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November 2008
Issue #110

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson
Find Your Inner Paradise

"By the practice of meditation,
You will find that you are carrying
within your heart a portable paradise."
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Whenever I feel concerned about circumstances I have no direct control over, I make sure I do some things to relieve stress. This month I am excited to share recent scientific research with you that indicates that some of the things I do to relieve stress in my life have also been proven effective at helping peoples' brains to improve and grow. Recent brain research suggests the brain is capable of rewiring and regrowing itself all through our adult lives -- with exercise, meditation, and learning new things being three things I do which are part of seven scientifically proven ways to stimulate brain cell growth.

Berkeley Park
Those who assume that regular meditation and exercise just maintain a kind of status quo might be astonished to learn how such practices assist us in literally rewiring and regrowing our brains... and our lives. Exercise, meditation, and learning new things help ensure my ability to stay mentally sharp by helping build and expand neurons and neuron connections, while at the same time dramatically reducing negative impacts of stress. I like to combine all three of these life-enhancers by taking daily walks in nature while reviewing material I am learning. This gives me some time each day to experience a personal paradise of feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically on top of my game... relaxing as I help keep myself feeling my best.

The relatively new concepts of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis continue to expand our concept of what is and isn't possible, as scientists study of one man's miraculous recovery from massive brain injuries when he was thrown from a truck in 1984 that resulted in his spending 19 years in a coma. Terry Wallis astonished his doctors and family when he awakened from his coma, and started to speak... and then proceeded to regain his other mental faculties. Wallis's badly damaged brain was observed to have, "very gradually, developed new pathways and completely novel anatomical structures to reestablish functional connections, compensating for the brain pathways lost in the accident." What was most surprising to scientists studying Wallis's brain was that new neural circuitry had grown across the back of his brain in such a way that does not exist in normal brains, but that reconnected the two sides of Wallis's brain.

If you would like to enjoy mental sharpness and acuity well into your golden years with the ability to continue feeling enthusiastic and passionately interested in life, now is an excellent time to make a personal commitment to yourself to start exercising, meditating, and learning something new. If this notion alarms you because it seems like too big a change, consider the wise words of Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu,

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

You can start today by thinking of an exercise you would like to be able to do 100 repetitions of every day... and start by doing just one today. You can start with just one sit-up or one push-up today, and each day for the next several months, add one more sit-up and/or push-up, as you incrementally improve your strength, flexibility, and speed. I have been doing this with burpees for 69 days now, each day envisioning that I am on my way to 100, and gaining strength each day as I get closer to this goal. I am now able to do far more of these vigorous exercises in a stretch than I would have ever thought possible.

Wishing you may discover just how good your life can get,
Cynthia Sue Larson
email Cynthia at
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In This Issue:

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
(2) Upcoming Events
(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films
(4) Your Reality Shift Stories
(5) Reality Shifting Q and A / Mail Bag
(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner
(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
(8) Join in the Discussion
(9) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines


Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, intuitive, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the signs and messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? Could you benefit from getting some validation for your intuitive hunches... free from judgement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.

"At times when I am feeling out of gas I call Cynthia for some spiritual gas. She helps me get tuned-up again for my life. She teaches me certain skills that I can use when we are not in contact. On a physical level, Cynthia has cleared all breast cancer from my body, and has given me tools that I can use on a daily basis. The work with Cynthia is not easy, she is so clear and pure with herself and with what she communicates that if you are not ready to find your true path in life do not work with her. It is as if your truth will be presented to you with the assistance from her and you will need to be honest with yourself about what your path is. My life has changed dramatically since I have started working with her; I have had many physical challenges. When I called Cynthia and asked for help with spirit, I was amazed with the answers that spirit had communicated to her which then where given to me. I have grown so much with Cynthia it is as if one session with Cynthia is like a semester in college/graduate school. She is down to earth and so easy to work with; she is truly amazing. I love her dearly and I know in my heart that she will always be there for me. I love Cynthia as a teacher, spiritual sister, mother and a human angel who has a great sense of humor." -- Gail -- Esther

(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

International Aura Awareness Day
International Aura Awareness Day
Saturday, November 22, 2008
While every one of us has one, few people give much thought to their energy body. Also known as the aura, these shining bodies of light have been recognized for millenia to exist in all living things. Since dark or damaged auras are early warning indicators of every kind of physical, emotional, and psychological problem, it is clear that you can improve your health by taking one day each year to examine your aura. November 22, 2008 will mark the seventh annual International Aura Awareness Day.

Evolution Expo
San Jose Evolution! Holistic Living Festival
Spirit Photography Talk
1740 N. First Street in Back along Old Bayshore Hwy, San Jose, CA

Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 12noon
Discover your own personal manifesting personality type, and how knowing your personal manifesting style can help you become much more successful more easily.
Defending Your Life

Reality Shifting Films
What do movies and TV shows like Defending Your Life, Next, Peaceful Warrior, Premonition, Deja Vu, The Secret, The Jacket, What the Bleep Do We Know, Just Like Heaven, Indigo, Tru Calling, The Matrix, Frequency, Wonderfalls, Dark City, Sliders, The Lathe of Heaven, Sliding Doors and Passion of Mind have in common? These films feature the reality shift phenomenon in their plots. I find it especially refreshing to see films that describe reality shifts close to the way I've experienced them myself, and I am grateful that reality shifts are being featured more often than ever in film!

Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
Would you like to invite your friends to attend an aura advantage workshop in your home? If you live in Northern California and are interested in planning such an event, email Cynthia for further information at:
Cynthia's schedule of events for this year is posted online at:


(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Lobes of Steel
New York Times
August 19, 2007
Gretchen Reynolds
Scientists have suspected for decades that exercise, particularly regular aerobic exercise, can affect the brain. But they could only speculate as to how. Now an expanding body of research shows that exercise can improve the performance of the brain by boosting memory and cognitive processing speed. Exercise can, in fact, create a stronger, faster brain.

7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Stimulate Brain Cell Growth / Neurogenesis
August 18, 2007
Though neurogenesis is most active during prenatal development, there is growing evidence that certain activities also induce the growth of new brain cells [neurons] in the brain. Provided below are 7 researched and proven ways to grow new brain cells and provide a safe haven for effective neurogenesis.

'Rewired brain' revives patient after 19 years
New Scientist
July 3, 2006
Helen Phillips
A study of the "miraculous" recovery of a man who spent 19 years in a minimally conscious state has revealed the likely cause of his regained consciousness. The findings suggest the human brain shows far greater potential for recovery and regeneration then ever suspected. It may also help doctors predict their patients' chances of improvement. But the studies also highlight gross inadequacies in the system for diagnosing and caring for patients in vegetative or minimally conscious states.

(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Transportation Past Accident
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Years ago I was living in Atlanta, Georgia. One day I was late for an appointment and was driving a bit fast up a hill that went into a curve. As soon as I got to the top and was curving around, I saw there was an accident up ahead, blocking both lanes on my side of the road. I could immediately see I was going too fast to stop and was going to hit one of the cars; I could also see there was no way to veer off to the side, because there were people stopped on the sidewalk on my side of the road, and rubberneckers slowed down in the oncoming lanes.

I shut my eyes and braced myself for the impact... but it never came. I felt myself continue to drive forward, and when I opened my eyes the road in front of me was empty, and I could see the accident in my rear-view mirror!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, Anita, this story is awesome! I really love the way you describe the inevitability of vehicular impact... and the surprise when you opened your eyes to see the scene of the accident behind you! That moment when you closed your eyes may well have provided you with the opportunity to make a macro scale quantum jump from the about-to-crash reality into the other-side-of-the-accident reality. This kind of instantaneous teleportation is something quantum particles do called quantum tunneling, and it's also something people have been reporting on the realityshifters web site and in the RealityShifters ezine for many years. The January 2004 issue of RealityShifters How to Walk Through Walls was dedicated to this topic at and it's such an excellent example of how we can expect to see some quantum type behaviors on the macro (large) scale, simply due to the fact that it is a possibility, and can become a probability depending on how our consciousness gets involved in various situations.


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Frankie Picasso
Package Delivered
Frankie Picasso
Ontario, Canada

This week the most amazing thing happened. I finally received proof positive that I am in charge of my own reality and that you are too. We really can shift our reality to suit our needs. My dear friend author Cynthia Sue Larson, states in her book Reality Shifts, that we actually walk in and out of reality shifts every day. In fact, she says, "we create the very world that we observe."

If this sounds too much like Star Trek, well maybe the Trekkies weren't so far off Holodeck path. Quantum Science has already proved that just by "observing quantum particle/waves, this act has the effect of popping the wave function and forcing the particles to choose their position as they materialized into physical form." So what does All of this have to do with me and my amazing story... EVERYTHING! You see, I decided to test Cynthia's theory about changing my reality to suit me.

I live in suburb where we have moved from the traditional mailbox by your front door to super mailboxes where each house has their own locked box at the end of their street. This means that we no longer get home delivery and we each have to pick up our own mail.Well, sometimes I don't go for a week or more, because I get busy or lazy or I am away. Such was the case this past week. When I finally did pick up the mail, there was lots of it and many from a few weeks prior still waiting for me to retrieve them. Well included in the stack of mail were two notices for pickup. This meant that a package had arrived for me that was too big for the mailbox, so now I would have to go to the post office to pick it up.

I noticed that the due date on the slip had already passed but I decided to try it anyway. I had been expecting something to come and I didn't want the hassle of having it returned to the sender. When I went to the post office, the postal employee at the desk took my ticket , scanned it, and went into the backroom to check for my parcel. When she came back out, she said that the item had already been sent back.

"NO," I cried. ( in my mind I kept envisioning it sitting there in the back). "Please, I said to her, there must be some way to catch it." This was Monday, and the package was returned on Saturday. Surely it must go to a warehouse or depot before it goes back to the sender. Another clerk came in at that time, and she reiterated several times what the first employee had said, there was no way to retrieve the package once it was sent out. There was really nothing that they could do. The package was gone.

This is where I asked myself. "What reality do you really want to have here?" Well I answered myself, "I want the reality where my package is in the back". So I questioned the clerk one more time and said "If someone had picked up my package on Saturday, where would it be today?" All of a sudden, the first girl looked at the second girl and asked her if she had worked on Saturday. She said "No, why?" Well then the second girl said that she didn't even know if there had even been a pick-up on Saturday. So she asked the first girl to go back into the storeroom and check to see if the truck had actually come on Saturday.

Well guess what? Lo and behold, I kept the intention strong in my mind that my package was still in the back waiting for me and VOILA., two minutes later the clerk came out beaming, holding my box in her hand. The box they had sworn ten minutes earlier was not there. "Here" she says, "This is for you". How great is that? To me, it was incredible. Remember, from the moment I entered the post office until I walked out with my parcel in hand, I had imagined that in my world, the parcel I came to pick up was there waiting for me.

Thanks Cynthia for helping me to become a better reality shifter.

Note from Cynthia: This is the kind of story that gets people to sit up and take notice that reality shifts are something we can play with every day... especially when we suddenly notice a situation that would be so much better if only it were just ever-so-slightly different! You did such a great job of holding firmly to your vision of your package waiting there for you, even in the face of initial nay-sayers. Fabulously well done!

Self-Mailing Email
Noble, Oklahoma, USA

Reporting my latest recognizable reality shift: I was sending a message within a corporate system to my programmer some distance away. Upon completion, the user is offered a chance to read and edit or not the message before it is actually launched. While waiting for that feedback and offer, I had to obey mother nature and make a dash elsewhere, knowing that when I came back I had only to click on one button to complete its transmission. However, upon returning, I discovered that it had already been transmitted. ..something had supplied that click for me! Now, if I could just get it to do the dishes for me...

What was on my mind at the time of this shift? A sense of frustration that nature's imperious call interrupted my completing a fairly important message. A number of years back, after ww2, there was much anxiety abroad about the possibility of large computers taking over the world. When I had my computer store after 'microcomputers' appeared, I had the experience one night of being very tired and using my word processor and slowly intending to type 'hat' and realizing that I had just typed 'cat' and somewhat chagrined raised my gaze to the screen to discover that the monitor showed 'hat' which I had intended, rather than what I was aware of typing. From then on, I discarded all fears of humanity losing control over computers.

I believe the two shifts, above, are of the order of magnitude of most shifts that occur in the lives of people, and often go unnoticed.

Note from Cynthia: This is such a wonderful reality shift story! Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts about this shift! I agree with you that these shifts are the kind so many people experience, often without having a clue that this is what's just occurred. What I like so much about this particular story is that these days, people are experiencing a great deal of reality shifts with our computers and technology, but often these experiences leave people wondering if something amazing really happened, or if technology is supposed to work that way. The great thing about your reporting this story is that your familiarity with computers and technology allows you to realize that "computers don't send emails by themselves," so you know for sure that a reality shift occurred.


(5) Reality Shifting Q and A / Mail Bag

Hi, Cynthia,
I am a recipient of your e-newsletter which I enjoy reading. I have a question that I have been pondering that I will throw out to you and any other lightworkers you may want to pass it along to. I agree with your latest issue of the newsletter and experience my strong light radiating around me and attracting more and more abundance in all forms. My problem is this...people are drawn to this light then seem to become dependant on it/me to get it rather than finding and emitting their own light. I know we are talking about boundaries however, at this point even my husband seems to be dependant on my "helping" him. Do you have any practical thoughts as to how I can resolve this? I want intimacy NOT dependence.

Dearest Edith,
Thanks so much for writing to me with this question! You are correct that this is primarily a boundary issue... from the standpoint that as a person, you deserve time to relax and not feel "tapped out" with people draining your energy and becoming dependent on getting energy fixes from you, rather than directly from Source. One thing you can do that will help is ensure that your own energy field is sealed, meaning that it's got a clearly delineated outer edge, much as the skin on your body indicates where your physical being exists. Your energy field is sometimes referred to as being your "personal space," in layman's terms, and when you envision that you can intend that only unconditional love will be able to enter your own personal space, or energy field, this will be the case. Doing this exercise in conjunction with three other steps of maintaining good energetic hygiene will help your energy field remain separate from those of others, while at the same time setting a positive example of how to be bright and radiant.

Practice Good Energy Hygiene

I hope this helps!
lots of love,


(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Sharp Brains
Sharp Brains is a market research and advisory company focused on providing high-quality, research-based, information and guidance for the brain training and cognitive fitness.


(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

Here is something that will give you nourishing food for thought! Every time you click through these links before making purchases at, you help offset the costs of the realityshifters web site and ezine! This is true even if you don't buy anything listed on the realityshifters site. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

How to Hear the Voice of God

How to Hear the Voice of God
by Susan Shumsky

Priceless Guide for Receiving Clear Divine Council

HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD is a trustworthy guide for those seeking to get clear, precise guidance from Divine Source. Shumsky succeeds brilliantly in providing readers with a coherent, well-structured and immensely practical guide for establishing direct communication with God... in a way that comes with no strings attached. As Shumsky states, "You will not be required to convert to a religion, join a cult, venerate a guru, empty your bank account, or sacrifice your firstborn child." The key to hearing the voice of God is to ask, Shumsky explains, and the entire premise of this book is "Ask, and it shall be given you." After setting forth this remarkably simple and direct intention, you can now embark on one of the most remarkable times of growth, healing, and enlightenment imaginable. Shumsky takes great care in sharing the wealth of wisdom she has accummulated after decades of working and studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation. While some spiritual meditation books tend to direct readers toward their particular spiritual orientation, I was pleasantly surprised and then increasingly impressed with the way HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD respects your own unique relationship with God. Shumsky describes in detail how the mind distorts God's message, and how we can work to clear our mental filters in such a way that we are not so easily deceived. I love the way HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD provides ten tests of spiritual discernment, which help to ensure that you really are talking with God, and not some lesser spiritual entity. Instructions for what to do in the event any of these ten tests fail allow you to reconnect with Spirit. Once you have completely read the book, you can then play the companion meditation CD which is packaged in the inside back cover of this paperback book. The meditation CD allows readers to more easily make the transition from simply reading a book to taking the first steps to open dialogue with God. I highly recommend HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD for anyone who is genuinely interested in opening a two-way dialogue with God for feeling greatly expanded sense of divine love, free from judgment and guilt, with healing comfort and genuine divine revelation of an intensely relevant, practical, inspirational and uplifting feeling.


(8) Join in the Discussion

Would you like to be part of a community of positive-minded people who share your fascination with reality shifts and finding out how good life can get? Do you have questions you'd like to ask, or reality shifting stories you'd like to share? Have you read good books, seen intriguing movies, or found a web site that relates to reality shifts? Get the inside scoop on reality shifts, contemplate the big questions and make new friends in the realityshifters discussion group at:

(9) Noteworthy Web Sites

Hay House, Inc. 130x130 Flower
HAY HOUSE is one of the most dynamic and inspirational publishing houses that also offers enlightening and positively life-changing workshops and events with some of the best-known and best-loved authors.

HOTWIRE provides discount travel deals for airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more.

Ka Gold Jewelry

Find the perfect rings, pendants, and earrings for people who appreciate the very finest gold and silver jewelry. Artist-designed, hand-crafted Ka Gold Jewelry is based on spiritual symbols and sacred geometry.

Indoor pet crate
PROBLEM SOLVERS have solutions for all kinds of everyday problems... from special items for pets, to just about every room in the house.

US passports, only $99.  Same Day Service
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SHUTTERFLY helps you organize and share your photos in gorgeous, high quality photo albums. You can take advantage of a special offer and find out for yourself how easy, beautiful and fun making a photo album can be!

SkyMall, Inc.
SKYMALL is one of the most amazing places to find things you have been longing for... even if you never knew they actually exist.

Spiritual Cinema Circle
SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE is the place to connect with films that deeply satisfy the heart, mind, and soul.

Lotus Tarot

Free tarot card readings can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts.

Now you can try a free demo of the most amazing computer meditation biofeedback system ever. I feel like I'm in Shangri La in Wild Divine, where I can build stairways with my breath, meditate to open doors, and juggle balls with laughter. It's awesome!


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