly, I found myself outside, walking along the street about half a mile from the shop I had just been in. As I walked, I started to wonder how on earth I’d got there without remembering leaving the shop. I looked down and in my hand was the handbag I had been looking at and thinking about. It was there in my hand with the price tag still on it! In a moment of absolute horror I thought I must have simply walked out of the shop without paying for the bag, like some elderly people you hear about doing. In sheer panic, I ran back to the shop and hurled myself through the front door, and of course in that moment the alarm went off because the price tag was still on the bag. Two security guards came rushing over believing I was trying to leave without paying. I stammered that I wasn’t stealing the bag, I was in fact bringing it back. Neither believed me, saying that, quite logically, if I was bringing it back, the alarm would have sounded when I first left the shop with it. I was nearly in tears trying to explain the truth of what had happened but of course my version sounded ridiculous. Just when they were on the point of calling the police, another strange thing happened. They suddenly both just stood absolutely still and just looked at me, as did all the shop assistants. So I put the bag down, and calmly walked out of the shop. No-one came after me, no-one chased me down the street; I simply turned around and walked out of the shop as if nothing had happened. My concern, of course, is that if something like that can happen once, it can happen again—finding myself in the street after seemingly taken something from a shop without paying for it—and that I had absolutely no control over how the situation played out. I don’t know what seemed more bizarre—finding myself in the street with unpaid goods in my hands, or returning to the shop only to find that no alarm had gone off during whatever moment I had exited the shop. What do you think about this, Cynthia—have you heard of anything like this before? And, if so, what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Note from Cynthia: With true teleportation, there might be no alarms going off, since you did not exit the store walking past any kind of detection unit—you simply teleported directly out, with the purse in hand. I've experienced bi-location, and in all of the times I've bi-located, my experience began with my being in a dreamlike, Theta brainwave state of mind—while at the same time, visualizing (fantasizing—which comes from the Greek "phantazein" meaning to make visible) being somewhere else. In those instances, the combination of my energy, and my unified (head/heart/gut) desire to be somewhere else, seems to have instantly activated a bilocation event. I was observed by others on those occasions to physically be in those places I was daydreaming about, and I did real things in those spaces that had actual physical effects. In my book, "Quantum Jumps," I share the experience of people who have been reported as having teleported, and it seems likely that my previous experiences with bi-location were very, very close to full teleportation experiences. I also include mention of people being "teleported to safety" which turns out to be a remarkably commonplace experience—much more common than most people will publicly admit—and I include examples of those in "Quantum Jumps" as well. In order to stop teleporting, it's necessary to first be aware that you are prone to such things, and second to reset your mental intention with regard to having further teleportation experiences.

Jude Law's Crocodile Smile movie title changed
Málaga, Spain

I'd like to draw your attention to a 1998 film that came out called 'Crocodile Smile,' with Jude Law. I remember the name exactly for personal reasons. When I went looking for it recently it was nowhere to be found—because the name is now, and apparently has always been, 'The Wisdom of Crocodiles'! Thanks for all your wonderful work bringing the Mandela Effect to the general public.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, that's astonishing that you witnessed this change to the title of a movie, especially given that you had personal reasons for taking such keen notice back in 1998 of exactly what it used to be when first released: "Crocodile Smile."  And now I just did a quick look-up of the film at the imdb website, and see that there is now a movie, "Crocodile Smile," but not starring Jude Law, and much more recent--from 2018.  And then I see for "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" that this movie was apparently originally known as "The Wisdom of Crocodiles," since it was "based on the book of the same name," which was a British romantic thriller written by Po-Chih Leong.  I see this movie is now also known as "Immortality," with no mention anywhere that it first came out as "Crocodile Smile." Yet clearly, you have personal reasons to have really taken notice that this was the original title for you, back in 1998—amazing!

Paul Butterfield changed
Málaga, Spain

Another Mandela experience I'd like to tell you about concerns the blues harmonica player, Paul Butterfield, who I had been following since the early 70s until his death in his apartment in 1987. Paul's death was due, it was reported, to an accidental heroin overdose, according to an autopsy. It was well known that he was a heroin addict, so, although extremely sad considering his talent, not a huge surprise. When he was alive he was handsome, generally very healthy looking, and stocky. But about 15 years ago, I was looking online for some information about his music, when I came across some photographic images taken shortly before he died. I was shocked to see he was reduced to skin and bone and had the vacant look of someone completely addicted to drugs; it was tragic to see what he had become. Seeing him looking like that had quite an impact on me, because of the senselessness of his death, and the tragic waste of life and talent. But then, a couple of years ago I was talking with a friend about Paul Butterfield, and told him about his death and the very sad photos of him that had such an impact on me. My friend called me the next day and asked where on earth did I get my information, because he had found details of his death as being in hospital caused by a perforated intestine and peritonitis. Well I know that wrong information can be put out sometimes, but then my friend said he could find no images anywhere of Paul showing him as a wasted heroin addict, although I had seen many of them on the usual images pages. I did start to wonder if I had made it all up, but why would I imagine those photos which I can remember as clear as day even now? I suppose I'll never know.

Note from Cynthia: That's so interesting about Paul Butterfield.  I looked and couldn't find any photos of him looking like a shadow of his former self, either.

Disappearing/reappearing food and Jim Croce lyrics
Missouri, USA

I am writing to report two personal Mandela experiences. Saturday I could not find a package of smoked Salmon in the fridge. I took the fridge apart both Saturday and Sunday, looking for it. The kids did not see it or pitch it. I looked in the trash just in case, since I did not want it to smell. On Sunday, a gallon zip-lock baggie with my garlic cloves disappeared. Again I searched the fridge and the whole kitchen, because some days I leave it out on a counter top. Now I starting to think about Cynthia and her missing food items. It's the only thing left that makes any sense. This morning, there was no garlic and no salmon. Tonight, I went to get the baby carrots to put in Mr. Pickles our lover boy dog. You know the rest of the story. Right on the bottom shelf of the fridge is the baggie of garlic and the package of salmon that reappeared. My intuition tells me, “There's nothing special here, Eric. This is happening to many others in the community right now.” So I relay this story to you, to start you on collecting what I feel is going to be an avalanche of personal Mandela effects. Logic says that we should also expect large ones, too. I was concerned how bad it would be the next day. The only thing I remember was how much I want to eat the salmon. I had some the day before and it does not taste good too long after opening. I only purchase it like  every six weeks. Initial I was frustrated and search out to blame one of the kids for pithing. Within 0 seconds I caught myself and just thought maybe they moved in fridge and they tell me wear when I saw them. The next day when the garlic disappeared and the salmon still gone I keep my cool and just thought no problem I just buy some more not worth the effort to raise an eye brow over. I do not recall thinking much of anything. When both food items showed up on the next day, I knew exactly what had happened. I thought of you and your stories and laughed. Then I wondered why this personal Mandela effect? Egg and chicken question. Did I jump to timelines at each loss of a food, or did the food jump timelines? Cynthia, if I did jump, it was effortlessly. I am not sure the next one counts. I think I just never listen carefully to the whole song. I heard a Jim Croce song, “You don’t mess around with Jim” this morning. The last two times he sings the chorus, he sings, "You don’t mess around with Slim.” I never heard the last part of the song where Slim takes down Jim to avenge Jim robbing him. This is probably just me, but how do you remember the song? I listened to it on YouTube today after the radio listen, and it was the same as the radio.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the amazing disappearing / reappearing smoked salmon and garlic, with these foods reappearing within about 48 hours of their observed vanishing acts.  I can't help noticing that both of these types of foods are known for their distinctive smells, and therefore are unlikely candidates to thrive outside their typical refrigerator environment.  Yes, these kinds of reality shifts and personal Mandela Effects are indeed increasingly being observed, coincident with people increasingly noticing synchronicity and repeating numbers (such as times like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 on digital clocks and other places). With respect to song lyrics, it's been noted by Mandela Effect researchers such as Moneybags73 on his YouTube channel that we can often hear different things in songs, depending on what we're primed to hear. I don't specifically recall the lyrics in that Jim Croce song, but it does seem to me to be entirely possible that you're experiencing a reality shift / personal Mandela Effect with this song.

Disappearing/reappearing iPhone
Missouri, USA

It happened again today. Natalie came into my room to watch a YouTube video with me. She moved my iPhone underneath a bunched up quilt. It is an iPhone 6 in a bright orange case—easy to see. We both left my room after watching the 20 minute video, and I left my iPhone in the room. Two hours later, we decided to go food shopping. We always take my iPhone to play music in the car. I went up to the bed room, where the bed had 2 pillows and bunched-up quilt. I removed all of it, and shook the quilt out over the floor—no phone. I put the quilt right where it was, and looked downstairs—no phone. I looked upstairs in the exact spot where I last saw it—no phone. Then I asked Natalie to check—and no phone. I came back upstairs, pulled the quilt back, and there it was in the exact place I saw it before the video! When my iPhone disappeared and reappeared, I was not thinking anything in particular. The video we watched was discussing something called the Smufet effect, and how women are an after-thought in many animations and movies that are geared toward boys and men. The only other thought was frustration, when my phone disappeared for about 20 minutes. This is interesting, because it involved Natalie and I this time. We do have a very strong parent-child bond that extends over at least one lifetime. I do think this is more then just Mandela Effects. I think there is some message going on, that I am not getting yet. All these years and I have always blamed these things on my being spacey—which is part of it, but not all of it. I had gotten so used to it that I just chill, and things turn up later. Younger me used to get so stressed out every time, and blame myself for it.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing your experience with your iPhone vanishing and reappearing exactly where you'd lost it and had thoroughly looked for it. I like how you're contemplating what you were thinking and doing at the times your phone vanished and reappeared. Thinking about the topic of the video you watched reminds me tha sometimes I've noticed things go missing more around me when I've felt ungrounded and energized. It's like at those times when my Ki is strong, if I'm not relaxed and accepting that everything is great just like it is, then some really stunning examples of PK phenomena will occur. Some examples include times when I've switched on light switches and seen the bulbs blow out, or turned on appliances and seen them break down, or notice items suddenly going missing or fall of tables or chairs like they'd jumped. I've come to consider in such cases it's good for me to adopt an attitude of "it's all good" with genuine faith that's true on some level, even when considering something that seems unjust or unfair. It's like the 'fight or flight' stress reaction can become psychokinetic for those of us whose Ki runs high, at times when we neglect to stay fully grounded.

Wizard of Oz movie is missing a scene
Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

I just thought of something thatʻs bugged me since I was a little kid. Every year, once a year, around springtime, I think, the Wizard of Oz would come on our little black & white TV. My dad and I would sit down and watch it all the way through on whatever station it was on. Of course there were a lot of commercials and commercial breaks. Time passed; I think I watched it almost every year as I got older, in through middle school and high school, but it wasnʻt the REQUIRED thing I had to do every year like when I was in elementary school. In college, of course, I was way too busy to watch it; then when I started my family I wanted to watch it again, with MY kids. Only—when I watched it as an adult when I was living in Ohio and West Virginia, there was something missing. I was certain there was a segment that I used to see in the "original" version when my dad and I watched it in black & white that was not on the version I saw when I was older. So I was really excited when VCRs came out and I bought the Wizard of Oz in color and played it on the VCR at home whenever I wanted to. THIS version had "the outtakes" that were removed from the original, so I was sure Iʻd see the part I remembered that was now missing. Only, "the outtakes" version was "The Jitterbug." That was it. It was a cute scene that didnʻt really have anything to do with the story or the plot; it just featured Judy Garland dancing with the other characters and it was interesting, but no, that wasnʻt it. That wasnʻt the piece I remembered from the original that was removed. I KNOW there was something in the original version of The Wizard of Oz that is not there now, in any version Iʻve been able to see since I was in junior high (so, about 1970 or the late ʻ60s). This has absolutely driven me crazy. I remember something being there that is not there now. I have no idea what it was. And of course I doubt myself 95% and assume that this is just a childish erroneous memory. But—the Mandela Effect—could it be Iʻm remembering it right? This is something I havenʻt heard anyone else ever talk about, Mandela-Effect-wise. Something was off.  Vague, haunting feeling.  One of the reasons I watched it year after year after year was to see if maybe THIS year theyʻd air the "whole" version, but they never did.  I didnʻt have as strong a memory as you have about where the missing scene was or what it was about, which is why I kept watching the movie—to see where that missing scene was and what it was about. And yes, I wasnʻt very sure whether what I "remembered" was right or not. And yes, it still bugs me!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your memory that there used to be more to the Wizard of Oz movie than it currently contains. I've watched the Wizard of Oz sporadically, but I do recall noticing when watching it about 15 years ago that it seemed like something was missing to me, too. For me, that was a very vague, haunting feeling--and for me, the seemingly missing scene would have been placed after Dorothy's house lands in Oz, and somewhere in the part of the film where she was meeting the Munchkins. I just felt something was off, and there used to be another scene right about there. I did ask another family member at the time, "Wasn't there more with the Munchkins?" but the conversation fell flat, and I didn't follow up on it. To be honest, I wasn't very sure what I thought I did remember. And until you brought this topic to my attention again, I hadn't thought about my sneaking suspicion that a Munchkin scene was missing. Missing scenes have been reported by people in many movies and TV shows, so it seems in keeping with the Mandela Effect that we'll likely hear from others who also remember that there used to be a scene in Wizard of Oz that isn't there any more.  This 'missing scene' type of Mandela Effect was reported by Stine in Denmark in the August 2018 RealityShifters where lots of Danes reported that they clearly recalled a scene where an unfortunate character had been locked outside on the balcony by his wife on his wedding night.
The Wizard of Oz is such a beloved film that hopefully we will hear from someone who also remembers there seems to be a scene missing.

Joanne Woodward Alive Again
New York, New York, USA

On Sunday April 25, 2021 I heard two psychics on Youtube talk about Joanne Woodward while channeling about Paul Newman. And it is from there that I have learned that she was still alive battling Alzheimer's disease. In that moment, I had that 'aha' (in slow motion) experience thinking to myself, "Wait, she is still alive?" However like you, that Mandela Effect of hearing about Joanne Woodward's death is fuzzy for me too. And yet for sure that it was years after Paul Newman's death. And she was sound in mind up to her death vs having alzheimer that seems to be something she has been battling with for awhile.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, this is so intriguing!


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
When I was 16, my World Literature teacher, Mrs. Riordan, had us read Plato's Banquet (also called the Symposium.) She wanted us to read the Socratic definition of Beauty. Socrates said that which we adore or love is defined as Beautiful. Love is the connecting link between two otherwise lost souls. The Greek word for Beauty is Cosmos, and also means Order. Cosmetics and Cosmology come from the same Greek word.

Dear Dan,
Wow—thank you so much for sharing this. This definition of what we love and adore being beautiful—and the Greek word for beauty being "cosmos" is profound, exquisite, and beautiful. I feel my heart is truly touched by this—and sense within the origins of 'cosmos' a deepening appreciation for love as our connecting link.
with love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
Love your viewpoints and insights. You make me feel that I’m not just slightly skewed (mentally). (I also read all of Mr. Radin’s books and enjoy his lectures. Very insightful.) Thanks again for writing about your experience.

Dear T.A.,
Thanks so much for sharing your appreciation! Together, we know we are experiencing genuine metaphysical phenomena, and that these things really do happen sometimes! Wishing you and yours all the best,
much love,


Hi, Cynthia Sue,
I could have sworn that Prince Philip has been dead for years!!! Are you getting other emails about this? I'm not finding anything on the internet. In Love and Light,

Dear Michelle,
That's fascinating—do you recall any surrounding details about Prince Philip's previous death and passing? Any kind of 'anchor memories,' such as what happened around that time, either in your life or in the news—and events immediately afterward. I bet you're not the only one!
love, love, love,


Dear Cynthia,
Have you heard about the so-called "Schrödingers goal"? Watch "Bayer Leverkusen 'ghost goal' - the most bizarre goal in football:

Dear Mjolner,
Wow--that's really surprising and amazing! And I see the official explanation is "there was a hole in the net," though the film seems even stranger than that explanation could provide.


Dear Cynthia,
Have you heard that at the time of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there were no Przewalski horses in Chernobyl. Then, in 1998, scientists reintroduced 30 Przewalski's horses to Chernobyl's exclusion zone as part of their global efforts to preserve the species?! This blew my mind—I grew up riding horses. Why would people put rare such horses at Chernobyl? HOW CAN THIS BE TRUE?

Dear Paula,
Wow—this is astonishing news in so many ways! Not only have these golden Przewalski horses been highlighted in international news stories since 1998, but they were reintroduced to a highly toxic disaster in Chernobyl? This is truly amazing—thanks so much for sharing this!
With love and thanks,



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