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Healing Ways

Have you been feeling stressed recently from hearing about world events? This October issue of RealityShifters News is dedicated to healing for those of us who have felt inundated with fear-based messages.

You'd just about have to be living in a cave to avoid all the fearful messages on television, in the newspaper, and emails. These messages can exact a heavy toll on us if we let them -- or they can roll away like water off a duck's back, if we hone our skills at releasing our fears. Sure, we can keep the TV turned off, avoid reading newspaper headlines and delete our emails unread -- but this is only a stop-gap measure at best. Chances are pretty good that we'll see someone who will mention whatever the media is choosing to play up at that moment.

What's working best for me right now is to ASSESS the fear I'm feeling each day, CHOOSE to let go of it, and invite healing energy in to HEAL. You can do this right now, even as you read this newsletter.

ASSESS: Ask yourself, "Am I feeling at all fearful right now?" Sense how your body is feeling, and where you can feel fear inside you. Wherever you sense fear, take several breaths and continue feeling it's presence within you. You can hold a hand over the area (or areas) if you wish, in order to get a better sense of where it is and how it feels.

CHOOSE: Ask yourself, "Am I ready to let go of this fear right now?" You won't lose your ability to react quickly in a crisis, because inspiration will be still be with you, guiding you. The only thing we lose when we let go of fear is the fear.

HEAL: When you feel ready to release your fear, take a deep breath and visualize worries slipping away from you, deep down into the Earth. Breath in, and imagine the colors of the rainbow coming into you from above, through the top of your head, helping you release your fears. With each inhalation, a feeling of Love washes over you. With each exhalation, fear slips away.

Wishing you all the best,
Cynthia Sue Larson

In This Issue:

(1) Intriguing Articles
(2) Your Reality Shift Stories
(3) Books That Shift Your Reality:
    THE GIFT OF LIFE by Bonnie Glass-Coffin
    THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT by John Perkins
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(1) Intriguing Articles

by Cynthia Sue Larson

It is just as easy to heal things as to heal people, and the results can be wonderful and amazing to witness. I hope you'll read this amazing (and true!) story of how I rediscovered that things are every bit as responsive to healing thoughts and feelings as people are:

by Guy Coggins

What are auras, and what do they look like when photographed? This article by aura camera inventor Guy Coggins, who designed an aura camera based on the electrical impulses of the body.

by Michele Sullivan

On inventor Guy Coggins' aura video device, healers show threads or clouds of energy moving from their auras into the auras of their clients. Lovers who are photographed together will actually show a merging and blending of their energies. Lies will show up as a rapid flaring of red tints within the energy field.

(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Yakima, Washington

One Hot August 1977 afternoon in Palm Springs, California, I was writing checks for the monthly bills, when I heard on the TV that the beloved entertainer Jimmy Durante had passed away. I was so sad at this news, as I had been a fan of his wholesome entertainment all of my life. The TV show had excerpts from his television show of him singing his song, "Inka-Dinka-Doo", and some of the many skits with famous entertainers, like Tallulah Bankhead, Eddie Cantor, Robert Mitchum, Charles Laughton, and Peter Lawford. Jimmy had seemed old for so long, that I was alarmed when he suffered a stroke in late 1972. His health declined from then on. Wheel-chair bound and visibly frail, accompanied by his adopted a daughter, Cecilia, at his 83rd birthday bash in 1976 (his last public appearance), he once again sang in his famous gravel voice "Inka-Dinka-Doo". I whispered a blessing and a heartfelt good-bye, and thought I will really miss his joyful spirit. I mentioned it to my daughter when she came to visit later that evening, and told her of my sadness at his demise.

Three years later on January 29, 1980, my daughter brought a newspaper with a headline banner that read: "Beloved Entertainer Jimmy Durante Dies", just shy of his 87th birthday. Need less to say I was DUMBFOUNDED! Although my life has many Reality Shifts, this was the first one in which another person remembers the alternate reality.



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Clacton-on-Sea, England

Back in 1992, I experienced a very strange coincidence that defied reason. I was the manager at a west-end London Underground (subway) station, one of the biggest. A desperately worried plainclothes policewoman came to my office having lost her warrant ID card. This is almost a crime of negligence to a member of the police. I phoned the station supervisor at Holloway Road, a north London station where she had started the journey. He remembered her showing it in the lift, and said he would check the station. After ten minutes, he returned, saying he could not find it. I told the lady the unfortunate news, and we chatted for a few minutes. The phone rang, and it was the supervisor at Holloway Road.

He said that a contractor working on the station with him had popped into his office and overheard the last phone conversation with me. He said that he had been at Liverpool Street Station an hour before, and seen a person hand a warrant card to a City Policeman saying she had found it on the station. I told the policewoman this, and she later told me she had retrieved it from the police station at Liverpool Street.

The odds against this line-up of events (there are nearly three hundred tube stations) must be immense. The contractor seeing the find just before the moment of overhearing the conversation. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are so many things that are hard to explain... like synchronicities, for example.

Two years ago, right after my 40th birthday, my family decided they wanted to get me a dog as a belated birthday present. We went to the Humane Society, and each one of us individually wrote down our first choice, without telling anyone else. To our surprise, we all agreed on a beautiful female dog named "Pattie" by the workers at the pound!

Since my family in Mexico calls me Pattie, we figured that is the main reason we chose her. It helped that we all liked her markings: Irish-golden bright red with white.

We took her to a room to get acquainted, before deciding if she would like us or not. She immediately snuggled with me, and moved wherever I moved. It was so endearing. I asked the pound volunteer if she knew about Pattie's history. She only said: We have no history. We found her on September 24th (my birthday) wandering the streets. That was it. We had to have this dog. She was named like me, and was found on my birthday, and followed me everywhere. Wonderful synchronicities!

After couple of months, we started noticing that Pattie had a white "swan" on her back which included the neck, beak, and body of the bird. It's amazing. What's most amazing is that my mother has called me "Swan" since I was little. Goodness. I love it when synchronicities happen!


I'm the engineer/scientist in the family (three patents); thoroughly skeptical, with a some knowledge of psychological and physiological explanations for many otherwise unexplainable occurrences. My father and are alike in this regard, but my mother and my eldest sister have encountered many strange events in their lives, and throughout my life I've heard many of their stories. Apart from some inexplicable "luck" that repeatedly occurred on St. Patrick's Day, I've only had two truly head-scratching incidents, although several stories mentioned (the missing book, the empty pocket of change, the closing time) have also occurred to me.


I was living in New Jersey in the mid-80's. One of the major highways is a toll road, and my commute required me to pay exactly a dollar on a daily basis, in four quarterly installments. So often in the morning I would cash in a dollar bill, drop the 3 quarters in a tray in my car, and use them thereafter to feed the toll machines, as I did on this day. So I was driving home one night when something started going wrong with my car. I pulled off early, incurring a 15 cent toll, leaving a quarter in the tray. I found a gas station with a phone booth and pulled in and parked, glad that I still had a quarter to use for the phone. Except, of course, that the quarter was not in the tray. I remember looking, staring, closing my eyes, looking again, but the quarter wasn't there. I got a really eerie feeling because I have often wondered about the hand of God, miracles, etc., and, I'm sure like many others, had desired an explicit act of some kind to warrant or justify faith. So I spent extra time crawling around the floor of my car, looking in the seats, checking my pockets, etc. for that last quarter - to no avail. I probably called collect to my nearby girlfriend's house, I don't remember what was wrong or what I did about it, but I absolutely recall coming back to the car and seeing the quarter in the tray from the outside before I even opened the car door.

I have a meager theory about some of these things - about how our brain builds symbolic representations of what we see and sense etc., and that, of course, on occasion, the brain just flubs it. What we perceive as a normally consistent world, apples falling, trees waving in the breeze, is a symbolic assembly in the brain for what we're not directly looking at. An imperfect assembly at times for all of us, and sometimes for some people, a perpetually imperfect assembly, as for example "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat", a book of stories about neurological illnesses by Oliver Sacks, who is the real doctor who really did the things in the one story that they based the Robin Williams movie "Awakenings" upon.

This theory can be stretched to apply to scenarios involving a few people. Other theories, such as the coin flipped into one of other dimensions envisioned by String Theorists (the cutting edge of particle physics), are also plausible. I collaborated once with a very brilliant man who published an article in Scientific American in which, among many other things he cited me for this collaberation, he discussed the probability that a person's wave function (in the quantum physics sense) could cause them to shift instant to the surface of Mars. It involves a very very large number, which is the subject of the article, but the point is that it is entirely possible given today's understanding of physics. So maybe the coin's wave function just blipped somewhere else and came back. The odds would probably favor my theory.


Late one Saturday California morning, late 1980's, probably 11ish but perhaps a bit earlier, I decided to do a little cleaning up around the house. In front of the couch was a glass of water, blue plastic in my mind even though I didn't have blue plastic glasses at that time, but that's how I remember it. My wife had had a glass of ice water the night before and hadn't taken it to the kitchen. The glass was on the floor a few inches in front of the couch near one of its ends. We hadn't used that room that morning. I picked up the glass and was struck by the fact that the glass and the water within it were warm to the touch. Not as far as hot, but distinctly warm, much warmer than tap water, warmer than aquarium water (high 80's). I showed it to my wife who basically shrugged her shoulders at it after disavowing any knowledge with regard to it. I feverishly considered the possibilities. Despite being California, it was possible that the furnace had been running that morning, that the heat flow came out under the couch and had heated the glass of water. At some point I felt the warm air indeed emanating from under the couch and pretty much discounted that possibility. The only other explanation was that the glass had been exposed to the morning sun, and, being blue, absorbed quite a bit of heat. But the glass had been in front of the couch which would almost certainly have blocked the rays, and moreover, the sun didn't shine into that room until the afternoon.

Again, its possible for the glass to have heated itself, decreasing its entropy as overall entropy elsewhere increased. Maxwell's demon might have made an appearance. I don't have any alternate theories.

(3) Books that Shift Your Reality

There are more new book reviews posted at this month! Thank you for ordering books from the realityshifters site! Between 5% and 15% of every purchase goes towards funding the web site and this ezine. Check out some of the books that can best help you understand reality shifts at:

Healing with Rainbow Rays

by Alijandra

Don't let the title of HEALING WITH THE RAINBOW RAYS mislead you -- there is much more than just color therapy involved here. Alijandra has done an excellent job of bringing several different healing techniques (color, sound, crystals, herbs, movement) together in one ambitious reference book. The basic techniques of grounding, balancing, protection, and clearing energy are described, as are the chakra and endocrine system. Additionally, the essential art of dealing with psychic hooks and chakra blocks are included.

I was delighted to be able to make immediate use of the concept of working with the rainbow rays of color for self-healing. In just a few minutes, with the aid of a simple color visualization technique, I cleared out a long-standing pattern of fear which had resided in the cells of my body for most of my life (a kind of background noise that I had become accustomed to). I'm grateful to have noticed tremendous and lasting improvement from such a simple exercise.

HEALING WITH THE RAINBOW RAYS is valuable for healers of every level of experience, since Alijandra takes care to explain basic terms and also outline some rather advanced exercises such as: time travel, teleportation, levitation, invisibility, and shapeshifting. Another unexpected surprise about this book is it's coverage of the "black ray" -- an often overlooked color in healing.

I recommend this book to anyone with an open mind to seeing the world in new ways, and most especially to anyone who wishes to heal themselves or others.

The Gift of Life

THE GIFT OF LIFE: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru
by Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Prior to THE GIFT OF LIFE, little had been written about the role women play in healing and shamanism in Northern Peru. Part of the reason for this oversight had to do with the way European colonization brought the concept of "witchcraft" to Peru, and the fact that Peruvian women who practiced traditional healing arts were frequently beaten and tortured until they confessed to standard European-style "witchcraft" practices. Author Bonnie Glass-Coffin was trained as an anthropologist, so she knew that women have historically played a large part in shamanism from looking at the ancient sculptures of the Moche and Chimu, which both portray women involved in healing arts. With the intention to find and interview modern-day women shamans in Peru, Glass-Coffin set out to do exactly that.

Bonnie Glass-Coffin shares the stories from five female curanderas (shamans) she met with between April 1988 and September 1989. Her extraordinary book, THE GIFT OF LIFE, describes the daily life of these female curanderas and the story of how they became healers, and includes black and white photographs of their mesas (curing altars) and healing herbs (plants such as the San Pedro cactus). Glass-Coffin's background in anthropology and her accounts of her experiences living in Peru as she grew up give this book a unique feeling of personal relevance and social perspective.

I was impressed that THE GIFT OF LIFE does not shy away from describing the ways curanderas have used their spiritual powers on some occasions for sorcery. Glass-Coffin describes "dano" as intended harm by sorcery, and tells stories and includes pictures of how Peruvians have discovered and dealt with the harmful magic of others. She also describes some of the differences between male and female healers in Peru -- such as the way female curanderas tend to involve patients more directly in their healing. I was also impressed that Glass-Coffin described her own personal involvement being healed by curanderas, giving this book tremendous warmth. The first-hand accounts of what it feels like to suffer as the recipient of a dano help the reader better understand the way our thoughts and feelings affect one another.

I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone who is interested in ancient traditional ways of healing, wishes to know what is unique about women healers, and is intrigued by reading stories about how our thoughts and feelings affect others.

The World is as You Dream It

by John Perkins

John Perkins' book, THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is one of those rare books that tells a riveting story at the same time as it provides deep insights into what makes us who we are and the world what it is. I was so riveted to this book that I couldn't put it down for a second until I finished reading it.

The big idea in THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is outlined by shamans in Ecuador who describe to Perkins the difference between living one's fantasies and living one's dream -- and how this difference has enormous personal and global repercussions. Healing involves changing one's dream; replacing a dream of illness with one of health. As one shaman tells Perkins, "I don't heal. I simply help them change their dream."

Perkins has been bringing people to learn from native shamans for many years -- living true to a desire he had since childhood to see indigenous peoples teach westerners their ways, and in so doing, change the course of history. Shamans have a strong need to change things, and Perkins does a fabulous job of describing some of his experiences visiting native shamans in Ecuador who demonstrate their healing and psychonavigation skills. A doctor who was part of Perkins' group was certain she died after ingesting ayahuasca (also known as "vine of the soul", or "vine of death") -- and she was also certain that a Shuar shaman brought her back to a healthy body by sucking the toxins from her and vomiting them nearby.

What impresses me most about THE WORLD IS AS YOU DREAM IT is the way Perkins illuminates the big picture of what humans are doing on Earth at the same time as he shares moving personal accounts of people who come to the Amazon and Andes to receive healings and gain vision in their lives. We are all interconnected, and dreaming this dream together... and we change this world by changing our perceptions. Dream change is an essential skill that everyone concerned with the future of humans on Earth has a vested interest in, and that we all can learn.

If you are ready to journey to a place where "what we dream, happens", this is the book for you!


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