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Nov 2021
Issue #266

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Stay Focused, with Grace

“Keep your mind fixed
on what you want in life;
not on what you don't want.”
― Napoleon Hill

These have been hard times for many of us recently. In difficult times, it can feel challenging to stay positive when life hardly feels normal. When we appreciate that the Cosmos is constantly listening to what we are focusing on, we might begin to realize that there can be some real advantage in not focusing so much emotional energy on events we don't like. Another way to look at this is by realizing that, “You don't go shopping with a list of things you don't want.” It can feel like human nature to fixate our mind on what we are most anxious or worried about, but if we actually went shopping with such a list, we'd likely be disappointed with results.

I've had to unlearn that seemingly innate human tendency to dwell on what seems to be wrong or on what might possibly go wrong, all I need to do is to do my best, and let Cosmos / God do the heavy lifting. Part of this letting go depends on choosing grace (inner peace) over anxiety, fear, and sadness.

A sense of grace feels to me like accessing the purest feeling of unconditional love. Grace feels like the innermost joyful love that still exists inside me when all other emotions are released. This quiet innermost feeling of deepest, most profound love comforts me in recent times when I am feeling grief at news of a dear friend's passing. This experience of divine grace feels like the ultimate source of All That Is, at the purest state of order. If physicist Carlo Rovelli is correct with regard to the arrow of time moving with entropy, then we can envision a state of divine being that is free from entropy—the opposite of entropy. Such a state of divine bliss would be naturally orderly, with intrinsic affinity and agreement.

Staying focused on what we want, in a state of grace can release us from even seemingly acceptable run-of-the mill anxieties and tensions. I got to practice this while thinking about it this week, while seated in the waiting room at the local smog check station. My elderly vehicle was going through its paces at various speeds, being monitored for emissions, and I felt a quite natural sense of anxiety start to build in my gut. The moment I sensed that anxiety, I requested of the purest state of the Cosmos / God / negentropy (the opposite of entropy) to please release all anxiety from me now. I instantly felt relaxed, and noticed that apparently I'd been holding tension in my back, shoulders, and neck, which was immediately cleared. I basked in this purest state of negentropy / Cosmos / Divine Source / God, while visualizing the best possible outcome for this test. A few minutes later, the smog station technician indicated it was time to pay for the test, and I was happy to see the test result was “Pass.” Not only did the car pass this smog test, it passed with 'flying colors'—with the best smog emissions test result numbers it's ever had, almost like it was a completely different car.

Ascension class
If you're wondering how best to level up with regard to accessing more grace in your life, I've got some good news! I'm excited to be offering a workshop this month, on Saturday, November 20th, that is custom tailored to what many of us are going through. This workshop is called, What Ascension Is and Isn't: How to Recognize and Grow with It to Thrive. In this workshop you will learn how to separate ascension fiction from fact. Is the idea of ascension or awakening a new age fallacy? Have we been sold a bill of false goods when it comes to how individual and collective ascension & awakening are supposed to happen? If human ascension is a real phenomenon, who says so and what historical data can we use to give evidence that this is happening? And this is critical: Are we in the ascension period right now, and if so why does it seem so “dark?” Identify ascension “markers” (i.e. odd physical symptoms, pronounced and frequent synchronicity, repeating number syndrome and Mandela Effect like experiences), as directly related to individual and planetary ascension. Attendees will learn to: Embrace and Integrate these occurrences into everyday life; Understand the pain point of ascension (i.e. The Pandemic “Crisis”) as a key marker that ascension is underway; Navigate day-to-day challenges in the “old world” paradigm in order to ground higher frequency into your body, mind and spirit. You can register any time before November 20 to join this live, interactive workshop; I'd love to see you there!

My favorite question, "How good can it get?" provides an open-ended invitation to welcome opportunities we've not previously encountered, and experience perspectives we've not yet fully considered. We've reliably witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts over the past twenty plus years of reporting them in RealityShifters, and any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and restore your sense of awe, wonder, and grace.

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
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      "Thank you so much, Cynthia!
      It is always such a joy to speak with you.
      One immediate outcome of this meditation
      is that there has been so much laughter
      in my office since! And in my life outside work,
      so much palpable love."
      -- Esther

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson
My Thoughts on Tom Campbell and the Mandela Effect
3 Oct 2021
21 minutes
This past month I was fortunate to be able to talk with physicist Tom Campbell during a special live broadcast of International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) Open Tables.  Tom reviewed ten examples of the Mandela Effect, and remembered things differently for five of them.  Toward the end of our conversation, Tom discussed four factors that he considers to be involved in the Mandela Effect phenomena. Tom said, "I thought about it a little, because I knew that's what you guys were about, and I found four different things that contribute to it. So I don't think it's just one thing, I think there are several things that lead us to this."   (1) Observers have Individual Subjective Realities; (2) Pattern Matching in Consciousness; (3) Collective Consciousness; and (4) Paranormal Likes to Open Our Minds.
You can read the companion blog to this video at:

Cynthia Sue Larson
Blind Frog Ranch, energy healing, and UFOs
with Cynthia Sue Larson and Liz Larson

5 Oct 2021
1 hour, 48 minutes
Cognomovement's Liz Larson chats with Cynthia Sue Larson about her recent visits to Blind Frog Ranch. Liz describes some unusual experiences associated in conjunction with how she felt drawn to visit that place, and some of the people Liz met, and interesting experiences she had. This behind-the-scenes conversation was a recording made of this discussion, since we felt some of the topics and ideas we wanted to chat about have broad interest and appeal. This conversation was filmed on September 27, 2021.

IMEC Open Tables: Tom Campbell's Big TOE, Virtual Reality,
and the Mandela Effect
IMEC Open Tables:
Tom Campbell's Big TOE, Virtual Reality, and the Mandela Effect

27 Oct 2021
2 hours, 24 minutes
How does Tom Campbell experience and explain the Mandela Effect? In this conversation with Cynthia Sue Larson, Chris Anatra, Jerry Hicks and Shane Robinson, we discuss some current physics experiments that Tom is currently running, as well as how it can be possible for people to "see" with blindfolds on, talk to dead people, and connect with angels and multiple possible realities. Tom reviews and discusses ten commonly experienced Mandela Effects, and shares four considerations he recommends that we keep in mind when explaining what's going on with the Mandela Effect. Once we gain appreciation for why we need a truly BIG Theory of Everything (TOE), we can begin to appreciate how many aspects of the paranormal can be viewed as completely normal. Note that our discussion of the Mandela Effect started at 1:41:57 where we asked Tom ten questions that may be a Mandela Effect for him personally.

There's Still Time to Choose the Road We're On:
Transhumanism or Revhumanism
IMEC Open Tables:
There's Still Time to Choose the Road We're On:
Transhumanism or Revhumanism

8 Oct 2021
53 minutes
In this insightful interview, Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Carol Assa about the fact that “we have reached a decision point that was prophesied thousands of years ago by many spiritual faiths and traditions. A picture of this decision point was literally carved in stone on the Hopi Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, Arizona. Two paths go forward into the future; the higher path places faith on technologies, at the expense of caring for each other and the Earth, and it fizzles out and disappears. The lower path continues on indefinitely, and is for those humans who continue to care for each other and the Earth.” The interview covers the Hopi and other natives cosmologies, quantum physics, artificial intelligence and transhumanism. There are a few glitches to begin with, but then the interview smoothes out with much profound wisdom on acknowledging our best possible future selves, and remembering to keep asking, “How good can it get?”


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Lisa lost wedding ring returns
Lost Wedding Ring Returns
Davis, California, USA

I recently realized that I was missing my wedding ring, and that realization was a big surprise. Whenever I’m not wearing it, I always keep this particular ring in one special drawer of a fancy jewelry box on the bookshelf by the bed. I was actually shocked that it wasn’t there when I went to put it on for a bridal shower in September! I quickly looked through all my jewelry trays and boxes, but it wasn’t anywhere. Naturally, I checked that same drawer where it was supposed to be a couple more times, hoping I’d missed it or that it would miraculously be there the next time I peeked. I know that such a thing can happen, but no luck. I remembered to say a little prayer to St. Anthony about it, but I was busy and didn’t actually start looking again after that. I decided the ring must have fallen behind the head of the bed. Perhaps I’d taken it off and lazily put it on the headboard lamp tray, which meant I’d have to make a pretty big effort to pull the heavy mattress away from the bookcase headboard and then get some strong flashlights and hunt for it among the dust bunnies that undoubtedly resided there. No time for that, but I promised myself that I’d look there later. I don’t wear the ring all year. Autumn and Spring are the times of year when I wear my ring constantly, as my finger is just the right size for it. In the winter, it gets loose, and in summer it gets too tight. In September, it fits perfectly, so I have a place where I keep it for half the year. Why hadn’t I just put it away properly, as I always do? As illogical as my behind-the-bed explanation was, it was my mind’s only idea as to where it might be. I even worried a bit and started wondering if I even had a photograph of the ring if it was gone for good! Yikes! I calmed myself by thinking that when I had time, and a bit of help from my husband, I’d surely find it…sometime before our nephew’s quickly approaching wedding day. Well, today, while vacuuming the house, I glanced down at the floor in front of me and I noticed a glint of gold there on the carpet as I steered into the bedroom! At first I thought it was the cute little toy wedding ring I’d gotten at the bridal shower, and I wondered how that ring had gotten there. But then, in looking more closely at it, I saw that it was actually my real wedding ring! As I always do when I find something, I shouted, “I FOUND IT!” even though nobody else was home. I’ve got NO idea how it suddenly got there, right in my path where I couldn’t miss it. I didn’t see it fall or instantly appear or anything, and I’ve been walking over that exact spot several times a day for a couple of weeks now--ever since the 18th of September when I first noticed it missing! I really don’t think I’d placed it anywhere near where I found it. I can tell you that I had not been relishing the idea of examining the space behind the bed. It was really nice when I it dawned on me that I’d been spared all the work I imagined was required to retrieve it! I just bent over to pick it up and slipped it on my finger, marveling at its appearance. So wonderful! I checked the time on my watch when I found it, and it was 1:05 pm. Not quite angel time, but I thanked heaven and St. Anthony immediately! Whew! I’m particularly happy to have it back again so I can wear to the upcoming wedding of our nephew and his beloved bride-to-be! (I should have taken a picture of it on the floor, but here’s one taken later.) I feel that a wedding ring is the best jewelry to wear to a wedding (or bridal shower), as it supports, sparklingly, the very idea of marriage. I don’t know what else I’ll wear on that day, but at least I know I’ll be wearing my beautiful wedding ring! Thank you, Universe!

Note from Cynthia: That's so amazing that you found your wedding ring 18 days after it went missing, and it reappeared in a place where surely you would have seen or felt it most any day in-between.  There have been some very interesting reports over the years in RealityShifters of people finding jewelry some time after an item vanished, and while people don't typically observe the piece of jewelry materializing, they often notice that the reappearing piece of jewelry shows up in a place rather inexplicably, almost as if it had dropped out of the air to land in a conspicuous location so it could be easily found, almost as if announcing itself boldly, with a "Ta-Da!" kind of bravado.  How marvelous that your wedding ring came back to you just in time for you to wear it at just the perfect time--I love it!


Dodge Challenger cable
Car Door Unlocked and Cables Change
Missouri, USA

Dear Fellow Reality Shifters, I am going to tell you a very recent story. I am only going to relay one key miracle amongst a week of amazing events that relate, but too much for now. The one event will be longer than a usual description, for I feel these details all matter. Also I still have not sorted it all out myself and possible the readers may be of help with suggestions, hence the details. On August 31, 2021, I attended our first local chapter meeting of Missouri Connecting Consciousness. To start, there were 8 people. After dinner, 4 remained. Next. I lead us is in group meditation, which was about Gratitude, Love, Unity and ultimately a call out to STO off worlders to make contact. Two days prior, I sent my intention to ask for contact on this particular evening and location. I also marked the location energetically remotely in a prior meditation. The off worlders assured me they would showed up via telepathy. I do not know their names, but it was a Pleidian group I spoke with. I am grateful; so far they keep their word and showed up. We sky watched for about 30 minutes, and saw what were at least 3 different type of unknown craft, very high up in the sky focused in the area of sky we were able to view. As you can imagine or have already experienced, this particular activity is an inspiring and powerful thing to experience. Now it was time end the session and call it a night. It is pitch black in the middle of nowhere in rural Missouri on a farm nestled on a dusty country road. The only light available is what filtered through the kitchen curtains into the front yard. No street lights on this country road. The moon was not up yet. I was first to leave, it was easier for me to get my car in proper place to exit the drive way. Right behind me were 2 women in one car, A and D. I pulled onto the country road, and they did not follow. I sensed something was not right. I got out of my car, left it running, and shut the door. The problem was the host’s 2 little dogs were in their way. I distracted the dogs, so they could leave. By this time, C the host, came out of her house to make sure it was all good. I went to go get back in my car, and the driver side door had locked automatically, with the motor running. It was close to 10:10 PM, and I was 35 miles from my home with just enough gas to make it home and get my daughter to school in the morning. I turned and went walking back toward the house, and told C what happened. I felt a wave of anxiety temporarily rattle me from my state of tranquility after such a special night. I quickly got control of my emotions (new for me) and went into a zone of sorts. I stated out loud very clearly and firmly to C standing next to me and the Universe, “This would be a really good time for a Reality Shift.” I said this firmly, with conviction. I said it like I was not taking no for an answer. In my mind's eye, I saw myself getting into the car and driving away simultaneously. I walked back to the driver side door for second time, and it was locked, and yes, the window was rolled up. Both windows were rolled up the whole drive up to the farm. It was hot out on the way up, and we do not roll our windows down on these country roads unless you want to eat dust and get dirt inside of your car. I had the AC on the whole way. Next, I went to check the passenger side, since the driver door did not unlock following my command. The passenger side was unlocked and the window was completely rolled down! Makes no sense. The car is a 2009 Challenger with a six speed manual transmission. C told me that 2009 Dodges do auto lock if you leave motor running and the key fob inside the car. I wondered how she knew that fact? I never normally leave a car running and get out like I did this night, especially with manual transmission. So I broke my routine and things snowballed from there. Now both doors should have locked when the drivers door auto locked, and the passenger door was found unlocked. Plus I know for certain both windows were rolled up due to the country road, for reason stated.  I did not decide to roll the passenger window down before leaving on this country road either, due to the dust. I was thoroughly shocked and super happy. First thing I though of was wait til Cynthia hears about this one. I said good by to C, and drove home fine. Got home parked and text C to tell her I made it home fine and thank her. It was exactly 11:11 PM when I finished and sent the text! The next morning, I got into my car to start it, which requires placing the stick shift in neutral with clutch depressed. I looked down at the stick shift, to shift it into neutral prior to starting, and I found my apple axillary jack cord that I leave attached to the radio to hook up cell phone wrapped twice around the neck of the stick shift. No way I could have driven home this way and listened to tunes whole way home through phone. It was not like this when I exited the car following my 11:11 PM text. I am really picky about wires and cables being wrapped improperly; I do not like to wrap them to prevent breaking them internally over time, like what happens to head phones. I always place the cord on passenger seat when I exit the car. I am taking this as another confirmation I am being helped. They just left a calling card the next morning as a reminder. This story is 100 % true and was witnessed. You decide what is real here for yourself. The whole car part of this evening was very dream like, until I actually drove off back into what felt like “ normal reality” (closest I can come to describing the feeling).

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing this remarkable experience with stating that you needed access inside your locked Challenger automobile, which had keys inside and engine running.  I love how you describe in such detail the significance of attaining a relaxed, emotionally neutral state of mind--rising above typical human emotional reactions of sadness, fear, and anger.  I love how you were quite clear and so beautifully aligned and of one mind-heart-gut-spirit accord to firmly state your requirement that you now needed access inside your locked car.  I like the way the model of your car is a "Challenger," since it seems only fitting that you would get an opportunity to rise to this occasion (or challenge) with such clarity of quantum jumping focus of mind and intent.   I also really love the way that wires were wrapped around the stick shift, since it occurs to me that there may also be some symbolism in this message, as well---with realization that we're entangled (the wrapped wires) with far more possible realities than we typically consciously realize we can shift between (the stick shift).  Wow.  Just--WOW!

John Lennon experience

I just had a major Mandala affect episode. I remember looking at a Beatles' card when I was young (these were sort of like hockey cards, but for the Beatles), and learning that John Lennon was 40 years old in about 1969. Today I saw in all of his bios that his life was taken when he was forty. Such a strange strange feeling of KNOWING another reality—another timeline. Thank you for listening. I value your work and powerful teachings.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this with me about your experience with noticing a change in John Lennon's life.  I can imagine the sense of dissonance you must have felt when hearing the ages and dates don't match what you remember.  It's possible that other people might also have noticed something strange about John Lennon's age.  When I was first posting these types of reality shifts back in 1999, people didn't yet realize that many of these reality shifts are shared by lots of other people.

Meatloaf Alive Again
New York, New York, USA

I had another Mandela effect, this time it's with the singer Meatloaf; I just experienced another dead celebrity that is now alive with the singer Meatloaf. This one is a fuzzier remembrance, because I never paid attention to the news when I heard the singer Meatloaf passed away the first time. I don't remember when it was, or what it was from. Yet I do clearly remember being surprised hearing the news, because he was relatively young-ish then. I think it was from an illness. This link confirmed it for me:
So last week, I stumbled into a recent interview Meatloaf did. Clearly I was befuddled by that. Lol Then I looked up in the search menu, which confirmed that he is still alive. That is all for this Mandela effect.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing with me that you remember the singer and musician Meatloaf having previously died, possibly due to an illness, a while back when he was still relatively young.  I know when I hear of an artist or musician dying young, sometimes that really startles me, and I tend to remember those deaths, precisely because that person seemed to have so much potential.  One actor I remember having died decades ago now, who thankfully is still alive is Benecio del Toro, so I can definitely relate to your noticing Meatloaf's surprisingly early previous demise.  And then what a shock it can be to see these individuals alive again!  I am glad you found a website where people shared similar recollections to yours about Meatloaf. 

Small Differences
Mesquite, Texas, USA

Dad's front yard with trees unrecognized.  His small storage building is yellow and I believe that it is dark brown.  Dad from my parallel universe had absolutely no trees in the front yard.   The shed had moved a second time, but I don't think that there is a different size.  It is very confusing, because I had the 2nd, and 3rd quantum jump.  That's why. Another small difference is that the detached garage outside my dad's house is colored beige and there is a window next to the garage door.  In my parallel universe, the detached garage outside my dad's house is colored yellow and there is no window next to the garage door.  The 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd parallel universes I jumped to, do have the yellow detached garage, but I am not sure about the window.  I think that this is my 3rd or 4th quantum jump.  I can see that jumping to any parallel universes is very confusing, because the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd jump to the parallel universes are pretty much the same, and they are not quite the same.  The parallel universe where I came from is pretty much different than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (yours) jump to the parallel universe.  My parallel universe where I came from looks pretty much the same, but they are pretty much different. After my full vaccination, dad's living room wall is colored beige.  In my parallel universe, dad's the living room is colored white.  He said has had it for 12 or 15 years.  In my parallel universe, he didn't paint it. And yet another small difference is that I noticed about two or three items missing in my computer room's drawer.  In my parallel universe, there are about three items in my drawer.  I don't know if I can find them somewhere.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sharing these newly discovered small differences that you've been noticing.  I'm grateful to you for including as many details as possible, since this does help us glean a sense that there are more than just one or two possible realities that we can experience, and indeed, sometimes there quite clearly can be three or four.  I see what you mean about some of these reality shifts being a bit confusing, especially when things like a shed move around.  I hope you find the items in your drawer that you remember, but that seem to no longer be there.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Henrys Special Delivery
Dear Cynthia,
This is just a short reply, intended for Nancy who wrote about the book featuring a boy called Henry and a talking panda. I believe this is the book:
("Henry's Special Delivery").
Thank you for being such a valuable part of my life since 2000. Never missed a newsletter! It has been a much-anticipated highlight in my life for more than 20 years.
Much love,

Dear Helle,
Thank you for your email--and how wonderful that you found the book about a boy called Henry and a talking panda, "Henry's Special Delivery"!  The description of the book sounds perfect, even including the scooter pies: " There's a two-man cult for this book that consists only of myself and my twin brother. We were lucky enough as kids to stumble upon this otherwise now-forgotten but hilarious young adult novel. Henry sends for a mail-order panda through a magazine ad, intending to impress a panda-crazy girl from his class. But he and Homer, the (talking) panda, become fast friends and get into a heap of trouble trying to cross town to visit Henry's crush, downing scooter pies all the while. This is a book I like to keep propped up in my room, because the cover makes me laugh almost every time I see it, and the interior illustrations are really funny too."  Thank you also for your beautiful words of appreciation for RealityShifters, which has been near and dear to my heart for these past 22 years.  I'm so grateful to know you've been enjoying it all this time!
lots of love and blessings,


Hello Cynthia,
First, let me say I am glad you are still recovering from Covid.  I have some friends here that are long haulers, and some really odd side effects seem to be part of this package.   Re Your recent newsletter from Oct 7, 2021.   First, to the lady talking about perhaps walking the property to locate vortices, I'd like to recommend a book written by an acquaintance from Syracuse NY, Madis Senner.  He and I and some friends worked together on a Peace Tree project on Onondaga Lake years ago.  The book is called Vortices and Spirals. Second, I am running a theory around in my head.  While I have heard of the "Shift" on and off from various new thought writers and teachers in recent years, starting this summer my exposure to this thinking has grown exponentially.  Apparently, Dolores Cannon spoke of it often before she died, but I just discovered her books.  I seem to be encountering this concept a great deal lately! So; my theory.  What if The Shift is a real thing?  What if there are actually two earth planes now, rather superimposed on each other?  If I understand the message correctly, learning to walk away from hate and negativity and embracing the Divine spark in all that is, is a great first step to arriving at the "2nd"  earth of the higher plane. What if this were so?  And, what if, things sometimes got jumbled between one plane and another.  It would appear this Shift has been in the process for some years now (not clear on what year it actually might have begun).  To put this in context, most everyone I know including myself has lost things during a move.  They seem to just vanish.  Or, we might unpack something and just stare at it, wondering if it always looked like that? If we looked at a possible massive move on a worldwide scale, things that get displaced or "lost" would be a normal occurrence.  Then in the process of "unpacking" from the old home to the new home, some of these things are located once again: hence the Mandela Effect. There are a few other ways of looking at the combination of the Mandala Effect and The Shift; all of which lead straight to a rabbit hole, LOL.
in light,

Dear Aynne,
Thanks so much for the reply to the comment in the October 2021 RealityShifters, with the information about the book, "Vortices and Spirals." Regarding the Shift being a real thing, yes, I'd give credit to the indigenous first peoples, such as the Hopi, whose Prophecy Rock clearly describes this notion.  Their stories also clearly describe the way the world has ended several times previously, and the signs to see when it comes time for such a world-splitting to occur again.  I wrote an article about this, "Comes True, Being Hoped For," published in Parabola magazine.  I recently gave a talk on this topic just this past month, in a YouTube video interview with Carol Assa.  Essentially, we've reached a decision point prophesied thousands of years ago by many spiritual faiths and traditions. A picture of this decision point was literally carved in stone on the Hopi Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, Arizona. Two paths go forward into the future; the higher path places faith on technologies, at the expense of caring for each other and the Earth, and it fizzles out and disappears. The lower path continues on indefinitely, and is for those humans who continue to care for each other and the Earth.
lots of love,


Dear Cynthia,
I am curious how the friend who died came back or how that all happened? my soul mate passed away Sept 30, or so all the social media posts says. I have been a wreck and just praying that somehow he may still be alive and just recovering in hospital.

Dearest Jackie,
I've not (yet!) had a close friend nor family member of mine pass away and be alive again.  But if I was in your shoes, I'd remember not to trust my eyes or ears or even what people say--but rather to hold closest of all to my love and gratitude for Divine Source / God / ultimate goodness.  From such a vantage point and perspective I've witnessed the most straight-out miracles--the kinds of things people have told me are "impossible."  From what I've seen, nothing is impossible, and quite obviously there are a multitude of possible realities in play at all times. 
lots of love and blessings,



(5) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

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The Dying Process:
Your Essential Guide
To Understanding Signs, Symptoms & Changes At The End Of Life

by Katie Duncan

Guidance through end-of-life care

Katie Duncan's book, "The Dying Process" provides wisdom from her years of healthcare work experience as a technician, nurse, nurse practitioner, and professor. Duncan provides insights to how we might better include end-of-life care as a treatment option when it appears to be the best treatment option available. I was surprised to see Duncan's beautiful comparison between the many stages and phases of birth and death, emphasizing that each person's experiences will be completely unique to them. I love the way Duncan's book provides guidance to help ensure that you do not feel helpless or alone, and that your loved one dies in peace. While the stages of death and dying might be somewhat different than this guidebook describes, "The Dying Process" provides marvelous suggestions for things we can do at each juncture, in order to feel most helpful and connected, in ways that can deepen connections and a sense of peace. Packed with helpful suggestions, this book is worth its weight in gold just for providing reassurance that you can do something as simple as sharing a few words that grant them the comfort of your grace, your peace, and your love.


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