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RealityShifters News - November 2005
Create Your Best Life!
Why Positive Thinking Works

Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson with rainbow aura

    "Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
    Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
    -- Ralph Vaull Starr
Truly amazing news is coming from the scientific community which challenges some of our longest-held, most fundamental assumptions. Can our notion of experiencing a third spatial dimension be entirely illusory? Scientists at UC Berkeley are currently considering the implications of this startling possibility right now. Is placebo surgery as effective as placebo drugs (which are so effective they frequently out-perform newly designed pharmaceuticals)? A study of such placebo surgery indicates this might well be true. Is it possible that DNA is not the 'brain' of the cell... but that our perceptions instead exert primary influence our biology? Bruce Lipton gives us ample scientific evidence of this and more in his new book, The Biology of Belief.
Cat Tiger ReflectionWe see what we believe

Now that we're seeing consistent evidence of consciousness being intrinsicly embedded in everything we study, our scientific method needs to be modified. We've known for decades from quantum physics experiments that there is always some degree of "observer effect" going on (where scientists and other observers affect experimental outcome), and that non-local effects happen routinely. Taken together, these new ideas challenge the very foundation of our concept of experimental reproducibility and reliability, to the point that we can no longer afford to ignore them. Since there is no such thing as an "impartial observer," and there are no completely isolated experiments which are unaffected by external influence... we need revised assumptions for our scientific experiments. This new foundation for science will be based on the underlying premise that we cannot look at the world without the world looking back.

I find placebo studies (surgical and otherwise) particularly interesting, because they raise the bar for what we ought to expect from medical treatments. When patients recover without the actual surgical or drug treatment ... then how on Earth can we possibly still believe that only surgery and drugs are effective? Clearly there is something else going on. Some researchers have found that the very best way for people to improve performance at a task like throwing darts is simply to talk positively beforehand. Positive self-talk has been found to work better than merely using visualization or meditation... and it's something we can all do right here, right now. Take a moment to ask yourself what quality you most wish for yourself... and then say aloud that you have it. Every time you happen to think about this, affirm again that this quality is truly something you possess.

lots of love,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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In This Issue:

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
(2) Upcoming Events
(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews & Films
(4) Your Reality Shift Stories
(5) Reality Shifting Q & A
(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner
(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
(8) Join in the Discussion
(9) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
Cynthia Sue Larson

Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia
Feeling stuck? Want help facing a challenging relationship? Need clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from spiritual life coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.

      "Your time with me is still helping me.
      Your confidant clarity helped me to see my own potential
      in being able to 'back myself up' with what I put out
      as well as taking in. You've helped me to reach for the Light
      and see through my own and others' lies easier."
      -- Shulei Tong

(2) Upcoming Events

Cynthia Purple AuraIt's FREE! It's FUN! It's ILLUMINATING!
It's International Aura Awareness Day!

Future Talk Radio Show
26 November 2005
9:00 to 12:00 midnight PST
Join Zohara M. Hieronimus, award winning radio broadcaster, as she interviews Cynthia Sue Larson on the topics of auras and reality shifts. This interview will air on twenty-two affiliate radio stations, and a podcast of the show will also be available.

International Aura Awareness Day
When you shine, you light up the world!
26 November 2005
While every one of us has one, few people give much thought to their energy body. Also known as the aura, these shining bodies of light have been recognized for millenia to exist in all living things. Since dark or damaged auras are early warning indicators of every kind of physical, emotional, and psychological problem, it is clear that you can improve your health by taking one day each year to examine your aura. November 26, 2005 will mark the fourth annual International Aura Awareness Day. Check this web page to find out nine ways you can celebrate, wherever you are!

Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
Would you like to invite your friends to attend an aura advantage workshop in your home? If you live in Northern California and are interested in planning such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
Cynthia's schedule of events for 2005 is posted online at:

(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews & Films

Cynthia & BruceCynthia & Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and author of "The Biology of Belief," says it's our beliefs, not our DNA, that control our biology
SF Gate
14 November 2005
by David Ian Miller
Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist, has worked over the last 40 years to study how cells process information... and has come to the conclusion that genes do not control our behavior. Instead, genes are turned on and off by influences outside the cell. These include our thoughts and beliefs, which Lipton argues can shape our DNA, a theory that he presents in his new book, The Biology of Belief.

The Universe is Only Pretending, Physicist Says
Daily Californian
9 November 2005
by Alexandra L. Woodruff
UC Berkeley physics professor, Raphael Bousso, is trying to break down the mysteries of the universe with a concept called the holographic principle. Physicists stumbled on the idea while studying black holes. It is a concept, which ultimately questions whether the third dimension exists.

Ease Pain by Taking a Good Look at Yourself
New Scientist
1 November 2005
by Gaia Vince
Some patients suffering chronic pain in their limbs have found an unlikely source of relief -- mirrors. Researchers say the drug-free treatment works on people with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and repetitive strain injury (RSI) because it tricks the brain into correcting its distorted image of the body.

Gut Reactions May Rumble a Liar
New Scientist
31 October 2005
by Stu Hutson
Liars could be caught out by the reaction of their stomachs to telling untruths, suggests preliminary research from the University of Texas, US. The team believe that the early-stage technique could one day improve the accuracy of polygraph tests, which rely mostly on monitoring heart activity. The heart is unreliable because it's affected by many other factors, such as the brain and hormones, says Pankaj Pasricha, who is leading the team. The gut has a mind of its own -- literally. It has its own well-developed nervous system that acts independently of almost everything except the unconscious brain.

hand light

Study: Human Hands Emit Light
Discovery News
6 September 2005
by Jennifer Viegas
Human hands glow, and fingernails release the most light, according to a recent study that found all parts of the hand emit detectable levels of light. Not only our hands, but also our forehead and the bottoms of our feet emit photons.

placebo effect on brain

Thinking the Pain Away?
U-M Brain-Scan Study Shows the Body's Own Painkillers May Cause the "Placebo Effect"

University of Michigan Health System
23 August 2005
by Kara Gavin
Just thinking that a medicine will relieve pain is enough to prompt the brain to release its own natural painkillers, and soothe painful sensations, a new University of Michigan study finds. The study provides the first direct evidence that the brain's own pain-fighting chemicals, called endorphins, play a role in the phenomenon known as the placebo effect -- and that this response corresponds with a reduction in feelings of pain.

Placebo Surgery
The Chiropractic Journal
September 2002
by Dr. Christopher Kent
There have been five studies where placebo surgery was used as a control. The placebo group generally did as well or better than the group receiving the real operation.

Waking Life

Reality Shifting Films
What do movies and TV shows like Waking Life, Indigo, Tru Calling, What the Bleep Do We Know, The Matrix, Frequency, Wonderfalls, Dark City, Sliders, The Lathe of Heaven, Sliding Doors and Passion of Mind have in common? These films feature the reality shift phenomenon in their plots. I find it especially refreshing to see films that describe reality shifts close to the way I've experienced them myself, and I am grateful that reality shifts are being featured more often than ever in film!

(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Petaluma, California

Last April when I visited Tucson, I purchased a Corn Maiden rattle at a Native Anerican shop. I carefully put the rattle in the drawer of my bedside table at the condo where I was staying. When my wife and I got ready to pack and go home, the rattle was nowhere to be found. I really turned the time share upside down looking for the rattle, as I felt a special affinity with it. I assumed the cleaning crew liked it more than I did, so I picked up a different rattle on the way out of town. A sweet downpour of rain fell just before leaving for the airport, leaving me with a blessing I had longed for, the familar sent of the desert I love. Just the other day, after another sweet rain in Petaluma, I found the missing rattle inside a bag containing a healing tool that never went to Tucson! Now I give thanks with every sweet rain, and wonder what blessing is coming my way.


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Loughton, Essex, England

If we accept that people really are "alive again" who we definitely remember dying - doesn't that imply that the multiple universe theory could be correct? That is, if people who were dead really came back to life it would be something their friends and relatives would notice, so we must assume they are not actually coming back to life but that we ourselves are switching somehow to a universe where they haven't yet died. What other explanation is there (apart from ourselves just being mistaken)?

If there are multiple universes, there could be zillions of time lines, and you would affect only one of those if you went back. I find the concept of multiple universes a difficult one, but it's the only explanation that seems to fit some things, unless you convince yourself it is faulty memory/faulty processing of information by your own brain.

The incident that probably led me to join this list happened a few years ago. I was out walking with my dog and to rest I sat on a bench opposite a pub. I noted the name of the pub and that it looked pretty painted white with bright red doors and window frames, although I thought it was unusual that this had been allowed as it was in a woodland conservation area, and colours usually have to blend in. I remembered the name and the sign and made a note to go in there one day. A few weeks later a friend came to visit and I decided to take them to this pub. When we got there, I was disappointed to find it was not red and white but dark green and white. I assumed they had been made to repaint it. Also the name had been changed, as had the sign. I thought it was not an improvement, so when I was buying drinks at the bar I asked the Landlord why they had changed the name of the pub. He looked puzzled and said, "This pub has had the same name for 350 years!" He gestured to old drawings, paintings and photographs in frames along the walls, showing the pub through the years, always with this name. He told me it hadn't been red and white, either. I was totally dumbfounded. I had sat for at least five minutes on the bench looking at it - wide awake, not dreaming, and it was definitely the same pub. At the time I felt 100% certain it had been red and white and had a different name. Over time, though, you try to convince yourself you must have been mistaken. Maybe I was, because there's no objective proof of anything, the brain can mis-process data, false memories do exist and that's something it's hard to get past. But if things like this do really happen - and I've read many similar accounts from other people - surely the first explanation that comes to mind is that you have shifted from one universe to a slightly different one?

Edmond, OK

A friend and I enjoy walking through a park almost daily that includes a certain area that is very open. We have often remarked how nice it would be in that area to have a tree where we could rest for a while before continuing to our final destination, because it has been unseasonably warm. The other day we came to that area and were amazed to see that there was a tree where the clearing had been! We both remarked we had never seen the tree there before. It is large, and there is no evidence it has been planted recently. We enjoy resting in the shade now. These shifts always amaze me no matter how many times they happen. What is that scripture in the Bible that states, "Ask & ye shall receive?"

Corona, California

When I first moved in with my dad, I noticed the shower controls on my shower were just a bit odd. I had to turn the nozzle to the right to get warm or hot water. The colors were in the right place, but the water was not. Recently, I noticed that I couldn't get any hot water. I figured it was because everybody gets up early at the crack of dawn to take their showers, and I had gotten up early as well, so there was no hot water. But, the strange thing was, it persisted. So, a few days ago, I noticed that if I turned the nozzle counterclockwise, the traditional way, suddenly I began to get hot water. (?!) Now, I don't know what to think. Was it a shift or not? I think it was because I always thought it was strange that you had to turn the nozzle clockwise to get the hot water, but now I'm so confuzzled thinking about it, I don't know what to think. Anybody else second-guess themselves when it comes to a shift?

(5) Reality Shifters Q & A

Q: Hi Cynthia, Very funny thing happen to me, Yesterday after I read this months news letter, I found some sun glasses in my car. I've asked my friends, and no one seems to claim them. I'm going to ask the garage where I took my car for an oil change. If it's not some one there, where did they come from? The Realm of found things? Do you have any ideas? Love your newsletter.

A: Thanks for the question about where the sunglasses may have come from. If you find out that they weren't placed there when your car got an oil change, then it could be they literally just appeared. While this sort of thing is relatively rare, it does occur. As to where these things come from... I don't think anyone knows for sure. Sometimes when items arrive out of thin air, they are exactly what we were looking for, and other times they are extremely unexpected. Just yesterday, an object manifested out of thin air and landed on an aura painting I was doing for a woman... and she saw the small crystal appear and land right where I'd just painted her heart chakra. The appearance of this crystal felt extremely special and relevant to what we'd just been talking about, and the energy work we'd just done.
lots of love,
-- Cynthia

(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

The Psychic Times
The Psychic Times online newspaper provides up-to-the-minute news, articles, interviews and information on near death experiences, psychic phenomenon, paranormal activity, and evidence of life after death.

(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

Here is something that will give you nourishing food for thought! Every time you click through these links before making purchases at, you help offset the costs of the realityshifters web site and ezine! This is true even if you don't buy anything listed on the realityshifters site. You can see some of my favorite books at:

The Biology of Belief

The Biology of Belief
by Bruce Lipton

How the New Science of Epigenetics Links Mind & Matter

Bruce Lipton's extraordinary book THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF is destined to revolutionize the way we think about the effects our thoughts have on our bodies at the cellular level. Lipton writes with enthusiasm, warmth and passion about the role of the environment in regulating gene activity, with the authority of having had decades of published scientific papers which pre-date the official start of the brand new scientific field of epigenetics. Not only do our thoughts directly influence our health and well-being, but we are probably unable to heal or succeed without them. Lipton states, "The placebo effect should be the subject of major, funded research efforts. If medical researchers could figure out how to leverage the placebo effect, they would hand doctors an efficient, energy-based, side effect-free tool to treat disease." THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF really shines when describing the relevance of cutting-edge scientific findings to our daily lives. Lipton writes with such sparkling, down-to-Earth words that it's a real pleasure to take them fully and deeply to heart. And when we do, we can feel glad that the world will no longer be the same.

The Power of Appreciation

The Power of Appreciation in Business
by Noelle C. Nelson

A Magic Bullet for Increasing Morale & Profits

Most of us who've worked in the corporate world have occasionally felt a slight sense of dread as we came to work to deal with employee and customer complaints. If you heard there was a fast, cheap, easy and effective management approach that takes stressful work situations and transforms them into higher productivity and better morale... and is especially powerful for dealing with conflicts... would you be interested? Author Noelle Nelson provides an exceptionally clear technique for bringing appreciation into the workplace, describing practical ideas managers can put to work immediately for little to no additional cost in THE POWER OF APPRECIATION IN BUSINESS. Nelson cites recent scientific research on the effects of appreciation on the brain and the heart, and describes how appreciation works to remove resistance while encouraging people to do their very best. Best of all, Nelson includes step-by-step directions for implementing these techniques in ways that have proven to be wildly successful in businesses such as See's Candies, Ryder, and Southwest Airlines. I love the way this book explodes many management myths, and explains why so many corporate appreciation tools such as Employee of the Month programs and customer satisfaction surveys so often prove to be ineffective. THE POWER OF APPRECIATION is a powerful "magic bullet" that may just be what your business needs to improve profitablity and morale at the same time. Find out how good your business can get!

(8) Join in the Discussion
    Do you have questions you'd like to ask, or reality shifting stories you'd like to share? Have you read good books, seen intriguing movies, or found a web site that relates to reality shifts? Contemplate the big questions and make new friends in the realityshifters discussion group at:

(9) Noteworthy Web Sites

Ka Gold Jewelry

This web site features some of the most beautiful spiritual jewelry I've ever seen. Ka Gold Jewelry also has fascinating free articles about spiritual symbols and sacred geometry which explain the advantages of wearing jewelry designed according to these ancient principles.

Spiritual Cinema

Get Your First Month of Movies Free! For a limited time, you can see Delivering Milo (starring Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott and Albert Finney) and a collection of shorts and documentaries for just the price of shipping and handling.

Lotus Tarot

Free tarot card readings can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts.

Transformational Book Circle

NEW feature! NEW feature! Louise Hay and Barbara de Angelis have changed the lives of millions of people. But did you know that each of these remarkable women credits a book with changing her life? Join the Transformational Book Circle and you will receive one book and one audio CD each month:

Now you can try a free demo of the most amazing computer meditation biofeedback system ever. I feel like I'm in Shangri La in Wild Divine, where I can build stairways with my breath, meditate to open doors, and juggle balls with laughter. It's awesome!

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