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RealityShifters News - November 2002
Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

Joyful Appreciation of Love

Cynthia finds joy in the moment

Joyful appreciation of love
is its own paradise

Whatever you most desire is much closer than you realize. When you remember how everything goes your way when you are in love, you know that your emotions are the key to attracting what you most desire. When your energy field is glowing with loving feelings, you will strongly attract what you've thought and forgotten about (because those ideas have been most fully released into waves of energy).

How can you find those loving feelings once they're lost? One simple way to feel love in your life is to remember what you are grateful for. For some extra fun this Thanksgiving season, try an experiment to create paradise around you with your feelings of loving, joyful appreciation. The energy of love, joy, and gratitude has the power to help you transcend more limited perspectives, and can lift you to a higher plane of awareness. Your feelings will change the world, and you can see the difference immediately.

The first International Aura Awareness Day is almost here! Would you like to learn more about how you can energize your world into a greater feeling of paradise? Visit the web page for ideas of ways you can participate in a special day to celebrate your energy field on Saturday, November 23rd. Find out nine things you can do in your community to make the world a brighter place... because when you shine, you light up the world!

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(1) Upcoming Events

    If you want to celebrate the first ever International Aura Awareness Day in style, and can come to Sacramento, California on Saturday, November 23rd, you are invited to join Cynthia and Alijandra for the Shifting Reality With the Color Rays workshop!


    Shifting Reality With the Color Rays
    A Workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra

    Do you have too much chaos in your life? When your dreams and wishes come true, are they accompanied by some of the things you were most wishing to avoid? Find out how you can start creating a future that feels heavenly to you on all levels when you learn how to enhance your aura and improve your life. Improve your skills at seeing and feeling your aura, doing a chakra check, and listening to your chakras. Treat yourself to an aura makeover, and feel better as your whole life improves!

    Reclaim your inner magi and play with Cynthia & Alijandra at their fun-filled, informative, hands-on Aura & Reality Shifting workshop! This is a day that can change your life for the better in every possible way, and is something you'll be sure to remember for years to come. Attendance is limited, and there is a special discount if you reserve your space before November 16th by phoning (800) 395-5811 toll-free, or going to:
    From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on November 23, 2002
    The Learning Exchange
    1111 Howe Avenue
    Sacramento, California

(2) Intriguing Articles

ABC NEWS: Good Morning America
It's All About Aura
Auras Grab the Interest of Traditional Science

by Melissa Dunst & Michael Guillen

It's true!
The National Institute of Health
is funding human biofields research!
Read all about it at:

(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Queensland, Australia

What a lovely webiste you have; congratulations! I've had the most entertaining time over the last few nights reading about everyone's reality shifts, not to mention your enlighting Introduction. I have experienced - to greater and lesser degrees - around three types of the five reality shifts you describe. If I actually participated in a 'time- stop' situation though, I'd be TOTALLY spun out!

I wasn't going to email you my stories but figured, no, I should. The more people that have an open mind about reality shifts and share their stories, the greater our awareness is of the wonderment of the universe and it's infinate gifts. The greater our awareness of something so fab can only be positive can't it?!

The first story I'd like to relate happened about six weeks ago. I was getting ready to go to a concert with my cousin. The last time I had been to a classical music concert was in 1994, so I was very excited. Just as we were about to leave, I went to get my purse (this purse is about the size of a man's wallet); it had completely vanished. Gone! I searched high and low. My parents who were there babysitting the children searched - to no avail. My next door neighbour who had had dinner with us earlier searched too. Again it was not to be found. When I gave up looking and decided that (a) there wasn't much cash in there anyway, and (b) I could cancel my cards - so it was stressful, but I'd get over it... I looked up and saw it sitting on the bench between a photo frame and a bowl where my neighbour had put it before dinner out of reach of the children. He knew it and I knew it but we'd forgotten with all the rushing of my cousin and I getting ready to go out, getting the chidren bathed, ready for bed etc.

Letting go of it had a lot to do with me finding my purse, I'm sure. Another thing that struck me was - if it was there the whole time, not one of us saw it, and if the new quantum physicists are right (for the record I believe this theory) then it wasn't there anyway, because it wasn't being observed... food for thought!

The second story I'd like to share was something that happened to me years ago - perhaps ten or so. I was driving out of the village and saw a car about 20 meters ahead of me. It was a beige wagon, really, really average, standard car that you see all over the place - or did back then, anyway. It rounded a bend in front of me, I followed and after I'd rounded the bend, found that it was no longer in front of me. There's nowhere to turn or park on this stretch of road - it's fairly much open farmland and the road is narrow. I remember thinking 'wow' and then getting on with thinking about the day ahead.

I have loads more, but the top two are the ones that strike me the most. Keep up the excellent work Cynthia!


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Davis, California

Something neat-o happened on Friday, 10/18 to me and my young son outside the Safeway grocery store. There's a fun fountain near the store with a cow's head sculpture that we like to make wishes in with tossed pennies. We parked near it and walked over towards it. However, as we were walking, I was fishing around in my pockets and slowly realized that I didn't have a penny or even any coins for my son's wish. I suddenly thought to look down at the ground, and I wished that I might find one there. Within about two seconds my eyes fell on a dark penny in a little corner of dark dirt near the door to the store! I picked it up and showed it to him, delightedly telling him that I just got my wish, which was to find a penny for him to use for making his wish! We laughed about that for a long time and I thanked the universe for providing just what we needed so instantaneously!

The next day, we went to the Safeway grocery store again with my husband to pick up hams for a potluck on Sunday, and we told him about how we'd gone over to the fountain the other day ("Just like this", we said, as we did it again) and "we looked down for a penny like this," (as we did again), "and found one right in the dirt here!" (as we pointed dramatically). So, guess what happened? Yep! We found ANOTHER penny right there in the dirt just inches away from where the first one had been! And Jack witnessed it this time. :) My son dug it out of the dirt this time and was eager to make his wish, like it was just the most natural thing in the world to look down for a penny and find one immediately. I was pretty impressed, but tried to accept it too, gratefully. Cool, isn't it? Such a little thing, but mighty nice!

On the next Friday afternoon, October 25, we went to the drug store next door to the grocery store, and, naturally, my son found a penny on the floor as we were checking out. I suggested that we go to the fountain next door so that he could make a wish. He loved that idea, so we went there. He ran around to the back side of the fountain where the wall is and stood on the bench behind the wall. He announced his wish out loud as he threw in the coin. This time he said "I wish that I could find seven more pennies for me and seven more for my mom!". I rolled my eyes and chuckled and then started to walk around the fountain towards the back, passing the plantings on the right side where some small flowering shrubs are growing. I noticed a funny light green circle in the dirt beneath the plants and suddenly recognized the small circle as a weathered penny! I called to him to come and see what I'd found and only then noticed even more green circles and some brown ones too! He quickly scrambled up to the planter and started picking out penny after penny! We counted them up and there were not just fourteen, but 38 pennies!! Even though I had to finish packing at home, I couldn't drag him away from this fortune in wishes, and so we spent the next 20 minutes or so making wishes and tossing the dirt-encrusted pennies into the water. He even offered pennies to kids walking by with their moms, so that they could have wishes too. What a day! He's a natural at manifesting what he wants. :) I could only guess that the person who cleans the fountain may have chucked some of the pennies into the bushes, or that some wishers have bad aim! We saved two of the pennies, one to keep as a reminder and another for his teacher (since one of the wishes was for her recently injured arm to heal quickly).

Here's hoping that all your wishes come true! Have a great week!

Edmond, Oklahoma

One night I was having a strange dream in which I saw a large rat. I never dream of such things, so I was trying to understand the significance of such a disgusting image when I awoke at dawn, at that in-between time of light and dark. As I made my way through the bedroom into the kitchen, I was surprised to see my cat, Stephanie. Stephanie always stayed outside, so I thought she must have gotten in by mistake. Suddenly, her image became transparent and then disappeared. I was shocked and alarmed, and went to the back door to check and see if something had happened to her. There she stood -- gloating over her new catch and gift for me, a large rat. Now I knew the meaning of the dream! Why I had this experience, I don't know. It just proves how connected we all are, even with our pets.

(4) Reality Shifters Shop

You can now purchase the reality shifts video, T-shirts, and tote bags at the one-stop reality shift shop!

(5) Books that Shift Your Reality

Need some great books to fill your book bag? Any time you click through the realityshifters site before going to buy books at, you help to offset the costs of distributing this ezine and operating the realityshifters web site! This is true even if you don't buy anything that is specifically listed at the realityshifters site. Between 5% and 15% of each purchase is forwarded to RealityShifters, and this keeps our beloved site and ezine up and running!

Check out some of my favorite books at:

Wonderful books are reviewed here this month: POCKET GUIDE TO CELTIC SPIRITUALITY by Sirona Knight, ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY by David Sedaris, and THE ODYSSEY OF ENLIGHTENMENT by Berthold Madhukar Thompson.

Celtic Spirituality

Pocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality

by Sirona Knight

The Essential Book of Celtic Spirituality

Sirona Knight's awesome POCKET GUIDE TO CELTIC SPIRITUALITY packs a lot into one little book. You know magic is surely afoot when a 112 page book says more on the subject of Celtic mythology, gods and godesses, divination, and rituals than most of the larger books on this topic ever manage to convey. I am particularly impressed with Knight's immense knowledge on Celtic traditions, which are abundantly obvious to anyone fortunate enough to read this little gem of a reference book.

I especially loved reading about "The Three Eyes of Kerridwen", which Knight explains is a formula for creating any pattern in magic. While it only consists of three basic steps, they are indeed the essence of all good manifestation.

This is the fun kind of book that's the perfect size to take with you when you travel to lands steeped in Celtic tradition -- or if you prefer, it's perfect for reading by the fire. You can then travel on the wings of your imagination to the British Isles thousands of years ago.

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day

by David Sedaris

Me Can't Read this Out Loud Without Laughing!

My sister recommended this book to me, after she warned me, "It's a bit warped, because I dropped it in the bathtub when I was laughing so hard"! ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY is a collection of David Sedaris' autobiographical short stories, which describe his childhood speech problems, his father's obsession with forming a jazz band with his progeny, his move to Paris with his boyfriend, and his attempts to master the art of speaking French while living in France.

I've been looking for years for an heir to James Thurber -- someone whose mastery of observation excels at describing everyday incidents without stripping away their intrinsically bizarre nature. I'm pleased to find this heir in David Sedaris, whose short stories are nakedly honest and touchingly fresh. Sedaris shares things which most of us would not even write in our own private diaries, such as, "Because I am both a glutton and a masochist, my standard complaint, 'That was so bad,' is always followed by 'And there was so little of it!'"

My favorite stories were "Jesus Shaves", in which Sedaris attempts to explain American Easter holiday traditions in broken French to many foreign students (and one sadistic teacher) in his French class, and "Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities", in which Sedaris takes guitar lessons from a midget as part of his father's dream of creating a family jazz band.

If you love humor that's as sublime as it is surreal, you'll love ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY. Sedaris and his book may be "a bit warped," but it just doesn't get any better than this!

The Odyssey of Enlightenment

The Odyssey of Enlightenment

by Berthold Madhukar Thompson

Interviews with Non-Dualist Masters

Have you ever wondered what's really going on at those mysterious "satsangs" with spiritual leaders in traditions of non-dualism? While these modern-day enlightenment gurus often shun media appearances, their mystique grows. Short of joining one of their organizations, it can be challenging to find out the basis for their teachings, and whether they might be helpful in guiding one to a sense of enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment in one's life. Berthold Madhukar Thompson presents riveting interviews with twelve such spiritual teachers of non-dualistic traditions in the story of his search for truth, THE ODYSSEY OF ENLIGHTENMENT.

Thompson finds and shares something truly amazing and unexpected in this book -- completely unique perspectives on how one can best find joy and a sense of eternal peace. I was surprised to find so many different definitions of enlightenment in one book, as well as some rather unexpected points of view on whether or how enlightenment should even be pursued as a goal. I was glad to see that a biographical profile and photograph of each of these special individuals is included at the beginning of each section, so I got a better sense of who they are. I found the diversity of perspectives to be quite refreshing, and know that this is a book I'll be glad to refer to whenever I want to see the world in fresh, new ways.

Thompson is a kind and trusty guide through an exploration of the essence of reality, consciousness, and oneness. Thanks to Thompson's thoughtful observations and willingness to share his own personal experiences, THE ODYSSEY OF ENLIGHTENMENT transcends potential confusion and presents the reader with a fascinating overview of the teachings of some of the world's pre-eminent enlightenment gurus of the 21st century. This book is bejeweled with insights that can help bring peace of mind, such as "thought activity is the main hindrance to realization." In addition to sharing these gems of wisdom, this book also explains how to put them into practice in one's life.

Whether you are curious about what's really being taught in various schools of non-duality and enlightenment, or would like specific information about Osho, Papaji, Harish Madhukar, Gangaji, Annamalai Swami, Lakshmana Swami, Ramesh S. Balsekar, Dadaji, Kiran, U.G. Krishnamurti, Andrew Cohen, and D.B. Gangolli, this is the book for you!

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