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RealityShifters News - October 2000

Good Universe!

Many of us already know that reality is not what some people think it is... it does not "stay" fixed in one place, then move in predictable fashion to the next obvious position, like a robotic toy dog who responds to buttons we push on a remote control. We really do lose socks in the dryer, no matter how careful we are to track each item of laundry through the washing and drying machines. Our coats, wallets, and keys aren't always where we "know" we put them. When we pray for people to heal from cancer, sometimes their tumors vanish completely.

The significance of all this is much greater than it seems. Reality shifts are important not only for finding lost objects, bending spoons, curing warts, or getting good parking spots -- although these are some nice perks enjoyed by many reality shifters. They are important because they tell us something significant about the nature of reality.

Reality shifts prompt me to question the assumption that anything in the universe can be static and steady, always staying put. The way reality changes around us reminds me much more of a restless live growing animal that moves unpredictably, rather than a precisely controlled robot-like machine. I do not get the sense that each shift in reality could have been anticipated and charted in advance, nor do I sense that reality shifts indicate that we are all actually robots, living in a mechanized world. Instead, I get a sense from reality shifts that everything around us (whether animate or inanimate) is alive with consciousness, and that together we are participating in creating our experience of the universe around us.

For those of us who know (or are beginning to suspect) that reality is not as static and "dead" as it might appear to some people, I have a vision.

I see a time when people everywhere will know everything is alive. Consciousness is everywhere. Our own consciousness is interacting with all else in this universe, and we can witness this interaction in the form of reality shifts. I envision each of us reaching out to discuss this idea of a living, conscious universe with every person we think may be ready to listen. If we each simply share this message with one friend, we can begin to replace the old system of reductionistic, mechanical logic with a more organic one, in which we recognize that everything in this universe is alive with consciousness, and is an active participant in our life.

You can share this vision of reality by forwarding this newsletter to one other person. As more of us feel free to discuss reality shifts, people the world over will become aware of how alive everything truly is, and how our thoughts and feelings affect it all.

Thank you!
Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Your Reality Shift Stories
(2) RealityShifters Discussion Group
(3) New Reality Shifts Articles
(4) Reality Check TV Show Guest Appearance
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Thanks so much to Debbie, Wisdom Seeker, Cherylynn, Irene, and John for sharing their awe-inspiriing reality shift experiences with us this month. All of these stories refresh my sense of wonder at the ways our universe responds interactively to our thoughts and feelings.


San Francisco, California

One afternoon about four months ago, a friend and I went to see "Opera in the Park" in San Francisco. We had parked on the 2nd floor in a busy parking garage. As always, we each made a mental note of where we parked. We returned about 4 hours later, and began walking up to the level we parked in. We both commented on how weird it was that there were no cars anywhere, and how everything seemed so quiet for a very busy downtown day. We arrived at the 2nd floor and noticed there were no cars to be found, including ours. We figured we were in error, and commented on how odd it was for us both to be wrong about where we parked. We proceeded up to the 3rd floor, to our amazement, no cars. We were beginning to feel uncomfortable about this, I said jokingly, "We are either in the wrong parking garage, or in the Twilight zone." The 4th floor began to show some cars, but not ours. Finally the 5th floor, much to our relief was full of cars, including ours. We felt happy to find the car, but were so baffled by our experience. We then proceeded to drive down to the exit, then by sheer horror noticed that every floor level was full of cars! We were both quite bewildered. I wanted to go back to reevaluate what we had experienced, but my friend was emphatically against it. Normally, I would have attributed this experience to a glitch in my brain. The fact that two of us experienced this brought even more validity to it. I know for certain that we used the same entrance of the garage, same elevator section, and used all the same doors. We could also see around the whole level of whatever floor we were on. It was not staggered. I will never know what really happened that day. These are things that make you go, "hummmm".


Wisdom Seeker

I've had a few strange things happen. I have had a couple of "incurable" diseases (Hepatitis and Malignant Melanoma) since diagnosis in 1995. At one time, my weight loss was so bad it was believed I had to have AIDS. Every test proved negative. I did have Hepatitis B&C. CHEMOTHERAPY (Interferon) was a disaster, useless & life-threatening. Thus, I decided to stay away from doctors. But I seem to have been guided.

Since the medical therapy had failed, I started a new therapy: intravenous Chelation with intravenous vitamin, mineral & nutrients, antioxidants. This was done twice a week for maybe 4 weeks. They mentioned I had never been given a "viral load test" by any previous doctors. Thus the amount of the Hepatitis in my system had never been measured. So I immediately had it done. Weeks later the results came back. The last test indicated a cure -- no Hepatitis virus was found. The Malignant Melanoma has not reoccurred, either.

Why? It seems maybe I am getting in tune with the universe? No doctor can lay claim to having aided me. So perhaps all the other doctors had been wrong? All 10 of them? Was I just recently healed by this other therapy? It is not why it was being done. Or is this a case of "spontaneous healing"? I had been doing all the right nutritional things & completely eliminated ALL pharmaceutical medicines. I have been feeling more in tune with the Universe before I had gotten these results. I had noticed more within even on a cellular level as well as spiritual.

These diseases supposedly are incurable (at least by men)! Well my reality certainly has shifted, and I see bright light & hope where I only saw shades of gray.


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Honolulu, Hawaii

In October of 1997, everything I dropped by accident started landing on it's side. It happened enough that I noticed it immediately. Paper would fall and curl just right to land standing on it's side, paper money - even a coin once rolled and leaned against my desk at work and landed upright! Pens, pencils (landing upright - they would lean against something and stop falling!), small boxes, hairbrushes - everything and anything would land on it's side would, to the point that even my skeptical friends were awed by it (they didn't believe me when I told this oddity I was experiencing). This went on consistently every day for three months. It wouldn't happen if I dropped something on purpose, but by accident. Then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. What is even more strange is that during this time I was going through a pretty major life change emotionally, spiritually and physically!


New York

I could not believe it but here it goes. Tuesday night about 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, I was doing, of all things, laundry. I was going through clothes that were on the floor in the basement of my house where my washer and dryer are. Well, I found a broken gold chain. This same chain has been broken for at least 3 years and sitting in my jewelry box. I was amazed it was on the floor in the basement when I saw it. What do you make of that? Seriously, no one has worn it because it has been broken for at least 3 years. I think I will fix the chain! (LOL)


Manassas, Virginia

I live about three miles from the bloody Bull Run Battlefield Park, the site of two horrible Civil War battles. There is a vein of dark red hardened clay "rock" that runs north-south through the battlefield, and on to other Civil War sites. When it is wet, the "clay" smells foul. In my back yard I dig up fractured lumps of quartz (an old stream bed), that have been stained red from the clay. "What?", I wonder, "is nature perverse enough to create, hide, and then expose this red vein, just as a marker for the Civil War?" By the way, the fractured, stained quartz chunks have a decided similarity to a Heart. Has somebody been time traveling?

Listed below are examples of shifted, altered, or merged realities I have experienced over the past seven years. They are becoming more frequent:

Around 1994, two companions and I were driving across South Carolina on I-20. A miserable rainy night we were "fighting" two huge logging trucks that were weaving around traffic, and throwing up spray and bark. Past Columbia I finally got in front of them, and breathed a sigh of relief. Less than a minute later I told the companions to turn around and look. The fast moving trucks were no where to be seen. There were no roads or exits they could have taken. They just disappeared! Their only purpose in existence was to harass us. I don't like reality shifts that involve moving vehicles.

My wife and I went to a major traveling antique show near Washington (1997). Our habit is to first walk the aisles, noting desirable discoveries, and then later return to the booths just before leaving, to make any purchases. At one booth I had seen an etching by F. E. Church, a horizontal format Niagara Falls. I love Niagara, and love F. E. Church, and it was affordable. At the end of the show, we tried to go back to the booth (I still have a mental picture of its location on the floor). We couldn't find it. We walked the whole Center again -- no luck. That booth was gone! There was an empty stall near where I thought that booth should be. I asked the nearby dealer if they had left, but he said there was never anyone there. No wonder I had never seen that horizontal format etching before. It was manifested for me.

Increasingly (1999 and 2000), I see blue holes or "tears" in the fabric of my spatial vision. Sometimes I utter an exclamation such as "Oh, my" that people around me must wonder. I, in turn wonder why they don't see the same things I do. I have also heard the "sound" tones echoing in my consciousness. Supposedly these are an indication of merging realities. They are clear, beautiful tones of incredible clarity. They are not like earthly tones, since they contain every pure overtone possible, all at once. Wonderful.

January 25, 2000, in Washington, DC, I arose early that morning and exclaimed: "We are not in the same reality." Upon looking out the window, I saw three inches of snow. When all DC went to bed the night before, we were promised fair weather. Of course some weathermen and announcers were up all night, and consciously participated in the shift. A front suddenly formed. The talk shows were busy for days discussing the failed weather prediction.

I was scheduled to teach a two-day course in the Boston area. I left on Friday afternoon, and had Monday off since it was President's day. I always turn off my computer system, since I am an energy hound. I went to Boston and returned. Back in the office, my computer was on! Further, the "Mouse" had a different feel to it, and didn't click the same way it did. Our computers are networked and password protected. Watch for computers to show up increasingly in reality shifts.

On March 10, 2000, I was driving east on I-66 toward Washington as the dawn was breaking with heavy clouds. In less than a second I saw a hands-breadth parting of the sky at a horizontal line just above the horizon, ripple to black -- gone. It was instantly replaced with an "identical" sky.

On Tuesday March 14, 2000, I noticed that some plants looked wilted. They are in a location that is hard to water, and I have lost plants there because of it. I hadn't watered these for at least several weeks, and I again I was too busy. Two days later, when I saw the plants again and remembered, I got two glasses of water. To my surprise, the plants were wet, and one had standing water. Now most people would simply say I watered them and had forgotten about it. That's not like me at all. Rather this is an indication of a reality shift.

Mid-March 2000, my wife asked if I had been drinking Sprite. I had on occasion. The refrigerator was bare of Sprite, so she looked around, checked shelves and pantries. She couldn't find any, so she decided to put it on her Grocery List. Two days later, mid-week, (she shops on Saturday), she opened the refrigerator, and there in its usual place is a two quart bottle of Sprite. She tried to say I put it there, but I hadn't. The reality had shifted back to one with Sprite in the refrigerator. Could the name Sprite be an indication of the cause of the phenomena?

Mid-March 2000, sitting at the computer one night, I looked out the adjacent window to see that my yard light was the only one lighted. We don't have streetlights, and all houses have post-top yard lights, plus some coach lights beside the front doors. Mine was the only one. The entire neighborhood was dark, including lights from any windows. I spotted this as an abnormal condition. With out resolution, I fell asleep. Next night everything was back to normal.

Here in northern Virginia, we have had some powerful wind and hailstorms in the spring of 2000. Many of our neighbors have had their roofs replaced by insurance claims. After a gusty storm in July, I found yet another broken shingle on the ground. (Here it comes!) I called my wife to the far corner of the back deck so we could look up at the roof. I pointed out that the shingles that are supposed to cover a roof "valley" were all missing, and you could see the sheet metal flashing. It was time to act. We called our insurance company. The inspector quickly came, and did not find sufficient damage for our claim. My wife and I went back out on the deck, out to the far corner again. The roof "valley" was completely covered with ten-year-old shingles. No sheet metal was visible. (She remembers the sheet metal also.) Either there was a reality shift, or something projected that view of sheet metal into our minds, so we would go through that insurance adjuster routine.

Sprite, Lights, Holes, and Tones. Without a doubt, the rate of reality shifts is increasing for me. But why do they involve silly things like the Sprite bottle? Could it be that something is trying to get our attention? Could it be that we would go insane if we drove to Washington, only to get out of the car in Charleston? Can we select our reality? Did we select the reality we are in?

Periodically, I experience "milestone" checks. These start with a dream or a dream-like premonition. A short time later, I will have an experience very similar to the dream. Then I say to myself: "Yes, I am right on schedule with my life. I have not seriously deviated from my life plan."



There is a discussion starting on the RealityShifters forum about bizarre synchronicities, vanishing warts, and other fascinating examples of reality shifts in our lives. Come in and join the discussion!




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On October 20th at 9:30 CST, I'll be interviewed by Travis & Melanie as a call-in guest on their "Reality Check" talk show, a local program with a large viewing audience in the South Louisiana area. Reality Check is a Metaphysical television program whose aim is to try to inform and enlighten the public on spiritual matters, the paranormal, and other metaphysical topics. They always try to keep an open mind about everything, and help people understand that these things are all a part of the reality that we have created for ourselves. Check it out at:




There are lots of truly special people who are helping me share the concept of reality shifting with the world, and I'd love to express my appreciation for them.

Wish Only Well (WOW!) is a wonderful place dedicated to the concept of wishing only for the best. I love their philosophy, and the way they are succeeding at bringing their message of love and compassion to the world. I want to thank Carmen and all the good people at WOW for the special mention of RealityShifters on their Visionary Links page and their WOW Zone Presents page:

Thanks to Rik Wellens for creating a web page dedicated to my experience with the sun dial reality shift. Rik's Life Cycle's Matrix System web site can give you remarkable new insights about your life tale, biography, destiny and purpose by revealing the language of birthdays and life cycles.

Thanks to Betty Bethards' Inner Light Foundation, for including the RealityShifters banner on their links page. Betty has written several excellent books and keeps up a busy schedule of public events and appearances (including an annual Hawaiian workshop) which you can check out at:

Thanks to Vino Gupta for sharing reality shifting news in his excellent and heart-felt ezine, "Spreading the Light". You can visit his web site and sign up for his excellent ezine at:

Last, but definitely not least, I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to Laura at Blue Moon News, who has one of my favorite Links pages anywhere! It's short, simple, focused, and funny! She swears she did this after three days with no sleep, but I think it's wonderful. I love her Blue Moon News ezine, too... it's the best daily dose of wonderful weirdness I've ever seen!



Meir Schneider School for Self-Healing
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This is a truly fascinating compendium of reality shift stories, as told from folks who would truly like to know what's going on, and who are certain that they've witnessed objects appearing and disappearing. Thanks to Kristen Fox of consciouscreation.com for pointing this treasure trove of reality shift stories out to us!

The REPORT UNUSUAL PHENOMENA page is part of the WEIRD SCIENCE section of Bill Beaty's SCIENCE HOBBYIST web site. It's not associated with any academic institution, etc. Bill started it for several reasons: there was nothing else like it on internet, he wanted to read these types of reports, and finally, he realized that these types of stories, if kept secret, can wreck your life. The cure is to realize that such things happen to other people too, and to get your experiences out (even anonymously) so others can benefit.

A web site that has something for everyone . . . whether you are seeking spiritual awakening or wish to take a flight into space.

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Reality Check
A Metaphysical television program whose aim is to try to inform and enlighten the public on spiritual matters, the paranormal, and other metaphysical topics. They always try to keep an open mind about everything, and help people understand that these things are all a part of the reality that we have created for ourselves.

Light Connection
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You know I love the Blue Moon News for my daily dose of strange, unusual, twisted, and bizarre true happenings from this wild, weird, wonderful, and magical universe! It includes The Astrological Week in Preview; Anomalous Image Day; Prophecies and Prophets; and Madmen and Weird Science. It's free to join, free to quit, and is brought to you by Angel Astrology.

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