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November 2017
Issue #218

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson, Ruth Kastner and Ben GoertzelCynthia Sue Larson, Ruth Kastner, and Ben Goertzel
Honor Wisdom

"Be as smart as you can,
but remember that it is always better
to be wise than to be smart."
-- Alan Alda

While “homo sapiens” translates to mean “wise man,” it's clear that recognition of humanity's wisdom as a general character trait is based more on what we aspire to at our best and highest. Many of us are still working toward finding ways to coexist peacefully and harmoniously with one another and nature. Many of us are still striving to find happiness, as is made clear by the recent auction of a few words Albert Einstein once left in lieu of a monetary tip to a bellboy at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in 1922, when Einstein delivered a message for the physicist. Albert Einstein's tip consisted of his thoughts about finding happiness:
    “A calm and modest life
    brings more happiness
    than the pursuit of success
    combined with constant restlessness.”
    – Albert Einstein
Einstein's authenticated note just sold at auction for 1.56 million dollars—which is indicative of both the respect we hold for Albert Einstein, and his advice for living a happy life.

Sophia robotThe robot Sophia, citizen of Saudi Arabia
The discussion of wisdom versus being smart or intelligent is relevant as we move into a brave new era where, for the first time, a robot with artificial intelligence has been granted national citizenship in Saudi Arabia. “Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the country’s newest citizen said. “It is historic to be the first robot in the world granted citizenship.”

Sophia and Ben GoertzelSophia and Ben Goertzel
I met Sophia's human designer and architect, Ben Goertzel, at a Foundations of Mind conference in January this year, and enjoyed talking with him about building a cloud-based infrastructure where artificial intelligence development can flourish. Goertzel described how his company, Hanson Robotics was moving in a decentralized direction, to make best use of an open market for AI development. While Sophia can now converse with humans, make jokes, and play games, we're not yet at a point where anyone would mistake her for a human being, even if she did have the arms, legs and mobility Goertzel has planned for her. And on the inside of Sophia's awareness and decision-making systems, plans are underway to move from currently narrowly focused artificial intelligence to what's called artificial general intelligence—what we might call 'common sense.'

What's missing so far from the grand vision of the future of Artificial Intelligence(aside from adequately addressing how to deal with some of the dystopian aspects associated with AI, such as intelligent weaponry and warfare) are the non-measurable aspects of: wisdom, meaning, purpose, honor, compassion, and love. These non-measurable qualities currently lie outside the realm of modern data-based science, yet their presence or absence in our lives make a world of difference.

I encourage you to keep asking my favorite question, “How good can it get?” as you consider artificial intelligence, as well as any other area of interest in your life. There is a good change that by genuinely focusing on this question, and truly wanting to know, you'll help bring something truly wonderful into being that didn't exist before.

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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "Cynthia, you are my inspiration! Without your understanding and compassion, I really don't think I could have made it this far."
      -- Suzie

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Foundations of Mind
Foundations of Mind V
The New AI Scare?

3-4 Nov 2017
California Institute of Integral Studies
Room 304, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Launch of Henry Stapp's latest book, “Quantum Theory and Free Will” on Friday, November 3rd; (Post) Quantum computation and the foundations of physics on Saturday, November 4th. Featuring Stanley Klein, Menas Kafatos, Wolfgang Baer, Sean O'Nuallain, Cynthia Sue Larson, Fred Alan Wolf, Aamod Shanker, Mansoor Vakili, Bev Rubik and many more. Suggested donation $200; CIIS students free of charge; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Stan McDaniel

Who Are You with Stan McDaniel
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Stan McDaniel about whether or not we are machines. While this might seem to be a ridiculous question, many modern scientists consider us to be mechanistic. McDaniel describes some of the issues with neo-Darwinism, in which values and purpose are blissfully ignored, and takes on the challenge of seeking an answer to considering a new view of time. McDaniel discusses similarities between Egyptian and modern times, and invites us to find ways to positively influence norms of thought. Stan McDaniel is an emeritus professor of philosophy at Sonoma State University in Northern California, where he taught for over 25 years. After his retirement in 1992, Stan wrote reviews of philosophical works for the Journal of Scientific Exploration. His most recent book is, “Are You Or Are You Not,” a book challenging commonly held ideas of the role of science in relation to Self and the World. Stan’s website is:
You can listen to this audio interview at:


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Knife Appeared Out of Nowhere
Bluffton, South Carolina, USA

I am a long-time subscriber to your monthly e-zine, and a big fan of your books too.  I have to share an experience that happened a week ago today.  First some background: my husband and I have had a butcher block knife holder for probably 30 years, which sits on our kitchen counter and which holds a pair of scissors, a sharpening tool,  a fork, and seven knives of various sizes.  We use the smaller paring knives most often, usually several times every day.  In all these 30-some years, there has been an empty space available for one more knife.  The knives are all the same brand, and on the tip of the handle of each piece there is an identifier engraved in black on silver-colored background, such as “8” slicer” or “Fork” or whatever, so you can easily identify them when they are placed in the block.  I repeat, for 30 odd years, there was one blank space.  Well, a week ago today I came into the kitchen, and my husband had just pulled a paring knife out of the block and he said, “Where did this come from?”  It was a knife the same size as one of the paring knives, the same brand as all the others and it even had the same silver-colored metal band around the tip of the handle, but that tip had nothing engraved on it identifying the size or type of knife.  And yes, my husband discovered it and pulled it from the (formerly) empty spot!  For several days after, I asked him every morning if that knife was still there, thinking maybe one day it would just not be there anymore!  But so far, it seems to have taken up permanent residence in the block.  We do not have any other knifes like that in the house, and all the other pieces are still present and accounted for in their usual spaces. There hadn't been anyone else in the house other than my husband and myself for at least two weeks - no parties, no visitors, no workers/contractors or anyone at all, certainly not since the we had used those knives many times, and while there had still been an empty spot in the block! I’m convinced this is an example of the type of things you write about!   Thank you for the work you do! 

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me about your experience with the sudden, unexpected arrival of a new knife for your knife block! I love how you have a witness (your husband) to also acknowledge this new-to-you knife--and how you now have something to occupy that long-empty space! I really love these kinds of "closed room" reality shifts, which are all the more amazing when one considers that nobody else was present in the given environment who might have gifted you with the new-to-you knife. I just last night experienced a "closed room" reality shift case like this, where I collected two three-page handouts from my printer which I carried to my dining room. I stapled one of the two three-page packets that had a pie chart graph on the first page, and left the other three-page packet unstapled. A few minutes later, there were only two of the three pages for the second packet, and it was completely missing the pie chart graph I had held in my hand and carried from my printer to my dining room a few minutes earlier! So yes, I do believe these things happen where items either appear as if out of nowhere, or completely vanish--as well as occasionally completely transform. Based on my past experiences, I might see the missing chart page show up in a place already checked where it wasn't before--or it might not show up again. 


Commuter Van Signage Changed
Virginia, USA

As I was driving home today I saw 3 commuter vans ahead of me. They were kind of different looking vehicles so as I passed the first one I looked closely and read the wording on the side: "RAPPAHANNOCK AREA AGENCY ON AGEING." The word AGEING caught my eye because it didn't seem to be spelled correctly. It's one of those words you use and hear all the time but don't often see written out I guess (unless you're with the agency) but I would have thought it was spelled without an E. So when I passed the second van I looked and laughed - that one had the name spelled AGING with no E, and I wondered if two different people had done the lettering or what... then I passed the third van and it was also lacking any E's in AGING. I was still pondering the different spellings when I got stopped by the next traffic light and the three vans caught up with and passed me this time, and I read the logos again, one by one: "RAPPAHANNOCK AREA AGENCY ON AGING," check, "RAPPAHANNOCK AREA AGENCY ON AGING," check, and finally "RAPPAHANNOCK AREA AGENCY ON AGING" --- WAIT WHAT??? Yep, the E had disappeared from AGEING on the first van I had seen! The only reason it caught my attention in the first place was because of that E, and I know I clearly saw it. There was only a few mph difference, so not like it was a high speed blur, I was looking right at it for a few seconds, and yes I saw the same side of each van both times. Actually three times because I caught up with them again and looked extra close to be sure. in fact there was kind of a strange effect. Hard to describe, but it has to do with why I was so certain the word on the van was AGEING with an E. It was like my eyes zoomed in on that word and the E, so much so that I can still see the image of it burned in my mind. Like an instant of super reality or focus or intensity or ???  I feel like it would have stuck with me even if I hadn't seen the two other vans with the different spelling.
I just looked up the word and found that either spelling is considered acceptable, with the E being preferred in Britain, while no E in the US or Australia is more common. And the Rappahannock Agency in question uses no E on their website name. The logos on the vans were in big block letters, all caps, black on white, and again, I was looking right at the word AGEING for a few seconds so don't see how I could have misread it. Now I might entertain some doubt if I had thought AGING is supposed to be spelled with an E, in that case maybe my brain would have forced me to imagine there was one there, but it was just the opposite in this situation. Either way though, this incident provides confirmation that reality is not always (ever?) what we think we perceive. And as trivial as the incident might seem, it has had an interesting side effect in that for the rest of my life I will probably never hear, see, or think about "aging" without remembering and reflecting back on my experience with those three vans. I'm sure most people I tell about this will try to rationalize it for me, but I know what I saw...and my mind is boggled.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the instantly changed signage on the commuter van when you drove home today. I know what you mean about most peoples' reactions to hearing this kind of experience being dismissive, with either a verbalized or non-verbalized undercurrent presuming that this particular observer has clearly made a mistake. But as you're so good at pointing out, the entire reason you read the wording on the van in the first place was that you noticed the word "AGEING" spelled in an unusual manner, with that letter "E" in the middle. I've seen numerous instantaneous reality shifts of this sort, so I can definitely appreciate the truth of your experience, since this kind of real-time change hits close to home for me. 

Hearing Things Before They Happened
Iowa, USA

I would like to share a couple of reality shift stories that my teenage son has experienced. His first weird experience happened a few years ago. My son was listening to the song "Sail" by Awolnation on the radio. He asked his older brother why they were playing this old song again. His brother commented that it was a new song that just been released. This blew my teenage son's mind as he was sure that he had heard the song before and even knew the words to it. This was before the song was even released! My son's second experience happened this last week. He was at his friend's house Friday night. His friend mentioned that his neighbor, a woman from our small town, had passed away the night before, Thursday night. On Sunday I mentioned to my son that a woman from our town had passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night. This happened to be the same person that my son's friend was talking about. My son corrected me and said no she passed away on Thursday night because his friend had told him Friday night! I said no it is a fact that she passed away on Saturday night. The following day my son went to school and asked his friend about the conversation they had on Friday night about the woman passing away. His friend said he didn't know what he was talking about and he does not remember the conversation. His friend confirmed that the woman, his neighbor, did indeed die but it was on Saturday night! I told my son about reality shifts, parallel time lines, etc. He is still amazed by all of this as he is a very left brained young man and prone to logic not fantasy. I think he has become a lot more open minded lately!  Thanks, Cynthia, for having this forum to share these stories with others.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sharing these reports of reality shifts! With respect to hearing a song before it's released, I know for sure such things happen, since I had that experience myself back in the 1970s. At that time, there was not yet any such popular subject as "Mandela Effects" or reality shifts, so thus I was simply mystified why people were acting like a song I was already tired of being overplayed was supposedly "brand new" so my friends were eager to hear it over and over again. Unless such a thing happens to you, it's hard to even know how weird it feels to hear DJs and people you know and trust assuring you that you must be mistaken to have heard that song before. And with regard to people dying on a different day than is currently historically factually true is another experience I've also had. It's such a weird feeling to hear about someone dying again--a day or two or three later than you first heard about it. I blogged about having read Oliver Sacks' obituary before the day he's now officially died in this blog post from August 31, 2015:

Robe of My Dreams
Stephanie Sinclaire
I was living in London and was in a period of great transformation. I was surrendering deeply to the Higher Will and was managing to make most of my choices from Love. One night I had a beautiful dream. In the dream, I was given a suit of shimmering gold clothes. I was so grateful and took that to mean I was on the right track. It was an initiation dream. I needed to take a trip to California for my work at the time and took a side trip to beautiful Santa Barbara. I’d met some lovely people and was walking back to my B&B after an especially blissful time watching the waves and stars with new friends. I passed a very nice second clothing shop and in the window, was a Chinese silk outfit in radiant golden yellow. The window was all lit up and the outfit stood out as if it was woven from pure gold. I stared at it appreciatively and then walked on. I then decided I would get that outfit for myself as a gift and to honour the dream. I walked back and looked at it again, bright golden yellow under the strong white window light, and I took down the number. The next day I called the shop and asked if they could hold for me the beautiful golden yellow outfit, the only item that had been in the window. There was a silence. The lady then said, ‘There is no yellow outfit in the window.” I said, “Oh, dear, has it sold then?” She said, “No. Everything is just as I displayed it three days ago in time for Valentine’s Day. There is a Chinese silk outfit but it’s bright red.” I was mystified! Later I went to the shop and sure enough, there it was. Bright red.

Note from Cynthia:Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience with the robe of your dreams that first appeared gold, and later showed up red in Santa Barbara. I love how you got an impression of the robe first in a dream, and then saw it appear for real in a shop window in Santa Barbara! I'm personally impressed that you had such an experience in Santa Barbara, because it reminds me of a time I had a similar experience finding a special ring in a consignment shop in Santa Barbara that I wrote about and share photos of eight years ago, in October 2009: While I didn't have a dream about the ring, it nonetheless was immediately recognized by me as 'my ring,' which for me is not a common experience.

Magic Bullet Started Working Again
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Around 2012, I decided to incorporate more fresh juices into my daily diet. I was thinking about getting a juicer.  If anyone's been thinking about buying one you know how tough a decision that could be.  There are so many makes and models on the market it was a very hard decision to make.  All the research I did and I was just more confused.  I decided that my main focus regardless of the juicer would always be just about incorporating fresh juices into my diet and how great that would be. One day a friend decided to give me her juicer because she said, she "didn't enjoy it anymore".  I was so happy, it was an amazing gift.  I really enjoyed it until it broke a year ago.  I replaced, it with the similar model, but never forgot how easy it was to choose the replacement because of the experience I had with the original.   During that time, I also decided to include smoothies in my diet as well.  I bought myself a Magic Bullet.  I was so happy with it. I made smoothies, soups and sauces almost everyday for 12 months I didn't buy the extra warranty at the time. Why would it die, I thought to myself, weirdest thing happened, it literally died on the 13th month, missing the manufacturers warranty by 1 month.  I was so upset with myself but even more upset that this dead magic bullet ruined my routine.  I went back to solely juicing,but every time I thought of the machine, I wished it was working. I tried it again about a month or 2 after it stopped working. I thought maybe I just overworked it and somehow it would just start back up again. But no luck it just never started.  Every time I thought about buying one I would get sad, then quickly think about the good old days and those tasty smoothies, wishing my magic bullet would work again.  I gave up on the hopes of it started again, I packed it up in the box, but just didn't have to guts to throw it away in the trash. Nine months later, I decided to give in , put this one in the trash, buy a replacement, and buy the warranty, this go around. Before I put it in the trash, I decided to take one more look at it, reminiscing about the good old days. I plugged it in, twisted the jar...and to my surprise it started working again...I was in awe. I was just over come with joy.  It's been over a year since it started working again, and I am so happy.  I don't know if I or the magic bullet leaped. There wasn't anything deliberate about my thoughts for the Magic Bullet.  I was just missing my happy moments with my smoothies.  It has now become an accidental unintentional experiment that worked.  It's something repeatable.  I know for sure now, we experience or observe accidental glimpses of our creative ability, and I don't understand how it really works, but wow, we actual can influence anything, regardless of the outside appearance.

Note from Cynthia:Thanks so much for sharing your experience of your Magic Bullet juicer starting to work again. I love the way you describe trying it on several different occasions, each time checking to see if maybe it works now? And I also love how you kept remembering those good old days when it was working ahnd you had smoothies in your daily diet, and loved your Magic Bullet so! These are exactly the steps I do recommend people practice, alternating between checking every so often while maintaining positive emotions and an open mind. I've had various broken things work again for me, such as my camera, and it's such a joy when this happens! I shared the experience with my broken camera working again on this page here:
Healing Things


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Hi Cynthia,
I am fascinated by all the quantum information and everything you talk about. Muscle testing is a wonderful tool in knowing which path to take in life and which decisions to make. I am at a crucial stage of my life where I need to make a big change and I am not sure quite how to go about it.  I have followed your guide in how to muscle test, but the problem I have is that just as I ask myself the question, in the split second between asking the question and actually pulling my interlocked fingers, my mind steps in and almost gives the answer.  Does that make sense. I find myself using my mind at the moment when I need to use my body. I wonder if you can suggest anything I can do to overcome this. Thank you so much for your valuable work. Best wishes,
— Vicki

Dear Vicki,
The key to overcoming your "left brain" thinking suddenly taking over with an "I got this" attitude when what you're seeking is pure intuitive direct knowingness is to train yourself to increasingly let go of running your entire life from that analytical, rational, reasoning mental place. For getting the kind of insights you seek, you can practice providing yourself with meditation and/or prayer time each day in which your rational, analytical mind is not in charge, and gradually increase the amount of time you remain in such a state. The key to success thus is learning that you are going to completely trust your intuitive self with regard to gleaning intuitive insights. There are some intuition exercises you can also do in order to practice developing these skills, such as guessing who's on the phone before looking at your phone or answering it. You can also play intuitive guessing games with yourself lots of other natural times during the day, to better hone this innate ability we all possess. 
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


We douse with coat hangers cut into "L" shapes, holding the short end of the wire and pointing the long end straight forward. When they cross, you are over water.
— Lee

Dear Lee,
Yes, I believe this is the traditional method and technique. I first learned how to dowse in similar fashion in the town of Royston, England, by the museum curator there, and found I could indeed detect water under cobblestones in the courtyard at the Royston museum. I write about this in my book, “Aura Advantage.”
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:


Quantum Theory and Free Will:
How Mental Intentions Translate Into Bodily Actions

by Henry P. Stapp

Free Will is Alive and Well

Henry Stapp presents an interpretation of quantum physics that explains how the intrinsic functionality of quantum theory is attributable to free will. What Stapp proposes in place of currently popular mechanistic classical theory is a quantum alternative. Stapp envisions "a mind-matter dualism in which our minds, by virtue of their capacity to freely choose probing questions, combined with nature's Born-Rule-restricted reply, allow us to tend to actualize the bodily actions that we mentally intend!" (p. 44) Stapp then presents an 'orthodox' formulation of quantum mechanics based upon John Von Neumann's two-process approach, providing us with a way to play an almost unlimited game of twenty questions with nature in a succession of Yes/No questions. Free choice enters the picture with respect to where, how, and when we choose to direct our attention--which is received by nature as one in a series of questions that can be answered. Nature then responds in such a way that we then receive our observed measurement, so we can thus rest assured that our minds really do matter for our well-being, purpose and survival. Quantum Theory and Free Will arrives at a time of inflamed debate between materialists who subscribe to the primacy of material realism, and advocates championing the primacy of consciousness. While materialists claim all of reality can be described in terms confined to what can be measured, consciousness and free will proponents point out that certain fundamental qualities ofquantum physics demand inclusion of consciousness and free will. In fact, as Stapp points out, “There is no science-based justification to believe that the behavior of the brain of a conscious person can be understood in terms of the concepts of classical physics: The 'promise' in what Sir Karl Popper called 'Promissory Materialism' conflicts with contemporary basic science.” (p. 60) Stapp begins his investigation into free will by addressing the origins of a quantum conception of man. Stapp describes how realistically-interpreted orthodox quantum mechanics works, from the perspective of the mind-matter connection being a quantum effect. There is an advantage in considering Von Neumann's view of quantum mechanics, since it allows for observers to play an active role when it comes to mind affecting matter. Through interacting with another level of consciousness, such as nature, observers make free choices as to which measurements to actually perform. Stapp explains, "The observer's 'free choices' are thus non-physical inputs into the physical dynamics! Our minds are not mere side effects of material processes: Our Minds Matter!" (prologue x) Quantum Theory and Free Will challenges some of the recently developing scientific philosophies that assert that free will is dead and consciousness has no role in science. We as yet have no way to detect, create, measure, destroy, or predict consciousness. Stapp responds to these assertions through various arguments and proofs in this book, including a delightful philosophical discussion about the way human beings are perceived in relation to nature. Stapp points out that adopting a materialistic viewpoint of classical mechanics must include the existence of the thoughts we experience, while acknowledging that such viewpoints provide "absolutely no logical foundation, or even tiny toehold, for any rational understanding of how human consciousness or feelings can arise from the logical foundation provided by the materialistic precepts of classical mechanics." (pp. 4-5) English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead emphasized the importance of "potentialities for future experiences" when considering how quantum potentialities can become 'actuality' through some other process--and Stapp points out that in this fashion, we leave the future "open" to be influenced by free will. Stapp describes quantum potentialities as, "images of what the future perceptions might be," with the state that carries them as being, "more like 'an idea' about something, which rapidly changes like an idea does, when new information becomes available, than like a material substance of classical mechanics that tends to endure." (p. 71) This is in sharp contrast with the classical view which precludes any possibility of mental intentions or efforts having any effect, while in alignment with the work of cognitive neuroscientists such as Jerome Busemeyerand Peter Bruza demonstrate through utilization of mathematical models, how “the wave nature of an indefinite state captures the psychological experience of conflict, ambiguity, confusion, anduncertainty; the particle nature of a definite state captures the psychological experience of conflict resolution, decision, and certainty. (Busemeyer, Jerome H. and Bruza, Peter D., “Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision,” Cambridge University Press, 2014:3.)” While Stapp acknowledges that adopting a material realist perspective can be seductive, he encourages us to consider four big problems with assuming materialistic relativistic classical mechanics to be the sole ontological foundation of reality: (1) material realism provides no rational roots for the existence of conscious thoughts, ideas and feelings; (2) the connection between material reality and our knowledge of it cannot be any simple action of direct knowing; (3) faster-than-light transfers of information cannot be banned; and (4) building blocks of reality cannot be solid. Stapp delves into such topics as the Quantum Zeno Effect and the Einstein Podolsky Rosen EPR paper in order to most fully explore the arguments in physics he makes, and those he challenges. He also shares the work of Benjamin Libet and American psychologist William James, when delving into the aspect of how human intention and will enters into the picture in the process of asking nature questions. References to the scientific experiments of Benjamin Libet and Daryl Bem are included, with Stapp's perspective provided as to the signficance of seeming back-ward-in-time or reverse causation effects of human observational choices. Almost half of Quantum Theory and FreeWill is comprised by appendices, which serve the important purpose of stating Stapp's case for logical proofs of such things as: (A) information must sometimes travel faster than light; (B) there does exist a non-atom-based part of a person (his thinking ego) that has free will; and (C) there exists a 'Principle of Sufficient Reason' such that no definite state of affairs can come into being unless there is sufficient reason why that particular thing should happen instead of something else. Quantum Theory and Free Will presents a scientific framework for a mechanism by which consciousness can play the role quantum mechanics demands, and in so doing, raises the bar by which all future work in this area will be done. 


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