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Reality Shift News - November 1999

Reality Shift News
November 1999

Welcome to Reality Shift News -- the monthly newsletter that helps
you shift reality so all your favorite dreams can come true!

I'm very grateful that this month finds me in good health, renewing
my sense of wonder that we share such a beautiful world. I'm
spending more time with my two young daughters this month,
since they have several vacation days off from school. I am
constantly amazed at how much I learn by watching and listening to
them. On the first rainy day this month, they went outdoors to play
croquet on the lawn as mist drizzled down all around them... and they
laughed and set up all the wickets anyway!

Children see this world through new eyes every day, with an
innate sense of wonder in all the surprises of the world.
Rediscovering the beginner's mind clears away worries while
simultaneously preparing us for unexpected delights.


In each monthly issue of Reality Shifts News, I hope to share an
idea or two you can put to immediate use. Today's thought is
inspired by a quote from Harry Emerson Fosdick:

"I would rather live in a world where my life is
surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small
that my mind could comprehend it."

Three questions come to my mind when I read this:

Am I open to experiencing the mysteries of life?

What is most real to me?

How do I limit my experience of reality?

As more people accept that we are shifting reality... we'll begin to
see a lot more of this phenomenon. We can open ourselves to
experiencing the mysterious nature of our universe, simply by
intending to be open to new experiences. Our belief constructs
both structure and limit our perceptions of reality. When we take
a moment to contemplate the essence of reality, intending to feel
just a bit more of what's truly here, we open our lives to experience
much more of the magic that love can bring.


The first chat session for Reality Shifts in the ADC Auditorium
with host Judith Guggenheim was a tremendous success, involving
about twenty five reality shift chatters. We discussed the fact
that all material things have a wavelike nature... in other words,
quantum mechanics applies everywhere, even to large objects.

We discussed four out-dated basic assumptions of locality, objectivity,
material monism, and causality. Causality is the idea that
if we know a cause, we can determine it's effect. Locality is the
notion that we only affect what's right in front of us. Material
monism is the idea that only matter really matters. Objectivity
is the idea that we can observe something without affecting it.
All four of these old assumptions have been proven inadequate to
describe quantum behavior... meaning that these assumptions are
not good ones for understanding reality.

As physicists work toward unifying theories of the very small
(quantum) to the very large, they are finding that they can't just
leave the quantumization to the last step... but instead must
incorporate quantum theory all along. This universe has many
more dimensions than the three we're most familiar with... and
we discussed how it feels to discover a new dimension, as a two-
dimensional ant might discover that it can walk around the
circomference of a three-dimensional garden hose! The extra
dimensions are curled around, so they are very small. The
garden hose example (and more!) are discussed in physicist
Brian Greene's excellent book, "The Elegant Universe".

Chat facilitator Judith Guggenheim shared her experience of
meditating while lying on the floor with Bill Guggenheim... wondering
if they could make a lamp shade disappear. They were delighted to
see that indeed, the lamp shade vanished!

Mark your calendars now for the next Reality Shifts chat and
online internet talk/interview coming up this month... see the
calendar section at the end of this newsletter.


The Reality Shifts web site now has fifteen stories from reality
shifters in three different continents around the world. Many of you
will be happy to know that I've included the story of how a sun dial sculpture
appeared one day at the Berkeley Marina on the Reality Shifts web site.
I encourage you to read these stories, check out the links, and read
previous Reality Shift News letters at:



It's here at last! The first magazine article about reality shifts
will be in print at newsstands this week, where it will remain until
January 10th, 2000. If you don't yet have a copy of this very
special issue of Magical Blend magazine, note that you are now
one click away from visiting Magical Blend's web site and requesting
your complimentary issue:



If you've never tuned in to listen to one of Eliot Stein's online
interviews, you have no idea what a joy you've been missing!
Eliot interviews people from all walks of life, on a variety
of topics... and he'll be interviewing me this week! Even if you
miss a particular show, you can visit the Stein Online web site
and hear archived shows for up to 90 days after they've been
taped. Maximize your fun while surfing the internet, and put
on the Stein Online show in the background! Best of all, you
can play a favorite show any time you like... and it's FREE!

If you'd like to phone in some questions about reality shifts
for this upcoming Stein Online show, please tune in this
coming Wednesday at 4 p.m. PST.

November 17 - Stein Online Internet Talk/Interview Show
Eliot Stein interviews Cynthia Larson on the
subject of reality shifts from 7-8 PM EST.
FREE to all Internet users at:
Listeners can talk to guests at 1-888-TALK-101

If you're intrigued by reality shifts and would like to join in an
online chat to discuss them, please mark your calendar now
to join me and Heather Langley as we discuss reality shifts on
Monday, November 29th!

November 29 - Reality Shifts Chat with Heather Langley
Third Age Paranormal Zone
5 PM Pacific Standard Time



If you know someone who would love to hear about reality
shifts, please forward or print this email for them, and tell
them about the Reality Shifts web site at:


Reality shifts are the changes we create with our thoughts
and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing,
transforming and transporting... as well as changes in the way
we experience time. This web site discusses the physical and
spiritual principles behind the change points at the source of
synchronicity, coincidence, and answered wishes and prayers.

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