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October 2023
Issue #289

published monthly since October 1999
How Good Can it Get?

Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Accept Only Blessings

"Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes."

perception creates
We can sometimes find ourselves feeling sad, anxious, or angry about events in our personal lives and the world—yet there can be greatest value in doing our best to rise above all drama, in order that we can most fully be the change we wish to be in the world, and best seek and find silver linings wherever possible. This is where our ability to respond to the world makes such a powerful difference, not just for ourselves, but also with a ripple effect for everyone else we interact with.

Thanks to following my heart, it's now been 24 years since I first published this monthly newsletter, and what a blessing it's been! When I first started RealityShifters, I felt like a “lone voice in the wilderness,” back in the early days of the internet, with only a small reality shifts community. I hoped and dreamed that if I built it, they would come (referencing a well-remembered bit of Mandela Effect dialogue from the movie, “Field of Dreams.”) Right from the start, people gladly shared their first-hand reality shifts, providing beautiful insights to this natural phenomenon that also seems related to synchronicity, the placebo effect, apports, materializations, and in more recent years, the Mandela Effect. I feel deeply blessed that thanks to so many of us sharing our experiences, we can begin to see a big, beautiful picture being revealed.

This last month, the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) event held in Connecticut was delightful and inspirational, and I'm so thankful to see the presentations and panels being premiered most every weekday on the IMEC YouTube channel. These videos are the next-best thing to being at the conference, many presentations are well worth watching more than once, and the comment sections for each video are a great way to participate in conversation about these fascinating topics.

I invite you to explore some truly amazing reality shifts that have been reported over the past twenty plus years and posted at RealityShifters. Any time you'd like to remind yourself of some of the remarkable changes we've witnessed, I welcome you to browse through a few issues, and fall more deeply and fully in love with the wonder and magic of life!

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      (2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films
      (3) Your Reality Shift Stories
      (4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers
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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia!
Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "... with your loving and non-judgemental help,
      I crossed the threshold from the
      world of victimization to the
      world of redemption and grace;
      a place where all wounds are healed
      and where all things are possible;
      a place where all things exist
      and do not exist--at the same time!
      I deeply appreciate your "midwifery"
      expertise that helped me to
      trust the initiation and
      unfolding of this process.
      Many blessings to you
      and all that you do."
      — Dea

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson IMEC2023 presentation: Science of the
Mandela Effect
Cynthia Sue Larson's
IMEC2023 presentation
Science of the Mandela Effect

2 Sep 2023
58 minutes
Current commonly accepted definitions for the Mandela Effect contain mistaken assumptions and logical errors. Thanks to new findings from scientific research over the past several years, we can more accurately define what the term "Mandela Effect" means based on our ever-improving awareness of what the Mandela Effect is showing us.

Cynthia Sue Larson with Alex Ferrari on Next Level
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Next Level Soul:
UC Berkeley Physicist UNCOVERS
Supernatural Phenomena

10 Sep 2023
1 hour, 17 minutes
Welcome to today's episode, where we delve into the captivating world of Cynthia Sue Larson—a best-selling author, physicist, and a trailblazer in the realm of quantum realities. With a diverse background encompassing a physics degree from UC Berkeley, an MBA, and a Doctor of Divinity, Cynthia masterfully bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Not stopping at that, she also boasts a second-degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won, showcasing her multifaceted talents. Her prolific writings, including best-sellers like 'Quantum Jumps', 'Reality Shifts', and 'High Energy Money', have reshaped how we perceive the universe and our place in it. Through these, she explores the tangible ways in which quantum theories can be applied to our daily lives. Beyond her writing, Cynthia has etched her mark as the founder of RealityShifters, spearheading a movement that delves into the intricacies of our ever-shifting reality. Her leadership capabilities shine through as the first president of the International Mandela Effect Conference and the managing director of Foundations of Mind. For those who love soaking in profound insights through podcasts, Cynthia's "Living the Quantum Dream" is an auditory gem. And if you've been keeping up with prominent platforms like Gaia, the History Channel, and Coast to Coast AM, you've likely seen her enlightening interviews. Even global icons like Deepak Chopra and platforms like BBC have recognized and celebrated her expertise. Through every endeavor, Cynthia poses an invigorating question: "How good can it get?" It's a reminder to constantly seek out the best possibilities in every situation. Dive deep into our enthralling conversation with Cynthia Sue Larson now!

Are Timelines Changing?
Are Timelines Changing?
Cynthia Sue Larson on Higher Journeys
with Alexis Brooks

17 Aug 2023
10 minutes
Here's a short ten minute video, talking with Alexis Brooks on Higher Journeys about looking glass technology, remote viewing, and changing timelines. Some big ideas are covered in this short video!

Are Timelines Changing?
Unraveling the Mandela Effect:
Insights on Shifting Realities

16 Aug 2023
56 minutes
The Skeptic Metaphysicians are so much fun! If you're feeling frustration and confusion because your memories don't align with the current reality, despite your efforts to understand, then you are not alone! Many individuals are experiencing the unsettling phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect, where collective memories of events or details differ from the documented facts. Despite your diligent research and discussions with others, you may find yourself questioning the nature of reality and seeking answers to why these shifts occur.

Cynthia Sue Larson on Sense of Soul
Cynthia Sue Larson
on Sense of Soul
with Shanna Vavra

18 Sep 2023
50 minutes
Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Shanna on Sense of Soul podcast about the amazing mind-matter interactivity of the Mandela Effect, and what it's showing us in these pivotal times.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

intro to physics book
Faraday constant in book
Faraday Constant Changed
Dawn Marie Bernardi, PhD
Mission Viejo, California, USA

Thank you so much for all you do, I had to contact you because after seeing your interview with Alex, I certainly swallowed a red pill haha. I wanted to log another possible Mandela effect. I woke up this morning with 96487, 96487, 96487 in my head and I knew I had to contact you. I'm a UC Berkeley alum :-) PhD in chemical engineering 1985, my specialty was electrochemistry with professor John Newman. Needless to say, I should know Faraday's constant, through all of my schooling all those years it was 96,487 C/mol, and I got great grades with that number :-) And then I remember I was tutoring in 2006 or so, and and the kid's textbooks were giving it as 96,485 and just like all the other effects I'd witnessed in the past, I brushed it off and thought oh 'they' must have changed it. My old physics textbook is a remnant, I guess you'd say, clearly printed 96,487 —apparently with no history of the change. There seem to be a few others that are questioning the 96485 vs. 96,487 in the quora-type platforms, though. My thesis and all my publications (paper) in my possession all have 96,487.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for writing to me with such an intriguing first-person report of having noticed such a noteworthy--and seemingly inexplicable--change to Faraday's constant.  While some universal constants have been reported to have changed over the years, this particular case stands out to me, since it's a calculated constant, rather than a measured constant.  There is thus no wriggle room for someone to insist that what must have happened is that over the years, measurement tools must have improved sufficiently to account for the discrepancy.  Since Faraday's constant simply depends on Avogadro's number, any changes we notice to this constant can best be explained as being a reality shift.  And how marvelous that you have a physics textbook that still states the constant the way you remember:  96,487 coulombs per mole.


RV button fixed itself
Texas, USA

I wanted to share something only you would have an answer and  understand. We have an RV that is 3 years old and we purchased new. It has two awnings on the front side, and it came with a defect, so to speak. Since it was such a small issue, I did not ask for them to repair. On the panel inside the RV, there are two buttons to use for awnings to go out and in. One of the buttons was installed incorrectly, so if you push inward it goes outward, and vice versa. This took a little getting used too. Well, this morning after 3 years, and with no one repairing it, it works correctly. It goes out and in perfectly! I guess we jumped a timeline. Do you agree? I must say it's so nice that it's working perfectly—and I wanted to share!

Note from Cynthia: What a wonderful experience with the button now working correctly on your RV! That is so amazing when some thing changes from long-standing backwards or reversed operation to suddenly working as expected! It seems like a good indicator that everything truly is for the best with this move, and a good omen.

Timelines and Memories
Bergen, Norway

Years ago I happen to watch one of your videos on youtube, and a few days ago I came across a new interview with you and I remembered. The subject both times was on memories and how they can be changed collectively.  The first time I listened to you with interest, but could not really take on you message more than register it. I mean, I could never get anything close toa  "solid evidence" and I put it aside. However, this time I have a personal experience I cannot forget, repress or ignore, I think about it a lot. About 15 years ago I moved to a small apartment in walking distance from the city center (Bergen, Norway). On my way into town there are a couple of rosebeds in a wide stairs case up to the Geo-physical institute (University, Meteorology ,etc.). It is a bit like a small park or garden in front of the building and the rose beds are flanked by stairs which again have a row of small trees on each side. When I, as mentioned, moved here 15 years ago and had friends at the University, the row of threes had pink flowers, and I knew the tree type well without knowing the name of the species or variety. I had seen it several times since my child hood.  A few years went by and a shift had been made in my social circle. I happened to talk about the trees to someone on a web forum, and now the trees were pink flowered hawthorn. I became a bit uncertain and surprised, but I had been ill and not my best, and I thought I must remember wrongly. Blaming it all on my foggy mind. The pink flowered hawthorn trees were there for years, I settled for it and ignored my initial thoughts and reactions. I remembered I searched up the species, identified it as hawthorn, talked about them to someone who held them as a favorite. I spend a bit of time in the park there every year, well on a regular basis through the year. Since I had such a hard time with my health and getting by I started doing some qi gong exercises and breathing exercises. They almost became like a fight against forces knocking me about, and my days centered around this routine of exercises.  Atfter some time I got the message or thought in my mind that if I keep this up the trees will shift again, and the old ones would be back, sort of returned.  A bit weird I thought to my self, and it was something I registered with myself but could not do more than that with it. I kept on with the breathing exercises, and the trees are now back to the first pink flowered species (!!). I have not looked it up, but the leaves are more like apple tree leaves, the flowers are larger, not the least like the pink clusters of hawthorn. The trees are about the sae height and shape. I know my story sounds weird, I don't expect anyone to believe me. Towards myself I am very sure, and have no doubt. The event in itself is strange, but comes along with personal loss and a fight for life and health. I live with the notion that I have lived through something I should not have, or walked through something that annoys someone out there. I can't really make sense of it. Nearly 15 years is a long time and a lot has happened, new buildings have appeared, old have been torn down, some have been renovated and altered. I think this covid thing was a hardship that has taken out things that are not easy to define or talk about. Have you ever had anything like this happen? A very physical shift, somethings sort of take out, or replaced? I don't entirely like it, it comes with some kind of power struggle and a warning I cannot make sense of. I have noone I can talk to about this, they would just think I am more than slightly mad. This experience has made me more aware of these shifts and changes. They likely happen all the time, when we go to bed, get up the next day, being preoccupied with something else for a period, then it can change. Is this how the universe works? I have a feeling it is done deliberately, and it can be part of a struggle or fight for power or place in the world.  I don't know, I should not speculate any further. If you ever have the time to read this and reply I would love to know your thoughts on my experience.  I keep watching your interview and vides when I find them, and if I find a book by you I will get it.  You have work with this type of phenomena and I am hoping to reach someone who knows more than I do.

Note from Cynthia: Yes, I've experienced buildings and trees changing in seemingly inexplicable fashion as you describe, and a number of first-hand reports have been shared with me and posted on the realityshifters website in the "Your Stories" section and also in the monthly RealityShifters sections.  People who experience these kinds of shifts sometimes make note of their thoughts and feelings at the times that changes are experienced, and it often does seem that there is a connection between what they were experiencing at the time and the changes they observe.  Here is the page where the "Your Stories" first-hand reports have been archived since the 1990s:

Freejack movie
Changes to the movie, Freejack
New England, USA

The 1992 movie "Freejack" starring Emilio Estevez and Mick Jagger originally ended with race car driver Alex being sent back into the past to the moment of the crash. And surviving it. But now it ends with Alex staying 18 years into the future, with love interest Julie, pretending to be a ruthless business man. The movie was part of our family's video collection. We watched it a few times during family "TV night" get-togethers. I thought it was the usual 90's sf/action movie. With a little bit of sf and lots of shooting, the movie was not as personally interesting as being with my family was. Other family members liked it better. I remember the plot as it was. Besides the completely different ending, half way through it was very clear that love interest Julie really had become one of the bad guys during Alex's 18 year absence, and she stayed that way until the end of the story. I am finding it hard to call the new streamed version of the movie an improvement.  At the end of the story, protagonist Alex is "pretending" to be a ruthless business man, and his first order is to have one of his rivals killed. Mick Jagger knows that Alex is faking being that business man, but kills the rival anyways. Alex and Julie drive away into the end credits, with Julie still "pretending" to be one of the bad guys. In the original movie as I remember it, Alex is sent back into the past uncorrupted and there is a sense that perhaps he could prevent that very negative future from happening. This last summer, I lost my family and am now alone. I streamed "Freejack" to reminisce. Not for the movie's sake. but for the memories of those family tv nights. And tried to imagine my family was there with me. But watching it left me feeling just as lonely and the changed story has me confused. Did the better parts of my past even happen? The only way to escape this crisis would maybe be if other people remembered the original Freejack movie. Just to clarify, Julie had gone bad in the movie as I originally remember it, In the movie as it streams now. she is tricked by the bad guys and for the second half of the story sort of pretends to go along with them. During those long ago family nights. I was a young adult and could recognize that distinction. I have been wishing a Mandela Effect could send me to a world where my family is still alive and well.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your recollection of the way the movie, Freejack, used to end, with race car driver, Alex, being sent back into the past to the time of the crash, which he survives. Fascinating that the ending has changed so much for you! I'm intrigued by the nature of the changes you've observed to Freejack, with the character that played the love interest, Julie (played by Rene Russo) now becoming one of the bad guys during the 18 years that the protagonist, Alex (played by Emilio Estevez) was absent. It's so weird that at the same time that you're missing your family, and hoping to feel closer to them by watching this movie that used to be somewhat familiar--it's changed so very much for you. For those of us who experience such changes, our best advice is to trust your memories, even when there may be little remaining evidence that things were the way you recall. We're learning about reality and discovering that apparently, reality can be largely very subjective for each of us. This suggests that the better parts of your past absolutely did happen for you--even if other people don't remember things the same way. I am very interested to hear if other people remember the movie Freejack the way you do, and I hope if they do, they'll let us know. Thanks for the clarification that the way you remember the movie Freejack used to include Julie going bad, but now it seems she was tricked and is just pretending to go along with them. I can see how it could feel disappointing to not be watching the movie you remember with your family. That would be wonderful to have your family alive and well again.

Meaningful Message
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

I am a licensed Architect and had a residential practice in Connecticut until 2006. I put everything in storage when my marriage failed and moved to Montana. Then the economy collapsed in 2008 and I ended up back on the west coast on Bainbridge Island with my brother until March 2016 when I received an audible spirit message “She will not be 90.” I knew it was my mother who had suffered a stroke and was an alcoholic. My father was also an alcoholic and now had dementia. I moved in with them April 1st 2016 and was their caregiver until November 2019. My mother passed on March 17th 2017. She would have been 90 on April 3rd. My father passed November 22 2019. I rented an apartment in Hillsboro Oregon and had my things shipped out from Connecticut Spring of 2020. I was going through my personal papers. One was from a workshop I had attended basically asking how good can it get. I listed all the qualities I could dream of for the best life ever. The box had hundreds of cards and papers in it. The next day I picked up that paper but it was translucent and sparkled there was more information on it but what stuck was this: BE THE LIGHT BE FEARLESS. Another day passed and I wanted to read the paper again then it hit me because it went back to the workshop. Paper that has sun rays drawn on it. How good can it get? Love you thank you for all your work.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience finding the translucent, sparkling paper with such a meaningful message:  Be the light be fearless. I love it! Yes, yes, yes--how good can it get?

water bottle
water bottle with label
Changes to Water Bottle

There's been another design addition to my drink bottle. I noticed it now has the trademark on it of 'Typo' which is the chain store that I bought it from. I've attached a photo. I had a look at the first photo I sent you to compare, but evidently I had taken it from the other side. You can work this out by looking at the floral design. This makes me think though—the 'Typo' trademark is at the 'front' of the bottle in my mind, and had it been there before, I'm certain I'd have taken the photo from that angle, thus including the word 'Typo.' I wonder if the bottle will continue to evolve? it's funny now I think of it. Typo is a chain store in Australia selling accessories. I noticed the logo on it about three days ago. I was watching your latest Mandela presentation today on youtube, and then I thought about the bottle, and letting you know. It's all very strange, but lots of fun.

Note from Cynthia: Oh, WOW, that's amazing!  Yes, I'm sure you would have included such a distinctive identification mark in the previous photo when the bottle has such an interesting label name as "Typo."  How funny and surprising is this?!  The logo "Typo" is not one I've heard of, but it seems very playful and tongue-in-cheek to have a label that seems to be winking at misspellings!  I've not yet seen a store by this name where I live in California.  Thanks so much for sharing this photo. 

More Small Differences Noted
Mesquite, Texas, USA

I'm from a Parallel Universe Please try to remember that all parallel universes and where I came from are interconnected.  Pretty much the same each time, but there are always small differences.  Not all quite the same.  One day, who knows, I will jump to a very completely different parallel universe that is not interconnected and I would want to find out who I am.  I always expect that.
    1. The opposite color of the rulers. It is supposed to be an orange ruler, but it was red. I lost the red ruler and purchased an orange ruler, and he lost the orange ruler and purchased a red ruler.
2. The iPhone disappeared and recovered.
3. He put an air cap in a tire, but I didn't.
4. Elaine, my teacher in your universe died in 1995, but Elaine, my teacher, from my parallel universe died in 1996.  Both of her died one year apart.
5.  Dad's front yard with trees unrecognized.  His small storage building (shed) is yellow, and I believe that it is dark brown.  Dad from my parallel universe had absolutely no trees in the front yard.  Each time I jumped, the shed is still bright yellow except it is dark yellow here and in the last few parallel universes.  In my parallel universe, dad's shed didn't have an electronic cord between its and the house.  Each time I jumped, the shed still had an electronic cord between its and the house.  The second parallel universe, the shed had moved in a different location and still didn't have an electronic cord between its and the house.  The third parallel universe, the shed had moved again in a different direction, and I can't remember if it has an electronic cord, because the shed is behind.  That's why I can't see.  In the fourth parallel universe, the shed had moved again as where it was in my parallel universe, but it had an electronic cord between its and the house.  Each time I jumped, the shed is still in the same location as where it was in my parallel universe, but the shed is all bright yellow except for the last few parallel universes and here, the shed is dark yellow.
6. He emailed Cynthia and said that he lost an orange ruler. In my parallel universe, I emailed Cynthia and said that I lost my red ruler.
7. Walter in your universe died one day earlier: June 29, 2005.  My friend, Walter from my parallel universe died one day later: June 30, 2005.
8. In downtown Dallas, I-30 to I-45 north, there are no 5 big light bulbs on top of the small building. That building doesn’t have an X mark on each side. Another big building that looks similar has 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark on each side of the building. In my parallel universe, the small building does have 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark on each side of the building. I didn’t think I would recognize another building that changes the color of light during the night.  Both buildings with an X mark on each side and have 5 big light bulbs on top of it are reversed. The unrecognized building that changes the color of light does NOT exist in my parallel universe, believed to be the big building that has 5 big light bulbs on top of it and has an X mark on each side.
9. The unrecognized small tree in my front yard.  I didn't pay attention until I saw an unrecognized small tree. Absolutely no small tree in my front yard where I came from.  When I was on the street going to park my car in front of my house, it reminded me of where I came from. In my parallel universe, I saw my next door's cars parked in the front of their house and there was no small tree in my front yard beside their cars.  Yes, I remember.
10. I found the building has a star-like symbol, but it was behind the low level of the same building I didn’t see. In my parallel universe, I drove on the highway and saw a star-like symbol on the high level of the same building that can be seen clearly.  The same building has both sides of the different levels. The star-like symbol on the low level of the building that cannot be seen in this universe. In both universes, the same building has two sides of each other that are high and low. The star-like symbol is in a different position which is backward.
11. My speed drill works here.  In my parallel universe, my speed drill never worked, and I had tried it work quite a few times.
12.  Your Big Tex on fire at the State Fair of Texas, Friday morning, Oct. 19th, 2012. In my parallel universe, Big Tex was on fire at the State Fair of Texas, Sunday, Oct. 21st, 2012, that's the last day of the State Fair. The two days difference.  The same problem as the electric circuit.
13.   John R. Lewis as an American politician and civil rights leader died at age of 80, Friday, July 17, 2020.  In my parallel universe, he died in 2019.
14.  I had a conversation with my friend through the videophone.  I just noticed his couch and sofa with the brown clothes covered.  I asked him if he had the white clothes to cover his couch and sofa before, but he said he never covers both of them with the white clothes.  In my parallel universe, my friend has his couch and sofa with the white clothes.
15.  Donald was born October 12th, 1965, and passed away August 25th, 2014.  He was buried at the Restland in Dallas, TX.  In my parallel universe, Donald, my friend, told me that he was born October 13th, 1965, and his mother told me that he passed away August 26th, 2014.  He was buried at the Restland in Dallas, TX.
16.  Steve Irwin, a zoologist of Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter in Australia killed by the stingray in an accident on September 4, 2006.  In my parallel universe, he was killed by the stingray in an accident in February 2006.
17.  My blue book of photos and white book of my baby memories were supposed to be in my computer room's closet, but I found my white book of baby memories in the box where my master bedroom's closet is.  In my parallel universe, I just left them in my computer room's closet.  I found the blue book in the plastic basket in my master bedroom's closet.  My blue book was under many things.  The big picture is still missing.  I jumped to several parallel universes until a small picture was missing.  I jumped again; a small picture appeared.
18.  Ladan and Laleh Bijani, Iranian conjoined twin sisters passed away after their complicated surgery on July 8, 2003.  In my parallel universe, they both passed away after their complicated surgery in 2004.
19. I found out that my friend's house is yellow with a few white trims. I asked him if his house had been painted before.  He said it was remodeled a bit over 10 years ago. In my parallel universe, the last time I visited him was in 2015 and his house is still white.  It was seven years ago.
20. The Star Trek: Voyager. The green couches, desk, and a monitor in the captain's office. The meeting room with the green table.  In my parallel universe, they are all kinds of red.
21. The Star Trek Classic. Captain Kirk. The transporter room with all blue walls and the purple lights glowing to the walls from the ceiling. There is a purple wall far upper to the ceiling near the door.  In my parallel universe, there were no purple lights glowing to the walls and there is no purple wall far upper to the ceiling near the door.
22. The Star Trek Classic. S2:E9 "Metamorphosis": Cochrane, the isolated man living with his companion, had the "badges" on his uniform. In my parallel universe, he had no "badges" on his uniform.
23. The Star Trek Classic. S3:E18 "The Lights of Zetar":  The room where they tried removing the alien inside Mira, a Starfleet lady that was possessed. The man with a light blue uniform who was not involved was standing and then later walked out of the room. In my parallel universe, this man did not exist.
24.  My branch bank only has the bricks and cameras (monitors).  I asked the teller if they built the bricks after the tellers' big window before.  The teller said that they always had cameras and they never had a window like other branches.  In my parallel universe, my branch bank has the tellers' big window where we can see through.  There are no cameras (monitors), but there are only the speakers.  I mean drive-through.
25.  There is a soap opera/commercial of the Green Acres (TV show) with the list of times of the shows.  There was someone walking to pass behind Oliver Wendell Douglas.  In my parallel universe, there was nobody walking to pass behind Oliver Wendell Douglas.  Horace Colby stood beside his truck with the big sign showing the list of the times of the Green Acres show.
26.  Mrs. August, a teacher from the high school passed away in 2010.  David Harvey, a student from the high school passed away in 2010.  In my parallel universe, Mrs. August, my teacher from my high school, passed away in 2009.  David Harvey, a student from my high school, passed away in 2008.
27.  The Star Trek:  TNG (The Next Generation).  The transporter room with the green walls, circuit panels, and console.  In my parallel universe, the transporter room with the red walls, circuit panels, and console.
28.  I talked with my friend about his different car, because I noticed a small difference.  My friend said that he just purchased a 4-door blue car in 2006 after he had been in a car accident and discarded his 2-door white car.  In my parallel universe, he NEVER purchased a 4-door blue car in 2006.  He still has the same 2-door car made and model, but I think that his car is light silver, not white.  He may not have been in a car accident, or he may have his 2-door light silver car in the collision repair shop after the car accident.  He never tells me about it.  The last time I had seen his 2-door light silver car was in September 2017.  I don't always see his 2-door silver car very often.  
29.  See # 28.  He had been in another car accident in January 2015 before he sent a previous version of me his photo of his wrecked 4-door blue car in text.  In my parallel universe, he had another car accident in January 2015 before he sent me a photo of his wrecked 2-door light silver car in text.  You can notice the difference between their cars:  a 4-door blue car and 2-door light silver car.  Both different cars are different made and the same model (Chevrolet).
30.  After my full vaccination, I finally went to the same Walmart neighborhood store and just noticed a small difference.  There are all green kiosks and lanes.  I asked a familiar employee if there was blue before.  She said no.  In my parallel universe, there are all blue kiosks and lanes.
31.  I finally went to the same restaurant I used to eat at.  Everything looks about the same except for the kitchen shelf-like near the ceiling that holds stuff where we all the customers can see.  There is a dark green wallpaper behind the stuff we can see.  In my parallel universe, there is a red wallpaper behind the stuff we can see.  I asked the waitress if anything had changed. She said no, but some changes in the menu due to the COVID-19.
32.  Star Trek:  The Next Generation (TNG).  There are purple chairs in the ready/meeting room I don't think I recognized.  I didn't feel right, but I believe that they are all red chairs in my parallel universe.
33.  Your old TV no longer worked on June 12, 2009, and needed a new digital converter box to work.  In my parallel universe, it was on June 12, 2012.  
34. Walker, Texas Ranger on TV.  Somewhere in the parallel universe after the jump again, the Texas Rangers were rushed to get out of the dark color of the same car that looks like dark blue or black before the explosion.  The next parallel universe I jumped to again, the same car they tried to get out before the explosion is color red.
35.  In my parallel universe, my dad's second garage is all color yellow and there was no window next to the garage door and didn't have a porch.  I jumped to each parallel universe and noticed a small difference again.  Somewhere in the parallel universe, dad's second garage is still yellow and there was a window next to the garage door.  I jumped again, his second garage is color beige and has a window next to the garage door and a porch.
36.  Somewhere in the parallel universe, the TV news reported that the Lost in Space actress June Lockhart had died.  I jumped again and then here; she is still alive.
37.  Each time I jumped to the parallel universe, the actor Bruce Mars was still alive until I jumped to the parallel universe somewhere, he died.  I jumped again, he is still alive and of course here.
38.  In my parallel universe and each time I jumped, my dad's living room was still white.  The last few parallel universes and here, my dad's living room is color beige.  He said he painted his living room wall in a color beige from white about 12 to 15 years ago.
39.  I can't remember if my house in my parallel universe has the window shutters.  Each time I jumped, there were two window shutters between the window.  Somewhere in the parallel universe, the two window shutters between the window disappeared.  I jumped to the last few parallel universes and here, the two window shutters between the windows are still there.
40.  In my parallel universe, and each time I jumped, I reviewed the video of my puppy walking around my kitchen and my puppy kindly got her feet reaching the stove just ONCE.  Somewhere in the parallel universe, I just noticed a very small difference:  My puppy just kindly got her feet reaching the stove TWICE times.
41.  March 31, 2022, somewhere in the parallel universe, I was at the restaurant watching the TV and I felt something that I should put a cup of salsa in the chip basket, but I didn't.  I kept watching the TV for a few minutes and I felt my energy inside me like some kind of electricity.  I then looked down at a cup of salsa and it had moved in the chip basket.  A version of me did put it there.  We both jumped.  A small difference.
42.  June 30, 2022, I watched ABC News with David Muir.  I saw David there at the beginning of the news.  I was drowsy, fell asleep, and woke up a few times.  I always saw David was there until I woke up the last time and I saw a different anchorman, Whit Johnson.  I was puzzled and just knew that I already jumped to the 11th universe.  I can't really tell which universe I am in now until I notice a small difference again.  I can figure it out later.  What I can tell you is that when I was in the 10th universe, David was there, but when I jumped, Whit Johnson was there in the 11th universe.  A small difference between two universes.
43.  When I woke up in my bed and looked at the clock.  It was about 2 o'clock.  I got up, got in my car and looked at the clock.  It was about 12:09 pm.  I was confused.  I thought that my car's clock was malfunctioned.  I went back home from the grocery store.  I just checked the car's clock, and my iPhone showed the correct time.  I was confused again.  I went to my bedroom and checked the clock.  It was correct.  Between the two universes that were a two hours difference.  I thought I had jumped.
44.  Each time I jumped and where I came from, dad's house was yellow.  The last few parallel universes and here, dad's house is beige.  
45.  In my parallel universe, the convenience store has a dark brown coffee table and there is an open refrigerator.  Each time I jumped, there was the same dark brown coffee table that moved to a different position where the open refrigerator is, and the different closed-door refrigerator in the different position.  The last few parallel universes, and here, there is a same LIGHT brown marble coffee table that is still where the open refrigerator is, and the closed-door refrigerator in the same different position.
  46.  In this universe, the Star Trek DS9 actor, Rene Auberjonois as "Odo"  died on December 8, 2019 and he was 79.  Somewhere in the last few parallel universes, the TV news reported that he died last Fall of 2022 and he was 82.  Three years difference.  I should remember his exact date of his death, but I can't memorize everything very accurate each time I jump.  You can see why.  I never heard of his dead in my original parallel universe before I first jumped on April 24, 2020.  BREAKING NEWS NOW 05/19/2023:  I was confusing with his date of death.  Somewhere in the last few parallel universes, he died on December 8, 2018 one year difference than here and he was 78.  I always know that I already jumped recently.  I said to myself like what.  I always expect anything, because I know I am a jumper.
47.  In this universe, Christopher Columbus and his shipmates arrived in the Bahamas on October 12, 1492.  They later arrived in Cuba on October 27, 1492.  In my parallel universe, Christopher Columbus and his shipmates only arrived in Cuba on October 11, 1492.
48.  Somewhere in the last few parallel universes, there was a TV commercial of the St. Jude Children Hospital that the father whose son named Abrahan.  In this universe, there was a same TV commercial of the St. Jude Children Hospital that the father whose son named Abraham.  You can notice the different spelling of the son's name Abrahan and Abraham.
49.  In your universe, Penny Marshall, the Laverne & Shirley actress died on December 17, 2018.  In the last few parallel universes, Penny died somewhere in around 2021 or 2022.  I believe that she died in 2022.
50.  Star Trek Classic S3:E1 "Spock's Brain".  Doctor McCoy, Captain Kirk, Lt. Scott, and Spock wore a big button near their belly with the different color in the last few parallel universes.  They wore the green button here, but the last few parallel universes somewhere I jumped to, have a different color of their button that are red, blue, and I think yellow.  I can't remember what color of the button it was that they wore in my original parallel universe.
51.  I have an appointment with my doctor.  She gave me an appointment card with the date to remind me.  It's an orange card here, but the last few parallel universes somewhere, she gave me a white card.  It's a different color of the card.  I got a bit confused.
52.  In the last few parallel universes somewhere, I got a letter from the provider explained a little different than the letter I have here in this universe.  I got a bit confused.
53.  Star Trek Classic.  Episode 1 "The Cage".  Jeffrey Hunter (Henry Herman McKinnies Jr.)  as Captain Pike had died on May 27, 1969 in this universe.  Let's say almost all parallel universes I jumped to, and where I came from, he died in 1968.
54.  I watched the TV show called Relic Hunter.  I was very confused with their  Season 1 and Season 2, because in the last few parallel universes, their TV shows are not in the order.   I already watched them before.      S2:E13 - "Out of the Past" should be in Season 1.      S2:E14 - "Eyes of Toklamanee" should be in Season 1.      S2:E15 - "Run Sydney Run" should be in the different episode number in Season                      2.      S2:E16 - "French Connection" should be in the different episode in Season 2.      S2:E17 - "Don't go in the Woods" should be in the different episode number in                      either Season 1 or Season 2.
55.  My dad has a light on top of the fence in the back of his house.  The light is always on during the night.  Almost all the parallel universes, and where I came from, there was no light.  Nothing there.  He said he installed a light a long time ago.
56.  I went to the doctor's office last month (August) and when I got in the patient's room.  I saw a new mounted kiosk-like screen.  The doctor's assistant told me that I used that new mounted kiosk-like screen two months ago.  I was a bit confused, because I didn't use that one at that time.  A previous version of me did use it, but I didn't.  In the last few parallel universes, there was no mounted kiosk-like screen in the patient's room two months ago. More to come later.

Note from Cynthia: You've certainly been noticing quite a few small differences, which may not seem like all that big a deal to someone who hasn't been seeing them.  Taken together, they truly are noteworthy!  


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
I've been your subscriber and avid reader since 2001 (22 years!) so I don't need to tell you how much I enjoy your work. I LOVE it. I especially love and respect the scientific mind with which you approach the mysteries of this wide wondrous world of ours. As a researcher of "paranormal" phenomena myself, however, I find it of the highest importance to weed out possible misconceptions or just plain mistakes and oversights that, in my opinion, could discredit the very real mysteries as well as those who research them. In the last newsletter there is yet another reference to the alleged change of the title of the popular TV series "Sex and the City." I can certainly understand that people may have misheard/misread the title; but the title clearly is an allusion to a popular earlier book & film (starring Natalie Wood) called "Sex and the Single Girl". In other words: the title of the series always WAS "Sex and the City.” As for the whiskey named "Sex IN the City" that a contributor wrote about. It's about copyrights. The beverage makers clearly are counting on the public's mental association with the popular TV show, but using the exact same title would get them sued. Finally, I just wish you and everyone else had kept your original name for such phenomena: "reality shifts" (or, heck, even "glitches in the matrix"). The "Mandela Effect" (I know it's not your invention, you're far too classy for that) sounds so gimmicky  and tacky, further undermining the credibility of everyone, including yourself, who are endeavouring to research these things with the seriousness they deserve. Love you and your work, Cynthia. May it continue for many decades to come.

Dear Viv,
Thanks for delightful email--and wow, you've been with me since just a few years after I began!  Wow!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter of the "Sex in the City"/"Sex and the City" Mandela Effects.  Your points are well taken that there are possible explanations why we might witness products named as pictured in the August 2023 RealityShifters.  Indeed, this could explain why we are able to find this kind of "reality residue" in the first place. I like the term "reality shifts," too--and who knows?  Maybe with time, that name will gain popular usage.  Stranger things have happened! And in the meantime, let's keep asking, "How good can it get?"  :-)
lots of love and thanks,


Hi Cynthia,
I watched your presentation on the Next Level Soul Podcast and found it interesting. I see myself as a person who has experienced a state of awareness since a very young age. I wanted to share with you my view of the reasons why the quantum physics seems so irregular and crazy like in the example with the cat. I came to a conclusion that the outcomes are not random, but are directly influenced by the obsever's energy of the subconscious mind, or at times even the conscious mind that has a specific expectation for the outcome. If more than one person are observing the same cat during the same experiment, for example, the outcome will be that which subconsciously or consciously is expected by the person who has a stronger energy level to influence the outcome. The number of the observers can grow exponentially, the result will still be the same. It will be what the majority expects to see. Regards,

Dear Elmira,
Thanks so much for your email, and for sharing your thoughts on the matter of influencing outcomes by those whose energy levels are stronger to influence outcomes.  There indeed does seem to be an important aspect to the observer of observers--and to the level(s) of conscious agency employed by those doing such observations.  It seems evident that best outcomes are granted to those who truly have genuine needs for particular outcomes, in alignment with the fullness of their levels of consciousness.  Outcomes can seem quite different to different observers, and this peculiarity is something being considered as an expected outcome by some physicists contemplating subjectivity and Quantum Bayesianism.
lots of love,


Hello Cynthia,
After perusing through your website, I am instilled with renewed hope about the future of what is possible.  Like you, I have explored time travel and have been aware of time speeding, or slowing down.  Among  other considerations, quantum jumping into a better version of reality by focusing on what I wanted to happen despite my fears and believing it possible, has given me access to more positive and constructive scenarios despite all the distractions. Ultimately I understand our connectedness on deeper levels, and am looking to create a more interesting future rooted in my expanding understanding of what is, my identities and beyond—tapping into the fabric of existence and knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Thank you,

Dear C,
Thank you so very much for your lovely message.  I'm glad to hear that you have also experienced and explored time travel, and noticed time speeding up and slowing down.  I'm especially happy to hear that you are focusing on positive and constructive scenarios, regardless of distractions, fears, or limiting beliefs.  I share your interest in learning more about our deeper levels of connectedness, with wisdom and knowledge from the fabric of existence itself.
With love and thanks,


Dear Cynthia,
The song lyrics, “I’ll be home for Christmas, you can Count on me,” changed to “plan on me.” I’m sure you already have this noted; it made me think of you:) <3

Dear Mindy,
Oh, wow—that's certainly a surprising change! I remember, "you can count on me.” It sounds so oddly calculating to be "you can plan on me." Very interesting, and thanks so much for sharing this with me!
lots of love and thanks,


Hello there!
I am watching a YouTube video of you presenting at the Mandela Effect Conference! And it reminds me that I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while about a phenomenon I’ve experienced. Since I’ve retired, I’ve had a lot of time to review my life. I’ve had many revelations, as you may know can happen when you completely change your reality. So I don’t even know what to call this. As I remember people I worked with I notice that there are several people who look and act alike - so people in two different jobs who are very, very similar! I had a hard time calling them their correct name! I kept using the name of the person from my previous job! So it feels like there is one “actor” who came with me when I’d go from one job to another! There are 2 and possibly 3 different people this happened with. That’s 4 or 6 people. Since I realized what was happening, I’ve become more aware of the people around me. And it’s still happening! For example, today I picked my mother up from the facility where she lives, and there was a woman at the front desk I hadn’t seen there before. She asked me who I was there to see and when I told her she said, “Of course!” I told her that I don’t usually come on Saturdays and she said she has never worked a Saturday before. ( That should have been a clue, huh?) She looked just like a woman I knew at a job I held for 18 years! Have you ever experienced this before? Or know anyone who has? I’m very aware that I am manipulating reality, which is what I wanted to do when I exited the “system!” And I’m so glad I did because I was a miserable person. That comes with another set of revelations! What do you think?

Dear Gloria,
Thanks so much for writing to me about this fascinating topic, and for sharing some of your experiences noticing people who seem to be so similar as to be almost 'cut from the same cloth.'   I've not personally experienced this in my life, but I get quite a clear impression from what you describe of how it must feel to experience such a thing.  I'd expect that this is "a thing" in the sense that the concept comes through so clearly to me, and I have a feeling that other people will likely also recognize this, and note that it's occasionally also happened in their lives, too.  This kind of experience sounds like the kind of thing that can easily happen when we exit the Matrix, and acknowledge that we are creator/observers in our lives, and not merely hapless victims/actors.  We can (and do!) write the scripts, and we can have enormous influence on what unfolds.
lots of love and blessings,



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